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Recent Outage Reports

by Miya   3 weeks ago

when I open someone message for instance I have four messages I open someone message and close it it shows that I never opened the message and that I still have four messages

by M   1 month ago

it doesnt let me buy anything for some reason

by -domates-   3 months ago

i can't log into my account

by Meatsuit   3 months ago

it keeps saying unknown error occurred and won't let me log in

by Hi   3 months ago

Not letting me pick my name and I am following the rules

by Emerix   4 months ago

no one can post, message or comment, happening for 2-1 day(s) and onwards. theres been bot problems and other stuff

by wqx_oy   4 months ago

I can enter the game, but I cannot send messages, post or comment in the guestbook. I have not received any mute, but I cannot do anything to communicate with others. This is also blocking my galactic-hunt missions. I would appreciate it if you could fix it as soon as possible.

by johron100p2_18 on es   4 months ago

shows that all messages are disabled

by Yafavvkeisha   4 months ago

The app is not letting me post or message or anything else please fix this problem for me @everskies

by Skyllish   4 months ago

no posts are allowed to be made at all. gh is going on too :(

by Bug (moodsmh on es)   4 months ago

theres been a hacking caused by bots associated with a discord group called 'xerus' that caused everskies team to first filter most words (only bypassable using < , like.this , like/this , etc.) and has everskies app/web since been shutdown for an unkown period of time

by hottestblonde   4 months ago

Was changing my avatar when I got a message on the top of my screen, saying "an unknown error has occurred." a couple minutes before that the whole platform was raided by bots so it's likely that everskies shut the servers down but I'm not 100% sure.

by aegis   4 months ago

seems like the game was raided by bots which broke the chat filter, then the servers went down completely, possibly to protect the users. hopefully the team will be able to fix this soon

by B   4 months ago

Site won't load at all and hasn't in at least the last 15 hours (I tried last night and this afternoon). It just stays stuck on the loading screen. I've tried accessing it via Google, via different pages on the site, everything just gives me an unending loading screen.

by luv4_kirby   4 months ago

Everskies won't log me back in I updated everskies and ut logged me out and now it won't log me back in. I went on my sisters computer on her account to check I'm banned but I'm not. :/ please fix this everskies.

by Averys45toca   4 months ago

When i save my avatar it deletes items

by BritneyManson   5 months ago

Everskies is just being super slow, and it's interfering with my game play. I can't even buy stuff. Please fix this as soon as you can! Thank you.

by acceleration   5 months ago

everskies won't load and it keeps showing the shooting star around the "E"

by Itsyajammmm   5 months ago

It keeps showing me that I’m online even though I’m offline, and it won’t load my messages nor show who of my friends are online or offline it just shows them still on.

by ash   5 months ago

the game won't let me load oher users magazines

by Rawda   5 months ago

Games do not work:planet popper , memory

by N/A   5 months ago

I was about to play a mini-game, but it took forever to load, it wasn’t working properly at all

by Soapp1   5 months ago

For the last 4 days, I've been trying to post outfit comps/quizes/raffles but es is not letting me saying that there is a server error tho I'm completely able to post simple posts (only text nd images). My network works just fine and I've even tried re-installing it many times it still doesn't work. Please look into it if you can.

by Ociani Poole   6 months ago

When i enter an Everskies link its doesn’t load and says i have been signed out.

by Cleo   6 months ago

No New posts are loading ,and when i post something and i comment it justs disapper, and when i save a outfit it just disapper ,and chats when i text a user the messages i sent don't get sented and shows the texts when the user texted,So basically everything Laggy.

by sophia   6 months ago

no new notifications are loading, when i try to save outfits they just disappear

by Jessica   6 months ago

No new posts are loading and when I make a post or leave a comment it deletes itself. Also the competitions say ‘unknown’ instead of giving the time remaining

by Sophia   6 months ago

My messages, posts and and comments is removed when i post them

by venus   6 months ago

whenever i send a dm in the private messaging system, they dont appear on both sides. you get notificiations, but you cant see the message.

by Oplex   6 months ago

everythings not working, chats glitching n not showing. once you reload and click onto posts they still dont pop up and its always saying "external error" please fix this everskies is so laggy i might consider quitting like seriously..its always something

by Cc   6 months ago

Nothing it is loading it's all just frozen I can go around and stuff but it's just not load I can't even send messages

by Itsyajammmm   6 months ago

When I message a user it doesn’t show up, I click on the chat between me and the user it only shows their last message they sent me not mine that I sent now

by JC   6 months ago

App and website won't load

by Ghosting_charly   6 months ago

I have make a post for gifting my item and now i can’t see my newsletter and my message

by August   6 months ago

Nothing new has loaded for the past 2 hours. I have new notifications but it's not loading them. No new posts since 2 hours ago. Even competitions aren't loading correctly.

by peaanut   6 months ago

can't login, it's just loading

by dom   7 months ago

i cant delete a showcase in my profile. "internal service error" always pop up. i tried refreshing my page but still wont delete. though I can delete some of its content, but there is one outfit I cant delete.

by lexi   7 months ago

cant comment

by requins   7 months ago

can't login - says an error has occured

by Fern   7 months ago

I really don't know how to make a competition or what level you have to be to make one. The option doesn't show up and I'm comet |||.

by enblaz   8 months ago

on desktop it doesnt show my notfications, on discover new clubs it just shows "nothing to see here :| " and on friend activity it says the same. also mini games keep disconnecting

by meh   8 months ago

Shit doesnt work again

by x0qas   8 months ago

The app on apple seems to be down. I’ve reset a lot of things on my end, but it is still staying on the entering game loading screen.

by Itsyajammm   8 months ago

The problem is, that the messages aren’t loading fast enough and the typing dot aren’t showing either.

by meow   9 months ago

shits down like the whole website dont load

by Ren   9 months ago

Mobile app works with everything but won’t load avatars/clothing items

by daisy   9 months ago

it wont let me log in at all

by Nico   9 months ago

Won't let anyone log in.

by Petal   9 months ago

Thought I was the only one not able to log in, this better have a good explanation.

by ferret   9 months ago

wont let me login on desktop, mobile wont load at all

by Rat   9 months ago

Cannot login to the game. I was going to hop on to just talk to friends, but I got logged out and tried multiple times to login again. I'm not happy right now everskies :/

by a   9 months ago

it aint working fo me to login

by ugh .   10 months ago

it’s not working again.

by uhm   10 months ago

messages acting up

by m   10 months ago

wont load .

by …   10 months ago

nothing is loading tried going back in didn’t work now it won’t load at all.

by Pearl_esmeralda   10 months ago

There is a problem with the dress up together mini game. I’ve already had this same issue once and I did the same thing and it worked but it happened again. The issue is that it doesn’t load and I end up not entering in the game, hopefully it gets fix. Thank you.

by ugh   10 months ago

my ever skies isn't working at all, the mobile app isn't loading and the website is also not working... i thought i was banned for some reason, but it seems there is some issue

by g .   10 months ago

It’s not letting me go in the game and I tried refreshing and it didn’t work .

by .   10 months ago

it’s not loading me in the app and I keep trying.

by user1122   10 months ago

hii so my Everskies wasn't working so i refreshes and it logged me out ,and whenever i tried logging back in it says i logged out which is really strange

by yashfiislamkiha   10 months ago

Why I can't log in to everskies? I also tried to log in on everskies on my phone too! but not working. When I try to log in, it's showing that "you have been log out"

by Ghosts_Death   10 months ago

Not letting me log into the game, and it says there's an issue on your part

by Damien   10 months ago

Can't login

by tomyea   10 months ago

wont let me log in, wont load on mobile

by molly   10 months ago

it wont let me log in and it keeps saying ive been logged out

by susie   10 months ago

it wont let me log in

by quanisha   11 months ago

hey im reporting because my avatars are not working and i will love for u to see whats going on with it

by Isabella   11 months ago

When i just joined into everskies like brand new i did everything but my avatar name kept saying invalied i tried everything.😡😡

by nae   11 months ago

everytime I try to post something it says "something didn't go right on our end try again"

by Ginale   11 months ago

I cannot log into my account im using the correct log in for my account but I get stuck on the loading screen in app. On safari, It says I’ve been logged out so both app and browser is not working!

by CJ   11 months ago

refreshed the page and it logged me out. trying to log back in isn't working

by miracle   11 months ago

wont let me login im using the correct info and it keeps saying ive been logged out, but i realized its not just me phew thought i got banned.

by Kalyan   11 months ago

It wont let me open the app. And I tried refreshing it and it said unknown error occur.

by g   11 months ago

whenever i log in it says you logged out

by kayla   11 months ago

it wont let me go in the app.

by .   11 months ago

its stuck on the loading screen and i cant log in

by .   11 months ago

its stuck on the loading screen and i cant log in

by vivx16   11 months ago

I tried to login, says its the correct info then logs me out or well says im logged out. I looked it up, thought i was banned but i never broke any guidelines so it wasn't that. I guess its just not working

by Minnow   11 months ago

Keeps saying an unknown error has occurred, refreshed and now it won’t open

by anna   11 months ago

trying to login on the website, keeps saying an unkown error has occured

by mwtchii   1 year ago

ok zoo when I enter with my computer in the online site it give to me a super small visual like the things are all in a group idk how to explain to very good but I already try many times

by Livia   1 year ago

I can't see or even wear the items that are in the shop or wardrobe

by Mia Nayahlos   1 year ago

so i am trying to play the fashion game but its not connecting me to the game and is taking way to long to load.

by emmi   1 year ago

це так не мило(не можу увійти!); it is so not cute! cant log in TwT

by Vermilion   1 year ago

ok, it's not such a big deal for me because it is keeping me on track (Ik other people it is) but I had gone to log back on but it said something like "an unknown problem has occurred try again later" so I did something else for maybe thirty min then I came back and it still said the same thing so idk but I hope nothing bad is going on!

by ....   1 year ago

infinite loading loop

by mooncottage   1 year ago

kicked me out and login stuck on infinite loop

by molly   1 year ago

can’t log in

by Charlie   1 year ago

Login fails, stuck in infinite loading loop

by clemberry   1 year ago

Cant log in servers crashed

by evildoll   1 year ago

can't login, internal error

by May   1 year ago

I think everskies is down on all platforms right now.

by GVX   1 year ago

Connection is lost, can't login on PC, on mobile most features are not working.

by natalia   1 year ago

I cant login to my account?

by bdl   1 year ago

I can't save or submit a design I created because it says "internal server error occurred" and sometimes I try uploading an image to a magazine it does not show up.

by nana   1 year ago

i can't add any pictures to my posts

by hi   1 year ago

It won’t let me post anything. Every time I try to, it says there’s something wrong. It’s been like that for the past 6 hours…

by hi   1 year ago

It won’t let me post anything. Every time I try to, it says there’s something wrong. It’s been like that for the past 6 hours…

by j   1 year ago

not working

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