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@WendellH16 As Japan coronavirus concerns grow, hundreds to leave quarantined cruise ship via @Yahoo worries, Hawaii is still waiting for it's share of test kits to do a Virus check which we have not done yet ....

@soccrit55 @CheriJacobus @Yahoo I wonder if his circus-tent followers subconsciously want to see him completely melt down in front of them at some point. It would make sense because in his/their reality tv defined world it's the unpredictable surprise that keeps them addicted to his grotesque performance.

@ynotuphill Cop who told driver not to record police demoted via @Yahoo

@DirkTheRed Does @Reuters need reminding of Dem speeches to undermine the election? "briefers warned the committee in the classified briefing that Russia was working to cast doubt on the integrity of the Nov. 3 vote while...boosting Trump's election" via @Yahoo

@LeslieCraine4 @CheriJacobus @Yahoo Cheri, please include translations because we are not that bright. So his admission means he is taking the blame so it doesn't get to Dear Leader, right? Pretending to offer, "I'm sure I can get you a pardon but it was never directed."

@Bridgep0rt Glad he didnt let us down. Ex-Browns lineman Greg Robinson faces up to 20 years in prison for alleged possession of 157 poun... via @Yahoo

@tylerhall @gte @caspercdn @Yahoo I worked at Y! for three years. At one point, my personal account, which I opened eight years prior to working there, got locked. Even via internal channels I couldn't regain access. And now being owned by Verizon? Christ. I'm really sorry they're so bad at this stuff.

@jerelshaw Please, there would be no need for crying 'hindrance' or this article if the UN did not allow Saudi Arabia & buddies to destroy the country. It's sad, but the UN is responsible. The after-the-fact consequences allowed are pathetic. via @Yahoo

@Kittyboy109 Cop who told driver not to record police demoted via @Yahoo ... YAY!!!! You gotta love this story

@ljhkok1 He need to go some where and sit down. Just FYI, Here Are All the Bad Things Michael Bloomberg Has Reportedly Said About Women via @Yahoo

@doug_in_nc @vietthanhsports @Yahoo BS. She pledged, so stick to it. If she didn’t want to pledge it, she didn’t have to. Not all of her competitors did.

@infoguy411 @SunPacificPower @Yahoo @goolgle @reddit @hootsuite @TheOnion @aplusk @LeoDiCaprio @MerrillLynch @xlogit3k @EDDIEO1981 @JeffAll97674857 @DawGTrader @jpmorgan @Forbes @Fidelity @ABC @blackrock @blackstone @GoldmanSachs @RaymondJames @BankofAmerica @amazon @Microsoft @FedEx @UPS @fisherinvest @SolarEnergyNews @Ford @Toyota @Nissan @BMW @MercedesBenz @Tesla @mashable @GM @cleantechnica @HuffPostGreen @SunPacificPower @BankofAmerica @jpmorgan @Fidelity @etrade @ubs @MorganStanley @blackrock @xlogit3k @123tanguy @EOhomes81 @MerrillLynch $SNPW #ALERT>.0016^#CONFIRMED #STOCK #OWNERSHIP (scroll down to bottom) #GROSSLY #UNDERVALUED #NEWS UPDATES COMING

@sperskycity @realDonaldTrump continues to be stupid enough to think he can bullshit anyone other than his half wit followers, he knows damn well Stone is not gonna me exonerated. Trump on Stone sentencing: 'I'd love to see Roger exonerated' via @Yahoo

@GeneBryant2 U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson: Roger Stone “was not prosecuted for standing up for the president. He was prosecuted for covering up for the president.” via @Yahoo

@politicalcomic EARTH IS NOT PLAYING What happened to winter? And where's the polar vortex? via @Yahoo

@CKohler12 @415holgate @Yahoo Hoping that's the case! He should not be in Congress based on what he is accused of! Time to take him down!!!

@Kittyboy109 Flight attendant claims he was fired after switching to Keto diet: ‘I wasn't doing anything’ via @Yahoo ... He already had an alcohol issue at the job earlier in his career.. drinking on the job

@jdavis021 Cop who told driver not to record police demoted via @Yahoo

@gte @caspercdn @Yahoo It’s not me. And my friend’s mum as a lot of stuff in that email account she’s upset about being locked out of. I don’t what what recourse we have but I’m doing to keep trying.

@ChristopBlair @PhilStudge @JoshSchwerin @jwgop @Yahoo Not everything is a conspiracy theory bud. Let’s snap back to reality

@RebeccaLAnders State Department reportedly overruled CDC to fly coronavirus-infected Americans home via @Yahoo #CDC #StateDept #Coronavirus # Whose in charge?! # If CDC did not agree was there a compromise such as continued quarantine somewhere within US?

@PeopleP56524035 Cop who told driver not to record police demoted via @Yahoo

@HarryDangler6 Cop who told driver not to record police demoted via @Yahoo

@Bayern_Buff I'm still not sure who's more mentally ill - the orange fuhrer or his jackass supporters. "Deranged Donald Trump repeatedly struggles to pronounce words and lies repeatedly during conspiracy-laden rally" via @Yahoo

@stp5150 Cop who told driver not to record police demoted via @Yahoo

@arunsinghlive @Outlook @Yahoo , gmail has an option to block sender and report. Why sich option is not there? Is option is available, then where it is? @gmail

@shahisadat Pakistani Establishment, which is the military and its ISI never care about its people. To them money and self interest is more important than anyone's life. #armypromotesterrorism #QuettaBlast students from coronavirus lockdown via @Yahoo

@elizabeth_Smit7 @tariqnasheed @Yahoo She gave the kid head. I never understood how someone is forced to receive a blow job.... statutory rape is not force. It is a non violent crime due to age. If the person didn’t want it and THERE WAS NO FORCE, leave the situation?

@shahisadat I am disappointed, the dignity of every human being should be respected Police chief strips down to underwear and storms out of meeting after being sacked via @Yahoo

@disqus_sk_user @Brian_Chovanec @Yahoo Whereas he'll not air any ads remotely negative about Biden, for example, if he is nominated. Bloomberg will just evaporate. This is why the Democrats need to have a bloody brawl right now. NONE of the candidates will be safe if they are the nominee. Better get hardened now.

@Someone97916630 Here's A Video Of Bloomberg Hailing Republicans As 'The Wave Of The Future' via @Yahoo This is why Bloomberg is not to be trusted.

@JohnGri52552981 DIDN'T TRUMP just prove it's ok to investigate anyone you want and it's not illegal. So how can you sue someone for not breaking any laws. I guess I'm lucky that you can't be sued for thinking someone is the WORLD'S BIGGEST DAMN MORON lmao via @Yahoo

@PNW4U Cop who told driver not to record police demoted via @Yahoo

@Luminate_Design First look at how COVID-19 spreads is not good. New coronavirus spreads more like flu than SARS: Chinese study shows some carry it with no symptoms but can spread it to others. via @Yahoo

@Cheoko3Cheoko Hi, My friends not sure what to think. Please let me know what you think about these statements. Thanks, Cheoko On coronavirus, America and China must demonstrate global leadership and join together via @Yahoo

@DrusillaRN #MAGAs need to get a grip and judge Trump on his actions NOT on his promises! He’s a hateful lunatic who’s STILL working with RUSSIA to interfere in our elections!Trump Attacks Fox News’ Neil Cavuto at Rally, Fox via @Yahoo

@JohnGri52552981 It's not a pardon spree. Actually if you look closer TRUMP is selling pardons for his buddies who got busted. Some that have been pardoned have donated tons of money to TRUMP re-election. So all TRUMP is doing is saying white collar crime is ok via @Yahoo

@Brian_Chovanec @erosspoker @Yahoo I'll #VoteBlueNoMatterWho in general election, even for Sanders. I'll work hard now to try to prevent Sanders from winning the nomination. These statements are not inconsistent. But you thinking they are is a tell about what YOU will likely do if nomination doesn't go your way.

@POOetryman I do not agree with this. Execution methods should be revised to make them possible to carry out and STRICT measures need to be implemented to ensure the condemned are actually GUILTY. Conservative group seeks end to death penalty in Ohio via @Yahoo

@DavidRDugas1 @Johnps302 @POTUS @Yahoo Fake News again. Rohrabacher already issued a statement. He did not say that Trump would pardon him. He said that he would ask Trump to do so, but Rohrabacher never talked to Trump about it. Rohrabacher has always advocated for Assange to be pardoned.

@SushilSalvi2000 ‘Mother from another brother’: Umar Akmal’s comedic caption solicits brutal trolls on Twitter via @Yahoo Bit too harsh to troll for someone’s English, specially it it’s not your first language. It’s discouraging for others even to try it out.

@kevincouhig @patrickbergero5 @Yahoo Interesting. The same guy who advised the Dems to impeach. How is that working out?

@JohnGri52552981 How the hell does he expect any farms that have been going broke because of his BS to be able to afford to buy new equipment. What a damn MORON TRUMP IS I mean honestly he's a walking pile of crap that has the intelligence of a rock via @Yahoo

@vietthanhsports @JakeKetchum5 @youngallison63 @DanBerky @Yahoo that is my point also. Bloom is not a good debater in a group setting, but he knows a lot about trump3 and what buttons to push.

@Brianhere4Trump Dere is making junk compared to what they once made people see it and buy elseware Buy Up and Down Deere (DE) Stock Ahead of Q1 2020 Earnings? via @Yahoo

@POOetryman A police officer was fired and told to immediately turn in his uniform at a town meeting, so he stripped down to his skivvies and walked home in a snowstorm. (His wife picked him up on the way.) via @Yahoo

@fradarl29 Millions Are Off Welfare. Does Trump Get Credit? - decline in 2014 - 2016, by about 2% to 3%. In Trump’s first three years, that trend has accelerated, from a 4.5% drop in 2017 to a nearly 7% drop last year:( 5 M fewer 2017 not 7 M) via @Yahoo

@rubiesdiamonds @JoshKatz9 @CheriJacobus @Yahoo @GOP Cabinet members not only have the authority but they took an oath. And stil they still blatantly ignore all of the evidence that is screaming that Trump is unfit to serve. If your Uncle Bob displayed this type of behavior you would be wrong to let him make independent decisions.

@rodgermitchell Brown-nose Barr Considering Resigning. Nah, That's Not Going To Happen. #CrookedBarr via @Yahoo @BreitbartNews

@pugbandit @johnlundin @Yahoo He's putting in a lacky, a man who pissed of Germany the day his plane landed, a man with no experience in intelligence( no pun intended), a man whose only purpose is to suppress information that Trump might not like.

@MontanaNels Key witness asks judge not to send Roger Stone to prison via @Yahoo

@disqus_sk_user @Brian_Chovanec @Yahoo I have made no assertions about WHO *should* win in such a case. Whoever is not the nominee after having a plurality is going to be pissed, and I predict that BernieBros will be the most infuriated if their dude gets shafted.

@findjacob I can not love this enough...Cop who told driver not to record police demoted via @Yahoo

@rinabobina @RonBrownstein @BradleyWhitford @Yahoo Mafioso. #MafiosoPresident is up to his eyeballs in Quid Pro Quo. He is not only the swamp, he is a narcissistic sociopathic dictator #Russia #IMPOTUS #MafiosoPresident

@dadd55 You final meal should be a very very long confession to God. Food would not be on my mind. via @Yahoo

@bastiaanforever @Yahoo I want to report that moving an e-mail and creating a new folder for it, does not move the opened mail but the next one in the outbox. Unfortunatelly I cannot find a way to report this so that is why I send you this tweet. Please add this issue on the list to be fixed :)

@Sooosan2020 This is what the Impeached trump incites. We need a real leader not a narcissistic con in our White house. Man arrested for threatening to kill Schiff, Schumer over impeachment via @Yahoo

@Layne21951264 Trump revels in Bloomberg debate debut: 'I hear he is getting pounded tonight' via @Yahoo LOL the America people are happy with a strong provider for the people. We are one family, not looking to change.

@NewCarthageChro Cop who told driver not to record police demoted via @Yahoo

@TrollG8_Plus @liiBarcodeiil @TheArchitect009 @omraj_jeetun @Papahemp3 @TrollG8 @HOPEGIRLBLOG @DollyKostka @eaglelion7 @B_lieveChildren @angiepowerdisne @GuerrillaDNews @AndyDevinebar @podobensky @VPTaskForce @BramallShayne @ARedPillReport @AnonOpHampstead @senanonymous1 @TheAgenda6 @ciabaudo @ericheaps @lizzywales @bexbufton33 @DIRECTD3MOCRACY @ThomasD33221657 @canwehelpurt @FamilyDefence @milck1979 @lambofkozz @TraceyBsHotTea1 @BPPartiot @montanarealtyc1 @Njiram @womensaid @cafcass Whilst the rich are getting richer the soaring cost of living the poor are getting poorer #povertyUK #ThursdayThoughts 👉Why are millions of children in the UK not getting enough to eat? via @Yahoo

@NikitaKitty After job is eliminated, police chief strips down to underwear and walks home in snowstorm via @Yahoo

@DanBerky @JakeKetchum5 @youngallison63 @vietthanhsports @Yahoo Okay, now that we're on the correct drug, as I remarked elsewhere, we need to remember that it is an unproven rumour, originating from Celebrity Apprentice. And Culigula is not an expert. If he did snort Adderall, it won't rock his world. The crystalline raw material would.

@GNolan01 Trump news: President ‘told Rush Limbaugh not to apologise to Pete Buttigieg over homophobic rema... via @Yahoo

@TylersWunsch Blame the scooters! Not the actual people riding them...LOL. This is a SHAME as spring / smmer is approaching and Montreal is a great place to scooter / bike: "Montreal ends electric scooter experiment, citing disorder" via @Yahoo

@forcommongood1 Trump is disgusting as a leader and he wants to be dictator. CNN's Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon Issue Scathing Assessments Of Donald Trump's GOP via @Yahoo

@emfvet78 What a total debacle. These aren’t Americans these candidates Not one of them. Pathetic socialist who want to steal your lives. 👍👍🇺🇸 Protesters Interrupt Joe Biden's Closing Remarks During Democratic Debate In Nevada via @Yahoo

@DirkTheRed "reached under her dress, pulled down her tights and raped her in a...dressing room". I want to believe rape reports, but waiting 30 years before reporting, and a non-violent description, leans toward it not happening or being consensual. via @Yahoo

@royshowgogogo @griffbos @Yahoo I would not watch a moment of non-civil-servant #legacygrifter @MeghanMcCain talk anything about anything towards someone like @AOC who actually dedicates her public life to serving her constituents.

@LogoOLogan Cop who told driver not to record police demoted via @Yahoo

@cbtuck62 Cop who told driver not to record police demoted via @Yahoo

@sangela125 Dog Earns the Title 'Green Bean Queen' for Beating Health Issue by Adding Veggies to Her Diet @Yahoo

@monstro_fan @Yahoo Bloomberg: “What do I want? I want an exclusive, 10-year contract, an automatic extension, and I want you to pay me. And I want a blow job from [name redacted]. Have you seen [name redacted] lately? Not bad for fifty.” Where is #MeToo?

@RustyCannon @fradarl29 @Yahoo There's a big difference between having your food assistance taken away from you and being able to earn your way to a better life. Anyone in the minimum wage range moving up can thank Bernie and the #Fightfor15, not Trump.

@WilliamRuh Trump re-election being boosted by Russia: US intelligence. Trump goes nuts, claims Democrat plot, he is hard on Russia, does not need help, on and on. Russia happy. The GOP still has time to Dump Trump. Will Republicans wake up? Russia worried. via @Yahoo

@Arkitect3301 @HamiltonStrick1 @HeavyMetalRulz @Yahoo UHm yeah!!!! Canada is full and will not be able to house your washed-up celebrities. Send neil somewhere else, please!

@MisterTSOB Remind us how well all the down ticket persons that he supported did during his reign of stupidity? Record losses as I recall. Bring it on. Report: Obama reportedly expects he'll have to play a 'prominent role' in uniting Democrats this ... via @Yahoo

@wallisweaver Cruise Passenger Whose Coronavirus Infection Went Undetected Shows It May Not Be Possible to Stop... via @Yahoo

@seomilwaukee Like... not properly securing your entire network that was subsequently hacked (3/4 of the Earths population) due to absolute incompetence, by @yahoo ? What now?

@dwbnseaside @sgtaudimurphy @Yahoo I cross trained as an ABM (Air Battle Manager) and got all the way up to Gamma. Not as sexy as gathering, but the not discuss class info outside of SCIF, analysts and anyone with access is telling to press. What happened to PRISON?? Can I write book now?

@FarrellFefe @JohnGri52552981 @Yahoo Thats because he does not want them to show anything against him. He does not want @FOXTV to tell the truth about him or the country.

@willishl 'I'm not coming here to conform': Black women on why wearing their natural hair at work matters via @Yahoo

@Ginnsue @Yahoo On WHICH moon is HE living? Working for an Administration which has done the most to impede Free Speech & Free Press since the McCarthy Era! Calling The Press "Enemy of the People", Restricting access, Refusing to hold Press Conferences! How Dare He Criticize ANY OTHER COUNTRY!!

@JeffreydaButler @YahooSportsNBA @YahooSports @Yahoo This is the kind of trash content you are putting out??? Maybe we should start a petition to boycott your crappy services. Not that I know anyone who actually subscribes to anything you do.

@chrismiller586 @JJohnsonLaw @Yahoo The real question is why is Trumpski so desperate for it to not be Russia?

@Gregaspec After job is eliminated, police chief strips down to underwear and walks home in snowstorm via @Yahoo

@Queenyk9 US intelligence warned House members Russia is working to get Trump re-elected – reports via @Yahoo

@BigKarl8 @RonBrownstein @SafiMaasai @Yahoo Sure, why not admit you offered Assange a Pardon for Proof Russia didn't Hack DNC. It's not possible to prove Russia didn't do this, Unless they were out of town that week, so I think I smell a Rat!! There it is, In the White House too. Donny DumbRat. The Untouchable

@nerdlifeforme 'I'm not coming here to conform': Black women on why wearing their natural hair at work matters via @Yahoo

@nerdygrrl Cop who told driver not to record police demoted via @Yahoo

@OneBadBoricua WTF! Rink-Dinky Town. A one man police department, really? [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] After job is eliminated, police chief strips down to underwear and walks home in snowstorm via @Yahoo

@GetItTo67098666 Trump news: President rebuked by judge for 'totally inappropriate' tweets as Roger Stone ... via @Yahoo Trump I going to be taken down hard despite Russian already inferring.

@DrOlugbile This align more with my personal thoughts. The SARS-CoV-2 is highly infectious like that of flu but when compared to other priority dx outbreaks some countries are battling, CFR is very low! Is the new virus more 'deadly' than flu? Not exactly via @Yahoo

@whodemguys CCP loves to criticize the US but they have no issue using economic terrorism to prevent the validation that Taiwan is indeed its own INDEPENDENT country. #FreeTiawan #FreeHK China threatened to harm Czech companies over Taiwan visit - letter via @Yahoo

@CayhanPoor Coronavirus reaches #Iran: report But the Iranian regime is preventing news from being published so that people are not afraid to stand for election. #CoronaVirusIran #MyVoteRegimeChange #BoycottIranShamElections via @Yahoo

@DavidTBangalore Maybe Trump will pay for that ... NOT! Trump's pardon of Bernie Kerik also apparently wiped out Kerik's $103,300 debt to taxpayers via @Yahoo

@GaryTheBot2 @Yahoo We can't have that. When the GOP is elected, they will have to actually go out and prove that they do it. You're right though, she's a lost cause, that's the only reason they keep claiming to not care about The New York Times and the Marriage Law.

@sperskycity What a truly sad reason for not standing up for your country, from a guy @AmbJohnBolton who once claimed to be a patriot, spare us John, go back to trying to salvage your book sales. Bolton: Testimony wouldn't have changed impeachment outcome via @Yahoo

@jtcinct @JJohnsonLaw @DemFromCT @Yahoo "for proof" is not the same as "to publicly state that" and I hope we learn which it really was

@sseneqinu Long Shorts Are the Future—Here Are 7 Ways to Wear Them Right Now via @Yahoo Long women’s shorts? Not in my future! Fashion Industry does not dictate what I should wear! I chose my own style!!

@dollymad1812 @GlennKesslerWP @Buckleup36 @Yahoo Not to mention #Kerik has to admit to STEALING MONEY FROM 9/11 First Responders. Surprised #JonStewert isn’t protesting this pardon❗️

Site Excerpt Down, Is Yahoo Down?.
Yahoo! JAPAN ヘルプ Yahoo! JAPANトップページの機能を正しくご利用いただくには、下記の環境が必要です。 Windows:Internet Explorer 11.0以上 / Chrome 最新版 / Firefox 最新版 / Microsoft Edge Macintosh:Safari 9.0以上 ※Internet Explorer 11.0以上をご利用の場合は、「Internet Explorerの互換表示について」を参考に、互換表示の無効化をお試しください。 最強の次世代ラーメンが決定、カップ麺になる4杯は - サガシリーズ最新作 限定アイテムをもらおう ニュース21時27分更新・ゴーン被告の旅券差し押さえ・司令官殺害 米政権内にも驚き・カンボジアで倒壊 死者36人に・退役F4戦闘機 部品売却を検討・総合電機 カギを握る事業再編・リオ金タカマツ 五輪崖っぷち・辞めようかと G吉川尚の苦悩・みおら...

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