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Can you hear my voice? A desolate star that has lost its light somewhere in the universe.

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Crash while playing

by Abyan   1 year ago

Crash while playing

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KALPA, Is KALPA game Down? Is KALPA Down?
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Can you hear my voice? A desolate star that has lost its light somewhere in the universe.. An unidentified girl is standing in front of the star tree When I started playing beautifully with a mysterious instrument, the dead tree shined The desolate stars turn blue. Thanks to her, I ask her many questions, but the only thing that comes back is her name I didn't know anything else. She was only known as a guardian of stars who wandered the universe and saved the stars. I didn't know about the rest She is called by several names. Calpa, Savior, Apocalypse, etc... The instrument she plays is made of light, so the shape is unknown, but it seems that only she can play. Game features: -Play the original top-down rhythm game on mobile Points are scored by touching the note along the decision line like normal Rhythm game. -10 songs + IAP(15), more than 50 songs scheduled Rhythm game! Contains songs and illustrations of carefully selected quality Rhythm game -More than 250 note patterns Rhyt...

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