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@CIAAG_Lauren @Txsconstitution @painadvocateAR @Shasta_Rayne @keesaroo @HappyWarriorP @Stanford Thanks. Not sure what he’s saying. I refuse to listen to this as I’m sure it’s another more vicious and detailed hit piece as he’s pissed his original one was called out. I was supposed to “take it in” and start behaving & even collaborate with people that hurt me & the community

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley something in the windows is seriously wrong causing me to se doubles, and not factually! A control mechanism! So hard to explain but being honest!

@InsaneGreatly @Dhope729 @VijaiSardesai @Stanford Are you sure, if this is the one? To summarize in lay men’s words 1) It is not a peer reviewed paper; 2) The MedRxiv distributes unpublished manuscripts and sites that it shud not be “RELIED UPON FOR NEWS REPORT AS ESTABLISHED INFORMATION”. #FakeNews

@BryanGraybeal2 There are gangs in the Middle East. There are millions of Muslims against my same-sex love for them. I am not afraid. I will arrive with rain sent from above. There will be great power in glory to heal their broken heart 💔🇮🇶 @CIA @Stanford @BarhamSalih

@BryanGraybeal2 Everyone is better off with me in Iraq. I have not been able to find one attack at home or abroad that did not link back to me. I’ll wait while you take a second look at that. @Ilhan @RepAOC @BarhamSalih @MOI_QatarEn @Stanford @BuzzPatterson @SenateGOP @SenateDems @Abercrombie

@Orland0E @Mashinsky @tomdioro @Stanford Hi, Old loans Cant Be seen in app anymore or repaid. Im a German citizen. 70k $ (in btc, eth and xrp) are blocked rn. It should be an easy fix to whitelabel the already existing loans.please fix this asap or at least let me pay off the loan (i assume others have the same issue)

@CIAAG_Lauren @Txsconstitution @CContrarus @HappyWarriorP @urbanfatbiker @lpray18 @VCoast @DanielGarrettHR @RNadvocating @Canada_NV @TheFuglyFrog @Brokenhuman8 @TehAngryAnalyst @Irishbrat1966 @justask @JT_Berone @nancytrojak @PithyPins @CTSuboxone @macabaz @JoeAllenNewman @ThomasKlineMD @DanLairdMD @RogerTh71142375 @giazillarawrr @JoshBloomACSH @jmkillingnyc @chronicpainwar @Suzy_Stewart @PpL_InPainUnite @Faithgirlee @reversechapter @keesaroo @shelley_bean60 @TheDarkGift_ @FibroSloth @SandraEmery7 @donnelsonguy @DeniseGeltman @DMarie0240 @JosephAFalzone1 @puppyluvr312 @Kevinmfilms @larsiztch @LauraSlocumb1 @1baldchick @Talkeetna101 @cremer_mary @steveconnieWood @Shasta_Rayne @Stanford If you have to be quiet in order to get a seat. Then you don’t actually have a seat at the table. You’re being patronized if you think that your seat is real when you’re not even allowed to contribute your real thoughts

@Shasta_Rayne @painadvocateAR @Txsconstitution @CIAAG_Lauren @keesaroo @HappyWarriorP @Stanford The only thing that Lauren and I do is publish the truth. We are accused of causing division and all these problems for doing so. That tells me all I need to know. We have done nothing wrong and telling the truth is not causing division, it is teaching what is happening

@StanfordHAI Why don’t our fitness apps keep us motivated? They might not be engaging enough. @Stanford researchers propose adding narrative elements to keep us entertained while getting healthy.

@Txsconstitution @CIAAG_Lauren @CContrarus @HappyWarriorP @urbanfatbiker @lpray18 @VCoast @DanielGarrettHR @RNadvocating @Canada_NV @TheFuglyFrog @Brokenhuman8 @TehAngryAnalyst @Irishbrat1966 @justask @JT_Berone @nancytrojak @PithyPins @CTSuboxone @macabaz @JoeAllenNewman @ThomasKlineMD @DanLairdMD @RogerTh71142375 @giazillarawrr @JoshBloomACSH @jmkillingnyc @chronicpainwar @Suzy_Stewart @PpL_InPainUnite @Faithgirlee @reversechapter @keesaroo @shelley_bean60 @TheDarkGift_ @FibroSloth @SandraEmery7 @donnelsonguy @DeniseGeltman @DMarie0240 @JosephAFalzone1 @puppyluvr312 @Kevinmfilms @larsiztch @LauraSlocumb1 @1baldchick @Talkeetna101 @cremer_mary @steveconnieWood @Shasta_Rayne @Stanford No I will not keep quiet about my losses. I will not stay sweet to keep a seat. I earned the right to scream louder at ANYONE I need to when they killed my father and then tried to take me out too.

@Richard51043056 @Mbsydor @Stanford 2 hours of attorney time? Get real-for the accused this is a serious matter entirely akin to a criminal proceeding. The accused needs real legal representation. Can’t not afford that, do not go to Stanford. Any testimony, any evidence produced, may be used later in a real court.

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley the @FBI @CIA can track down those involved in scams which do not physically for e anyone to send mone but not those involved in physicslly aka sexually harming children? This is alarming!

@BryanGraybeal2 This God the Middle East is fighting for... He wants to heal your sick body, set your life free, and deliver you from the power of Satan and sin. I will not just sing about it. God will manifest himself to change your life forever @CIA @Stanford @Ilhan @RepAOC @USSupremeCourt

@OffiongSpeaks @paulg speaking to a class full of entrepreneurs @stanford He said, one way to get startup ideas is to think 10years into the future Figure out: 1. What is likely not to change 2. What will be needed 3. Look backwards and build it today ¹ CS183B (Stanford)

@sherrirose First week as faculty at @Stanford!🌲 Not on campus, so I made this gif. 🤓 Sending cheers & support to all those starting at new academic institutions during the pandemic, especially early career scholars! 👏👏👏 #JSM2020 #ARM20

@BryanGraybeal2 I do this with the Middle East always. It inspires them. In three day’s God will rise from the Atlantic Ocean as living water. You can go check the tomb you tried to bury the prophet: he’s not there any longer. He rose with ALL power. @CIA @Stanford @Ilhan @RepAOC @USSupremeCourt

@BridgetScallen Nice, esp as a woman who's a lower-income worker (@Stanford), to see this attending to precision: “Ppl are not low-income. Ppl earn lower incomes because they’ve been marginalized, in a lot of cases, into earning low wages... ." @ChandraFarley @WIRED #EssentializingDehistoricizes

@aruntis 42% of US labor force is now working from home full-time, 26% working largely as onsite essential workers, and 33% are out of work – a “testament to the savage impact of the lockdown recession.” #COVID19 #WFH via @Stanford

@real94madrid94 @helen_dempster @Stanford @Cindy_Y_Huang @RefugeesIntl @CWS_global @grantmgordon @RESCUEorg Hello ✋ To the whole world I am an Iraqi refugee in Turkey since 2014 I'm still alive I am still waiting for resettlement I hope you do not forget that I am with you on Earth Thank you #StandWithIraqiRefugees #WhereRtheRefugees

@jaredallard @OGJaneSays @fadde @tedlieu @betty_lieu @Stanford I didn't say the former wasn't.... If that, is in fact, what happened (it's again... unsubstantiated at the moment). The latter is not "buying" her a seat, it's donating, within the FEC laws, to their campaigh.

@GH_Baseball Thanks to @GLBatCo for working with us on a phenomenal gift for our graduating 2020 seniors. They were destined to shatter many #GHbaseball records and in 3 years made an everlasting impact. They’ll be representing @GHSchoolMI at @UChicago, @IUbloomington, @umich and @Stanford

@CIAAG_Lauren @Shasta_Rayne @painadvocateAR @Txsconstitution @keesaroo @HappyWarriorP @Stanford If the truth is divisional then the person scared of it must be guilty of something. Publishing what happened and educating others on it is not division. It is if others are lying to the public and need those lies to do their work. Then I guess Shasta & I are ruining it for them.

@a_neimi @helen_dempster @Stanford @Cindy_Y_Huang @RefugeesIntl @CWS_global @grantmgordon @RESCUEorg Please .. We are Iraqi refugees in Turkey from 2014 to 2015 and so far we have not got a homeland .. Put yourselves in our place .. Our situation is bad and our children their future is unknown.. We want a homeland .. Please help us in Turkey .

@BryanGraybeal2 I will not be reaching out to anyone any longer. To hear your lies of righteousness and how much you love God. Do not invite the Middle Eastern prophet into your life if you do not love God. @UN @Stanford

@johnnyc59722461 If you know, you know. In addition to working their butts off for a chance at the big show, a lot of these guys are paving The way for what’s possible for their family/community. Do the right thing @Stanford @StanfordAlumni Keep these studs where they want to [email protected]

@DannyBowers Interview with @JenniferEberhar on @ArmchairExpPod was incredible and insightful. Living down the street from @Stanford I’d love to meet Dr. Eberhatdt

@urbanfatbiker @Shasta_Rayne @CIAAG_Lauren @CContrarus @Txsconstitution @HappyWarriorP @lpray18 @VCoast @DanielGarrettHR @RNadvocating @Canada_NV @TheFuglyFrog @Brokenhuman8 @TehAngryAnalyst @Irishbrat1966 @justask @JT_Berone @nancytrojak @PithyPins @CTSuboxone @macabaz @JoeAllenNewman @ThomasKlineMD @DanLairdMD @RogerTh71142375 @giazillarawrr @JoshBloomACSH @jmkillingnyc @chronicpainwar @Suzy_Stewart @PpL_InPainUnite @Faithgirlee @reversechapter @keesaroo @shelley_bean60 @TheDarkGift_ @FibroSloth @SandraEmery7 @donnelsonguy @DeniseGeltman @DMarie0240 @JosephAFalzone1 @puppyluvr312 @Kevinmfilms @larsiztch @LauraSlocumb1 @1baldchick @Talkeetna101 @cremer_mary @steveconnieWood @Stanford If that's a 'purity' test (revolting term BTW) so be it. We have patient advocates that want our rights returned to us, recognize it was always an illegal drug crisis, and demonstrably scream WE ARE NOT A PUBLIC HEALTH THREAT. Like AIDS activists did.

@HieraConsulting While we continue working from home, here is the key takeaway from @Stanford's @SIEPR policy briefing "Working from home is here to stay, but post-pandemic will be optimal at about two days a week." More on "How working from home works out" on 👇

@Khloud33320645 @helen_dempster @Stanford @Cindy_Y_Huang @RefugeesIntl @CWS_global @grantmgordon @RESCUEorg We only try to ensure the future of our children so that they do not go through what we lived through. We do not ask for much, only a safe home for our children. #StandWithIraqiRefugees

@marthaswilson @littledeekay @Stanford Agree! But with her son, I think this could be confusing to voters: a Kavanaugh supporter, Trump campaigner, and anti-abortion activist? Women will not be amused. I’m not.

@Txsconstitution @painadvocateAR @CIAAG_Lauren @Shasta_Rayne @keesaroo @HappyWarriorP @Stanford You would be far better off if you were big enough to just say you blew it but continue to double down and justify what you did when there is NO reason you could offer for this. Lauren has been to the UN trying to help people and then some

@GWLSMO @Swanee54 @kcgrassman @KrisBubic @Stanford Please get rid of both. They are both awful & need to go. Physioc can’t get the plays right & Huddler is just a charity case & dumb. Royals fans should not have to put up with this poor announcing

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley real Mothers don’t sale their babies/youth but these real Mothers are not protected to the maximum? Tell me why when they are the best examples of what a real Mother is today aka my family?

@ninjitalia @realDonaldTrump News doesn't report recovery rate over 98%, CDC-reported #s collected like kids game-anything goes, not dangerous to vast majority humans yet 100,000 sm businesses permanently closed, suicides, kids dying of starvation, no1 listens 2geniuses @Stanford Ioannidis, @MLevitt_NP2013

@Mayyadah89 @helen_dempster @Stanford @Cindy_Y_Huang @RefugeesIntl @CWS_global @grantmgordon @RESCUEorg Leaving Iraqi asylum seekers&refugees suffer in hosts with no solution, Is it a kind of detention or not? Delaying the process of their files in Turkey for4to9yrs with no hope to resettle, Is it detention/not? Fleeing death threat+neglecting their cases=disaster SOSIraqi refugees

@Bibcilly @skominers @HBoushey @NorthwesternU @Harvard @Stanford When externalities are significant, free markets are not necessarily the way to go.


@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley you are the best and educate the best hack my phone, my life and I am confident enough to say you all will not be sorry! A Win Win situation for those who believe! Again I use Cocaine!

@salamsaad7 @helen_dempster @Stanford @Cindy_Y_Huang @RefugeesIntl @CWS_global @grantmgordon @RESCUEorg Give hope to the legal asylum seekers and refugees who stuck in the host countries to reach resettlement countries easily, then you will not find illegal migrants neither in the sea nor in the desert. Iraqi asylum seekers & refugees in Turkey

@GenXer2007 @nay_sue1 @StanfordMed @Stanford My guess is that they are fully briefed on the opinions of these top experts but have decided to ignore them. I think the only hope is a citizen uprising and considering the morons I’ve spoken to, even as of this week, there’s not much support—at least in Los Angeles.

@ThinkDemocracy Taiwan is frequently targeted by Beijing’s influence operations, but it has proven resistant to Chinese Communist Party sharp power tactics. @kharisborloff @Stanford draws several lessons from the 2020 elections in @JoDemocracy’s July issue:

@MadamMidgar @Aerithfarts @IrishAerith @Stanford @StanfordEd You're gonna die in pain of osteoporosis one day. I will happily piss on your grave. I still weigh 175, which is healthy despite you not wanting me to be.

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley anytime a human is forced to harm my family for money than this is a clear indication that the system does not work! My family is not here to be be harmed they are here to teach respect!

@BayAreaLyme We are so grateful to have you amazing women working on solutions to the tick-borne disease epidemic. Thank you @francesarnold @ImmunoFever @adamswendya & EF. We are so lucky to have you on our team. @Caltech @Stanford @StanfordMed @PardisSabeti @StanfordCME #Nobel @HHSGov

@OGJaneSays @jaredallard @fadde @tedlieu @betty_lieu It's not illegal to buy your kid's admission to @stanford with your campaign donations? It's not illegal to buy your wife a seat on the #Torrance School Board with campaign donations? Dude, c'mon.

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley the best hackers in the world can not locate the #IP addresses of these scums bags involved in this filth? I find this to be a very big lie meaning there is serious darkness within the system!

@MadamMidgar @Aerithfarts @IrishAerith @Stanford It's Rachel. Get it right. And I'm still not racist despite you wanting me to be.

@skominers When inequality is significant, free markets are not necessarily the way to go, says @NorthwesternU economist (plus his @Harvard and @Stanford collaborators 🙂)

@Bibcilly @skominers @HBoushey @NorthwesternU @Harvard @Stanford When barriers to entry and exit are significant, free markets are not necessarily the way to go.

@stanfordjrbp Last but not least, Jorge Ramos @JorgeRH2O is the @ESA_SEEDS mentor/advisor for the SEEDS Chapter here at @Stanford @stanfordjrbp, listen to his #ESA2020 talk in the #NaturalHistory Inspire 14 session:

@gallinafiedler1 @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley would this not be a very serious crime? See I would never want to be in the mind of anyone but mine because to be in my mind is the biggest challenge I can endure! Why would anyone do this? I am me!

@TheEuropeCenter An insightful look at the conversion of Hagia Sophia from museum to working mosque by Ali Yaycıoğlu, Assoc. Prof. of Ottoman and Middle East History and Director of Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies. @ayayciog @CMEMSStanford via @Stanford

@Shasta_Rayne @Txsconstitution @painadvocateAR @CIAAG_Lauren @keesaroo @HappyWarriorP @Stanford That’s a good point. Who needs a circular firing squad when you’ve got it coming at you...straight at you. Perhaps it would’ve been good to write about why people are put down and demeaned for being strong enough to stand firm and share the truth in the face of adversity.

@GWLSMO @Swanee54 @kcgrassman @KrisBubic @Stanford Swanie. You gotta keep Physioc off the radio & TV. He AND Huddler HAVE TO GO. Use MacFarlane anybody but those 2 clowns. Just cuz Physioc went to SM school he’s NOT LOCAL. Been gone 30 years. Hudler arrested at KCI with drugs. Both fired by Angels. FOX made us take em both.please

@urbanfatbiker @Shasta_Rayne @CIAAG_Lauren @CContrarus @Txsconstitution @HappyWarriorP @lpray18 @VCoast @DanielGarrettHR @RNadvocating @Canada_NV @TheFuglyFrog @Brokenhuman8 @TehAngryAnalyst @Irishbrat1966 @justask @JT_Berone @nancytrojak @PithyPins @CTSuboxone @macabaz @JoeAllenNewman @ThomasKlineMD @DanLairdMD @RogerTh71142375 @giazillarawrr @JoshBloomACSH @jmkillingnyc @chronicpainwar @Suzy_Stewart @PpL_InPainUnite @Faithgirlee @reversechapter @keesaroo @shelley_bean60 @TheDarkGift_ @FibroSloth @SandraEmery7 @donnelsonguy @DeniseGeltman @DMarie0240 @JosephAFalzone1 @puppyluvr312 @Kevinmfilms @larsiztch @LauraSlocumb1 @1baldchick @Talkeetna101 @cremer_mary @steveconnieWood @Stanford My PS: AIDS protestors did not comply nor play nice, they knew the stakes of failure, and secured laws that prevented them from being treated as a public health threat. NPS and HHS PMTF threaten to set precedent that throws all of that out. It will spread into all care.

@JorgeRH2O @AdamsAndreaJ @MuwekmaTribe @Stanford @UofCalifornia @stanfordjrbp Check this @AdamsAndreaJ! Today visit @RNewmanND and many others! WK 20: Working Together For A Better Future: How to Establish and Maintain Successful and Durable Partnerships between Indigenous Communities and Non-Indigenous Collaborators #ESA2020

@urbanfatbiker @Shasta_Rayne @CIAAG_Lauren @CContrarus @Txsconstitution @HappyWarriorP @lpray18 @VCoast @DanielGarrettHR @RNadvocating @Canada_NV @TheFuglyFrog @Brokenhuman8 @TehAngryAnalyst @Irishbrat1966 @justask @JT_Berone @nancytrojak @PithyPins @CTSuboxone @macabaz @JoeAllenNewman @ThomasKlineMD @DanLairdMD @RogerTh71142375 @giazillarawrr @JoshBloomACSH @jmkillingnyc @chronicpainwar @Suzy_Stewart @PpL_InPainUnite @Faithgirlee @reversechapter @keesaroo @shelley_bean60 @TheDarkGift_ @FibroSloth @SandraEmery7 @donnelsonguy @DeniseGeltman @DMarie0240 @JosephAFalzone1 @puppyluvr312 @Kevinmfilms @larsiztch @LauraSlocumb1 @1baldchick @Talkeetna101 @cremer_mary @steveconnieWood @Stanford Oh, and while we fight to get our care restored, some never had it. They were shut out by the same kind of mentality driving activist parents blaming prescriptions and Pharma for their kids deaths from ILLEGAL drugs. The racism of 'not my kids' is never spoken. Needs to be.

@JorgeRH2O @manithegarcia @EcologistSelina @BiologyCarly @lenoirrhyne @Stanford @kevinnadal @COMPASSscicomm Mucho gusto! It is a dream of mine to be part of @COMPASSscicomm one day! So maybe not there :-)

@etherigal @FrankBuckleyTV @Stanford @TexasScience @FoxandtheFlu @KTLA With most counties not allowing students to return to "in class" learning, how is this pertinent??? Sensationalism at its finest.

@ThotTamale 3) D. Starr Jordan was the 1st president of @Stanford, an ichthyologist, and a founding influential member of the field of Eugenics. His writings are despicable, and it is not a history we need to honor any longer. Looking forward to the coming name change 😌

@bina513 Thanks @ConorDougherty @nytimes for this powerful story featuring research conducted by me at @sffed and Jackie Hwang from @Stanford. This story is not a one-off as more and more people who move within the Bay Area are moving to more crowded conditions.

@ae_schmidty Working collaborators @stanford to develop the mission planning and with @CMI_SantaCruz to develop the automated counting process

@ThotTamale 1) I’ll never forget the time I stumbled across a David Starr Jordan quote that was to the effect of, “Mexicans cannot attend a place like @Stanford bc they do not have the mental capacity to succeed academically”. I thought about that every time I had a class in Jordan Hall

@Shasta_Rayne @CIAAG_Lauren @CContrarus @Txsconstitution @HappyWarriorP @urbanfatbiker @lpray18 @VCoast @DanielGarrettHR @RNadvocating @Canada_NV @TheFuglyFrog @Brokenhuman8 @TehAngryAnalyst @Irishbrat1966 @justask @JT_Berone @nancytrojak @PithyPins @CTSuboxone @macabaz @JoeAllenNewman @ThomasKlineMD @DanLairdMD @RogerTh71142375 @giazillarawrr @JoshBloomACSH @jmkillingnyc @chronicpainwar @Suzy_Stewart @PpL_InPainUnite @Faithgirlee @reversechapter @keesaroo @shelley_bean60 @TheDarkGift_ @FibroSloth @SandraEmery7 @donnelsonguy @DeniseGeltman @DMarie0240 @JosephAFalzone1 @puppyluvr312 @Kevinmfilms @larsiztch @LauraSlocumb1 @1baldchick @Talkeetna101 @cremer_mary @steveconnieWood @Stanford I’m not going to be quiet & I will not be intimidated by someone else’s opinion. I will continue to research & present my findings. I will not be bullied or deterred. I will continue to speak my voice as I like to say. If someone doesn’t like my work they are free to unfollow me

@WisamAlhamdani @helen_dempster @Stanford @Cindy_Y_Huang @RefugeesIntl @CWS_global @grantmgordon @RESCUEorg Give hope to the legal asylum seekers and refugees who stuck in the host countries to reach resettlement countries easily, then you will not find illegal migrants neither in the sea nor in the desert. #StandWithIraqiRefugees

@Bibcilly @skominers @HBoushey @NorthwesternU @Harvard @Stanford When there are no viable substitutes (e.g., patent protections), free markets are not necessarily the way to go.

@Ishan_Nath I’m the kind of guy who rewatched 5 full classic Stanford games during the lockdown and proposed to my wife on their field but I am totally appalled that anyone is suggesting there be college football in these unsafe conditions. Shut it down @StanfordFball @GoStanford @Stanford

@Shasta_Rayne @Txsconstitution @painadvocateAR @CIAAG_Lauren @keesaroo @HappyWarriorP @Stanford We are not divisive nor do we act poorly online. This makes me question what these advocates who do meet with higher ups are saying about some of us in the community. Is it that they want to maintain control so they wrongly frame us problematic so they will be the trusted voice?

@alialta78127786 @helen_dempster @Stanford @Cindy_Y_Huang @RefugeesIntl @CWS_global @grantmgordon @RESCUEorg Please .. We are Iraqi refugees in Turkey from 2014 to 2015 and so far we have not got a homeland .. Put yourselves in our place .. Our situation is bad and our children their future is unknown.. We want a homeland .. Please help us in Turkey .

@s8SVLge1GouKMMe @helen_dempster @Stanford @Cindy_Y_Huang @RefugeesIntl @CWS_global @grantmgordon @RESCUEorg How long should Iraqi asylum seekers&refugees wait to give them the opportunity to live safe&stable life in the resettlement countries? They've waited for3to6yrs,No one percessed their files . Are6yrs of wait enough /not? They didn't choose to be Refugees #StandWithIraqiRefugees

@omyaman9 @helen_dempster @Stanford @Cindy_Y_Huang @RefugeesIntl @CWS_global @grantmgordon @RESCUEorg For a long time we have been appealing to you through the Internet and we do not find anyone to hear our voice or respond to our appeal Why this marginalization of the Iraqi refugee? saved us، our last hope to live in dignity and safety

@BryanGraybeal2 I told the Muslims that I do not want to be a part of their life anymore. I proudly raise my Lone Star flag above all governments of the world. @CIA @Stanford @Ilhan @RepAOC @USSupremeCourt

@LaurganiQ Team LGQ, a new Corp. Lady Sci. Dir. and 1340 dependents learn to "walk the walk and talk the talk" by @Dior ..remember the @Oprah couch Lady Ministers of State @VVD ...not worth one penny: meeting @CondoleezzaRice Secretary of State @Stanford @MinisterieEZK @MinPres ? 🏆🤫🤬

@jp25f @GovMurphy @LDH_ed @Stanford “I am worried about the consequences of kids being isolated from social environments,” Kleinman said, ...... “But those benefits have to be balanced against the potential risk for safety,” he continued, “and there’s a lot of reasons not to do in-person school.”

@JT_Berone @CIAAG_Lauren @keesaroo @urbanfatbiker @Shasta_Rayne @CContrarus @Txsconstitution @HappyWarriorP @lpray18 @VCoast @DanielGarrettHR @RNadvocating @Canada_NV @TheFuglyFrog @Brokenhuman8 @TehAngryAnalyst @Irishbrat1966 @justask @nancytrojak @PithyPins @CTSuboxone @macabaz @JoeAllenNewman @ThomasKlineMD @DanLairdMD @RogerTh71142375 @giazillarawrr @JoshBloomACSH @jmkillingnyc @chronicpainwar @Suzy_Stewart @PpL_InPainUnite @Faithgirlee @reversechapter @shelley_bean60 @TheDarkGift_ @FibroSloth @SandraEmery7 @donnelsonguy @DeniseGeltman @DMarie0240 @JosephAFalzone1 @puppyluvr312 @Kevinmfilms @larsiztch @LauraSlocumb1 @1baldchick @Talkeetna101 @cremer_mary @steveconnieWood @Stanford “If that’s the case Dr. Singh, how bout you just send out the answers to those ‘pre-approved questions', call it a press release, and not waste anyone’s time?”

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley how can the Law put a value on one life but not another life! All lives are priceless and should be treated the same when it comes to killing especially the lives that truly are cont

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley they are my heart! They are why I don’t give up! To protect them and their babies/youth is more than I ever dreamed of! I cannot let them down!

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley this is the Whales home, correct? However the whales home does not have the same meaning as the homes of humans! Can you please explain to me why? What discrimination!

@YahyaMurti @helen_dempster @Stanford @Cindy_Y_Huang @RefugeesIntl @CWS_global @grantmgordon @RESCUEorg When will the world hear the voice of Iraqi asylum seekers&refugees in Turkey, who have appealed the world for long years to rescue them from the long harsh wait for 4to8years to reach a safe life? Is refugee right included in (UN charters )or not?

@naimohammed94 @helen_dempster @Stanford @Cindy_Y_Huang @RefugeesIntl @CWS_global @grantmgordon @RESCUEorg If leaving refugees suffering and waiting for long years doesn not wake the humanity to rescue them, If a hashtag like this #StandWithIraqiRefugees have lasted all this time with no humanitatian solution, Then, when will humanity respond? #StandWithIraqiRefugees

@BryanGraybeal2 Psychologically. What kind of sick perverts in CIA study intelligence during the university to go to war with God’s people? Their sick militants do not understand how to count 2 plus 2. @Stanford @CIA @MSNBC @BarhamSalih @mfa_afghanistan @KSAMOFA @PresidentBAssad @iraqichristian

@Bibcilly @skominers @HBoushey @NorthwesternU @Harvard @Stanford Can you define what a "Free Market" is? At times, you seem to use it as a proxy for a fully competitive market. Other times it seems it is an unregulated market. Those are not the same. A fully competitive market is an abstract concept that exists nowhere in the real world.

@smuSGRI Other authors, including Prof. @jared_ellias (@UCHastingsLaw ) and Prof. George Triantis (@Stanford @StanfordLaw), have argued that the bankruptcy system is not the problem but the solution to help financially distressed firms

@mldunham @tigerbeat @sashaperigo @Stanford @Tesla @rle @RebeccaEisenbe4 I actually checked out Rebecca's platform. I like the idea of "Make Housing Happen" but didn't see anything about increasing zoning density; the focus seemed to be on better utilizing existing zoning. But I'm not ruling her out!

@clau_nader I’m very excited to watch @poppycrum’s keynote at @AESorg’s #AVAR conf. Poppy is a Neuroscientist & Adjunct Professor at @Stanford working w sensory perception, empathy, biofeedback & immersive media. Learning about her work made me panic last night about my research direction 😂

@DrRiveraMindt @joshfoxfuller @HispanicNS @Stanford @drshivleyscott @gooding_dr @KamalyanLily @Ale_Morlett Gracias @joshfoxfuller! And what's even more exciting - we are working on developing a calculator to make calculating the norms easier! @HispanicNS

@pascinswiss @wnyakera @eb05fd08981a40e join me to look forward to days when KENYA ranks highly on infrastructure, health, education & economic opportunity for all; and not folks who went to @Stanford & @Starehe_Boys plundering the country for their personal gain, to gloat about meals @VillaRosaKempin

@ShabanSaleem14 @helen_dempster @Stanford @Cindy_Y_Huang @RefugeesIntl @CWS_global @grantmgordon @RESCUEorg When will the world hear the voice of Iraqi asylum seekers&refugees in Turkey, who have appealed the world for long years to rescue them from the long harsh wait for 4to8years to reach a safe life? Is refugee right included in (UN charters )or not?

@BryanGraybeal2 I do not need to go to the Middle East. Muslims know that I love them. They know the difference between God’s power, faith, and governmental corruption. @BarhamSalih @mfa_afghanistan @Stanford @IRIMFA @UNDPYemen @iraqichristian

@CoachesHotSeat To do Olympic Sports right which @Stanford does it costs an enormous amount of $$$ because you are training at an Olympic Level! @GoStanford has Solid but not Great Facilities but it spends Thousands Per Athlete for infrastructure around the Athletes to make them great! #Lots$

@Reganx797 @ACT is an abysmal failure! Did not protect class of 2021 to take a test we registered to take in June. Can’t take test before applications due @MIT @UWMadison @Georgetown @Princeton @dartmouth @Stanford @OhioState @UChicago @UCBerkeley @UCLA @JohnsHopkins

@gallinafiedler1 @Harvard @Yale @Princeton @Stanford @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @Columbia @UCBerkeley i cannot let them down, please help me protect them forever, please!!!! I am not afraid to ask for help! I cannot explain!

@urbanfatbiker @Shasta_Rayne @CIAAG_Lauren @CContrarus @Txsconstitution @HappyWarriorP @lpray18 @VCoast @DanielGarrettHR @RNadvocating @Canada_NV @TheFuglyFrog @Brokenhuman8 @TehAngryAnalyst @Irishbrat1966 @justask @JT_Berone @nancytrojak @PithyPins @CTSuboxone @macabaz @JoeAllenNewman @ThomasKlineMD @DanLairdMD @RogerTh71142375 @giazillarawrr @JoshBloomACSH @jmkillingnyc @chronicpainwar @Suzy_Stewart @PpL_InPainUnite @Faithgirlee @reversechapter @keesaroo @shelley_bean60 @TheDarkGift_ @FibroSloth @SandraEmery7 @donnelsonguy @DeniseGeltman @DMarie0240 @JosephAFalzone1 @puppyluvr312 @Kevinmfilms @larsiztch @LauraSlocumb1 @1baldchick @Talkeetna101 @cremer_mary @steveconnieWood @Stanford Public was not on their side either, FEAR was overriding compassion. Kinda like it did to blacks caught up in illegal drugs, lock 'em up they're dangerous. A public safety threat even. But when rich white kids joined them? Whoa, they're victims now. Of doctors! But I digress..

@KeepStanfordWRE “I’m not ready to give up on my dream. For as long as I could remember, I’ve desired to earn the email address and I will continue to use it with pride til the day I or Stanford wrestling dies.” - ⁦@AbasJaden⁩ #KEEPSTANFORDWRESTLING

@Bibcilly @skominers @HBoushey @NorthwesternU @Harvard @Stanford When information isn't reliable and transparent, free markets are not necessarily the way to go.

@keesaroo @CIAAG_Lauren @JT_Berone @urbanfatbiker @Shasta_Rayne @CContrarus @Txsconstitution @HappyWarriorP @lpray18 @VCoast @DanielGarrettHR @RNadvocating @Canada_NV @TheFuglyFrog @Brokenhuman8 @TehAngryAnalyst @Irishbrat1966 @justask @nancytrojak @PithyPins @CTSuboxone @macabaz @JoeAllenNewman @ThomasKlineMD @DanLairdMD @RogerTh71142375 @giazillarawrr @JoshBloomACSH @jmkillingnyc @chronicpainwar @Suzy_Stewart @PpL_InPainUnite @Faithgirlee @reversechapter @shelley_bean60 @TheDarkGift_ @FibroSloth @SandraEmery7 @donnelsonguy @DeniseGeltman @DMarie0240 @JosephAFalzone1 @puppyluvr312 @Kevinmfilms @larsiztch @LauraSlocumb1 @1baldchick @Talkeetna101 @cremer_mary @steveconnieWood @Stanford Well I am assuming its Claudia who is interviewing her but since I am blocked by her and can not hear her podcasts I am not sure. I also will not be able to hear this interview either, my blessings I guess.

@OffiongSpeaks @gregisenberg In addition @paulg speaking to a class full of entrepreneurs @stanford He said, one way to get startup ideas is to think 10years into the future Figure out: 1. What is likely not to change 2. What will be needed 3. Look backwards and build it today ¹ CS183B (Stanford)

@keesaroo @JT_Berone @CIAAG_Lauren @urbanfatbiker @Shasta_Rayne @CContrarus @Txsconstitution @HappyWarriorP @lpray18 @VCoast @DanielGarrettHR @RNadvocating @Canada_NV @TheFuglyFrog @Brokenhuman8 @TehAngryAnalyst @Irishbrat1966 @justask @nancytrojak @PithyPins @CTSuboxone @macabaz @JoeAllenNewman @ThomasKlineMD @DanLairdMD @RogerTh71142375 @giazillarawrr @JoshBloomACSH @jmkillingnyc @chronicpainwar @Suzy_Stewart @PpL_InPainUnite @Faithgirlee @reversechapter @shelley_bean60 @TheDarkGift_ @FibroSloth @SandraEmery7 @donnelsonguy @DeniseGeltman @DMarie0240 @JosephAFalzone1 @puppyluvr312 @Kevinmfilms @larsiztch @LauraSlocumb1 @1baldchick @Talkeetna101 @cremer_mary @steveconnieWood @Stanford Yes I am a bit surprised but not really considering who she works for now. I believe that new job was already waiting for her and she was sent to write that pain strategy to lay the ground work for profits. But then again I am very jaded now a days.

@GavinPrestonMD I'm glad my science professors at @stanford taught me how to think, not what to think. I've known doctors who were only taught what to think. When presented with new treatments, they seem as lost as a mariner in a fog without a chart. #science

@Mashinsky “The greatest risk is not taking one” with @tomdioro at @Stanford listen to the podcast and share with the world. #MOIP #UnbankYourself

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