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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION - As the nation’s health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health, safety, and security threats. Server Status

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@Vapr4lifeJ @SuckMyMod @wendyvapes @CNN Hard to conflate facts. Although, they may try. @cdc confirmed their part was ILLICIT THC NOT nicotine @US_FDA did there part THC is not Nicotine ENDs 🤔🤦

@Hologic “The Silent Epidemic” Learn how newly published research demonstrates ability of a new test to detect Mycoplasma Genitalium, an STI that the @CDC labels an emerging public health issue.

@adevenow @maggieNYT @nytimes @BySheilaKaplan No government effort to educate smokers to switch off cigarettes to vaping. In fact, @CDC saying not to use e-cigs. But 1:1 advocacy by smokers and vapers helping smokers save themselves, in some ways analogous to early days of AIDS drugs.

@WHOEMRO @WHO @CDCFlu @WHOCCFluMelb @UN_News_Centre @FAO @jasghar @dr_ranaEmro @CDCemergency @DrAkjemal @OMSMaroc @UNNewsrblx @WHOYemen @OmsTunisie @cdc Flu is not the most transmissible virus. Information exchanges in #EMARIS2019 meeting gives us appreciation of how Flu virus is circulating. Improved surveillance gives us opportunity to find cases earlier but we need to respond faster.📹interview with Proff Stephen S Morse.

@naomigingold These kinds of headlines/stories... 1: spoiler, she still uses small opioid dose for maintenance. & 2: the people who are dying in opioid crisis r not these complex chronic pain patients. Read the data. Or the little the @CDC actually has and talks about

@MrByte2000 @sapienist @DavidPForsyth @CDCgov @cdc Sit down yourself, doc...back to med school with you. Maybe you can retake that Hippocratic oath and follow it this time.

@FrontByrner @MaaShealth @DanLairdMD @cdc I don’t mean to criticize the paper, it’s a great paper. They should and did note its limits. It basically says, “these psych interventions seemed to really help many people. Let’s explore this more”. My point is that NPR clearly did not read/understand the scope of the paper.

@PV_Hockey @DrJAshton @cdc Anyone that vapes, lets their kids vape, or doesn’t educate their kids about the obvious dangers is grossly negligent. To say otherwise is absurd. We tell our players, if you vape you are not serious about being an athlete

@McGraw99 @DrJAshton @cdc @DrJAshton I really hate to see these problems with Vaping and seeing a double lung transplant but let's address the obvious, most are underage and someone purchased these products for them. Teens Vaping is illegal, weather its 18 or 21 stopping underage is the issue here.

@PediatrishH Don’t go order a medium rare hamburger anytime soon! Multi state outbreak of salmonella with link to ground beef🐄 @cdc @AmerAcadPeds. Supplier not identified. Cook all ground beef to at least 160 degrees or skip it until further notice.

@adevenow @angelicalavito Glad to hear your dad is not going back to cigarettes. Need to keep momentum going of moving older smokers to vaping. E-cig use among older smokers flat in years up to 2017, when more and more older smokers started to make the switch per @CDC. Never too late.

@amymlcollins @AjayManhapra @headdock @Deeenst @PainPtFightBack @docroland @LelenaPeacock @DawsonInga @annavrmac @maiasz @tal7291 @ChadDKollas @giazillarawrr @Tootwisted40 @djwilliams35 @DrJulienArbor @process_x @NitaGhei @SomethngChronic @MM14551876 @karikruska @StopBadDocs @ThomasKlineMD @dr4liberty @ravensspirit68 @Pharmaciststeve @StefanKertesz @JoshBloomACSH @EMARIANOMD @KMBoling @RogueWolf2001 @SimonoffBob @JSG_54 @EDSAmanda @CherylIsanogle @Amy_L_Partridge @cremer_mary @DanLairdMD @DEAHQ @NatlAssnAttysGn If you are talking about the @cdc guideline, that was absolutely NOT written based on any science. In fact, they tried to publish earlier but could not because of just that-the lack of science/evidence!

@UCR_ScienceNews No, the @UCR_Belltower is not #vaping. :) Did you know that as of 11/13/19, 2,172 cases of #ecigarette, or #vaping, product use associated lung injury (#EVALI) have been reported to @CDC from 49 states, District of Columbia, & 2 U.S. territories? #VAPI

@4Abundantjoy @POTUS @CDC @WHO @HHS It's not JUST in California now! My thought is, since there is an ordinance for "owners" of dogs to pick up after their dog, & are companies that pick up dog waste, hire people to do this for vagrants w/ $ that is used corruptly?

@Cfesta79 @DrJAshton @cdc These lung illness folks are vaping THC not nicotine!!! Illicit black market products are dangerous. Smokers switching to a 95% less harmful alternative- i.e. Nicotine vaping which has 4 water soluble ingredients is GOOD for them.

@vibrantSun44 @adevenow @maggieNYT @nytimes @BySheilaKaplan @cdc Had allergic reaction to patches. Gum left me w canker sores. Not a cig since March bc vaping & down to lowest nicotine level.

@nateseltenrich @davidrdowns @cdc have you looked into the synthetic cannabinoid issue raised by @ProjectCBD? Think there's anything to it, as another contributor to illness caused by use of black-market carts?

@steveconnieWood My #goodfriend neighbor called, his #cancer came back. Started 2 yrs ago #Prostrate, now #kidney #bladder #lungs😭 HUGE ISSUE #NOPAINMEDICATION WTF FOR GODS SAKE, GIVE HIM SOME DAMN #PAIN #MEDICATION TRYING TO GET HIM HOME, I'LL FIND SOME FOR HIM @AMA @CDC #angry

@battlesuperbugs [email protected]: Getting your #fluvaccine will not only make it less likely that you get sick with #flu but can also reduce the severity of your illness if you do get sick. Get vaccinated to #fightflu now!

@adevenow @anniekarni @BySheilaKaplan @cdc I'm not a journalist, but seems important context to say: "But many other look-alikes, in flavors like chai and melon, have come on the market illegally to fill the void left by Juul’s actions."

@WHOEMRO @WHO @CDCFlu @WHOCCFluMelb @UN_News_Centre @FAO @jasghar @dr_ranaEmro @CDCemergency @DrAkjemal @OMSMaroc @UNNewsrblx @WHOYemen @OmsTunisie @CDC is working with @WHOEMRO for years. Many #EMR countries made significant progress establishing surveillance systems, National Influenza Centers & surveillance capacities. Clear objectives & accurate data are very important to progress.📹interview with Dr Kinda Zurieck, CDC

@RedDevi45604505 It is infuriating that @cdc continues to include vape as a tobacco product just to skew the numbers. Vape is not tobacco! Vape products deserve a heading if their own. We are tobacco cessation and harm reduction not tobacco!

@MrByte2000 @sapienist @DavidPForsyth @CDCgov @cdc FDA has complete ingredient listings of all registered e-liquids...which you would know if you had bothered to research. All compliant e-liquids have sent in their labels for review by FDA, again, you might know this if you'd bothered to research. CNN is not a valid source, Dr.

@leonardeo60 @FloridaMedical Why are your pain specialists mistreating intractable pain patients??? Is this a POWER thing? You are NEITHER following the orders of the @HealthyFla Florida Dept of Health NOR the @CDC. Doctors in Florida do not deserve a license to practice in any other state.

@adevenow @nytDeniseGrady Tragic. Great editorial by NYT on vaping. But not sure more money to @CDC will help if these illnesses are caused by black market cannabis products since @CDC doesn't regulate that?

@Roseina73 @realDonaldTrump The @CDC are just hurting the public even more by dragging their feet!!! We all know it’s vitamin E acetate Not #Nicotine #Vape And the @FDA knows this as well. The government is suppose to protect us!!! #keepMyCivilLibertys

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