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@PasteIpunk @SRuhle @gumboqueen3030 @amazon I’ve know about Big Business not paying taxes, and in fact, getting REFUNDS for DECADES . AT&T, Ford, GE/Westinghouse- some haven’t paid taxes to the US in 50 years.

@hellyelsaadani @SouqEgypt Via Facebook?!? You should be able to access my account using my name via your company’s system not via Facebook but obviously you are a company with no system to begin with as I said before. @amazon

@Stillnessnmind @Amazon ...y’all are rich enough not to be jerks and still have lavish wealth, and yet y’all take the life sucking low road...

@linda72135856 @SRuhle @amazon How does this make any reasonable sense, be acceptable, or be fair to hard working taxpayers?

@jonbarbara Amazon is terminating contractors from their Flex delivery service over how they look. Demanding drivers take photos of themselves, then saying they are not who they appear to be - when requesting the photos they force you to arbitrate #fox10phoenix @amazon

@vk62270 @Flipkart every time I have to tweet the issue only then you are going resolve that issue. Fed up the Flipkart bad service Missing you @amazon

@OhMyGolie @amazon @SirPatStew @Alex_Kurtzman @AmazonHelp #AmazonStoreCard has horrible #CustomerService Phone support horrible Online support horrific Online technology SUCKS @Apple new #AppleCard is going to #EatYourLinch if #Amazon does NOT offer Amazing support for #AmazonCustomers What do you have to say?

@Cr8DigitalAsset @bsiegel1201 @russellbrunson here’s a company/case study that could have been saved with @clickfunnels its “retail” but not really. Not like stores at the mall displaced by @amazon people still physically go to a gym to do cardio and strength workout. Better than videos at home on @YouTube

@Realhurricane Been an @amazon #Prime customer for 9yrs but #ImDone I watch the #PrimeDrivers recklessly drive thru my neighborhood ignoring speed bumps & stop signs But now to hear of unpaid OT, working thru breaks&Lunches & a death! My many yrs as a #LaborUnion VP just cant #NopeAmazon #CWA

@ChaosTh3oryZero @XboxP3 @amazon i would like to know why xbox third party integrated webcams for the xbox one but not a microphone for us streamers?

@Mishra__Shyam @AmazonHelp Are you people playing passing the parcel. CC has give 19 Nov the resolution date. Today when I contacted they said they are nowhere responsible to resolve the issue. As we have contact you people, now you will resolve the issue. #amazon @amazon @AmazonHelp @JeffBezos 1/2

@arunpudur #Amazon doing extremely well in India: @JeffBezos So #DigitalIndia is helping @amazon @Walmart @Samsung @AlibabaGroup & 100s 2 drain 100s of billions of 💸 This is new age colonization. Not only $ also data This isn't going to make India super power

@Askole Very pregnant, very hormonal, and very kidnapped. The kidnapper expects Kaylee to beg for mercy. Not happening. Just Desserts (Coletti Warlord Series Book 5) by Gail Koger via @amazon

@anoodynono #ABOX A4 #Laminator #Machine, #Portable #Thermal #Laminating OL141 with 12 #Pouches, #Fast #Warm #up, for #Home #Office #School #LONG #WORKING #TIME, 230mm/9inch entry #photographs, #documents, #work #permits, #menus, #artworks, #SALE @amazon

@heavenlyhund @SRuhle @amazon That's why I never shop Amazon good. People shop small shops locally for the holidays stop making Amazon richer. Profits do not go to their Workforce. Their big Pharma. Sad

@saurabhkela It is quite urgent for me to appear the exam. It is really frustrating since I am not able to book my exam. It is really awful experience for me. If you don't want me to appear for exam then please let me know. @JeffBezos @amazon

@6RINGSLRJASH @XboxSupport @amazon @CitizensOne Just got the denial reason and there's clearly an issue with their algorithim as it doesnt even relate to the report it is referencing. Some shady stuff going on here and I want no part of it. Shame on yall for not vetting this stuff prelaunch.

@The_Lylmik @BionicBButton @Cavendish959 @ExpanseOnPrime @amazon @AmazonStudios I disagree, when the last book released it took me less than 24h to read it and it did not dial down the buzz in any way. Dragging it out does not prolong enjoyment, but it cause more anxiety and thus reduces the enjoyment.

@beavis617 @SRuhle @amazon Republican arguments... Companies are not in business to provide jobs... They are in business to make money and return profits to shareholders... Or... We provide jobs to the community and in return we expect tax breaks... So?? Which is it???

@mikejos @SRuhle @KatyTurNBC @amazon Not the fault of @amazon at all. Kudos to their finance department for exploiting our broken corporate tax system. The real issue is the government. Maybe this will be the kick in the butt they need to not let this happen again.

@eric_hawkins9 @Hihumanists @Stuho1mez @P4ulR4k @midgeure1 @mzdt Maybe they have a motor home, who knows, just an observation when I visted this charity shop where I buy items from to support them, not buying brand new from billionair owner of @amazon, who pay pennies in tax. while the owner Jeff adds to his $100 billion wealth. Tax them

@The_Lylmik @Cavendish959 @ExpanseOnPrime @BionicBButton @amazon @AmazonStudios I do not agree with this. I want to binge watch the whole season over that weekend. Will be awesome. Also cannot wait to get the last book of the series, need to know how the story continues.

@juancpedreira Why @amazon sells full priced Amazon Prime membership to Puerto Rico and do not ship their products to the island?

@Mishra__Shyam @AmazonHelp First and foremost thing we are not asking any charity. That was my money. It's been one month for this issue. When is not getting resolve from you end so I don't think I have to keep any hope for low skill CCE's. Ur CCE's work in robotic manner. #amazon @amazon @AmazonHelp

@Harshitbhavsar4 @amazon I ordered this product on 24sep bit still I didn't received my order ,what the ridiculous service provided by @amazonIN . And now if you told me that you Give me refund then just go to hell ,I want my product ,I am waiting from last 2 month for the product not for refund

@Mandari25733571 @DrDenaGrayson @amazon My sister is single now and struggling while working three jobs to pay the last of her federal income taxes. Trump's 1% tax break royally screwed her over...and in just a few months has to refile for 2019 and owe again.

@MkukiNaNyota @MMTogolani @aikande @UONGOZI @amazon Thanks for pointing that out. There’s a glitch on that listing (for some amazon country stores but not all) & we are working on it. Pls flag it so Amazon acts on it faster (u can report when a listing is wrong). For now go to u’ll get ur book in not time!

@truthhurts10989 @DarwynsTheory @ModdyMcsquares @profgalloway @amazon Seems to have shut em down 🤔

@EenforceCIS @mcmerchant @Nike @amazon While this is a bold move by Nike, it is not going to solve their problems. Their platform on Amazon will still thrive, with Amazon recruiting distributors to sell their products.

@MonikaChansoria @AmazonHelp It has NOT BEEN ‘fulfilled’. @amazon has received complete payment. It is shameful, that you take payments, and then expect the customer to ‘get in touch’ with the seller who is not responding since a week. Before anything else, you need to improve your customer service. Pity.

@banodad @profgalloway @amazon Yes, but let’s not forget the “Investment” made by Amazon , enriching our political leaders to keep the tax laws status quo

@RajivDC @Owaiskh833 @AmazonIn_In @amazon It happend to me as well. They are not posting honest review.

@therealnicki_k @TheDixieLynn @amazon Everyone’s going to focus on the hands and nobody... not a one... is going to mention the phallic shaped object underneath her dress?

@iamindrad Dear @Flipkart @amazon, May I know why there is no campaign or special offer for Men's Day? Is it because the day doesn't expect attention or is it because the day is not a propaganda? If we men want to pamper ourselves at least for a day, is it not acceptable? #WeToo #MensDay

@briangerard13 @SRuhle @amazon Not really true. Amazon pays billions of taxes. And some one needs to learn the difference between GAAP and tax accounting when referencing “profits”

@DarkKitarist @chetfaliszek It's not hard to explain at all. MONEY is god, money, money and more money is the daily goal, every day. It's plain and simple greed and immortality, because those taxes would have helped a lot. @amazon Pay your fucking taxes you greedy shits.

@harshadtekwani @amazonIN this has now become problematic for the working single people. Tell us how we can take the delivery when we are in office. So do you expect us to take leave from office for just a product delivery. Is this ease of service @amazon wants to provide. @AmazonHelp

@swansqlista @merlinphd @amazon @awscloud no debate from me--the tax code has to change. but there are better options to @amazon : try not to buy at all, buy local, buy from co-ops (rei) or support (slightly) better corporate stores like patagonia, target or costco

@6RINGSLRJASH @InvinmaS @bizkitzCog @XboxP3 @amazon @XboxSupport Understood. Not mad you personally. Just letting you know that if I'm not approved then the majority of people who would use this program will also not be approved and likely due to an algorithimic error on their part that is sending out ridiculous reasons for denial.

@UppityBi @sammartino @nondualrandy @profgalloway @amazon If someone is legally allowed to enforce that, it’s the Congress that is the problem, not Amazon.

@massivefamily @Amazon - Walmart really stepped up the game on shipping boxes to prevent damage. When will you? Walmart box is think and very rigid. Amazon box... not so much

@IitrKumar @flipkartsupport @amazon @aajtak @nsitharaman this is my 6th tweet regarding this issue.Flipkart is doing dhoka to aam public,plz see what i ordered and what I received.,and also both books are also Xerox not original.What can I do,I am going in mental trauma

@SUNEELSIRIGIRI1 @amazon my requested iteam is not delivered but status is displaying delivered. Really I am facing a lots of issues with your service. Why your delivery boys are doing like this. When I call to customer service daily there are saying different reasons.

@briangerard13 @profgalloway @amazon Not really true. Amazon pays billions of taxes. And some one needs to learn the difference between GAAP and tax accounting when referencing “profits”

@hoot7767 @SRuhle @amazon 45 kept his promise to his base oh my bad no he didn't 😂 we tried to tell ya'll but ya'll wouldn't listen. The wealthy is the only ones 45 is helping PERIOD but ya'll TRUMPETERS would not listen oh well‼💯😂🤣 #WETRIEDTOTELLYOU

@nishadkm @MohitMatz @AbyKurian8 @amazon @amazonIN @timesofindia @EconomicTimes @manoramanews @mathrubhumi @the_hindu @TimesNow @BBCBreaking @nytimes I have called many time. But the concerned team are not willing to attend my call. @amazon

@sujayskweezy @amazon @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @AmazonIn_In Hey guys I ordered this on the big billion day and tried to instal the tyre many days later that time i found out that the tire is faulty piece now m not able to use it can you guys please help me out in this please

@RyanDemSA @STEVEHAAGSPORT @Mud_n_Guts @Sbu_Mjikeliso Publisher is Jeremy Daniel. Siya Kolisi was not aware of it being written. And is not recieving any royalties from this. Basically he's opportunistic. Take a look an Amazon. I'm sure you can put a request in to halt its sales due to infringement of copyright @amazon

@arunpudur #Amazon doing extremely well in India: @JeffBezos So #DigitalIndia is helping @amazon @Walmart @Samsung @AlibabaGroup & 100s 2 drain 100s of billions of 💸 This is new age colonization. Not only $ also data This isn't going to make India super power

@alberto71493939 @SRuhle @amazon It will be good to know if amazon is supporting individual-1 and all other big companies that made so much money and pay little or not taxes at all, this guy don't give something for nothing, you support my re-election you get super big tax incentives

@jmllubber @cmarinucci @YahooFinance @amazon what say you? Shoppers, are you mad as hell or will you order something from $AMZN today? What a crime on the people you sell to. What a crime on taxpayers and the US debt bcs you do do buybacks, not pay taxes on >$11billion in profit for 2018 with a tax credit to boot.

@col_reub1 @SRuhle @amazon Unfortunately an acquaintance of mine working full time and earning under $25,000 will pay taxes. This is a warped system geared to only serve the wealthy.

@TheTrueDBC @Ford @radiohouston I’ll buy a @Rivian before I buy that. Let’s be honest Ford.. Rivian is pretty nice 👌 Not to mention you #Invested 500 Million in them so ya still win...? Didn’t @Amazon Invest in #Rivian as well... 🤔 Night Night $TSLA @Tesla 😏 #Stocks #StockMarket

@Chrislebeau3 @SRuhle @amazon The REPUBS voted for that crazy! They want co not to have to pay taxes....what can I say?

@kcffjl @hardkid24 @SRuhle @amazon Amazon wasn’t paying taxes 3,4,5,8,10 years ago. It’s not a GOP problem, it’s a “elite protect their own” problem. Greed is not keeping what you earn, it’s taking hard earned money to advance your own agenda.

@marcus3255 @SRuhle @amazon And after getting a little back every year after filling my taxes now I owe thanks to these screwed up tax laws and amazon can get away with this. A freaking disgrace to any blue collar working person that voted for this administration

@charan10030897 @AmazonHelp until now i have all the conversations and call recordings about my order.I'm posting all those in the social media. @AmazonHelp @amazon first train the people how to solve the peoples queries about the orders.Then issue the salaries to them.Until now i dodn't my order.

@honestcitizen8 @ET_RISE @EconomicTimes @JeffBezos @amazon Jeff should not care about the lazy incompetent since they don't run their brains to do business globally & don't do global innovation, R&D to manufacture World Class Goods for Export Globally to top 10 countries globally. They are Incompetent & Jealous of others progressing..

@vickyhkr1810 @amazon can you tell your drivers to not post my neighbours parcels through my door without asking for my concern first

@ben_cut_le_crap @DarwynsTheory @michellegreer @ModdyMcsquares @profgalloway @amazon People working all the hours all week and having to survive on food stamps isn't a "trade off". It's corporate abuse.

@SBRiley23 @SRuhle @amazon And just how are they reinvesting these profits into the company to create more jobs, raise the salaries of their hourly wage workers, investing into their communities to increase affordable housing, improve infrastructure and support the local chambers of commerce. They're not?

@publicservic @DarwynsTheory @profgalloway @amazon All of those and including Amazon. But that is not the point! Amazon needs to pay its share of taxes - period!

@theankitgarg @amazon @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @JeffBezos found issues in production app.Sharing one:In mobile recharge sec. if i fill all valid details and click on pay button,then press back button,it is not allowing again to continue. Video attached for the reference .#Amazon #testing #issue

@baba12 @profgalloway @amazon STOP blaming companies paying no taxes or rich paying little or not enough in taxes etc. Blame yourselves as you elect people who pass laws on your behalf that allows such shenanigans to happen.If u want to change then VOTE & elect those who will change the laws.

@Nitin66913492 @amazon Manju-Amazon India Social Media Escalations team not able to understand a simple calculation they gave me cashback of Rs1000 but deducted from my Mi A3 phone refund money simple gave CB of 1k and taken back such simple thing u guys failed to understand not good cust serv

@SpycyB @XboxP3 @amazon I'm shocked Indiazon managed to do something without f'ing it up. Mind you, money talks doesn't it. Us mere working class people with our grubby little $200 purchases mean sweet FA to them. God forbid you ever want to get a refund on something, Phil, you'll have to wait 4 weeks!

@6RINGSLRJASH @InvinmaS @bizkitzCog @XboxP3 @amazon @XboxSupport That makes sense except for the fact that the finance company you chose is blaming you for it and your product is not being bought due to their error. Sounds like an Xbox problem to me. 🤷‍♂️ enjoy your night.

@witter_m1996 @captainbeardgt @Jon_Jon101 @Kate_H_Taylor @salvationarmy @amazon How is the Salvation Army anti lgbt. I can say I’m for traditional marriage personally and say that I don’t care what two people want to do or whether you are trans are not.

@braggs91 @DrDenaGrayson @amazon No excuse for Amazon not to be paying its employees a very high hourly rate/salaries. If not, this proves trickle down economics is a sham and a LIE.

@realbennym @amazon and @FedEx demonstrate once again that Trickle-Down-Econ destroys freemarket capitalism. Small business and American workers pay for the infrastructure that Mega Corporations use to make Billions for free. #TrumpTaxScam

@KhetleRohit @AmazonHelp Another superb service assurance from @amazon @AmazonHelp +91 90043 46735 is not ready to answer the call, the delivery was scheduled for 2pm by the female tech lead, which then pushed for 9pm then

@Jamperl26 @TwitchSupport @amazon its not letting me watch ads for bits on twitch anymore & hasn't been letting me for at least 3 months going on 4, Can you please help me I want my free bits to cheer

@RayArora4 @amazon I appreciate the effort of Amazon India for best service. But not poor at management. Just one small order and simple process but not able to execute it properly.

@briangerard13 @JohnMilionis @profgalloway @psimpsonmorgan @amazon Not really true. Amazon pays billions of taxes. And some one needs to learn the difference between GAAP and tax accounting when referencing “profits”

@rishdang @amazonIN @amazon will you guys help us solve the issue or keep us sending these mails or you want us to go to consumer court ?

@LeighShaver3 @LodgeCastIron and @amazon a non social media friend of mine sent me this pic of an ad that popped up for her. She has emailed Lodge and not received any response to the horrendous text that maybe was hacked? What do you all do to address this?

@koehntopp @MalinJessica @amazon It's actually not their fault at all, they're even required to act like this through shareholder protection law. Tax is not voluntary, it needs to be collected.

@_rdal @danielmabuse @amazon Would providing corporate tax cuts for large companies that pay living wages and better working conditions to their employees help with this cause? What is the best long term solution to change behaviour of large companies?

@drbridgetsweet SO EXCITED about the first, very positive @amazon review of my new book, "Thinking Outside the Voice Box," which I know [for a fact] did not come from my mother. Thrilled to be moving this conversation about adolescence in new directions!! #Thinkingoutsidethevoicebox @OUPMusic

@bigwingsstore Think Big, Start Small, Learn Fast!! Hey! If you don't do anything, you will not have any success. Start with small steps and get bigger day by day. We started a business. Check the link and write your comment: #think #startups @AmazonAE @amazon

@JustinFilson @profgalloway @amazon You should be asking, “how can I pay zero in taxes?” Not attack someone who’s smarter than you. Taxation is theft. We should be going back to 1912 when we didn’t have income tax nor the federal reserve, who taxes us through inflation.

@mbaker000 Forcing @amazon to spin off @awscloud might be the best overall solution. If their books are split, they can no longer use high AWS margins to subsidize Zero/Negative margins on the retail side. However, it's not "free". It saves competition but prices will rise...

@tibetstar19 @amazon my order was to be delivered by 15th of Nov but today is 19th and still not delivered! I never request for different date.I just said deliver it asap as deadline is already passed! @amazon you guys are playing around. Product already in city from 15th yet not delivered.

@AndyBuzz72 @amazon @AmazonUK It seems you are avoiding paying taxes. Taxes help pay for many things in society, from housing to schools and education. I promise you Amazon - I am not going to use your services again until you start paying your way. #boycottAmazon

@RohPuri @SRuhle @amazon is set up as a C-Corp, so as a general rule is subjected to Double Taxation-at the corporate level, and then at the individual level when dividends are issued to shareholders. If they pay zero income tax then they are not issuing dividends to shareholders.

@dramatic_one Ok both @amazon and @Walmart need to calm the fuck down with their Christmas commercials

@madamyez @amazon #TheManInTheHighCastle S4-E5 In a diner, a black couple sat down to eat Nazi John tells Thomas not to interfere The whole scene horrifies Thomas and he calls his (dad) out for not saying anything to help them He says: I don't even know you 😮 No Jews or blacks in the Reich😦

@base944 I prefer to not support the Guantanamo Cloud what about you, Dan? @jeffbezos @amazon

@mspammajamma @SRuhle @amazon Amazon’s the bad place. There are so many shopping alternatives that partner with UPS for two-day delivery now, not to mention local pharmacy and grocery delivery services that keep money in the community. Bonus, they don’t threat their employees like trash. Also AWS? 💰 ➡️ 🗑

@KhetleRohit @AmazonHelp @amazon @AmazonHelp tried to call the customer service and I was been told I should have not ordered the product at the first place, upon asking for a refund. Damn good service over delivering amazing damaged products with arrogant service and delivery providers

@VoluntaryistV @jejord @profgalloway @amazon Over 4 trillion a year spent and our education system continues to fail, homelessness grows. Why would a percentage of 11.8 billion change that at all? It may decrease the deficit as much as a rounding error, but they are not the problem. Our government is.

@bracco @realDAN_VAN @amazon I’m experiencing the same issue on my iPhone and iPad. It’s been happening for about the last week or so. Coincidentally, it’s also when I began to experience a bug that doesn’t allow me to update apps across my iOS devices. Not sure if related.

@danielmabuse Why can't we offer an extra payment to those people who deliver for Amazon? Would not solve the gig economy problem, but would at least help a few of the poorest people. @amazon

@r_meH2o Not to mention @Amazon allows illegal businesses to sell pirated products through its marketplace wuth no consequence fr the courts. Legitimate businesses pay the costs to police #Amazon @Amazon3PSellers spending 10s of 1000s in the process ultimately paid by consumers...

@EEEFamily5 @ArvindHickman @bankwuptsy @profgalloway @amazon Taxes can be made simpler to cut down on loop holes. It takes the will of the people to make this happen.

@AshleyElisaG @bankwuptsy @profgalloway @amazon Actually - FDII and GILTI (additions from TCJA) is helping curb that. Not to mention the repatriation tax that was posted to those making billions overseas

@Johnnysoc If the political sphere cared enough about its people, then those we elect wouldn’t allow corporations like @walmart, @amazon to destroy the working class.

@NonameBooks CHICAGO: We are now working with @chipublib to bring you all the monthly titles for free! Chicago is one of the first cities to stop charging late fees on books!!!!!! Save money,🖕🏾@amazon

@syuntamoe @amazon is there any way to talk to a HUMAN without speaking over the phone? the bot is very straightforward and not much room for specific questions.

@sunil_198 @amazon I ordered one canon DSLR and Samsung m 30 on 10/11/2019, I paid entirely (73k). The next day when I got my order. I shocked to see, they sent 4 hard disks instead of the camera and now they are not giving my money back

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