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by Jeff   1 month ago

I can only play in revenge.. No regular games?

by Jeff C   2 months ago


by Chad Ryan   6 months ago

It takes like ten minutes for the commercials to load so you can get the boosters.

by Nature Boy ….Woooooooo   8 months ago

Cannot update mobs and multiplier unable to apply

by Danielle Findlay   9 months ago

My phone no longer functions and I'd like to continue with the same game progress on my new phone Username was "undefeated."

by Anon   10 months ago

Freezing after ads….

by Richard Andry   1 year ago

Today a Pop-up ad popped up between battles indicating Personal iced Offer No Ads Forever $1.99. I selected the option. It went through its process of installing after I clicked it to download. It responded with an “All Set” message. Since then, I still get the Ads and this screen pops-up between every process. Please fix this or refund my money. Thank you

by Kevin   1 year ago

Half of the time the enemy camp/house/castle stops counting down. Usually when it reaches a number between 4 and zero. My mobs just walk past it and alien abduction no longer has an effect on it. I have to either intentionally lose or go back home and give up my winnings to exit the level.

by Richard Andry   1 year ago

When fighting a battle, the hits don’t always go to zero and the house doesn’t explode. However, the soldiers seem to think so and move on past the target. The only way I’ve found to successfully get out of the screen is to quit shooting and wait on a red man to cross my line so I’m defeated. I am at level 41. This started yesterday at level 40

by Rama   1 year ago

Can't destroy enemy camps

by Steff666   1 year ago

Hello, On a combat opposition me to two other players, last housse never explode. It sray with one point keft. I have thousands of mob on the ground, but i have lost because of this. I have record à video if you want it. Best regards Stephane

by Donna willman   1 year ago

I have bought a no ads pass when I first loaded this game and still got ads. I just recently bought a spring pass and never got it as well. I would like a refund please. It seems every time you do an update the game gets extremely lagging. Also not giving my rewards for watching the ads as well. Disappointed with not getting what I paid for because I really do like this game.

by Iran smith   1 year ago

I keep try8ng to play the game an it keeps freezing on me

by Not Stating Name   1 year ago

First got the game and at the end of the day it just froze and I couldn’t reload or anything, still couldn’t play it the day after so I deleted it.

by Terry   1 year ago

I am playing mob control on an apple ipad 6th generation. I have deleted and reloaded this game 3 times. Still experiencing unstableness and cannot access my armoury. Games crashes and reloads

by Wayne   1 year ago

Game won’t permit changes in equipment or mob. Bought triple cannon but cannot equip using that because I the change icon crashes whenever pressed. Want refund.

by Teddy chong   1 year ago

My score doesn't change even though I won many games and earned lots of points. I am at the top level and the rank chart doesn't show no one Bove me even though I am at the 14381th place.

by Jason   1 year ago

Game randomly shutting off

by Wayne   1 year ago

Cannot change mob, cannon or anything else. Crashes when I press the button and I have to reenter the game. I bought the triple cannon but that was a ripoff as if I can't get into that section of the game to change what cannon I want to use. I doubt it gets fixed because I have had this problem off and on for a couple of months now.

by Dan   1 year ago

Stuck on level 531. Never finishes

by Tidgy88kampfgrp   1 year ago

Bonjour, in Armory, near the "clap" a circle turns. So no video, no multiply, no Power Up. Congratulations for the evolution of the game. Best regards

by Chris Zapka   1 year ago

Started today, iPhone, current version of Mob Control. Looks like they added "Ultimates" and when I try to play the next game (Boss Battle), during the battle my cannon stops firing, the mob generator quits, and my game just stops. Have to reboot. All other features work fine. I did a complete phone reboot with no positive effect. Help?

by Jomon Fox   1 year ago

Ever since the game was updated with the new “ultimates” system, two major technical issues have surfaced: 1) Points are no longer incremented upon opposing mob deaths during battles [in real time]. 2) Upon destroying the final enemy fortress/structure of each level, the game freezes in place with no “victory” screen nor for aerial view of the defeated bass, (only a music change while mobs just mosey on out of sight); you do not acquire any rewards or multiplier option. 3) The game itself is now essentially “soft-locked” and you are unable to collect [non-multiplied] blocks [solely] unless you close and reload the game, which will default it to the base building area. (Any further activity will be restricted to the armory section.) What is to be done about this particular anomaly?

by David   1 year ago

After winning a battle, game does not complete, does not go to multiplier phase after winning battle. Screen is stuck on empty battle field. Tried restarting phone. If I allow battle to be lost, game will complete. Next battle if won, same issue.

by A-Town   1 year ago

So my phone restarted in the middle of me playing and now I lost all of my progression in the game. Can this be fixed at all?

by RocketMom   1 year ago

All my levels reset to level one. How can I get them restored?

by pissed off   1 year ago

all of my weapons and characters reset to level one

by Walter Rayner username Big W   1 year ago

Was one level 253 now I am back to 1. Lost all my upgrades. I have 0 star but it I click on them it still showing last level in 17333 place. With 39180 Stars

by Michelle Mileski   1 year ago

Game keeps crashing

by Barb   1 year ago

Game freezes on opening screen (feeding credits to base)

by Chad   1 year ago

This seems to be an ongoing problem. That the piggy game locks the game up in the building stage. Many hours spent building characters to 15.

by Chad   1 year ago

Game locked up giving cubes to island. Restated game and phone.

by Smiley   1 year ago

Game freeze

by Joey Du   1 year ago

Played a match and now stuck in building screen. Tried to re install app and loaded to the same screen to use blue bricks and stuck again. Can't get out of it.

by Brian   1 year ago

After a duel the game crashes but only after pvp duel regular play is fine

by Susan   1 year ago

Now for a second time my game has frozen during building. I paid money for certain things in the game the first time it froze so I deleted the game app and after building my players to level 15 and all the levels I completed I lost everything I downloaded the app again had to start completely over with character cards and levels just reached where I was before and now it’s frozen again I paid for season pass and lost it now twice it seems to happen when I click on the piggy run can you please tell me what can be done? I love the game and have spent money now twice and I don’t want to start over a third time my username is Sudio thank you

by David   1 year ago

I was playing that Piggy Race last week, finished a battle, and now I’m stuck. Done everything other than delete and re-add the game after reading people lost all progress. This apparently happened to a lot of users, so what happened?

by Kirby Blackburn   1 year ago

Mob control hangs on the second Royal Match ad and will not progress to the next stage without complete reboot

by Manny   1 year ago

Game loads to collect bricks screen, starts and then freezes.

by Justin   1 year ago

Locks on loading screen after battle. When claiming rewards they just dump to bottom of screen and dissapear.

by Rob   1 year ago

I was leading in the pggy race and the battle froze after completing the level. Relaunched the app to inly find my account was reset. Probably will delete the app now. Waste off time!

by Kirk Miyashiro   1 year ago

I am stuck on level 855. Screen is frozen. Tried reloading the application using iOS offload function but every time the game restarts, it goes to level 855 and freezes. This started when I was about to join the piggy races last week (Thanksgiving weekend).

by Chet Grand Pre   1 year ago

I just came back to the game only to find I’ve been reset? I had millions of coins and maxed everything. What happened to my account?

by curtis brown   1 year ago

I clicked on piggy race and it's stuck on the explanation screen. I can't "X" out or anything. I can't play or back out. Nothing seems to work.

by UraaaRussia   1 year ago

Piggy race is frozen. Can't do anything.. restarted phone several times and still not solved. Can't Uninstaller app becoz I m not logged in using Google or anything. I have spent significant amount on playing this game and afraid of losing all my data.. please help me.

by Fred Norwood   1 year ago

Since new update this past week, can barely get through 5 rounds before game crashes

by Dedrick   1 year ago

Data error

by Hellfire   1 year ago

Piggy race crashed 😡

by Kim   1 year ago

Data error

by Frank Bokodi   1 year ago

After Loading screen it just shows my current level 75 base and no buttons frozen screen. Tried reloading several times. Restarted phone, nothing. I don’t want to uninstall and reinstall the app bc I’m afraid I’ll lose all my progress

by Jason   1 year ago

Game frequently lags/glitches then crashes

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