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@kcbankruptcy @RoyBlunt @NIH But the point is you don't have it now! In fact I know contact tracing is not taking place in all cases! Children's Mercy may be able 2 get you the results in 2 hours but other places it's taking anywhere from 3 to 14 days. That is too late! You are not ready to open the schools!

@shauningeorgia @PatrickNova6 @realDonaldTrump That’s why we have got to do everything we can to prop up those who speak truth like Dr Fauci @NIAIDNews @NIHDirector @NIH @AP @AFP @CNN @AlJazeera_World @TheDailyShow @sethmeyers because if not then we have seen it, they’ll hire “doctors” who aren’t even licensed to sell HCQ

@imperiojp @RepMattGaetz Nah. @CDCgov and @NIH do and they do NOT like disinformation being spread by douchebag @realDonaldTrump . He has already killed 160k Americans and FB and Twitter chose not to perpetuate dangerous and stupid disinformation.

@eglass123 [email protected] Do for #ALS what you did for #COVID. #ALS is 100% fatal! Help ALS patients access promising treatments NOW! We do not have time to wait! #axeALS @HHS_ASH @realdonaldtrump @US_FDA @NIH @NIHDirector @SteveFDA @HHSGOV @BrainstormCell

@Rick__Roller @TheExcitedSout1 @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi Even with governors attempting to manipulate the death statistics, normal people understand that this is a big fucking deal. You telling them that it’s not is grossly irresponsible. Sociopath.

@blackbettyblog If you are wearing a face mask while running or long distance cycling in the hot sun there is not very much hope for you because you are too dumb to know what heatstroke is. @NIH @CDCgov @CAgovernor @CAgovernor @GavinNewsom

@eglass123 [email protected] Do for #ALS what you did for #COVID. #ALS is 100% fatal! Help ALS patients access promising treatments NOW! We do not have time to wait! #axeALS @HHS_ASH @realdonaldtrump @US_FDA @NIH @NIHDirector @SteveFDA @HHSGOV @BrainstormCell

@blackbettyblog That’s why it’s impossible to track an airborne virus. There are too many factors for the human brain to consider. You need to concentrate on what you can control like hospitals and medical equipment. Not micromanaging everyone on Earth in an unconstitutional way. @WHO @cdc @NIH

@TrueOriginCOVID @franciscodeasis @luigi_warren @_coltseavers @TheSeeker268 @AntGDuarte @KevinMcH3 @DrAntoniSerraT1 @Nomdeplumi1 @BillyBostickson @BahulikarRahul @ydeigin @babarlelephant @BioObject @Daoyu15 @JJ2000426 @scottburke777 @still_a_nerd @jjcouey @Harvard2H @uacjess @CarltheChippy @ico_dna @Real_Adam_B @nerdhaspower @RolandBakerIII @babarelephant @EcoHealthNYC @NIHDirector @NIH @NSF @alimhaider @Ayjchan @BioSRP Hongkong Pinyin and Mandarin Pinyin spells the same name in different ways due to the pronouciation difference. In chinese the written form is the unique identifier, not the spelled form...

@dubephnx @VanhoozerJohn @feliciasonmez @jaketapper @laurenstrapa Check the failure to move & separate the student lockers crammed together in the hallways. Violation of @CDCgov rules by the school & district administrators, not the students. @NEAToday @Lily_NEA @rweingarten @HHSGov @NIH @MSNBC @CNN @usmayors @NatlGovsAssoc

@HPJournalClub We wonder if there’s a policy solution to this #oncology / #DrugDevelopment / drug approval problem? Would it be at the @NIH, @US_FDA, or @theNCI? Or is it more of a cultural issue to [email protected] @JonathanDarrow #HOJournalClub #HPJC

@RepBillFoster Let's not forget that the Trump administration's most recent budget request includes drastic cuts to science programs, including cuts to funding for @NIH. Amidst the worst public health crisis of our lifetimes, this is grossly irresponsible.

@TheExcitedSout1 @Rick__Roller @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi 3. Show me your info on the lifelong lung damage and myocarditis. I’ve been following the science and everything I’ve seen indicates that it was isolated to a very small percentage who had preconditions. 4. I read all sides of this, I’m not in a bubble. You are in a cult.

@munro_nell @makewoman1 @Toof_the_foof @BuckAngel @WilliamShatner @NIH @NIH_NCCIH Trans people came up with the term trans, describing transsexuals. You don't get cissexual do you? I don't believe in genders, therefore no, its not ok with me. What would happen to all the non binary people if you did away with the trans umbrella?

@ChinaRosy @NatGeo Thank U 4insightful article. It runs counter 2hype &LIES @whitehouse @nih @CDCgov So-called, experts WHO 4got any COVID means there's loads more. They PRIMARILY rely on vaccine hype vs. UNIFIED outreach &protocols; which is sheer folly. #COVIDFREE

@sriknasty I’m not in favor of price controls but @NIH funding these Covid trials should come with strings esp considering moderna is pricing their vaccine at a premium to the other vaccine candidates.

@toefinger @NickPacilio @TeamTrump @NIH @CDCgov so corrupted by big pharma money ,incentive's to discredit HCQ . It works instead following science and data that proves it. they use studies we know now used falsified data even intentional Lethal dose not therapeutic dose to discredit it.

@eglass123 [email protected] Do for #ALS what you did for #COVID. #ALS is 100% fatal! Help ALS patients access promising treatments NOW! We do not have time to wait! #axeALS @HHS_ASH @realdonaldtrump @US_FDA @NIH @NIHDirector @SteveFDA @HHSGOV @BrainstormCell

@dianabuist @choo_ek @kpthrive did with @KPWaResearch and @kpwashington working hand in hand with other regions and academic institutions and @NIH to rapidly launch trials, change clinical care models, etc. But yes, there is no question that we could all do more together.

@samira_sadowski Great program for #surgeon-scientists to start a career @NIH - surrounded by amazing #mentors and team working to improve outcomes for pts w #neuroendocrinetumors @NCICCR_SurgOnc @mzeigermd @NarisN6 @TheAAES

@JamesNapoliMD A Phase 3 clinical trial to evaluate an investigational vaccine has begun. It'll be conducted at US clinical research sites and will enroll about 30,000 adult volunteers who do not have #COVID19. @NIH

@MFreeman_ATASED @Rick__Roller @TheExcitedSout1 @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi Rick, bravo to you for all of citing of medical articles and sticking w/ SCIENCE on differing strains of #COVID19 still emerging‼️ Tragically, there these red-hatted #MAGAts & #QAnonQuacks love to deflect and gaslight beyond all resson — even down to just WEARING A FUQING MASK‼️

@TheExcitedSout1 @Rick__Roller @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi If you were truly convinced of what you believe, and not just siding with what you WANT to be true, then you would have data that you were DYING to shut me down with. Look at how much energy you’ve spent debating with me. Why would you not want to just prove me wrong with data?😂

@chad69201700 @Fog5 @tedcruz @NIH @TexasTribune Biden has dementia half the time he cannot remember what state he is in Thailand is not the USA so I don’t care America first not our job to fix the world we can help but take care of your own first

@ttfn0104 @JimInhofe @realDonaldTrump @SecAzar @NIH Jim if you havent noticed the state is not happy with you. Or the BS you whisper in Shitt Stitt ear.We are tired of embarrassment you bring. Does stitts 34% approval tell you nothing? We are sick of u backing a guy that wipes his ass with the Constitution your sworn to protect.

@KSUresearch If you’re new to working with @NIH grants process as an investigator or administrator, then mark your calendar for Oct 27 – 30 for a unique opportunity to learn, share & meet virtually w/NIH & HHS experts. Don't miss out!

@GaiaPanMa @AmanpourCoPBS @camanpour @WalterIsaacson @NIAIDNews @NIH @jonathanvswan “Trump is trying to keep the spirits up of people in the country” ?!? oh #FauciFaust you expose yourself as being a true trumpite with that statement! his ‘trying’ is sending people into the spirit world not keeping their spirits up #StopMakingExcusesForTrumpFauci

@tibbs_cindy @mickeyfoon @DeanBrowningPA Plz provide the clinical trials proving that masks work, mickeyfoon! There are many (trials) proving otherwise! I’m not trying to be a jerk, we’ve all been lied to for politics:/! Stay healthy! @realDonaldTrump @NIH @CDCgov

@SwiftMha The moment after hitting submit on a @NIH grant proposal... Congrats to the @ncats_nih_gov #CTSA teams across the country working on #RADx programs. This summer had been an amazing year so far.

@TheExcitedSout1 @Rick__Roller @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi Yeah seem to do a lot of assuming. Assuming is not a very scientific method of determining truth. 😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻

@Nick6439 @LongstrethMary @RoyBlunt @NIH He'll go down in history as the worst POTUS ever. He's a threat to our Country, our Democracy, our Freedom, our way of life. He's a thug.

@NammiKan @JAMA_current @NIH @NIHDirector @NIDDKgov Diet is not the result of individual choice. I would encourage @NIH @niddkgov to fund more #implementation and #policy #research on how to make sure everyone has access to healthful and safe foods. @aliehope #foodjustice

@Shelbylstfranc2 @NIH @CDCgov how is it that the plague have less symptoms than this #ELECTIONINFECTION ? I am a scientist that is seeing so many symptoms on the media and infectious disease doctors claiming they are related to covid-19 Its not possible or plausible

@PyeattRichard @RoyBlunt @NIH I like the idea of serious scientific research that needs expedited so that it can be utilized to effect millions of lives can be broken down to some dumb reality show so all the rubes know what your big smooth brain is trying to say, real cool my boy

@ScottMenard18 @NIH How is this from NIH and who not against Twitter or Facebook rules on trying to put out oppositional information on covid-19 they said they didn't finish the study how can you make an assumption if you don't finish the study so we're supposed to take their word for it and who

@lisa_studiom80 @NIH So... you plan to bust down the 🚪s of every 🏡 in 🇺🇸 to "persuade" folks to take what #COVID19 vaccine you pu$h after your "messaging" fails to do the job? How Orwellian of you, @NIHDirector! #ThursdayThoughts

@blackbettyblog @NIH Did you engineer a solution to life so we can live normally? Douchebags! Not everyone has a mansion to stay home in!

@PEYESTRO @chris_g_2121 @richardursomd @ClawzKatz @NIH @GileadSciences No remdesivir has been shown to be effective in randomized controlled trials. Hydroxychloroquine was shown to have no effect so FDA revoked its emergency use authorization. Physicians can still order it off label but it’s not indicated/ pointless.

@HtownQ69 Another motivator to explore are the direct competitors with branded Rx for #coronavirus on the panel have $$ ties to [email protected] Those compete with #HydroxycholoroquineWorks which is 1/100 cost. #Fauci et al are not altruistic or gods.

@TheExcitedSout1 @Rick__Roller @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi How could be so stupid as to not see how everything you just said would equally apply to you claiming that long term lung damage definitely occurs!? This is crazy. I cannot believe the hysteria you idiots are experiencing. You’re happy to be ignorant. It’s so obviously partisan.

@SaraNeurotic @ceoofkti @HotepJesus Trumps “handling” of this pandemic is not his fault but @CDCgov @US_FDA @WHO @NIH. You know,those agencies who get paid BILLIONSof dollars to do their jobs. EXPERTs in their fields. Apparently they’re not. How would you have handled it?

@Rick__Roller @TheExcitedSout1 @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi The data WILL inevitably write the story but rather than “I should have taken it seriously!” you’ll be hooked up to a vent, not screaming ANYTHING, your body struggling to stay alive while your family says “why didn’t he pull his head out of his ass & pay attention to the facts?”

@SterlingWright Maybe there is a viral load low enough to cause this initial symptom, but still not be detectable to the test. Maybe this is an issue of test-sensitivity. @NIH @CDC @JHSPH_CHS "In a study of 961 health care workers who were tested for Covid-19, anosmia was the most predictive

@sesiegler I did submit comments to @NIH this past week on the use of animal models. I’m not sure when they are going to start retraining all of the SRG members so that innovative applications that seek to avoid animal testing aren’t incorrectly penalized for avoiding animal testing.

@Rick__Roller @TheExcitedSout1 @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi I never said long term lung damage DEFINITELY occurs. You misread that because your head is lodged in your ass. You twist & spin everything you present, call it fact, & try to shout down anyone who points out the fallacy of your argument.

@chaitali_abp Moderna now open Covid vaccine trial to HIV-positive people. The company said, it’s committed to working with all communities who could benefit from Covid-19 vaccine. @moderna_tx @NIH @NIHDirector #Covid_19 #COVID19 #CovidVaccine

@TheExcitedSout1 @Rick__Roller @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi You’re not addressing the first part, it’s way more important: this article is about whether having Myocarditis BEFORE you get COVID leads to a higher chance of myocardial injury once you get COVID. It’s not about COVID causing it alone. COVID doesn’t cause long term damage.

@makewoman1 @damomen76 @munro_nell @Toof_the_foof @BuckAngel @WilliamShatner @NIH @NIH_NCCIH You act stupid on Twitter. You get called out on it. See bigotry is a sign of a small mind. So try not acting like a stupid bigot and people will stop calling you one. Simple, right? Or is that too much for you to understand?

@TheExcitedSout1 @Rick__Roller @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi Then tell me what I don’t understand. I’ve been following this. The treatment has gotten worlds better. Yes of course we need to take it very seriously, but you are overreacting. This is comparable to H1N1 and the country did not react like this. Show me your info 4 long term fx

@JOY1966Mimiof4 Fauci details issues underlining virus crisis via @usatoday @NIH Dr Fauci still lying by not admitting HCQ works until he is able to do that no one will believe him ever again...he has lost credibility with most American citizens

@chad69201700 @Fog5 @tedcruz @NIH @TexasTribune You bet I support Trump and I will continue to vote conservative I have a family that I have to provide for so I will not vote for a job killing dem

@TheExcitedSout1 @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi Your info is insane. If you want to get a real picture of things, I’d suggest not relying on analysis of data, and just look at the raw data. Our numbers are, at most, comparable to European numbers, and in most cases are far better. Also, southern states did better by far.

@Heerak4Congress Anyone working or going to school should test daily! You can be asymptomatic but have it! Incubation Period. Prodromal Period! @CDCgov @NIH @US_FDA @NIAIDNews @NINR @AmerMedicalAssn @ANANursingWorld @BBC Watch video on pinned tweet at top to understand!

@toefinger @mattgaetz @45IsMyGuy2020 @NIH @CDCgov so corrupted by big pharma money ,incentive's to discredit HCQ . It works instead following science and data that proves it. they use studies we know now used falsified data even intentional Lethal dose not therapeutic dose to discredit it.

@TheExcitedSout1 @Rick__Roller @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi That’s official CDC data that shows that this virus poses about as much of a threat as a bad flu season to people below age 65. And you haven’t even attempted to refute that. Because you can’t. Why are we locking down schools when this virus barely affects anyone at all under 20?

@surfsup_69 @DarrickWilkins @zev_dr @NIH #covid19 is going to go down as the event that exposed the deep state and led to public guillotines.

@CindyGlasgow @drbeen_medical @NIH Who's Hillary? Where's the rest of the contact information? Did Hillary even ask Dr. Fauci? Probably not. So..Dr. Collins @NIHDirector, can Dr. Fauci talk to us and @drbeen_medical about the #COVID19 pandemic? Please make arrangements asap. Thank you.

@shauningeorgia please do Dr. Fauci @NIAIDNews We would like REAL scientific updates on the literature not nonstop propaganda that kills our brain cells. This is also hazardous to peoples health @NIH think about the mental distress trump is causing us all and do something to fauci direct to us.

@sexbasedrights @makewoman1 @munro_nell @Toof_the_foof @BuckAngel @WilliamShatner @NIH @NIH_NCCIH @NBCNews @jk_rowling So why did you hack mine with a link can you reply to my tweet? Liar liar liar. Just like your nightmare about who you are and what you are. You’re not a woman. You can go blind up as much as you want with your clever fuckingHaven’t the heart to anybody software but there it is

@ONC_HealthIT #Researchers, be sure to read the @NIH guide notice (NOT-OD-20-146) encouraging use of @ONC_HealthIT U.S. Core Data for #Interoperability. This standard will make it easier to exchange health info for clinical care and research.

@hmkyale @CMichaelGibson @texhern @NIH Love this… @CMichaelGibson making the point that we need to earn the trust of informed patients these days… through 2-way conversation. Not paternalistic relationship, 1-way conversations and partial information.

@darthsomnus @JimInhofe @realDonaldTrump @SecAzar @NIH Same old playbook right Jim. Use hot button topics to divide us into two camps while you fleece us both. I don’t think it’s working as good as it used to. I’m voting for @abbybroyles!

@lake_slave I took it to state.Treaty for war on Gangs. Rodney King was profiled as Gang Member w/60 IQ when Sober. Rodney King was not in a Gang 1995 Racial Hate Treaty & I wrote 1995 Law officers civil liability act mental disability Justice 2 civil rights Rodney King @StateDeptPM @NIH

@SmileDayDream1 @malibuprincess2 @cher Try to use more reliable information like @NIH & CDC. I guarantee you are being mislead by half truths. Of course doctors are paid for Covid. There is always going to be some misreporting here & there but it’s not the common case. People are dying of #Covid. Especially in the US.

@eglass123 [email protected] Do for #ALS what you did for #COVID. #ALS is 100% fatal! Help ALS patients access promising treatments NOW! We do not have time to wait! #axeALS @HHS_ASH @realdonaldtrump @US_FDA @NIH @NIHDirector @SteveFDA @HHSGOV @BrainstormCell

@sexbasedrights @munro_nell @makewoman1 @Toof_the_foof @BuckAngel @WilliamShatner @NIH @NIH_NCCIH @NBCNews @jk_rowling He’s blocked me now of course. I’m probably going to have to pay to have my computer wiped and put back to factory settings.Not sure what the situation is with the phone and iPad.

@KellyCurran20 @RoKhanna Who’s fault is it that scientists especially the @CDC could not invent a test more quickly! Where was Fauci? Labs did not have the ability to process tests effectively? What good is @CDC @NIH etc if they can not act quickly? It’s BRAND NEW VIRUS right? Learning curve?

@eglass123 [email protected] Do for #ALS what you did for #COVID. #ALS is 100% fatal! Help ALS patients access promising treatments NOW! We do not have time to wait! #axeALS @HHS_ASH @realdonaldtrump @US_FDA @NIH @NIHDirector @SteveFDA @HHSGOV @BrainstormCell

@jenniferclmn @DrLeanaWen @CNN @IHME_UW The difference, is striking but neither estimate is acceptable. (Mask/Without Mask) You need to add the number of loved ones LEFT in heartbreak & grief. Some...taken in their prime. NOT AN ACCEPTABLE number of deaths. WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS COUNTRY?? @CNNnewsroom @CNNSitRoom @NIH

@rv_mathi @NIH I hear another study on Maleria med to be started by @NIH with 2000 covid-19 patients. Why start another study when der hav been 5 others ? Y not include Zinc sulfate in the protocol thats shown promise? Can split the 2000 into two and add zinc to one side?

@Rick__Roller @TheExcitedSout1 @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi He got the part where you’re trying to “trap” me by claiming I’m not able to prove something I never even said in the first place. You’re delusional!

@TheExcitedSout1 @MFreeman_ATASED @Rick__Roller @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi I guess you missed the part where the single article he posted was being completely misinterpreted and was not at all about what he claimed. It also proves he never read it in the first place. Yet you are somehow proud of this. It shows your hand. You just want to be right. Shame

@USAMRIID @PattyMurray @NIH @BillGates @CDCgov @POTUS @TheJusticeDept ALL these deaths are not all caused by covid19. Numbers have been so inflated, by outside influence thats tied directly to us DoD offocials etc. Its a PROFIT GAME & CREATING A DNA FILE ON AS MANY PEOPLE POSSIBLE GLOBALLY @ODNI_NIC etc Bet a $100K That SCITSC data will come out.

@ape_bass @Zucchinna @makewoman1 @Toof_the_foof @RealWumben @BuckAngel @WilliamShatner @APA @AmerMedicalAssn @WHO @IPAWorldorg @aapos4kids @NHS @NIH No it's not. 'peer-reviewed', means 'reviewed other scientists in relevant fields'. It doesn't mean reviewed by anyone with an undergrad degree in Gender Studies who thinks they're adding value to the world.

@RoyBlunt Under this Shark Tank-like program, @NIH is working closely with the private sector to develop tests that provide accurate results in minutes, and are inexpensive enough for people to take as often as necessary.

@jenniferclmn I'm NOT trying to tell people what to do but I don't like the inequality in America. @Jim_Jordan asked, Dr. Fauci @NIH IF #BlackLivesMatter protests caused increased infections of #COVID19 #coronavirus Has ANYONE in @GOP @SenateGOP said ANYTHING about #Sturgis @MSNBC @CNNnewsroom

@rv_mathi @NIH I hear another study on Hydroxy to be started by @NIH with 2000 covid-19 patients. Why start another Hydroxi study when der hav been 5 others ? Y not include Hydroxy protocols that include Zinc sulf. thats shown promise? Can split the 2000 into two and add zinc to one side?

@ER_Ebel @mbruchas @AndrewHires @NIH @hhs And equipment. Plus PI summer salary? It does not seem like enough to get a job done. Maybe with multiple of a year or lots of trainee fellowships

@PeterHotez So right now this is not my fear. The secret strength of America rests on our research universities, institutes, and @NIH. If we feel something unsafe is being pushed on the American people for political expediency, we have the power to draw a line in the sand and say "NO"

@blackbettyblog If you covered up the exhaust pipe of your car it would not work. @who @NIH @CDCgov @CAPublicHealth You are advising the world population to cover their air holes. @CAgovernor @GavinNewsom In a hot climate change summer. I can’t put it any more simply than this!!

@Rick__Roller @TheExcitedSout1 @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi Where is the TONS of data you claim to have? You didn’t post it here. Science doesn’t care if you believe in it or not. You’re just here to stir up shit for political purposes which is what makes you such a pathetic loser.

@FunchainMD @kgbuela @NIH_LRP @theNCI @NIH Thanks K Ann! Working on getting to the level of your past grant successes 😉

@smuofo [email protected] Do for #ALS what you did for #COVID. #ALS is 100% fatal! Help ALS patients access promising treatments NOW! We do not have time to wait! #axeALS @HHS_ASH @realdonaldtrump @US_FDA @NIH @NIHDirector @SteveFDA @HHSGOV @BrainstormCell

@HCCAPublication The @NIH and @NIHDirector s advisory commitee is seeking input on ways to enhance #rigor and #reproducibility in #animalresearch. Comment deadline has been extended to Aug. 21.

@SusannahFox @HelenBurstin @AllofUsResearch @AndreaRamirezMD @NIH @AAMCtoday @AtulGroverMD @atulbutte @MooreFound @CMSSmed This webinar is so rich I'm not tweeting, just listening & absorbing, looking forward to watching it AGAIN to catch all that I missed in the fabulous firehose. Thank you to all the panelists!

@RoyBlunt Under this Shark Tank-like program, @NIH is working closely with the private sector to develop tests that provide accurate results in minutes, and are inexpensive enough for people to take as often as necessary.

@Anli1971 @makewoman1 @IStandWithHer1 @Toof_the_foof @BuckAngel @WilliamShatner @NIH @NIH_NCCIH Ideological dogma can infiltrate any institution. For eg. psychiatrists used to call women suffering trauma 'hysterical'. There's no evidence for an innate 'gender identity'. According to their own definitions its based in cultural ideas about each sex, not medicine.

@eglass123 [email protected] Do for #ALS what you did for #COVID. #ALS is 100% fatal! Help ALS patients access promising treatments NOW! We do not have time to wait! #axeALS @HHS_ASH @realdonaldtrump @US_FDA @NIH @NIHDirector @SteveFDA @HHSGOV @BrainstormCell

@vision_quality I requested @NIHDirector @NIH @CDCgov @CDCDirector Via facebook for a low literate version of Dr Fauci’s talk. Get a CHES certified health ed specialist to insert some graphics. We forget not everyone is an immunologist!

@protect1stAmdmt You all good with this @CDCDirector @CDCgov @Surgeon_General @NIH @NIHDirector @NIAIDNews @SecAzar @HHS_ASH? Trump is the reason the US hasn’t gotten the virus under control. He flushes your hard work educatinng the public down the toilet to score political points. #TrumpVirus

@jbkrell @reluctantlyjoe @angie_rasmussen @rkhamsi @PrEP4AllNow Of course lol we are not even doing high throughput screening with live virus cuz @NIH is too scared of asking some PIs to move out of their BSL3 space temporarily.

@TheExcitedSout1 @Rick__Roller @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi You are exactly like 95% of dems on here, completely assured that you’re right, but with no actual data to point to that supports your ideas. You are all bark and no bite. You’re the definition of a zealot. It’s embarrassing. The tell is the classic “not my job to show you” line.

@avoiceforchoice "..headlines referring to #WarpSpeed - the name of the U.S. operation aimed at delivering a #COVID19 #vaccine to the U.S. population by next year - could increase vaccine hesitancy even more than perceptions that the disease could become less lethal." @NIH

@PhyllisMarion7 @RoyBlunt @MissouriGOP @NIH 6 months later and a reality show program and this what we get a bunch of maybe, maybe not. By the way they should be free to everyone as in no charge if they ever happen. Are you on the Donald Trump 2 week timeline or the it’s coming soon very very soon timeline.

@eglass123 [email protected]_FDA Do for #ALS what you did for #COVID. #ALS is 100% fatal! Help ALS patients access promising treatments NOW! We do not have time to wait! #axeALS @HHS_ASH @realdonaldtrump @US_FDA @NIH @NIHDirector @SteveFDA @HHSGOV @BrainstormCell

@TheExcitedSout1 @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi As far as inflating death numbers, this was not even specific to Texas, it was widely reported that the CDC guidelines for what to classify as a COVID death were inflating numbers and were only changed about a month ago. Also, all of the death counts are dropping across the US 😂

@Nikki4Towers @RoyBlunt @NIH I haven’t seen you in photos anymore with your friend, President Trump. Not wanting to be associated with him anymore, Senator Roy Blunt? I’d be very careful!

@Rick__Roller @TheExcitedSout1 @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi You’re hung up on THAT? That was the first article of dozens. The research is out there. It’s not my job to educate and spoon feed you. “COVID doesn’t cause long term damage.” How can you POSSIBLY make that claim? This is what makes people like you dangerous.


@DarrickWilkins @zev_dr Yes, but not for #Fauci’s bank account. Gilead who makes #Remdesivir is Fauci’s number one donor to @NIH’s foundation. 🤔

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