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@seikatsu @kaarmann @WellsFargo @Stanford Mere 5 years ago, when I was hunting for "wire transfer" link on their internet bank (thought it was a navigation issue), it came out "oh, for this one you have to come into a branch and fill the form on paper". So this screenshot is already progress!

@lktexascoach @Ben_ESPN @jessmendoza @Stanford Not enough characters to list all of Jessica's achievements.

@augustcohen_nyc @Beautful_Chaos @BattleChaplain @Sangria1992 @tedlieu @Stanford As is often the case with you wingnuts, you seem to think a right is absolute. That it shouldn't be bound by any constraint. To be clear, kinda no point to being free if it doesn't come with responsibilities. We live in a society, not as individuals on an island.

@OneEyeBlackJack @hampgal7 @McFaul @collins11_m @aspronin @AmbassadorRice @Stanford Your tricks and slight of hand games might work on Pussy hat wearing activist base or at a college campus. But some people are actually informed and do read the reports produced by the investigations. The conclusions were not to kind to Susan Rice, to put it mildly.

@OneEyeBlackJack @McFaul @collins11_m @aspronin @AmbassadorRice @Stanford Michael, Care to comment on this video... since you think it's not true?

@JWSpry ‘EXPERT’ CLIMATE SCIENTIST: “THERE is no reason blacks ought to be concerned with saving a world they don’t have a piece of.” - Dr Paul Ehrlich (@Stanford/@royalsociety) via @JWSpry

@nuclearban Hi @Stanford,@Texastech,@uarizona, @UArkansas, you’re featured in our new report “Schools of Mass Destruction.” Your involvement in the U.S. #nuclearweapons complex, designed to wipe out millions of civilians in a flash, is not a good look➡️

@doctoreebs @McFaul You have done tremendous damage to the @Stanford “brand.” Open fascists on campus. Not a good look.

@bjc2020123 @BOTPtweets @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford Yeah, we know that’s not how it currently is. That’s what he wants to be changed. He is, on a personal and societal level against it. On a policy level, not so.

@tobigerstenberg Brilliant psychology colloquium talk here @Stanford by @fierycushman telling us how we know what not to think, and that everything is possible (but only for philosophers).

@DivestStanford with every passing day, the severity of the climate crisis becomes clearer. @Stanford’s stated commitment to sustainability and green living will not be enough if we continue to be financially entangled in the business of climate catastrophe

@Cdsfrog @DJE203 @guypbenson @yaf @benshapiro @Stanford Way too many legal immigrants? Our population would shrink without them and our country would suffer big time. Ignorant to suggest otherwise. Mind you this based on legal immigration. We need more not less.

@MeredithWheeler @MeiMeiFox @Stanford @Forbes Just back to France from my 45th Stanford reunion. Enjoyed your article. I felt Tessier-Lavigne missed an opportunity when he addressed the assembled alumni--the wealthy, bright & well-connected--not to rally our joint energies--as CA burned-- to lead on climate change solutions.

@ashleymarinep @danielkminto @QueenMab87 @docfreeride @Harvard @HarvardHBS @Stanford Exposing workplace bias is important. This article and it's representation of the issues, including stating that the bias is not related to gender and then demonstrating the exact opposite, is ridiculous.

@JWSpry @Charlie95539425 @djgolf1234 @madelinewcopel1 @MyBizNY @margweston THE ‘esteemed’ @Stanford and @royalsociety currently employ a man who wanted to POISON black African’s in order to fight #ClimateChange: “THERE is no reason blacks ought to be concerned with saving a world they don’t have a piece of.” - Dr Paul Ehrlich

@eco_teej @sciencewithtyus @Stanford @StanfordEarth I believe we will all be needing help no matter the stage in our careers so it’s good to learn how to be an effective self-advocate early! And yes, I’m out here at Stanford finishing up undergrad. Surprisingly, it’s not snakes, but here’s a gopher I found right on campus!

@JSKstanford We like to remind incoming Fellows that they are not alone on their JSK journey, and collective serendipity can play a large role during your time at @stanford. #journalism

@Hilarx "Dopamine fast"? Not so fast, says @Stanford's @russpoldrack. There's nothing dopamine-draining about a tech or sex break. In fact, it would be better billed as a "stimulation fast." #neuroscience

@GlennaWiseman Professor Yi Cui @Stanford outlines grand challenges of #energystorage they are working to unravel as presented at the Bay Area Battery Summit at SLAC

@1FamilyNation @mldauber @Stanford Activate local media outlets & local organizations who deal with & confront offenders & racist fringe groups. @Stanford cannot be permitted to prosper & flourish beneath a cloth of silence. Their actions (as you show) are despicable. Not outting them would be equally offensive.

@OlPossum1 @Greg_h14 @stairmasterchef @jmarcellais @RedneckBackroad @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford which is why the alt right is not compatible with christianity. it denies that part of scripture (gen 1:27); it denies the brotherhood of believers as paul wrote in gal 3:28 - outward distinctions like ethnicity mean nothing to Christ.

@SR2943 @OlgaOlgaroth @colorblindk1d @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford I try to watch and read all the content I can to not only stay out of the echo chamber, but try to gain some perspective. I also think most people isolate the issues when in reality they’re all tied together somehow. Trying to see/understand the bigger picture.

@eco_teej @sciencewithtyus @Stanford @StanfordEarth But as I’ve grown more as a scientist and a person, it’s become increasingly clear that sociocultural and environmental protection go hand in hand. Thus, I found my way to the Instituto Socioambiental @socioambiental to spend this past summer working in Pará, Brasil

@Thanks_VeryCool @larskohler @BernieSanders @Stanford @Lazard I didn't say it was. I said it could be. I'm not an economist. Never claimed to be. Is Lazard well known scientific journal?

@Greg_h14 @stairmasterchef @OlPossum1 @jmarcellais @RedneckBackroad @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford Someone should tell him about the Tower of Babel and how we’re all meant to be apart of our own nations and not try and play god, moving people all around the world and into foreign lands, each Nation or “tribe” is here for a reason.

@0dj0bz @hearing_girl @brookevitti @Stanford Yes, it's a procurement issue. Facilities have to make due with what they're allowed to work with.

@yourboyBrianRD Not to throw shade... but not as cool as @lsjumb ‼️🌲🏈 #Stanford @StanfordFball @Stanford @CUBuffsFootball @CUBuffs

@wahoorad @BrionWulf @NickGalluzzo2 @TheRealJamesFB @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford Umm.. we were talking about Ben Shapiro not some sort of Zionist organization. What Fuentes said was disgusting AND false but I certainly defend his right to say it.

@OlPossum1 @jmarcellais @Greg_h14 @stairmasterchef @RedneckBackroad @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford no, we're talking to each other. if you identify as alt right, meaning you accept the unbiblical, man-made ideologies of race and of differences between these made up races, you're doing christianity wrong. like i said, its not compatible with christianity.

@OlPossum1 @Greg_h14 @stairmasterchef @jmarcellais @RedneckBackroad @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford did i say you're alt right? all i know is you continue to defend the term. seems strange. its not a catch all term. it refers to the bigots that think there is a difference between the so-called races (which don't exist; a christian should know their bible)

@OlPossum1 @Greg_h14 @stairmasterchef @jmarcellais @RedneckBackroad @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford the alt right's views on race and ethnicity is not biblical nor is the nietzschean will to power they exhibit. political power does not change the hearts of men, only the gospel does this.

@Greg_h14 @OlPossum1 @stairmasterchef @jmarcellais @RedneckBackroad @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford It’s not like there’s a billionaire working to sync up our minds to computers. That’s also just nonsense.

@amandathomashow @WMurphyLaw @Stanford This is a really mean and damaging thing to say. It sounds like a conversation you should have with her personally, not a tweet you should make to publicly shame her.

@sciencewithtyus @eco_teej I concur with that! We all have to start somewhere whether it be glamorous or not and sometimes we need a little help, I love it! So currently you’re a Senior @Stanford studying in @StanfordEarth (congrats btw) what are you currently researching? Is it snakes?! #ScienceTwitter 🐍

@hearing_girl @0dj0bz @brookevitti @Stanford Yeah, I'd definitely buy that, though I've never actually encountered a good one! ;) But still, under current conditions, the ones responsible for wear & tear are the ones who cut corners with poor materials, not the ones who are adapting to using a door the best way they can.

@coolgrey @cmarinucci @UCBerkeley @Stanford @newsrolando Reminder: do not wear a red shirt to this event.

@OneEyeBlackJack @hampgal7 @McFaul @collins11_m @aspronin @AmbassadorRice @Stanford Just want to remind you the entire senior level of the FBI was fired based on their Clinton investigation not being on the "Up & Up".

@tsmullaney “Profound lack of trust of students for the administration is at the core of this” re: victims of assault not reporting to @Stanford offices

@OneEyeBlackJack @hampgal7 @McFaul @collins11_m @aspronin @AmbassadorRice @Stanford King of integrity, Peter Stzroak was the lead FBI investigator of "Midterm Exam", and was recommended for prosecution to DOJ based on his "Investigation". So.... there goes that. Susan Rice blatantly lying to the American people in disgusting fashion is not illegal.

@OlPossum1 @Greg_h14 @stairmasterchef @jmarcellais @RedneckBackroad @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford want to fix that? join a church. stop wasting time on social media arguing about politics. start engaging with your local community to live out a christian life. start evangelizing, as the gospel is the only cure for society, not getting the right dude elected.

@kellypineapple1 @mldauber @Stanford super disappointing that stanford has not stepped up to the plate to recognize chanel miller. #shameonstanford

@Zahn_Zee @clayfkn @RubinReport @Stanford Well if what I'm saying is "made up", and I've provided a citation from one of the most well respected university's in the world - surely it should be easy for you to find one for something that's supposedly not made up..... show me that sex = gender. You can't, can You?

@ruthstarkman This article tells a sad story @Stanford is working to right, especially because veterans are also extremely diverse, and often FLI #VeteransDay

@hearing_girl @0dj0bz @brookevitti @Stanford I think that would be the ideal, yeah. (Presumably doors to, e.g., public restrooms would need the resilience of an exterior door but not the weather-resistance, so that might be an intermediary use case worth considering.)

@madmilker To put We the People 1st and on January 8, 1835 paid total US debt in full to take the burden from all Americans and in doing so not from an education of @Harvard @Princeton @Yale or even @Stanford but from simply being "Old Field School" like a lot of Americans during that time.

@thedeadlydonald @Vulgar_wit @andicanderson @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford His money is from the clicks he gets, which are primarily about AOC, Omar and her sidekicks. He can't write about conservatism like Guy Benson, it's not selling to well with Trumpers, Trump isn't a conservative

@YourmanGodfrey @CChazleton @Vulgar_wit @andicanderson @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford Proof? Still irrelevant to his dissection of alt. right. We realize lefties demand theologi er.... ideological purity but applaud the message if not the messenger.

@daisypl @RicOConnell8 @sjmercnews Super super super disappointed in my alma mater @Stanford for promoting this drivel that undermines all the necessary climate action I learned about in classes, & even more annoyed and continuing to not donate until they #Divest from #FossilFuels. @StanfordEarth @StanfordEnergy

@cpep via @Stanford A tribute to Ronald Reagan's resistance to #DeepState

@Beautful_Chaos @augustcohen_nyc @BattleChaplain @Sangria1992 @tedlieu @Stanford actually they do. maybe you should spend some time actually paying attention to conservatives who are banned from SM for stating an opinion the Left didn’t like. not a ‘free country’ like you think it is.

@danmarmu @RustinRustin78 @BubblesMcnutty @LifeWithoutLack @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford Yet, you haven't stated a single fact yet. You haven't quoted Ben (in context) you simply stated something that was your ill-informed opinion and said I have is up to you to prove he is alt-right and simply saying it is NOT proof. otherwise you are an idiot

@AgtOceans @CSOAsstSec @jakenuru @Stanford You run what appears to be a legit, albeit very small, charity. How could you not know your wife’s resume is, well, almost completely fabricated?

@SP3281 @UFExplore @UF @UFHealth @Stanford @ufdiabetes @UFPHHP @AAUniversities Would you help a Republican or conservative probably you just treated Donald Trump jr. Was unacceptable I recommend people don't attend your college, that is disgusting.. Colleges should entertain the right to both political sides ..end of story...

@OlPossum1 @Greg_h14 @stairmasterchef @jmarcellais @RedneckBackroad @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford but your "fun" little movement doesn't care about the actual Word of God, if you did, you'd know that its only the Gospel that changes the hearts of men. not the nietzschean will to power that man-centered ideologies represent, only the Gospel.

@Vulgar_wit @thedeadlydonald @andicanderson @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford Even assuming everything you state is true that's still not relevant to the valid of his statements.

@SageKileah @fvmaisano @StanfordEnergy So interesting given this @SoCalGas email looking for someone at @StanfordEnergy to slam #buildingelectrification. Not surprised given @SoCalGas' sleazy campaign to keep fossil fuels flowing in CA - but am surprised to see they found a sucker to take the bait. @hiltzikm @Stanford

@GavinPrestonMD I'm grateful to my @stanford professors for teaching me HOW to think, not WHAT to think. I've known doctors who were only taught what to think. When presented with new research or treatments, they're as lost as a mariner in a fog with no charts. #Meded @StanfordMed

@BrandonBeckham_ @NotOnMyWatch24 @Stanford Women victimized by domestic abuse are 5× more likely to be killed by abusers owning a firearm. I'm @GOP. #VAWA is💯% a bipartisan issue. I'm using #MAGACHALLENGE to encourage Senators to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act (#VAWA). #VAWA4ALL

@BrionWulf @NickGalluzzo2 @TheRealJamesFB @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford Again, what’s the kill rate on both sides? Not all Palestinians are hamas, don’t assume bigot. If you let them in they won’t hate you, they’ll come to understand the Jewish way is better, and assimilate. C’mon you racist.

@resinguy88 @WokeTheNormies @MY_Wiltshire @MontySeymore @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford Yes I do know that. But you claimed that 95% of welfare money goes to minorities. Not true. It may be true that minorities collect welfare at a greater rate than whites. But that’s NOT what your original post claimed.

@mary80926763 @Stanford The Stanford baby snowflakes live in an echo chamber and run to their “crying room” to cuddle a teddy bear when a conservatives comes on campus to speak. They are afraid of words. Not one time has Ben Shapiro or a conservative attacked students. 🧸🍼

@mldauber This is so infuriating I do not know where to start. The @Stanford admin sent this letter to students asking them not to tear down racist and offensive flyers that have been posted on campus. Students are asked by admin instead to engage respectfully with "controversial" ideas.

@NickGalluzzo2 @BrionWulf @TheRealJamesFB @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford Are we honestly going to ignore the steady wave of Palestinian suicide bombing that has been occurring since well before the Six Day War? It’s not like the claim was made without historical precedent (also given that its in Hamas’ charter to erase the State of Israel)?

@faithinplace “Science and policy may not be enough to solve complex environmental challenges...but actively engaged citizens could tip the balance.” This is why our Youth and Migration & Me program are critical as we address the #climatecrisis. via @Stanford

@HoverLeroy @CitizensXr @XRLondon @BBCRadio4 @Stanford None of that would have been possible without the use of fossil fules or a capitalist goverment. You seek to be the extinction not the solution.

@MishkaInLA @Sangria1992 @LeenaSaveOurNHS @tedlieu @Stanford Her feed is full of Brexit tweets & British politicians. My guess is she's not even in the states. Another person (way) outside of CA33 defending Ted because they don't see first hand the damage he's done to this area. They just know he hates Trump & that's good enough for them.

@F_Sanguedolce @Marco_Blanker @KariTikkinen @ebhcconference @METRICStanford @Stanford @Cartabellotta @dnunan79 @CebmOxford @LoaiAlbarqouni @PaulGlasziou @EBCPMcMaster @EBMUrology I agree with your disagreement with my provocative statement which is in agreement with the rest of comments and not by chance was in “...”. A proper SR is to address an important clinical question and indeed will require a lot of work, but we are talking here about the 💩ones

@Essentium3D Researchers at @Stanford have been working on a device that makes #3Dprinting and #AdditiveManufacturing more accessible to people with visual impairments. This will give more communities than ever the true #FreedomToInnovate.

@bikeack @SierraClubCA @socalgas @Stanford @SierraClub @CalEnergy "Opinion followed by research"= Not Science "The email sought "a highly regarded energy resource scientist or economist" to respond to Sierra Club's claims "in the form of a letter or op-ed piece, possibly followed by further research, if the not too distant future."

@MattSkiCA @SierraClubCA @socalgas @Stanford @SierraClub @CalEnergy @GavinNewsom @PhilTing @Scott_Wiener @californiapuc Don’t fall for SoCalGas’ phony claims that nat gas methane is earth 🌎 friendly. Per @UCSUSA report California has an over supply of Gas Plants. They need to be shut down! #CO2 @sfchronicle #ClimateCrisis 🌎🔥🔥

@McLNeuro @Stanford I want to know EXACTLY who nixed this womans voice and has doubled and tripled down. Not okay.

@Flkittie @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford I agree with him but the problem is to the left we, including him, are always labeled alt-right. Denouncing something not yet accurately defined by the fakenews is irrelevant.

@unicornthorn @brookevitti @Stanford Plus, what if you lose it, or it breaks, or a Disabled non-resident needs to get in to visit a building resident, or any of the dozens of reasons this is absurd, ableist, and inaccessible. I guarantee a Disabled person was not consulted on this, as usual.

@NickGalluzzo2 @BrionWulf @TheRealJamesFB @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford While Ben may not be personally in favor of restricting immigration, he has stated clearly that he doesn’t think the desire to do so is racist, so there’s no discrepancy here. You’re reading that into the scenario.

@augustcohen_nyc @BattleChaplain @Beautful_Chaos @Sangria1992 @tedlieu @Stanford And last I checked, our rights as citizens don't end when we log into Twitter- among them, the right to dissent (ie, criticize or support a politician). Odd you won't admit that but also not surprising. That said, if y'all have probs w/ Ted file a FEC complaint.

@larskohler @Thanks_VeryCool @BernieSanders @Stanford @Lazard Lazard’s reports are the energy bible of the industry. & please note it’s real life prices. So it’s not estimates. It’s taken from real life tenders. NEW nuclear is gone. It’s dead. It’s never gonna come back. The market has spoken. We need to focus on most bang for the buck now!

@OlPossum1 @jmarcellais @Greg_h14 @stairmasterchef @RedneckBackroad @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford you're free to be a bigot if you want. but you're not a christian if think God made more than one type of human; if you deny the Imago Dei; and if you're more concerned with worldly political power than the actual word of God.

@mysocialmedia01 @Stanford Mazi told me not to check out an intern laptop for my summer at @Qualcomm because he said I wouldn't need it, do not work nights & weekend and have fun, but later I went to a meeting and was the only one without a laptop and all the other interns I knew got laptops

@eco_teej @sciencewithtyus @Stanford @StanfordEarth Great Q! I’ve been lucky in that this summer was my third field season down in the Amazon. As I said earlier, since I was a toddler I wanted to explore that rainforest specifically. I’m absolutely in love with the biodiversity there. Here’s a Phyllomedusa vaillantii from Peru

@justabro16 Because it came out after the bell on the Friday after thanksgiving ... $OSTK ... also Byrne said the initial sales were for donations to @Stanford, etc. that makes no sense from tax perspective (donate the shares) but the schools have not received dime one it appears ...

@OlPossum1 @Greg_h14 @stairmasterchef @jmarcellais @RedneckBackroad @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford i've already said i'm not calling any one person alt right. that includes you when i said "any one person". all i said was that its incompatible with christianity. its up to you if you want to defend the alt right against my statement. i'm not forcing you.

@batjer_colleen @CSOAsstSec @jakenuru @Stanford Such a shame that she was exposed as just another grifter who DID NOT: go to Harvard, did not appear on (authentic) Time cover, did not use drones in international recovery, did not graduate from SMU (or any U for that matter. FRAUD

@Stu6566 @rebeccaOden1 part of the college admissions bribe scandal but @stanford would never admit that is why they let his kids in they like the money it never ceases to amaze me how corrupt politicians can be, working for themselves not their constituents.

@mldauber @annak_mason This is why we need @stanford to be clear and not bury the information in a shallow online grave as usual

@BrightHorizons "Child care has long been an important investment for @Stanford. We know that by providing access to high-quality child care, we address the unique needs of working parents of young children," -Phyllis Stewart Pires, AVP, WorkLife Strategy at Stanford.

@nuclearban Hi @Stanford,@Texastech,@uarizona, @UArkansas, you’re featured in our new report “Schools of Mass Destruction.” Your involvement in the U.S. #nuclearweapons complex, designed to wipe out millions of civilians in a flash, is not a good look➡️

@amycfanphd @roby_bhatt @Stanford I try not to think too hard about it.

@Suzanne_Devkota Mesmerized by economist Alvin Roth’s talk, #Nobelprize ‘12 and @Stanford , on his application of game theory to kidney donor networks, improving access and saving lives. He’s also working on public school districting & residency match programs, dramatically improving both.

@PartisanFront [email protected] Prof. Paul Ehrlich wrote in 1969 there would be 30 billion people on the planet by 2000. At the time, there were about 3 billion. His bad calculations led to many families choosing to not have children. Sound familiar? @RepAOC @GretaThunberg #ClimateHoax

@MishkaInLA @RealBFolks @LeenaSaveOurNHS @Sangria1992 @tedlieu @Stanford Bad enough to earn jail time. Leena's not even in the states I'd guess.

@twiboltt @AmbassadorRice @Stanford @McFaul You are A goddamn disgrace not to mention a liar

@CoachesHotSeat #LOL Whatever you assume @Google is doing go ahead and multiply that by Infinity and those Bastards are up to it and don't believe a Damn thing any these folks say...we knew @Google Boys on @Stanford campus and they pull down the Sun if they believed there was $5 in doing it!

@JohnMashey @LeilaniMunter Are you familiar with Yale/GMU's Six Americas studies? If not: I've long found those helpful for insight. I think it's generally useless to argue with those clearly in Dismissive category at right. @KHayhoe said something similar this week at @Stanford.

@augustcohen_nyc @BattleChaplain @Beautful_Chaos @Sangria1992 @tedlieu @Stanford Are we a free country or not? Real simple question and your attempt at snark wasn't an answer. And if the answer is "yes", that means I get the right to complain about LA's pols and Angelenos get the right to complain abt NYC pols...on any medium.

@Zahn_Zee @PaulBuc31614268 @RubinReport @Stanford @CambridgeUP are you really trying to argue to me that @Stanford and @Cambridge_Uni are not constitute parts of scientific consensus? Can you find me a university that doesn't teach a theory of gender and how it relates to sex? It seems to me that you're invested in your feelings here.

@rachaelmyrow #DYK The largest landowner in Santa Clara County *by taxable acreage* isn’t @Stanford ... !t’s the San Francisco PUC! One of the biggest surprises to come out of the #WhoOwnsSiliconValley collaboration (tho it makes sense). via @mercnews @LeoMCastaneda

@StanfordGSB As a first generation low-income student, Jorge Cueto knew higher ed had a larger meaning.“Not a lot of people from my community come to @Stanford. Everyone’s looking at me like, ‘He’s the one that’s going to represent us.’” #CelebrateFirstGen #firstgenday

@Massanutten14 @JWSpry @Stanford @royalsociety Giving radical leftist academics and activists a platform to spread their ideology, is equivalent to giving a large cell of psychotic terrorists a fleet of 100s of air liners filled with small pox toxin and allowing them to crash in all the largest cities on earth.

@Greg_h14 @OlPossum1 @jmarcellais @stairmasterchef @RedneckBackroad @guypbenson @benshapiro @Stanford The official tally recognized today is around 4.3 million, its illegal to say that 5,999,999 people died in 14 countries, and at one point they said 10 million. It’s not illegal to say 2+2=5, they just prove you wrong. But they throw you in jail over this. Weird right?

@betateach @FarrowMP @Jenny_C_Hill @Installermag @theCCCuk @heatpolicyrich @LesleyRudd_SEA @s_calvert_heat @BeyondtheStove @eric_hawkins9 @SolarHeatPedro @TranspiredSolar Ideally we'd need the most current research on this. I do have a cousin who's old room mate studies this at @Stanford. We'd need independent research which is not linked to the fuel industry for it do be really valid. Do you know anyone?

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