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@Layne21951264 Republicans Thought Yovanovitch Would Be a Pushover. She Beat Them Up Instead via @Yahoo lol fake news, just another know nothing fake witness. These Democrats never have anything. How could u vote for fools, u are not important to them.

@Layne21951264 Michael Bloomberg to launch $100 million digital anti-Trump campaign via @Yahoo lol who cares, he's not wanted

@burks_jeremy @shelbyjones1992 @Yahoo Mine has been down for over 24 hours...... none of the yahoo apps work. Trying to get on through a browser doesn’t work either......

@gurugk I'm not fluent in French, but this tweet seems like a good reason to start learning @Yahoo @RenaultF1Team @danielricciardo #partnership #f1

@ProudOIFvet @FeministProteau @Yahoo Working on a mil, but Im up to 250k. Cant wait for the big pay! Or even .10 would pay nice, lol...

@Pete2675 @TheRickWilson @Yahoo Funny that it does not seem to bother me a bit.

@jforrester117 @YahooCare shut the fuck up. lying mofukers. always lying bc u want to embezzle ppl. Thinking ppl r fuking stupid ?? @Yahoo @yahoomail @MailSport with the 700$ trillion u have in your accts. @politico @UPGovt working for verified $ lol why dont i create it @admediaoffice @QuebecBoston

@realjudgepena Bill Clinton to Donald Trump on gun control inaction during impeachment: 'You got hired to do a job' via @Yahoo Screw you Bill Clinton, you spent more time in the Oval Office having marital affairs than working on hard working people problems.

@BBUZZBEE This is from the app on my phone which I believe everyone else is referring to. I have @ATT for my phone. Currently not using a WiFi signal. @Yahoo @YahooSports @YahooFantasy @YahooFantasyCC just do an app update. I am quite sure it will alleviate the problem.

@Layne21951264 3 things to watch for in Friday's Trump impeachment hearing via @Yahoo lol We The People want Democrats, to do what they are paid to do, WORK. Fake, phony, hoaxs, are not work, but more or less TREASON !

@samfinch1991 @lydiate_michael @Yahoo Says the spaz that can’t put his left foot in front of his right 😂 come back to me when your not barred from spoons and the spec 👍😊

@AbdulmominGhum1 @AbdulmominGhum3 @xtrakrizp @Martin75548654 @abdulmominghum2 @CNN @cnnbrk @nytimes @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS @SenateGOP @NewYorkFBI @FBINewark @PressSec @WhiteHouse @CIA @StateDept @FBI @UTAustin @TravisCountyTX @SpecNewsATX @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @USEmbassySLO @100XDevelopment @AlabamaFTBL @politico @CNNPolitics @latimes @IngrahamAngle @BillOReilly @Forbes @foxnewsalert @HillaryClinton @BillClinton @BarackObama @GretaThunberg @ArianaGrande @peta @SpeakerPelosi @MeghanMcCain @cindymccain @MichelleObama @MSNBC @maddow @Google @Apple @Yahoo @EdwardSnowden I deciphered the most insidious forms of patterns to crimes and the FBI agents on tv talking to process not substance and vice versa without being called insane for anything

@mouerpower @TheRickWilson @Yahoo Hey Randy - he’s not going because of you. He’s going to jail because of him. Sheesh.

@fsdanconia @strikos @raju @Yahoo @amnesty The ruling party itself was breaking FCRA law. Noone raided their headquarters. Au contraire, they changed the law ,retrospectively OKaying all foreign contributions to political parties since 1975. Not even a whimper from Godi media and all the naashnalist circlejerks was heard.

@I_love_Crrrumbs Alright some good news for once...Federal Judge Rules U.S.-Born ‘ISIS Bride’ Not an American Citizen, U.S. Not Required to Repatria... via @Yahoo

@kcmanhoagland Taylor Swift Fans Threatened To "Shoot Up" Record Label, Office Closes Due To Death Thr... via @Yahoo She is not so innocent

@ausmboomer Bill Clinton to Donald Trump on gun control inaction during impeachment: 'You got hired to do a job' via @Yahoo Trump only works for his base and the Republican Party. Not anyone else.

@KBcomin @44mmvvpp @Yahoo That for real? WHO the F would Ukraine use them to fight, if not Russians in armored vehicles?

@QueensVicious At least two injured in shooting at New Jersey high school football game via @Yahoo yo @realDonaldTrump our kids are dying. When are you going to focus on this issue? #guncontrol

@WAVY10Bob Well that’s impressive! I got my @Yahoo email account 19 years ago today! I’m not one to like change, and I’ve never had issues, so on to year 20...

@CestAlain Frozen 2: Disney sequel's environmental message... (Blames adults for not sufficiently paying attention to nature as the cause of today's problems, per article.) via @Yahoo

@QueensVicious Roger Stone guilty of lying to Congress to protect Trump and his campaign via @Yahoo yo @realDonaldTrump your allies are crashing down. At some point even you must realize the world doesn’t agree with you

@danielmiller549 @realStefanStrek @ABC @nbc @MSNBC @Yahoo @BBC @blacksheep_uo @eugeneweekly @registerguard @BreitbartNews @wqqqqwrt @MedsBestPodcast I just checked and there aren’t two posters where I took the other one down yesterday, just a blank space that’s way more pleasant to look at. I don’t think you know what you’re talking about

@spwhoelse Hannity Predicts Marie Yovanovitch Will Cry ‘on Cue’ at Hearing via @Yahoo @seanhannity what a sexist thing to say after you and Rudy ganged up on an innocent officer of the US govt. I bet you you don’t have the b**s to appear and testify you did not BS!

@Layne21951264 Attorney General Barr says he does not recall Trump request to defend Ukraine call via @Yahoo Lol the media is another thing to be drained. So many liars involved, we need to start over, with real reporters.

@ianharr72248429 @Yahoo Why not refuse him his citizenship, he only wants to be Ethiopian when it suits him politically!

@Tim98915209 @Yahoo I can Not wait until Jim Jordan and Miss Stefanik have their moment and they again need to ask If Miss Yovanavitch was such a champion of Anti Corruption as Sciff put it , The why in the hell were the Biden's allowed to conduct corrupt dealings and with a Corrupt entity Burisma

@AbdulmominGhum1 @AbdulmominGhum3 @xtrakrizp @Martin75548654 @abdulmominghum2 @CNN @cnnbrk @nytimes @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS @SenateGOP @NewYorkFBI @FBINewark @PressSec @WhiteHouse @CIA @StateDept @FBI @UTAustin @TravisCountyTX @SpecNewsATX @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @USEmbassySLO @100XDevelopment @AlabamaFTBL @politico @CNNPolitics @latimes @IngrahamAngle @BillOReilly @Forbes @foxnewsalert @HillaryClinton @BillClinton @BarackObama @GretaThunberg @ArianaGrande @peta @SpeakerPelosi @MeghanMcCain @cindymccain @MichelleObama @MSNBC @maddow @Google @Apple @Yahoo @JoeBiden I will make sure you cannot hide for not for to do you but to do the world the right way. I do care

@sugunrajs1 After Republican attacks, Ilhan Omar has been proved right: Stephen Miller is a white nationalist via @Yahoo # Proven evil Miller whether he is a Jew or a Non-Jew is still a danger 2our democracy &and does not belong to the Administration in the WH.

@April19136742 @TheRickWilson @Yahoo Take heart Randy. He’s not going to jail because of you. He’s going to jail because he broke the law and sold his soul to Donald Trump. He is responsible for his own choices.

@AbdulmominGhum1 @AbdulmominGhum3 @xtrakrizp @Martin75548654 @abdulmominghum2 @CNN @cnnbrk @nytimes @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS @SenateGOP @NewYorkFBI @FBINewark @PressSec @WhiteHouse @CIA @StateDept @FBI @UTAustin @TravisCountyTX @SpecNewsATX @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @USEmbassySLO @100XDevelopment @AlabamaFTBL @politico @CNNPolitics @latimes @IngrahamAngle @BillOReilly @Forbes @foxnewsalert @HillaryClinton @BillClinton @BarackObama @GretaThunberg @ArianaGrande @peta @SpeakerPelosi @MeghanMcCain @cindymccain @MichelleObama @MSNBC @maddow @Google @Apple @Yahoo @TheJusticeDept The big house; why can’t Melania pea. See she growing red for all to see. Silence my darling; it will not be over in the morning

@Joan_Pierce @TheRickWilson @Yahoo Roger Stone is not going to jail because of one persons testimony, he is going to jail because he committed several crimes. It was the witnesses duty to tell the truth, which he did

@sprinklesRus @TheRickWilson @Yahoo That’s ok. He’ll get over it as soon as he sits down to have a nice glass of whisky while Stone drinks toilette wine. 😂

@DoyleNewsy Barr blaming his inaction on start of impeachment hearings. He could have been working on gun control instead of trying to find dirt on Bidens in foreign countries to help Trump election Justice Dept. rolls out new program to combat gun violence via @Yahoo

@hatefulfred Conversion therapy is not going to help. It is bullshit science. It's all this dipshit has to offer. Mike Pence Vows To End School Shootings, But Twitter Users Seem Skeptical via @Yahoo

@FrankB41946401 @joerogan @Yahoo I’m with Eddie on this shit. And I have absolutely no reason not to be, Joe

@OTFelix2 Take it or not, Trump is there to save US from foreign secret hackers, Hackers' strategies include out number and control public news, after act blinds to arab and others resulted hate US. via @Yahoo

@44mmvvpp Wow! The condition of the deal to give the Javelins to Ukraine according to the U.S. official who worked on Ukraine issues ... was provided on the condition that Ukrainians would 'not' use them against Russian forces ! via @Yahoo

@gambino_suzanne @jaredkushner not only is my real estate agent agreements have a serious clause on them so does the Jag CEASE and DESIST ORDER and since they didn't do anything about it and didn't have any reason to have done this and no written CONSENT FORM

@JohnGri52552981 And i hope TRUMP is convicted right behind him. It's damn time for all these rich boys to suffer for the problems they caused and the laws they broke. It's good to see them going down via @Yahoo

@shadeballsbyX Republicans Thought Yovanovitch Would Be a Pushover. She Beat Them Up Instead via @Yahoo @GOP did not bother to ask her any substantive questions so she would not cry. She admitted she knew of NO CRIMES COMMITTED BY @realDonaldTrump

@HHooversGhost Let's not forget this...EVER Roger Stone guilty of lying to Congress to protect Trump and his campaign Today should be a national holiday! via @Yahoo

@danielmiller549 @realStefanStrek @ABC @nbc @MSNBC @Yahoo @BBC @blacksheep_uo @eugeneweekly @registerguard @BreitbartNews I saw one of your flyers today so I looked you up. When I found out you were a shitty little twerp I took it down and I’m gonna do that to every one I see. You’re pathetic

@beachydreamer This is why I will NEVER live in a development, especially one with a HOA. They're insanely ridiculous...🙄 Family fights back after being told to take down #Christmas decorations: 'We're not going to do it' via @Yahoo

@kita_L725 Twitter Users Wonder Why Rep. Devin Nunes Keeps Bringing Up Trump Nude Photos via @Yahoo If you find photos of nude dumbass, please — PLEASE — do not release them!! No one wants to see them— not even his wives/mistresses. Haven’t we all suffered enough?

@RealPamelaAnne Judge rules Roger Stone is not allowed to speak publicly about his case, no third parties or surr... via @Yahoo

@Mr2sus @BBUZZBEE @ATT @Yahoo @YahooSports @YahooFantasy @YahooFantasyCC My fantasy app isn’t working since last night. Tomorrow is Sunday and fantasy football game day. You prob want to get it fixed before the wrath of the fantasy player breaks out. #down20hoursandcounting

@paintbynotes @MingGao26 @ericgarland @Yahoo I'm not sure how Gina Haspel and the CIA can push any ally to respond to Russian aggression when President Trump makes almost every foreign policy decision based on how well it suits Putin. #TrumpCrimeSyndicate #TrumpTraitor

@wendyandrade3 @Yahoo what is going on with your server?! I can’t get my emails at all! I can’t even log in to my email! It’s been over 24 hours! Fix the issue!!

@vinkonews Federal Judge Rules U.S.-Born ‘ISIS Bride’ Not an American Citizen, U.S. Not Required to Repatria... via @Yahoo

@Ray7Cincinnati Chris Wallace: If You're 'Not Moved' By Yovanovitch, 'You Don't Have A Pulse' via @Yahoo I have no idea where this guy comes from? East Coast fake news! He needs to go. I don’t watch his program anymore do any of my Twitter family?

@bentonlee1 Federal Judge Rules U.S.-Born ‘ISIS Bride’ Not an American Citizen, U.S. Not Required to Repatria... via @Yahoo

@sleepywaterbear @SandDollar04 @Yahoo She’s done a great job getting people to support @TedraCobb Also, @Harvard should think about rescinding her degree, as she apparently isn’t literate enough to read or understand the rules. Either that or she blatantly lied to the American people. Not a good look, Harvard.

@artchic6 You should probably read this @realDonaldTrump, though I'm sure you won't. You're going to need @BillClinton 's advice whether you want it or not. Though we all know you won't even read important national security briefs. #clueless #Impeachment - @Yahoo

@AbdulmominGhum1 @AbdulmominGhum3 @xtrakrizp @Martin75548654 @abdulmominghum2 @CNN @cnnbrk @nytimes @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS @SenateGOP @NewYorkFBI @FBINewark @PressSec @WhiteHouse @CIA @StateDept @FBI @UTAustin @TravisCountyTX @SpecNewsATX @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @USEmbassySLO @100XDevelopment @AlabamaFTBL @politico @CNNPolitics @latimes @IngrahamAngle @BillOReilly @Forbes @foxnewsalert @HillaryClinton @BillClinton @BarackObama @GretaThunberg @ArianaGrande @peta @SpeakerPelosi @MeghanMcCain @cindymccain @MichelleObama @MSNBC @maddow @Google @Apple @Yahoo @TheJusticeDept D to S, Melania: wear green and white for me and not yourself. Paint my money for all to see while you are on your knees. #optics

@re_sis_tor Barr used an interesting choice of words to avoid the real issue in the impeachment inquiry, i.e. whether Trump abused his authority. via @Yahoo

@themarkojenx Bill Gates Tops Jeff Bezos as World’s Richest Person With Amazon Slide. We propose heavy taxation to billionaires riding public infrastructure to riches b/c left alone their wealth does not help, it evaporates in stock slides, Bill, Jeff do more via @Yahoo

@Wayne3452 'I'll skip you': Rep. Devin Nunes to Kent on Ukraine seeking 'dirt' on Trump campaign via @Yahoo I am surprised you did not bring up J.F.K assination and ask them if Hilary did it.

@jerelshaw Bad Intentions? Once again, some of my worst decisions in life have been believing the unbelievable. In other words, if the entity making the offer doesn't give clear guidelines and desired outcomes, then it's #not okay to guess. via @Yahoo

@dfi_playah @Yahoo Alice S. Fisher, is a former senior DOJ official alleged to have played a part in keeping Jeffrey Epstein’s controversial plea deal secret from his victims more than a decade ago, although some U.S. officials have provided other reasons why victims were not notified.

@AbdulmominGhum1 @AbdulmominGhum3 @xtrakrizp @Martin75548654 @abdulmominghum2 @CNN @cnnbrk @nytimes @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS @SenateGOP @NewYorkFBI @FBINewark @PressSec @WhiteHouse @CIA @StateDept @FBI @UTAustin @TravisCountyTX @SpecNewsATX @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @USEmbassySLO @100XDevelopment @AlabamaFTBL @politico @CNNPolitics @latimes @IngrahamAngle @BillOReilly @Forbes @foxnewsalert @HillaryClinton @BillClinton @BarackObama @GretaThunberg @ArianaGrande @peta @SpeakerPelosi @MeghanMcCain @cindymccain @MichelleObama @MSNBC @maddow @Google @Apple @Yahoo @EdwardSnowden The know how to not dot connected wetback went after other donors and that frustrated me

@RobertFox3333 @patch1000 @Yahoo Ignore the idea at your peril, not mine. Any other names you want to call me while you’re at it?

@auroraalex630 Turkey says it bought Russian S-400s to use them, not put them aside via @Yahoo

@Skyjudge4NFL @MikeRJohnson777 @Yahoo I assure you that is not all they were offered. I wonder how much they charged to "sleep" while a man was murdered on their watch? Or did Barr just intimidate the hell out of them when he visited hours before Epstein's convenient "suicide".

@SteinbeckAfrica Federal Judge Rules U.S.-Born ‘ISIS Bride’ Not an American Citizen, U.S. Not Required to Repatria... via @Yahoo Agree with Trump on this. (Even a broken clock gets it right twice each day)

@Adem10406029 @ianharr72248429 @Yahoo The funny thing is exactly that... for him it is not about becoming Ethiopian but ensuring he continues to profit as much as possible.

@syddyspice When a Teacher Told My Child to Not Be 'Afraid' of My Son's 'Different' Appearance via @Yahoo

@RealPamelaAnne @ChuckCallesto All process crimes and the judge is corrupt Judge rules Roger Stone is not allowed to speak publicly about his case, no third parties or surr... via @Yahoo

@gandhi_sh @Yahoo y is it that I am not able to get all mails on app? Do u have restrictions on number of mails or like only past 3months mails can b viewed on app?

@KorsmeyerEnid @TheRickWilson @Yahoo Horrible that he got caught and has to go to the slammer? Horrible that he was compelled to tell the truth? F=÷# em all. Lay down with dogs you get fleas. He can put some money on his commissary and visit for atonement.

@TJ_23_4Sure @natnathi @Yahoo I hope his family somehow can get the new DNA tests conducted. If he is posthumously found to have been not guilty, I’d sue the got damn state for $100B!!!

@RaymondSternot Some believe Mason Rudolph, hit in head with his own helmet, isn't getting enough blame via @Yahoo had Rudolph not pulled on the helmet there wouldn’t have been an altercation. He deserves to be suspended too

@shnklfritz @TheRickWilson @Yahoo Shouldn’t Credico be feeling lucky he’s not going to jail?

@mid_life_vices @TheRickWilson @Yahoo "All he had to do was tell the truth and this would not have spun out of control." Ego.

@beckidanz10 @TheRickWilson @Yahoo But he didn’t feel bad enough not to testify against him and go to jail too! Lmao

@drandyphung Alzheimer’s Dementia is Standard American Diet disease. Don’t want dementia- got to stop eating sugar, grain, starch, veg oil + grazing culture. Need help, check us out at via @Yahoo

@ErlineP @DillingerLucas @Yahoo Tragic. If you don't care about your own life you're not going to care about anyone else's. Suicidal people can become homicidal. I can't believe he didn't show any sign at all. People tend to turn a blind eye.

@timupland Despite House rules against it, Stefanik tries to question impeachment hearing witness via @Yahoo

@realStefanStrek @danielmiller549 @ABC @nbc @MSNBC @Yahoo @BBC @blacksheep_uo @eugeneweekly @registerguard @BreitbartNews Dedicate your life to it, peasant, YOU are MY slave that exists for garbage. There R thousands more where that came from. 4 every 1 taken down by #autistic #moron there are 2 more put up by #STREK fans and #family! God Bless America! #tcot #ccot #MAGA @wqqqqwrt @MedsBestPodcast

@PKersey2 Bill Clinton to Donald Trump on gun control inaction during impeachment: 'You got hired to do a job' via @Yahoo Idiotic gun laws, secular society, Alinsky, common core indoctrination, family decay and immoral, unethical people (Willy) are the issue

@AbdulmominGhum1 @AbdulmominGhum3 @xtrakrizp @Martin75548654 @abdulmominghum2 @CNN @cnnbrk @nytimes @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS @SenateGOP @NewYorkFBI @FBINewark @PressSec @WhiteHouse @CIA @StateDept @FBI @UTAustin @TravisCountyTX @SpecNewsATX @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @USEmbassySLO @100XDevelopment @AlabamaFTBL @politico @CNNPolitics @latimes @IngrahamAngle @BillOReilly @Forbes @foxnewsalert @HillaryClinton @BillClinton @BarackObama @GretaThunberg @ArianaGrande @peta @SpeakerPelosi @MeghanMcCain @cindymccain @MichelleObama @MSNBC @maddow @Google @Apple @Yahoo @TheJusticeDept The ICU ain’t gonna work for me and you. One man comes out alive in some way and not the other; that’s about all I am allowed to know. Because I reasoned through the Big Dogs and you’re supposedly the biggest on the planet left

@WhiteTrashGal @oldladyisback42 @Yahoo She was totally disrespectful of the House Chairman; she disrespected the RULES which GOP WROTE. She was rude & petulant, insulting & petty. Incompetence is not a benefit--except with GOP. She's a disgrace to women.

@utescootin @Official_MattM @esquire @Hearst Not sure if you, @esquire or @Yahoo are responsible for that Mandalorian spoiler. That was a really shitty thing to do though.

@gambino_suzanne topics of my signature business Model and my son and I have a DOUBT about the car accident PERIOD and Larry Page is not guilty of any wrongdoing thing's and Sergey Brin we can't remember what happened because he forgot to take his meds and Mark

@stjezabell @concit1USA @Yahoo Yes, Repubs excel in the use of minimization in regard to Trump's potentially impeachable behaviors. Not to worry, everyone's doing it. This strategy is designed to have us doubt our own shock in response to obvious moral/ethical lapses. Just another form of gaslighting.

@NurseRabbi @HillaryClinton Arrest @BillGates @facebook zuckerberg @Yahoo not done yet @ABAesq vs. DNA all kinds of mistakes @DEAHQ vs. @ILAttyGeneral outsiders invaded Devon Bank circa 1993 declared genocidial cult. PETA cell folks never to escape capture 1992 requirements to dna all payrolls systems USA©

@drmdphd PROOF THAT NEGOTIATIONS WITH TURKEY & @POTUS ARE IN THE BEST INTEREST OF OTHERS, NOT HIMSELF!! Turkey sends American Islamic State fighter to U.S. after stalemate with Greece via @Yahoo

@SimmonsBart @drandyphung @Yahoo “Supplements have not been shown to help.”

@89jake “strengthen our efforts to reduce gun violence allowing the federal government and our state and local partners to better target offenders who use guns in crimes and those who try to buy guns illegally,” not going to work in sanctuary cities. via @Yahoo

@AbdulmominGhum1 @AbdulmominGhum3 @xtrakrizp @Martin75548654 @abdulmominghum2 @CNN @cnnbrk @nytimes @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS @SenateGOP @NewYorkFBI @FBINewark @PressSec @WhiteHouse @CIA @StateDept @FBI @UTAustin @TravisCountyTX @SpecNewsATX @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @USEmbassySLO @100XDevelopment @AlabamaFTBL @politico @CNNPolitics @latimes @IngrahamAngle @BillOReilly @Forbes @foxnewsalert @HillaryClinton @BillClinton @BarackObama @GretaThunberg @ArianaGrande @peta @SpeakerPelosi @MeghanMcCain @cindymccain @MichelleObama @MSNBC @maddow @Google @Apple @Yahoo @EdwardSnowden FB might also track your eyes. That’s why I look down so as not to drown

@babyjane8673 And the walls come tumblin' down... Roger Stone guilty of lying to Congress to protect Trump and his campaign via @Yahoo

@Sometallwhited1 Scarlett Johansson says she was typecast as 'very hyper-sexualized' in her late teens and early 20s via @Yahoo. All that's really necessary to sell female stars in🎥? Not"accidental"nude leaks,or vulgarity,classy but suggestive feet soles,Tarantino gets it

@CestAlain San Antonio: Family fights back after being told to take down Christmas decorations: 'We're not going to do it'. via @Yahoo

@ladalavara “Our blood screening policies must be based on 21st century medical evidence, not outdated biases about which populations carry more risk of HIV transmission. .2020 Democrats call to end ban on gay men donating blood via @Yahoo

@TGIFrani Judge agrees Alabama Islamic State recruit is not US citizen via @Yahoo. This the beginning to let #peeweetrump revoke anyone's citizenship as trump contenues to destroy this land I love!!!!!

@debraj112 For some reason, this brings Patty Hearst to mind. Federal Judge Rules U.S.-Born ‘ISIS Bride’ Not an American Citizen, U.S. Not Required to Repatria... via @Yahoo

@MagaSue62 @TimsunTim @Ray7Cincinnati @Yahoo Yes, people need to seriously wake up now before it’s too late, the Democrats are washing your lives down the plug hole before your eyes, they are so desperate but believe in Trump cos he is a true patriot, loves America with his heart, body, soul and mind, he’s for the people ❤️

@erica1933 @TheRickWilson @Yahoo Of course Credico feels bad. He's a human being. Not many people would want to see someone they viewed as a friend go to jail, especially late in life. But Stone is guilty. Credico knew it, and his testimony helped establish it for the jury. ETTD.

@AbdulmominGhum1 @AbdulmominGhum3 @xtrakrizp @Martin75548654 @abdulmominghum2 @CNN @cnnbrk @nytimes @washingtonpost @realDonaldTrump @FLOTUS @SenateGOP @NewYorkFBI @FBINewark @PressSec @WhiteHouse @CIA @StateDept @FBI @UTAustin @TravisCountyTX @SpecNewsATX @SenateDems @HouseDemocrats @HouseGOP @USEmbassySLO @100XDevelopment @AlabamaFTBL @politico @CNNPolitics @latimes @IngrahamAngle @BillOReilly @Forbes @foxnewsalert @HillaryClinton @BillClinton @BarackObama @GretaThunberg @ArianaGrande @peta @SpeakerPelosi @MeghanMcCain @cindymccain @MichelleObama @MSNBC @maddow @Google @Apple @Yahoo In liek January of 2019; border crisis! But for me too...he @TheJusticeDept Disability Division said fk the LousyAna disability settlement for Texas lawyer board to fuck with you, Only regarding you, Ghuman, [because we both know some good shit. You’re not fucking Cray] sure

@patch1000 I love Obama, I do! Best POTUS in my lifetime. HOWEVER, now is not the time to be conciliatory! It will take us a generation to undo Trump if we play to the middle in 2020. Not this time! Go left young man. via @Yahoo

Site Excerpt Down, Is Yahoo Down?.
Yahoo! JAPAN ヘルプ Yahoo! JAPANトップページの機能を正しくご利用いただくには、下記の環境が必要です。 Windows:Internet Explorer 11.0以上 / Chrome 最新版 / Firefox 最新版 / Microsoft Edge Macintosh:Safari 9.0以上 ※Internet Explorer 11.0以上をご利用の場合は、「Internet Explorerの互換表示について」を参考に、互換表示の無効化をお試しください。 「大雨危険度」配信開始のお知らせ - お中元の高評価ギフトや贈答マナーをチェック くじで「凪のお暇」が全巻読めるチャンス ニュース19時54分更新・日本の人口43万人減 過去最大・かんぽ生命 二重払い分返還へ・現役頼み 高齢者の医療制度・発火恐れ 日立掃除機リコール・スマホ定期 JR東が一部試行へ・斎藤佑の新車 若手から熱視線・田中大貴ア...

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