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EverMerge is a magical world that gets bigger and better with each discovery. Come play this part merge, part world-building puzzle game

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Recent Outage Reports

by Tracy turner   1 day ago

Game stops loading at 83%. Cleared cache, reinstalled, forced stop. It wont load on either device

by Tucker   2 days ago

Can go to all areas except the tropical island. That one will only load to 90% then freeze. Have to uninstall and restore to continue.

by Lora   4 days ago

It’s been a week & glitch not fixed. Much like other comments, game froze returning to home island & now will not load - stops at 88%.

by Lora   1 week ago

Same as all other complaints in last 5 days. Originally crashed returning to home island. Now won’t load past 88%. It’s been 5 days.

by Monica   1 week ago

Game will not load past 88%

by David   1 week ago

Can load game but if I try to travel back to home island completely crashes and if I try to to turn off wont load anything

by David Rowson   1 week ago

Whilst it will load paradise cove and mystic isle storylands and event island if i try to go to home island it sticks at 96% and if I close and reopen it sticks at 80%

by Charlotte   1 week ago

Game won’t load past 88%

by Krisi   2 weeks ago

The game has an update box in the middle of it and wil not update so now I can't play

by Elisa Lorenz   2 weeks ago

App won’t load past 88%

by Bea   2 weeks ago

Game is frozen on the Get 💎 From Filling The Ruby Bank pop up.

by Ellie   2 weeks ago

won’t load past 88% for the last 8 hours - very frustrating

by Stephanie hanebrink   2 weeks ago

EverMerge won’t load past 88%

by Joy Adkins   1 month ago

Ever time I try to open the app it won’t load :(

by izzy   1 month ago

stuck on 97%

by nz   1 month ago

the game wont load past 97%

by KL   1 month ago

My game won't load past 95%

by Deborah Ewart   1 month ago

The game won't load past 95%. I noticed earlier, late afternoon, you couldn't play ads. But, since early evening, I've been unable to load the game at all. It seems many people are reporting the same issues.

by Sheila Vaughn   1 month ago

Game won’t load past 97% and I’ve tried all the advised fixes. I’m seeing numerous posts of others having the same issue and it’s obvious the makers of the game have no intention of fixing. I’m so regretting that I downloaded this game and I’ll never download anything by Bug Fish again

by Corinne   1 month ago

Mystic isle has froze after collecting jewel.

by Gail schofield   2 months ago

Game will not load. Just keeps saying evermerge has stopped.i have tried everything.this all started when I updated my game.can u help.

by Maroush   3 months ago

I cant open my game

by Alessandra   3 months ago

In the mystic isle the game freezes after i collect my jewel

by Sandra   3 months ago

Game is loading up to 97% and then stops. Have tried all tips provided online, tried reboot the app and nothing works. Then deleted app and reinstalled it. Game was working until I selected to go to another world and the issue was back again. Have repeated it 3 times and every time game starts at the same stage it was before issue appeared. All progress I made whilst reinstalled the app was gone. So frustrating, when it will be fixed? This lasts since Friday evening.

by Sandy   3 months ago

Game is loading up to 97% and sticks. It’s been 24 hours now since the issue appeared. Please fix it ASAP.

by Amber   3 months ago

Game won't load past "Big Fish" blue screen. Keeps crashing.

by Charlene Hynes   3 months ago

EverMerge won’t open it loads to 97% and just stays there.

by Mia   3 months ago

Game don't load, it's stopping at 93%

by kitkat   3 months ago

game freezes on load at 93% Been doing this for about a day.

by Dawn   3 months ago

My game is freezing at 93%.

by Barbara thompson   3 months ago

Won’t open, crashes

by Doug Owens   3 months ago

Since restarting the game for a second time, new items are not appearing on game board. After restarting a third time, nearly all times are invisible. I tried clearing the cache first, which did nothing to help. Then, I tried clearing both cache and data and finally reinstalling, but still nothing. In addition to the items,most of the game titles are now missing as well (the onscreen links for energy, toolbox, etc). Please help.

by Savanna   3 months ago

Update freezes at 91%

by Izzy   3 months ago

It’s stuck on 91% while loading the game.

by Lily   3 months ago

Loading bar stuck at 91%. Tried all the regular tips and tricks :(

by Hanna G.   3 months ago

Loading bar goes up to 89% then freezes. I don't have an account and wanted to sign up so that I could save my progress but I can't do that because it won't load into the app. I've tried everything except uninstalling the app because if I do that I'm guaranteed to lose all progressive and all my in app purchases would be for nothing.

by Chris   4 months ago

For the last week the game will only load to 89% and will not continue. I Hester tried everything but uninstall and reload. I am afraid it will lose my progress. If this continues much longer, I will uninstall and not have it continue to take up space on my device.

by Calamity   4 months ago

Loading bar stuck at 91%. Tried all the regular tips and tricks :(

by Sylvana Reinig   4 months ago

Crashes at 97% loading. Just like everyone else said.

by Rachel Cooper   4 months ago

Game loads to 91% and refuses to go further. Get it together!

by libiana lamay   4 months ago

Game won't fully loaded been stuck at 89%load for days updated everything I can I'm scared to delete game in fear of loosing progress

by Mary joy agramon   4 months ago

I update evermerge3 but not working

by Alysia Jackson   5 months ago

Cannot get past the new screen with a tinkerbell? Bottle. I can't move anything but the bottle and it won't go away.

by Brooklyn Washburn   5 months ago

Game keeps freezing. Tried to close, force stop, and restart my phone. My tablet and phone both keep freezing in the same spot, so I think my account is frozen. Game will have some captions, then gives an option for merge pass. Then freezes. It is stuck with the arrow pointing to the button to open merge pass, but will not let me click anywhere to get past this.

by Esther   6 months ago

It loads garden items but unable to see anything else on screen. I have cleared all cache and also uninstalled and reinstalled and still does the same thing.

by Tracy Simpson   6 months ago

EverMerge won’t update even when asking for me to do it. I try to update and it just keeps rolloing.

by Maya   7 months ago

My game loads ,opens creature island, then crashes when I touch an item or it just crashes after it opens.

by A Freitas   7 months ago

day 5 - game still doesn't open, it just goes back to home screen.

by Leezap   8 months ago

Freezing and closing for abt week. Now game won't restart.

by Sonya   8 months ago

Try to open app then goes back to home page

by Sian Jones   8 months ago

Game will not load

by Julie Hensch   8 months ago

Evermerge will not load. Today is day 4.

by Heather Ann   8 months ago

Recent player, got to level 11, the game crashed and refused to start again. I uninstalled, lost everything when I re-installed. No biggie. I was only level 11. Got to level 9 in about two days. Game crashes won't restart.... i don't want to keep playing the same 10 levels all the time

by Robyn Estep   8 months ago

Game of course freezes multiple times but this time will not reopen

by Robyn Delgado   8 months ago

Game was freezing, able to restart but several moves back. Now for 3 days it will not load at all.

by Kelly davis   9 months ago

I have a new iPhone 11 and can’t install evermerge. I have an existing game and want to retrieve it

by Monika   10 months ago

Hi, Yesterday I got a potion bottle for the first time and since then it is the only thing I can move on the screen. Even the screen cannot be moved. I restarted my phone twice, I offloaded and reloaded the app but the screen is just the same as when it froze. Thank you!

by Sarah colwell   10 months ago

EverMerge gets to 97% then goes back to main screen

by Barbara thompson   10 months ago

Gets up to 97% than crashes

by Diane Buzzard   10 months ago

Attempt to open game,gets to 97percent then crashes.will.not let me play

by Sal   10 months ago

Wont load past 33% for the last 36 hours

by Erkki Lankinen   11 months ago

Can't play. Not working, crashes immediately.

by Pam   1 year ago

Can’t log on.......crashes

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EverMerge, Is EverMerge game Down? Is EverMerge Down?
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EverMerge is a magical world that gets bigger and better with each discovery. Come play this part merge, part world-building puzzle game. EverMerge’s sandbox-style play offers endless possibilities and combinations! Find new mergeable items - and meet classic characters and creatures - as you complete puzzle quests and reveal new lands. Lift the cursed fog over the lands of EverMerge by matching and combining clusters of identical pieces. Each merge will reveal new discoveries as your land expands around you. You’ll need a little bit of strategy to progress through this delightfully fun merging game. KEY FEATURES: IT’S YOUR WORLD, YOUR STRATEGY! Drag, merge and organize pieces the way you want on the wide-open game board. BECOME THE MERGE MASTER! New items are always appearing, waiting to be matched, merged, combined and built. BUILD YOUR COLLECTION! Match and merge to build castles, and unlock and collect both classic characters and fantastical creatures. MINE FOR MORE!...

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