Is Mayoclinic Down?

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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - MAYO CLINIC - MAYO CLINIC - Seamless care that revolves around you: more than 4,700 physicians and scientists collaborate across Mayo Clinic campuses in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota. U.S. News & World Report ranks Mayo Clinic as the #1 hospital overall and #1 in more specialties than any other hospital in the nation. Server Status

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@tpt In 2016, Native Americans in Minnesota were 6x more likely to die of a drug overdose than their white counterparts. Find out how native communities are working to change this. Made in partnership with @MayoClinic.

@JoshuaUda @WSJ @Google @MayoClinic Privacy is needed. HIPAA empowers Portability w Accountability for privacy. It enables sharing of health data for patient good. Why? Because #Healthcare is not a consumer issue. It is a #Humanitarian issue. We must see that to save lives as leaders like @LisaSandersmd have shown.

@elnorad The medical community needs to start a conversation about how to re-calibrate the range of lab parameters classified by gender. Because these ranges may not apply to other genders as changes will most likely be only phenotypic @KBTH_GH @MayoClinic

@sharpie510 Dr. Quiñones-Hinojosa @DoctorQMd mentions in this audio clip that $NWBO is working on SEVERAL trials in laboratory with Mayo @MayoClinic @MayoCancerCare. DCVax-L DCVax-Direct #DCVax #glioblastoma #gbm $mrk $bmy #cancerresearch #cancercare Go to 25:50:

@jayhen219 @JoeHall97941259 @MightyO24091331 @jack @jimmykimmel @SenSchumer @Oprah @MayoClinic @ChrisCuomo @BarackObama @HHSGov @SpeakerPelosi @Rob_D_Niro @KevinKlineActor @JohnLithgow @TheEllenShow @DanRather @tomhanks @donlemon @RepAdamSchiff @washingtonpost @CoveredCA @MayorOfLA @USC @CDCDirector @ExploreSpaceKSC @spanish1natl @CornerstoneEdm @NIMHgov @MentalHealthAm @mentalhealth @Columbia @aboutKP @dailyzen @meditationsapp @mxiety @Paula_White @CoryBooker @MTV @tedlieu @historylvrsclub @BBCPolitics @RoyalFamily @Queen_Europe @JustinTrudeau @CillizzaCNN @jeffmason1 What's wrong with this? I don't get it? This was in 2012-2015. He was not elected yet. Also I think that's before Ergoden decided to become a dictator.

@spedbraet @MayoClinic @E3_Sullivan @GallaudetBison @jokell24 @utpbfalcons @KStateFB My man @E3_Sullivan I the man both on and off the field. He always has a smile and is ready to ball! Not many made like him! Congrats to all

@boomer12k @MayoClinic I stopped my paralytic fear of going up to the roof...took about 15-20 minutes... watch my video on the results...the episode has not returned in over 2 years. #Fear and #Anxiety and the ladder episode on FB:

@MayoClinicKids Children with #epilepsy are benefiting from recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease. @MayoClinic researchers are working to develop biomarkers for antibody-negative neuroinflammation causing epilepsy and cognitive impairment #NEAM2019

@SanjayaKGupta1 @bonnno showing participants in @HOPERegistry at #AHA2019. Working together to understand cardiovascular causes of maternal mortality. @MidAmericaHeart @saintlukeskc @MGHMedicine @MayoClinic @umichCVC @HopkinsMedicine

@DrSinhaEsq @susieQP8 @AmyOxentenkoMD @LaurieBaedke @LauraRaffalsMD @RakheeBhayaniMD @JulieSilverMD @MayoClinic @SMoeschlerMD @SashaShillcutt @TiffanyLovePhD Look for the people reaching down to help pull you up! #SheLeadsHealthcare #NeedHerScience

@Stephen_Chaney @ShahabKhalil @leahbitt2 @AlyaaGad @MayoClinic Depends on perspective. If you’re the doctor doing your 15th scope that day and have been doing such lists for years, then it may be routine for them. For the patient, it’s not routine. But reference to routine in ths instance is making a point about risk.

@roadsgo_on @MayoClinic @WHO @CDCgov Then quit allowing it in beef and chicken , not to mention all the pharma in the seas 🤦‍♀️

@tpt According to the National Safety Council — the odds of dying as a result of an opioid overdose now exceed the odds of being killed in a vehicle crash. What else do you need to know about opioids? Made in partnership with @MayoClinic.

@WassonMegan @MayoGynecology @MayoClinic @AAGL Congrats Dr. Magrina! Many people come in and out of our lives, but some have more of an impact than others. This man is hands down the most influential #mentor in my life. Throw back to the gala from #AAGL2014.

@EvidenceBaseFSG #Biosimilars may not always be cheaper than #biologics, and they face other regulatory challenges too. Click to read about new analysis of these: @UMNews @MayoClinic

@vmontori @egan_am @MayoClinic And you treat our patients with expert care, tremendous curiosity for their situation, and obvious compassion. To their benefit, you are also a clear and supportive teacher in the diabetes unit. Delighted to be working with you and proud of what you do with and for our patients.

@DiederikDeCock Treatment goals are not discussed in RA practice between pt-rheu. If not discussed, patients are less likely to reach treatment response and care satisfaction. This area needs more attention! #ACR19 @MayoClinic @EMEUNET @ACRheum @FerreiraRJO @eular_org

@MightyO24091331 @JoeHall97941259 @jack @jimmykimmel @SenSchumer @Oprah @MayoClinic @ChrisCuomo @BarackObama @HHSGov @SpeakerPelosi @Rob_D_Niro @KevinKlineActor @JohnLithgow @TheEllenShow @DanRather @tomhanks @donlemon @RepAdamSchiff @washingtonpost @CoveredCA @MayorOfLA @USC @CDCDirector @ExploreSpaceKSC @spanish1natl @CornerstoneEdm @NIMHgov @MentalHealthAm @mentalhealth @Columbia @aboutKP @dailyzen @meditationsapp @mxiety @Paula_White @CoryBooker @MTV @tedlieu @historylvrsclub @BBCPolitics @RoyalFamily @Queen_Europe @JustinTrudeau @CillizzaCNN @jeffmason1 While Bayou Steel has not given any specific reason for the closure, we know that this company, which uses recycled scrap metal that is largely imported, is particularly vulnerable to TARIFFS. >>Just one more example of discontent @JanKEliasson @unions4workers @OnLaborBlog

@tmalinMLS When Physicians Become Patients - @ChutkaMD sat down with @MayoClinic’s Phil Hagen, MD & Melanie Swift, MD to discuss physician well-being, barriers to proper care= time, employer support, peer relations @MayoMedEd @EGgammell #MayoClinicTalks #podcast

@jamestherabe @OfcrZip YOWSA! These samples cannot be of any use to anyone now. And I'm not even thinking #HIPAA I thank God regularly I work less than 3 block from #Rochester_MN's @MayoClinic.

@hopedellon @BABSBARBY Just back from @NJHealth, which, though they helped my husband years ago, I do NOT recommend: I found long, grueling workup off-point and unhelpful. Wish I had gone to @MayoClinic, although have heard mixed reports.

@MayoClinicHS @kazweida Kaz, I am sorry to read about your journey. I need to clarify: Have you contacted @mayoclinic about a visit? If not, I can get you contact information for you to get in touch.

@TheAACE Congrats to all our Year-2 Fellows-in-Training who completed the #EndocrineUniversity program at the @MayoClinic this past weekend! Take a look at some photos from the event on Facebook and share with friends!

@wjsierra33 @lenraleigh @KenDBerryMD @MayoClinic That is "old fashion" and has proven not to work. Read the Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz the history behind the food industry and in some cases single research that lead us to where we are today - sicker!

@DCRINews DCRI’s Christopher Granger participates in a debate against David Holmes of @MayoClinic, arguing that although there is a space for both #RCTs & #RWE, #RealWorldEvidence should not be used alone to guide clinical & regulatory decisions. | @AHAMeetings #cardiotwitter

@lesliecyale Fully agree it is daunting! But not impossible, and the mechanism is #3 below. Coalitions key to culture change in #Leadershipsaveslives. See @BMJ_Qual_Saf: & @ehbvassar @MaryDixonWoods @YaleGHLI @YaleSPH @MayoClinic @TomCalvard

@LimestonAtelier @theproject3x5 @abrewi3010 @JackieZimm Other zebras, hybrids CIDP, get to specialized neuro or facility i.e. @MayoClinic Seek other outlets for support and financial assistance. Each silo has a network. Always a battle. Not just the dx, but every treatment cycle.

@JSEarly1 @routefindersff @MayoClinic @SpiritHalloween @nixonfoundation @USMC @POTUS @POTUS44 @NatCathedral @ZurInstitute I prefer to focus on the good, the positive, things that will enrich my life. We all have plenty of negative baggage, but choose not to put it ahead of the positive. Focus on what makes you feel good inside!

@AllonKahn @stevenbollipo @MayoClinicGIHep @MayoClinic I honestly don’t use Maloney dilators during endoscopy, perhaps for that precise reason. For self-dilation, I think the key is to communicate to patients that the Maloney is not so much dilating as maintaining patency. Resistance/pain/bleeding = stop and call me to evaluate.

@GoHealio [email protected] projects about 20% of all drivers will be at least 65 years old by 2030. Experts from @MayoClinic & @FSUCoM provide tips on bringing up the topic of driving with #olderdrivers: @PomidorAlice #primarycare #medtwitter #seniorcare #eldercare

@kmody29 @MiteshBorad discusses not to forget about the gain of function FGFR2 mutations...not only the Popularized fusions, in #Cholangiocarcinoma #HPBSCM @MayoClinic #HPB2019 @GIcancerDoc @MiteshBorad

@OncoThor @kmody29 @MayoClinic @GIcancerDoc @MiteshBorad @drjasonstarr @sonbol_bassam We should always look for somatostatin receptor expression in G3 NETs. Ga68 DOTA PET ideal but IHC for SSTR2A is also available and MUCH less expensive. Whether SSTR2A IHC is sufficient to screen is not known however.

@candacegranberg 2/ I guarantee those of us who grew up in small town #America are some of the hardest-working, dedicated people you will ever meet. Takes #grit to go from where I was (and small college, non-“elite” med school) to #urologist at @MayoClinic. Happy to discuss with anyone.

@kazweida @MayoClinicHS @MayoClinic This guy looks like your resident expert, but he’s a researcher and not a clinician. He might be able to recommend who to see however.

@jayhen219 @JoeHall97941259 @MightyO24091331 @jack @jimmykimmel @SenSchumer @Oprah @MayoClinic @ChrisCuomo @BarackObama @HHSGov @SpeakerPelosi @Rob_D_Niro @KevinKlineActor @JohnLithgow @TheEllenShow @DanRather @tomhanks @donlemon @RepAdamSchiff @washingtonpost @CoveredCA @MayorOfLA @USC @CDCDirector @ExploreSpaceKSC @spanish1natl @CornerstoneEdm @NIMHgov @MentalHealthAm @mentalhealth @Columbia @aboutKP @dailyzen @meditationsapp @mxiety @Paula_White @CoryBooker @MTV @tedlieu @historylvrsclub @BBCPolitics @RoyalFamily @Queen_Europe @JustinTrudeau @CillizzaCNN @jeffmason1 A lot has changed. The poll numbers were right for the most part. She neglected to go to the battle ground states, the next wont, She's unlikable, trumps approval rating among Repulicans and independents are way down compared to 16. The impeachment hearings reveal lawlessness

@leahbitt2 @MayoClinic Colonoscopy is not routine! I was 51, had the test and 6 days later hemorrhaging from it caused 2.5 liters blood loss (1/2 of human volume). After blood transfusions & intensive care, I lost 1/2 of my hair and all of my muscle tone; 2 yrs to recovery.

@GriseldaZetino Football is sending the most young athletes to the emergency room, according to the @CDCgov. [email protected], director of sports medicine at @MayoClinic in Arizona, tells me why he's not surprised by the findings.

@Rongen_Jan @ArthroplastyB @DrLeeRubin @AAHKS @tauntonm @MayoClinic To my knowledge no randomized studies comparing with or without X ray. Although it sounds logic to use X ray in daa, it is still debated by many. Here in the Netherlands most surgeons do not use fluoro during surgery.

@HealioFM [email protected] projects about 20% of all drivers will be at least 65 years old by 2030. Experts from @MayoClinic & @FSUCoM provide tips on bringing up the topic of driving with #olderdrivers: @PomidorAlice #primarycare #medtwitter #seniorcare #eldercare

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