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Game keeps crashing

by Michelle Mileski 1 day ago

Game freezes on opening screen (feeding credits to base)

by Barb 1 week ago

This seems to be an ongoing problem. That the piggy game locks the game up in the building stage. Many hours spent building characters to 15.

by Chad 3 weeks ago

Game locked up giving cubes to island. Restated game and phone.

by Chad 3 weeks ago

Game freeze

by Smiley 1 month ago

Played a match and now stuck in building screen. Tried to re install app and loaded to the same screen to use blue bricks and stuck again. Can't get out of it.

by Joey Du 1 month ago

After a duel the game crashes but only after pvp duel regular play is fine

by Brian 1 month ago

Now for a second time my game has frozen during building. I paid money for certain things in the game the first time it froze so I deleted the game app and after building my players to level 15 and all the levels I completed I lost everything I downloaded the app again had to start completely over with character cards and levels just reached where I was before and now it’s frozen again I paid for season pass and lost it now twice it seems to happen when I click on the piggy run can you please tell me what can be done? I love the game and have spent money now twice and I don’t want to start over a third time my username is Sudio thank you

by Susan 1 month ago

I was playing that Piggy Race last week, finished a battle, and now I’m stuck. Done everything other than delete and re-add the game after reading people lost all progress. This apparently happened to a lot of users, so what happened?

by David 1 month ago

Mob control hangs on the second Royal Match ad and will not progress to the next stage without complete reboot

by Kirby Blackburn 1 month ago

Game loads to collect bricks screen, starts and then freezes.

by Manny 1 month ago

Locks on loading screen after battle. When claiming rewards they just dump to bottom of screen and dissapear.

by Justin 1 month ago

I was leading in the pggy race and the battle froze after completing the level. Relaunched the app to inly find my account was reset. Probably will delete the app now. Waste off time!

by Rob 1 month ago

I am stuck on level 855. Screen is frozen. Tried reloading the application using iOS offload function but every time the game restarts, it goes to level 855 and freezes. This started when I was about to join the piggy races last week (Thanksgiving weekend).

by Kirk Miyashiro 2 months ago

I just came back to the game only to find I’ve been reset? I had millions of coins and maxed everything. What happened to my account?

by Chet Grand Pre 2 months ago

I clicked on piggy race and it's stuck on the explanation screen. I can't "X" out or anything. I can't play or back out. Nothing seems to work.

by curtis brown 2 months ago

Piggy race is frozen. Can't do anything.. restarted phone several times and still not solved. Can't Uninstaller app becoz I m not logged in using Google or anything. I have spent significant amount on playing this game and afraid of losing all my data.. please help me.

by UraaaRussia 2 months ago

Since new update this past week, can barely get through 5 rounds before game crashes

by Fred Norwood 2 months ago

Data error

by Dedrick 3 months ago

Piggy race crashed 😡

by Hellfire 3 months ago

Data error

by Kim 3 months ago

After Loading screen it just shows my current level 75 base and no buttons frozen screen. Tried reloading several times. Restarted phone, nothing. I don’t want to uninstall and reinstall the app bc I’m afraid I’ll lose all my progress

by Frank Bokodi 3 months ago

Game frequently lags/glitches then crashes

by Jason 5 months ago

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