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@Co74Si @DrTedros @Haavisto @WHO Tedros used to be a terrorist,now he’s moved up in the world he’s an international terrorist. Not even joking.

@Realist0021 @WHO Anyone who is sane will not pay any attention to you Evil commie f-cks . You are the virus and to be dismantled or locked up for life for mass murder genocide so STFU War is coming assholes and you bastards started it

@ChuckerChekker WHO should be renamed to WORST HEALTH ORGANISATION. Why there has been no check on the world’s virus factory China? Why the Chinese virology is not been baned yet? Total ban to be imposed no imports or travel from china @WHO @UN #BunyaVirus #coronavirus #hantavirus #chinesevirus

@wakeuponmybed @WHO We started wear masks since Jan/Feb, while WHO was saying not necessarily for healthy ppl to wear masks in March...Winnie Happy Org makes the covid19 disaster even worse as ppl/countries trusted ur information

@nwlust @DrTedros @WHO You should nominate @lopezobrador_ México 🇲🇽 need it, and he along with @HLGatell refuse to do it, and they argue that there is not scientific prove that it helps

@Jazz_Ameen @Im_AsifHanifa @UNHumanRights @hrw @UN @WHO @UNGeneva @CTVNews @nytimes @washingtonpost @trtworld @Reuters Sad though how mny ppl are just watching it happens and not a single one tries to help! Cowards!

@saigal_nikhil @drharshvardhan @RahulGandhi @WHO It's now is proved that @RahulGandhi knew better tha WHO and still you ignored his advice because of your arrogance and your inability to handle the crisis have put India in this position!! Having some shame and remorse is not a bad thing to do now!!

@Rick__Roller @TheExcitedSout1 @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi The data WILL inevitably write the story but rather than “I should have taken it seriously!” you’ll be hooked up to a vent, not screaming ANYTHING, your body struggling to stay alive while your family says “why didn’t he pull his head out of his ass & pay attention to the facts?”

@philbyo @Banzure07 @DavidColtart @ZLHRLawyers @KumbiraiMafunda @KazembeKazembe3 @MoFA_ZW @WHO_Zimbabwe @WHO @DougColtart Good observation and Sorry I did not had the opportunity to ask him why?

@apoorva_nyc @RoniNYTimes @CDCgov @WHO If you look at another metric, number of cases per 100K people, NY is at 23. Which, according to a report by @ashishkjha @dsallentess @j_g_allen et al is “orange” zone — meaning should prioritize elementary school and disabled kids, and maybe middle school, but not High school /4

@sam_a____ @WHO Ironically, you’re the same body who said „wearing a mask is only necessary for sick people. Not everyone is required to wear a one“ and „it’s under control“

@Indiason1 @drharshvardhan @RahulGandhi @WHO Come clean on no. of tests we are doing? Come clean on Patanjali goof up, come clean on still glaring lack of adequate good quality PPE's! Focusing on Gandhi family is not going to make Covid go away. As a doctor, you should know that. As a Min., you are accountable.

@Patrick19455893 @WHO It’s good to keep folks from becoming hospitalized. I notice they qualified by saying that. Like condoms are not effective at stopping pregnancy in the second trimester.

@camillaengelby @LReiding @DRNyheder @WHO Reporting that outdated news is being spread on a social media site that is flawed does not reflect badly on the news media reporting it. The same cannot be said of the people who go on to spread the same misinformation on other social media sites.

@RhydianL92 @DeannaEagles @WHO Agreed! Cost of people wearing a mask? Nothing affect of someone wearing a mask? A life saved, a family saved from grief, a future guaranteed. Have to think of everyone and not just ourselves in these unprecedented times. Stay safe, stay healthy!

@RhondaCM @BoxingAsylumWhy @JustJoshinNH @mattklewis @WHO Nope. Too long to explain but many were chicken anything would cause panic especially masks and were concerned for first responders, too long for Twitter and we are never going to agree as there is not one thing I like about trump.

@Bide12123658 During this harsh pandemic times it is not fair to conduct exams at the risk of mental& physical health @DrRPNishank @narendramodi @DG_NTA @HRDMinistry @AmitShah @ndtv @WHO #SaveJEE_NEETstudentsPM #PostponeJEE_NEETinCovid

@Mousumidas777 @drharshvardhan @RahulGandhi @WHO Sir, did not you watch WHO's WARNING? Day by day covid 19 cases are increasing and you're saying Nothing to worry about it. Why did WHO WARN ONLY INDIA? ANSWER US AND OPEN YOUR EYES. NOW total 2M+ subscriber of Corona @PMOIndia @AmitShah @DrRPNishank

@UNMC_DrKhan #NewSARS Multilateral Response One more reason to not withdraw from @WHO, the US can no longer engage in efforts at reform to prevent the next pandemic. Germany and France quit WHO reform talks amid tension with Washington.

@BoxingAsylumWhy @RhondaCM @JustJoshinNH @mattklewis @WHO Where’s the logic in that? The Netherlands and WHO still do not promote mask use. Are they still afraid of a panic and lying to the world about what they actually believe? We are well past “day one.”

@Scott1984FP @fighttlibtards @michaellockie @DrTedros @WHO No, Its Not Overly Corrupt :/ The Chinese Dictatorship Never Allow Freedom To Access China, Interactions, Etc, So Once @WHO ,Knew In January 2020, They Told World It Was A Serious Worldwide Pandemic & New Unknown Strain Of The Corona Virus, They Said Test & Trace, & MORE :)

@splatnz @joferts @DrTedros @miaamormottley @AbeShinzo @leehsienloong @Pontifex @jacindaardern @MarinSanna @vonderleyen @WHO He’s the muppet who told the world not to wear masks

@leslie_motz Thank you to the health heroes I have had the privilege to work beside @LakeridgeHealth @DurhamHealth @DurhamParamedic and to all I have not had the honour of meeting but remain in awe of across the globe @WHO @ONThealth #collectivepower

@ChilaJar @Chikwe_I @WHO @NCDCgov @nighealthwatch @DrTedros @VIhekweazu @AfricaCDC @CDCgov @JNkengasong @JeremyFarrar @DrTomFrieden Nice one boss,,but the issue is dat Our govt has turned most of us to beggars,,so how do we beg for food with our mouths closed🤔🤔🤔

@ivaningrad @WHO As you say, healthy people do not need to wear a mask in open spaces. Our government in Spain is forcing us to wear it even if we are alone in an open space, everywhere, everytime. We need help. Help Spanish people.

@DM58453477 @dcavSSM @JLeighD1 @WHO Just so it's clear my tweet isn't saying masks are not effective (despite weird people interpreting it that way), I'm saying the exact opposite and I was begging Americans to wear a mask back then when WTO told people not to.

@shenaz_irani @drharshvardhan @RahulGandhi @WHO Sir, Please listen to Rahul Gandhi's advice🙏he is learned.We are not bothered or going to listen to your stupid advice..Thank you..

@twright55 Hey @AmbCuiTiankai Ambassador! So how does it work? You pay @WHO and John Hopkins to post fake #coronavirus cases on @GovernorVA health website? Because #tiktokdown is down and because jobs are leaving China, and because @stevenmnuchin1 @MarkMeadows tariffs China? Curious. True?

@MelissaFleming In the latest episode of Awake At Night, our @UN podcast, I speak with @DrMikeRyan, who is leading the @WHO team responding to #COVID19 & tirelessly working to save lives. He takes me on a journey through his remarkable life of public service. 🔊:

@yusufq @DrTedros @WHO Tedros is a liar and a corrupted chinese puppet, he is the reason why we are facing this pandemic, he is a shameless,incompetent man and has blood of innocents on his hand,all this campaigning is not going to cover up the truth,shame on you Tedros, rot in hell

@UN_News_Centre “I urge all leaders to choose the path of cooperation and act now to end #COVID19,” @WHO chief @DrTedros at the @AspenSecurity Forum “It’s not just the smart choice, it's the right choice and it’s the only choice we have.”

@CovidTrajectory #Indonesia needs more resources from @WHO to curb the pandemic which is not abating but 'leapfrogging' forward. The NC#s are low for such a large population. R(0)=13; R(T)=0.99; TC=118753; (NC*=2657); NC(1)=2; NC(T)=1882; E(NC(T+1))=1802 (CI: 1641-1963); IR=0.07.

@BigRay541 @MarkwardLynn @getderb @WHO Keep telling yourself that. Again... Read the book not your political pamphlets you get mailed to you

@LReiding @camillaengelby @DRNyheder @WHO I think one should leave relevant institutions to determine what is relevant and not an interest organisation with dubious or political intentions. Who performs independent audit on the media to verify things are done correctly. To me It's a self proclaimed centralised media.

@DhanyaTweets World Health Organisation Chief Scientist @doctorsoumya urges world leaders to avoid “vaccine nationalism” and think of vaccines for everyone around the globe and not just their their own people @ACJIndia @WHO #VaccineTrials

@elvisjj That will be interesting indeed as I only expected them to play this PANDEMIC till close to summer and not through out summer as that's when people like to get out but obviously the @WHO and @CDCgov and the LIBERAL MEDIA had other plans to push it through out the summer

@Jaywalk90075373 @DrTedros @WHO Virtue signaling does not equate to having a moral compass or standing on moral principles. It is more important for people to be perceived as “nice” than to fight for the rights of themselves and others. America is a nation of spineless, brainwashed cowards!

@EagleRye @Chikwe_I @WHO @NCDCgov @nighealthwatch @DrTedros @VIhekweazu @AfricaCDC @CDCgov @JNkengasong @JeremyFarrar @DrTomFrieden Saying or inferring that wearing masks is not for personal protection is discouraging to laymen. People are generally selfish and don't really care about protecting others. The message has to be that it protects the wearer primarily and most importantly.

@BigRay541 @MarkwardLynn @getderb @WHO With respect, I choose to learn from people who seek to change sin, not encourage or ignore it because it's accomplishing something they want.

@Dusan07 @DrTedros @WHO hey you... puppet of the New World Order... Keep your face open so that we can recognize criminals like you. Your transvestite keep for yourselves mask wearing creatures. You are sick and do not push people to be sick too. You are going to burn like all eugenic masters

@BBBBachao @drharshvardhan @MoHFW_INDIA @AyushmanNHA @moayush @PMOIndia @BJP4India @BJP4Delhi @JPNadda @AmitShah @WHO @WHOSEARO Its good tht u r saying not to b afraid of corona. But scientist also say tht wearing mask for hours is also not good for health. And @davidicke n many others say its a conspiracy, either there is no sch virus n if there is thn its not tht deadly as is being projected. Yr thots?

@dsallentess @sherean @apoorva_nyc @RoniNYTimes @CDCgov @WHO @ashishkjha @j_g_allen You need to check the number of new cases on a seven day rolling average, not the absolute number of cases which is what your number sounds like. Try this map tool:

@PinkEle31705153 @WHO I looked @ your website for correct 😷 type & correct usage. Had to really dig for it. Why not have a video that is the very 1st thing that pops up as soon as we Google WHO website. This info is virtually totally abscent from public education 🗺️

@priyankaknows @Amitsha80217943 @TOIEditor @WHO There are too many questions unanswered , is there any assurance that vaccine is going to come ? What if there is no vaccine for next 2 years . Since you are tweeting , I assume you have a nice internet connection , smart phone and also your kids are not missing on academic part

@IPO_censored @Chikwe_I @WHO @NCDCgov @nighealthwatch @DrTedros @VIhekweazu @AfricaCDC @CDCgov @JNkengasong @JeremyFarrar @DrTomFrieden I wear a mask everyday, to avoid, escape and avert @PoliceNG harrassment, whether we all wear mask is not what we protect us from Covid19 in Nigeria, but atleast we won't be held under duress to bribe any officer or be unlawfully harrassed for not wearing mask.

@LReiding @camillaengelby @DRNyheder @WHO They have no authority and should never be given one. You can refer to them but never as in your words make them a source of "facts" for they are not.

@oldengold @drharshvardhan @RahulGandhi @WHO Are you really aware that your state of preparedness has caused india to have >50000 cases per day as of now? Are you aware that you are not reporting true figures of testing and finding cases? Are you aware of the denial of healthcare in the country ?

@UNICEFUSA Today marks the start of World Mask Week! By wearing a mask, you're not only protecting yourself; you're protecting other people, especially those most vulnerable to #COVID19. With @WHO's #WearAMask challenge, we all win!

@M___N___O @zooming159 @itsJeffTiedrich @realDonaldTrump @WHO All of this is fucking bullshit, a psychological experiment that the 1% get to just watch unaffected. This is a plan to divide and depress us. This bullshit virus of fear/hate will not harm me and I should be able to be at my grandma’s side in the hospital right now

@ConarMark @JennyMikakos What kind of health mini sitter lack statistic basics? #COVID19Vic Your modeling are wrong all the time. @WHO is against lockdown. Your gas lighting and emotional manipulation is driving Victorians to despair. Cases go down because of herd immunity. Lockdown is false positive!

@haylestales @WHO Why would I wear a mask if I’m asymptomatic? You told us it was rare for an asymptomatic person to transmit onto a secondary person. I will not wear a mask. This is a political move and I’m not playing.

@metroshilaluke9 @reubenlekoetje @FloydShivambu @WHO @HealthZA Remember, they can only advice It's up to countries to implement or not.

@Lioness79457760 @FloydShivambu @WHO @HealthZA You really lower yourselves sometimes in trying to attack government. This is laughable and not worthy of you


@IngoHeuschkel @JeremyKonyndyk @WHO 2/2 Some of these are routine for WHO by now, they do not need any political Leader of any country to tell them it has to happen . The least someone who has no clue how WHO actually works, what they can and can not do, what IHR is, what PHEIC means and obliges members to do...

@SmartassChaotic @mbachelet @UN @WHO @andersen_inger @CokeHamilton @DrMukhisaKituyi The way my country and it's citizens have handled this virus makes me honestly embarrassed to be an American, wearing a mask and distancing from people should have never been a political issue. Once this all sorts out I'm going to throw away my citizenship and live in Europe.

@Sarah132132132 @Paulcla84713288 @grandmaofanange @WHO I wouldn't wear a Chinese made mask and sure not going to take a vaccination made there either. That's what I call patriotism #ChinaLiedPeopleDied #BoycottChineseProducts

@Bhawand60599337 @WHO @AmitShah @cbseindia29 @narendramodi @PMOIndia @DrRPNishank Plz sir help us #cancelcompartmentexam save our life sir #cancelcompartmentexam Plz sir help us sir #cancelcompartmentexam in this covid 19 situation is not able to take exam in this situation plz plz 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

@Stevies08101407 @thenewcharedim @WHO B'cos SCIENCE proves masks protect against bacteria! There's a heap of evidence that socially distancing = not natural, causes mental health problems & prevents herd immunity. Lockdowns-not proven to prevent the spread. Have caused crippling loneliness numerous suicides!

@uniceflac 😷By wearing a mask, you're not only protecting yourself; you're protecting other people, especially those most vulnerable to #COVID19. With @WHO's #WearAMask challenge, we all win! Via @UNICEFUSA 🙌

@sc03043870 @DrTedros @miaamormottley @AbeShinzo @leehsienloong @Pontifex @jacindaardern @MarinSanna @vonderleyen @WHO If the mask is effective, the the airlines should start flying, economy should be fully opened, no need to lock down, no need social distancing. No two ways about it. Follow the science, not fear mongering

@brooks9675309 @WHO Lies from the w.h.o. See agenda 2030 and Agenda 21 They ARE NOT worried about healing you...they have a goal to reduce the population. Truth is they are simply evil. Its all about the $$$

@KNReddy_WB_FDA @USAmbIndia @narendramodi @PMOIndia @StateDept @WhiteHouse @gvkbio @US_FDA @realDonaldTrump @WHO @ansm @EMA_News @HMOIndia @AmitShah @SecPompeo @agesnews @BBCWorld @DrSJaishankar @TelanganaCMO @AndhraPradeshCM @USAndHyderabad @rashtrapatibhvn @shosrnagar @CPHydCity @SwatiLakra_IPS @TelanganaDGP @GVSanjayReddy @IPAOfficialPage @PrinSciAdvGoI @Reuters @WIONews @VidyaKrishnan @the_hindu @rdivia @EconomicTimes @melindagates @TheKeshavReddy @KTRTRS @fsgbio @SkyNews @TheEconomist @FDACommissioner @SCIEXnews @nsitharaman @EU_Commission @AddlCPCrimesHyd Shiny🌞 and Cloudy ☁️🌤️☁️Good Morning to the people of Hyderabad 🙏 Quote of the day from Sri #SwamiVivekananda's teachings 👇 {Honest hearts will decide (based on my 9 years brave marathon Whistleblower fight 💪) whether I perfectly suitable for Swamiji's golden words or not}

@Avanish25256027 @drharshvardhan @PIBHindi @MoHFW_INDIA @AyushmanNHA @moayush @PMOIndia @BJP4India @BJP4Delhi @JPNadda @AmitShah @WHO @WHOSEARO I am aware of this fact but Why my up government has not notice on each and every persons health why they organised exam ?????? And please if you have the authority to stop to exam please stop others exam thanks ???????????

@RamMoha82601373 @raghuynt @MayaRao @Cpt_Naveen @VoicOfNewIndia @ram_soc @sudhir_san16 @Kumar41130209 @murali772 @kalkur_vivek @SandeepAnirudha @ksvenu247 @DinkarPandit6 @Anandagundurao @levitatingsoul @btpsupporter @blrsri @SuresSalla @AxPn @shashibk @NammaBengaluroo @envyk_blr @biradarsm @Srivatsac2 @kdevforum @iam_Sudip @copyhead @raghumedicon @MandothPrakash @Nitz_007 @appysrivastava @perltastic @_Ashwatthama_ @varunversion1 @balajiworld @impossible14 @RobinMazumder @kiranshaw @AjitMuthanna @jimkimmit @nknairvm @deepolice12 @PiyushGoyalOffc @PCMohanMP @ChristinMP_TOI @TVMohandasPai @DULTBangalore @WHO @CDCgov @narendramodi It is NOT voters, it is our law that is protecting the rights of accused n leaving the victims high and dry. Is there any accountability on part of ANY ONE in Govt? We too will play politics leaving real culprits to escape - leaving us to discuss!!

@JLeighD1 @DM58453477 @WHO Crazy how our response to things we initially know nothing about changes as we study, observe, and acknowledge the unknown. It's not rocket science..just science😉😷

@ConarMark @7NewsMelbourne @JoshFrydenberg It’s inevitable! People forgot what a damaged economy is. Look at Venezuela, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, etc... #COVIDIOTS You won’t have your beloved job keeper! Revive the economy! @WHO: lockdown ineffective. Cases will go down due to herd immunity. Lockdown is false positive

@soldaat_mohau @FloydShivambu @WHO @HealthZA I guess what is important is to curb the spread of the Virus. This political game would not benefit majority of South Africans. Saving lives is important than anything for now I guess.

@Tendanim5 @KatStrombeck @trixasis4 @WHO @DlaminiZuma @DrZweliMkhize I had a headache 40 degree body temp. My whole body was in pain. Chest pain. I could not sleep for straight days. Tonsils inside my mouth. I went to A doctor. Injected. My body temp is now 36.4 the doctor said it was flu. I don't smoke. I now believe we have a dangerous virus

@btbt9058 @WHO The Satanic World Health Organization... is a freakin "SCAM"...they have made billions of dollars... off the backs of all the tax payers of the United States of America..."We The People need to shut it down!!!!....audit those crooks...every single penny..

@mafiwa2 @Novichok92 @FloydShivambu @WHO @HealthZA I'm willing to bet you like the EFF just like many, but the thought of "opening borders" and their foreign policy as it relates to Africa drives you insane. Get yourself informed about their stance on this issue and your problems are solved.😅

@LReiding @camillaengelby @DRNyheder @WHO Why do you think it's outdated? Because it dosen't represent your way of thinking? "Whoever is trying to bring you down, is already below you".

@Javad_Sahandi @DrTedros @Macky_Sall @OfficialMasisi @NAkufoAddo @SahleWorkZewde @moonriver365 @CarlosAlvQ @WHO Good day sir! I have a question. Does the WHO support the ideas and solutions for control of this virus or not? If yes could you please make it clear how to apply for?

@MontserratB5 @DrTedros @WHO Dr. Tedros Adhanom: I am a Mexican citizen, and I am writing you because I am worried about the situation in my country. We are advising persons to wear a mask, but many people do not want to use.

@Michael55257783 @DrTedros @WHO WHO asked the world not to wear mask in February when Taiwan was alreadying do it nationwide. Up till now, Taiwan is the only place that is doing really well throughout the pandemic.

@jallepap @apoorva_nyc @RoniNYTimes @CDCgov @WHO @ashishkjha @dsallentess @j_g_allen @uche_blackstock Another terrific piece with many pearls of information that are discussed in medical/public health circles but not general public. One other issue that merits discussion is access to rapid & frequent testing, either in-school or via large-scale pooled sequencing.

@bern_grandjean @HelenBranswell @mvankerkhove @DrMikeRyan @SCBriand @DrTomFrieden @melindagates @WHO I beg to differ. There was evidence in January if someone looked for it eg Taiwan so close to the epicentre had a very strong masks policy from early January. Should the default for any infectious pathogen involving the respiratory tract not include masks until proven otherwise?

@BiddleCal @lorisinsley @Sammy_Roth @AtlanticCouncil @WHO @NOAA @WMO 🌏..AIR💨 POLLUTION, ALL KINDS, ARE HUMAN CAUSED but CLIMATE just CHANGES & is NATURAL; NOT ANIMAL nor HUMAN. 🌎's WOBBLY AXIS, DEEP QUAKES & BIG DAMS TILT Earth a bit, Sun's FUEL WANES & EROSION all raise the sea 3" to 9" every 100 years or so. ⬆️ The latter is REAL SCIENCE❗

@USAnumberuno @GovHawaii @WHO You trust the WHO and not our own potus? Go back to japan (china)

@Cpt_Naveen @VoicOfNewIndia @sudhir_san16 @ram_soc @Kumar41130209 @murali772 @kalkur_vivek @SandeepAnirudha @ksvenu247 @raghuynt @DinkarPandit6 @Anandagundurao @levitatingsoul @btpsupporter @blrsri @SuresSalla @AxPn @shashibk @NammaBengaluroo @envyk_blr @biradarsm @MayaRao @Srivatsac2 @kdevforum @iam_Sudip @copyhead @raghumedicon @MandothPrakash @Nitz_007 @appysrivastava @perltastic @_Ashwatthama_ @varunversion1 @balajiworld @impossible14 @RobinMazumder @kiranshaw @AjitMuthanna @jimkimmit @nknairvm @deepolice12 @PiyushGoyalOffc @PCMohanMP @ChristinMP_TOI @TVMohandasPai @DULTBangalore @WHO @CDCgov @Sakre_pongal @BMTC_BENGALURU Buses stop for picking up or disembarking even less than 5% passengers. Brawls can happen over anything, not just over bicycle racks. If based on 1st come 1st serve basis, it can be managed. Permitting bicycles on pubtrans has potential to increase bus riders - is the point.

@TheExcitedSout1 @Rick__Roller @MFreeman_ATASED @_h_Dawg @PlzSaNo2FoxNews @GOP @SenateGOP @HouseGOP @freedomcaucus @TeamTrump @CDCgov @NIH @WHO @DNC @SpeakerPelosi Yeah seem to do a lot of assuming. Assuming is not a very scientific method of determining truth. 😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻

@AkokotuDafe @KClukman02 @Chikwe_I @WHO @NCDCgov @nighealthwatch @DrTedros @VIhekweazu @AfricaCDC @CDCgov @JNkengasong @JeremyFarrar @DrTomFrieden Bros "calm down" ooo 😀😀 As a community Pharmacist, patients come very close to me during consultation and counselling, and some them don't wear good face mask so, I need the face shield to wade off anything and the face mask can pick up whatever escapes the face shield 😀

@EgyptTodayMag Egypt’s government measures to confront COVID-19 were distinguished. The country’s health system did not collapse amid the crises, as happened in other countries; Details at: #EgyptToday #Egypt #COVID19 #WorldHealthOrganization @WHO


@AdityaR08954741 @drharshvardhan @MoHFW_INDIA @AyushmanNHA @moayush @PMOIndia @BJP4India @BJP4Delhi @JPNadda @AmitShah @WHO @WHOSEARO @MoHFW_INDIA My self Aditya Ranjan I'm from Bihar. I want to pursues my MBBS from foreign country but I'm unable to take admission bcz here neet exam is not taken pls kindly request you to pls Neet exempted this year 2020 that's why I'm save my year #MCI @drharshvardhan

@GreeningPutney @LiveInHope13 @cycleoptic @GreenGreenwich @LittleNinjaUK @kilnerevonnet @jksmith34 @SFotonium @comilla_s @mwt2008 @danfresca @steffisutters @Dont_be_idle @idlefreecal @helenafmckeown @helen_pic @kyne007 @Tinagrace16 @AirFairy04 @mrmikecowan @CleanAirLondon @MayorofLondon @XRFamilies @XRLondon @vicswift @s_tooting @XRGuildford @Lambeth4Planet @johnecohound @PHE_uk @SadiqKhan @thetimes @bbchealth @LonGreenParty @PaulaLabour @GeorgeMonbiot @Geo_g @friends_earth @Bloomsburyair @journo_pen @WHO @IARCWHO @mcdenyers @SpeakerShinjini @guardian @SaveOurLungsTW1 @XRebellionUK @CampaignNocado I sincerely hope it’s not @LiveInHope13 but I have yet to be convinced by @wandbc many words but minimal actions since unanimously declaring #ClimateEmergency on July 17 2019, despite #COVID19 concentrating their minds. Are *all* Tory councillors fully committed @RaviGovindia1?

@AdityaR08954741 @drharshvardhan @MoHFW_INDIA @AyushmanNHA @BJP4India @PMOIndia @narendramodi @JPNadda @AmitShah @WHO @WHOSEARO @MoHFW_INDIA My self Aditya Ranjan I'm from Bihar. I want to pursues my MBBS from foreign country but I'm unable to take admission bcz here neet exam is not taken pls kindly request you to pls Neet exempted this year 2020 that's why I'm save my year #MCI @drharshvardhan

@M___N___O @zooming159 @itsJeffTiedrich @realDonaldTrump And y’all say anti-maskers and anti-vaccers are “not empathetic” yet y’all along with the media exploit deaths to push a narrative and agenda. The reason is man passed is because the govt/@WHO abandoned us, not because someone didn’t wear a mask....

@KimberleyFlor20 @CDCgov @MSNBC @WHO @ABC @CBSNews @CNN why are there not as many medical professionals as bikers here in SD?? Where else are you going to find 250,000 to 350,000 from all over the country in one spot?? Is Sturgis Rally the largest gathering of people IN THE WORLD since Covid?

@csarsark @nytimesworld @YeOldHongKonger It just shows their lies on opening & connections to the world from the beginning. If WeChat is the only bridge they have to the global world, they have never fulfilled any of their promises in joining @WTO & @WHO .. Not to mention Sino-UK Joint Decl & even trade deals...

@advocacybaa @JKavle @wbtiuk @UNICEF @WHO Start the conversation about language. Science, not marketing has proven that breastfeeding/medicine is completely different to UPF powder. We need to distance the two they are not both infant ‘feeding’ one bfing is food, fluid and development signaller ../2

@Sammer19432519 Cbse destroyed mah life But not other boards going to give exams in nios 😔I have losted my year n #cancelcompartmentexam @DrRPNishank @cbseindia29 @WHO @narendramodi

@DrTedros [email protected] delivered trauma & surgical supplies enough to treat a total of 2000 people in #Beirut. We are working with authorities & partners on the ground to identify health needs & fill gaps. We thank the #UAE government for their support to deliver needed supplies.

@BigRay541 @MarkwardLynn @getderb @WHO You're delusional. A man that relishes sin and baths everyday in its bounty is not that who worships the Lord, but one that mocks him. You continue to make excuses for someone who every day uses the 7 deadly sins as a checklist isn't someone to be admired, but one to be wary. Bye

@vhosey @WHO I think this is wrong. The WHO DOES NOT WANT PEOPLE TO GET BETTER.

@ConarMark @7NewsMelbourne @EstelleGriepink Nevertheless, how much evidence is needed whether by scientists or @WHO to prove that lockdown is ineffective? Gas lighting when you don’t provide equipment and blame Victorians Revive the economy. Cases will go down because of herd immunity. Lockdown is false positive. End it!

@ZakiMathebula @FloydShivambu @WHO @HealthZA I don't believe statistics of death's from covid19 an the way they say the numbers of covid19 infected people is going down that's all lies, whip people are dying without being tested an is all natural deaths because ANC want to report positive news to the world

@ZenReflect @DuaineASamuels @cynopterus_s @MoetiTshidi @WHO @WHOAFRO @AfricaCDC @WHONigeria @WHOSouthSudan @whocmr @WHOKenya no the deaths seem to be lower no matter what. i dont know about the caribbean but india/pakistan wouldnt be great for tracking them numbers either. but thats a side poont. i agree ot seems less lethal but is it also kiling lots of old people there and not attributed?

@ConarMark I wonder how @DanielAndrewsMP is going to punish the suicide victims. I wonder if @JennyMikakos cries infront of the cameras again. I hope the lockdown, which @WHO against, is worth. End lockdown! Balance risks. We need hope! Not wrong modeling that threatens our Christmas.

@MayaRao @Cpt_Naveen @VoicOfNewIndia @RamMoha82601373 @ram_soc @sudhir_san16 @Kumar41130209 @murali772 @kalkur_vivek @SandeepAnirudha @ksvenu247 @raghuynt @DinkarPandit6 @Anandagundurao @levitatingsoul @btpsupporter @blrsri @SuresSalla @AxPn @shashibk @NammaBengaluroo @envyk_blr @biradarsm @Srivatsac2 @kdevforum @iam_Sudip @copyhead @raghumedicon @MandothPrakash @Nitz_007 @appysrivastava @perltastic @_Ashwatthama_ @varunversion1 @balajiworld @impossible14 @RobinMazumder @kiranshaw @AjitMuthanna @jimkimmit @nknairvm @deepolice12 @PiyushGoyalOffc @PCMohanMP @ChristinMP_TOI @TVMohandasPai @DULTBangalore @WHO @CDCgov @narendramodi A person fell down after hitting the manhole near Sai ikon apartment on #GearSchoolRoad today around 5am. He has been admitted to Columbia Asia and he is yet to gain his conscious. He is critical. Due to faulty manhole construction. Who is to blame? This is outrageous.

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