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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - UNESCO | BUILDING PEACE IN THE MINDS OF MEN AND WOMEN - UNESCO encourages international peace and universal respect for human rights by promoting collaboration among nations. Its mission is to contribute to the building of peace, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue. Server Status

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@SharafuddinHar1 There was a time when Pashtuns did not know their Killer. Thanks to dear @ManzoorPashteen And Thanks To Pashtun protectiveness moment And Thanks To All PTM dear Leaders #StateMassacredQuettaLawyers @UN_News_Centre @UN @UNHumanRights @UNNewsArabic @UNESCO @sohailnoorkhan

@IanJPurnell @embracingblues1 @UNESCO ? A terrible tragedy happened in Beruit It has nothing to do with the memorial of Hiroshima Ignoring an unrelated incident isn't really ignoring it. Yes it was also a big explosion but it was 10th the size of Hiroshima All evidence still suggests an accident not a deliberate act

@cunningreyfox @JamesFluker @HelenClarkNZ @NZinEgypt @UNESCO Aliens (if they exist) are most likely to be a different species, not race.

@burrowedheaven @Whitney14752420 @UNESCO No i m not blaming you anything. It is just my wish for future of the world. This way of life will not be able to continue anymore in us. People are suffering, but some are enjoying their life.17 years old boy who has covid 19 rejected from hospital because of no insuarance

@LoreSol91794330 @CdlzSara @evoespueblo @CIDH @SecPompeo @Almagro_OEA2015 @CIDH @SecPompeo you must be aware that @evoespueblo is performino acta of terrorism by blocking access to provide Medical supplies- he is destroying @UNESCO heritage sites and even worst. He is not providing Protection to his militias. Is like sending #kamikaze

@areki09 Digital spaces can offer new possibilities to reach youth. Remember accessibility and equity as not ALL young people are online. Think of them as other opportunities to spread health knowledge. - @UNESCO #YTHLive

@mariyap45523546 @UNESCO If goes Maximum 2 years not more than let kids preserve it own energy & start it well until v give protection to them from all adults.

@asmaalfadala @WISE_Tweets is excited to be part of the #SaveOurFuture campaign, working to amplify the voices of children in response of #COVID19 alongside @UNICEF @UNESCO @WorldBank @educommission

@Whitney14752420 @burrowedheaven @UNESCO I’m trying to be respectful and kind but do not disrespect my country. Japan did worse in Asia. As for Central America we provide billions in relief funds and help them counter cartels. My husband is a soldier and I am very proud of him. He is compassionate and kind.

@BeanK511 @ForestWhitaker @UNESCO There are no stats nor facts to back up your claim of racism in the US. Why not human trafficking? It’s a real world wide problem.

@May53634676 @techie_ayushp @savefuturenow @UNESCO We need to organize and withhold our collective labor until we get the educational and financial support our children deserve. We need to expand our social services so that every child is safe within their homes. September 1st do not go to work! We are not "human capital stock "

@MujtabaMoosavi @Whitney14752420 @UNESCO America decided to become another bad guy when it massacred thousands of civilians to send a message to the Japanese army and government. American terrorism should not be placed on a pedestal. Seems for the most part only Americans see Hiroshima and Nagasaki in a positive light.

@MujtabaMoosavi @TomJCassidy @UNESCO If I was Jap or USA? If I ran America in WW2, thats a big if, I wouldn't massacre an entire population in an act of terrorism to scare their government and army into submission. I would resist through moral means, defensive not aggressive. Ends does not justify means.

@BauerWOD @jjiglesias @EdwinPynegar @CalvimontesJ @UNESCO Pure terrorism And the cowards at @CIDH @hrw @ONUBolivia @UNHumanRights are not saying anything about it They only open their mouths to support Morales and his criminal organization

@HollyRorie @UNESCO Better yet learn from the lessons of history! #Hiroshima is what happened after a forceful bully didn't heed the warnings and listen, nor learn not to provoke a sleeping giant, or try to force it into submission! "Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor...

@EricEdmeades @AcampbelTeacher @HelenClarkNZ @NZinEgypt @UNESCO @helenclark And... remember, that these people did not have labour unions and their quality of life was probably pretty close to what we would consider slavery today. A rose by any other name....

@LanreRotimi2 @UNECOSOC @UNGeneva @SustDev @UNFCCC @UNESCO @FAOSDGs @ilo @WHO @UNDESA WorldTurningPoint: #BuildBackBetter #BuildBackGreener H.E. @antonioguterres @UN Govts: Not Just Turkey but All Countries Will Experience Man Made Unprecedented Global Depression

@IAPartnership ✍️Read our input into the @UNESCO Open Science Recommendation 👉! To prepare this document⤵️ IAP members nominated experts to constitute an international working group that discussed #OpenScience primarily from a researcher’s perspective

@alex_obum @UN @UNESCO You guys are not doing anything to see peace in the world,schools in Nigeria are being bombed and destroyed by terrorist,lives are being wasted every day and @un are not doing anything about it because we are black country, Biafra lives matters

@YemenMatters_ Not just war but natural disasters can cause a real threat to Yemen’s heritage sites. Illegal bombings and rains have already damaged the countries’ historical sites. To further save #Yemen’s heritage, officials have asked @UNESCO for their help. @UNESCO_GCCYemen

@russa121 @outsourcedworld @UNESCO Imagine admitting you're racist then trying to defend yourself. Did you know eating is a very basic human function yet people starve/fast for religious or political purposes for WEEKS. And your dumbass can't help not being racist when you see a black person going about their day

@YAPD2020 @dj_kere @EduCannotWait @UNESCO @HonKakale @streetchilduk @HannahHoechner @LeadersAfrica @KentPage @DubaiCares @femigbaja @Rochas_fdn @EAA_Foundation @WISE_Tweets @qatar_fund @SpeakerGbaja @AUEUYouthHub @EUinNigeria We will share it to you as soon as we finish working on it.... Thank you so much @dj_kere

@UN Building peace & preventing violent extremism begins in schools. See how @UNESCO is working to #StandUp4HumanRights and #FightRacism & all forms of intolerance:

@MarwanFatale @UNESCO Thanks to Democratic Party! Yikes. They’re the worst. Not a fan of trump but last 4 years we all are living in peace.

@DrEvaHaung Indian Army occupies 54,000 acres of land in J&K is now seeking to purchase land. Settler colonial projects like these is the eviction of the colonized people to render them invisible and further subjugate them. #KashmirSiegeDay @UN_HRC @UNFAO @UNESCO

@ChismaioCity @SiratAli95 @UNESCO @jubastatehouse @HGanni Thanks, You are raising a very important point. Historic buildings in #Somalia were torn down not by war, but during the recovery, that's why local preservationists fear Kismayo's colonial-era buildings will succumb to voracious developers separating the city from its history.

@LanreRotimi2 @UNECOSOC @UNGeneva @SustDev @UNFCCC @UNESCO @FAOSDGs @ilo @WHO @UNDESA WorldTurningPoint: #BuildBackBetter #BuildBackGreener H.E. @antonioguterres @UN Govts: #ClimateAction + Reach #SDGs + WinWar #COVID19 Not by Words, Wishes, Slogan, Rhetoric. Action Now

@MohsinAliBari @HamidMirPAK @UNHumanRights @hrw @amnestysasia @RSF_inter @CPJAsia @freepressunltd @FreedomofPress @UNESCO Sir I guess you forgot what happened to you was not in Kashmir ☺️

@RAJUKUMAR18 @CMO_Odisha @UNESCO @Ganjam_Admin @CollectorJspur Dear sir my name is Vijay Kumar bahera son of bishwanath bahera village -radhagovind pur ps-athgarah, po-dhaipur , district-cuttack .sir I tested corona negative but villagers beaten me so badly and not entered to village my family is helpless and very poor . plz do something.

@AviPorwal1 @UNGeneva @UNESCO But not in india🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Reason :Nobody pays attention to unemployment here... I have been sitting at home for 3 years, no recruitment.. No reservation , no any about unemployment plan , No human rights Indian highcourt and supreme court are sleeping. @UNHumanRights @News18MP

@calsresearches Even before #COVID19 struck, more than 98 million adolescent girls worldwide were not in school, according to @UNESCO

@phantomgrimace1 @MujtabaMoosavi @UNESCO And i’m not saying it was right or the killing of innocents is good, i’m saying death is apart of life. I’m not trying to be insensitive either. I can’t imagine the scar that would leave on the people and I really really pray that this never happens, anytime soon, or ever!

@shahAbrarAlam3 @sanjayjavin @NitishKumar @SushilModi @tourismgoi @UNWTO @UNESCO @IMAmitabhS @kumarprakash4u @AnjaliMody1 @ICCR_Delhi @DineshKPatnaik what a beautiful view....👌👌 I am surprised to see that Bihar has so many opportunities for tourism. It can promote as tourist hub, why is the government not promoting it…. Now the department is in good hands, hope they do the best....👍👍👍

@MujtabaMoosavi @Il0vLa @UNESCO Easy to justify genocide when its not you who was melted in a flash of heat, nor your town and neighbours wiped off earth, nor you children and future generations suffering radiation poisoning and cancer. They were civilians, not part of the military. You are a sick individual.

@HannaSideeq Regulating movements,Land holdings to resource extraction, neoliberal policies with colonial aims, India has been at it since 1947.#FreeKashmir #KashmirSiegeDay #IndiaQuitKashmir @UNEP @IWMI_ @UNECOSOC @UN_HRC @UNFAO @UNESCO @UNEP @WHO @UNWTO

@IIFNigeria #COVID19 has highlighted the #digitaldivide & right to #internetaccess, particularly for those in #ruralareas. @UNESCO estimates 1.25bn students are affected by #lockdowns. @UNDP estimates show that 86% of primary sch children in #developingcountries are not being #educated.

@_cosatu @Newzroom405 @hlatseentle @_BongiweZwane Journalists are workers too and deserve to be working in safe environments. During #Covid19 pandemic lockdown, many media workers were infected, with many openly disclosing their conditions #Organize @COVID_19_ZA @SAEditorsForum @UNESCO

@Il0vLa @ZoidbergForPrez @UNESCO You are a wartime apologist for the nazis. You know belgium was occupied by the Germans right? USA saved your little country and your ancestors. I'm not condoning the use of nuclear warheads but the US effectively put an end to the deadliest war in human history with that bomb

@sakirkhan111222 @HamidMirPAK @UNHumanRights @hrw @amnestysasia @RSF_inter @CPJAsia @freepressunltd @FreedomofPress @UNESCO There is an appeal from all the countries of the whole world who believe in humanity, and all the countries are working together to solve the Kashmir issue on the atrocities and excesses that are happening within Kashmir. Referendum should be held inside Kashmir

@AamirKhan7499 @EduMinistry @Shafqat_Mahmood @ImranKhanPTI @pid_gov @FDEGOPOfficial @geonews_urdu @WajihaQmr @GPforEducation @UNESCO @UNICEF_Pakistan @SyedAminulHaque Sir, decision is not only to open educational institutions, even if you open institutions, parents who do not want to send their children in this situation , many students also lived in hostels and will have to take steps for them. Online classes & better distance learning etc..

@HannaSideeq #Indian expansionism is a great threat not only to Asian sub-continent but to the whole humanity! World leaders need to come out of non-violent, yoga nation narrative of #India. #KashmirSiegeDay #IndiaQuitKashmir @UNESCO @UNEP @WHO @UNWTO @egmissionun

@EricEdmeades @hansversluys @HelenClarkNZ @NZinEgypt @UNESCO Yes, I have seen this before. I hope it is true. And.. Egypt *wants* it to be true, so not so objective. And I suspect that those workers would, by today's standards, still be considered slaves. It's not like they had trade unions, did they?

@manuechiwan @UNESCO @UN How about focusing on what’s happening in Zimbabwe right now! Don’t choose when to be united and when to be a sorry excuse for 5 countries meddling into countries that are not their’s. Take action. #prayforbeirut but #Zimbabwe has been asking for intervention since. Same energy

@Waseysays @UNESCO @AtiqaShahid And never forget that The US is still isn't sorry for what that done to thw humanity all these years even after killing more then 10 millions. And also never forget that UN is actually US... No offence but UN has not credibility...

@Aliakba89388794 @UN @UNESCO @antonioguterres But it should be like those who posses first will have to surrender first. It should not be like pressure to be built pakistan, india, Korea and Israel to surrender and permanent five say we will gradually decrease. First permanent five eradicate their weapon then others

@Diurpagissa @JuliaWraith @UNESCO @UNESCOEU @UNESCO_GCCYemen @UN_SPExperts Bc Yemenis will not accept Oded Yinon, the plan is to erase them from the map!

@KalluYar @EduMinistry @Shafqat_Mahmood @ImranKhanPTI @pid_gov @FDEGOPOfficial @geonews_urdu @WajihaQmr @GPforEducation @UNESCO @UNICEF_Pakistan @SyedAminulHaque We are listening this from the start of lockdown but there is not a single online lecture which goes uninterrupted due to weak internet signals these talks are only on our Ministers table.#bittertruth #groundrealityzero

@CFAAA4 Road building threatens @UNESCO #WorldHeritageSite."Foreign institutions that claim to be working to preserve Egyptian history and heritage need to stand up to this destruction... or else run the risk of trivialising their work,’ says @CFAAA4's Carruthers

@kiwi__me The loss of homes in Tehamah according to the Danish Refugees Council mounts to 1740, not accounting for the loss of lives, livestock and other possessions. #تهامه_منكوبه @UKinYemen @HMAMichaelAron @UNESCOarabic @UNESCO @UNESCO_GCCYemen @camanpour @WSJ @ChineseEmbtoYEM


@BTD_1894 @UNESCO , in my city bagansiapiapi Sumatra Indonesia, was a city that produces fish in the world until 1960, but the condition of my city building is very sad. the former Dutch buildings are not maintained. and I want to bagansiapiapi become a city of history and tourism.

@UN Building peace & preventing violent extremism begins in schools. See how @UNESCO is working to #StandUp4HumanRights and #FightRacism & all forms of intolerance:

@AbhulimenU @elrufai @MBuhari @DrAhmadLawan @femigbaja @HQNigerianArmy @PoliceNG The life of Christians in Nigeria does not matters to you. This is a shame and a disgrace. This show the level of ur incompetency @UNESCO @UN @realDonaldTrump @MYANC @_AfricanUnion @WorldBank #christRefined

@ranger_protect 'It is our duty to ensure the sacrifices made by rangers and their families do not go unnoticed and for us to continue to support Africa’s rangers,’ said Andrew Campbell, CEO, @The_GRAA @UNESCO

@MujtabaMoosavi @phantomgrimace1 @UNESCO Easy to justify genocide when its not you who was melted in a flash of heat, nor your town and neighbours wiped off earth, nor you children and future generations suffering radiation poisoning and cancer. They were civilians, not part of the military. You are a sick individual.

@mkdash @CMO_Odisha @UNESCO @Ganjam_Admin @CollectorJspur Kindly instruct all municipal bodies to clean drainage system so that man made flooding is not made. A Fan

@ajaykrsharma038 @SwedishPM @lenahallengren @socialdep @wsp @TV4 @SvD @Aftonbladet @WHO @UNESCO benith Infact are true & Question urself Swe Govt, Give best to each swe in pain they will return back in tons, migrants & crime,,begging on streets shld sent bar. DISCIPLINE TO LAY DOWN FOR BETTER SWE

@CartelliBrad @HelenClarkNZ @NZinEgypt @UNESCO To be fair, if I was to believe anyone out of an ex PM of a tiny island nation and one of the greatest minds in this modern age @elonmusk I would go with Elon hands down!

@Patagorda @UNESCO pledges to help #Mali rebuild #Dogon heritage sites damaged in conflict "Culture is not only all too often a victim of protracted armed conflicts - it is also a critical source of resilience and an important foundation for peacebuilding,"

@harsham Hello @UNESCO the map in UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger is not working, I request your team to fix it. Thank you very much.

@Whitney14752420 @burrowedheaven @UNESCO Yes but it’s not just because of our troops a lot of that is due to extremists.

@mistify12345 @UNESCO @UN There will never be total peace on Earth.. For man always wants to overpower another. There are many people are daily torture people, women, children and kids... Though they may not be killed, their souls are tortured😭 We néed to stop that.Create a peaceful world for everyone-VE

@LMillerDorset @dedualexandra1 @erintyrrellart @dorsetpolice @UNESCO @LulworthRangers Not sure what your point is but scribbling in the sand is VERY different to scribbling on the cliffs in ink. Just don’t do it again? I haven’t seen the apology but I’m sure it’s there somewhere!

@IPNEducation 'Recent projections from @UNESCO estimate that an additional 24 million children and youth (pre-primary to tertiary) are at risk of not returning to school next year due to the economic impact of the pandemic alone.' @Education2030UN

@Whitney14752420 @burrowedheaven @UNESCO I am open to listening and acknowledging the grief Nagaski and Hiroshima caused. I am willing to grieve with Japan but I’m not going to denounce my countries actions in WW2 as a crime or wrong.

@qurvy79 @bakonga_willy @fatshi13 @IlunkambaS @DidierBudimbu @UNICEFDRC @UNESCO Why not just cancel the year. It doesn't make won't be able to recup all these lost months.

@leongalindo "In Bolivia, movements related to @evoespueblo & MAS block ambulances, doctors, highways; engage in mas arson; try to blow up a fuel plant; do not allow medical oxygen to reach La Paz. A minor confessed he was paid to blockade. Attempts against our health @ lives again!" @UNESCO

@fodiographer @hansversluys @HelenClarkNZ @NZinEgypt @UNESCO He can't help where he is born right? It's your actions what define you not the place where you are born. If you have proof that het was pro apartheid i would really like to hear it from you otherwise you are innocent until proven guilty period!

@JuliaWraith @Diurpagissa @UNESCO @UNESCOEU @UNESCO_GCCYemen @UN_SPExperts The Saudis want their oil and do not want the Yemeni to benefit from their "stealing" of it. A bit like the US in NE Syria, they want the oil, but not have the Syrians benefiting from it.

@ShirinSadriva @SweMFA @UNESCO @SweOECDUNESCO @AmbAnnaBrandt Students always bring financial and scientific benefits to the destination country. Do not ignore us and solve the problem that the Swedish embassy in Iran has created for us.

@RyanIntlGrp #RyanTeachers have been working hard to keep the learning process going. Their efforts were recognised by the Progressive Educators Platform with @UNESCO's support. Shubha Rastogi & Sehar Fatima bagged awards in their respective categories. Congratulations teachers!

@whittledaway This is the result of a recent Freedom of Information request we submitted to the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Killarney-watchers may remember that in 2017 the IWT called on @UNESCO not to renew the Biosphere status for the park. Instead we got a much bigger Biosphere...

@AltunEvregen @UNESCO @UN Remembering not enough! So what about the Evangelic US Regime & Israel's Zionist Regimes alliance in bombing #Beirut via firing an under water missile while firing up also (Cross Explode) institutions has to run for it...

@BuckheadTrumper @ForestWhitaker @UNESCO I'm a Gen Xer we fought racism and won. Thanks for noticing, Mr. Virtue Signal. Take your campaign to China where they have Muslim Concentration Camps and Actual Slaves. That'll do some good. We have #FakeNews & False DNC Narratives in America NOT Racism. #RaceBaitingIsRacism.

@AmandaCMcCallum @CanadaGeoparks @CCUNESCO @fundygeopark @UNESCO @GlobalGeoparks Congratulations to colleagues past and present with Cliffs of Fundy @fundygeopark on Nova Scotia’s first UNESCO Global Geopark. Pleasure working with everyone over the past several years. 🎉

@Becky_Faith Now more than ever young people need safe access to sex information online; Great to work on this new @UNESCO report with ace @IDS_UK colleagues

@Voiceof34952500 UN Military Observer Group in India & Pakistan is witness to India’s defiance of international agreements. It is time to hold #fascist Indian Modi Hindutva regime to account. #IndiaQuitKashmir #KashmirSeigeDay @UN_HRC @UNFAO @UNESCO @UNEP @WHO

@India11Ipob @WhiteHouse @UN @realDonaldTrump @EU_Commission @UNHumanRights @UNESCO @UNGeneva @StateDept @KremlinRussia_E @GermanyDiplo @BorisJohnson @VP @10DowningStreet @netanyahu @IsraeliPM @EmmanuelMacron @SecPompeo Read this news, nd act fast to prove ur not in support of this evil plan.

@ajaykrsharma038 @RahulGandhi @ahmedpatel @KiranWalia15 @shaktisinhgohil @KirtiAzaad @sherryontopp @WHO @UNESCO @COVIDNewsByMIB @GujratDeAwaz @latimes @BDUTT HM of 🇮🇳 get best treatment & Spl attention why not a #Motherindia can get & each life Matters why each suffer to Die. Lord Shree Ram bles

@HumayAG @ManadhooThoriq @Lucasjalyl @UNESCO @HeritageMv For too long, the heritage of #Maldives have not had the recognition and protection it deserves. Not just built heritage but natural and cultural heritage too, which is a national loss. So many historic buildings & sites under-valued and neglected. Good to hear about this effort.

@MaryCarey9 Not just applause for beautiful #Luxembourg and its many #HERITAGE sites, but kudos to the #photographers that made these unique places shine in photos. #staycation #loveluxembourg @luxembourginfo @VisitLuxemburg @UNESCO @DelanoMagazine 🇱🇺🍾🌻

@glendoherpark This should have been Kerry Gold instead we got Kerry Shame This is a thread that explains just how badly we have been let down iro @npwsBioData & @LAsIreland @countykerry @HHumphreysFG @UNESCO in the past & the task that @noonan_malcolm @DarraghOBrienTD have now to clean it up

@DanielRelf @HelenClarkNZ @NZinEgypt @UNESCO The pyramids are amazing, but many of these monuments were built by slaves. Why don't the woke anarchists tear down the cultural heritage of other countries like China, Italy & Greece. That's right, they only want to divide & destroy western civilisation...that's hypocrisy.

@Il0vLa @MujtabaMoosavi @UNESCO Don't even worry about replying I'm not gonna look. You are a lost soul who unjustly looks for reasons to hate America. You are pro death, pro torture, and pro genocide. I know now you're either an insane person or you are pure evil for rooting for the nazis and imperial japan

@Whitney14752420 @burrowedheaven @UNESCO Blanket statements like that about Americans do nothing but insult us. It’s an attempt to label all Americans as some evil power. It’s inaccurate and uneducated. We are not anyone’s enemy but those who harm us will see justice done. Like Japan who now is an ally.

@together4girls As a member of the Global Working Group to End #SRGBV, we're excited to share this policy brief on responding to violence in + around schools. #BuildBackBetter @UNGEI @UNESCO @USAID 📚

@wendykopp Teach For All is excited to be part of the #SaveOurFuture campaign, working to amplify the voices of children in response of #COVID19 alongside @UNICEF @UNESCO @WorldBank @WISE_Tweets @educommission!

@burrowedheaven @Whitney14752420 @UNESCO You americans more advance than any other nations, you can lead people build new life, new ideology, without religion or todays financial system. i m not muslim christian or anything. People doesnt have to kill or exploit each other to survive.this covid 19 stuation proved us

@IadGeorges @NaTakallam @c4th3r1n3l4h0ud @UNESCO It is not Arabic it is Islamic. Arabs where not sedentarians they were nomades. Do you know of any nomade civilisation that builds castles? Also, why did they go that far to build something? This gem root is to be found In the blending of both Islamic and Hispanic geniuses

@lileinsteinsedu Can #ClimateChange make a habitat extinct? - Yes, this can be seen during the great wildebeest migration where the wildebeests migrate to Tanzania and back whenever the habitats are not conducive. - @sammtech @UNESCO #LittleEinsteinsScienceFair #STEMSolutionsforGood

@erintyrrellart @dedualexandra1 @LMillerDorset @dorsetpolice @UNESCO @LulworthRangers Will you pass on the details of your friend that wrote your name on a protected SSSI, a World Heritage Site and a Dorset AONB? Because your friend has left your name as evidence. It takes a team of volunteers to clear this mess off the cliffs. The rain is not enough.

@salhaj @liandersson minister @liandersson "Of the individual hobbies, reading was most strongly related to competence. The child did not have to know how to read himself, it was enough that he was read regularly." @UNICEF @UNESCO

@1stGLCA United Nations: Building peace & preventing violent extremism begins in schools. @UNESCO is working to #StandUp4HumanRights and #FightRacism & all forms of intolerance.

@Hodey_m Save Old City of Sana'a, @UNESCO World Heritage Site! Old Sana'a is drowning in heavy rains, causing some of its ancient buildings to fall down. Calling int'l community to help preserve this important site. #YemenMatters #OldSanaaMatters #Yemen #Sanaa

@Whitney14752420 @burrowedheaven @UNESCO We do not want to “exterminate” any race as America is the most culturally mixed country.

@Dave_C2005 @SpideyBronxBabe @WestCoastMdnitR @UN @UNESCO @AFP @AP @BMWMotorsport @harleydavidson @MotoGP Hmm carnage was not more graphic with body parts strewn all over the place? large chunks of rocks, side of concrete buildings demolished by shockwave yet no bodies blown to bits which news crews in #LebanonExplosion love to show off as tragic tragedy #BeirutBlast @nytimes @CNN

@BirgitteBang3 @UNESCO History repeats it self, therefore we need to tell the stories again and again, so we do not forget history. And we may think the peace is here and we can relax, however that does not mean we can let go of global leadership. Do not make war make peace. Work for peace.

@pjvandeven @HelenClarkNZ @NZinEgypt @UNESCO Scary is, this guy us not joking. He is one of those creeps, who wants to create total chaos and confusion in an extremely fragile world.

@MatteoScaravel United Nations: Building peace & preventing violent extremism begins in schools. @UNESCO is working to #StandUp4HumanRights and #FightRacism & all forms of intolerance.

@AlsoswaAmat @alialsonidar “ Parts of Old City of Sana’a wall fall down due to heavy rain. Several roofs of houses also collapsed”. Sana’a. Yemen. Aug 3, 2020 # Rain# Old City of Sana’a in danger.” @UNESCO @UNESCOarabic

Site Excerpt Down, Is Unesco Down?.
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