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Published by Columbia 2 years ago

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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - Columbia University in the City of New York - Server Status

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@nickgupta212 @venikunche @OutInTech @DiversifyTechCo @Columbia Thank you for your support, Veni! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💜🤎🖤 We are just trying to start a new life. It’s really not easy. He is now preparing for a business school because no one wants to give him a decent job without an American degree. H speaks English fluently and is full of talent.

@ImranSiddiquiEr @Columbia are you working with Sorrento for COVID 19 rapid test? If yes when the test kit expected to be available?

@gallinafiedler1 @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley would this not be a very serious crime? See I would never want to be in the mind of anyone but mine because to be in my mind is the biggest challenge I can endure! Why would anyone do this? I am me!

@InquiringMindGA Any comment to #dotard @realDonaldTrump about Ivy League schools not having football? @penn or @yale or @dartmouth or @princeton or @harvard or @columbia and the rest...

@jcdevaney @Editor_Justin @Columbia @nyuniversity I think the patchwork policies are less of an issue for states that have a lower population/lower number of people entering. For NY it's probably more to dissuade people from coming than for actually being able to monitor compliance.

@realjpdejongh @HindenburgRes @Columbia @erikpupo For those that do their homework, yesterday was a great day to buy $SRNE. For those who follow, it was a damn scary day watch $ go down

@gallinafiedler1 @Columbia @UCBerkeley no real Goddess would not protect her land and family! I demand justice to the maximum from the #Spanish who illegally stole her Love! The #Spanish had no right!

@pisgahblue @GeorgiaDemocrat Are there no republicans that will stand up to DT-surely even they do not believe he should CHEAT on the election by messing with the postal service-NO REPUBLICANS WITH BALLS is what it is looking like- @McFaul @ChrisMurphyCT @mayawiley @JoeNBC @Columbia @BarbaraBoxer @Acosta

@Kristen49112271 @bjmarlin @Columbia Wow! Sounds fascinating!! I’m a NICU fellow working in a mouse model and soon to start learning light sheet microscopy with tissue clearing to study the placental response to Group B strep infection. Would love to talk sometime about the technique and any tips you have!!!

@ErnestMEdsel1 @americana4_eva @oarchibald @estherpmd @HawleyMO @SenTomCotton He's not a #libtard but an India parasite stealing education and jobs from Blacks and Latinos in USA. He says he went to Brown @Brown and @Columbia when not even 1% Whitey got to TWO Ivy League Schools. ZERO record of him at Brown + Columbia. Never even admitted to India schools.

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley for anyone in poverty being allowed to own a family member of mine is a serious crime and I demamd justice not only from them but from the system’s worldwide that allow this ignorance & abuse!

@DanLandry12 I bet Mr. Pupo @erikpupo is not at all looking forward to light of the difficult conversations he likely will be facing with his employer(s) @Columbia @ColumbiaMed @ColumbiaMedic @ColumbiaMedia @ColumbiaMSPH @FansSorrento @jimcramer

@meatpopsicle420 @Columbia @ZuckermanBrain You going to talk about how you screwed over one of your students expelling him taking his degree from him saying he assaulted a girl even though he had recorded evidence that he was the one assaulted. No not going to talk about it #AllMenStayAwayFromThisUniversity

@Oppai_Chan__ @DanLandry12 @erikpupo @ColumbiaMed @Columbia I dont think he's going to be working positions where he could make people lose millions of dollars anymore lmao bruh he's going to be working at McDonald's soon. #FireErikPupo

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley they are my heart! They are why I don’t give up! To protect them and their babies/youth is more than I ever dreamed of! I cannot let them down!

@GraveyBob @DanLandry12 @FansSorrento @AssocChernyy @stoolpresidente @erikpupo @jimcramer @traderstewie @IngRebell @OCWorldwide1 @aicjcc @RobLansinger @MarketWatch @themotleyfool @Jennyrivera__ @LarryRappoport @exchange929 @MRNFL9 @BioBoom4 @TheLioncom @MadMoneyOnCNBC @Nachobiznes1 @Columbia @ColumbiaMed @HindenburgRes @ColumbiaLaw @ZuckermanBrain @ColumbiaMed @Dan Landry, Esq. For sure he got something from Hindenburg. If not , He isn't stupid to do that ...

@COVIDResponseCU For many people, @Columbia not only controls education status but is also their landlord and employer. CU has used this power to threaten retaliation against students who cannot afford rent during the current economic and health crisis #CancelRent #EvictionFreeNY

@daGoodLife4 @Columbia Columbia University needs to issue an explanation as to why your CIO Erik Pupo, degraded the COVID Spit-Test developed by your staff, which was shared with Hindenburg Research, who used this negative information against Sorrento. Look forward to Columbia‘s response.

@the_etheropian Reading through a working document on proposed actions to make @Columbia @TeachersCollege Clinical Psychology program more inclusive/anti-racist, which was great to see. But I was shocked that analyzing the incredibly diverse datasets they have by race was a needed action point.

@COVIDResponseCU It’s not too late to get involved, join us TOMORROW Wednesday, August 12th 10AM at Broadway & 116th, in front of the gates, for an in person protest. We will draw with chalk on the sidewalk and demand that @Columbia #CutTheCheck! #RefundReduce #TuitionJusticeNow

@JimGuenther5 @CNN @MSNBC @CNBC @Columbia @ColumbiaMed @jimcramer @business @WSJ @IBDinvestors I can't believe Columbia U has not issued a statement defending the licensing agreement with Sorrento Therapeutics. Beginning to think it was a scam. Hope Sorrento sues them for $1billion damages.

@jcdevaney @Editor_Justin @Columbia @nyuniversity Although at this point it's not clear how many people can get their test results quickly enough for them to be meaningful. There is also the issue of the incubation period. So, in theory, NY could offer a test X number of days after arrival with a quick turn around.

@dianateuthis I'm so proud of our young scientists! 🧠 Join us on Aug 20th, 2-4pm to learn about the amazing summer #neuroscience research they've been working on for their virtual poster presentation & graduation: @ZuckermanBrain @Columbia @nycsrmc

@jewl4u @Columbia Erik Pupos caused financial harm to countless investors in Sorrento stock today. He stated that Sorrento purchased a product from your institution for 5 million dollars that does not work?!? How does this happen? This is shameful!!

@R_Desma3 @JerryRo30838544 @WarNuse @Columbia It wasn't like we could do anything. Anytime I asked questions I was shut down & told it was un-American to speak ill of our president. It always bothered me that he came from no where straight into the highest office. He had no credentials. Nothing he stood for appeard pro USA.

@COVIDResponseCU Not only do they refuse to spend the 3.5 BILLION DOLLARS at their disposal. The @Columbia administration has just decided they will not pay TAs who cannot make it back to the US in the fall.

@Jesus_is_G_d @BrickCityCEO @HindenburgRes @Columbia Its not approved by FDA so of course they dont use on staff or students. HR takes that to mean it doesn't work? Its a joke?

@fdiogocamelo @annastansbury @Columbia It seems a bit more complicated than visa issues. @nyuniversity announced something along these lines last week on the basis of “Due to a combination of NY state and federal laws, NYU is not legally allowed to pay those working for NYU while abroad.”

@LirielRising @timeswang @Hubei_Peasant Not an unreasonable comparison. @Columbia historian Dorothy Ko even makes the argument that attempts by the Qing govt to ban the practice by fiat actually entrenched it more bc the ruling class being Manchu made it into an issue of ethnic identity

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley real Mothers don’t sale their babies/youth but these real Mothers are not protected to the maximum? Tell me why when they are the best examples of what a real Mother is today aka my family?

@stevenzed2 @fdiogocamelo @annastansbury @Columbia @nyuniversity This is happening to researchers/faculty as well, despite being told in March we could work outside the US without issue

@COVIDResponseCU @Columbia @BarnardCollege Day 19, Action 2: It's week 5 of #CuttheCheck and @Columbia has not budged. Tuition should never be this high! They must commit to ameliorating the harms they have enacted during this pandemic. Join us and demand #TuitionJusticeNow! Use the toolkit

@nickgupta212 @venikunche @OutInTech @DiversifyTechCo @Columbia Retcruiters need to be trained to see that there’s talent in all walks of life, not just in a typical 22-year-old with internships and research under their belt as full-time students. Most companies don’t even have any system of recognizing underrepresented folks in their apps.

@LeilaMckenzie88 @TomWrightAsia @bradleyhope @pressgirlk @andrwwang @Columbia @TomWrightAsia & @BradleyHope your book is a masterpiece and showcases in exceptionally great detail the extent of corruption in the digital age. My husband and I could not put this down over holiday. A real page turner! Congratulations for bringing this to the global stage 🙏

@exchange929 @GraveyBob @DanLandry12 @FansSorrento @AssocChernyy @stoolpresidente @erikpupo @jimcramer @traderstewie @IngRebell @OCWorldwide1 @aicjcc @RobLansinger @MarketWatch @themotleyfool @Jennyrivera__ @LarryRappoport @MRNFL9 @BioBoom4 @TheLioncom @MadMoneyOnCNBC @Nachobiznes1 @Columbia @ColumbiaMed @HindenburgRes @ColumbiaLaw @ZuckermanBrain @dan Why would an IT director say the test we sold sorrento can’t be marketed meaning useless after they charged sorrento 5 million to license it? Why would he keep taking about it and why does it show Pupa working for Columbia and Hindenburg. Unless pupa is a fictional character

@stevenzed2 @annastansbury @Columbia @NYUStern @nyuniversity is also forcing researchers/faculty to return to the US or be put on unpaid leave. This came on Friday after being told in March we could work outside the US without issue. Office is open 1 day/week so we'd move back to work remotely

@FiveAliveFilms @Bencjacobs Not true. @BarackObama went to @Columbia

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley i cannot let them down, please help me protect them forever, please!!!! I am not afraid to ask for help! I cannot explain!

@Michael39462683 @exchange929 Needs to happen @Columbia needs to join Sorrento in this. Their name was dragged down as well.

@ProSyn Though Asian #authoritarian regimes tend to enjoy wider public support than #democratic governments, even dissatisfied citizens of liberal democracies do not regard authoritarianism as an acceptable alternative, explains Andrew J. Nathan of @Columbia.

@JimGuenther5 @Columbia @CNBC @SEC_Enforcement The university needs to issue an immediate statement regarding Sorrento Therapeutics and your saliva based covid test. It seems that a research firm is claiming your test is worthless. If true, the SEC needs to charge the university with fraud.

@RiskyRuben007 @Columbia @NSF @TeachersCollege @PauloBlikstein CIO should b held to the same standard as student, employees. Devalues the integrity of columbia when not. Ya posted and raves about this test and now this? Please provide clarity

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley how can the Law put a value on one life but not another life! All lives are priceless and should be treated the same when it comes to killing especially the lives that truly are cont

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley you are the best and educate the best hack my phone, my life and I am confident enough to say you all will not be sorry! A Win Win situation for those who believe! Again I use Cocaine!

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley see my problem with you as being the Ivy League Universities is that you teach discrimination & ignorance otherwise it would not exist! Explain yourselves to me please! I demand quality cont

@AlejaRoss_ Every artist working promoting their music to reach a #1 and what we have? @visiteroda tweeting stupid things and @Columbia @HSHQ @jefezoff MIA... thank you for not helping us.

@pisgahblue @AnnieGabstonH Are there no republicans that will stand up to DT-surely even they do not believe he should CHEAT on the election by messing with the postal service-NO REPUBLICANS WITH BALLS is what it is looking like- @McFaul @ChrisMurphyCT @mayawiley @JoeNBC @Columbia @BarbaraBoxer @Acosta

@readyCTED ReadyCT ED @shanomarimon and @Columbia CPRL ED Elizabeth Chu co-authored a @NYDailyNews op-ed (8/11) on how remote learning can work well. "Whether we like it or not, it’s time to deliver." Read the 8 core principles to support quality instruction here:

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley anytime a human is forced to harm my family for money than this is a clear indication that the system does not work! My family is not here to be be harmed they are here to teach respect!

@thechaardvark @Columbia apparently not paying it's int'l grad students to teach if they can't get back into the country wtffffff

@trump_cd @ThunderB @2222vj Georgetown is one of nine American Colonial colleges where deep state actors indoctrinate and manipulate young minds. Burn them down to the ground. @Georgetown @Columbia @Yale @Harvard @dartmouth @RutgersU @BrownUniversity @williamandmary #UPenn

@indeedemployers @drtcp, a business psychology professor at @Columbia & @UCL, advises not to mistake confidence for effective leadership: #RebuildWork #Leaders #Leadership

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley something in the windows is seriously wrong causing me to se doubles, and not factually! A control mechanism! So hard to explain but being honest!

@COVIDResponseCU This is just one way @Columbia has failed to support its students. If you are frustrated with the admin's actions, sign the No Donation Pledge to show CU that you will not donate money to an institution that has actively harmed its affiliates:

@MikeQueen_ In other news, I learned that bats are disrespectful lol just blame them for all the bacterial diseases we suffer from (according to @Columbia spring/summer issue magazine)

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