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на втором уровне игра начинается лагать и невозможно заполнить холодильник до конца.

by Ксения 4 months ago

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Fill The Fridge!, Is Fill The Fridge! game Down? Is Fill The Fridge! Down?
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Now that you have completed your supermarket shopping, are you back home and ready to fill the fridge? Amazing! Start filling using different objects, groceries, beverages and many more items in fridge shelves and try to fit them all. Empty your shopping baskets one by one, find perfect spots to sort and fridge restock to play however you like! Fill The Fridge! is a real life sorting game and a puzzle game with a fun kitchen team for you to play! Fridge organizing is a tricky business but extremely fun! This is ◉ Brain teasing fridge organization ◉ Unlock delicious foods and more items ◉ Satisfying Refill Feeling ◉ Amazing ASMR Experience ◉ FILL IT ALL THE WAY UP! This is one of the coolest organization games and after playing this game, you will love to restock, sort and boost up your refrigerator game!

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