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@Jacques1Hermann @LeanneManas The problem with HIV in South Africa is the stigma, what @WHO should do is to assure a better relationship between patients and communities. 90% are on ARV but many are not taking there ARV due to Stigma and thieves are stealing the drugs to add to the habits.

@Starsailoresss @IWPCHI @pinkfloyd @rogerwaters @Genius @PollySamson @_DavidGilmour @GilmourTour I breath, sleep, dream 'floyd' @TheJusticeDept @IntlCrimCourt #KLWCC @chedetofficial @yvonneridley @UN #UNSC @Dpol_un @SachaLlorenti #HAARP-ed down #Haiti; show this to #jury in @WHO's? case vs. #ClintonCrimeFamily @brooksagnew @BretBaier @peterschweizer

@koj_alex @WHO @DrTedros @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @pahowho @WHOSEARO @WHO_Europe @WHOWPRO Recently, I did send important letter to NCI (National Cancer researching Institute in Atlanta).I said them about the Cause and "Trigger" of cancer disease openly.Surely, they will not respond me neither now nor later after searching and getting the result proves my statement

@PIAInc @geonews_english Can someone actually confirm that @Dr_Khan is licensed to practice in #pakistan. His profile is more of a management role and not sure why he uses #in and #who in his profile. It is #unethical to use organisations where you do not work. @PTIofficial @ARYNEWSOFFICIAL @arynews @WHO

@roadsgo_on @MayoClinic @WHO @CDCgov Then quit allowing it in beef and chicken , not to mention all the pharma in the seas 🤦‍♀️

@WASH_FOR_HEALTH Minster of health #Serbia “improving #WASH is not a matter of money but a matter of the state of mind. We need to prioritize what is most important and work practically” Find practical steps from @WHO @UNICEF here

@HalcyonSchool Antimicrobial Resistance is "the ability of a microorganism to stop an antimicrobial (such as antibiotics) from working against it." @WHO This week, Halcyon would like to spread awareness of this globally important issue - watch this space for more! #AntibioticResistanceWeek

@IFCHC (5/5) Working together, our national and state/provincial Community Health Centre association members and our individual Community Health Centre members have the potential to advance community-oriented primary health care around the world. #CHCs #SupportCHCs #ValueCHCs @WHO

@Vishewar @WHO @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @WHOAFRO In India, it is a problem of Social Justice; everyday citizen goes inside sewer and dies; the data is so scary that it is not released for us to see. @dilipmandal

@Kenn_QBE @FAOWHOCodex @WHO @FAO @MiaRowan Who are the "Experts"?... Btw they do not merely look... They DO LONG Term and not merely 3 to 9 Months, Large Global Mixed Population and Age sampling via Epi and Clinical Trials and only then based on resultants will decisons be made. FACT! Wake the Hell UP, Codex! @WHO @FAO

@MANOMACHINE @WHO CORRECTION : Don't Forget To Flush You Down 🌐

@UnmuktTGA STAND UP, If you ever peed sitting down on a western toilet seat wet with someone’s urine! 𝗦𝗶𝗴𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗣𝗘𝗘-𝗧𝗜𝗧𝗜𝗢𝗡 𝗻𝗼𝘄! To know more: @UNICEF @WHO @MoHFW_INDIA #ToiletDay

@EndWaterPoverty @ilo @WHO @WorldBankWater @wateraid @khisro @PSIglobalunion @irsppakistan @sewperheroes @ACA_WeAdvocate @gatesfoundation @IRCWASH @cljofficial @WSSCCouncil @andreshuesoWA WATCH: Manual scavenging activist @BezwadaWilson talks about his experience as Safai Karmachari Andolan's national convener: "When it comes to marginalised communities - the oppressed, untouchables, minorities, women - change will not happen overnight."

@DiorIzzy @t_dordal @WHO @CAFDrugAllergy @scaic_cat @SEAIC_Alergia @EAACI_HQ No need for allergist to do that. A good history will tell you whether these patients’ ‘allergy’ are real or not.

@awiiita In collaboration with @wateraid @who and @ilo we are launching a global report to draw attention to an often-neglected issue. Let this be a first step to collectively find ways to improve their lives and wellbeing

@CIssyvoo @consideredview @HiboWardere @WHO Do you even know what happened to me? Having pieces of me removed and others slashed to pieces by a razor? Living with scars that tear and bleed and hurt for the rest of my life? That's not FGM? Yes, it is. Please know what you're saying before you say it.

@medswecantrust Thanks @DrTedros & @WHO for championing such an important issue. We need leaders like you to fight for safe, quality medicines, it's the only way we'll reach the #SDGs & achieve #HealthForAll. Want to be involved? Join the #MedsWeCanTrust campaign today:

@Laloofah @greennomad61 @CDCgov @WHO I'd say yes, & not limited to the plague.

@barryr33082845 #Mambasa. End if the 1st group indeep briefing on #RCCE. Different issues discussed. Focus made on Rumors management & misinformation. Happy to meet with Michee Layabe, young @WHO #RCCE Officer working hard to convince and engage the communities (photo1).

@barryr33082845 #Mambasa. Chief of Chiefs (Pic1&4) leading important ceremony. Sub coord have reached 21st days with zero new #Ebola case. "It's like a Football match. We're at the 25th minute, we need to continue & stay vigilant. It's not over",said Chief. @FreddyBanza5 @WHO Field co Congrats

@CHHSgatech A changing market! As the number of people with diabetes grows worldwide, @WHO fights to bring insulin prices back down to affordable levels with the creation of a generic injection. Read more here!

@AddyTuney @DrTedros @WHO Unless harm reduction hurts the income of funders or potential funders. Tell us why you do not embrace flavored nicotine e-liquid vaping as it is well proven to be +95% less harmful then deadly combustible tobacco cigarettes.

@vaccinecurious @DrTedros @WHO It's the direct result of rampant unsanctioned overuse of antibiotics and really does represent a global health threat. Will we ever be able to admit not entirely dissimilar risks are posed by vaccines, which don't fulfil promise of lifetime immunity and cause antigenic drift?

@TenaciousE5 @florencecody4 @colo_lee @WHO @NationalNurses France does not rank first on their study in any of the measures. Only in the overall ranking. So you are going to have to admit you were wrong. Either you believed the overall ranking was health outcomes or you believed France ranked highest in health outcomes. Both are wrong.

@FloresLiera Don’t wait to see the social, economic and environmental consequences of inaction. A toilet is not just a toilet. It’s a life-saver, dignity-protector and opportunity-maker #WorldToiletDay @WHO

@CIssyvoo @HiboWardere @consideredview @WHO She's saying that I am not a victim of FGM. She's saying this without knowing what they did to me. There is no other term for what they did than FGM. But whatever. I've already had a shit day. Pile it on some more. Go for it.

@dev_discourse Take the pledge with us here at #mothernotpatient Campaign - to discontinue to use the term ‘patient’ for pregnant women and resolve to work for ensuring their mental health and well-being through positive communication. @SDG2030 @womeninGH @SDGoals @WHO

@florencecody4 @TenaciousE5 @colo_lee @WHO @NationalNurses as I cited earlier, the Netherlands is not the top healthcare system. It’s very good, but the private insurance companies are not allowed to run rampant and they still have a baseline state system that covers all major and long term care. PI just covers common care

@GHS Powerful remarks from Polio Surviellance Officer Dr. Ujala Nayyar at the #RLMforum speak to the commitment of frontline workers pushing to #endpolio: "Failing to eradicate is not an option. We will fight harder than the virus.” 💪 @WHO @RLMglobalhealth

@Serena_Spencer Nope. Nope. Nope. Literally, medical science called and they wanted @JoeBiden to know this: No. Not true, and in 2003, the @WHO recommended it be changed from Schedule I to Schedule IV b/c it is NOT DANGEROUS. Don’t be so ignorant, Joe. #TheGodPlant #MedicalMiracle

@danielgraymore Important focus on disability at #RLMForum and the excellent @_ATscale partnership. Over 900m do not have access to wheelchairs, glasses, hearing aids and much else. Proud that @DFID_UK, @USAID @WHO @UNICEF @noradno @CHAI_health and others driving change. @UKMissionGeneva

@pakchari @RajinaNotRojina @RujutaDiwekar @WHO ****(so that they can help when really needed) This post is aimed at arbitrary and self diagnosis cases. Not for when you're dying of a viral infection. It shows the bad effects of antibiotics resistance. Doesn't tell us to not use antibiotics when your doctor tells you to.

@nighealthwatch @TheLancet @DiarmidCL @WHO @LancetCountdown @wellcometrust Not good news for #Nigeria, one of the countries highlighted to be most at risk of the health effects of #climatechange, it will affect the burden of infectious diseases (vector-borne + water-borne) as well as negatively impacting food security @NCDCgov #LancetClimate19 @FMEnvng

@stephenjduckett Pleased to have presented to working group which developed this useful @WHO document

@ipsnews Poor sanitation and hygiene practices (for example, not handwashing with soap after defecation and before eating) contribute to over 800,000 deaths from diarrhoea annually, according to @WHO #WorldToiletDay

@ACHDMD Studies prove that physician burnout and fatigue are significantly associated with major medical errors. Preventing burnout needs to be a top priority not only for doctors but for patients. Lives are at stake @WHO

@kazhamza @ToyinSaraki @WHO @wellbeingafrica The ‘qualified health professionals’ don’t help matters either to be honest. Nigerian Drs are too quick to prescribe antibiotics, even where it’s not necessary. That’s not aiding the rising epidemic of antibiotics resistance we’re facing.

@GetTheLeadOutCA @BmoreDoc @WHO Lead interferes w/ Vitamin D & likely other processes. A well-versed integrative doc, familiar w/chelation, should be able to provide guidance. Problem is cost. I'm not wealthy but have some resource. It's heartbreaking that this is happening to so many who won't be diagnosed ...

@ChhedaBina @drharshvardhan @fssaiindia @PMOIndia @MoHFW_INDIA @PIBHindi @NITIAayog @WHO @AyushmanNHA @WHOSEARO @ceo_fssai @MinistryWCD @AshwiniKChoubey @PIB_India @airnewsalerts *People with Diabetes n not Diabetic*... Pl select words carefully 2. #PortionSize #PortionControl needs to b specified Consult with ur #QualifiedDieitianOnly 3. #StopBridgeCoursesInHealthCare 4. Consult a #QualifiedDieitian to create ur posts... #RightToRightInformation

@dq100meow @SolomonYue @SpeakerPelosi @tedcruz @marcorubio @UN @RedCross @lionsclubs @AmChamHK @ABAesq @hrw @UN_HRC @pressfreedom @10DowningStreet @INTERPOL_HQ @GoldmanSachs @MorganStanley @jpmorgan @MerrillLynch @IMFNews @wto @wef @WhiteHouse @IndexCensorship @BorisJohnson @HouseDemocrats @WWF @sgfintechfest @PMOIndia @CanadianPM @JPN_PMO @NZNationalParty @iingwen @WorldBank @AmerBanker @WHO @DubaiPressClub @cityusucbc @ABC @WSJ @FoxNews @Reuters @nytimes @guardian @BBCWorld @TheKoreaHerald @KBSWorldTV @expo2020dubai @DHA_Dubai @VP @lokinhei Hong Kong's DEATH of legislative system. HK High court's judgement: anti-mask law's unconstitutional #NPC Law Committee's statement: Basic Law and constitution is just a base of LAW. HKSAR's law is suitable to #hongkong or not would only decided by #NPC.

@RJConsults That's why I'll continue to support the work of @CombatNTDs, @TheENDFund @WHO, @RSTMH + all the groups + individuals working to ensure that needless suffering +disability from neglected tropicaldiseases is eliminated. #globaldevelopment #HealthForAll #NTDs

@gregladen @rml2rpd @jksmith34 @n2179_twit @mzjacobson @LungAssociation @AirResources @LADWP @DrMariaNeira @WHO It is the penalty we pay for trying, as writers, to not use all the same exact words or phrases in a row! Recent example: a reporter referring to a giant sea going vessle as a dinghy (ran out of words for "ship").

@MalariaVaccine We’re working with @WHO, @GSK, and African health ministries to pilot the world’s first #MalariaVaccine. Today we’ll be on Capitol Hill to discus the vaccine’s potential role in fighting the disease.

@isaacsakko @DerekOfHighbury @BelindaFettke @AHPRA @DAA_feed @FructoseNo @ProfTimNoakes @zoeharcombe @bigfatsurprise @MichaelWestBiz @lowcarbusa @MarikaSboros @WHO @ItalyUN_Geneva @DrAseemMalhotra The Bible is fine and has nothing to do with what I eat. The issue is when these particular institution mix it with religious beliefs and stuff. Richard Dawkins has sort of like the same toxic attitude these “food-guideline preachers” have. #2, 👍🏻 ;-)

@TheNationalUAE #RLMForum: “Guinea worm and malaria are all symptoms of a deeper sickness, which is why ultimately, our fight is not against a single disease. Our fight is against inequality.” @WHO’s @DrTedros said @RLMglobalhealth. The Nationals @DSandersonAD reports

@CatarinadeAlbuq @UNCT_Serbia @UNECE @FrancoiseJ_UN @UNDPSerbia @aleks_stmnkvc @sanwatforall @UNICEFwater @UNICEF @WHO @UNGeneva This #WorldToiletDay, I'm at the 5th session Meeting of the Parties to the Protocol on Water and Health in #Serbia, speaking on the #HumanRights to #water and #sanitation and what are the solutions to this global issue. #SWAinAction

@VadodaraAirport @Citizen_O_World @ang__johnson @ann_poppy @MLGG2 @drjonesaa @chocicy @ActCarers @sue91282690 @fightingforinju @VsEuthanasia @HPSarcastic @Zoompad @Phoebejoy1611 @LittleGranny2 @Rosenhaning @JohnElsey11 @DrUmeshPrabhu @MrsGool @_beltie @MooskelTomTom @cpskeetmom @MancunianMEDlC @marionste @elm_slippery @jones_celia @normanlamb @WingedPsyche @TV_HIEC_Chair @SueAllison809 @honeylyttle1 @NHSwhistleblowr @DeaconPaulC @hassin_joan @alexander_minh @MattHancock @curetheNHS @UofT @OnCall4ON @NHSEngland @GinettePT @OntariosDoctors @CMA_Docs @WHO @UN_Women @McMasterU @UN @CBCHealth @Hanigsberg @HamHealthSci @harthouseuoft In Britain, they don't even afford them a sip of water & a snack on their way out, they sedate them & overdose them to kill them off. If it were end of life care as British NHS claims then why not give them food and water and just enough painkiller to make comfortable. Murderers!

@locala This week is #WorldAntibioticAwarenessWeek - @WHO is calling on everyone to be a #StewardForTheFuture and help stop the overuse and misuse of #antibiotics - find out more on our #KeepAntibioticsWorking webpage -

@oloyenaija1 We are birthing a generation of media creatives working to change rape culture to consent culture. Apply here #MASV #ForMeWithMe Let's kick against Sexual Violence. @HACEYHealth @Adaoraokoye_ @WHO

@VoicesActive #DYK According to @WHO, there is a global target to eliminate child morbidity due to Soil Transmitted Helminthiasis by 2020. Nigeria is working towards achieving this target through its Soil Transmitted Helminths Control Programme. #NeglectedTropicalDiseases #NTDSpotlight

@BlueLineBend3r @TheZombiUnicorn @iKayyJayy @WHO Gfuel may or may not be misleading but still doesnt deter from the fact that its an awful product and shouldn't be sold to kids nor marketed to kids. It's like saying here take a preworkout every day or every time your tired with no given purpose for it.

@masotomayor Today the exhibition on #SanitationWorkers “Light at the end of the tunnel” was opened in Geneva @WHO It will go the @UN HQ and to @WorldBank HQ during the Spring. Not in Geneva?😓 Don't worry: thanks to @WaterAid You can have a 360 experience online:

@CPFgrants [email protected] hopes to drive down #insulin prices by encouraging makers of generic drugs to enter the market, increasing competition. Learn More:

@Jemima_Vivien @SaveColumbiaRd @TowerHamletsNow @columbiaroad So, any nox level above 40mg/m3 is illegal as so unhealthy. Check @KingsCollegeLon or @WHO for more details. But these levels should never be described as "low" because they are not. @10DowningStreet has lost in court 3 times over not reducing levels to legal limits.

@RACGP With microorganisms rapidly adapting to counteract the effects of antimicrobial agents, our defence against infection is under threat. @WHO predicts up to 10mil annual deaths by 2050 if drug-resistant bacteria are not addressed. View our position here:

@AccelerateMCR The @WHO now recognises burnout as an occupational phenomenon. Whilst many companies now recognise this issue, there are steps you can take personally to beat burnout at work. We’ve collated some of them here: #Postivity #OfficeLife #MondayMotivation

@CEITEC_Connect Due to our overindulgence, #AntibioticResistance has become a huge threat to human health. It is discovered that antibiotic-resistance are spread not only on land, but also in the sky... #AntibioticAwarenessWeek @WHO #scicomm

@H20EU According to @WHO🧐➡️, over 31 million people in the pan-European 🇪🇺 region lack access to basic #sanitation services. On #WorldToiletDay, it's good to remind that a,🚽 is not just a🚽. It’s a life-saver, dignity-protector & opportunity-maker.💧

@nacaisc @ademyarslan @hilal_kaplan @RTErdogan ahmet is ill, his treatment possible ngermany.His mom wants 2bring him to germany,but the state of turkey @TC_icisleri @RTErdogan does not give them passport.If continue like this,Ahmet dies. W/u pls help for him? @UNHumanRights @hrw @amnesty @WHO @GermanyDiplo @dwnews @euronews

@ipsnews Poor sanitation and hygiene practices (for example, not handwashing with soap after defecation and before eating) contribute to over 800,000 deaths from diarrhoea annually, according to @WHO #WorldToiletDay

@DrTedros Great honour to meet with Reem Ebrahim Al-Hashimi, Minister of State 🇦🇪 and Managing Director @expo2020dubai. I thanked her for strong support for public health and invitation to @WHO to participate in #Expo2020. Looking forward to working together towards a healthier world.

@JoyAgnost Enjoyed working on this event with our colleagues @WHO_Europe, in support of its Culture & Health Webinar series. This is the recording of the @WHO Global Health Histories Seminar 138, on the theme of Smallpox Eradication, 40 years on. With thanks to @wellcometrust for support.

@caraleeiamme @DrTedros @WHO Amendment: unless it’s THR for men, women & we will hold up the children as our reason to dismiss harm reduction! How many lives while you drive abstinence/pharma only options OR stigmatise those who just can not quit by other means?

@AlexandreSE1 In every language we shall tel it to you. Antibiotics are not a candle #AMR #WAAW2019 #WAAW19 #WAAW @WHO @FAO @FAOAfrica @aemptg @medstud_lead @DrDjamilaF @PresidenceTg

@wellbeingafrica Poor sanitation & hygiene practices, especially not handwashing with soap after defecation & before eating, contribute to over 800,000 deaths from diarrhoea annually, according to data by @WHO. #WorldToiletDay #OpenDefecation #LeaveNoOneBehind @ToyinSaraki @UN_Water @wateraid

@AietrLnVTuqvy6g @WHO @_AfricanUnion @DrTedros @WHOAFRO @WHOEMRO @AfricaCDC Ebola is a man made program to exterminate black people. Is It so difficult to understand It. That virus doesn't grow legs to jump from countries to countries. If you Africans do not come out with your our scientists, you will disappear. This is biological warfare. Be smart!

@DrTedros [email protected] is proud to be working with @_AfricanUnion countries to help implement these historic commitments. The signing of a new Memorandum of Understanding between our two organizations will help us to formalize our cooperation in three key areas

@reactgroup It's #WAAW2019: 300 activities in 73 countries added to the @WHO site for this week. Amazing! 🙌🏽🙌🏻🙌🏿🙌🏾🙌Did you add your activities? If not, take the opportunity to do so. ➡️ #AntibioticResistance

@PSVCare #DYK that the @WHO considers antibiotic resistance a top threat to global health in 2019? If not, no worries b/c it’s U.S. Antibiotic Awareness Week (#USAAW) + our #InfectiousDiseases Team will provide quick facts to educate + raise awareness about antibiotic prescribing and use.

@florencecody4 @TenaciousE5 @colo_lee @WHO @NationalNurses When it comes down to it, single payer would be better in every way imaginable then our current system. The benefits would far outweigh the negatives. I’m not saying it wouldn’t exist, there’s pros and cons to everything. I don’t think it should mean we shouldn’t do single payer

@SwedenGeneva A toilet is not just a toilet. A toilet is a #humanright. Fact: One third of the world’s population lack access to a clean & safe toilet. Today we shine a light on #WorldToiletDay @UNEP @WHO @UNWomen #LeavingNoOneBehind

@DAIGlobal When it comes to fighting #AntibioticResistance, data from nat'l labs are essential to building global picture of how #AMR spreads. Nat'l labs are working to better coordinate w/ @WHO by contributing their data to WHO’s Global Antimicrobial Surveillance System (GLASS) #WAAW2019

@MohammedOwaisQH @WHO @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHOAFRO @WHO_Europe Providing access to safe toilets is not enough. Their r other reasons like cultural (40% India open defacates, one reason is cultural) or recreational in developed world (In US 2017 Mad poopers). Mitigation of these 2 factors should be looked into as well. #WorldToiletDay

@sharmavivek588 @narendramodi start listening to common citizens before it to late. How many years you will win on hindutva, anti Pakistan agenda and corporate upliftment. Not even a single word from your mouth as we #PMCBankVictims didn't exist in INDIA. @BBCWorld @WorldBank @WHO

@mandeepspayal Rabies Vaccine is not available at Hansi Civil Hospital. I purchase from outside but everyone can't afford , according to staff it's not available from more than month please look into it. @anilvijminister @cmohry @PMOIndia @mlkhattar @narendramodi @MoHFW_INDIA @WHO #rabies

@AfricaCDC Communiqué of the @_AfricanUnion Commission Chairperson @AUC_MoussaFaki on the working visit to Geneva and the signing of an #MoU with @WHO | @_AfricanUnion. @Elfadil_DSA @JNkengasong @amirabiy @djoudalbaye @Wynne1966 @laktarr001.

@AbstraktGott @nkengdi @realDonaldTrump @RoyalFamily @BarackObama @EmmanuelMacron @UNICEF @WHO Western leaders r no better than ours. Matter of fact, the political gangsterism system emanates frm them. n they r not qualified to run our affairs. They dnt understand our realities. N this question right here is yet anoda proof of inferiority complex

@BadimakYaro Thanks @annupvyas to @walkeriain for providing the platform and trust the hard working Hon. Minister of Health @gyemanmanu will lead us to realise sustainable financing of mental health as part of Universal Health Coverage. @mha_ghana @WHOAFRO @WHO @gospeakyourmind

@EUneurology Spent the day in Geneva with @WHO to discuss their newly formed #BrainHealth team and how our priorities may align to work more collaboratively in future. Still more to learn as plans are formed but certainly a step in the right direction to ensure #neurology is not left behind!

@MPI_NZ We support #WAAW2019. Together we can keep antibiotics working. Take this quiz to learn about antibiotics and help prevent #AMR >> Learn about NZ's plan to prevent and control #AntimicrobialResistance >> @OIEAnimalHealth @WHO @FAO

@usmanumar144 @WHO Triggering people on community led total sanitation has became difficult to achieved because it is not easy to change people behaviour that they inherite from their forefathers, as a public health practitioner how can we convince people to stop praciting open defecation?

@JournalofEthics The @WHO hopes to drive down insulin prices by testing and approving generic insulin. Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk and Sanofi raising insulin prices over two decades have left many without access to the drug.

@_FaceSA @_NMCH_ @sasocp @info_TGHN @HealthZA @PHE_uk @CDCgov @WHO @ECDC_EU Thank you so much @_NMCH_! Lucky to be working with incredible people too like @Sonya_kolman and others fighting #AntibioticResistance

@GHS Powerful remarks from Polio Surviellance Officer Dr. Ujala Nayyar at the #RLMforum speak to the commitment of frontline workers pushing to #endpolio: "Failing to eradicate is not an option. We will fight harder than the virus.” 💪 @WHO @RLMglobalhealth

@DrTedros Great honour to meet with Reem Ebrahim Al-Hashimi, Minister of State 🇦🇪 and Managing Director @expo2020dubai. I thanked her for strong support for public health and invitation to @WHO to participate in #Expo2020. Looking forward to working together towards a healthier world.

@GetTheLeadOutCA @BmoreDoc @WHO ... bc the lead's deposited in their bones, so it won't show in blood tests & they won't get diagnosed to receive lifesaving chelation. DMSA is a Rx & treats lead (& mercury) poisoning. It's not without risk, but it is low & seems from not adding in a rounded mineral supplement.

@rsvsrikrishna Dr Pavitra - A premature baby born at Niloufer Hospital. Now working as a Doctor at the same hospital !! Born too small but survived & thrived to become big! #WorldPrematurityDay @UNICEF @Care4Newborn @naveenthacker @RhishiThakre @Nnfindia1 @USAID_RMNCHA @ashokaiims @WHO

@shehowlee @wealdengirl @WHO @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @WHOAFRO @DrTedros @UN_News_Centre Instead of prescribing immune modulators when people start to feel run down, the medical community turns a blind eye or had no clue. Why? Big Pharma can't let that happen. People with be healthy. No money.

@ASteiner People risk their lives, daily, to poor sanitation & dangerous working conditions. A report by @ilo @WorldBank @WHO & @wateraid provides solutions to the unsafe working conditions facing sanitation workers in many developing countries. #WorldToiletDay

@findmymethod Clean, safe and period-friendly toilets prevent diseases, reduce levels of abuse, and provide us with the sexual privacy we deserve. Yet 1 in 3 people globally do not have access to one. Toilets are important to our health in every aspect! Happy #WorldToiletDay. @WHO #HumanRight

@Space_Syntax “My first recommendation for any town & city that wants to become ‘smart’ is to slow down the traffic. 30kmh is the @WHO recommended limit for road safety, clean air & active travel. That’s smart.” @Tim_Stonor at last week’s @ULI_AsiaPac Convivium

@MovePlanGroup #BurnOutSyndrome is a very real issue in the workplace and the @WHO have categorised this as one of the modern diseases. How can we make positive changes to the #WorkplaceEnvironment to mitigate this? #LeadersInChange #MovePlan

@RivillasJuanito Great first day! some key messages from Advanced Course #HealthfinancingUHC2019 @WHO 1 UHC should be home-grown 2 Remember to separate ends (objectives) & means (instruments) 3 HF strategy it is about solving problems, not choosing a model @JoeKutzin @PowersSparkes @mattjowett

@ScRBlank @WHO @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @pahowho @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @WHOAFRO @DrTedros @UN_News_Centre If there are growing concerns about resistant bacteria, scientists are perhaps working on alternatives to antibiotics. Medical research into [bacterial/disease] biology & nanotechnology could be promising. #AntibioticResistance #research #future #medicine #Science #Medical #tech

@ramcat61 @DiorIzzy @t_dordal @WHO @CAFDrugAllergy @scaic_cat @SEAIC_Alergia @EAACI_HQ To remove a wrong label of drug allergy is necessary not only a good clinical history in hands of an expert professional but also a drug allergy workup that may include challenge tests. The allergist is the professional trained to do this workup @EAACI_JM @SEAIC_Alergia

@WaterAidAmerica This #WorldToiletDay learn more about the grim reality facing sanitation workers in the developing world: This new report was jointly authored by @ilo WaterAid @WorldBankWater @WHO to raise awareness of de-humanizing working conditions & push for change.

@SunDominus @DannyHarris_TA @WHO Mark 10 45 For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve,and to give his life as a ransom for many...

@anjumgoole @WorldBank @ilo @wateraid @WHO Kashmir is peace of heaven on earth. But blood of innocent Kashmir made in bleeding valley Women of that heaven are being raped And World Community especially UN not even considering them as Humans It's time not to forget them and stand for them #ImranKhan #LiftCurfew_FreeKashmir

@sayaka58900hall @WHO @DrTedros @WHO_Europe @WHOSEARO @WHOEMRO @WHOWPRO @pahowho @WHOAFRO @antonioguterres @UN @UN_News_Centre @WHONigeria kurun’che, Teipen’I’-chao’-, figh t’ting birbie haunted un das Paymentinfull Tie-tie’two-Man. Sorry for not replying to Miii letter sooner.

@dev_discourse Impatience and intolerance among pregnant women also adding to cesarean delivery at #mothernotpatient Campaign. @SDG2030 @SDGoals @UN_SDG @SustDev @SDGsolutions @WHO @1millionwomen @UN_EWEC @UN_Women @UNICEF @UN @UNinIndia @unwomenindia @UNDP_India @UNDP

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