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WuXia World, Is WuXia World game Down? Is WuXia World Down?
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A fresh take on the idle Wuxia word RPG in the open world! Come one, come all! Warrior, I can see your great potential in martial arts and you must be a martial genius, why not come to experience a totally different world in this Jianghu together with global players? This world is called JiangHu, a world of Wuxia and kungfu, come to join it to embark on a fresh adventure. There are hundres of sects and various martial arts of blade, sword, spear, cudgel, legguards and gauntlets type, all are available for your choice; You decide your own life in this world, to stand on the righteous or evil side, to fight for the Department Six of the royal court or the Greenhood Alliance, all depends on you; Travel around the world to challenge the Tower of Blood, Tang Clan's Soulchaser Nail Formation and many other dangerous zones, and grow your power; Explore the martial world to search for the ultimate martial arts and discover various mysteries; Rise to the top, find your place in the Warrior Ran...

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