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@NaviRadjou Rather than bring @Cambridge_Uni @UniofOxford @Yale @Harvard to #India, why not bring #India - Indian spiritual philosophy, Indian wise #leadership, Indian frugal #innovation practices - to Western campuses to train "wise" students ? Read my Linkedin post

@II_UnLiMiT3D_II @RepMattGaetz @Yale @GaetzTakes Well, universities are strong armed to mostly accept minorities and females based on those qualities alone. Equality only applies to minorities and females, not the best prospects, candidates or potential students. Hardwork is no longer a model for success

@alchemytoday @gregggonsalves @anikasinghlemar @Princeton @Penn @Columbia @Yale The compromise here is to sequence the genome of everyone testing positive on campus, publish the results, and settle with everyone who's likely down the chain of infection from a campus outbreak.

@IAmStillHere929 @Yale It sounds like a case of a kid, who's parent works for the Trump administration, did not get accepted to Yale and because everyone who is tied to this president is petty AF, had the DOJ get involved to make an example out of.

@GScottdale @Yale Yale you can do it!! It’s about appreciating the future to not be color blinded or set strict boundaries to minorities but to appreciate there hard work while the pandemic still Going on some kids in jr high minority kids want to attend Yale. ❤️

@eesnihc @frappiccini @soylentslut @able657 @Yale you truly believe white people are just deserving of these spots. that is so wild to me. you would think that you would come to the conclusion that your white legacy counterparts or not would be competing with you but you believe its white people v everyone else

@YaleEmotion Like adults, students everywhere are working on processing their back-to-school emotions. Educators can help their students manage their emotions via distance learning. Learn some helpful tips in this @edutopia article >> @Yale @YaleCSC @marcbrackett

@Congrats_USA So @Yale and @Harvard have been accused of bigotry towards whites and Asians in college admittance. I have a feeling they’re not the only leftist universities to do this.

@Bankrupt_84 @QuickTake I think a couple of people were butthurt about not getting in, and the reached out to the DOJ to bitch. Theres no way the stats on that letter are correct. Stand on a @Yale campus and you can visually see that the letter is 7 types of wrong

@TheMediaReportv @RepMattGaetz @Yale @GaetzTakes thats not a thing. STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT A THING lol (Mean girls reference)

@lisamjohnxx @SomeInfidel @DelroyTyrone @a_centrism @Yale We are not talking about height so please stick to the topic .you have changed your stance . Please provide me a study from biologist merely making a claim means nothing

@knukes75 @RepMattGaetz @Yale @GaetzTakes I went to GA Tech in the middle of Atlanta, and it was a rarity to see a black classmate, sit down clown

@SomeInfidel @lisamjohnxx @DelroyTyrone @a_centrism @Yale There are hundreds, I’m not your researcher, nor do I care if you chose to believe science or not. IQ is about as heritable as height, with a range in most reputable research of 0.4-0.8

@asianrunner1 @CuppyCakes1993 @leoccorzo @yeonjunmins @skullthr0ne @Yale Education levels do not matter. This is about college admissions. A lot of people could drop out once they go to college. So that would change the stats. Im talking high schoolers getting into college. Dont argue with me argue with the booking institute if you dont like factsz

@eesnihc @frappiccini @soylentslut @able657 @Yale yall thats not evidence. but even then that would be white ppl losing spots to asians and vice versa lol

@immasters @sarahbraasch1 @Yale I truly pray that you can manage to sue them. They're counting on you not being able to raise enough funds to get the justice you deserve.

@Perc30Boy @unlaicocatolico @Yale This is implying that that Yale is sacrificing merit for race, which is not true. There is still a standard to being accepted so what you are saying is racist.

@johnfaig @Yale is going to test "fast and frequently". US Gov't take notice.

@Gtrasacco1 @RepMattGaetz @Yale @GaetzTakes Matt, they are talking about the world famous university in New Haven Connecticut. Not the Yale school of Locksmithing. Just because they turned you down after the aptitude test doesn't give you the right to badmouth them.

@DavidofJESUS @dw_espanol @Yale / Continue/ The criminal 'Park Won-soon' (Seoul Mayor of South korea) did not apologize to his victims and victims family for his sexual harassment on his testament. (2020.07.10 news) In criminals, S. korea

@kc_k89 @addis13_mint @DakotaS70328403 @SydneyLWatson @RonColeman @Yale Slaves were all colors. Disproportionate? More white people are killed annually due to police brutality. Not that it should matter, a death is always tragic. But! No. Jim crow laws came about after the ratification of the 13th amendment which abolished slavery&have no hold today.

@Jimjocook @Perc30Boy @MarginalResult @Yale If you have 80% males applying for a bricklaying job and 20% females applying, in order to hire 50/50 you would end up choosing a portion of the applicants based on gender not skill/merit. The same principal comes into play with Yales approach.

@eesnihc @frappiccini @soylentslut @able657 @Yale not this one page being your go to for racism against white people jskjskjskj

@DeanrsIntyre @Yale This is pure gold. Yale pretty much said we don’t give a shit what Color your skin is! If you’re not smart enough to get in too bad!

@JasonBlk So Asian Americans are trying to strike down race based admissions @Harvard & @Yale . Last I checked most identified as white. So much for that minority coalition. 🤔

@DavidofJESUS @dw_espanol @Yale In the den of criminals South korea, Pastor 'Jeon, Kwang-hoon', president of the 'South korean Christian Federation' said 'Fucking GOD, I will kill you if you not follow to me.' January 30, 2020 news /

@AdairBlackmore @walterolson @gtconway3d @Yale Grades and test scores are not the only thing that should be considered The playing field is broad and full of bumps and divots. Each school should be allowed to level them as they see fit and create a cohort

@Jah_Bread Realize that the Justice Department issue w/ @Yale is about forging #AsianAmericans to choose b/t “hope” in seeing @KamalaHarris’s Indian side on @TheDemocrats ticket & #AsianRage at #AffirmativeAction preventing #Asians from attaining to #whiteness in America.

@awyllie13 @GuptaRMD @EricTopol @Yale @NBA @NathanGrubaugh @iraflatow @AlexaLim22 @scifri Important to note, we are seeking for Emergency Use Authorization, not approval ;) As for that authorization... watch this space :)

@DCTian Of my freshman suite of 8 at @Yale, I was the *only* person not a athlete, sibling, or legacy. This experience is a major reason why I refuse to be used as pawn for arguments against affirmative action for BIPOC.

@SomeInfidel @lisamjohnxx @DelroyTyrone @a_centrism @Yale This might also help you get away from the “name the gene” nonsense. Because that truly does not make sense. Intelligence is very much like athleticism... it’s more complicated a trait to ask someone to name the gene

@addis13_mint @IronLionFlex @SydneyLWatson @RonColeman @Yale Awwww it’s not 🥺. Like I said...these systems were created to benefit white people...and now that things are changing for equal opportunities it’s “racism”?...lmaoooo sir I think you have an inferiority complex! Therapy should help with that!

@GlennFariel @RepMattGaetz @Yale @GaetzTakes Something tells me matty boy was turned down by every ivy league college he applied to.

@ShaunMurphy61 @DanColl78923123 @smerconish @Yale That's a pretty typical, and false response. In a 100 mile race if you give one team a 70 mile head start, it is not reverse inequality to give the other team the same advantage going forward. You want the first team to keep the 70 mile advantage and compete "fairly" from there.

@Singlemalt_18 Sadly, no match for the "Greatest Generation" ... or just melodramatic??? And must always find a way to bring "minorities" into the mix; they must be the ones NOT accepted into @Yale @bansisharma @MZHemingway @bennyjohnson @benshapiro @guypbenson

@lisamjohnxx @SomeInfidel @DelroyTyrone @a_centrism @Yale I asked you to provide me evidence from scientific evidence from a biologist not a social scientist ."it would go nowhere " because I specfically asked you linked a scientific study which you have failed to do. Intelligence is a field of biological study

@ProfJanelleWong (Thread 1/4) This is not news. The Trump Admin has been relentless in efforts to attack affirmative action and Black and Brown students since the beginning. @Yale sees this Trump DOJ intimidation effort. #AffirmativeAction

@CuppyCakes1993 @NoneOfU92036619 @asianrunner1 @leoccorzo @yeonjunmins @skullthr0ne @Yale It's not misinformation. You're just another racist that doesn't want it to be true or possible. I'm not even going to go through the big waste of time it would be to argue it with you. Be gone.

@rulerapproach Like adults, students everywhere are working on processing their back-to-school emotions. Educators can help their students manage their emotions via distance learning. Learn some helpful tips in this @edutopia article >> @Yale @YaleCSC @marcbrackett

@JustKevorKevin @greasyfatback @DaveyProphetNYC @evies_shop @Phoenixfirefive @unlaicocatolico @Yale @NBA Diversity applies to everything. Just like in academics, lack of diversity is an issue in sports and entertainment. People only want to pick and choose where/when they want "diversity" when it benefits them.

@Tryinga18672837 @lisamjohnxx @SomeInfidel @DelroyTyrone @a_centrism @Yale How can I answer a question that makes no sense? Different IQ levels are part of race, not sure what kind of link you are looking for and you are not willing to explain. What can I do?

@FrederickMan1 @RepMattGaetz @Yale @GaetzTakes No doubt about it, whites are definitely under-represented in Universities. Good thing we have you here to right all these wrongs. Try not to have a few drinks celebrating this big win before you get behind the wheel.

@DelroyTyrone @asianrunner1 @leoccorzo @yeonjunmins @skullthr0ne @Yale As a white person, I would not want to go to a majority Asian college. I would not feel comfortable in such a situation. I see nothing wrong with Asians, Whites, and Blacks having their own universities.

@eesnihc @frappiccini @soylentslut @able657 @Yale what findings im screaming. are you implying that if a blac student applies with half the criteria and a white student does the black student takes preference???? i laff. have you not applied to any universities??

@saramisgen @AmbreLynae @Yale Every day I get an email from Cooley or Salovey about something that's not "don't come back to campus" & I want to scream

@RayMcCo67574256 @RepMattGaetz @Yale @GaetzTakes It’s not just Medicaid Mitch has a bill ready to go if Trumps re-elected . And Trump has said he’ll sign it . It trims Trillions out of social security Medicaid and Medicare. Fifty percent of Trump voters will be affected and they need to understand what they are voting for.

@RayMcCo67574256 @RepMattGaetz @Yale @GaetzTakes Trump’s proposal to cut $1.4 trillion from Medicaid over 10 years not only is unethical in its heartless attack on the nation’s poorest and most vulnerable -it’s also bad policy, killing off old and young that will cost taxpayers far more than it saves in the long run. HYPOCRITE

@ebolds @smerconish @Yale It will be considered whether or not its a box on the application... it always has been, long before affirmative action was even an idea... the question is, should it be a potential benefit or detriment to the applicant!

@freedoms_Song @KristinaOBrien @smerconish @Yale Yep. Like the Loughlin head photoshopping and other parents, especially with wealth that will do anything to get kids into these colleges. They skip hard working students who should have the spot instead of entitled kids that don’t even want to be there.

@SomeInfidel @lisamjohnxx @Desertpearl8 @DelroyTyrone @a_centrism @Yale You're welcome to subscribe to the journal if you'd like. It's full of actual science though... so you might not like it much.

@Perc30Boy @SomeInfidel @Jimjocook @MarginalResult @Yale So you have 98 white students and 2 black students with similar GPA, test scores, etc. but statistically on average the white student is less likely to get in. This shows affirmative action but not some lowering of academic standard.

@Jimjocook @Perc30Boy @MarginalResult @Yale Population in America: Asian 6% African Americans 13% It's mathematically impossible not to sacrifice merit for race. And THATS actual racism.

@bundesautobahn7 @mbenergyllc1 @Outkick @Yale What hypocrisy. But you know what they say: Rules for thee but not for me. I guess systemic racism against Asians and Whites (and to white people, I also include those who are of Hispanic descent) is acceptable. Typical double standard.🙄

@ishtara15 @acaidia5 @addis13_mint @RonColeman @Yale And it won't improve racism. I'm European & partner Indian. There, low-caste can avail of +/_ affirmative action in studies (lower grades to succeed). Heard people say: don't go to that low-caste doctor; not due to his low-caste, but since they don't know how he got the degree.

@THEAlleyeceeing Elihu Yale founder of @Yale was a slave trader. @TheJusticeDept accused @Yale of illegally discriminating against Asian & whites in admissions, If Yale does not change its admissions policy, "the Dept is prepared to file a lawsuit," Eric Dreiband, Assistant AG for Civil Rights.

@UltimateUniver2 @walterolson @gtconway3d @Yale If we had a national standardized educational system this wouldn't be an issue But we don't Underprivileged schools do a disservice to those they educate and those who aspire for higher goals Being reflective of our nation's mosaic should be the goal Not institutionalized racism

@tomferrari “...NOT the color of their skin.” - MLK Jr. But, @aclu believes African Americans are incapable of competing w/Asian or Caucasian students seeking admission to @Yale ACLU needs to understand they’ve become a racist, prejudiced, bigoted hate group Fair ppl seek EQUAL treatment.

@SkepticReview89 @ChrisPStacy21 @sarahbraasch1 @Yale I was going to say--we don't use the c-word 'round here--afterall, we're not Australians!!

@SomeInfidel @lisamjohnxx @DelroyTyrone @a_centrism @Yale Race is irrelevant, the averages are what they are. Race isn’t as important as people want it to be, IQ like height or athleticism is heritable. Your parents matter, not just environment. if you don’t understand what that means, do some basic research.

@SomeInfidel @lisamjohnxx @DelroyTyrone @a_centrism @Yale It isn’t. provide me a study by a biologist proving the sun does not orbit the earth. You’re dogmatic, and ignorant. Do some research, or if you prefer, remain dogmatic and ignorant. It’s up to you, I really don’t care.

@pseudohole @Yale Yeah except for the fact that you’re admitting students based on skin color rather than intelligence/stats. The spot should go to the most qualified student, not the student that will make your “diversity” look good in a brochure as if you’re doing it for the underprivileged 😂

@DavidofJESUS @dw_espanol @Yale / Continue/ 99 An-san kindergarten students, food poisoning. 14 children hamburger disease, 5 children dialysis treatment, spread to the family, have yet to find the causative bacteria in criminals, S. korea

@joebrkl100 @FiveLions2 @walterolson @gtconway3d @Yale Yep, it used to be about academics and merit. Now must be either rich and dumb or black and dumb. Then you get in. Poor and white or yellow, need not apply. Classic systemic racism & hate.

@Xtine000 @immasters @sarahbraasch1 @Yale Actually, poverty is not allowed to keep a person out of court. There are ways to get around not having the money to sue. Check them out.

@Liam_CollinsTV Good morning, some stories to follow: [email protected] warns delivery standards may not meet state mail-in voting deadlines in PA. -Ex-girlfriend of actor @DrakeBell accuses him of abuse. -DOJ accuses @Yale of discriminating against white and asian students.

@leoccorzo @Phoenixfirefive @evies_shop @unlaicocatolico @Yale The SAT takes money and time to prepare for and many Black kids in the US don’t have the same resources as Asian Americans. Not to mention the fact that schools in Black neighborhoods are likely to be worse than those in more affluent predominately white and Asian neighborhoods.

@leoccorzo @asianrunner1 @yeonjunmins @skullthr0ne @Yale It’s not that other races don’t invest more it’s that they don’t have the resources to do so. Tutoring and private schools costs a lot of money, not to mention how public schools in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods are usually underfunded.

@justaplebe_ian @lisamjohnxx @a_centrism @Yale Also the graph, stays right there. It’s admissions to uni not test scores. Better get u some hooked on phonics cuz u can’t read.

@frankvd8 @GrannyPlanty @ItsLisaRice @Yale Those seem like the typical BLM activists. Those always seem to be upper-class college kids, not the hard-working black working class who gets their shops looted by BLM.

@SomeInfidel @lisamjohnxx @DelroyTyrone @a_centrism @Yale I have not changed my stance at all. I’ve said IQ is heritable. Which it is. As a result of this heritability, population groups, however defined, will have different averages. You seem too closed minded to understand, so I’m done wasting my time.

@KristinaOBrien @smerconish @Yale In a limited sense, yes. How can you fully know the path one has taken to get the top classes, the top grades, and get involved if you do not know the challenges they faced to get there? Two identical applications on paper can have very different stories.

@BravermanJakob @RepMattGaetz @Yale @GaetzTakes So what you are saying is get rid of Affirmative Action programs across the country. Giving under privileged and underserved young people a chance at the same education as you white privileged elitists. Just another way for you to keep people down. Good Job Racist.

@frappiccini @eesnihc @soylentslut @able657 @Yale I enjoy these mental games you're doing to try and justify that. Asians and whites get turned away when black students would not. Period.

@pk_jason @Billygotnochill @RepMattGaetz @Yale @GaetzTakes Civil rights act applies to all races, not just minorities. I see no federal US discrimination law that states only minorities are protected from discrimination. If I'm wrong, can you link me where it says you must be a recognized minority? Thank you

@DanColl78923123 @ShaunMurphy61 @smerconish @Yale hypocrite much? if racism is wrong (which it is) on the one hand then it's wrong on the other .. so you're not really interested in equality, you believe in racism provided it's virtuous (according to you); then under certain terms you're a racist?

@addis13_mint @DakotaS70328403 @SydneyLWatson @RonColeman @Yale If skin color didn’t matter we wouldn’t have had slavery, Jim Crow laws, and disproportionate police brutality. What do you have to say for that? Select spots are given to qualified candidates....that are POC. Spots aren’t being taken away from white people. What’s not clicking?

@MorelloLaw51 @RepMattGaetz @Yale @GaetzTakes These institutions are no different than the slave owners of the past they profess to be against. This is creating racism, not lessening it!!

@SomeInfidel @lisamjohnxx @DelroyTyrone @a_centrism @Yale You asked me to name the gene... which is, frankly, ignorant. It’s like naming the height gene or the athleticism gene. These things are highly heritable. The heritability is also complex. One cannot narrow it down to a single gene.

@DanColl78923123 @ShaunMurphy61 @smerconish @Yale “typical” - interesting characterization by an anti-racist . like your argument, but it’s challenged by the fact current racers are different than past racers; they aren’t the same people & not culpable for others sins other than their race which makes it racist to penalize them

@Newzjunkie_ @Yale’s president called the DOJ’s allegations “baseless” and pledged not to change its admissions practices. ([email protected])

@addis13_mint @acaidia5 @ishtara15 @RonColeman @Yale Those white and Asian people that you speak of are not smarter. They simply have more access to resources ya know again due to racism that white people continue to perpetuate today

@MrLeei @Yale I don’t care if Yale admits their foul practice or not. Please give back millions of taxpayer $$ to US in the name of federal grant

@DavidofJESUS @dw_espanol @Yale CNN said I can't find 'Xi Jinping' of China. 2020. 02. 07 news / Hey, CNN 'You can't speak with China.' You are not entitled to speak to China. Only CNN need speaks about Americans and families who have flu or died ..... /

@Deutschealighi1 Education is not meant to make people comfortable; its made to make them think "Hanna Gray" @Yale @BrownUniversity

@AspenAscend "Let’s try to live in reality, not mythology. We cannot reduce inequality if we can’t acknowledge it.” - @Yale Philip R. Allen Professor of Psychology @jaricheson

@SamanthaSampow @BulletMage @CNN Because white is now not capitalized by @ the @AP yet all other races are. @Yale discriminates against whites & it's OK. & I've seen articles & tweets today calling for the mass suicide of whites. All of that leads to a white baby being executed for riding his bike.

@eesnihc @frappiccini @soylentslut @able657 @Yale again white people lost spots to other white people lol give it a rest. indigenous and black ppl are not stealing spots lmaoo

@BisquetChewy @RepMattGaetz @Yale @GaetzTakes It's about time someone is standing up for what right. These universities have proven it's not about Merit or grades it's about payoff's graft and corruption Time for Mr. Barr to have his staff look into this!

@GlenMeyerowitz Very scary to see that @Yale is still planning to bring students back to New Haven in ~2 weeks. Despite having nearly unlimited resources, they are not being applied to protect students, faculty, staff, and others in the community. This appears to be reckless actions.

@TrumpWasHere Once you understand that “diverse” literally means “above the law” due to the Bakke precedent, this sentence is very easy to read. “@Yale will not waver in its commitment to remaining above the law.”

@kindman69 @lisamjohnxx @DelroyTyrone @a_centrism @Yale You're replying to a thread with evidence. There are mountains of evidence. The only question you can pretend to have is why black iq scores are so low. People like yourself like to blame it on racism keeping them down, lack of access to a decent education.

@surfsamorai @Theblacknewtype @Yale Yeah, and I am here to understand why the smartest students should not be admitted to the best schools. Enlighten us.

@asianrunner1 @DelroyTyrone @leoccorzo @yeonjunmins @skullthr0ne @Yale You feel comfortable with going to a majority school of any race. Asians are not going to bite you. I thought most Americans left segregation in the 1900s

@Poker_Dog1 @RepMattGaetz @Yale @GaetzTakes This messaging could work as an election strategy! Not sure Matt Gaetz is the right person to lead the message! 🤔

@ThomasAmidon @smerconish @Yale The best way to end discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race. So, obviously No. And it's not just Yale, but every university with competitive admissions.

@APambllec I would like for sense to be made @TheJusticeDept. Why do you feel the need to say that @Yale is discriminating against Asian and White Americans? I don't think you know that admissions into an ivy league is not just on the basis of good scores. -_-

@unity_azn @Yale Hmm, that's a lot of words for "We see the evidence presented, and we are just going to deny it. We will not change our racist ways and are committed to excluding the minorities we don't like. Sincerely, Racist white men hiding behind a facade of performative wokeness."

@DavidCayJ When a @Yale professor of psychiatry interviews Mary Trump you get a very revealing new perspective. Read Dr. @BandyXLee1’s fascinating @DCReportMedia piece, 5th in a series rich with new insights into the very troubled mind of @realDonaldTrump.

@esq_ca @Yale They must also be working overtime to continue the creation of racism at Yale. #CancelYale:

@Desertpearl8 @lisamjohnxx @SomeInfidel @DelroyTyrone @a_centrism @Yale Apparently you didn't read it carefully enough. He does not assume anything. He shows that race and IQ are highly corrolated and that social policies have not managed to close the racial IQ gaps. He says we don't know to what extent this difference is generic.

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