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by ash   4 months ago

Won't load up at all. uninstalled, updated, even reset the laptop... will not move past 10%

by Mimi   1 year ago

When I'm trying to load in it goes to 100% then freezes

by Evie   1 year ago

It restarted my game

by vanny.   1 year ago

It says my account is deleted but I was playing on it not too long ago it is my vanny account please help Stopped working at 1:00pm On August 24 Please help

by 《lisa》   1 year ago

I can go to a chat, crew the loading is lag

by Sooki   1 year ago

I cannot access my bag, crew, wishing pools and the server seems to be the problem cause it keep disconnected and try to reconnect to the server when I press on my bag, crew and wishing pools

by نور الهدى   1 year ago

اواجه مشكله تحت الصيانه ولايمكنني اللعب

by chocownut   1 year ago

I click on sweet dance and it takes a long time to load (black screen) and then it says an error

by Mona   1 year ago

It keeps crashing

by ✩ Gemini ✩   1 year ago

When I updated the game a month ago, I logged in, it loads so slowly, and I can’t claim anything, can’t do the wishing pool (it just says wishingpoolIDdoesnotexist), and I can’t even do performance or play online in dance square or whatever it’s called. It’s still doing this, I’ve tried everything and it’s still not fixed.

by Ezbathory   1 year ago

I cannot see my avatar in the dressing room, and I cannot get into any dance rooms

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If you're having problems with Sweet Dance too, the games' servers might be overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outages or server maintenance is in progress. Here are some fixes to debugg Sweet Dance and solve the Sweet Dance not working issue:

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Sweet Dance, Is Sweet Dance game Down? Is Sweet Dance Down?
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A new generation of music and dance games is coming! Romantic encounter: the world's most fascinating little brothers and sisters gathered here, you can meet the most perfect TA in the game; Perfect fetters: can be the most hot idol trainee, and with small partners C bit debut; Fashion Frontier: Enjoy the genuine world's hottest music, dancing in the dynamic rhythm; Fashionable person: You can wear exquisite fashions with different styles at will, and become the absolute focus of the dance floor! Exclusive elves: can interact with different styles of elves, with its sweet companion; Come and play, meet your partner here!

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