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BUY VIRTUAL LAND, EARN REAL RENT! ATLAS: Earth is a location-based app where users can buy virtual land that mirrors real-world locations, 900 square feet at a time. Purchase land anywhere near your physical location in the real world and it’s yours to keep! Each parcel of land you own earns you rent per second, every second of the day, every day of the year

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by Ruben Vazquez   3 months ago

So many crashes while app starts and ads crash all day since yesterday morning. 2 days of being in unable to play normally. Please assist this issue thank you so much.

by Jen Zemba   3 months ago

I’m getting an “App not active” message and it won’t open

by Brad   3 months ago


by Robert mehlbrech   6 months ago

When I watch adds I don’t get the boost bonus or the 2 atlas bucks

by Sarah Tate   8 months ago

Facebook is not allowing me to sign in to Atlas Earth. My spouse is have the same problem.

by Chad   8 months ago

Videos aren't working for the boost or for the Atlas bucks

by Frenchtravel   10 months ago

Some tutorial bubble popped up while looking at the leaderboard and now none of the buttons on the screen work, can only zoom in and out on map.

by Forrest   1 year ago

Cannot connect to servers in App.

by Joshua   1 year ago

Ads are NOT loading at all... I play this game completely supported by the ads and for the past few days, I have NOT been able to get my ad boosts or get my free Atlas Bucks due to this issue.

by Andy   1 year ago

It won't load it let's me log in then loads to 98 % and ever time I try I have to log in again

by Cee   1 year ago

I can't use the rent boost, or watch the video for the 2 atlas bucks, nor can I spin the bonus wheel.

by Jim Symbouras   1 year ago

Can't load. Says to check internet connection

by Benjamin   1 year ago

This has become more and more frequent and frustrating... Game simply will not load past the loading screen. Unable to open the Shop by clicking on the Shop tab. Ads do not refresh or simply do not load or appear (even when ready for the next boost/wheel spin.

by Joshua   1 year ago

It keeps telling me to sign in, but when I do, the loading bard will either freeze or it will tell me there is not internet connect, when in fact there is. What gives?

by Karen Smith   1 year ago

App will not open. Has been almost a day. I got notifications that my rent boost ended and to soon the wheel but could not even open the app to boost again or spin since yesterday.

by JSpencer   1 year ago

As soon as I made a $5 purchase and tried to "buy land" with it I received an error message. So I exited the game and restarted and now it says there's a problem with my internet connection when I know it's not. I even restarted my phone and get the same message.

by MisLama   1 year ago

Not able to log into my account

by Isaac Lehman   1 year ago

Try to open the app on my iPhone and just crashes almost immediately.

by Frank   1 year ago

Not allowing me to log in

by None   1 year ago

Cannot connect to the server with a working internet connection.

by Joel   1 year ago

Ads take 2-6 minutes to load. Ads are the only thing that allow you to play the game so without them it is unplayable.

by Leah   1 year ago

Ads not giving boost

by Amanda   1 year ago

Cannot login, game logged me out and now says my email is incorrect

by Chad Portie   1 year ago

Will not allow me to log in

by Samuel calfy   1 year ago

Every time it gets to 100% loaded it gives me an internet error

by Bambi turek   1 year ago

Can't buy land, says closeinitiated connection issues etc

by Mike   1 year ago

Will not load beyond 0%. Cleared cache, checked for update, uninstalled and reinstalled, reset phone, still nothing.

by Christie Pederson   1 year ago

My username is 100_PROOF in the game ... I logged in using Facebook and email address [email protected] associated with Facebook. No matter what I do, I cannot get back into my Atlas Earth account. I have tried everything that tech support has sent me emails to do. I even tried installing it on my tablet, which I have NEVER installed Atlas Earth OR Facebook on to see if it was some sort of cache or setting problem in my phone and that isn't the issue, since it gives me the exact same problem trying to log in through my tablet, which is freshly new. All I get is "Authentication Failed" ... It's approved in my facebook for 3rd party accounts .. I've uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times ... I've shut down my phone numerous times ... I've logged out of everything numerous times ... I've cleared my cache numerous times ... I have nothing else to try. Can we move my account to a different email address and I'll just log in using Google???? There HAS to be a way to resolve this so I can get back in it! Christie' 605-389-5122 [email protected]

by Todd Bannerman Spyder Monkey   1 year ago

I recently got a new phone and when I transferred all my apps to the new phone I went to open my atlas earth app and all I get is “can’t connect to servers check internet connection” error please help me fix this problem

by Smileyb4ever   1 year ago

Not logging into servers

by Kevin Slagle   1 year ago

cannot log on keeps saying i have no internet connection even though i do

by Bettye Wineland   1 year ago

Since update have had sloooow loading, hanging up when loading and freezing when trying to watch an ad. Doesn’t seem to matter whether I’m using WiFi or data. Very frustrating! Am leaving the country for 24 days and had planned to purchase land and passport badges during my trip. Please do your best to fix. Don’t want to miss my opportunity to purchase land and badges from places I may never visit again. Thanks

by Nick   1 year ago

Trying to buy land and I get an error saying. not in connected state - current state closeinitiated

by Sean O'Brien   1 year ago

It gets to the "Incoming Transmission" screen but only loads to black screen when I click ready

by Corey Oliver   1 year ago

Since scheduled maintenance I keep getting the message "Can't connect to servers, please check your internet." I have tried on a strong wi-fi, phone data, clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling. Nothing is working.

by OWN9494   1 year ago

Will not load on tablet but loads just fine on phone (both android). I have cleared data and cache, reinstalled and restarted.

by Kevin Smith   1 year ago

Won’t let me open the shop

by connie j tucker   2 years ago

app atlas earth wont load stuck on 0%

by Robert   2 years ago

I've been trying to log into the game for the past couple of days and everytime I do it says I've been logged out for security reasons. So I click my email to log in and then it says that I don't have connection when I do.

by Shane Cooper   2 years ago

Sits on load screen stays at 0% then says no network connection, but all other games load fine just not atlas earth

by Ryan Sims   2 years ago

When I try to get on it says no connection

by Kevin Chan   2 years ago

I’m getting authentication error: log in failed. I have not been able to log into my account for the last couple of months. I restarted the app, I have deleted it and reinstalled it also.

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BUY VIRTUAL LAND, EARN REAL RENT! ATLAS: Earth is a location-based app where users can buy virtual land that mirrors real-world locations, 900 square feet at a time. Purchase land anywhere near your physical location in the real world and it’s yours to keep! Each parcel of land you own earns you rent per second, every second of the day, every day of the year. Parcels start at just $5, and your first parcel is free. LEADERBOARDS & LEADER ROLES Climb the leaderboards and become Mayor, Governor, or even President! Own the most land in your city and let everyone in town see that you’re the Mayor! Become Governor when you own the most land in a given US state and broadcast your profile picture and username to everyone who opens the game in your state. Or even become President of your country when you own the most land in a country and show off to every single player nationwide! EARN RENT & CASH OUT Earn rent per second in real USD and cash out straight to your PayPal when your total...

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