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Meet Art Puzzle, a brand new stress-relieving game by Easybrain. It's a unique place where coloring books meet jigsaw puzzles! Relax and engage your mind with breathtaking stories coming to life

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by Janie   5 months ago

Says I have no internet connection but I do. I haven't gotten any new puzzles since yesterday morning!

by Tracey Mathers   8 months ago

The game will not load up for me at all I just get a blank screen

by Ernestine Walker   10 months ago

I'm doing a puzzle and I am stuck and need a hint for a piece and when I try to get a hint ,it says no ads available, loading ads. So I have to go to another puzzle and wait for hints. I've been waiting for days now. Can this be fixed or do I have to remove this puzzle

by Janie   11 months ago

Why is it not letting me get hints now?

by Juls   1 year ago

Trying to play art puzzle, but it keeps sticking, can't move any of the puzzle pieces

by Elaine   1 year ago

Has stopped loading can’t get past loading screen

by Karla Dallas   1 year ago

My husband uses this free app.He mentioned that a few days ago he got graphic ED advertisements while using which showed picture if man on top of naked woma with an erection.He was concerned as he sometines lets grandaughter use some if his apps. Does your team monitor ad cintent?.

by Kay Goings   1 year ago

Puzzle comes up but no puzzle pieces are showing. Been that way for 3 days. Cleared cache but didn't help.

by Sam Terrell   1 year ago

None of the remaining puzzle pieces fit and the clue button doesn't work. When you press the upper left corner, it always goes to an ad. Very frustrating.

by Da   1 year ago

Art pieces won’t attach unless Phone reloaded.

by Fran   1 year ago

I do one or two puzzles no then the screen is white. Can’t get anything. Happened last night as well

by Carolyn   1 year ago

Are some pieces along the bottom supposed to be black?

by Joan   2 years ago

Art puzzle freezes on husband’s phone

by Ann Gentleman   2 years ago

The Victoria Plum advert makes the game impossible to play. And it is so boring.

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Art Puzzle, Is Art Puzzle game Down? Is Art Puzzle Down?
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Meet Art Puzzle, a brand new stress-relieving game by Easybrain. It's a unique place where coloring books meet jigsaw puzzles! Relax and engage your mind with breathtaking stories coming to life. In Art Puzzle, you solve puzzles by fitting together pieces of a drawing and watching them build into a colorful animated painting. It's a completely new gaming experience of a classic coloring game. Every puzzle has been specially created for Art Puzzle. Each puzzle is a unique multilayered piece of art. Many different artists have created fascinating paintings in which you can immerse yourself. Enjoy an incredible world of amazing stories. All pictures are hand-drawn with original styles and techniques. Explore hundreds of amazing pictures and brighten your mood! Enjoy Art Puzzle: * Enjoy a fun twist on jigsaw puzzles and coloring books. * Every picture comes to life as the puzzle animates when completed. * Each game level is a little more challenging but very fun and relaxing. * Tons o...

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