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@aojl2 @CoronavirusCast Here's another one of my batCoV $hit crazy ideas. Maybe, just maybe, the @CDC intentionally botched the PCR kits because they wanted to limit the # avail to test only the sickest with the most severe disease (to cut down on cost of hospital use, supportive care etc)

@bohemiantoo @JoeBiden @JoeBiden, the @CDC declared the #coronavirus a pandemic on 3/11/2020, yet your campaign in conjunction with the @DNC @TomPerez & @CAPAction encouraged people to go to the polls and vote on 3/17/2020 in FL, OH, AZ and IL. That's not science, it's stupidity and malice. #DropOutJoe

@NeilFlochMD It would seem logical based on these findings that #mask wearing by all citizens in public should lead to a slower spread of the #COVID19 virus - despite @cdc recommendations not to use & to save #masks for #healthcare workers.

@motoforlif I'm An ER Doctor In NYC. Trump's Coronavirus Plan Isn't Just Dangerous, It's Deadly. @CDC @SteveFDA @realDonaldTrump I wonder if the doctor is free to order z-pak with malaria drug. I bet not. CDC is killing these people right In front of the good doctor.

@FannyEstevez9 @realDonaldTrump @cdc @NYGovCuomo TRUMP, YOU ARE EXECUTING TENS OF THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS BY NOT LISTENING TO AMERICAN GOVERNORS!!! UOU ARE A MURDERER! Trump questions need for 30,000 ventilators in New York

@Toucan772 @ajc How can Dr. Toomey not even know how many ventilators we have or might have on order?That is very scary seeing where we are headed. GA has the chance to not be like NY but we are failing at that opportunity. Extra beds is not going to help when drs & nurses are sick or dead. @cdc

@steve_nihan @CDC you might want to remind folks that ordering out via delivery service is NOT safer than going to the restaurant. Drivers from #UberEats, #GrubHub, #DoorDash come into contact with 40-60 people each day, delivering to homes where people are self quarantined for a reason.

@xformed @gatewaypundit @cdc Drs, trying to save every single life make poor crisis managers, when resources aren't infinite and even medical science hasn't been able to defeat annual flu or common cold. It has to be risk management, not "zero tolerance" (of deaths).

@LMutty1 @EricTrump @realDonaldTrump We need to hear from the @CDC & scientific experts — not someone who continues to blame a prior administration, 3.5 years in, for lack of tests/equipment. The pandemic response team, fired by Trump & put in place by the prior admin., was designed to mitigate spread/reduce deaths.

@Mamaofthreebear @SherylNYT @blakehounshell @cdc @propublica The CDC is a joke now. Starting when they actually got muzzled, and then took down the data for the # of people tested....awful. Te Governor of NJ said he got to the point pretty quickly where he didn't even bother w/the CDC--they couldn't even confirm his positive tests.

@davisconsult2 @CDC How can communities & hospitals establish the need for anything when so many who r presumed positive r being sent/told to stay home. Do hospitals keep track of these pts if they’re not reported? We have 18 confirmed cases in our city This is why people feel safe.

@OcSeraph @realDonaldTrump @WhiteHouse @GOP just like @BillGates admitted LIVE on @CNN "The death rate is 1%. This is not bad! Uh Ah well, it's BAD, but we have to prepare for the NEXT PANDEMIC! @CDC WORTHLESS Fauci a filthy LIAR!

@Supernova_Style @jasonsnitker @cdc Agreed. But we have to keep testing with what we have as well. I don't like that it appears testing numbers are dropping, what means either A) fewer people feeling sick so not asking. B) They aren't testing and we are just sticking heads in the sand.

@mannis2020 how is it that @CDC did NOT activate the influenzas surveillance network that IS in place to track #COVID19 ? Unbelievable.....leaving it to states and counties does NOT work!

@TheValuesVoter @xKitty_Hawkx @dfinney16 @Atticus59914029 @jengtedsmom @cdc @WHO I did not but that’s something that would be interesting to look at. Good suggestion.

@DLHay @nathandickson @gatewaypundit @realDonaldTrump @cdc Lay in the hospital barely breathing when this could potentially be the difference in as little as 3 hrs and see if you reject it till later down the road. Then get back to us.

@DurhamHealthNC [email protected] recommends washing hands 👏with soap and water whenever possible. But if soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol to avoid getting sick & spreading germs. #Prevention #COVID19

@BluInRedishHell @realDonaldTrump He is ordering: • Tests to be withheld and not shipped as needed • Deaths to be recorded as not from #COVID • Positive results to not shared with the @CDC This is why the numbers are skewed. Most tests done? Lowest deaths per population?

@LeoLionMAGA Accountability 101 - Jeopardizing public safety, @mayorcantrell has no shame for not taking heed to @CDC guidelines & @realDonaldTrump's daily #CoronaVirus briefings. Lacking leadership, the warnings were obvious to everyone but apparently LaToya.

@KissMyCamo @gatewaypundit @nedryun @cdc Isn't it terrific to see our self-quarantining working!

@WSharaC @CDC, chemist here; Y’all better be working 24 hour shifts trying to scale this up to a million tests a day somehow. PPE excuses ain’t gonna cut it. We’re still testing-limited—should drive-up test people who cough even twice—Y’all want help? @HHSGov #coronavirususa #coronavirus

@StefiChristian @Daniella4Change @cdc Ask the bio terrorists working in Wuhan what crimes they have committed ! Also look to Democratic Congo where the WHO loves to experiment

@Dave64P @ClarkeMicah @domjoly @johnsweeneyroar [email protected] Is not a medical expert. Get medical advice from real sources. @CDC, @NIH, @WHO, @MayoClinic, @JHUPress There is plenty of very good sources available to the public free of charge. Peter Hitchens is not one of them.

@MeanStreetz #TrumpDeathPanels @POTUS @realDonaldTrump @GOP @senatemajldr Koch Brothers are the death squads Rush Limbaugh warned about. Koch gets @CDC Defunded to kill undesirables & profit off market crash & health care costs #COVID19 #TrumpVirus #MAGA #coronavirus

@mickeymccarthy5 The @CDC says #stayhome; if we're not, then we should ask, how are my actions contributing to society in a way that is safe and supportive of our shared community in the immediate and long-term? The answer may be different depending on the context in which the question is asked.

@Jomoshop1 How about the healthcare workers working under Jennifer Schomburg who refuses to supply them with masks or access to long term sick bank to keep them from losing their homes? @cdc @knsttucson @kold @npr #RichFolkLockdownProblems

@sherbet_cloud @Girls_philly @tatobin2 @gatewaypundit @cdc American politics effect the whole world so it's in our interests to pay attention.I like to follow world events, not just things that directly effect me. You're more likely to empathise with people that are worse off than you because you'll realise the world is not black & white

@Lisa_Utz Proud to see @IntegralAds working with the @CDC, @WhiteHouse, @AdCouncil and @HHSGov to do our part to #FlattenTheCurve in this global pandemic. #AloneTogether

@UCMJOATH 1/3 #CoronaLockdown: If washing hands and keeping a distance is wise, why would it not be #wiser yet to #Lysol spray all monies—especially the coins—the world over!! Monies have been spreading germs since its invention: Shame on @CDC @WHO @UN #DrFauci and all #GovernmentLeaders

@safe_match Never too late to get tested and start the HIV discussion. If SMS texting is not the preference, SafeMatch App can foster the same discussion anonymously. Image from @CDC

@RJohnsonUSA @gatewaypundit @cdc Not looking good for the dishonest media. How are they going to spin this?

@IMO_JamesMGray This is an issue that needs to be addressed nationally. With the stimulus bills, no one should be denied testing or treatment on the basis of insurance. And, to possibly send a positive case back into the community is insane. @NIAID @CDC @WHO @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @VP

@MsRJensen @WhiteHouse The "sky is falling" mentality of the American #fakenewsmedia is out of control. 3.28 million people did not lose their jobs, they filed for unemployment as they were encouraged to do while they stay sheltered in place as asked by @POTUS & @CDC to help contain #coronavirus.

@robert_weiter @AgainCarlata @emily_bernie @pancreas_pete @ScottGottliebMD @CBSNews @cdc When I order instacart or shipt, the bags are packed by my personal shopper who is usually the one who brings them to the house. I'm not sure which service you're talkin about that packs groceries by machine? Even if someone orders from Amazon, the items are hand pulled from /2

@LauraMcAfee1 @CharlesPPierce @CDC if y'all can't maintain your professional scientific stance in communicating necessary and critical information than either find people who can or stfu so as not to cause further harm

@EDDYESPINAL3 so many people are dying. Keep the $1200 supposedly you’re going to send me. Use it to buy more test so not less but more deaths because of this. 🗣💯🙌🙏 @GovernorBaker @Mema @Fema @cdc @[email protected] #DonaldTrump #governorbaker #mema #fema #cdc #coronavirus #Covid19

@Iddybud You MUST read this account of one person's experience with #COVID19 and, please, don't let your guard down. Follow all the @CDC instructions to avoid getting the virus and to avoid spreading it.

@Ceartas4 @wallisweaver Or we could have a national shut down and stay below the curve allowing healthcare to keep up with those that need hospitalization. @POTUS @CDC

@AmyGoyer Question: Been to Europe recently, no respiratory symptoms but had diarrhea and vomiting could I be contagious w/ #coronavirus #COVID19? Answer: Dr. Williams of @cdc says ck w/doc, 3 days after symptoms stop likely not infectious. #coronavirus #COVID19 @AARP #caregiving

@FranBellu @Monk_Lab @Marcenortham Do you also believe that the effect of separation at birth is not as bad as the effect of hospital overwhelm? Norwegian guidelines say it’s actually MORE resource demanding to separate. But @cdc is apparently still keeping it open.

@EXMRSMoody China was not responsible for telling 45. We had facts about transmission and infection RIGHT HERE IN THE USA THAT HE IGNORED as early as Dec. Infection control is MONITORED IN ALL HEALTHCARE SETTINGS IN🇺🇸. HE chose to sit on it. @who @cdc @cnn @cnnbrk.

@nobodyonit @BlackIrishI @HHSGov @DHSgov @cdc Not really a big Obama supporter. Could of been a few reasons from incompetence to republicans not giving him the budget to do it. But if trump knew why didn't he. Trump says they left him empty shelves. Why did he not fill them? I have no issue blaming both. You seem to.

@imaflosser Is The @CDC Being Muzzled or Just Not Wanting To Be Exposed For Having Failed at Their Job During A National Crisis ? Suggesting Bandanas An Adequate (?) Substitute for #N95 Masks If #Healthcare Workers Run Out? Plz Inmates, Interns or Political Appointees Running The Asylum?

@gima_jones I would like to see a map of the virus outbreak not just in numbers, but in percentage of population. That might make more sense to some in planning for needs. Thank you.

@MsMindfulBlog @berta_legas @dougducey @cdc @AZDHS @drcarachrist I agree testing is necessary, but it's too widespread to make a significant difference. This would have worked 3 weeks ago! We blew it. We are still blowing it. Many #covid patients don't even have any fever or respiratory symptoms + will not even get tested. #socialdistancing

@davidjenkinsa2 @NicoleMWrites @VP @cdc The @VP and @POTUS don't give a damn about us or our experiences. President Trump would rather let #Michiganders die, than to figure out how to work with Governor Whitmer #Vote2020 #Sociopath

@MsRJensen The "sky is falling" mentality of the American #fakenewsmedia is out of control. 3.28 million people did not lose their jobs, they filed for unemployment as they were encouraged to do while they stay sheltered in place as asked by @POTUS & @CDC to help contain #coronavirus.

@_pd5 @maheshmurthy @MoHFW_INDIA @realDonaldTrump @HealthHolland @GertJanRietveld @cdc Current approach is not sustainable. We need to adopt serological testing ASAP.

@Atticus59914029 @dfinney16 @TheValuesVoter @jengtedsmom @cdc @WHO The mixed messages he was sending then (and is sending still) led directly to a situation where much of the country did not take this seriously until it was too late. Many of them still don’t. And it is a direct result of his willful failure to communicate a consistent message.

@godforgivemeplz @CDC @realDonaldTrump MY BROTHER WAS VERY SICK FOR A MONTH MID DECEMBER TO MID JANUARY I DID NOT GET SICK. We thought it flu but he was bedridden for 3 solid weeks. Fever breathing etc. Corona was not mainstream news [email protected] known to be in Belgium I might be immune. Test me.

@SpicyKeo @gatewaypundit @cdc I think this has more to do with the measures being taken have slowed down the fatality rate here. Left on it's own & treated like the flu would probably have resulted if far more deaths. We caught this in time with only NY, CA, and WA being hit really hard.

@ADALAWEXPERT @atrupar @gtconway3d @CNN @CDC Mr. President it is time you became a leader. Being rich all your life you DO NOT KNOW WHAT A FAMILY OF $75,000 GOES THROUGH IN REAL TIME. WAKE UP OR MORE WILL DIE. TIME TO GET MILATRAY INVOLVED NOW. JAMES CEO...Going to get tough.

@FardigJudith @AliVelshi [email protected] is trying to #gaslight us about his pathetic response to early warnings on #Covid-19. The US did not accept @WHO tests & the first ones from @CDC failed, so we are WAY behind & need to #StayHome to avoid catastrophic death toll. We need more testing, not excuses

@NMCP1 #StopTheSpread #FlattenTheCurve #COVID19 #Coronavirus First and Finest, if you are not sure if you should seek medical care, the @CDC/@CDCgov's new #Coronavirus Self-Checker is a guide to help you make decisions and seek appropriate medical care:

@_NewsView @WhiteHouse @SecAzar @Apple @CDCgov @fema Not all #COVID19 patients are febrile per @CDC. Nonetheless, high-risk patients who are expected to have respiratory symptoms find it harder, not easier, to get tested even when it's #NotJustAllergies. Example: Patients placed on oral steroids should qualify for #COVID19 testing!

@RobotMakerGirl @Supernova_Style @jasonsnitker @cdc I think they are not bothering even testing those who are very sick now because it’s obvious they are presenting with all the symptoms, it’s a waste of effort by overworked staff at that point. Save more people, or pause to test so numbers are accurate. People before numbers.

@DavidWetherell Dr. Deborah Birx is deadly wrong. There is a critical shortage of ventilators. We have 75K vents nationally. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions will be needed, because @CDC, @GOP & @realDonaldTrump are not taking COVID seriously enough. Do not listen to them.

@usaflourish @NIHDirector; Birx, @CDC; @realDonaldTrump; @VP: On social media & so called intellectual people now say SARS-COV-2 is not too severe but akin to common flu so we can open up🇺🇸; They still don't understand. Birx got it right when said have to be strict of strict to stifle spread.

@LundreganShawn @JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump is doing multiple pressers daily with info provided to him by @CDC, Surgeon General, who are standing behind him. If you think he should take someone else’s advice because theirs is misleading or unscientific-call THEM out, not the POTUS. Think before you tweet!

@TinaQuizon Joe Bruno ⁦@wsoctv⁩ investigates “Woman says VA didn’t send COVID-19 test to lab “ ⁦@JoeBrunoWSOC9⁩ asked how @DeptVetAffairs⁩ left ⁦@USNavy⁩ Veterans test for a week just sitting there did not send my COVID 19 test to @CDC Labs

@lezleecog @Alfred_2009 @SideCar21 @DanSheehan19 @RaheemKassam @cdc @WHO The overarching point: everyone needs to do social distancing, stay home if ill or suspect, avoid discretionary travel, etc. My county has 2 reported cases. All my employees (9) are working - split in 3 shifts to minimize contact. And disinfecting shared spaces, doorknobs, etc.

@seemakh89125928 @LeNA4LoveandLab @ThatLabChick @cdc And include ppl from country but not me as I am enemy and I have zero to offer as I am not narcissistic manipulative bullying all of u right

@_NewsView @WhiteHouse @Surgeon_General @cdc @VP There's something wrong with the ethics of testing asymptomatic athletes, politicians & celebrities — while leaving lung disease suffers exposed to repeated "asthma/allergy" visits to a physician's office because they do not tick the CDC boxes on "confirmed exposure + fever".

@Medusaforever #TrumpPressConference Exactly when did trump go to medical school? Since when is it ethical to test on human beings in #America. He has been pushing hit air out for over 35 min straight. Not one word of info or truth. Where is #DrFauci? @CDC

@_NewsView @AAPAAAI @CDC has said that not all #COVID19 patients are febrile. Paradoxically, patients who are expected to have respiratory issues may find it HARDER to get tested even when it's #NotJustAllergies. Patients who inexplicably require oral steroids should be tested for #COVID19.

@fabislei7 @ABCPolitics Now that the President can not get a #ventilator due to his firing of the @CDC #Pandemic teams assigned to generate production of these vents, he is all in to save his own evil life! @realDonaldTrump

@MicheleSmith540 True & some people are still not doing what the @cdc and @GovMikeDeWine said to do.

@Informed_Un #lastword That CDC commercial about who's at risk needs to be updated. It clearly is NOT just 65+ 😠 @cdc

@MaglionVirgina @cdc Murphy refusing to shut down Lakewood Jewish Community

@TheValuesVoter @dfinney16 @Atticus59914029 @jengtedsmom @cdc @WHO How is it that you blame everybody except for Trump? Knowing that a pandemic was killing masses in China and Iran and had arrived here on January 21st, I’d expect him to focus on his job. Not retaliate against witnesses and chasing the Dems around the country.

@Red_Wolf1 @KHOUmelissa @KHOU @cdc OMG seriously. You really have to break it down for people because they have become that dumb down?

@TruDatBadger @AlHendiify @DrSteveMD @RanaAwdish @HenryFordNews @cdc It may very well cause the shortage to deepen. But by that reasoning, nobody should wear gloves, they could all just wash their hands & hope not to touch their face or cross contaminate on surfaces. That's unreasonable & probably why the virus will continue to spread.

@hollylecraw Probably why @RedCross isn’t using masks: bc they are “following @cdc guidelines,” which were formed not based on science but to conserve PPE. Time to change policies though! #Masks4All

@wakRtalley @IngrahamAngle @CDC once the lungs are compromised it seems that CV19 is similar to TB so why not try Ethambutol (Myambutal) Isoniazid Pyrazinamide Rifampin

@ShuggShackel @OhUnhUnh Bingo it’s a #ChineseVirus #DeepStateCabal (PsyOp)Con backed by @TheDemocrats @apple @google @Facebook @Twitter (@gatesfoundation) @UN @WHO @CDC @NIH @CFR_org @WorldBank #FakeNews to take US/economy down. @realDonaldTrump @TuckerCarlson @LATiffani1 @RoRonDgo

@ByronDebniak @TomMoyerUT @estee_nj @cdc And I think (hopefully not just optimistic) that Utahns will actually listen between the lines at the strong suggestions which amount to 'shelter in place'. Not as effective as those backed by civil penalty, but I believe people will and already are following them.

@es50569801 @NUNuvURdotBIZ @GrapevineTXCity @TexasDSHS @cdc @VP As a free Man/person I am offended by any Social Credit System talk. Please Beloved City of Grapevine do not stand in way of any Man/person that can go to work tomorrow and provide for their family - your people are.

@Nikc9231 @73528348be424f5 @gatewaypundit @dfog1952 @realDonaldTrump @cdc Might be best to actually use it in the way it’s prescribed...#justsaying this does not mean it is not a possible effective treatment. When people go out on a limb and try to take it on their own and make up their own doses of course you are going to see negative reactions.

@TinaQuizon my COVID 19 test was as left sitting on @DeptVetAffairs Hospital shelf was not sent to @CDC, I am now in a Catch 22, no results, not able to work (Essential Employee) had exposure, so I drove to the Concord Dragway to beg Atrium Health to re-test me.

@UsmanSattarMD @Apple announces #coronavirus screening app (not tests) with @CDC, @WhiteHouse & @fema It will provide a #screening tool for #COVID19 symptoms as well as up-to-date information from trusted sources about the #CoronavirusOutbreak

@tonijarvis151 @gatewaypundit @nedryun @cdc That is a lot of deaths. To bad he didn’t convince people to not hold parades or go on spring break. These things correspond with bad outbreaks.

@JN_Kelly Having worked with some of these highly skilled @CDC laboratorians, it is unfathomable to me that they are not being permitted to help with the #COVID2019 response in the #USA. These people are trained to respond to outbreaks. This is what they do. Let them help @HHSGov @POTUS

@TurtlePoker @GingerKay6 Straight from the Dr in New York to Hannity to the public all based off @JamesTodaroMD @JohnsHopkins @MedCramVideos Dr Didier Raoult, Marsielle, France... Why should anyone end up on a ventilator when this is globally available and working well by all reports?!?! @cdc @fda @potus

@Whippersteve @BelkissObadia @SpeakerPelosi @cdc Now, probably COVD-19. If not, we must wait for Nov. What the democrats should've been working on are proposed changes/safeguards to our Constitution in order to prevent another 'trump' & to prevent 1 person each in all three federal branches of govt from controlling our nation.

@_NewsView @WhiteHouse @SecAzar @Apple @CDCgov @fema @cdc There is something wrong with the ethics of testing asymptomatic athletes, politicians and celebrities — while leaving lung disease suffers exposed to repeated "asthma/allergy" visits to a physician's office because they did not tick the CDC boxes on "confirmed exposure + fever".

@GairCynthia @TomthunkitsMind @marynlm Trump, for once in your self-centered life, just sit down & shut up. You have zero to add except your inevitable lies. You lie; people die. @realDonaldTrump @VP @GOP @WSJ @CNN @MSNBC @WhiteHouse @CDC @ABC @CBSNews @FoxNews #WhereAreTheTests #VentilatorsNow #PPEshortage #COVID19

@funny_josh Hey @cdc I know I'm not supposed to touch my face, but is it still cool if I touch my junk?

@MadieHarris2 @HappyProgressiv @B52Malmet Probably suppose to be another @cbp stock pile like the found here in Indiana.... and they are not sending them to hospitals becuase they are past exp date even though @cdc says the are safe for hospitals. trump admin is full of inept criminal morons!

@Supernova_Style Looks like our state numbers testing is going down. I don't like that. @CDC we need to test to know where things are, not just those that are worse. If your worried of the image, show when people get better, that will give home. Seeing 100 people get it and 10 die will be bad.

@ErikitainNYC @sashasylvie @WeWork @cdc @andrewcuomo @AOC I meant not worth it to go into the office if you’re NOT an essential employee. Obviously the offices need to be cleaned or at least deep cleaned then closed until this all passes. Bottom line: the cleaners should get the bonuses. They are putting themselves in danger.

@whatsbeengoing @Apersonwithana5 @PattyMurray @CDCgov Agreed. The American public can not trust @CDC. The top leadership is beholden to trump and has fudged data and told lies. #TrumpVirusCoverupCostLives #TrumpLiesAboutCoronavirus

@TinaQuizon my COVID 19 test was as left sitting on @DeptVetAffairs Hospital shelf was not sent to the @CDC, I am now in a Catch 22, no results, not able to work (Essential Employee) had exposed to others while I had symptoms, so I am heading to the @CLTMotorSpdwy to beg them to re-test me

@bokdol @cdc why are your stats not updated. you are lying to the public.

@_NewsView @DrDenaGrayson Why isn't @CDC lifting #COVID19 test restrictions for lung disease suffers? If you're in a risk group that is expected to have respiratory issues, it's HARDER to get tested even when you say it's #NotJustAllergies. Oral steroids should not be prescribed in the absence of testing!

@davecraige @HandyCX @tennymo @Handy @cdc @CAPublicHealth Additionally if they are "independent" as you claim how much are you charging them if they need to reschedule appointments? When I sell stuff on Craisgslist, eBay and Facebook marketplace I don't have to pay a fine if I decide to take down a listing for a week.

@TinaQuizon With my COVID 19 test left sitting on @DeptVetAffairs Hospital shelf was not sent to the @CDC, no results, so I headed yesterday to the Concord Drag-way to beg them to re-test me. They did & should know my results soon.

@MelindaMazoue @RedCross @CDC There’s a call for blood donations. Are you requiring CV-19 testing of donors to know they are not infected, since we know you can be infected and be asymptomatic? Let’s keep our blood supply virus free. #COVID19

@Msmanchester1 @AngelGotti5 Just so you know America have no border with. China, not sure what borders he ‘closed’ to stop #coronavirus #Trump closed the @CDC office in China last year, he also fired the pandemic response team in 2018, & ignored #Intel. He made us #No1 in the World with #COVID cases. #MAGA

@guy_cop @LeoLionMAGA @mayorcantrell @cdc @realDonaldTrump @mayorcantrell you are a SAD SAD LADY! Even if @realDonaldTrump said 15 days to Slow The Virus, You Like All LIBERALS WOULDN'T HAVE HEED THE WARNING! I Know first hand how your running the city of N.O. & IT'S NOT GOOD. Vote Republican 20/20...

@xKitty_Hawkx @TheValuesVoter @dfinney16 @Atticus59914029 @jengtedsmom @cdc @WHO Again, he was given information by the CDC and the WHO. And it's not the presidents job to make sure every single hospital has enough materials. That's why we have hospital administrators, mayors and governors.

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