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Love, heritage, and betrayal put together in one mysterious puzzle. Maddie’s grandmother has something to tell

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Mansion design not working pn entering gama in facebook.

by Dragana Petrovic 2 days ago

Not receiving Rufus rewards after earning them

by Amanda 1 week ago

The rufus event is giving no rewards.

by Lilian Van Der Wilk 1 week ago

frequently freezing/crashing since the last update maybe 36 hours ago.

by V 2 weeks ago

The game is stuck at 9% and can't download any further. I submitted my player number in an email and I have not received assistance yet. I have had this issue for 4 days now.

by Mary McDonald 2 weeks ago

Error code 1328

by Celia 3 weeks ago

Game freezes once in after 2 seconds. Also, when loading, getting error codes (different each time) and I have try again. Usually that works. This time, no amount of rebooting, try agains, force closes or clear caches is working.

by Shadie 3 weeks ago

The game loads and then freezes, with this error message:
“Unknown error. Please contact support. (Error code 1328)"
Please let us know what is the error code about, and how long it takes to rectify. Many of us are frustrated as we don't know what's the problem, and how soon the problem can be rectified. Please give us a response, at least....

by Thoo PC 3 weeks ago

Stuck at startup screen

by MajLis Näslund 3 weeks ago

The game freezes on the start up page.

by GHSirJNHEk 3 weeks ago

Stuck on start page, will not load. image is just freezing

by Anneli 3 weeks ago

After loading the game the for 1to3 seconds en freeze. No matter how quick you are and where you clicknon 1to3seconds freeze.

by NicoK 3 weeks ago

Constant issues with this game since the update

by Lauren 3 weeks ago

Lo mismo que han dicho, el juego se carga pero luego da error 'Error code 1328'

by Inma 3 weeks ago

error code 1328

by Sylvie 3 weeks ago

chargement bloqué à 99% avec ce message :

erreur inconnue veuillez contacter l'assistance (error code 1328)

by Sylvie 3 weeks ago

Error 1328 game is not running

by Stefan vde 3 weeks ago

error code 1328
veuillez contacter l'assistance

by Sylvie 3 weeks ago

Unknown error. Please contact support. (Error code 1328), adn The load game is very slow from last upgrate 14/9/2022. It spend several seconds in 12%, sometimes in 10% and sometimes in 20%

by Violant 3 weeks ago

Takes long time to load and then you cant do anything

by Danielle 3 weeks ago

Me da error Code 1328 y no se carga el juego

by Fabiola 3 weeks ago

Error 1328, screen freezes

by Linda 3 weeks ago

Error Code 1328, Loading until 100 %, then this error code. Should report to support team

by Christina 3 weeks ago

Stuck on startup screen

by Dianna 3 weeks ago

Once the load screen ends and I get into the game I can't click anything or move the view or interact with anything it's like it's frozen except the lady still moves sometimes.

by Grace 3 weeks ago

Error code


by Sarah 3 weeks ago

The game loads OK, but once inside the game the screen is stuck and I can’t press any of the buttons. Startet after I got he “SPA day” event notification

by Jon 3 weeks ago

I get error code 1328 or game stops loading at 99%

by Diana 3 weeks ago

Error code 1328

by Stefan 3 weeks ago

Game starts up but am unable to play then it goes back to game downloading

by Kellie 3 weeks ago

I updated the game and now it says “Unknown error. Please contact support. (Error code 1328) Please fix this.

by Sinem 3 weeks ago

Game loads but then crashes straight away with error code 1328.

by Val 3 weeks ago

Game freezing at start up

by Sarah 3 weeks ago

Error code 1328, application not launched !

by Nathalie 3 weeks ago

Tried to go on right after midnight and it froze and I keep getting error 1328

by Anonymous 3 weeks ago

Now made an error, code 1328 what is this??

by Arturo 3 weeks ago

When I login the game loads for only 1 second. It then freezes and crashes and takes me back to the loading screen. It then cycles between loading and freezing.

Sometimes a message would be on the screen mentioning an error code 1328.

by Cole 3 weeks ago

Tasks will not load. Just shows blank page since update

by Angie bowman 3 weeks ago

Error cod 1321f got in four 1sec and then logd out then nothing sept 15 2022

by Carina P 3 weeks ago

Stuck on start up screen

by Michele Caporaso 3 weeks ago

Won’t load. Stuck at 50%
since Sept 2022 “maintenance”. !!!!!

by Francesca 3 weeks ago

Only loads to 50%

by Red tui brew 3 weeks ago

Won’t load. Stuck at 50%
since Sept 2022 “maintenance”. !!!!!

by YrEAhLKdh3 3 weeks ago

Game won't load, it is stuck at 50%

by Mary McDonald 3 weeks ago

Le jeu ne charge pas à plus de 3 %, des installé et rechargé plusieurs fois et rien ne change

by Physalis 3 weeks ago

Keep saying: error code 1321 f
My internet is fine.

by Pia 3 weeks ago

After 2 minutes of loading, a pop up says "unnable to connect. Reconnect". I can enter after the second loading but the game has so much lag, it's unplayable.

by Isabel 3 weeks ago

Keep saying: error code 1321 f
My internet is fine.

by Pia 3 weeks ago

Keep getting error 1325 reconnect

by Mama557 3 weeks ago

After new update 14.09.22 game doesn't load more than 10 %. Deleted and downloaded again from google playstore and nothing changed. I'm playing android version

by Vlad 3 weeks ago

Game will not load since Maintenence work on 14th Sept 2022. Stops at 50%. My internet is ok.

by YrEAhLKdh3 3 weeks ago

Game will not load since Maintenence work on 14th Sept 2022. Stops at 50%. My internet is ok.

by YrEAhLKdh3 3 weeks ago

Says error 1312. Could not connect to the server, check your internet connection. But my connection is fine, idk how to fix it.

by Kevin 3 weeks ago

Says no internet connection, there's no problem with my internet connection. Getting annoying now with constant server maintenance and now this

by Maggie 3 weeks ago

Keep getting error 1325 reconnect

by Viv 3 weeks ago

Server error, saying no internet connection but I have

by Lauren 3 weeks ago

Won’t load. Wifi is fine. Even switched to my data and no avail.

by Loz 3 weeks ago

I get “network issue” “error 1325” on 2 different devises..

by Torben 3 weeks ago

Same issue: Network connection issue. My connection is ok with other apps.

by Thomas 3 weeks ago

Network connection issue. Error message that says to check my internet connection, which is perfectly fine.

by Heather 3 weeks ago

It’s only loading 50% since two days now. Should I delete it ?

by Aliya Mehmood 3 weeks ago

Black screen when opening Merge Mansion. Application doesn't recover from it. Was working fine until yesterday evening. To try fixing the issue, I did all the updates (Android, all applications). Restarted the phone. I forced stop Merge Mansion and clean its cache. But still having the same black screen when opening Merge Mansion.

by Sylvio 3 weeks ago

"Network Error - could not connect to server. Error code 1332b".

by Monica 3 weeks ago

It says no internet connection (error code 1312) but my connection is ok I've checked it out many times

by Doumevasia 3 weeks ago

Server down for maintenance

by Dom White 3 weeks ago

Maintenance again????

by Bernice 3 weeks ago

Kan geen verbinding maken.
Heb game eraf gegooid en opnieuw geïnstalleerd meer helpt niet
Hoor graag van u.
Met vriendelijke groet
Jacqueline revers

by [email protected] 3 weeks ago

Server maintenance every day for over 2 hours!!! 😬😬😬

by Dawn Hardy 4 weeks ago

Been saying server maintenance for more than five hours niw

by Anne 4 weeks ago

I haven't been able to play due to "server maintenance" for 2 hours by now.

by m 4 weeks ago

Servers dow.

by Miki 4 weeks ago

Keeps saying maintenance break for the last 2 hours

by Amanda 4 weeks ago

Server down for maintenance

by Martin Batley 4 weeks ago

It states the server is down for maintenance, therefore it will not load

by Kathy 4 weeks ago

Server under maintenance

by Heather 4 weeks ago

It says their servers are being maintenanced when I try to log on.

by Wendywhitt 4 weeks ago

Where did my board go . I can only see the things I have put away. My main game board is blank except for a squeegee and scissors

by Wen 4 weeks ago

Network issue, can't load more than 50% then get "Could not connect to server. Make sure you are connected to the Internet. (Error code 1312)"

by Dikle 1 month ago

Blank screen

by Carm 1 month ago

Game not loading

by Helen Carlsson 1 month ago

Keeps saying connection issue and each time I’ve lost what I have done… I thought it would just reply again but it seems to be different each time.

by Rachael 1 month ago

Continues to tell me i have server issue Reconnecy but does nothing
Game when did reload forgot what i had on board for a few items

by Leanne 1 month ago

Lost connection 9/22022

by Dianne Smith 1 month ago

Connection lost error 1315 for quite a while now. Reconnect button doesn't work either

by Indy 1 month ago

Connection lost error!

by Mimi 1 month ago

Connection lost (Error Code 1315) for the past hour now

by Ecco 1 month ago

Error code 1315

by Lynne 1 month ago

It is having connection issues

by Danella Frerichs 1 month ago

Says servers are done but no timeframe on when they will be up

by Heather 1 month ago

Antes de la actualización del área nueva: cancha de tenis, yo tenía nivel 40 con los correspondientes puntos. Ahora tengo nivel 44 y solo 8900 puntos de experiencia, como recupero los puntos?

by Iria 1 month ago

Three hours (and running) of server maintenance break. Quest ongoing and no way to solve issues, cash the night outcome and other breadcrumbs. Metacore should take care next time to post somewhere an alert like they did in 2020 (fb). A notification "servers are up and running" would be a nice surprise, too. Ad maiora.

by Andrea 1 month ago

Maintenance break has been going on for 6 hours when will it be done?????

by Donna 1 month ago

how long does maintenance break last??

by eli 1 month ago

Servers under maintenance for how long ?

by PBAX68 1 month ago

The game only loads up to 50 percent.

by Joy gosz 1 month ago

Loads to 50% and that’s it. Error code showed up saying I need to connect to the internet… even though I am.

by Bek3000 2 months ago

It loads up to 50% and stops…

by Gosia 2 months ago

I am getting and error code of 1315. The app loads to 50% and stops. Very annoying.

by Whitney 2 months ago

Only loads to 50% then says network issues

by Lc 2 months ago

The game has been working well on both iPad and iPhone. Now it only loads to 50% and just keeps saying hiding items and warming a pie. I want to continue to play at the stage I am at as I’ve purchased many items to progress in the game

by Liz Walsh 2 months ago

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Merge Mansion, Is Merge Mansion game Down? Is Merge Mansion Down?
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Love, heritage, and betrayal put together in one mysterious puzzle. Maddie’s grandmother has something to tell. This mansion is full of stories unheard of! Help Maddie discover what her grandma has to reveal about the family's adventurous past. Wipe off the dust and find new items, merge them into useful tools and earn surprising treasures. You never know what awaits behind the mansion's next corner. Unlock new areas within and around the Mansion, unveiling decade old family secrets on the way. With an abundant combination of items to discover and hundreds of engaging puzzles to solve, the Mansion makes sure it always has new secrets waiting for you. Features: DISCOVER – Be it a shocking twist in the Grandma's past or a mysterious room in the Mansion cellar, there are always new things to look out for. MERGE – Combine what you have into more useful tools. Can a rusty old shovel and a broken lantern come in handy? You betcha. RELAX – Good vibes only, although there are some twi...

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