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I spy a mystery! Find the hidden objects to crack every case. Love True Crime? Solve mind teasing mysteries in the glamorous 1920s! Dive into June Parker's captivating quest to unveil a scandalous, hidden family secret

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Game freezes on one of the small islands.

by Margaret Wright 22 hours ago

Unable to load game. Says Issue with Wifi but internet connection is fine.

by Susan White 1 day ago

Only loading up to 76% cleared tablet only up from 72% yesterday

by Jackie 4 weeks ago

Snippets wont place

by Ulla Nielsen 1 month ago

This app is not working correctly. While I am playing the game it takes me back to my home page, and I everything is lost. I can no longer play several of the pop-up games because of this problem. This has been going on for a long time! I really enjoy the game, but I may have to stop playing. There is nothing wrong with on my end. I have checked everything that has been suggested! Please let me know if the game is no longer playable. I do not have any problems with any other games. Now I am loosing anything I gain during play time! It is becoming very frustrating.

by Sandra Bell 1 month ago

cannot access June's journey nor pearl's peril

by Cora Lee Pless 1 month ago

Always Closing after couple of play

by LucB 1 month ago

Snippet 95 From the Earth to the Moon won’t place

by Sara 1 month ago

there is a problem with reading stories opject 88 cannot be placed

by luc 1 month ago

I'm stuck in Bedtime stories and won't even let me use red X out of the screen. When I load on my island I can't click mail delivery or my manison or anything else because the bedtime story thing loads. I have been enjoying this game but if these kinds of things happen I think I'm done. I am not very techy and this is supremely frustrating for me.

by Cindy Gray 1 month ago

Snippets won’t place.

by Elizabeth 1 month ago

Snippets won’t place

by Carol Boos 1 month ago

When I start playing a scene, it takes me back to my beginning page with all my apps. It has been happening for the last 4 days. I am unable to complete a scene and have to reopen the game each time. Anything I have earned goes away and I have to start over. I really like the game, but I am having a great deal of trouble playing.

by Sandra Bell 1 month ago

My game keeps crashing

by Suzanne 1 month ago

Game is crashing every day now. I can only play about 6 to 10 minutes if that and then screen goes black and have to close and reopen and it does it again all day. Very frustrating, please fix this. My iPad is all up to date and has plenty of storage

by Jo Ann McCormick 1 month ago

game not loading at all

by Yvonne Richard 1 month ago

Hit button to watch advert so I can use 10 points instead of 15. Unable to close ad when it’s finished, end up with white screen. Have to reboot iPad to clear problem.

by Susan 1 month ago

Keeps freezing after an advert

by Mary Smith 2 months ago

The game freezes, shuts down, I’ve lost diamonds and have lost my green and blue packs I won because the game shuts down. This is very frustrating. I just bought diamonds and the game shut down, billed my card but I never got the diamonds not the pack. How will I be re-embursed? What’s being done to fix these issues? It happens ALL the time.

by Kat 2 months ago

play one time. Freezes up wont let you go any further.

by Elaine 2 months ago

I cannot play any more then one scene at a time then the page freezes. I cannot return to main page, I have to reload the game after each try. I play on a desktop .Impossible to continue 3 hrs to complete 10 games in a scene is a bit much

by Siv Bard 2 months ago

I cannot play any more then one scene at a time then the page freezes. I cannot return to main page, I have to reload the game after each try. I play on a desktop .Impossible to continue 3 hrs to complete 10 games in a scene is a bit much

by April Copeland 2 months ago

I cannot play any more then one scene at a time then the page freezes I have to reload the game I play on a desktop .Impossible to continue the game. 3 hrs to complete 10 games in a scene is a bit much

by April Copeland 2 months ago

The game is continually crashing. It will not stay connected to the server.

by Dawn Ard 2 months ago

Can't find any clues to get pass wooga page.

by Philip Green 2 months ago

Stuck on wooga page, try to open, no matter what I try will not open. 😣

by Philip Green 2 months ago

Will only let ne play one scene then freezes have to close and reopen then only get to play one scene again this is ridiculous

by Carolyn 2 months ago

The game not working can't get on Google no matter what I do. Don't want to lose my game
. Can't buy anything nothing.

by La Donna Van Belle 2 months ago

June journey disappeared from my tablet

by Teresa 2 months ago

Stuck n wooga page after a mandatory upgrade. Previously it often crashed which I think was connectivity issues to the server. Like the game but not the reliability. Sounds very familiar when I read thru issues...

by Quilt Queen 2 months ago

Game keeps kicking me out of the game.
On hidden games I get kicked out offer and lose the lightening bolts it cost to play, why?

by [email protected] 2 months ago

I'd just completed the 2nd stage of Sweep the Board and before I could claim my prizes (1000 coins, Green Memoirs pack and a compass) the screen went blank and the game will not load now.

by pam skelton 2 months ago

The game downloads and plays the first scene and then drops. Or downloads up to 58 percent and then drops

by Moira Mc Neill 2 months ago

Game keeps crashing. Went to expert chat and they wanted to charge me a fee

by Tracy 2 months ago

I can't play this game since June 28. Not loading.

by Alex tina 2 months ago

Game won't load at all, gets about 20% on the load bar and crashes.

by Jess G 2 months ago

Game keeps crashing, don’t get tips for my drinks, doesn’t show when my team mates serve drinks, lose my points when playing scenes, kicks me out several times while playing, lose my status on scenes

by Virginia Wilkin 2 months ago

Had 210 energy. Playing this morning it just stops and energy used plus winnings are gone. Games crashed 10 times. That is 100 energy plus winnings lost. All is up to date No problems with other games

by Elle 3 months ago

I keep getting kicked off. I can’t play for over 30 seconds.

by Suzy 3 months ago

I am not getting any tips for the drinks that I offered to my team even though they did drink them

by Samantha 3 months ago

Level 1300 2nd clue will not load, takes my energy loads to 100 % then states can't connect to server. I can play lesser levels, move around the game with no issues. I have lost 60 energy by trying after reload. Frustrating because I cant move forward.

by Brad 3 months ago

As a number of us approach 3 wks no JJ (stuck on Wooga start up page), I wonder if wooga/playtika hears us. I picture tumbleweeds blowing by. I'd be curious to know if those odd bunnies serving up berry drinks a couple wks prior had anything to do with this?

by FedUp 3 months ago

When team members serve drinks they do not show up on my iPad.When I served drinks my team members drank my drinks but I never got credit for serving the drinks.

by Gary Brooks 3 months ago

I served 2 drinks at meeting time. 7 team players were on line ,they say they drank my drinks.this did not show on my screen and I never got any drinks to the end of meeting time the game said time expired no Dolby drank my drinks

by Gary Brooks 3 months ago

Unable to load game for over 2 weeks. Will this problem be rectified?

by Nan McMinn 3 months ago

Stuck on Wooga screen like others mentioned. Over a week now. I uninstalled game. Hopefully someone from my team sees this and tells them I didn't just quit the game.

by s.a.n.d.y 3 months ago

Game starts to loads but only gets to 54% then drops out back to iPad home screen. Could this be due to the iPad being an older one. The iPad is an iPad Air running IOS 12.5.5.
Don’t want to loose my levels 😩😫
Fingers crossed there is a cure/ fix for this.

by RayTheAvMan 3 months ago

Hi all. This has been an absolute nightmare. Still stuck on the Wooga page. They are telling me that the system I have on my Samsung Galaxy Tab4 isn't up to the requirements. I have been playing the game for a long time now and was so far advanced that I was renovating the Mountain Chateau. All of a sudden on the 11/12 June the game wouldn't open beyond the Wooga page. I have since loaded Pearls Peril which opens fine although I don't like the game. Please get me back to June's Journey Hidden Objects. I see a lot of people are having the same frustrating issue.

by Phil Manning 3 months ago

Went down with 10 minutes to go in a challenge. Will not connect to the server. Bought diamonds to get energy for the challenge. I want my money back!!!!!!!!

by Debbie 3 months ago

Is anyone reading these comments??????? Still stuck on wooga screen goes no further

by Christine 3 months ago

Can not get past wooga page does not load, been 3 days now ,tried everything suggested

by Country pumpkin 3 months ago

The compass icon is not visible on my island. I have shut down the games and the iPad, still ni compass icon. I have received compasses but can’t see them. What can I do???

by Vera DeMichele 3 months ago

Game continues to crash and am losing energy all the time!!!!!

by Kathy evanisko 3 months ago

Game will not open stuck on wooga screen for 5 days now

by Christine 3 months ago

Won’t open past wooga page

by Ella 3 months ago

Just goes on to wooga and won't load so annoying

by Jennifer 3 months ago

Game is only going to wooga page

by Jennifer 3 months ago

Game no longer loads on my iPad. I have been playing for a few months with no problems. Today it will not load. I tried rebooting, even reinstalling the game from the App Store.

by Nellie 3 months ago

Keeps going black and boots me out over and over losing energy bolts. Frustrating can’t play game

by Donna major 3 months ago

Despite having contacted you a few times and you suggesting what to do. I have done everything you say and the game still only goes straight to the Wooga Page and no farther. I am in the UK.

by PHIL MANNING 3 months ago

game crashes or l have to exit screen and start game again on nearly every add . some days l cannot play .l have emailed wooga daily and sent screen shots of the bad adds . l dont have any issue with any other game . wooga suggest my tablet too old ....phift

by michelle 3 months ago

June's journey not loading pass the wooga screen

by Lisa 3 months ago

Was playing first thing this morning but some hours ago I went to play again. Game not working. Click on June's Journey and it goes straight to the Wooga screen and won't progress any farther.

by PHILIP MANNING 3 months ago

Game is only opening up to the Wooga page, not going any farther, so frustrating. I was playing it first thing this morning and it was OK.

by PHILIP MANNING 3 months ago

Jeg kan ikke gå et kapitel op. Når jeg har gennemført sidste spil for at gå et kapitel op så sker der ingenting, der er bare mørk skærm

by Malene Schrøder 3 months ago

For days now, opening an ad causes the program to crash. Sometimes I am not even able to open the game. Frustrating!

by Dian 3 months ago

En la imagen solicitan encontrar un estetoscopio y este no está puesto en la escena

by Gretha Valero 3 months ago

June’s journey starts but cannot get into the game. I have another Woods game(thank goodness) but I miss playing June’s Journey...first game I ever downloaded...I am 81 & really have enjoyed this game & miss playing it

by Nancy McCarthy 4 months ago

Screen went black

by Shari parsons 4 months ago

This game is the only thing that continues to shut down all the time I mean contently all losing every thing I do never getting anywhere on the game, never does it with anything thing else only when I play June’s Journey

by Darlene Ice 4 months ago

This game keeps crashing and throwing me completely out. Almost everyday. Today more than usual. No other apps do I have this problem.

by Sherry sego 5 months ago

Can't open the game. How can I play Junes Journey

by Liz. Eubanks 5 months ago

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