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Published by Columbia 9 months ago

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@RajAgra Scientists from @Columbia University find whether or not you can read or write could be a factor in your ability to stave off #dementia as you grow older. #age #old #reading #writing #literacy #literate #illiterate

@FreeD_West What’s wrong with @Columbia University? Why did they succumb to the threats from the #CCP to cancel a panel discussion? Do they not believe in the freedom of speech?

@zionistaweekly One may not agree with another, but to openly support terrorism is irresponsible, dangerous and inhumane. This immoral individual teaches at @Columbia... any comment @Columbia? Is this the kind of person you want teaching your students? @Algemeiner

@jayhen219 @JoeHall97941259 @MightyO24091331 @jack @jimmykimmel @SenSchumer @Oprah @MayoClinic @ChrisCuomo @BarackObama @HHSGov @SpeakerPelosi @Rob_D_Niro @KevinKlineActor @JohnLithgow @TheEllenShow @DanRather @tomhanks @donlemon @RepAdamSchiff @washingtonpost @CoveredCA @MayorOfLA @USC @CDCDirector @ExploreSpaceKSC @spanish1natl @CornerstoneEdm @NIMHgov @MentalHealthAm @mentalhealth @Columbia @aboutKP @dailyzen @meditationsapp @mxiety @Paula_White @CoryBooker @MTV @tedlieu @historylvrsclub @BBCPolitics @RoyalFamily @Queen_Europe @JustinTrudeau @CillizzaCNN @jeffmason1 A lot has changed. The poll numbers were right for the most part. She neglected to go to the battle ground states, the next wont, She's unlikable, trumps approval rating among Repulicans and independents are way down compared to 16. The impeachment hearings reveal lawlessness

@TexasDeplorabl4 @C0RRUPTI0N_USA @Columbia Oh geez. UN needs to be shut down. Trump is right to leave NY until all of this goes down. They are lost right now like comifonia.

@MabusMatthew @EpochTimes @Columbia Hey Matthew Vadum, re : "full-blown Communism" Is Columbia planning communal farms? Is Columbia planning to have a secret police force? Is Columbia planning to not allow off-campus communications to be shown on campus via jamming? This is shameful "reporting" and fear mongering

@BinaNepram "We are Haudenosaunee & we will not declare ourselves as Canadians or US Citizens & no one is going to tell us anything otherwise.Sovereign is the act thereof"~Chief Howard Thompson,Haudenosaunee External Relation Cmte #IndigenousPeoplesAndBordersSymposium @Columbia @rightsviews

@CampbellWriter @jonathans_tobin @NationalSJP @JNS_org I was going to send my kid to a summer program @columbia but I changed my mind when I found out she might be harassed, bullied and intimidated by @NationalSJP because she supports Israel. I am not going to pay for any college who can't keep my kid safe.

@jayhen219 @JoeHall97941259 @MightyO24091331 @jack @jimmykimmel @SenSchumer @Oprah @MayoClinic @ChrisCuomo @BarackObama @HHSGov @SpeakerPelosi @Rob_D_Niro @KevinKlineActor @JohnLithgow @TheEllenShow @DanRather @tomhanks @donlemon @RepAdamSchiff @washingtonpost @CoveredCA @MayorOfLA @USC @CDCDirector @ExploreSpaceKSC @spanish1natl @CornerstoneEdm @NIMHgov @MentalHealthAm @mentalhealth @Columbia @aboutKP @dailyzen @meditationsapp @mxiety @Paula_White @CoryBooker @MTV @tedlieu @historylvrsclub @BBCPolitics @RoyalFamily @Queen_Europe @JustinTrudeau @CillizzaCNN @jeffmason1 What's wrong with this? I don't get it? This was in 2012-2015. He was not elected yet. Also I think that's before Ergoden decided to become a dictator.

@AlexHSullivan Checking to see if @Columbia @LEE_BOLLINGER @ColumbiaAlumniA have any comment on CU cancelling an event on China's human rights abuses, what with protestors facing down live rounds in #HongKong and NYT releasing 400pgs of docs showing PRC attempt to exterminate the Uighur "virus"

@jasonrjoyce Led a virtual #emotionalintelligence workshop last week for online grad students at @Columbia. Not surprising, we spent time talking about the tenets of #digitalemotionalintelligence. Check out this article by @thomasfbryant for a quick intro to #DEQ-

@ZeeMohamed_ @prathitsen @Columbia As I said, accepting someone’s “right to discriminate” is not the same thing as disagreeing on trade policy. There are some things that are simply not acceptable in a civilised society. The “right wing” is increasingly bringing many such ideas.

@fhbrain @Harvard @Yale @Columbia @MIT It is logical for me to conclude that you are stupid…I do not say this to people, I say it to universities...Even if none of my theories is correct, formulating over 100 theories which did not come up in any other of 100 billion [email protected]

@mmahal @MonicaCrowley No, I’m not going to stoop low to correct you. Your tweet doesn’t deserve a response to you. I’m going to ask @Columbia Univ though - seriously, WTF? Were u just selling your PhD degrees?

@BinaNepram "The word #migration is referred to movement of animals or birds.They call us #migrants & I greatly dislike this. That means they still do not consider us as humans"~Betty Lyons speaking at #IndigenousPeoplesAndBordersSymposium @Columbia @ishrcolumbia @rightsviews @MADREspeaks

@columbialib Our #RBML is home to the DeWitt Clinton Chair - not the professorial chair of American history, but the literal chair in which @Columbia alumnus & 2-term governor of New York, DeWitt Clinton, died. The story of how the funereal chair came to Columbia:

@elsaasce Jokes not done: And you may ask: what is the impact on all this? Well i can't pursue my passions: I want to apply to @Columbia and @nyulaw for their LLM program in Human Rights. I also want to be a community lawyer for Latinos here in Toronto. But my dreams are on hold.

@BarveNutan @WW3Info @Columbia @Arne_JJ @Amarmenta @susila55 @Carolyn_Cole @dorfman_p @ProfJWR @rajendrashende @JaneFrankland @besiana_kadare @ron_eisele Evenif US has paid insurance claims of sufferers of nuclear tests, humanitarian responsibility of US remains,they can't shrug it off.Ronit dome is US created and hence they hav 2 tackle it. Marshall islands are not economically or technologically strong to tackle this emergency.

@dbsable Students are submitting their requests for permission to take Entrepreneurship in Biotechnology in the spring semester, and I am again reminded that there is no way in the world I would get into @Columbia now, which means that technically I am not qualified to take my own class.

@ZeeMohamed_ The attack on universities is not unique to India. Populists with racist, supremacist ideas the world over are complaining about universities. I saw this happen even at @Columbia during the rise of Trump. It’s harder to get educated folks to hate people blindly. #JNU

@rama_gane @OutdoorsDouglas @nprfreshair @Columbia Although if you listened to podcast he says even in current day we do not care much where our consumer goods come from. Slave labor chocolate, factory farm meat and dairy. Are we exempt?

@CTLgrads Congratulations to all GPPD recipients, to the fantastic four @Columbia grad students with us at #pod19, and to former @CTLgrads Fellows now working at great CTLs. You are so inspiring!

@WarpedMirrorPMB Not hard to guess who this is: Joseph Massad - the @Columbia prof whose writings are sometimes hard to distinguish from what's on offer at Stormfront

@U1776S @cmurray621 @rwkonner @JGreenblattADL @djrothkopf @Columbia That's a VERY good point too btw. It seems a couple of non Jewish actors just got into big trouble for doing that VERY thing not too long ago. Good call, an investigation needs done. Laws apply to ALL equally! Isn't #equality the name of the game?

@shruthi_rajput @WW3Info @Columbia @Arne_JJ @Amarmenta @susila55 @Carolyn_Cole @dorfman_p @ProfJWR @rajendrashende @JaneFrankland @besiana_kadare @ron_eisele Using nuclear elements is dangerous and needs to be restricted. Nt managing d nuclear waste appropriately is mst irresponsible act. Leakage into pacific ocean wud not just destroy marine lyf but also d other factory of the eco system. The researchers have rytly named it the tomb

@mikeygow Two ways to address this 1. Hold event on @Columbia campus (not privately owned cafe) 2. Provide evidence of #CSSA involvement and lodge a formal complaint to @Columbia and/or student union CSSA is student org and can be decertified if a complaint raised and evidence provided

@aniphao Appalling that @Columbia bowed to pressure from China to cancel a panel about China’s influence and direct oppression of #HongKong #Tibet #Uyghurs and more. Universities are meant to be safe spaces for political discussions and dissent! They are increasingly not safe at all.

@thecurioushuman @Columbia -Moved to Bay Area (2 apts) -Moved to Seattle area (2 apts) -Shut down; restarted it -Published my first fiction short story -Got serious about science writing -Wrote for dream pubs = SciAm, NatGeo, Medium, CNN—multiple times -traveled to 6 new countries

@jakebebber Hey [email protected] ... hey [email protected] ... you okay with this? [email protected] are you still working with #China? [email protected] University does this seem right to you? #XinJiangConcentrationCamp #Muslims

@ChinaLawTransl8 Eager to hear @Columbia take on this. I suspect I'm not the only one....

@TracieMGardner @maiasz @LeoBeletsky @Columbia It is hard for me not to be cynical about an event like this just coming back from #reform19. I am heartened you will b there. I shouldn't keep flinching everytime I see "opioid crisis" but it still dog whistles "only white lives matter that's why we care now" #sorrynotsorry

@OutdoorsDouglas @rama_gane @nprfreshair @Columbia I'm not going to get into a debate about the morality of eating meat. That is a completely different issue which is not even tangential to owning a self aware human being with rights and self determination. Have a nice day.

@CarolCh13888762 @realKyleOlbert @Columbia When American universities actively censor themselves to avoid angering CCP, you know CCP's threat to the free world is not a lie.

@hell0nessa @deetsy @thelastpinkcar @oohshinyobject @TBro_6and12 @MonicaCrowley @Columbia Yeah, I'm pretty sure she had to take a history class or two. I'm not giving her any excuses.

@CampbellWriter @TaliGoldsheft @Columbia This is why I could not send my kid to @Columbia for a summer program and why it is totally off the list from here on out. I can't risk sending my kid there for college only to be harassed by professors and students. #Jewish @ColumbiaSpec

@lzilbs @MalkahFleisher @TheHoesherJew @shailjapatel And not surprisingly goes to @Columbia , breeding ground for nazis.

@Nick27974638 @tictoc @annielab_jmsc @business HK Police invading an university, attacking students. It's not tear gas, it's Chemical Weapon. It's crime against humanity. Need urgent help from international community to stop it @Columbia @UCLA @UChicago @Yale @Georgetown #SOSHK #StandwithHonKong

@backroads_linda @HarrietBrompton @pwbnyc @Columbia unfortunately that form is on an unsecure server not to mention it looks like it was created in DOS wtf? sorry no can do -

@tanyadomi @saribashi Gisha is a great org. I contacted them yrs ago when a Palestinian young man who lived in the WB was accepted to @Columbia but was not permitted to travel.

@fliegen_rettet @SophieHRW @rosetangy @ZhouFengSuo @tengbiao @rushan614 @Dotseten @Columbia @hrw @hrw_chinese @KenRoth My 🇨🇳ese friend just came back from a year at ColumbiaUni. Told me about events on China that clearly did not seek open debate but rather were lobby work. “They had the result of the discussion already set before it started“,he&other mainlanders were not given the chance to speak

@NicholasBened18 @Columbia @Newsday @DavidLPhillips4 To tell the truth, everything is a target in real war. The object is to utterly destroy the enemy- man, woman, child. Rules and war are two things that do not go together.

@BinaNepram "Native Americans couldn't go to school in 1920s...We were not allowed to vote. You got to get up & do the struggle.Who will carry our fight and our flag"~Peter Yucupicio,Vice Chairman,Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona @UN4Indigenous #IndigenousPeoplesAndBordersSymposium @columbia

@MightyO24091331 @JoeHall97941259 @jack @jimmykimmel @SenSchumer @Oprah @MayoClinic @ChrisCuomo @BarackObama @HHSGov @SpeakerPelosi @Rob_D_Niro @KevinKlineActor @JohnLithgow @TheEllenShow @DanRather @tomhanks @donlemon @RepAdamSchiff @washingtonpost @CoveredCA @MayorOfLA @USC @CDCDirector @ExploreSpaceKSC @spanish1natl @CornerstoneEdm @NIMHgov @MentalHealthAm @mentalhealth @Columbia @aboutKP @dailyzen @meditationsapp @mxiety @Paula_White @CoryBooker @MTV @tedlieu @historylvrsclub @BBCPolitics @RoyalFamily @Queen_Europe @JustinTrudeau @CillizzaCNN @jeffmason1 While Bayou Steel has not given any specific reason for the closure, we know that this company, which uses recycled scrap metal that is largely imported, is particularly vulnerable to TARIFFS. >>Just one more example of discontent @JanKEliasson @unions4workers @OnLaborBlog

@annehgiles @maiasz @Columbia Looks like this is the link to the livestream beginning at 9:00 AM. Indicates registration is required but looks like full. Not sure if registration is required to access livestream.

@elsaasce @Columbia @nyulaw In the US, they have scholarships for folks like me who have strong academics and who want to pursue public interest. But Canada? Maybe one or two? I'm not sure. But I do know there aren't much for lawyers like me in Canada to have debt relief.

@PatriotAsAm @liang2019 @swanlee99 @elizashapiro @Columbia @nytimes She is just another elite trying to keep others down....

@OutdoorsDouglas @rama_gane @nprfreshair @Columbia Slaughter facilities or agricultural work in the US may not pay much but they do pay. You are not the property of the company for whom you work. It is a very important distinction, and anyone who tries to conflate the two only shows they know nothing about actual slavery.

@serwillz hey @MTA i just slipped down the stairs at 116th. you can make my checks payable to @columbia university. thx girl.

@julianku Baffled as to why @Columbia cancelled this event, especially when it has hosted other not-China-friendly speakers recently (like TW Pres Tsai).

@TasnimK23192347 @Hinaheartdoc @arghavan_salles @Columbia Yes. It’s true but the issue might be more rampant than we think. At some point, it has to resurface and get the attention it deserves

@GNAnegativeaxis @fabislei7 @GOP @SenateGOP @GOPLeader @GOPChairwoman @HouseDemocrats @SenateDems @nyc311 @NYCMayor @NYGovCuomo @AOL @News18India @IndiaToday @htTweets @PMOIndia @Harvard @nyuniversity @Columbia What was taken from me is not easy to replace what i borrowed from them easy to replace once they replaced what's owed to me So that's not a probable cause either to deny me.

@AndrewQuintman On an early train down to the Workshop on Linked Open Data for Buddhist & Tibetan Studies. Perfectly illustrates the power of partnerships between BDRC @KeepWisdomAlive, @Columbia Library, & Tsadra Foundation. Plus a great lineup.

@DennisSCornell2 @realKyleOlbert @Columbia Learn from HK universities Columbia ! They will never back down they will stand their ground against the suppressor even if it means the life are at stake ! You should be ashamed to kowtow when you all the rights to fight against it !!

@mesocycl0ne @ALevermann @Columbia @LamontEarth @coro_ucm @UniBremen @unipotsdam Sure it is not to be moved parallel to the left next year's?

@AlexHSullivan Deeply troubling to this @Columbia alum. Caving to censorship violates every value that our institution professes. CU needs to address this and recommit to fighting anti-free speech coercion. Until it does so satisfactorily, I will not conduct interviews or donate any money.

@AnnetteRAVENEAU @globalnyc @earthinstitute @Columbia @alexhiniker @ColumbiaSIPA @jmklopp1 @urbancampaign @UNHABITAT_NY I’m working on my capstone titled “The Perils of Climate Change in Unprepared Cities-NYC.” Would love to connect! #urbanthinkerscampus2019

@Columbia_Biz In honor of Veterans Day, #ColumbiaBizcast is revisiting conversations we had with three CBS alumni, all former service members, working to support veterans in their transition to civilian life: @Columbia @ColumbiaAlumniA @UniteUsHQ @brookejones05

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