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I spy a mystery! Find the hidden objects to crack every case. Love True Crime? Solve mind teasing mysteries in the glamorous 1920s! Dive into June Parker's captivating quest to unveil a scandalous, hidden family secret

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Recent Outage Reports

by Gail   6 days ago

I can't sign on to June's Journey through Facebook to collect the news letter rewards. I get as far as 8% and it won't progress any further. I also have problems while playing the game. It will get really slow and hesitate and then I get a message saying June's Journey not responding and I have a choice to end or wait. Waiting does nothing so I now choose to end the game. Very frustrating.

by Player Name - Phryne Fisher on Crazy Train   3 weeks ago

Game will not load past the 8 sec mark without going to a can't connect to server message and to check wifi. Wifi is working on my phone, tv and computer in my house. No other problems there. Also cannot load game on FB site.

by Wendy   4 weeks ago

Game takes forever to load and then cuts out over and over. I lose energy each time. Getting so frustrating, I'm going to quit if it keeps up.

by Terri Gamble   1 month ago

Crash/disconnect after logging in and starting play. 3x in a row.

by Anonymous   1 month ago

Game constantly crashing almost every time you click on anything. Started a few days ago and has gotten progressively worse. The game is now unplayable for me.

by E   1 month ago

I keep getting something wrong with servers.

by Frustrated   1 month ago

I was playing fine. Suddenly kicked off and tells me can't connect to servers. Others in my house can play, but it happens 1 or 2 times to them. Been unable to connect for over a week. Last year this happened for 2 months and when they removed the June wearing winter hat screen, it worked again. Same exact time of year. I did everything to troubleshoot- nothing worked. I am tech savvy and nothing worked if I wanted to get it to load (not even clearing cache). Their customer service was useless- didn't read my responses, only asked same questions over and over. If I didn't have a team I would quit playing.

by G Francis   2 months ago

Game keeps throwing me out but uses my energy and I get nothing!

by Limbo   2 months ago

The game is crashing all the time and would not save the progress. It will run the most for 60-90s before it will crash and erase any progress. The game is at this point unplayable.

by Susan   2 months ago

June’s Journey continuously crashes, at most I am presently able to play for five minutes. The really egregious thing is that the powers that be do not directly address the issue. A player must contact the site & get instructions as to supposedly fix the problem hoping all the while their progress will not be lost. Should not the site itself be doing the fixing? Once I use up whatever symbols I presently have I will be done with June.

by Jody Brooks   2 months ago

Is June's Journey game no loading? I haven't been able to log on since this morning.

by Robyn J.   2 months ago

The game loads and then crashes after about 1 minute. I have a stable internet connection & have tried all suggestions in the article. The ads load and then after the ad plays, the game crashes.

by Joyce Musolino   2 months ago

I load the game (computer) and withing minutes I have a message telling me there is a problem connecting to servers. This has been happening for weeks now. One day it might work, the next 3-4-5 I have this problem. It is getting ridiculous. Surely you can do something about it. I have seenhow many others are having the same problem. If you can't fix it, we will have to find another game to play that works properly.

by Hope   2 months ago

Game keeps stopping

by Hope   2 months ago

Game keeps stopping

by TD   3 months ago

stops at 90% on facebook.

by Izzia   4 months ago

Takes ages to load the game and once it is on main screen the game crashes or pops a message that cannot connect to server. I try to reload and the same happens again. This is happening since yesterday.

by Vivian   4 months ago

Loads to main play screen, then kicks out to error. Something went wrong trying to connect to servers, Reload. I reload and same thing happens

by Kathy   4 months ago

Sandytoes with powersoxs Can’t double check any of that because I have a black screen. It is just for Junes Journey. Played fine earlier and nothing. Any suggestions

by Michele Greenhawk   5 months ago

Games keeps crashing

by MH   5 months ago

Served 2 drinks, then tried to serve 3rd. Got error message stating could not serve drink. Check internet connection. Nothing is wrong with connection, but reset everything and followed instructions. Everything else is functioning on game, but still cannot serve drinks. Get same error message. Please help resolve this

by Susan Byington   5 months ago

The game froze repeatedly saying wifi was down, but wifi was fine. When I made $1.99 purchase, it said purchase failed and to try again. Then it charged me twice. Game still frozen.

by Debby Kohlgraf   6 months ago

Games stops loading at 16% & says having trouble connecting to the server. Georgia, USA. The game crashed early this AM & hasn't come back.

by khaal   6 months ago

Ho problemi ad accedere all'account durante il viaggio di June... per due giorni... per favore aiutatemi...

by Tessab   6 months ago

Junes journey won’t load for 2 days now

by scarlet   7 months ago

Ads are too long causing game to crash back to home screen of ipad, I have excellent wifi speed, up to date ios, up to date game updates, no games running in backround. This is not user error its all on Wooga. I am at the point that I can't play the game, especially since latest wooga update. . After spending way too much to continue playing, I want to delete the game and get a refund on all the money I have spent.

by Gina   8 months ago

Cannot give drinks. It says to check my internet connection which is working fine.

by cheryl underwood   8 months ago

i try to load junes journey but the screen goes white

by Alicia   9 months ago

Every time I have an ad the game slows to a halt and the only way I know to fix it is to force stop it. I'm almost done with this game!

by Liz F   9 months ago

Junes journey won’t load stuck on starter page

by Linda   9 months ago

Not able to send drinks, says check internet connection, reset wifi, still not working. Could collect drinks but not serve

by Kirsten Evans   9 months ago

My rewards don't add onto my total and while the star amount goes up in gold within the star, the total is going down. I have updated in the store and restarted my ph. I got many perfects and it did not show at all.

by Rising   10 months ago

Crashes every minute

by [email protected]   10 months ago

Everything loads very slowly - both the game and new pages Thrown out of game after watching ads - not as bad as before Freezes completely up

by Candace   10 months ago

Game says cannot connect to server.

by Sandracarr   10 months ago

Video not playing so can't obtain flowers to progress through the game

by Jane   10 months ago

The ad will not end

by Mary Jane Ashbee   10 months ago

The ad watch will not complete

by Lynda   10 months ago

The advert Game of Empire is blocking June's Journey, all I have is a blank screen now!!!!!

by Fry   10 months ago

Game will not connect to your server - do you have an outage?

by Geraldine Speer   10 months ago

Game won’t load. Keeps saying something went wrong connecting to your server.

by [email protected]   10 months ago

The app won't load on my android phone.

by Mommydw   10 months ago

Keeps shutting down, or it doesn’t connect to the servers.

by Cilla   11 months ago

1st Junes journey loaded then when I clicked the boat to give a plant it shut down. I loaded the game again, clicked the icon to go to the club and It cashed again. Third time it started to load and crashed before the game finished loading. This only started after the last update.

by Rachel   11 months ago

Loads and then shuts down pretty quickly

by SceneSleuth   11 months ago

The game loads but immediately shuts down.

by Joy   1 year ago

Feb 15 2023 June's Journey not working on Facebook.

by Chris Cook   1 year ago

June's Journey does not load on Facebook just a blank white page.

by Carol Kottom   1 year ago

Just a blank screen on computer! Android works fine - except I hate playing on my phone.

by Deborah Wige   1 year ago

White page only ,will not even try loading, I have restarted computer, cleared cache, least by seeing other posts about same issue I know it is not just me, I played last night about 8pm and was fine, have tried repeatedly since 630 am sighs please fix this

by Rachelle Kendrick   1 year ago

won't load

by Mary Mineau   1 year ago

White screen

by LINDA   1 year ago

WHITE PAGE ...June's Journey is not loading at all only a white page since this morning

by Sandy Cox   1 year ago

I get into Junes Journey and it takes my energy but then it kicks out of the game and I lose the energy. Also can't get into drinks.

by Lynn Traverso   1 year ago

Like everyone, game keeps crashing after several minutes of play. I have updated ipad and updated app. I have allowed cookies and tracking and accepted their privacy terms. I have cleared the cache and rebooted and restarted numerous times. Nothing I do helps. Sometimes it will crash after an ad, but also when I have not watched any ads. It is extremely frustrating and you are constantly on edge waiting for the game to crash. This is the developers issue, since it has happened before and then disappears after I do nothing. If I wasn't so far ahead, I would quit because it is no longer enjoyable.

by Wait_what_Where   1 year ago

The app keeps crashing sometimes in the middle of a game so I use energy but don’t get to finish the game so no rewards for the game. It is crashing quite often today. I have checked for updates but I don’t need to update. I have also shut down and rebooted my iPad several times. I also go out of the game and go back in after the ads show an error message since the ads seem to cause some of the problems. But the app is crashing even when I haven’t watched an ad today.

by Nancy Jones   1 year ago

Cannot open, been playing for a few years

by Mandy youngs . ( mayhem )   1 year ago

Just get white screen

by Mandy youngs   1 year ago

Won’t load , just white screen

by SUSAN DYCUS   1 year ago


by Jumper Rider   1 year ago

Cannot update app on Amazon Tablet 10HD 11th gen, worked fine until Dec. 9, requires manual update and Google permissions. I side loaded Play etc, downloaded Chrome, tried updating delivery from Amazon, nothing is working. Download is 0% cannot cancel it. I am annoyed beyond words (no way to reach my league mates) Do not play on FB.

by Tricia Edwards   1 year ago

Constant buffering, interaction on screen stops running very slow Ads stall Constantly have force restart Have cleared cache and am on the latest apple update

by Barbara Munro-Donnelly   1 year ago

During play screen goes black and disconnects. You lose whatever you’ve just achieved. All other apps etc are fine as is my internet connection so must be connected with June’s Journey only.

by Barbara   1 year ago

Can’t load Junes journey. It won’t get passed 24 on log in. Then says something is wrong with server. I’m really missing playing this game. Please help.

by Bobbi   1 year ago

I have a 6th generation IPAD. I have about 4 games on my IPAD. June’s Journey is the only app that crashes. Does it have to how many bytes are being used? I have spent so much money which has been fun building the island. I love all the beautifications. The game crashes almost every few games. It makes it difficult to play the runs or the rounds .. I can’t hardly get through a run without having to start over and over…. I am so frustrated.. anyway to help me.. I love this game but if it keeps happening then I could kick myself for all the money spent. Any ideas?? Thank you [email protected]

by Amanda Smith   1 year ago

Can't load a game just crashing all the the cleared catches and trued everything else still not loading

by Mad   1 year ago

Since yesterday 11/06/2022, right after I purchased a pouch of purple diamonds (200) that came with a green packet of Memoirs, I started getting errors that it cannot connect to the server and then it went into a feed-back reload loop. The item I bought was NOT uploaded to my on-screen storage. Also, I noticed that while I could still buy packets with Memoirs, there was nothing left in the store on which to use tokens. Today, the game starts to upload but when it should move to the play phase, it gives the error message that it cannot reach the servers.

by Cindy price   1 year ago

Yesterday it started saying can't connect to server. It is on my Kindle fire and worked just fine and then just stopped and gave me the error. Also won't let me update or reload the app.

by Joe   1 year ago

Game will not stay connected. Constantly cuts off, taking all energy points etc. No problem with WiFi. Everything else works great except this game. Will not waste anymore money on this game!

by scarlet   1 year ago

playing on ipad forever, now the past 2 weeks it crashes intermittently, i backed up my cloud and moved my routers and worked for about 2 hours, now at 8:30 pm est, its crashing again. Tried everything. Its on Wooga's side, I think they better upgrade their servers. This game has cost me $$$ and i'm not about to delete it unless they refund all my money and they have way too many long ads you have to watch which is also crashing the game. Rip off game. Only in Junes Journey, not in pearls perils (which takes up more MB's than Junes Journey), or any other game I play. I have 10 gig of empty space, there should be no issues with any game.

by Raz U   1 year ago

Unable to connect to server even though the WIFI and even Mobile data are working fine. June’s Journey will simply not connect and keep asking to check WIFI. No issues with wifi. Thank you

by gail   1 year ago

not working...won't connect to server

by MARGARET L PETERSON   1 year ago

game blocked. Message reads blocked. Error by csp.

by Eunice Pritchett   1 year ago

The game just stops and goes back to home page I lose my coins and material I have earned. Please help

by Eunice Pritchett   1 year ago

The game just stops and goes back to home page I lose my coins and material I have earned. Please help

by Margaret Wright   1 year ago

Game freezes on one of the small islands.

by Susan White   1 year ago

Unable to load game. Says Issue with Wifi but internet connection is fine.

by Jackie   1 year ago

Only loading up to 76% cleared tablet only up from 72% yesterday

by Ulla Nielsen   1 year ago

Snippets wont place

by Sandra Bell   1 year ago

This app is not working correctly. While I am playing the game it takes me back to my home page, and I everything is lost. I can no longer play several of the pop-up games because of this problem. This has been going on for a long time! I really enjoy the game, but I may have to stop playing. There is nothing wrong with on my end. I have checked everything that has been suggested! Please let me know if the game is no longer playable. I do not have any problems with any other games. Now I am loosing anything I gain during play time! It is becoming very frustrating.

by Cora Lee Pless   1 year ago

cannot access June's journey nor pearl's peril

by LucB   1 year ago

Always Closing after couple of play

by Sara   1 year ago

Snippet 95 From the Earth to the Moon won’t place

by luc   1 year ago

there is a problem with reading stories opject 88 cannot be placed

by Cindy Gray   1 year ago

I'm stuck in Bedtime stories and won't even let me use red X out of the screen. When I load on my island I can't click mail delivery or my manison or anything else because the bedtime story thing loads. I have been enjoying this game but if these kinds of things happen I think I'm done. I am not very techy and this is supremely frustrating for me.

by Elizabeth   1 year ago

Snippets won’t place.

by Carol Boos   1 year ago

Snippets won’t place

by Sandra Bell   1 year ago

When I start playing a scene, it takes me back to my beginning page with all my apps. It has been happening for the last 4 days. I am unable to complete a scene and have to reopen the game each time. Anything I have earned goes away and I have to start over. I really like the game, but I am having a great deal of trouble playing.

by Suzanne   1 year ago

My game keeps crashing

by Jo Ann McCormick   1 year ago

Game is crashing every day now. I can only play about 6 to 10 minutes if that and then screen goes black and have to close and reopen and it does it again all day. Very frustrating, please fix this. My iPad is all up to date and has plenty of storage

by Yvonne Richard   1 year ago

game not loading at all

by Susan   1 year ago

Hit button to watch advert so I can use 10 points instead of 15. Unable to close ad when it’s finished, end up with white screen. Have to reboot iPad to clear problem.

by Mary Smith   1 year ago

Keeps freezing after an advert

by Kat   1 year ago

The game freezes, shuts down, I’ve lost diamonds and have lost my green and blue packs I won because the game shuts down. This is very frustrating. I just bought diamonds and the game shut down, billed my card but I never got the diamonds not the pack. How will I be re-embursed? What’s being done to fix these issues? It happens ALL the time.

by Elaine   1 year ago

play one time. Freezes up wont let you go any further.

by Siv Bard   1 year ago

I cannot play any more then one scene at a time then the page freezes. I cannot return to main page, I have to reload the game after each try. I play on a desktop .Impossible to continue 3 hrs to complete 10 games in a scene is a bit much

by April Copeland   1 year ago

I cannot play any more then one scene at a time then the page freezes. I cannot return to main page, I have to reload the game after each try. I play on a desktop .Impossible to continue 3 hrs to complete 10 games in a scene is a bit much

by April Copeland   1 year ago

I cannot play any more then one scene at a time then the page freezes I have to reload the game I play on a desktop .Impossible to continue the game. 3 hrs to complete 10 games in a scene is a bit much

by Dawn Ard   1 year ago

The game is continually crashing. It will not stay connected to the server.

by Philip Green   1 year ago

Can't find any clues to get pass wooga page.

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