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@CedricFeschotte @IDsignals @sceliaclarke @Cornell @IthacaNYSchools My guess is there will be ~200-300 cohorts total within district. So we are not talking thousands of tests daily like Cornell is ready to run. And yes daily testing may be overkilled. Again models can tell

@ivotehard @Bjorkian15 @SteveSchmidtSES @ProjectLincoln @Cornell Yup. They want to tear the usa down to the ground. #TheBannonWay

@ken1007tpgcoma1 @mardorev @Cornell Doctor if quantum mechanics allows us to understand that a particle can be in 2 places at the same time, why have we not considered the potential that particle A is a reflection of particle B. The question then becomes; what is the energy state that projects the reflection?

@avanhatt "Compared to professors and ugrad students—who can choose the format of the classes they teach and take— grad students don’t have the same opportunity to opt-out of in-person work." while @CornellCIS is giving grad workers this choice, it's awful that @Cornell as a whole is not

@BenHoulton @satdkhalsa @CornellCALS @Cornell @CornellCALSDean @ucdavis @UCDavisJMIE @UofCalifornia @addthis Thank you Sat Darshan, I've learned a ton from you (ok maybe a megaton), especially our collaboration on orchard crops and sustainable agriculture. Of course I will continue working with you! Would be my pleasure. Keep up the great work. We'll have to get you out to Ithaca!

@CedricFeschotte @Dr_ASingh @IthacaNYSchools @Cornell @SvanteMyrick @luvelleb We all want the reopening to succeed. I hope they will recognize adding a testing strategy to their plan would boost the odds of success and increase buy-in from the community. I deplore their communication strategy wrt testing, not their effort toward reopening.

@ShayganK I won one of these in ‘81 in a raffle @Cornell “super lab”. Had a 2,400 baud modem to connect it. Tech rotates every decade or so. We’re about to rotate again. History not on FANGs’ side.

@fl_o_livia Today was my last day as a #SustainableAgriculture Consultant @ADASGroup! Huge thanks to everyone who has made working here so great! 😊 Now it’s time to prepare for an exciting new chapter as a Postdoc Associate in #SustainbleDairy @Cornell @CornellCALS 🐄

@IDsignals @sceliaclarke @CedricFeschotte @Cornell I’m not an expert in testing and could imagine there may be ways to monitor the schools that could be efficient and not necessarily involve testing all students staff all the time, but not sure. Presumably regular testing of all individuals would be best but may be harder to do

@mcculloughirvin DeSantis makes the point @Cornell’s administration made (much more eloquently) in @WSJ. But only focuses on the schools’ sports teams, not their entire student bodies. No need for student athletes to play to have their behavior regulated as students.

@kcollins213 Nearby ⁦@SyracuseU⁩ shared 5-level shutdown plan including suspension of in-person classes, restricting students to dorms if more than 100 people contract coronavirus on campus. ⁦@Cornell⁩ has not released similar information. #twithaca

@CedricFeschotte @IDsignals @sceliaclarke @Cornell Logistics of testing is undoubtedly very complex, but we’d like to see it at least being explored. To date, it’s not clear @IthacaNYSchools has even done that. Or we just haven’t heard it thus far.

@ChiCrimRene @kaitlancollins WTH?? Didn’t have it because of Ivy League? My Dad on full football scholarship @Cornell. Doughy Donnie just chose not to follow any sports during college. They weren’t subject to levels of cheating and corruption he was used to!

@hfincap Undermine the government. Dave was given many chances to respond and didnt. He was shown every courtesy. At the same time, I have rights including not to be Cyberstalked (18 USC 2261A, 2511, 4) cc @CIA @FBI @thejointstaff @TheJusticeDept @StateDept @DoD_IG @Cornell @BrennanCenter

@marykielarCNY Manager of both these hotels (left Cortland and right Ithaca) Becky Darling says she’s got students from #Covid_19 hotspot states quarantining on both properties. Says they’re working to help every @Cornell student find a room to stay. Rooms still available. @CNYCentral

@CornellRsrch Tuberculosis is the single largest infectious disease killer in the world. David Russell @Cornell is pursuing a vaccine for Tuberculosis and working to better understand the disease.

@IDsignals @sceliaclarke @CedricFeschotte @Cornell Personally, I think more testing is even better. From what I understand everyone working at Cornell will need to be tested with some regularity. Positives are reported to health department as in other testing, which should in theory lead to more testing of contacts.

@TonyMerriman2 @UABRheum @berthahidalgo @SLB_Jr @HSpecialSurgery @Cornell @uabmedicine @UABSOM @UABNews @KenSaag @ACRheum @RheumResearch All the best @SLB_Jr I really hope to see you in the flesh sometime in the not too distant future. Thanks for everything you’ve enabled for me, my group and family

@CornellAlumni The @Cornell community is doing great with early testing but administrators are asking everyone to not be complacent.

@mardorev @RichardMomoh9 @Cornell You are wise to question how your studies will help you in the job market but whether this choice is realistic or not depends mostly on YOUR goals and aspirations. Decide what they are and pursue them relentlessly. Getting a degree in chemistry was already a great choice.

@blackivystories The hardest part of going to class each morning is fighting imposter syndrome and survivors guilt while continuously fuming myself down in order to “learn.” - @Cornell '21 #BlackIvyStories #BlackintheIvory

@EmaniF9 Listening to @Cornell President Martha Pollack on Bloomberg discussing the plan to reopen and resume in-person learning. First question: “What’s your bar for shutting down the school?” Sheeesh.

@zonkerh @SageCanaday @Cornell I guess we will find out when classes have been going for a week or so. Georgia has already had to shut down one school. I am expecting Bould will see numbers increasing by September, but I hope I am wrong.

@Simon61843619 @DARPA @Cornell @Stanford @Cambridge_Uni They need something to cure latent viral infections, this would bring cancer and maybe degenerative disease deaths down significantly. Latent viral cures will be a new era in medicine and health if someone ever cracks it.

@sensitivsci When you give a talk, hold seminars, or introduce conferences, start by recognizing the Indigenous people of those lands. If you do not know that information, this is an easy way to gather it, as I just did it for @cornell. Text the town, state to 907-312-5085. #AcademicChatter

@CorrieMoreau @SahaSurya @Cornell @Drea_Drby @acdemery Sure! We are still working on the final list of readings, but once we have that happy to share.

@MechaCoffee @Cornell not to mention the actual community of Ithaca who will undoubtedly be exposed from students who test positive and will definitely not quarantine properly

@SSIReview “Most, if not all, companies will confront the question of how they can not only do well but also do good.” @CMarquisCornell @Cornell writes in the Fall 2020 issue about the shifting focus of corporations from shareholders to stakeholders. #bcorps

@Dr_ASingh @KannanSamdeep9 @WinshipAtEmory @EmoryVaccineCtr @EmoryMedicine @Cornell @WCMCLymphoma @KannanSamdeep9 the positions in lab are open to both National and International applicants. In immediate future, there can be challenges/delays related to travel and visa approvals under current situation/guidelines. Admission to PhD prog is through departments, not direct.

@AMSfungi @_beccaharrison @Cornell This sucks, but I'm not so sure there's an alternative that doesn't suck. Do you think this same group would have been more compliant had @Cornell asked them to live with their parents this year?

@firthermor @lrozen @lgurgone @Cornell It is hard for many who need this type of care or more intensive care or who may come down with COVID. The inability to get visitors is hard on them & their families. It is one of the horrible things about this pandemic. & some facilities are still not taking the care warranted.2

@ElementoLab Welcome to @Cornell ! Can’t wait to start actively working with you guys !

@lillybilly9 Just to update you, I have still not received my rejection letter from @Cornell. I'm very upset. I would like a rejection letter. I feel like I'm being ignored. #PleaseJustSendMeARejectionLetter

@revIthaca The Program Operations Team at @Cornell’s Center for Regional Economic Advancement is currently looking for a full-time Program Assistant! Those interested in working in an exciting entrepreneurial community are invited to apply:

@timothyjshaffer @davidaconrad @jenniferabanks At @Cornell, it was five years. And I think it was worth it. I wish it was still, as I have written off of it but not completed the full, significantly expanded version of that work but have the dissertation being referenced when it is best seen as an earlier version to my work.

@sincerelychlsea The most ironic thing in the world is @Cornell spamming me with a Chance at certification in diversity and inclusion that costs $10,000. ppl can better get jobs in diversity efforts only if they’re privileged enough to learn about it and not if they’ve experienced it? Fuck off

@KZ_Cornell End to a stressful week, I am checking out for a few days for self-preservation. @cornell doubles down for the eighth time, claiming a science-driven approach to re-opening, based on a loosely parameterized model with huge sensitivity to every parameter. It's on their hands now.

@senicRTKate Last week your VP of Student and Campus Life said they tried to bargain with Cuomo to make the quarantine time shorter. That’s not “emphasizing science.” @Cornell

@BenHoulton @SenatorOMara @SUNY @CornellCALS @Cornell Thank you Senator O'Mara, look forward to working with you soon!

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