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@GDay_Neuro @Da_Mesquita_S @MayoClinic Welcome to the fold, and to Jacksonville. I look forward to working with you!

@CantBUYHeart @MattFinkes @MayoClinic These Drs clearly just want football as we know it eliminated-if that’s not their agenda then this risk needs to be placed in the same category as concussive issues and potential paralysis - everyone knows it’s a dangerous sport...#playsafe #WeWantToPlay

@gerdmullah @wokal_distance @SharonneHayes @MayoClinic @MayoClinic why is such a lightweight activist employed by you ? I'm not asking you to fire her, but some mandatory dewokification training should be given, and soon!

@KayCain026 What kills me is they act like they can’t figure out this virus!? Is anyone working on trying to get the answers??? @CDCgov @ClevelandClinic @MayoClinic @OSUWexMed

@AJBentall Matching is important...defining the causes of allograft loss are important at as highlighted to manage patients not just the mismatch @massini_me @matthewdcostaMD @MayoClinic @caschinstock

@maverick4pa @MayoClinic I don't even have to get into the controversy about whether CV is lab altered or not. WHY DO WE HAVE BIOWEAPONS-PERIOD!!? Oh, the bar is so low. How many different ways can we kill ourselves? It's great for general anxiety, you can sell more pills. FEAR OF DEATH SYNDROME.

@Jitumoni28 @ParijatPriyada1 @MayoClinic @drharshvardhan @MoHFW_INDIA @himantabiswa @Pijush_hazarika @PomiBaruah @AMCHDibrugarh @abhijitsarma @web_doctor @drbgos @DrRajbangshi But plasma therapy working very nicely for moderately I'll to early severe cases so I insist all recovered covid patients to donate their plasma and save lives of others this is my bottom line

@Mysindependenci @CityofJax @lennycurry @UFHealthJax @Jaxhealth @BaptistHealthJx @MemorialJax @BrooksRehab @MayoClinic @NASJax_ HELL NO! I WILL NOT BE FORCES TO WEARCA USELESS GAG DEVICE! @lennycurry NEEDS TO GO! RESIGN NOW!

@MomSkelton @MattFinkes @commwagg24 @MayoClinic page Does NOT LIST Novel SARS-Covid-19 heart issues as NO PROBLEM, Does not say-disappear Covid Recovered have Blood clots, renal failure, lung issues it took decades after Chicken Pox Virus to “discover” Shingles 3-decades after AIDS Virus and still no vaccine.

@AllPedalNoBrake @MarcusBeam1 @MattFinkes @MayoClinic Thank you for clearing up that you are too emotionally wrapped in this issue to discuss it logically.

@Aladinsane40 @ciarakellydoc @Dr_RPM @IHCA_IE @Bcgkelly @walls2 @jimboblucazade @ethansgrumps @ChrisPedlar1 @ElvinBox Not according to @MayoClinic their website states “there is no conclusive evidence,” @ProstateUK don’t even mention it on their website & @HopkinsMedicine say some experts “theorise” on the matter but nothing conclusive other than 2 studies not exactly strong scientific evidence

@goqivana @AstroDirector @CityofJax @lennycurry @UFHealthJax @Jaxhealth @BaptistHealthJx @MemorialJax @BrooksRehab @MayoClinic @NASJax_ Not a lie & they wear same mask as most people. My brother-in-law is also a lieutenant for fire dept in Duval & tested 10 times positive so far. He always wore a mask. He still test positive and they told him to come back to work anyway. #facts

@SwimNMom1 @SamCaudell @MattFinkes @MayoClinic The panic porn is in full effect...the media REALLY wants to shut down sports & schools badly. (If the buildings are closed & parents can’t get babysitters due to shutdowns...they can’t vote in person. Right?) Propaganda trash.

@KaraDupuy @GallodeMoraesMD @MayoClinic @MayoPCCM It is the BEST place to train. I am not biased at all🙊

@cle_mama @MattFinkes @MayoClinic Myocarditis can be a “rare” side effect from several viruses. Keyword being RARE. It is not exclusive to Covid. And Kawasaki is often correlated to vaccination. Its maddening that we are shutting down society for such RARE occurrences. And people are buying into it! Twilight zone

@MarcusBeam1 @AllPedalNoBrake @MattFinkes @MayoClinic “The prevalence of myocardial involvement in infections caused by influenza virus ranges from 0 to 11%, and the clinical appearance of influenza myocarditis is not common [7], [8], [9]. In the literature, few pediatric cases with influenza myocarditis were reported.“

@SantanoSarah @idiot_unstable @MayoClinic A Pres.Trump’s getting plasma?? I hadn’t heard that. How’s he taking something away from someone who needs it? B I never said he should get it, I said that your mindset is wrong, everyone deserves help. C Who r u to decide who is too corrupt or not human to deserve help?

@justthevax @schneiderleonid @MayoClinic @NIH @NCIFredOutreach To be fair that may not have been updated yet by the meeting organisers

@PoMoRed @luvindiemusic @ajamubaraka @POTUS @MayoClinic @Twitter @Facebook No. Not showing symptoms IS NOT "essentially immune." An infected child who is not showing symptoms is 100% capable of spreading the virus. Carriers are not immune. POTUS might have misspoken, but that still makes the claim both wrong & dangerous to public health.

@Sky03413577 @MayoClinic @CNN What??!! That's not what I read in research..concerning respiratory viruses- in fact, the ones who had the Flu shot were more likely to acquire Covid 19 virus. This is very suspicious coming out now...who is funding this? Causational science or just correlational? Agenda pushing

@peggylimbo @wokal_distance @SharonneHayes @MayoClinic bloody hell hypocrites, also that 2+2=5 thing, how can they be blind to see that they hav biases too, so fine dismantle symbols/meaning but y then think they can rectify it neutrally with 5 like y not 2+2=8? whats so gd about 5? its ridiculous pompous hypocritical insidious bs...

@SchairerIBDMD @RishiNaikMD @HorstIBDDoc @MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @abbvie @JanssenUS @MayoClinic To clarify from this study - 5 IFX pts responded - 1 ADAL pt - 2 CRT pts did not respond So Combo Tx CRT+IMM as no antibodies to it? Or combo tx UST+IMM? UST+IMM = UST mono tx in UNITI-LTE at 2 years follow up

@NASAWatch Listening to a seminar on #stemcell research in #microgravity on the @Space_Station sponsored by @ISS_Research / @ISS_CASIS - presentation by a @MayoClinic researcher. Too bad @NASA HEOMD does not promote ISS research events like this. Missed opportunity to engage new audiences.

@BeeLynnNYC @MayoClinic you offer a deservice to all the patients, their families and the communities who suffer from endometriosis by not updating your definition of the condition.

@TDmitrovicz @MayoClinic Food And Health Safety Is A Scientific Discipline Which Defines Profilaxis In Regard To Bacterial And Viral Infection (s). It Has Been 6 Month (s) & Mayo Still Does Not Have Critical Point (s) In Regard To COVID - 19. Would You Want Me To Remotely Volunteer 4U On This 1?

@TheTrut00189982 @MayoClinic The plasma you donate is SOLD to 3 companies, one of which is owned by Soros. 70% is sold to other companies outside the US. Do not fall for this latest attempt to steal our blood that is used for ritual sacrifices and consumption. Check out video on Tore Says. Undercover deals.

@benzosarebad @Jer_Hobbs @PsychRecovery @CunliffeSue @vampiresiren2 @Herne_TheHunter @DrDathanPaterno @ReadReadj @ClinpsychLucy @EmmaMil78154882 @emmafriedmann @MeshCampaign @JoanneD_ @MPD_NZ @MayoClinic My ability to cope with stress is gone now. Since drug withdrawal. Feel very dependent on others. Independence taken away. Not a nice feeling at all. All of it completely unnecessary.

@UMRochester Brady Zell, UMR class of 2018 and current biomedical sciences PhD student @MayoClinic College of Medicine, works in a specialized lab to study SARS-CoV-2. Zell is working on developing a new vaccine strategy.

@lylldy @MayoClinic Fyi for all the ones who are willing or want to "try" generic Plaquenil: you can't donate blood, you're at risk for vision issues, etc.! Not sure if those stipulations are forever, or after 20 yrs, go away. O- blood.

@DrAngelaMattke MN set a new record + #COVID19 cases yesterday! Not the record we want to be setting. People are getting too lax in their social interactions. If you weren’t having parties and going to the bar in April, you shouldn’t be doing it now. @MayoClinic staff —> Let’s #LeadByExample

@BizDupe @MayoClinic Threatened PT with legal action if PT called to escalate the denial of using @WellCare_Health insurance @mayoclinic @Centene @WellCare_Health is not accepted there for nonpayment PT services mgr @MayoClinic is ruthless & unprofessional BREACH NEGLIGENCE

@AllPedalNoBrake @MarcusBeam1 @MattFinkes @MayoClinic Yes, and? I think it's pretty well-established that myocarditis is not a "common" effect from viruses. Just as it's not a "common" effect of Covid-19. Only now are we obsessing over outliers. Kind of proves the point. But you're here to obfuscate. Not to talk in good faith.

@benzosarebad @Jer_Hobbs @PsychRecovery @CunliffeSue @vampiresiren2 @Herne_TheHunter @DrDathanPaterno @ReadReadj @ClinpsychLucy @EmmaMil78154882 @emmafriedmann @MeshCampaign @JoanneD_ @MPD_NZ @MayoClinic Brain reacts badly to stress. Panic sets in. Cannot think at all. But I do not have many stressors to cope with. I dont think I will cope if something major goes wrong.

@MartaGonzlezAc2 End #ALS. Just end it. Not in 2 years but today. No one else should die!!! No one!!! Get #NurOwn to us and again no oe else should die!!! @SteveFDA @DrWoodcockFDA @DrAbernethyFDA @US_FDA @Surgeon_General @WHO @BrainstormCell @Cylebo @MayoClinic @dukealsclinic @MGHNeuroSci

@pharmamaven @SaraEisen @ScottGottliebMD Why is BARDA not also approving grants for anti-virals like @MayoClinic COVID Chairman Dr Badley's Ph 2 trial using $BSGM merimepodib a novel host directed drug (benefit is it can work in mutations/future viruses) with new MOA starving #COVID19 to help address this pandemic now

@SVForum “We don’t do a thing without the @MayoClinic giving us recommendations and telling us what to do because we are not the expert in medical. Delta is not a doctor in how to combat Covid!” ~ Scott Santoro with @Delta 🛫 #SVFMobility

@BlackedOut223 @CityofJax @lennycurry @UFHealthJax @Jaxhealth @BaptistHealthJx @MemorialJax @BrooksRehab @MayoClinic @NASJax_ People getting so worked over masks. This is the hill you choose to die on!? Nevermind how your freedoms have been taken away by BOTH parties for decades or your history torn down by RINOs like Mayor Lenny. Nope, "muh freedom is in danger cause of mask requirements."

@SaanichtonM @MayoClinic @washingtonpost People having no symptoms is good on the one hand. The vast majority do not get too sick (at least in the short run) but asymptomatic carriers should be extremely alarming when you consider the cunning viruses ability to spread fast and without a trace. @CDCofBC @johnmacarthur

@atrace83 @AllPedalNoBrake @MattFinkes @MayoClinic If they truly cared about the health of the students, not the politics of the moment, they would demand permanent follow up to the condition after every time a student has a cold or the flu.

@MissyMorrowPhD @hongfangliu I like to always remind folks that working from home isn’t necessarily efficient when working parents are managing no child care and home schooling. I think it’s important for @MayoClinic to know it’s NOT working for everyone.

@MarcusBeam1 @AllPedalNoBrake @MattFinkes @MayoClinic I’m not pro shutdown my friend. You have missed the point here. The point here is to allow them to play safely. I thought that was the goal no?

@maxonwifi How worse? Potentially two to three times the testing volume, Bobbi Pritt of @MayoClinic told CBS News. Unless rapid tests are able to scale-up quickly, that would underscore every issue labs are already facing.

@patty78962 @MayoClinic @CDCgov And those statistics? appear to be in Democratically run cities. Viruses do not discriminate.

@PaulaHepler @MayoClinic Gays are not allowed to donate. Saw someone (Andy Cohen/Bravo) try to and was turned away

@RishiNaikMD @HorstIBDDoc @MondayNightIBD @DCharabaty @abbvie @JanssenUS Retrospective data on 24 patients prior to 2012 from @MayoClinic shows combination of biologics and endoscopic therapy can work, but not universally effective. This phenotype is likely more complex that fibrosis

@BoeckerDewey @and_kell @MattFinkes @MayoClinic The same heart risks are caused by other viral infections...even the cold in some cases. Potential heart complications are not unique to this virus.

@EllaBulldogWI A rant/thread. When this outbreak started, I was really glad to live in MN. @GovTimWalz was working with @CIDRAP and @MayoClinic along with @mnhealth to do what we had to do to control COVID-19 outbreaks. 1/

@YB92419890 @TheTrut00189982 @MayoClinic please send me link to any info on "biolife plasma" in tears to learn someone close to me is donating in houston... i cant stop them synthetic plasma is fine but not this

@Jitumoni28 @ParijatPriyada1 @MayoClinic @drharshvardhan @MoHFW_INDIA @himantabiswa @Pijush_hazarika @PomiBaruah @AMCHDibrugarh @abhijitsarma @web_doctor @drbgos @DrRajbangshi Exactly..As covid19 itself is very new so everything is on trial phase .. even patient who have recovered we donot know the faith because patient who recovered from severe phase their lung field is not so good.. another 6 to 12 months we need

@Terri00977514 End #ALS. Just end it. Not in 2 years but today. No one else should die!!! No one!!! Get #NurOwn to us and again no oe else should die!!! @SteveFDA @DrWoodcockFDA @DrAbernethyFDA @US_FDA @Surgeon_General @WHO @BrainstormCell @Cylebo @MayoClinic @dukealsclinic @MGHNeuroSci

@DrLaPrincess The #BlackChurch is at the ❤️ of the #AfricanAmerican community. Working to debunk myths by disseminating #COVID19 facts to #churches with @MayoClinic will save lives and promote #HealthEquity. Thank you @CharityLScott @sandrogalea

@ParijatPriyada1 @Jitumoni28 @MayoClinic @drharshvardhan @MoHFW_INDIA @himantabiswa @Pijush_hazarika @PomiBaruah @AMCHDibrugarh @abhijitsarma @web_doctor @drbgos @DrRajbangshi @JAMA_current @JAMANetwork There it is, Statistically not Significant! Secondly, this trail had to be terminated eventually for being unable to detect a clinically important difference.

@JackAndrewsMD Finished and submitted a paper on Urosymphyseal Fistual after prostate cancer treatment this week to @EUplatinum @JimCatto that @boyd_viersMD and I had been working on for 5 years with @MayoUrology, @MayoOrthoTrauma and @MayoClinic Plastic Surgery! (FIVE YEARS!)

@HillsboroughNTF Share these images with anyone in your circle of influence that thinks vaping is not a big deal. Research is proving that permanent lung damage can occur when vaping is continued by a person. Thank you to Dr. Butt of @MayoClinic in Arizona for sharing these startling images.

@andrew68074724 @MayoClinic Hi from Melbourne Australia, not a great place to be at the moment. This new drug may be a game-changer

@ShaeH20 @MayoClinic I had Covid and wanted to donate my plasma, but I was told because of my health issues it would jeopardize my health and I could not. That broke my heart. I wanted to help save other’s lives . I think the public should be made aware that all cannot donate their plasma.

@MarcusBeam1 @atrace83 @MattFinkes @MayoClinic I just told you. I’m not a cardiologist but my friends who are say it’s extremely rare. Like they might see it once a month. My buddy in the NE has seen it 12 times this week. Again, it generally resolves itself. We just have to do it safely no?

@JoseLaquidain @kelleyllc @elidet @lorakolodny @RMac18 You are not familiar with @ScienceMagazine, @nature, @TheLancet, @newscientist @NEJM, and the like? Or with @MayoClinic, @JohnsHopkinsDOM, @GeneralHospital, etc? Not to mention @WHO and @pahowho. Or your trusted pediatrician. Or any nearby hospital, clinic or medical center. Ask.

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