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@jasonpeter @HunterWhite_MB @yalefootball @BeTheMatch @Yale @NFL @nflcommish @yaledailynews @IvyLeague @connpost @nhregister @StamAdvocate @yalepress He may not have that long flowing blonde hair he used to have when he was running around as a ball boy but the kid is still a Stud! Atta boy G! 👊🏼

@sarahbraasch1 Let @TheRoot & @Blavity & @MichaelHarriot & @dailydot know that I am not only a prison, but a punishment abolitionist, & I helped to organize a conference on mass incarceration at @Yale w/ Reginald Dwayne Betts, you know, if they feel like printing something that's actually true.

@sarahbraasch1 Yes, I definitely mean @michaelharriot of @TheRoot. Congrats on destroying the Living While Black movement by perpetuating the Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax @Yale, & enjoy having Trump as President for another 4 years, asshole. Not to mention that you almost got me killed.

@ScepticalAussie @sarahbraasch1 @BretWeinstein @Yale mine, but at least mine stayed clearly that all students are subject to state law - where not otherwise stated so it was clear you can’t film near people’s residential sleeping areas.

@RestiveRabble @WilcoxNMP @Yale @carbonej @BuckleyProgram @FamStudies Isn't one way to achieve both decreasing the costly and burdensome regs/mandates/taxes driving up the cost of domestic employment imposed by the same govt that drives down the cost of foreign employment through subsidies and other crony promotion?

@WLGH19 "Solidarity contributes to improve the quality of our work environments and provides safe working spaces for women." Dr.Christine Ngaruiya @Yale - recommendations to improve organizational culture #WLGH19 #GenderEquity #InvestInWomen #GenderEquality #WomenInMedicine @ughe_org

@kushibo @sarahbraasch1 @Yale I had already read through one sympathetic article and skimmed several others, so if the answer to my specific question is in one of those, can you point me to where? If it is not, can you answer it here?

@minideadpooldad @JonathanCorbin2 @NAChristakis @Yale For comments on the current state of something, you are an outsider if you are not currently on the inside. Also, demographics are both good for group predictions and horrible for hearing an individual by reducing them to a thing (statistic / average) instead of a person.

@KKBMP @tormcmurdo @Yale I’ve attended two “elite” universities while serving and this has not been my experience at all. It almost reads like one of those breathless chain emails from the ‘90s. “You won’t believe what the liberal academic elite are doing to our country!”

@SHusvar @sarahbraasch1 @yale did a disservice to all they individuals involved and now they are obviously trying to avoid negative press. The safety Dept, the MCH & the housing staff all failed the students involved. The fact Yale is hiding behind a racist cover story should not absolve them of blame.

@Myaslame @rdubya1000 @Yale @LaCasadeYale you’re thought process is disgusting. Being able to not celebrate diversity is only going to hold you back. I hope you are able to open your eyes and appreciate beauty

@lizsayz Having worked with a lot of homeless men in NYC, stories like this are more common than not. But kudos to the @Yale alumni network for surrounding this man and his partner with compassion and aid.

@sanjaygreddy @lfullerphil @MartinHaus93 @JPAL @iqbaldhali @ingridharvold @yuenyuenang @N_Kabeer @Yale @ThomasPogge To be clear, I was focusing here on the aspect of behaviorism that rejects introspective knowledge in favor of observables, & that focuses on existence of reliable responses to stimuli, not on idea of reinforcement. Prominent early example of a mechanistic theory of human action.

@QCethics Yesterday, QC Ethics and EeroQ co-founder Faye Wattleton spoke at the @Yale School of Management on women in leadership, and how a cautious approach to ethics is not necessarily at odds with breakout success.

@WilcoxNMP @Yale @carbonej @BuckleyProgram @FamStudies 6. Alas, the economic instability is NOT over, and its undermining lower-income families. We need to revive work and reinforce economic security.

@ebasilion @NAChristakis @Yale Nicholas, I'm just coming across this. I did not like this part of the article. "Trustees and alumni have a role to play. Trustees can start by recalling their considerable legal authority." It sounds like a threat.

@Valleyforge5 @merlinsscience @Yale I have friends that can’t afford to send their kids to NJ state colleges because they are considered wealthy. $100k for a family is not wealthy

@smgwrites @YaleAlumAssocNY @Yale @YaleAlumni I went to the Drama School (not for acting, admittedly) but I didn’t learn this, so feeling a bit gypped, tbh...

@WilcoxNMP @robkhenderson "85 percent of children born to upper-class families are raised by both of their parents. For working-class families: 30 percent. In one of my @Yale classes, I learned that out of 25 students, only me and one other student were not raised in a two-parent home."

@PersephoneK @OnlyPB_ @andrew_sweigart @NAChristakis @Yale Ultimately you have to decide for yourself but that article only proves my point. There is no evidence non-organic is bad for you. Correlation <> causation. "Having said that, all the produce tested–organic or not–was under the allowed safety limits for pesticide residue."

@PersephoneK @OnlyPB_ @andrew_sweigart @NAChristakis @Yale Yet people live longer on average. There isn't really evidence proving organic has much if any advantage. I'm happy for you to point me to legitimate, long range studies proving otherwise, but I've not seen them.

@FoolishApathy @coursera @Yale Quick look at the course It seems to be more focussed on #Health issues with #ClimateChange Not about the actual evidences, counter-points, paleo-climate etc.

@kushibo @sarahbraasch1 @Yale … that you did the wrong thing here. We’ve seen so many cases of POCs having the police called on them for non-existent or negligible issues that it obviously seems to be coming from some place, perhaps a place of privilege and control. Like it or not, …

@PrismOfReality @theFuriousSJW @NAChristakis @Yale "donors should provide annual support for specific programs—but only as long as certain criteria are met. " "concerned trustees and alumni should not shy away from using all available levers, including financial and political pressure, to reassert the university’s true mission."

@ama_journals Want to boost #b2c product sales? Promote reviews that share past buying mistakes. Read the study: By Taly Reich and Sam J. Maglio @yale @UTSC @YaleSOM @rotmanschool #MarketingAcad

@utblog " . . . 'Well I am not suggesting the superego is not necessary—superego is necessary—but I’m concerned about the superego to be tyrannical . . .'" via @Yale

@szczelec33 @Yale @sarahbraasch1 @SkepticReview89 And the standards are not that different and not only that but the only reason they are if at all are due to the EU money coming in to Poland. Not any of their own accomplishments imo. But again that is my opinion. @theroot @OPapierska @PMI_Online @JacekBeckett @ChrisMaslanka

@JacquesD7613 @HatunLauraMarie @Yale Are you even familiar with the whole story (i.e not just the misleading crap that was disgustingly portrayed by the corrupt and deceitful MSM). It had absolutely nothing to do with race, and you seem to know nothing about this person or her background.

@immasters @sarahbraasch1 @Yale Good to know. Maintain a sense of harmony, pursue your calling. Don't let the turkeys get you down.

@sarahbraasch1 I guess @michaelharriot of @TheRoot would be free were it not for a grad student with mental health disabilities living like a hermit in an isolated dorm room at the top of a tower @Yale, who had dedicated her life to fighting oppression & working on a saving the world project.

@sarahbraasch1 I want @Yale students of color to know: if Yale actually cared about making you feel safe on campus, then they would create a bona fide Title VI Office. They are NOT, b/c they don't actually care. They only care about throwing the accused under the bus to protect themselves.

@SageVaughn6 @sarahbraasch1 @Yale but wasnt it your lies that started all this?....and nice snagging a pic with a black person to further prove " im not racist" i just have racist ways....

@jacobcrawfordYU @JoshPhillipsPhD @reesewaters @Yale That is the issue here. If a police report was taken of mez would I not have access to it? Why the state is there to withhold evidence is sketchy at best, damning of admin at @Yale at worst. I've been following thr story for some time, and Sarah has been consistent.

@Spacegar @NAChristakis @NoahCarl90 @Yale The world is one big chimpout with whites told not to chimp. The only solution is to chimp and not be afraid.

@tormcmurdo W/ the indomitable Dr. Joe Felter! One of the most honorable people you’ll ever meet. A few yrs into @Yale I received a book in the mail - “Small Wars, Big Data.” I’d been Joe’s RA when he was working on it a few years prior. He wanted to make sure his RA’s all had a signed copy.

@SHusvar @GeorgeTakei using your platform to bring attention to issues is great, but in this instance @yale should be put on blast not @sarahbraasch1 who has documented the systematic blame-game the uni promoted. No student should fear reprisals if theycall their university’s Safety Dept.

@VulpeculaWhite @manticlops @NAChristakis @paulg @Yale 2/3 Instead of focusing firstly on the truth, free exchange of info, and academic freedom, they're pandering to the social justice ideas (and not really, since they're on board with these same ideas), and throwing out truth, free info exchange, etc in the name of equality

@perryworldhouse This week on The Global Cable, @johngansjr sits down with @Yale international law expert Professor Harold Hongju Koh. In the week that the US began withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, they discuss the current administration's move to retreat from the rest of the world.

@sarahbraasch1 I guess Lolade Siyonbola was sleeping in the LOBBY of the Hall of Graduate Studies on @Yale's campus, even though there was no lobby. Actually, she was NOT sleeping, but camped out next to my isolated dorm room for the purposes of harassing me for months while Yale did nothing.

@sarahbraasch1 To @Yale VP of Student Life Kimberly Goff-Crews: You're responsible for making sure that all Yale students are safe. I'm not safe, b/c of the lies you told about me to cover up your wrongdoing. I receive death threats, b/c of your lies. Do the right thing, & tell the truth.

@ProSyn #China is now changing, and #America doesn’t like it, Stephen S. Roach @Yale wrote in 2015. Not only is China rebalancing its economic model from exports to consumption; it is also redefining its national character #PS25

@kushibo @sarahbraasch1 @Yale … I see this as the opposite of what we ask our residents over and over to do. I am White-coded but have had some very scary encounters with police that I would not wish on anyone (and might have turned out much worse if I looked Black or Hispanic). I have watched …

@szczelec33 @Yale Party. I am not denying this isnt true, but do these people really know that Polish people also work for such wages especially outside Warsaw in smaller towns? Also, what does him being Ukrainian have anything to do with him being a good fit for a Polish lady?

@sarahbraasch1 A group of @Yale Deans chose to participate in the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax back in February, 2018, because they saw it as the perfect opportunity to destroy and expel an innocent civil rights activist for not being Woke, by publicly branding her a racist.

@PersephoneK @OnlyPB_ @andrew_sweigart @NAChristakis @Yale It's not that expensive in the scheme of things, and its telling one of America's biggest problem is obesity, not famine, unlike many many other parts of the world without access to free markets.

@YaleSPH Read the fall 2019 issue of Yale Public Health magazine--76 pages dedicated to over 100 years of women shaping public health policies and improving health outcomes. #ysphalumni @Yale #50womenatyale150 #celebratewomen

@CornellWBrooks A #Yale degree means you’re educated NOT invincible. As a @Yale alum, I’m so happy to see a Yalie use her education AND compassion to help another human being, who also happened to go to Yale. @YaleAlumni @YaleLawSch

@rogerahicks @NAChristakis @Yale The cartoon says it all. Absolutely brilliant (but I see no credit). "The university [not so much] lost its way", but reverted to its traditional role of asserting the power of moral authority on behalf of the state/(church). And here's where it began:

@sarahbraasch1 I don't want anyone to worry. I am remaining strong and calm and brave in the face of the renewed attacks against me online and in the press and by @Yale. I promise not to hurt myself. I will never stop fighting for justice for everyone who has been falsely accused.

@PlusTweetsOnly @JonathanWHendry @NAChristakis @j_kalla @Yale Improving the world is the job of people who take knowledge and apply it to problems, not the job of people who generate and validate that knowledge. The difference should be clear. Once you get into the applied knowledge game clearly politics comes into play.

@szczelec33 @Yale And the comment about the standards being different, these people are clueless. Do they not realize how low compared to normal countries the standards in Poland in terms of things like freedom of religion, respect, beurocratic institutions and customer service are?

@ElevenCream @UCLA @MIT @Yale @UCIrvine You have to be pretty stupid to not be able to tell them apart

@minideadpooldad @JonathanCorbin2 @NAChristakis @Yale It is easier to see that your neighbor's roof is on fire than your own from inside your house. Pointing out that they have an issue as well doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to them about your own.

@Lieutenant_Lat @sarahbraasch1 @Yale You should have not harassed that Black woman. You're no innocent bystander and you deserve what is happening to you.

@RealJesseLuke @sarahbraasch1 @Yale I have never criticised you publicly but judged you without the truth. As a skeptic I apologise and promise to not be dismissive ever again (at least try)

@sarahbraasch1 The argumentation of the WASP's (Woke Against Sarah & for the Police) is insane. They are saying that, yes, the @Yale Police were probably going to kill a black Yale student, BUT we don't want them held accountable, & the public should not be able to see the body cam footage.

@BGasticRosado Thank you for all of your service to @Yale students and residential life. @LatinoHistory. How has it been 11 years already?!

@NMmachiavelli @BBCWorld kurds are not terrorists besides pkk/ypg terrorists are not kurds as well but they are mercenaries to care oil wells for US @UN @cnni @TIME @AP @WSJ @washingtonpost @euronews @dwnews @France24_en @Europarl_EN @AlJazeera @AJEnglish @AJBalkans @BBCNewsAsia @CNNAfrica @NBA @Yale

@Nick27974638 @tictoc @annielab_jmsc @business HK Police invading an university, attacking students. It's not tear gas, it's Chemical Weapon. It's crime against humanity. Need urgent help from international community to stop it @Columbia @UCLA @UChicago @Yale @Georgetown #SOSHK #StandwithHonKong

@madmilker To put We the People 1st and on January 8, 1835 paid total US debt in full to take the burden from all Americans and in doing so not from an education of @Harvard @Princeton @Yale or even @Stanford but from simply being "Old Field School" like a lot of Americans during that time.

@szczelec33 @AndrewDalek @sarahbraasch1 @SkepticReview89 @TheRoot @michaelharriot @AdahoPi @Ana35229674 @AggieReczuch @Yale @DrRJKavanagh @SantaCruzPolice @LoganMcCree777 @JacekBeckett dont you agree? Like my ideals were much different than theirs. I think Russia can be an ally but not necessarily Putin but anything against the U.S. for what it did to me on multiple ocassions. @SkepticReview89 @sarahbraasch1 @ManitouStultus

@PersephoneK @OnlyPB_ @andrew_sweigart @NAChristakis @Yale You cannot avoid toxins. It's about reasonable risk. So far non-organic has not been proven to be a risk. But it's your money. Spend it however you want. It's also another example of the power of markets. You get to overspend to have food you want. I get cheaper healthy food. :)

@josephjrose Note to @pschiller: I'm successfully working on @yale graduate degree -- research, writing, communicating, not draining my bank account -- with a @madebygoogle #chromebook. I remember when @Apple was a beacon of innovation rather than privilege, classism

@AndrewDalek @szczelec33 @sarahbraasch1 @SkepticReview89 @TheRoot @michaelharriot @AdahoPi @Ana35229674 @AggieReczuch @Yale @DrRJKavanagh what are you trying to say? there were people there who do not want Poland to be part of EU?

@KKBMP @tormcmurdo @Yale The author has gone on record clarifying his piece is not reflective of the faculty and staff @Yale but it’s hard not to make the inference. I’m skeptical of the author’s motives in writing this since it seems tailor-written for a particular WSJ demographic...

@hilton_philip To all #MedicareForAll #medicalresearch #MedicalJobs #Students #Nurse #doctors #NHS @DrG_NHS @Yale @Harvard @harvardmed @UniofOxford @Duke @Cambridge_Uni Dr #phil #eastleigh is making the #WordOfTheDay #segment a #medical term Every #poo is built up of segments not pieces

@trysh_mc @KristiTalmadge @TimQPublic @Yale Not sure why it isn't considered a "national" address. Is it not another example? I pay attention to a lot of "problems". Not sure why you would think any different or feel the need to direct my attention.

@PlusTweetsOnly @JonathanWHendry @NAChristakis @j_kalla @Yale That doesn't mean that research shouldn't be informed or directed by the relative importance of real world problems of course. But the University mission is not to "improve the world" (ie effectuate change consitent with campus politics) .

@dinna_shepard @YaleAlumni @CNN @Yale @YaleLawSch We need more people like Kim in the world. These are the stories I need to wake up to every day. When mental health is not treated it can lead to alcoholism and drug addiction. I know from first-hand experience.

@angiebirdto Dear @uOttawa, Love, @Carleton_U Splash of @WesternU Hint of @mcgillu Don't forget @Yale and @UniofOxford You know how it is. I did not spend eight years studying insect psychology. Bees are unimportant to me. I did not spend eight years st..

@sarahbraasch1 If you boil this all down to a starting point, this is all happening to me, because I defended the religious expression rights of an Evangelical black man @Yale. I was socially ousted from my department by the other grad students who then went to the Admin to get me expelled.

@ughe_org @Sheila_DavisDNP @PIH @LSHTM @c_ngaruiya @YaleMed @MLMcIsaac @WHO @Seed_Global @georgeinstitute @WIEGOGLOBAL "Solidarity contributes to improve the quality of our work environments and provides safe working spaces for women." Dr.Christine Ngaruiya of @Yale on recommendations to improve organizational culture #WLGH19 #GenderEquity #InvestInWomen #GenderEquality #WomenInMedicine

@senorglobal @manticlops @NAChristakis @paulg @Yale Diversity of interests may be relevant. Diversity of skin color to fill quotas has fuckall to do with higher education except to detract from it. People are not equal. Some are smarter. Some stronger, some taller, some can sing, some can't. Learn to live with it.

@sarahbraasch1 @Yale He literally doesn't care if I die. He just doesn't care. He's not going to tell the truth about the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax @Yale, even if it means my life.

@sarahbraasch1 It was a rough night, obviously. I am doing everything I can to remain calm and brave. I promise not to hurt myself, & I promise to never stop fighting for justice, for all of us. I did not expect to be attacked so, simply for demanding @Yale Police accountability & transparency.

@PandaiiPop @sarahbraasch1 @Yale You know Ijeoma has every right to sue for for libel and defamation. Nowhere in her tweets (archived and live) does she call for your harassment, you’re reaching because she spoke about you and the incident is not a call to harass. I truly hope she does.

@fhbrain @Harvard @Yale @Columbia @MIT It is logical for me to conclude that you are stupid…I do not say this to people, I say it to universities...Even if none of my theories is correct, formulating over 100 theories which did not come up in any other of 100 billion [email protected]

@sarahbraasch1 Know that @Yale VP of Student Life Kimberly Goff-Crews made it more than clear to me that, as an older, lower socio-economic class woman w/ mental health disabilities, & civil libertarian, I do NOT belong at Yale, & Yale does NOT care if I'm harassed.

@BenSoltoff "Yale is not only playing in the big leagues when it comes to innovation but also changing the game, by fostering ideas that are impactful and mission-driven.” -Me, on the launch of #YaleAngels (from @YaleAlumni): @TsaiCITY @YaleCBEY @Yale

@JulieAnnRacino @DisHistBlog @Yale Good to see Robert Bogdan post retirement at Yale University! I enjoyed working with Bob (and Steve Taylor) when he was our research director for a new national center. Julie Ann Racino, CoFounder of RRTCs in Families and Community Living, 1990!

@sloppyjoehotdog @sarahbraasch1 @Yale That Marlene chick seems to have an issue with you. 🤷‍♂️

@Anonymous7902 @LocksleyFletchr @NAChristakis @Yale I hate using larry summers example because he is a total dirtbag that deserved to be fired for at least two other reasons. but his intentionally provocative biological hypothesis for m/f representation in STEM was not a valid reason. my point is that been building 25 years.

@sarahbraasch1 I hope at least some new people are susceptible to truth. The Living or Napping While Black Incident @Yale was a Hate Crime Hoax that occurred over months, not one evening. Please see my YouTube Channel and blog for the truth.

@Francis31026755 Bravo Zulu @RandPaul for havg the stones to call this Thug Clapper & let's not forget @Comey @JohnBrennan @CNN Fredo @ChrisCuomo @Yale bud Eric C, "P*ssy or Dck" @donlemon , @RepAdamSchiff & @theview @JoyVBehar @DNC vile attacks! @OANN @parscale @GOPChairwoman @dbongino .

@JakeGThrasher & don’t let your scores hold you back from applying to schools! I got a 59% on the verbal and 72% on the quant section & still got into my dream school @Yale! I didn’t think my scores were good enough, but my mentor told me not to worry about them and I’m so glad I listened!

@sarahbraasch1 We ALL have to stand up to the #moraloutrageindustry, & I know I'm not the ONLY innocent life destroyed. I know it's hard. I have mental health disabilities, & I'm still a student @Yale. But, we can't let them get away with their lies anymore. We can't let them destroy innocents.

@sarahbraasch1 What the Living or Napping While Black Hate Crime Hoax @Yale really boils down to is that a group of Yale Deans wanted to destroy & expel me for standing up for the Federal Civil Rights (the religious expression rights) of an Evangelical black man @Yale during my 1st year there.

@theCTyankee Shame on @Yale for not ponying up $250K to continue this collaborative. Their endowment is over $30B...

@yalegsas #ReleaseTaniaNow update: Mother of @Yale doctoral student Christian Padilla Romero removed to unknown location overnight. #LibertadParaTania @YaleLatinos Posted Sunday @ajc @AJCGetSchooled:

@TristaPowell2 @GeronimoBPM , I really do not understand why they want to impeach @_thedonaldtrump ? I like @MikeBloomberg but isn't he a Russian American too? What is the difference? @FrankieJGrande @MSUParking @Yale @Harvard @FordhamNYC @Columbia @RockefellerUniv

@szczelec33 @JaroslawSzepty1 @Yale @sarahbraasch1 Apparnetly youre not allowed to call cops on someone in USA unless theyre white.

@sarahbraasch1 I know that I'm being led down this path by God and my beautiful red haired guardian angel brothers and my beautiful Grandma guardian angel, and I know that they will not let me falter. I was born to restore civil liberties on college campuses, including @Yale & everywhere.

@MichaelZamost Would love to hear Kathryn Lofton’s take on this — Kathryn, if you’re not familiar with this story, you will find it fascinating @YaleDivSchool @Yale

@RoopaMPH I was the first @yale student to work at Koffee in #NewHaven. In addition to smiling at every customer, I had to clean toilets & mop floors - not as easy as but way more educational than my boring school-sponsored work-study job the previous semester of filing papers.

@KristiTalmadge @trysh_mc @TimQPublic @Yale Instead of going after Jim Jordan about what he might or might not have known, address the problem nationally. Teachers, doctors and other staff young people are supposed to trust don't do squat when they know on a daily basis. It's a huge problem. Pay attention to it.

@CharlesNegy @digiphrenia @NAChristakis @Yale I agree. I *do* concede there are grains of validity to the concerns about, say social inequality, but SJWs are not about the pursuit of justice. Their collective activities entails grabbing power, denigrating Whites, men, heterosexuals, and lowering standards in academia.

@Jackie61693563 @Ginagirl_64 @ABC @Yale @TheDemocrats @gtconway3d @CNN Most of my friends from college are working hard to support Democrats and at the same time they are contacting their Senators to remove Trump.

@sarahbraasch1 Everyone know that @Yale VP of Student Life, Kimberly Goff-Crews, made it absolutely clear to me, as an older, poor, non traditional, lower socio-economic status white woman graduate student with mental health disabilities, that I do NOT belong at Yale.

@szczelec33 @Yale @sarahbraasch1 @SkepticReview89 @TheRoot @OPapierska @PMI_Online @JacekBeckett @ChrisMaslanka @caterita2008 @ManitouStultus @Ojdadana I decided to delete the previous night's feed about my experience with the Polish culture because I simply do not want to be put on twitter time out again since I said some very anti Polish slang things in it and wrote it within a fit of rage against their culture.

@szczelec33 @Yale They said something to the effect of him not making enough money for her and get this, this is where my eyes stood up. They said, "the standards in Ukraine are different or much lower than in Poland." They claimed he only makes 1800 zloty which they could spend in a one nighter

Site Excerpt Down, Is Yale Down?.
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