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@forcommongood1 As an independent voter, I do not consider Don Trump a Republican. He shares none of the values the party once claimed to stand for. I'm voting Democratic this election. Trump Whines Over Negative Golf Coverage While Attacking Biden, Obama via @Yahoo

@Beverly79943415 ‘Turn back this wave of hate’: 100 writers call for an end to anti-Asian hostility via @Yahoo THIS IS IS FOR ALL WHO THINKS AMERICA IS THEIR HOME AMERICA IS "NOT" YOUR COUNTRY!!! WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS!! NATIVE INDIANS =THEIR HOME 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

@billhuffman3 Did you burn the church down to gain sympathy? I believe that is the question that should be asked. Mississippi pastor: My church was burned down because we want to worship in person via @Yahoo

@laxcamps @ABCNews Reporter @TerryMoran Question About Biden's Coronavirus Mask Does Not Go Well - What an idiot - those of us who lost family to #COVID19 are insulted by this fool. @NicolleDWallace @DevinCow @JillWineBanks @BarbMcQuade via @Yahoo @USAToday @CNN

@JohnGri52552981 Biden cares enough about other people's lives and the lives of children to wear a mask. Where as our actual president and his voter's seriously seem to not give a damn about anyone's lives. It's very sickening to see these people not caring via @Yahoo

@MagickPgh This person is not the @potus. Hebelongd in PRISON. #TrumpIsAnIdiot @realDonaldTrump threatens to move. #Republican convention over #COVID19 restrictions via @Yahoo

@Not_Prisuta Calls in #Congress for probe on how former #Trump aide won $3 million respirator contract. #ZacharyFuentes and the rest of the #TrumpSwamp need to be incarcerated for defrauding our beloved #🇺🇸 and causing Pain and Suffering via @Yahoo

@shoecoop @Yahoo I’ve paid for email pro, but it doesn’t work on my iPad and I’m not paying to talk to customer service. How do I fix this?

@johnmullerfan @searchliaison Updating algorithm time to time I think this may 2020 messed up search results top results spam. I can show a lot of examples. @Google behaviour is going down with the failure system. @Yahoo @bing

@Not_Prisuta Just lift the ban for #Republicans. Thing will work themselves out eventually. @MeghanMcCain calls out Memorial Day weekend crowds amid pandemic: 'Some people think going to ba... #blametrump #TrumpisaSkank via @Yahoo

@MmeBouchon @Fabulous_Kimmy @Yahoo Really best not to see them. Stick with quick rinses

@neonflorals White Woman Calls Cops On Black Man Over Dog Leash Dispute In Viral Footage via @Yahoo how can she feign that hysterical bullshit!? She is choking and hanging her dog. The man is not threatening in the least. She’s caught on video lying to 911.

@imdmthakar @YahooCare Dear Sir/Mam i can't login with my yahoo account due to my number is change kindly help me out from this. Because of some important documents are in my this mail. Please Help Me out. @Yahoo

@Not_Prisuta More manipulation by the perpetual victim, #DonnieTrump. #blametrump #TrumpHasNoPlan #trumpisaSKANK @realDonaldTrump admin won't require nursing homes to count COVID-19 deaths that occurred before May 6 via @Yahoo

@MisterCrow2020 Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer says husband's boat dock request was a bad joke.-They were also at their lake house after she told Michigan residents they were not allowed to go to their lake houses, that was a bad joke too? via @Yahoo

@JohnGri52552981 Almost 100,000 Americans have needlessly died thanks to our president and his lazy ass Republican dipshits not doing their jobs. And every death that still happens from TRUMP and his voter's not wearing mask and pushing people to protest. IDIOTS via @Yahoo

@chickey253 @dvihugh @Yahoo That’s pretty awesome that they came together and did this. I’m not one who partakes, but I respect their alliance to each others safety. Stay safe workers!

@LoyalLogic Hey @YahooNews @Yahoo can you explain why of ALL THINGS to have on your Front Page would you show this! It Implies #DonaldTrump is somehow NOT asking for #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd . You understand this only WIDENS the Divide. How about you report on the Riots & Looting. What a Joke!

@2017Guitarman All anyone has to do is scroll down the users who liked this tweet to see that 80% are fake accounts. Saudi and Russian Bots.. #MAGA MY ASS @FoxNews @FoxandFriends @FoxNation @MSNBC @CNN @abcnews @CBSNews @GMA @weatherchannel @NBCNews @History @Google @Yahoo @tiktok_us @ESPN

@BaltyKnowles @Justin_Facer Hey @Yahoo get your headline / English straight. I Think you meant to say.. #OBAMAGATE CONSPIRACY IS NOT A THEORY #MAGA2020

@CrazyMaryT @Yahoo how about working with #AO3 so that I don't have to change my email address to receive notifications?

@trinyprenciss @Zipcar @Yahoo Do not use zipcar. This is the 4th trip canceled since 5/22/20 this time because they can't get the car to open and they have nothing available. They won't even let you talk to a supervisor. Its bullshit and don't let them sell you on getting a car to get your essentials

@Valafl John Rich says wearing a mask comes down to common sense, slams overreach by local leaders via @Yahoo

@Nikki29977810 "I am not sure that this young woman having her life completely torn apart serves that goal." Yeah but she was about to have your world turned upside down. So fucking Noble of you!!! via @Yahoo

@LloydAbramowitz @TomLydon @AkikoFujita @Yahoo @YahooFinance @USGlobalETFs The real story here is not just $JETS but $GROW the sponsor of the etf. As the etf continues to grow over $800 million, U.S. Global revenue will soar. $GROW is under $2 per share. If $JETS averages over $800 million over the next year that is $5 million of revenues for $GROW.

@sseneqinu Despite Trump opposition, it's 'difficult to tell' if country may need to close again: Birx via @Yahoo Another shut down would destroy our economy!

@Jean28387727 But it is ok to golf after 100k die White House Press Secretary: Golf Is Not OK While U.S. Mourns (Trump Exempt) via @Yahoo

@cbausemer What an awful thing to have happened reguardless of a persons race. This should not be tolerated by any police force. 'I Can't Breathe': Man Dies After Minneapolis Police Officer Seen Kneeling On His Neck via @Yahoo

@Goldentouch63 CONGRATS Bolsonaro Brazil is the LEADER. HOPE U CONTINUE to lead, but I doubt it as MAGA-DIOTS R not going to let that happen SOON there will be a RED-CAP brigade from US who will soon take the lead. . @Yahoo

@TheDemocrat63 White House Press Secretary: Golf Is Not OK While U.S. Mourns (Trump Exempt) via @Yahoo,She indirectly is Talking to Trump,She's out soon

@howardjudith @Yahoo My mailbox out keeps telling me to look at my Apple 11 I am on the Apple 11 I don’t understand where I’m supposed to find a message from yahoo on my Apple Watch 11 my account is [email protected] I’d like to open my mail did someone shut it down 310-404-


@CoachLenATL So SICK to know they got FIRED but NOT Arrested! VIDEO is the Proof! @cnnbrk @BarackObama @NBCNews @CNN @CBSNews @NBCNightlyNews @Google @YahooNews @Yahoo @WCCO @MN_Newspapers @MNCourts #MinneapolisPolice #BlackLivesMatters #ICantBreath #GeorgeFloyd @MayorFrey @GovTimWalz

@SFBlueWavez Leave them at sea if they willing travel during a PANDEMIC! NOT fair to our HEALTHCARE WORKERS! Cruise-obsessed vacationers are desperate to set sail, even after high-profile coronavirus outbre... via @Yahoo

@perplexed_soul2 'I defy anybody to watch that carnage and not intervene': David Attenborough's cameraman tells all via @Yahoo

@LindaDGreen15 Trump threatens to shut down social media platforms via @Yahoo

@jimjohnson1440 ‘Something's going to snap’: Nonprofits face falling revenue and increased demand via @Yahoo the sad part will be that the government will not allow these cities to fall apart which is what needs to happen they need to be disband but they won't let it...

@disinthepunch @JeffreyToobin, do you have any Idea how much foder every hour is spewed about the POTUS.....It's much more than your double digit IQ! Freedom of speech is not yours to decide. via @Yahoo

@BThomps54464888 Marla Maples Says She Chooses 'Love' Not 'Fear' in Mask Photo on Flight to See Daughter Tiffany via @Yahoo

@DrusillaRN This explains how people like Paul, McConnell, Graham, Nunes, Jordon, Gaetz & Trump get elected!The same people keep voting against their own interests!Their not smart! More than 40% of Republicans think Bill Gates will vaccinate to implant... via @Yahoo

@TmhuF I LIKED THE OLD KHLOE , not this newly remade plastic one. She needs to be comfy as her and stop trying to become Kim. ➡️➡️➡️ People are calling out Khloe Kardashian for her 'new face' after she debuted a radically differen... via @Yahoo

@OctoberDawn4 @13WJM @realDonaldTrump @Yahoo DAMN RIGHT! We supported @ConorLambPA in his bid for Congress & we will be doubling down on our support for him in this election! I’ve overused words like disgusting, reprehensible, etc to describe that piece of filth in our WH...I‘m damn tired of him, his mouth, his hate!

@jaazwatson Can anyone help me a can’t sign into @Yahoo with a email? It’s not recognising my email at all but I use it for my Apple ID 🤯 bought a subscription and need the email to sign up for the app but the payments came off 🙃 some1 help me please!!

@4KSavage Working from home? Here's how to have job-life boundaries during the pandemic @Yahoo

@kennethkwr4 I thought that I would live long enough to see people love and not hate. Help and not hurt. Bond and not divide. It won't happen in my life time 😒Protesters clash with Minneapolis police following death of black man seen pinned down in video via @Yahoo

@GreenVanice This lab has 3 Strains but not the main one! 🤔🤔🤔 Maybe that’s why in the beginning they wouldn’t let anyone in to investigate, Duh! @realDonaldTrump @CNN @SpeakerPelosi @NBCNews Wuhan lab had three live bat coronaviruses: Chinese state media via @Yahoo

@Cavefighters Sounds like Adam is going to take action against President Trump for forcing Congress and his own white house staff to wear masks! This is not America! via @Yahoo

@Melissa51657733 I'm not weighing in on the refund matter.I do say the post on what would have been their wedding is heartless.I wouldn't want to use a company w/no moral values. Wedding Videographer Denies Refund, Mocks Man Whose Fiancée Died in Car Crash via @Yahoo

@jphmad1 Look at the frail human being that took a life away. 4 morons on the scene . Not 1 of them had the sense to stop? #icantbreathe #cops #thinblueline #Brotherhood what a farce Black Man Dies After Begging White Cop To Stop Crushing His Neck via @Yahoo

@what_a_liar How by not causing another covid ( white mans way to get rid of population)Despite Trump opposition, it's 'difficult to tell' if country may need to close again: Birx via @Yahoo

@12Joanita Karl Rove says voters want to see Biden out in public as coronavirus dies down via @Yahoo @KarlRove take your fat ass out in the public.

@Cavefighters Trump needs help and should not be allowed to make decisions that affect people's lives! Where are the do nothing Republicans? via @Yahoo

@Lisarebtweet1 Trump threatens to shut down social media platforms via @Yahoo

@debanniedix A white woman who called the police on a black man telling her to put her dog on a leash says she... via @Yahoo these guys keep running up to and chasing down these black men they're so sacred of. Stupid dangerous dangerous dangerous people

@MrHeise24359173 So it seens they're not all dumbies over there They just don't hear anything that's not going to affect their bottom-line GOP Rep. Warns Trump On Wild Scarborough Murder Claim: 'Just Stop. It Will Destroy Us.' via @Yahoo

@MisterCrow2020 2 dead, 5 wounded at South Carolina block party that drew up to 1,000 people-The deputy was arranging for several cars that were not moved to be towed when he heard the first shots, prompting him to call for backup. via @Yahoo

@Neha_Agarwal_94 Even when times are tough, there’s so much to be thankful for. I couldn’t be more proud of working with @verizonmedia @Yahoo #Covid19 #forbes Take a look at how top companies are reacting to the #pandemic Verizon is all for its people!

@prjaiswa18 @Yahoo I am struggling to get my password, I have tried through forgotten password but it seems your "forgotten password" link is not working, please help. ID:[email protected]

@smithatbd9211 Donald Trump accuses Twitter of stifling free speech after it adds 'fact check' label to his tweet via @Yahoo the man is an idiot; inflammatory, injurious or false speech is not protected speech😐

@YouthAdvocacyS1 Clyburn needs to take responsibility.hope minorities actually look at the one should tell you a vote for a 3rd party is a wasted vote..clyburn.👎cringed' at Biden 'black' comment but compare him 'to alternative, not.. via @Yahoo

@QueensVicious Investigation launched into Central Park incident involving white woman and black man via @Yahoo that was a very costly mistake. Literally. She needs to be held accountable for this racist, bullshit behavior and pay what tax payers should not

@mmyer1018 Trump claims Jeff Sessions not 'mentally qualified' to be AG as feud escalates via @Yahoo

@Arlette_Lee Must read @BorisJohnson ‘Offensive to every family’: Mum whose coronavirus-infected son died of leukaemia in lockdown cri... via @Yahoo Destroying lives not saving!

@dykeyc Absolute rubbish. It’s down to individuals how they wish to act, right now & moving forward. We all have the choice, blame not, others. 🌞 Government adviser says 'more people will die' because of Boris Johnson’s defence of Dominic Cumm... via @Yahoo

@MariaGr12512858 'Falsely masculine': Biden hits Trump over face masks as president calls them 'politically correct' via @Yahoo #ReOpenAmerica Being outside DOES NOT grant automatic immunity to SARS CoV2 virus;has evidence of high transmissibility thru Droplet/airborne.

@12Joanita Maybe it time to boycott @Twitter @Jack since they are afraid of Trump. Trump is privileged and we are not @morningmika @nytimes @HuffPost @Yahoo @CBSNews @MoveOn @MeTooMVMT @Alyssa_Milano @RandyRainbow

@gnatbennett “We live in an age of Ahmaud Arbery where Black men are gunned down because of assumptions people make about Black men, Black people, and I’m just not going to participate in that,” he said. via @Yahoo

@Goldentouch63 NO NO Dr. Fauci ABSOLUTELY NOT GOP OFFICIALS & OUR PEE-SIDENT NEVER NEVER LIE GOP make up Truth & say it. Facts R just being collected by MAGA-DIOTS to prove FACTS they made up THATS NOT LYING!! That is just announcing information b4 facts @Yahoo

@Lizbethjoy BECAUSE it has nothing to do with a virus but EVERYTHING to do with Democrats keeping the panic going to crash economy and destroy POTUS so [[they]] escape JUSTICE coming. via @Yahoo

@Not_Prisuta #ChrisWallace Condemns @PressSec, Kayleigh McEnany for Questioning White House Reporters’ Faith. I agree due to the FACT that her boss @realDonaldTrump is a heathen. A Skank. A non-believer. A liar. A pig. A FAKE. #trumpisaskank #TrumpIsARacist. via @Yahoo

@madmilker You do know @Yahoo... that wasn't the article I posted that to..... But we all know just how the socialist media works ... So..! it not gonna take long before everyone will realize just where my post belongs... Oh! tell @rickjnewman Hi..!! okie dokie..!! Have a gr8 day you hear😊

@AsfandiyarkhanY @Yahoo Helo sir how are u i hope u will be fine Sir iam asfandiyarkhan from pakistan country i try to recover my account but no response from yahoo mail and yahoo costumer care i call 5 time to yahoo agent but still issue is not resolved My yahoo acount [email protected]

@KeilaHamilton So disgusting! How is he still working! Woody Allen Says He Has 'Calmed Down' Since His Marriage to Soon-Yi: She 'Changed Me' via @Yahoo

@AshleyMaluu Dear China and its ppl. Please ignore our evil POTUS. We hate him more than u do. We are constantly being tortured by his very existence not to mention the f'ed up 💩 said daily. A 'new Cold War?' China blames U.S. for growing tensions via @Yahoo

@Sihegee @Yahoo @yahoomail You need to look in to the yahoo account hacks. This is a serious issue happening for a long time now. @NSAGov @CISAgov

@WitchCherokee I forgot that if I comment on a story on @Yahoo, I suddenly will not be able to read further comments or "vote", I have to refresh and lose my place. The "horoscopes" also will not open, taking you back to the home page. Fuckin' Yahoo!

@DominatorTx Ummm you never had a vaccine. Can't call it vaccine if you have to take a new shot every year. And you call yourselves scientists? Please. Oxford scientists working on a coronavirus vaccine say there is now only a 50% chance of success ... via @Yahoo

@SteveSchoch2 Dude you have always been worthless. It’s not nice to kick a man when he is down but you always did. Rush Limbaugh Says Lung Cancer Treatment Is 'Kicking My A--' and 'I Have Been Virtually Worthless' via @Yahoo

@kevinlovefund "Success is not immune to depression or mental illness." @kevinlove recently spoke with @Yahoo for their #ResetYourMindset virtual wellness event. Watch the full video here:

@CaulCmc49ers84 Trump claims Jeff Sessions not 'mentally qualified' to be AG as feud escalates via @Yahoo

@openarmslv It's time to remove liberal judges from the bench!! If you don't support the people you certainly do not deserve the title of "judge." Federal court backs California Gov. Gavin Newsom's orders keeping churches closed via @Yahoo

@civilrightsJD Joking my arse. Husband tried to pull rank and was busted. Do as I say not as I do. More hypocrites, like JB and Lightfoot. Michigan Governor Says Her Husband Was Joking When He Asked for Preferential Boat Treatment via @Yahoo

@gjrinehart76 Thats basically shutting down our FREEDOM of Speech. And WE DARE for the IDIOT to do that. Trump threatens to shut down social media platforms via @Yahoo

@Layne21951264 Inside the Dizzying Effort to Pitch Trump to Black Voters via @Yahoo LOL Biden is not worried about black people, from his crime bill in the 90's till now. There hasn't been anything positive from him. Even with a black president involved.

@cawest329 When you're coming down from your Memorial Day BBQ coma to see @Yahoo named #SavingRubyKing a book they can't wait to read in June! Thank you to @LMarieGi and @justine_sha 😱😭😁📚🔥 #WritingCommunity #amreading @parkrowbooks @2020Debuts @ladderbirdlit

@GabbyLacebark @LindseyGrahamSC is this OK with you? #GOPCorruptionOverCountry #DoSomething Trump threatens to crack down on social media after Twitter posts a fact check of his tweets on v... via @Yahoo

@scarver195829 That’s Kate and Williams job not Meghan and Harry. She has nannies to help her. The people of the U.K. should have treated Meghan and Harry better:... via @Yahoo

@TreeMurray 'I defy anybody to watch that carnage and not intervene': David Attenborough's cameraman tells all via @Yahoo

@pn_naveen_ @Shehzad_Ind , one more wicket down. . Criticize the incapability of cake gandhi @INCIndia leaders,,, throw out from congress. Raebareli MLA to Rebel MLA: How Aditi Singh’s Ties With Gandhis Soured Over Time via @Yahoo

@trlr916 4 Minnesota police officers fired after death of George Floyd, black man seen pinned down in video via @Yahoo WHEN SOMEONE ASKS FOR #HELP YOUR SUPPOSED TO #HELP

@Not_Prisuta Let @realDonaldTrump hold his own RNConvention in each major city in each of every 50 States. Then let's see how that works out for the asshole? @FoxNews Doctor Points Out Major Flaw With Trump’s Plan To Hold #RNC2020 Amid #PANdemic2020 via @Yahoo

@Goldentouch63 This is a GR8 adV for Recruiting IF U have Fantasy/DESIRE to kill & NOT face ANY LEGAL issues The Police- NEEDS YOU If you WANT to Kill Publicly Minneapolis Police- WILL LUV U I bet KKK & itscsubsidiaries such as WH &NRA would love this video @Yahoo

@shadeballsbyX Fauci: Hydroxychloroquine not effective against coronavirus via @Yahoo Fauci is lying. Who is going to fact check him? Exactly what has he been correct about? I have contact with many global leaders who disagree & feel this is all about $$ and not science.

@qebenford5 Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions Slams Trump And His 'Anger' On Twitter via @Yahoo: He's still trying to suck up by inserting a lie. tRUMP was not exonerated, and Sessions knows it.

@RisePDX @RodHarrel @Yahoo Does pneumonia cause a massive cytokine response? If so they failed to tell anyone. Yes the economy is being shut down by design. Its not coming back in case you were wondering. Back in the 1918 pandemic was followed by depression & then the third reich. You see the reich like me


@Not_Prisuta Let's just talk about the Sjank running Ameruca into oblivion. He is the one we need to focus on. Quit deflecting and quit playing the VICTIM. #TrumpHasNoPlan @realDonaldTrump @PressSec scolds media for not spreading Obamagate conspiracy via @Yahoo

@QueensVicious Federal court backs California Gov. Gavin Newsom's orders keeping churches closed via @Yahoo the rest of the country knows you don’t need a church to worship. @realDonaldTrump is only interested in his re-election...not our faith

@_Tainia11 @beachydreamer @Yahoo I get she needed to make money but how selfish and stupid to go to work with symptoms! AND that means that business is not following safety precautions if they allowed her to work. Shame!

@AlvieriD @Microsoft @Google @Yahoo @intel @FBI @NSAGov @ATT @jimcramer @mcuban @bernardmeyer01 @FedEx Within an hour of getting my phone number back, the scammers are continuing to get into my inbox. Can anyone seriously not tell this FedEx is a scam today?

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