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@truthcontractor I tweeted when this came out 2 weeks ago that the #cdc was no longer to be trusted. Well tonight the @nytimes printed; @CDC recommendation that Asymptomatic people didn't need testing was NOT written by the #cdc. I'll give ya 1 guess where the document came from. #AgentOrange

@JaanaGold Advocate, educate, campaign on TV, on streets, schools, churches, stores. Tweeting and posting in FB only reaches us who already know. You need to get down from the ivory tower! @CDCDirector @cdc @apha

@BradGGallant [email protected] @RealDonaldTrumps response to #Covid has resulted in a mortality rate that is now higher than #Italy. A result of his negligence. He had fair warning & did not take the measure to protect your country. @SpeakerPelosi @AOC. Hoping for a better winter response. @CDC

@RegulateTheLIbs @Youtube taking down medical videos they have no experience, knowledge or right to do so. They’re attempting to become another “Marxist Superstructure” like the @WHO and @CDC both of which are lying about the PCR tests, CT thresholds and false positives. Scamdemic is over kiddos

@cobra36 @TheWarMonitor @cdc You are if you do not proffer any facts to go with it. Otherwise, it is just personal opinion. Try not to be so infatuated with all of the drama for your own mental health. Ignore it, you will feel better for it.

@jdgro3253 @cdc director Dr Redfield your a liar masks don't work. Just look at Europe, they follow science not politics. Masks ~are you sick. With a 35% reduction in oxygen from mask your now prone to cancer and that will show in time.

@man_integrated @wittmer0313 @FDA @cdc Doable, if you've got a venue like a sports stadium where you can practice social distancing guidelines. You'd also have to run 24/7 just to keep lines down, with special transport available for the poor, elderly, and infirm. That would be event planning on a mega-scale.

@blackhillslvr @govkristinoem why are you not following the direction of your own @sddoh and @CDC and White House recommendations to slow the Covid spread? I see older people in these photos. You have repeatedly said we need to use our common sense to protect elderly. WTH Ms Noem?

@rewillson717171 @NBCNews So now vaccines do not work.... the @CDC head is saying vaccines do not work. Let that sink in.. Then prove to me the 100 plus you want kids to get today do work.

@donwayne0615 @CDC says wear a mask if you can't social distance. The guy is no where within 6' of anyone. This is ridiculous. Not by the Police, just no reason to do this.....

@man_integrated @wittmer0313 @rseoane_ @FDA @cdc What you're describing is more akin to a NIMS-like setup used during a humanitarian crisis or natural disaster. You've still got too many human points of failure. I've been the guy driving the truck, the guy doing the paperwork, the guy loading the truck, etc. We're not ready.

@thomas_saporito @CNN The @cdc continues to mislead the American public in recommending face masks and social distancing. Rather people should NOT wear face mask and should gather to enhance HERD IMMUNITY which will END COVID-19.

@Jaxel06 @Saraoh54021539 @WR_Record @cdc Where did you see the down grade I have been checking for days to find it

@SharecareInc According to the @CDC, about 1 in 3 American adults are not getting enough sleep on a regular basis – take a moment to sleep on that:

@31Scully @BTreenew @jakedanders @thauserkstp @cdc Hard to say without context. I don't like to jump to conclusions without knowing the facts first. If I could only use the date...I can deduce it is not Halloween, probably hiding from the terroristic rioter. That is my guess.

@DearGoodPeople @CDCDirector So do we. However if you keep giving in to @realDonaldTrump 's pressure and change standards and recommend his crazy cures, we are not going to trust anything that comes out of @CDC

@Thinktwicemore @BlueGirlsRule @atrupar @cdc Why would the scientists working to produce the vaccine at the labs not be the closest to the vaccine process? According to the CDC, it's actually the FDA who supervises the approval process. Here is information about the process FYI:

@man_integrated @rseoane_ @wittmer0313 @FDA @cdc The PPE thing is not a difficult nut to crack, once you get past the opaque, Wild West nature of the current procurement system. The free market cannot adequately allocate limited resources fairly when it is put under political/corptocratic pressure.

@iMaGiNeprints @mitchellreports @VinGuptaMD @CDC admitted the count of deaths is not correct that many people who were labeled from dying from #Covid19 died from other causes. We even know of several families who are trying to get the correct cause of death put on love ones death certificates & #Covid19 removed.

@DeepInTropics @GovRonDeSantis @cdc, the entity that the Prez had to step in to halt the spread of its own internal virus, #CriticalRaceTheory. You want someplace not to trust right now? Sadly, you’ve come to the right place. They have become a partisan spreader of misinformation.

@miamivandynyu @mshson @realchrisrufo @DrNealHouston @CDCgov @POTUS Has been for years. Only good at sending a few people to track down Salmonella or E. coli on tomatoes. The @CDC is why we had no viable testing for Covid after they contaminated their reference sample. They are a corrupt joke.

@ItsJustMe44 @Mominsweats @NBCNews @cdc Because we have this pesky thing called the Constitution and the federal government cannot “mandate” something it is not authorized to by the States. We DO remember the hysteria and cries of “dictator” when POTUS sought war power authority to nationalize response, yes?

@pipybur1 @CDC Robert Redfield Stop allowing trump to humiliate you. RESIGN do not work for this lying moron in the WH!

@flowerwhs1968 @MarlaMorgan01 @DollyMariaMadi1 @TeamTrump @GOP @POTUS 1. I do not watch FOX News 2. I have 2 friends working at CDC and 1 acquaintance that tell me the #s are over inflated if people would go to the &actually read/understand the charts it is a different story. @CDC 2018-2019 flu season, people 61,200 died.

@lisadlaporte via @NYTimes I’ll listen to the @CDC & not this ass ⁦@POTUS⁩

@ShelbyTNHealth Social distancing should be practiced in combination with other everyday preventive actions to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including wearing masks. Continue to keep about 6 feet between yourself and others. The mask is not a substitute for #socialdistancing." @CDC

@rhodes_1870 @digwarrior4kids @Mominsweats @NBCNews @cdc I mean to be truly effective with a mask, you’d have to have a clean one that you put on before you entered an environment and then not adjust it, touch it, or remove it until you’d left the environment and you’d washed your hands first. Anything less than that renders it moot.

@phoenix66101281 @ericgarland I want to know why #MichaelCaputoIsARussianAsset & was not charged! Now 45 assigned this non-medical flunky & put him over @CDC & is sanitizing MWMR which my internist #FedUp with the @gop #ComplicitCorruptGOP allowing 45 to drown out SCIENCE to #KillMoreAmericans #LockThemAllUp

@WiseOwl_ACK Except @CDC Director Redfield told the Senate under oath today that, realistically, a vaccine will not be available to the public until mid- to late 2021. #LiarInChief will say anything he thinks will help him stay in office and avoid prosecution. #TrumpIsANationalDisgrace

@Saraoh54021539 @wjxt4 As per the @cdc the ‘pandemic’ aka #Scamdemic has been down graded to an outbreak Ok People it’s time to stop the BS Masks and mandates for Morons #MasksOff Time to party 🎉

@shakybrain11 When @realDonaldTrump says he made a mistake. It’s hard not to think he means Redfield is fired Friday and all @cdc funding is stopped till he gets someone in there to lie for him.

@hearing_nelson @CDC own study from 2018 said mask do not work to stop spread of flu

@danrivercustoms @TRUMP4eva1 @wsvn Nope, not if you listen to experts, @cdc but since when do trumpers listen to experts

@WoodStalker_ Lies and you know it. If you die of a car crash and have #Covid19 you are declared dead due to Covid. @CDC admits only 6% of your shitty number are true. #FU and have a shitty day, Shcrewmer. 🙂

@rseoane_ @man_integrated @wittmer0313 @FDA @cdc True, I remember reading this a while ago: But I haven't followed the space so not sure how scalable the manufacturing is today. And the you need to have tags+casing+monitoring all setup at the end of the vaccine production line.

@ShelbyTNHealth Social distancing should be practiced in combination with other everyday preventive actions to reduce the spread of COVID-19, including wearing masks. Continue to keep about 6 feet between yourself and others. The mask is not a substitute for #socialdistancing." @CDC

@feline248 @AP Resign @CDCDirector. Apparently you are confused, or out of the loop, or pandering to a lunatic president. Whatever it is, you do not deserve your position. No confidence in anything the @cdc says/does right now.

@Trumpdroog @r_ipsa @HansImG43219277 @TreyYingst @margbrennan @cdc Gladly. I’m not scared at all. And if so you throw your mask away never to use again?

@rhodes_1870 @Mominsweats @digwarrior4kids @NBCNews @cdc “Appears to be possible” is not the same as it is airborne. Also, this is coming from the WHO. I don’t trust anything coming out of them with their conflict of interest with CCP.

@QTexas1 @weijia @CDCgov Might want to check out CDC hypocrisy and lack of science..... it’s about the election not health or science. Virus 10Xsmaller than smoke particles... please explain>.....waiting,..... @realDonaldTrump is right! @CDC #CDCDirector is pandering #MasksDontWork

@Tacflame1 Watch, and I dare you to tell me that Masks Work! BTW, save the video before Twitter and Youtube take it down. @CDC, @CNN, @MSNBC @LadyRedWave @jamesplake721 @GODandCountry33 @pittman_george @aloverofblue @MsAvaArmstrong @CindyKendrick11 @asheborn57

@ambienformind @ADNOR78 @Mominsweats @NBCNews @cdc It's not about dying, (though close to 200k have died already, we have 20% of the worlds casualties) it's about hospitals being over saturated. Not only that, we're still in the first wave. I pray that none of your close one's dies in this fall. It's looking grim.

@MollyMc3 @_Fabricator_ @stompk I agree. @CDC should be replaced with experts from the private sector, @realDonaldTrump. Are there no consequences for defying an Executive Order from @POTUS? Corrupt career politicians & bureaucrats are trying to bring down our country. #DefundTheCDC

@Katybalagopal @Laurie_Garrett @cdc 6 lbs up March- July. 7 lbs down in aug but had to stop ALCOHOL. Was it worth it? nah

@JZ_nm @ABC @CDC @CDCDirector needs to immediately step down. Redfield is a disgrace and his bowing down to Trump’s pressure and NOT standing strong is going to kill thousands more. He will own those deaths just as much as Trump.

@hearing_nelson Sorry to hear should not have shut down our elective surgeries you are one of many suffering by #Fauci and @HGS @CDC stupidl lockdown

@bkdavs @Laurie_Garrett @cdc Considering obesity is a risk for severe COVID this seems a bit of a public health failure doesn't it. Strange how telling people to stay home, closing outside areas for recreation, and shutting down gyms plus stress results in obesity. Who would have thought

@DeepInTropics @CBS12 @cdc If you honestly believe everyone should be #masked, or worse yet, in lockdowns, you have been #Gaslit Its never to late to *walk away* from low information partisan politics. Do not let the backfire effect kick in. Wake yourselves up.

@KDegesio @GOP @realDonaldTrump No one believes the lies any longer. If the @CDC and a lying con man @POTUS are not on the same page about a vaccine, guess who most folks will believe? After all, wasn’t this all just a hoax the @Democrats created to make @realDonaldTrump look bad?

@lilshpgrl @CDC Director Please do not back down! Do not succumb to Trump's bullying. I Believe You! We Believe You! Please Help Protect American Lives! Masks Now! Vaccine only after successful & thorough testing...Not in October or by election day! After successful & thorough testing!

@jkcook17 @WoodStalker_ @elizabehsotner @cdc Schumer lost all of his credibility over the past few years. No person with a thinking process would believe anything he had to say.Most of his actions have NOT been helpful to OUR COUNTRY

@QTexas1 @CBSThisMorning @weijia Might want to check out CDC hypocrisy and lack of science..... it’s about the election not health or science. Virus 10Xsmaller than smoke particles... please explain>.....waiting,..... @realDonaldTrump is right! @CDC #CDCDirector is pandering #MasksDontWork

@silencethought7 Educate your people @Cdc or are you guys not telling the public everything Don’t trust it how about this today Farmington Hills Michigan MHP Covid Clinic 1586-945-5905 are sending Covid positive people back to work stating orders from the CDC, no second test required

@man_integrated @wittmer0313 @rseoane_ @FDA @cdc I eat my elephants that way. I'm not saying don't try. What I am saying is that too many politicians and rent-seekers are going to interfere in the process and absolutely mess it all up. I don't trust the cities that can't stop rioters to fairly provision/distribute vaccines.

@boatersRvoters1 @UNMC_DrKhan is it true that the @cdc downgraded Covid-19 from a #pandemic to an #outbreak? If so, the terms are not the same! OPEN UP AMERICA @pbpatriots @womenfortrumppb @boatersRvoters1

@jennie0501 @higdon_sherry @BluegrassPundit @GovAndyBeshear If you have the virus & you are asymptomatic/not showing symptoms atm you in turn are jeopardizing everybody else Studies prove mask save lives,you can find this info to review the studies By Not wearing a mask,you are putting others @ risk-Unless you are testing daily

@carmeng714fv @Laurie_Garrett @cdc Which is a real struggle for most of us I just don't want to be obese if I get and I know my BMI is 33 right now so I'm working on that

@Buhzuzu @Mominsweats @NBCNews @cdc USA is not the only country that got hit by Covid. Have yout ever used your common sense to wonder why countries like Sweden, the entire Africa don't wear masks but doing better than you

@Jitumoni28 @uttamsarma @WHO @cdc @JohnsHopkins @MayoClinic @MoHFW_INDIA @himantabiswa @Pijush_hazarika @nhm_assam @SerumInstIndia @PomiBaruah Herd immunity not going to work

@rhodes_1870 @tiemtodie @Mominsweats @NBCNews @cdc Yes, it is as the President nor Congress has the authority to force states to initiate such an order. We are a federalist government and such mandates come from governors not Congress.

@silencethought7 My heart aches, that you people are sending sick Covid patients back to work and telling them if they job accepts them, they can work you are killing people especially Latina and black. This is not hearsay it’s fact why @cdc @WHO what if it were your family member

@gregr971 @glubold Does the @CDC know the incubation period is now down to 12 hours. This is yuge.

@landscaper124 @Mominsweats @NBCNews @cdc And they should not its up to states. Move to China if u want everything to be dictated for u.

@ADNOR78 @ambienformind @Mominsweats @NBCNews @cdc It is infringing my freedom to get fresh oxygen to my vital organs. Also it has been proven recently that asymptomatic people so not pass on the virus as easily as symptomatic people, and the virus itself is not as contagious as previously thought.

@CliffBr76002894 @fsr_fd @JackPosobiec @cdc We all knew that That's why half of us don't wear mask cause we know they're not going to protect against anything

@EranzaEsp That is why we do NOT trust @CDC @WHO @NIH or any other 3 ACROYNM Government entity! They LIE, they have their own agenda #Agenda21 #NWO kind of crap & the #FluVaccine is BAD just like #Covid19Vaccine is gonna be bad! They are lying to #WeThePeople say NO to any vaccine! NO! NO!

@HennigerRanee Wtf? @MarkMeadows are you dating the head of our @CDC is not closest to the process of getting a vaccine? Who the fuck is? Not you liar.

@Roxann_Minerals Unbelievable. Apparently CDC guidelines saying people exposed to #COVID19 cases did not necessarily need to be tested— the ones that most of us in public health said were completely BS— were not even written or reviewed by @CDC scientists. Hello! No one trusts the @CDC anymore

@marymaguire To @SpoxHHS @CDC scientists are trying to give the American public straight facts about #COVID19. Stop harassing them & remember that #Americans pay your salary not #Qanon #CAPUTOMUSTRESIGN

@HansImG43219277 @Trumpdroog @r_ipsa @TreyYingst @margbrennan @cdc JT, I have been raise Christian and am still practicing. If I am to understand that life is a God given gift and is to be treated as his temple than I have a responsibility to treat as such, holy, which means clean. It is not I that I am considering. It's others, CDC says it too

@lucysta04020220 @FrankFigliuzzi1 @dismisstrump1 Frank-caputo @SpoxHHS is clearly on payroll of Putin& is actively working to undermine our @cdc scientists contribut to deaths of Americans predominantly blacks&Latinos! Why isn’t caputo being arrested & indicted for instigating violence?How could he possibly be employed by HHS

@NoslackC @CDCgov @CDCemergency @CDCMMWR @CDC Florida panhandle was hit by hurricane Sally with minor damage and a lot of flooding,over the last 3 day cases of covid 19 have gone up due to the fact @GulfPower still have not restored power to the places hit the hardest by @hurricanesally which are the black communities

@jdice03 Trump spent more time about who was going to call Fox & yell at them to set them straight than he did on the virus. I wished I had been more aggressive in fighting internal forces that were working against @CDC & other policies for the President’s personal agenda. — Olivia Troye

@VotinHimOut @cdc @CDCDirector Thank you for telling the truth. Do NOT PANDER to @realDonaldTrump. The American people deserve the facts and the science. He'll be voted out and you can get back to doing your job, instead of babysitting and pacifying the big Liar. #VoteBidenHarris2020

@wisekris @BryanAlexander @cdc Also this vaccine is for 18+ right now... no kids... I've heard trials might expand to 16 but still not most achool age kids.

@davidkeithlaw @WSJPolitics If you have to follow the advice of @CDC chief Robert Redfield or Whats-His-Trump, my advice is to go with the one who has a medical degree. Not from Trump U. Besides, who needs a vaccine when Trump's secret #HeatRay can kill the virus?

@wittmer0313 @man_integrated @FDA @cdc Use their supply chains then, pay them and target and other major grocery chains to be host storage/vaccine sites. Hell, most of them have pharmacies and staff available so it’s not like a shot clinic is a new thing.

@victoriastudio2 @JohnBerman @AlysinCamerota @drsanjaygupta @realDonaldTrump not only mocked every @cdc recommendation & in doing so endangers the attendees’ health at his rallies. He continues to withhold information even now. Bob Woodward’s book is spot on.

@EmSee36 @Mominsweats @NBCNews @cdc This is more of the same interview. With further comments of Trump saying to put something over your face while everyone else says not to.

@hjelle_brian None of we who have loved/hated @CDC for decades believes they don't want to test asymptomatic people.

@Bo62054946 Its time for the @cdc website to go down; wiped out & deleted so badly that it will take until 1/20/21 before it can be restored. The cdc sould not be allowed to become a political platform for a dictatorship. Just sayin!!!

@man_integrated @rseoane_ @wittmer0313 @FDA @cdc I've been working a similar solution to this for transporting COVID-19 test and RNA isolation reagent. But the problem is, that doesn't scale this quickly. You're talking about needing to make this process caveman-simple, while maintaining full traceability.

@DrozdMarlene This virus isn’t airborne, not my words, it’s the @CDC. Masks aren’t necessary, this is an experiment to see if there is a majority of sheep in this country, hopefully there isn’t. Freedom isn’t free, it must be fought for to keep it.

@TheJazzDad @atrupar If the Director of the @CDC isn't one of the people 'closest to the vaccine process', who is? If Redfield had any honour or balls, he'd come out and clarify, or he should stand down and tell Trump to shut the fuck up.

@31Scully @BTreenew @jakedanders @thauserkstp @cdc Wow. I don't want you on my side anymore. You must be a Biden supporter pretending not to be.

@BlueGirlsRule @atrupar The Director of the @CDC isn't one of the people closest to the vaccine process which means sociopathic politicians are in charge of American health. I will not take a vaccine that comes out in 2020. Especially if these crooks are in charge.

@SimplySarati @PrayersUnlocked @CDCDirector I would like to hear the answer to that too. Mr President - just like the @fbi under Obama loyalists went rogue on your presidency, so has the @cdc and this director, who is loyal to democrats only and not to America or it’s people, and on your WATCH bc it’s all a SETUP.

@clrh_mch #Trump just came out and gaslighted & ball faced lied to the American people ... saying US is ready to vaccinate in October. Then he had #Atlus back him up. #atlus is not an infection disease doctor nor has he been involved with vaccines. He is a @foxnewstalk whore! @CDC

@RLutic ⁦@JoeBiden⁩ does #AngreyOldMan appearance today where he says @FDA and @CDC word and process to approve vaccine 💉 is bad because ⁦@POTUS⁩ is ⁦@POTUS⁩ , and only his #angreyoldman rules will do ... Corus is dynamic and changing ... not static a #SlowJoe

@GypsySpirit1946 @pittgriffin Who does @MarkMeadows imagine are "closest to the process" if not @CDC, @NIH, @FDA, the experts at @HHSGov (not the political hacks appointed by Trump), and the real scientists and doctors working tirelessly to bring this pandemic under control??

@StephanieSwang2 @Butherflyer @LouDobbs @gatewaypundit @cdc @realDonaldTrump When you get too comfortable and are in that zone for a long time it can make one a bit cocky and sure of themself. I agree that a lot of them need to be reviewed and revamped every so often, so the people in charge realize they’re not the only ones who call the shots!

@Ephesianstwo_8 Call it what it is @jack @WHO @CDC @UN @twitter @Facebook, it IS the #WuhanFlu #ChinaFlu #coronavirus #covid Global Elites' attempt to shut down the entire planet. Nice try.

@FlyEagl45016466 @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden On top of that missed opportunity to show people he was capable of paying attention, dementia man, @JoeBiden, mumbled some garbage about Michael Caputo taking leave from the @CDC when he actually took leave from @HHS. Not sure any of the crack reporters corrected the idiot!

@AlexChowStuart @PlaysTrumpCard @drdavidsamadi @FDA @cdc @SteveFDA I’ve heard eating a MAGA hat offers improved immunity. Oh no, that’s a lie, like drinking bleach, not wearing masks, using light to cure covid, and all the other lies and trash that have come from Trump (“It’s a plague”) and his followers

@iMaGiNeprints @davidaxelrod That number is not the actual today. @CDC admitted to the numbers being too, high because they counted many unrelated #Covid19 deaths falsely. I know of several families who are fighting coroners for being deceitful. FedUP with your PC-BS lies from you #MSMPress #Democrat party.

@SunOrSki @CDCgov website states people should NOT wear N95/surgical masks.If they are not effective shouldn’t 1st responders & med. teams be warned NOT to wear them?If the @CDC intent is to reserve the ONLY effective masks, @CDC should state that the public recommendation is wrong.

@BethiahT @realDonaldTrump That is a bold faced lie! The majority of Americans will not get vaccine until mid to late 2021. We know because @CDC #DrRedfield TOLD us so.

@redhorse71 @Laurie_Garrett @cdc Lost 19 lbs down to 169 in last 10 weeks. Booya!

@VUMC_Insights Eating at restaurants may increase your risk of testing positive for #COVID19, @vumchealth and @CDC investigators found. Not being able to wear a mask and being seated too close to others may be why.

@radiochick841 @CDC director please respond directly to Trump using the words..."I am not confused" "I answered the question and understood it"...Directly rebuke Trump.

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