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Recent Outage Reports

by Shelly Parsley   2 months ago

Cannot open the App

by Lindsay   3 months ago

Won’t let me access my team or the team battle. It keeps saying “connection problem” My WiFi is working perfectly.

by Sara Pizzi   3 months ago

At the end of a level I pay 900 to continue. Now no ever 1900 to continue . Why ???

by Sherry edora   4 months ago

Store not working.. wanted to buy travel power ups to continue game and not have to restart and it says there is something wrong with the store in your end Pls fix it! I don't want to lose my red powerball!

by Jorge Cartagena   6 months ago

No funtion

by Lindsey marles   6 months ago

Won't play just shows the word dream

by [email protected]   6 months ago

The game won’t stop downloading.

by Marie Barlow   6 months ago

Won’t open just shows dream and freeze

by Dianne   7 months ago

Cannot exit Royal Game. The x has a square with 2 blue dots

by Ronnie   10 months ago

Game not letting me collect balloon gifts, I have seven unopened as each time I press to receive gifts, the game closes down ?

by Lilly   10 months ago

Game locked up. Keeps rebooting. Support button locked. Unable to connect to network for team. Have contacted support MULTIPLE times. Does anyone have a fix for this?

by Leonard W Ray   11 months ago

Continues to play without requests

by Brenda   11 months ago

Royal match not working on my iphone. I have the latest upgrade of the phone and no luck with app. It does not respond to the touch. Just does the example over and over. I have removed app and reinstalled 4-5 times.

by Val   11 months ago

Cannot get rid of game. The X doesn’t work

by Elie   11 months ago

i have a connection to have free lives and other offers... but i don't get it, even when i want to join the team it always says no connection, i really don't know what is going on

by Elie   11 months ago

i have a connection to have free lives and other offers... but i don't get it, even when i want to join the team it always says no connection, i really don't know what is going on

by TCR   11 months ago

Keeps freezing. Tried to download an update as suggested, but no update available.

by Nassify brahim   1 year ago

Non fonctiona con me

by Nassify brahim   1 year ago

اللعبه تتوقف معي

by Teresa A.   1 year ago

Game freezes. Annoying

by Nilo Constantino   1 year ago

My royal match is connection problem and try again later to i join the username

by Derek   1 year ago

Just installed. After a level or two, it drastically slows, then causes everything on my phone to crawl. Have you infected me? Not impressed

by Fay   1 year ago

When playing royal match it starts slowing then freezes.

by Dawn   1 year ago

Freezing. Uninstalled the app, then installed again. Same problem, freezes.

by Ioanna   1 year ago

For the last couple of days the game keeps freezing, mostly when I use the bombs and I have to restart. Especially on the bonus round it freezed three times. Pls do something about it

by Ioanna   1 year ago

For the last couple of days the game keeps freezing, mostly when I use the bombs and I have to restart. Especially on the bonus round it freezed three times. Pls do something about it

by Jd   1 year ago

Game keeps freezing

by Jd   1 year ago

Game keeps freezing

by Mike Hensley   1 year ago

Game freezing after 5mins empty cache and reboot not helpful

by Nancy Wehrens   1 year ago

Game freezing, unrespondsive

by Rogue   1 year ago

Game keeps freezing. Emptying cache and restarting doesn't fix it. Not an connection problem.

by Kim   1 year ago

Freezing while playing. Lost a lot of free time while trying to play

by Sheryl   1 year ago

Game keeps freezing

by Mary D Hickman   1 year ago

My game keeps freezing

by Stephen Murphy   1 year ago

After latest update. Game opens okay but when I start level 5001 it just freezes up

by Nikki   1 year ago

It Kris telling me no internet connection and I am clearly connected to the Internet. I have deleted and reinstall the app, I also started and restarted my phone, I’ve restarted my Internet. Everything else works except for this game.

by Cheri Mullins   1 year ago

Stays on “blue Dream” screen. Won’t load.

by Patsy   1 year ago

Won't load on Samsung tablet tried uninstalling and relbowing but still won't work

by Rossano Ignazi   1 year ago

It stops and closes itself

by Victoria Robinson   1 year ago

I've not been able to open the ap for 2 days now, I've disinstalled, and reinstalled several times, cleared cache and data. Nothing just the blue King screen.

by Karen Olbison   1 year ago

My royal pass has disappeared from all my devices

by Gaynor   1 year ago

I've got the latest version on iPad and phone, but keeps closing down on iPad everytime I click on the button to accept the balloons. It's driving me nuts ! It's fine on my android phone

by Simone   1 year ago

The program frequently won't load. It freezes up and won't start. I have to open and close many other apps to hopefully get it to open. Then sometimes when it does open and I win, it freezes up again. Very frustrating. I have upgraded it numerous times too, hoping this would help.

by Joan Hilton Ruddlesden   1 year ago

Royal match game comes up but it’s not working when I press buttons in my o pad and the timing clock not moving as well.

by karen   1 year ago

stuck on loading page

by cynthia   1 year ago

wont load stuck on he loading screen

by Chris Smith   1 year ago

Royal Match needed an update. Did the update, and now it is stuck on the screen that says loading

by Mrs l jarvis   1 year ago

Cannot purchase any extra coins as will not connect to Apple Pay

by Gavin   1 year ago

Won't update

by Liz Karkowski   1 year ago

Crashes when opening dog and balloons

by Kathy Ritchie   1 year ago

Game won’t load. Keeps flashing loading.

by Rosa   1 year ago

I can't exit the game on my phone unless I restart it.

by Elizabeth Karkowski   1 year ago

Crashes when I try to open the dog and balloons 🎈

by SusieQD   1 year ago

The vibrate option stopped working

by Bns   1 year ago

There's a problem with trying to buy more coins. The error says it's on your end. Haven't been able to use for two days now. If I reset the game will I lose all of my progress?

by Eve Salomon   1 year ago

I can’t load the latest update - football field. The loading screen is stuck. This is on an iPad. Is this a problem with the update?

by Valerie davis   1 year ago

Every time I go into the app, it freezes

by Craig   1 year ago

I had been playing and washed to connect to Facebook so I could play on phone and IPad .. And when I did it, the game reset to Level 1! Can I get back to where I was?????

by Janet keto   1 year ago

Every time the ad for Royal Match game comes on during my Words with Friends, watching the video bc I want to gain 3points, and during the Daily Words game, RM freezes! This is frustrating bc I like to play on my iPad and even with shutting down the device, I find the same issue on all those games when I restart.

by O.M. Rietveld-van Alphen   1 year ago

Can’t reach the play arier

by Patricia M Horsman   1 year ago

Downloaded the update on my iPad and now the game is randomly freezing when loading. It worked perfectly before the update.

by Ria   1 year ago

I believe I got kicked out of a team and now it say connection problem with every team I try to join

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