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Love, heritage, and betrayal put together in one mysterious puzzle. Maddie’s grandmother has something to tell

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Recent Outage Reports

by Vat   1 week ago

Tasks tab triggers a crash every time. Months old crashing problem became worse last ten days. The game is unplayable and utterly frustrating.

by Eric Thimell   3 weeks ago

When I switch from main play grid to the task board I am kicked out—every time.

by Christine   3 weeks ago

Crashing when going into Yasks to complete

by Julie Hughes   3 weeks ago

I am able to play on the main board but it crashes when I try to open other tabs

by Felicity   3 weeks ago

Game crashes every time I try to complete tasks or randomly every few minutes.

by Paul   3 weeks ago

On ipad. Since last release, crashes every few minutes, every time i claim a reward or try and navigate to shop

by Jenny   3 weeks ago

Merge mansion is crashing constantly. Can't swap between tabs in the game, can't finish tasks, everything triggers a crash. It's nearly unplayable and very annoying.

by Rb   3 weeks ago

Constantly crashing, started a few weeks ago and has gradually got more frequent to the point where I cannot play for more than a minute. I’ve enjoyed this game but unless there is a fix soon, I’ll probably just delete it.

by Eric Thimell   3 weeks ago

Nearly every time I switch screens it crashes. If I don’t do anything or don’t switch screens, mostly it works. I tried rebooting my device—no luck.

by Kim   3 weeks ago

Constant random crashing

by Bex   3 weeks ago

For the last 6 hours or so, every time I go to complete a task, the game closes. I open the game again, it reloads, and again, as soon as I hit the button to complete a game task, it goes to the area I’m working on and soon as I hit the Complete button, the game closes, over and over and over again. It’s also randomly shutting down at other times.

by Jackie   3 weeks ago

The game kept cutting out and so I eventually deleted it & tried to reload. It keeps telling me that the game is no longer available. Why?

by Catherine   3 weeks ago

App closes every time game play moves to game map

by Susan Joyce   4 weeks ago

After new update game has become slow, lagging.

by Marretje   2 months ago

Just not loading. Stay's at 0%.

by Inge   2 months ago

Stuck in conservatory at 71% Keep collecting the stuff I need to continue but stays at 71%

by doramollova   3 months ago

Since the precious update I can no longer open the app. It says at 50% and that's it.. I am with my fb account and I do not use google😭😭😭

by Jessica   3 months ago

Since update off today not possible to retrieve the yarn! Can this be solved please. Many thanks in advance. With kind regards,

by jane e boysel   3 months ago

Mouths are not giving yarn, can’t do tasks.

by Edie L. Yuill   4 months ago

I cannot scroll down in the “Trade” area to see all the trades I need to make. I have a photo but cannot attach it.

by Fra   4 months ago

Si apre,poi si blocca e si chiude,ormai è un'anomalia che va avanti così......

by Lynne Feathers   5 months ago

Keeps crashing, will load to garage then closes. This has been going on for several months. I liked the game but this is so frustrating!

by Adam Zafar   5 months ago

It’s going to half way then stopping I waited a few minutes before and it still didn’t work

by Cheryl Benton   7 months ago

Merge mansion will start loading then go blank and back to screen to relaunch game. Samsung Android device

by Seran   7 months ago

MM does not want to load. If it loads, it goes back of or screen goes black. Playing on Samsung Tablet.

by Jodi reeves   7 months ago

Wont update . Just spins .

by Angi   8 months ago

Telling me to download an update. When in App Store none available and game won’t open

by Sandra Eglite   8 months ago

Hello. I have a problem. Example- peony flower doesn’t provide water drops. Even I pushe on the flower I get nothing. The same with lantern, vases, trees.

by Doenja   9 months ago

The app is down for a whole day now. When is the maintenance done?

by Julie   9 months ago

Certain bits aren’t working. Like task button.

by Donna Emerick   9 months ago

Merge mansion loads to 95% and then reloads and repeats process. Need a fix please

by Magnus Jansson   9 months ago

Trying to play game, stuck at game loading. Hits 50% and stops. Has been a 24-hour issue. What gives?

by Chris   9 months ago

Trying to play game, stuck at game loading. Hits 50% and stops. Has been a 24-hour issue. What gives?

by Elke Knobling   9 months ago

When opening Stores or To Do List from playing field cannot go back to playing field. Problem sine last update 3rd May 2023

by Karen   9 months ago

I've unlocked the casey & skatie event but it will not let me play.

by Heather Gross   10 months ago

Game is refusing to finish loading. Every time it gets to 95%, it stops and kicks me out. I have restarted and that didn't help. I uninstalled and then reinstalled and it key me play. The next tine I tried it did the same thing again. I can't keep uninstalling every day. I pay quite a bit to play this game. I'd like it fixed

by Vaibhav   10 months ago

Connection lost

by Orly   11 months ago

Items like tool box are drained too fast, much faster than before

by S.H.   1 year ago

Game won't load.

by Deborah Viallet   1 year ago

Game only loads to 50%. Connection error 1315

by Rachel   1 year ago

I was working on merging tiles for the mosaic which takes a lot of time so it is very satisfying when you get level it up. I had two level 8 mosaics items and when I merged them together it did not level up to level 9 the item stayed at level 8😭 This is the first time this has happened to me. I had been holding on to those pieces so I know it should be at level 9 now but isn’t.

by Sai   1 year ago

Hello. Merge Mansion game keeps asking ne to reconnect. It's the only game that does this, and the problem started this month.

by Julie   1 year ago

Game will not not download since the latest update

by wendy   1 year ago

merge mansion not up dating in play store just says something went wrong try again

by Susan P   1 year ago

The shop won't load even though i am well past level 8. Message is "Store initialisation not completed yet. Please try again in a few minutes" But it hasn't worked in weeks.

by Ragstoaces   1 year ago

Game won’t download/update past 8%mark

by Faux   1 year ago

Won't download "in game content" past 8%.

by Larissa   1 year ago

Merge mansion not loading at all. Says “network error”

by Sharon   1 year ago

The game keeps on restarting and saying error. I reset the game and lost everything started by to 1. It is still doing the same

by David   1 year ago

As many people reported, the latest update introduced an issue of bubble without coins. I reported this through chat and the reply is as follows. It looks they are living in paradise. ——— Hello there. Thanks for playing and reaching out to us! We are currently trying a couple of new things in Merge Mansion to see if these changes make the game more enjoyable for players. You see, coins that appeared after a Bubble disappeared were like a reward since we had to wait for each Bubble that was taking up space on our boards to disappear, but right now a Dismiss button has been introduced so that we don't need to wait for a Bubble to disappear, simply by tapping on the Dismiss button. That is why these differences exist as we prefer to try changes with smaller groups of players first before then deciding if we'd want to introduce the changes to all players. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback. Cheers, Ily

by Canadian   1 year ago

Christmas event not showing tasks

by Dianne   1 year ago

Your latest maintenance, now doesn’t give you money once the bubble bursts, so what’s point having them and waiting the time for them to burst. I know you can purchase the item in the bubble but previous if you didn’t want it at least you go money. Don’t like this change and has put me off the game.

by Naomi   1 year ago

Hi, I can’t enter the game. It was saying site under maintenance, but now it says update and when it takes me to the App Store it doesn’t say update it says get the game. Thanks

by S H   1 year ago

Bubbles with coins just disappear totally!

by Siri   1 year ago

Pengebobler forsvinner bare

by Siri   1 year ago

Coins in bubbles just disappears

by Jilbi   1 year ago

Unable to start. Server under maintenance for 3 hours now.

by Mandy Goller   1 year ago

Cannot login as keeps saying server under maintenance. Has been happening all morning 😔

by RITA   1 year ago

Christmas Event not showing tasks

by Tracy Hilton   1 year ago

Christmas holiday event not able to collect prizes.

by Gary   1 year ago

Removed app now bugs with app reappearing and upside down

by Goldenvcfirst   1 year ago

Not receiving rewards in Thanksgiving game although I have earned them. Received items until lvl 6, thereafter nothing. Have reached lvl 13 now, so no rewards at all between lvl 7-13 so far…

by Josepha   1 year ago

I have the problem that I can't merge sixes, as said in the internet forum:"If you have started playing the Ignatius event before the update you will notice that Number 6 and above can not be merged. We have made some changes on this so please contact our support team through the in-game settings and we will be able to End the current event for you and provide you compensation for the inconvenience. When you start the event again, everything will be working as expected." My player number is 9dXxZCMR3A Could you please repair the game and send me the foreseen compensations? Thank you for your support

by Olga   1 year ago

Update not loading through play store, saying something went wrong

by Chsh   1 year ago

Error code 1331 Can’t open game

by Jojo   1 year ago

Error 1331 over here. Can’t open the game

by Andres   1 year ago

Every time I open the game it says: 1331 - Connection lost

by David   1 year ago

Network error code 1331 after server maintenance

by Alistair Taylor   1 year ago

Will not update. Get the message there is a new version, but will not update from the AppStore

by Noël Van den Boer   1 year ago

Avatar Image Support Tuesday, November 15, 2022 Avatar Image Merge Mansion Support 02:51 PM Welcome to Merge Mansion! If you have any questions about the game you can ask them here. How can we help you? 02:51 PM Hi, I am not allowed to connect two sixes Avatar Image Merge Mansion Support 02:51 PM Let's see if these articles help How do the Story Events work? How can I find out the merge chain of a particular item? How do I use the Table Saw? 02:51 PM No, I need to talk to someone Avatar Image Merge Mansion Support 02:51 PM Thank you for your message. One of our support representatives will get back to you as soon as possible. I have the problem that is mentioned in the internet forum: “If you have started playing the Ignatius event before the update you will notice that Number 6 and above can not be merged. We have made some changes on this so please contact our support team through the in-game settings and we will be able to End the current event for you and provide you compensation for the inconvenience. When you start the event again, everything will be working as expected.“ may I ask you to take the action as promised 08:47 PM My player number is X5XkK7DIDZ 03:00 PM Any idea when the merging problems will be solved?

by Julia Leist   1 year ago

After the update today it isn‘t possible to merge 6es in the Ignatius Boulton event. It doesn‘t matter, if the 6 is a locked one or an open 6…

by Elisabeth   1 year ago

Server Maintenance Break

by Jasmine   1 year ago

Network issue error code 1329

by Darely   1 year ago

I go into my app and loads me at 50% but it’s not go from there

by Kathryn Spangle   1 year ago

Won't connect to wifi. Gameplay not saved when logged off

by Yvonne   1 year ago

Update not loading

by Viviana   1 year ago

No missions available

by Dragana Petrovic   1 year ago

Mansion design not working pn entering gama in facebook.

by Amanda   1 year ago

Not receiving Rufus rewards after earning them

by Lilian Van Der Wilk   1 year ago

The rufus event is giving no rewards.

by V   1 year ago

frequently freezing/crashing since the last update maybe 36 hours ago.

by Mary McDonald   1 year ago

Hello, The game is stuck at 9% and can't download any further. I submitted my player number in an email and I have not received assistance yet. I have had this issue for 4 days now.

by Celia   1 year ago

Error code 1328

by Shadie   1 year ago

Game freezes once in after 2 seconds. Also, when loading, getting error codes (different each time) and I have try again. Usually that works. This time, no amount of rebooting, try agains, force closes or clear caches is working.

by Thoo PC   1 year ago

The game loads and then freezes, with this error message: “Unknown error. Please contact support. (Error code 1328)" Please let us know what is the error code about, and how long it takes to rectify. Many of us are frustrated as we don't know what's the problem, and how soon the problem can be rectified. Please give us a response, at least....

by MajLis Näslund   1 year ago

Stuck at startup screen

by GHSirJNHEk   1 year ago

The game freezes on the start up page.

by Anneli   1 year ago

Stuck on start page, will not load. image is just freezing

by NicoK   1 year ago

After loading the game the for 1to3 seconds en freeze. No matter how quick you are and where you clicknon 1to3seconds freeze.

by Lauren   1 year ago

Constant issues with this game since the update

by Inma   1 year ago

Lo mismo que han dicho, el juego se carga pero luego da error 'Error code 1328'

by Sylvie   1 year ago

error code 1328

by Sylvie   1 year ago

chargement bloqué à 99% avec ce message : erreur inconnue veuillez contacter l'assistance (error code 1328)

by Stefan vde   1 year ago

Error 1328 game is not running

by Sylvie   1 year ago

error code 1328 veuillez contacter l'assistance

by Violant   1 year ago

Unknown error. Please contact support. (Error code 1328), adn The load game is very slow from last upgrate 14/9/2022. It spend several seconds in 12%, sometimes in 10% and sometimes in 20%

by Danielle   1 year ago

Takes long time to load and then you cant do anything

by Fabiola   1 year ago

Me da error Code 1328 y no se carga el juego

by Linda   1 year ago

Error 1328, screen freezes

by Christina   1 year ago

Error Code 1328, Loading until 100 %, then this error code. Should report to support team

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Love, heritage, and betrayal put together in one mysterious puzzle. Maddie’s grandmother has something to tell. This mansion is full of stories unheard of! Help Maddie discover what her grandma has to reveal about the family's adventurous past. Wipe off the dust and find new items, merge them into useful tools and earn surprising treasures. You never know what awaits behind the mansion's next corner. Unlock new areas within and around the Mansion, unveiling decade old family secrets on the way. With an abundant combination of items to discover and hundreds of engaging puzzles to solve, the Mansion makes sure it always has new secrets waiting for you. Features: DISCOVER – Be it a shocking twist in the Grandma's past or a mysterious room in the Mansion cellar, there are always new things to look out for. MERGE – Combine what you have into more useful tools. Can a rusty old shovel and a broken lantern come in handy? You betcha. RELAX – Good vibes only, although there are some twi...

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