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by Sudheer   2 months ago

I have lost my previous game suddenly started from level 1. kindly recover my game progress

by Danielarsyad   9 months ago

I cannot enter the giftcode although ialready press my avatar icon

by Zombie   10 months ago

Loading up the game it gets to the connecting to servers and then just closes the game and puts me back to the home screen. I’ve restarted my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled, checked network settings but nothing is working to get the game to load.

by player_4809265   1 year ago

Hello, My player id is 480926511065 today I lost my An S tier Epic Rampage armor. I fused it with a normal epic but and it just turned into a +1 epic. I tired defusing it to get my armor back but it did not work. Please recover my armor back Thanks.

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SSSnaker, Is SSSnaker game Down? Is SSSnaker Down?
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A Snake X Bullet Hell roguelite shooter that no one's ever seen! Grow to ginormous proportions and blast your enemies to kingdom come! It's SSSnaker! In the dangerous dungeon depths, your snake won't just grow longer, it'll also get stronger! What you'll experience in this game: -Sensational fun with silky smooth snake slithering with unique area attacks -All-new roguelite skills and snake head collision feature for that strategic spark -Myriad monsters and game features that'll test your skill limits -Kaleidoscopic bullet hell for maximum SSSnaker intensity!

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