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Kryss is the new, highly addictive game that lets two players test each other's imagination and vocabulary. The turn-based game is developed from the idea of transforming the traditional crossword solution - oldschool Scandinavian style - into a game where you compete against each other in the same crossword puzzle

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One place left to fill letter is wrong one so can't finish game

by Lorraine foxton 1 day ago

The game has extra letters that don’t belong in the puzzle so you can’t complete the game😩

by Melanie 1 day ago

The moves don't stick and it resets with each move

by Mj 2 days ago

Have several games where the same 5 tiles keep coming up, so the game never ends. Also have a game that has 3 “p”s that don’t belong in the puzzle.

by Heather W 3 days ago

Games played are not coming to me through to me, they time out!

by Gina K 3 days ago

Every puzzle just keeps comming back with the same 5 files every time after placing them. I keep putting all the tiles down and they keep comming back the same ones next round without the ones on the board that I placed last round.

by Brian Neri9468 3 days ago

couldn’t login with my facebook account so i lost my original kryss profile with all the games and statistics. made a new one and ever since then there are bugs with the games and notifications. every three hours i get notified about only "having 1 hour left to play" even though it’s actually 2 days. i also can’t open my respective games anymore; there’s a loading screen for around 10 secs but nothing happens after that. couldn’t play with my friends either last week because, despite them having played their turn, it kept showing my completed turn only. i’ve restarted both my phone and the app, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, turned wifi on and off. basically i’m experiencing all of the issues / bugs others have mentioned but like, simultaneously. and nothing has been able to fix it so far.

by ayden 4 days ago

Keeps showing it’s the other persons turn but my sister sees on her screen that it’s my turn

by Beverly MacDonald 5 days ago

I’m losing games that I really won. Or should have. The game is fun when it works. I’ll be waiting for the other person to play, then half my points are gone and I lost.
Seriously considering removing app, but I’ve spent alot of money here.

by Synthia Carlene Hodge 5 days ago

I paid $49.99 for a year. I have used it less than two months. I am out of game boards just like if I hadn't paid at all. I want my money back or I want unlimited game boards.

by Debbie Pannu 1 week ago

Getting same boards, quick play is gone, all my games say I have one hour left to play even thought I have three days. Is this no longer compatible with updates? How do we get answers please. I love this game.

by Colleen 2 weeks ago

Quick play is gone

by B 2 weeks ago

I had so many games on the go.
All of them disappeared!! I am not happy because I had about a hundred games on the go! I had a credit. I have paid for months worth and now everything is gone!! I have lost credits, I have lost friend games I was in the middle of! I can't get them back.
I have done everything physically possible from my end!
Kryss owes me big time!!
Why are our paid for games gone? We certainly pay enough!! Jeepers!!

by Sandy McCulloch 3 weeks ago

Game does not open for days on end ,Then asks me to log on when I do it does not allow it and it keeps taking me to my name with a 4 numbers behind it . So I’ve lost all my games , it does not recognize me, and I never logged out to begin with. I hope you are not scammers trying to rip people off .

by Susan 3 weeks ago

User name changing, still has my pic and games.
Games are waiting for opponent to play, but my opponent sees they are waiting for me.

by Esther 3 weeks ago

Game changed. Names changed. Boards disappeared and then showed up as Lost without being played

by Annilo 3 weeks ago

I was having issues with Quick Play, it seemed sometimes it wasn't recognizing when I was done with my play. Also it took forever it inform me my opponent was through with their turn. Sometimes it wouldn't recognize the end of play at all and just freeze. The only way out was to resign costing a game board and lowering Kryss score. Now Quick Play is unavailable, icon is not there anymore. I have closed and reopened app, shut down and restarted device, went to app store and updated app twice. Nothing seems to fix. Quick Play is gone. playing on iPad.

by Amy 1 month ago

Major issues with game play. Deleted app and reinstalled. Will not now accept my login details. Changed password but still can’t log in.

by Charles 1 month ago

Couldn't start new games at all!

by D. Awad 1 month ago

Gameboards used up without a game starting. This has been going on for a few days now and I have multiple accounts. The same all around. I start a game; then the sign 'opponent found' comes up; then it disappears in a matter of seconds. Thus, all gameboards are used up without playing.

by Dina Firas 1 month ago

Game has several glitches. Will not give ten points when a game is won. Keeps loading several “game won” or “game lost” after I clear them all. Sometimes does not give three games a day. Has dropped a game in the last couple days.

by BusyKite21374 1 month ago

My wife and I play every day. Yesterday and today the game has been behaving very strangely. Takes a long time for a turn to come up, then after a while not at all. It’s like Kryss doesn’t know that we have finished a turn. Also getting messages with our regular user name with a number added. As of now the game has completely stopped working. Both on iPads.

by Brian Appleby 1 month ago

Same puzzle over and over again

by Ted 1 month ago

Game freezing for a long time, even after closing down and re-opening,still stuck. Only way out is to resign but then lose a game card.

by Lisa 1 month ago

As soon as I open a game to play all I get is a screen saying turn but then that is half covered by another screen saying start new game there is no acess to a start button I have over 36 games that I am about to lose as the 3 day window will be up


by CIlla 1 month ago

All my games disappeared

by Kathy 2 months ago

I open Kryss and it comes up with another user name and a game playing with Pro Kryss. I can’t go to my lobby, see coins I have purchased etc.

by Peggy Osborne 2 months ago

Another User than me is shown in upper left corner and I cannot find where to login with my username.

by Inger 2 months ago

Can’t open a specific game board.
My user name: oh Nico, the game board I can’t open is from user :JillB0834

by Nico 2 months ago

Can’t log on I have also lost all my previous games

by Margaret Sinclair 2 months ago

Cannot play ads to get boards. Ad will
play through and then shuts down game and kicks me out

by Greg Killen 2 months ago

Cannot play ads to get boards. Ad will
play through and then shuts down game and kicks me out

by Greg Killen 2 months ago

I uninstalled and reinstalled and now I can't log in as the app is saying that it is already in use by another user which is me

by Linda Dalton 2 months ago

I am no longer able to play the two people that I play on Kryss. They can send me games and I can send them games. What is going on?

by Virginia Ford 2 months ago

App will not even open, all I get is the spinning + sign and “hand crafting crosswords”….but nothing past that. I’ve had this issue for the past 24 hours!

by Kate 2 months ago

None of my games are loading

by Kdunavin 2 months ago

No clues showing. Just a blank board

by Erica 3 months ago

All my games suddenly disappeared. I had many that were in progress. I recently paid for a 3 month subscription.

by Ray Cruz 4 months ago

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Kryss, Is Kryss game Down? Is Kryss Down?
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Kryss is the new, highly addictive game that lets two players test each other's imagination and vocabulary. The turn-based game is developed from the idea of transforming the traditional crossword solution - oldschool Scandinavian style - into a game where you compete against each other in the same crossword puzzle. You receive five letters each turn, then strive to place the letters in the crossword within a minute. There are several ways of outscoring your opponent, including a significant bonuses for completing words, for getting key letters right or for using all your five letters within a round. Then again: it might just pay off to keep one of the crucial letters for later use – when the stakes are higher. Kryss has the element of randomly awarded letters in common with a classic game like Scrabble and other word games. But Kryss is faster, and it offers a logic and gaming experience which makes it feel like no other passtime you ever engaged in. It is pure yoga for the brai...

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