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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - UNESCO | BUILDING PEACE IN THE MINDS OF MEN AND WOMEN - UNESCO encourages international peace and universal respect for human rights by promoting collaboration among nations. Its mission is to contribute to the building of peace, the eradication of poverty, sustainable development and intercultural dialogue. Server Status

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@CoonAssassin @jgmoore @UN @UNESCO @nhannahjones @400yrs And not one mention of the white man who caused it. You coward! Don’t be afraid to point at the perpetrators of the crime.

@SANTHOSHAH3 @AsYouNotWish Because truth will be revealed but there agency's @who @UN @UNESCO are acting like the #ChineseVirus19 comes from heaven not from the #wuhancity of china . These @who @UNESCO @UN dare to question Chinese people and kill innocent people all over the world #shamechina @PDChina

@eadnorris @GoogleForEdu @Woodsiem @UNESCO You're assuming that we aren't teaching now! So why have I been spending 10 hours a day working for last two weeks to make sure my students are continuing their education. If you want to help, come up with a way of getting those teenagers who are ignoring all emails to engage!

@UNESCOWWAP Respectively 2.2 & 4.2 billion people still lack access to safely managed #water & #sanitation services. This global issue is now more urgent than ever: water is essential in the fight against #Covid19! @UNESCO @UNESCOEU @UN_Water

@SamyOuedraogo @UNESCO @DrSenait #COVID2019 will have a huge impact on girls schooling in LMICs increasing the risk of early marriage with consequences on #SRHR not to mention their well being. This initiative is welcome and should contribute to develop strategies adapted to local contexts worldwide. 🤞🏽

@mpgatechnology @AAzoulay @UNESCO Audrey, Absolutely 100% right..Manu Dibango, though not into politics, by reason of generational education factor, his sociocultural impact spread beyond boundaries....a big loss in entertainment industry..Our condolences to his family and friends

@infestedbrain @WHO @UNESCO @drharshvardhan @RahulGandhi @drharshvardhan do u feel you need to take back your word ? Was it not a lie ?

@imjansadharan @narendramodi @UN @CIJ_ICJ @ICJ_org @CBSNews @OANN @ABCNewsLive @ABC @CBCNews @NBCNews @amnesty @amnestyusa @UNICEF @UNESCO @UNHumanRights @CTVNews @TorontoStar @humanrights1st @ACLU @witnessorg Things that the Prime Minister had not been able to hear and now the everything of

@OWAISBILAL99 @UNESCO @WHO @DrTedros Nd we kashmiris r not hvng speed more than 300kbs think of our education tooo we too want to study we too want to learn

@TMK_STR @SunshineTheGrey @rafaelmgrossi @iaeaorg @UNESCO @AAzoulay Technically radioactive waste is not forever. Plus there are new technologies that enable new nuclear power plants to run on waste of olds. Nuclear is safest and greeniest energy source

@imjansadharan @narendramodi @UN @CIJ_ICJ @ICJ_org @CBSNews @OANN @ABCNewsLive @ABC @CBCNews @NBCNews @amnesty @amnestyusa @UNICEF @UNESCO @UNHumanRights @CTVNews @TorontoStar @humanrights1st @ACLU @witnessorg Wrong that amnesty India's a person prime minister know him told me to confess not

@smartwatermag "Poor water management tends to exacerbate the impacts of climate change, not only on water resources but on society as a whole." #WorldWaterDay Discover the findings of @UN and @UNESCO's WWDR:

@Emmy_Akinsz @UNESCO @ctardaguila @factchecknet #impact21 Day 18 Yes, Abort it! Abort misinterpretation of health information, spreading of false and uncensored information, self-medications that can or even may not lead to #globalhealth health epidemic, health practitioners' uncultured behaviors. #COVID19

@SamirAhadoglu @iamanngrigorian @AzeCommunityNK @UNESCO @nytfood @WFP @HeaIthyFood @VegeterianRecip @Karabakh_Humans @khankendi @VoiceKarabakh @KarabakhFound Dear Anna, I see that you also like Kətə. I am not surprised to see fellow Armenians trying to present Azerbaijani food as theirs. It's not the first time.

@DavidBourgui "An important task for the @IPCC_CH WGI community is to develop sets of climate scenarios, which are not associated with a specific probability but designed to span the relevant uncertainty in the climate response to anthropogenic forcing." @RielM @UNESCO

@sanjeevchadha8 @HarishK04131926 @AnaCabrera @kanimozhi @WHO @UN @UNESCO How To Win World without weapon Bio Chemical And Buy UN They Owe India but India did not press for payment

@UN Half of the world's student population is out school because of the #COVID19 pandemic. @UNESCO has launched a global coalition to accelerate the deployment of remote learning solutions. #coronavirus

@GlobalLF “#Water can support efforts to both mitigate and adapt to climate change. Yet the word ‘water’ rarely appears in international climate agreements.” @UNESCO DG @AAzoulay says: #ThinkLandscape @UN_Water

@djeuph62 @GoogleForEdu @UNESCO I have no argument with UNESCO, however these comments do not hep the fight against coronavirus. Some of us "teachers" are still working to educate our students....Politicians get over yourselves we know what we are doing.

@antonioguterres Half of the world’s student population is currently not attending school due to the #COVID19 pandemic. I support @UNESCO's initiative to accelerate the deployment of remote learning solutions & minimize education disruptions as we fight the #coronavirus.

@dayo_moyo @LanreShaper @UNESCO We started a WhatsApp School where we take classes daily. Engagement has been great. We have to help the kids in the ways we can especially those who are not from rich homes. I spoke about it in this weeks episode of my podcast.

@AIIAorg “This is not a time to deepen inequalities. It is a time to invest in education’s power to transform. » Amina Mohamed. ⁦@UNESCO⁩ #LearningNeverStops #education #AI4SDGs ⁦@UNHumanRights⁩ ⁦@UNICEFinnovate⁩ #Edtech #AIethics

@IjoydeepRoy Instead of fighting #ChineseVirus19, the Director-General of W.H.O #DrTedros is acting as a spokesperson of China 🇨🇳. Your job is not doing PR for China 🇨🇳 Half a million asked you to resign. 📢 @DrTedros Please Resign & apply for a new job in #CCP! @UN @mbachelet @UNESCO

@HadiJamalAhmad1 @ppukip @jihadwatchRS @UNESCO Just as a remark, @jihadwatchRS never ever, not even once responded to me. @ppukip why does your hero stay silent ? I'll tell you, he knows the quality of the ressources i presented to you and he is beaten by that. Islam beauty is extraordinarily presented, so he is silenced

@iProbono According to @UNESCO, 119 countries closed schools nationwide since the #COVID19outbreak, disrupting the learning & #education of an estimated 897 million students. It's reported that the world has not witnessed this scale of disruption since #WorldWarII.

@tarihkaydeder @timeshighered @IAU_AIU @The_ACU @UniversitiesUK @HEontap This chancellor's post shows how far academic hunt in Turkish universities went. @ihsanylmz @hrw @UNESCO Crimes: depositing money to bank, subscribing to daily, working in a HE institution, sending money to charity

@unicc_ict 📖 @UNESCO has launched a global coalition to accelerate deployment of remote learning solutions, as half the world’s student population are not attending school due to #COVID19. #ICCProudPartner🔗

@GlobalLF “#Water can support efforts to both mitigate and adapt to climate change. Yet the word ‘water’ rarely appears in international climate agreements.” @UNESCO DG @AAzoulay says: #ThinkLandscape @UN_Water

@LanreShaper Devastating report from @UNESCO that implies that more than 80% of the world’s total student population is not attending school due to #COVID19 with over 1.37 billion students out-of-school in over 138 countries due to school closures. So bad for #SDG4 and the #SDGs .

@AAzoulay @WHO & @UNESCO stand together in response to #COVID19 . This is a public health issue and an global educational challenge #LearningNeverStops

@IykeOkafor9 @EwuluEpurepu @MrFixNigeria @BBCNews @CommonsLeader @HoCpetitions @HouseofCommons @UNESCO @DHSCgovuk @WHO @USEmbassyAbuja @StateDept @AfricaMediaHub @USUN @FLOTUS @POTUS @NHSuk @EUAmbUS @VOANews @FoxNews It's China, not Britain. They are going to china and not UK. China is open and have a good relationship with our Government.

@edularity Disruption in education has been forced from where we less expected. This is a great opportunity to take back the power of learning in our own hands. @unesco states: "We cannot let that happen!" I guess they mean the gap, not disruption. Advise:Careful with the message you send

@Abhipan27 @realDonaldTrump @PMOIndia @narendramodi @UN @WHO @UNESCO Our country proudly beating our people for the bloody lockdown, #saveIndiafrompolice Police's propaganda is not to save people, they're freely allow to treat badly people of our country Today whole day police shown their brutal side.

@amreshmptr @UN @UNFCCC @PMOIndia @mygovindia @CMO_Odisha @Naveen_Odisha @narendramodi @UNICEF @UNESCO @ParisClimate We weren't prepared for the World Wide Lock Down, still we are coping with it. How about #PlannedLockDowns Twice a Month alternatively to Address #ClimateChange?

@an_folk @UNESCO @UNHumanRights @WHO @DrTedros Please step down. You are ruining the credibility of WHO. You should face the court for cooperating with CCP to hid the truth about the Wuhan virus. Did you take bribe from the Chinese to help them to lie?

@imjansadharan @narendramodi @UN @CIJ_ICJ @ICJ_org @CBSNews @OANN @ABCNewsLive @ABC @CBCNews @NBCNews @amnesty @amnestyusa @UNICEF @UNESCO @UNHumanRights @CTVNews @TorontoStar @humanrights1st @ACLU @witnessorg People, persons not only in mob line also in front of me?? How to see the whole

@Tribal_Indian @narendramodi @PMOIndia @WHO @UNESCO As directed by the Indian government, should not leave their homes in view of the outbreak of the global epidemic. Protect yourself to protect your tribals and fight the corona epidemic. Not all tribal families got out of their small huts.🙏🏻

@SHANKYQ4 @unsc toothless tiger or mouse who can't hv open discussion on this pandemic but wanted to discuss article 370 &35A,other 190 countries suffering now also mum on this crisis but voted for kashmir issue's discussion @ZeeNewsHindi @PMOIndia Do we need @UN @UNHumanRights @UNESCO

@jaikwillis Since you’re quarantined watch @virungamovie on #Netflix & #TakeAction Support @gorillacd's rangers to safeguard @UNESCO WHS #Virunga #TeamVirunga @SoCoInt must not develop inside Virunga park or continue monetary support for armed rebels & corruption

@CmccClimate "#Water does not need to be a problem – it can be part of the solution. Water can support efforts to both #mitigate and #adapt to #climatechange" #CMCCForesight Director-General of @UNESCO @AAzoulay

@ingo_jaeger @UNESCO Thank you @UNESCO for paying tribute to #ManuDibango. Not only Jazz lost a fabulous musician...

@sashish1432 #CoronaVillains #ChinaVirus #chinesevirus. @WHO @UNICEF @UNESCO @azzurri Whichever countries are watching this tweet now its the time to show china that UNESCO Is not there asset.Millions of people are dying by Chinese virus and they are selling there medicines.

@UNESCOstat Get updates on the @UNESCO global coalition to accelerate the establishment of learning solutions. Full story: @UNESCO #COVID19 #Coronavirus

@Jai_Bhavani__ @UN @UNESCO Since the @UN @UNHumanRights is not hearing our voices I urge the UN to red this .

@dirklewis [email protected] #ICYMI @WHO @wef @UN @nytimes @UNESCO Modi is going to see the end of Covid-19 in India. You guys needs not worry. #ModiKhatamKarDengey

@Ravikum35749221 @weihello @UN @antonioguterres @realDonaldTrump @UNESCO @WHO You call me "worm" and ask me to not use dirty words...typical chinese attitude!! Haahahaha...Karma will find you my friend and the whole group who is responsible for this mess, you cannot hide the Truth for long!!!

@UNESCOstat Get updates on the @UNESCO global coalition to accelerate the establishment of learning solutions. Full story: @UNESCO #COVID19 #Coronavirus

@Diptiranjanpatr Sad to watch such episodes- @NatGeo #primalsurvivor where @HazenAudel is being shown cutting down a huge Balsa Tree- for what???? Promoting what???? @moefcc @OMoefcc @SanctuaryAsia @UNESCOC2C_WII @UNEP_AsiaPac @UNFCCC @UNDP @UNDP @UNESCO @UNBiodiversity @IUCN @IUCNclimatePASG

@AmelieAGagnon @PaulineMRose @ann_gero @bjrigby @peter_goss @DaveEvansPhD @HargreavesBC @Fihi_maFihi @Kate__Moriarty Indeed, difficult to find consolidated info. Brendan, I am not sure I get what you are looking for, but @unesco has put together a bunch a resources related specifically to covid @IIEP_UNESCO has this (perhaps broader) platform

@ZGraVeYardm @manyfacedhuman @WHO @UNESCO why is that,China shut down the whole conuntry prior to the situations nowadays months ago at first the government did cover up the truth,yet it can’t smear the fact that China did all it could afterwards-with huge yet necessary sacrifice.

@twtabhisheksing @samirsaran @orfonline Why countries are not asking any question to China? They have killed more people in last 3 months than all terrorists killed in last 10 years. @UN @UNESCO if you still exist then ask some question to China. Suspend @WHO Director.

@VantlandH Millions of #students are out of universities due to the #covid19 pandemic. The number of HEIs closing down grows by the day. To better understand impacts on #highered + inform strategies please take the IAU #Global survey @The_ACU @auf_org @UDUAL @euatweets @UNESCO @AAzoulay

@alwaysbhapyamar @UNESCO @WHO if those public funds are not spent same will be goes to the government in every year. They don't have right to take back and self utilise. This public funds should maintained seperately from company. Minimum %of funds should be 5% from their every year gains.

@SonyaMcKay13 @MarkRuffalo @100isNow @ChrisEvans @chrishemsworth @AnnastaciaMP @stopadani @AYCC @ShoebridgeMLC @algore @climatecouncil @LeoDiCaprio @GladysB @POTUS @Shell @exxonmobil @Chevron @SantosLtd @gautam_adani @BP_plc @LockTheGate @aycc_wollongong @DanielAndrewsMP @NatashaFyles @ABarrMLA @jacindaardern @MarkMcGowanMP @NicolaSturgeon @EmmanuelMacron @markrutte @AngelaMerkeICDU @JustinTrudeau @antonioguterres @GetUp @PaoloGentiloni @narendramodi @MayorofLondon @Lagarde @AbeShinzo @350 @erna_solberg @elonmusk @youthvgov @UNESCO @ScottMorrisonMP @WoodsideEnergy @GretaThunberg @BorisJohnson @AlboMP @MichaelEMann @pgarrett Greta's online webinar talks Standing Rock Sioux Tribe prevails re:Dakota Access Pipeline Taxpayer funds won't upgrade Oz coal plant Calls 4 Vic 2 align emission targets with science

@zeeqrsh @andersen_inger @UNEP @UNESCO But have you ever taken up with Indian Govt regarding the disruption of studies in Kashmir since August 2019 due to clam down on movement and also choking of Internet facilities. Students here are the worst sufferers @GowharGeelani @_Faysal

@bathenganddes Dr Jan Hofman from Department of #Chemical #Engineering has recently paid a visit to Uganda. His team is working with #KWR, @UNESCO Division of Water Science and @IWAHQ to improve water security in African cities. Read here:

@UNICEFEducation COVID-19: with half of world’s student population out of school, @UNESCO launches global coalition to accelerate remote learning solutions. Full story: v/ @UNESCOstat #COVID19 #Coronavirus

@MosaabDaoud @CTVNews @CBCAlerts @UN @UNGeneva @UNESCO @RegSprecher @dwnews @cnni @UN_Spokesperson After I divorced my EX-wife, I do not have any information about my two children. Therefore. my two children are to be considered as kidnapped since they were underage (Happened in Canada)

@arantxariho In just 40 days 1,524,648,768 of learners (87% of the enrolled students of 165 countries) are not attending school as the educational institutions are closed to contain #COVID19. this is huge and we don’t know (yet) the effects of it. @UNESCOstat @UNESCO @Unescocat

@ana_captures @londoncouncils @MayorofLondon @WHO @UN could someone please disclose who created virus, released it? why? Why a vaccine was not released at the same time to avoid harming people? @BillGates @gatesfoundation @ClintonFdn @InstituteGC @BarackObama @UNESCO Reducing emissions?

@SharonsRose13 #Repost @unesco ・・・ [ UPDATE ] COVID-19 impact on education so far: Nearly 80% of the world’s student population not attending school due to #COVID19. . ⛔ 1.37 billion students out of school. ➡138 countries affected…

@APO_source Coronavirus - South Africa: Cape Town 30 April celebration of International Jazz Day not taking place due to COVID-19 @UNESCO #Africa #SouthAfrica #COVID19

@BlueStarCapital @LizAnnSonders @SoberLook @OxfordEconomics @UNESCO That equates to about 50 million teachers not working 😥

@appcsocialmedia 🔴 #BREAKING Nearly 80% of the world’s student population not attending school due to #COVID19 ⛔ 1.37 billion students out of school. ➡️138 countries affected by school closures. @UNESCO @unescoisb #APPNews #COVID2019 @mo_fept Full story:

@SwarajKumar96 Power, energy and food should be provided free of cost to the lower and middle class for those who do not do government work next month! Qatar application! Otherwise, the starvation family will end! @UN @UNESCO @UNICEF @UNHumanRights @WorldBank @RBI @FinMinIndia @PMOIndia

@karislifeh The best way to prevent and slow down transmission is be well informed about the COVID-19 virus, the disease it causes and how it [email protected]_bs @WHO @WHOAFRO @USEmbassyAbuja @UNESCO @FFAdejumo @I_amSimii @UN @AlmustaqimB @AjayiOl56987024 @dotunabiola @RealkunleAjayi

@Adaferreira16 @UNESCO Excuse me, but It is not time to raise this kind of subject..the social responsible it means bigger compromise with the truth ... China, for example, could be more responsible revealing to the cientists in the wolrd the data about what they call patient zero!

@imjansadharan @narendramodi @UN @CIJ_ICJ @ICJ_org @CBSNews @OANN @ABCNewsLive @ABC @CBCNews @NBCNews @amnesty @amnestyusa @UNICEF @UNESCO @UNHumanRights @CTVNews @TorontoStar @humanrights1st @ACLU @witnessorg Everything is clear now in front of prime minister that how I'm able to see not only

@sashish1432 #ChinaVirus #ChineseBioterrorism If @unesco @unicef Will not take action against China and indian government also unable to take decision against them then people of India have the power to show how we can destroy China by not using its products.

@alwaysbhapyamar @UNESCO @WHO A seperate %of funds should be maintained by all the #corporate #Industries towards public welfare like this health emergency on #COVID19.This fund should not B re-utilized fr thier own this z ment only for public welfare in every year. It has to fix %limit #Profits

@grundberg_p Are you working to advance girls' and women’s #education? Online nominations for the 2020 @UNESCO Prize for Girls’ & Women’s Education are open until 26 March. Interested candidates ought to contact their country’s Permanent Delegation or National Commission for UNESCO. #GWEPrize

@ronpatz @RobertLepenies @Protohedgehog @UN @WHO @UNESCO It’s clearly in the domain of @UNESCO, but I’m not sure it’s the best structure to quickly enable the spread of information since US has left. Maybe it’s for @UNUniversity as it is already governed by UN- and non-UN actors: (But I don’t know it well.)

@SerenaB2030 So excited to start working with @UNESCO and other coalition members to bring quality remote learning to those most in need #SDG4 #education

@dako_foundation HEALTH WORKERS: Continue the good work and put more effort, not neglecting anyone. MEDIA: Pass necessary and valid information to all to educate and inform. @LSMOH @followlasg @NGRPresident @NGRSenate @WHONigeria @WHO @UNESCO @UNICEF @UN

@Mridulbarman85 PM Modi announced All over India Lock Down 21 day from today night 12 o clock due to #COVID2019 @WHO @narendramodi @UNESCO

@pizii1 Other alternatives to NOT TOUCHING YOUR FACE. - Use the back of your palm - Use a tissue instead @WHO @UNESCO #COVID19

@yonanestel Surprising that this piece didn’t mention girls or gender once. Also surprising that @UNESCO is not disaggregate data on student impact by sex @SteGiannini

@2uToring @UNESCO @EPALE_EU This is not a sales pitch we need your support to make this happen, we have contacted the government who deferred us to the local authorities. . Dilbir sahota CEO 07946516936 call us please, we can help.

@GoogleForEdu To help bring #DistanceLearning best practices and tools to over 1.5B learners affected by school closures, we’re partnering with @UNESCO to launch the Global Education Coalition. Learn more about how we’re working together to ensure #LearningNeverStops:

@makarand_s @BharGo8 @saliltripathi @WHO @UNESCO @Harvard @realDonaldTrump @NASA @CrazyThakare @aparanjape @ksinamdar @rubenmasc @rameshsrivats @jitengajaria @AdityaRajKaul @ShashiTharoor @shaaqT I may be limited by my imagination or a victim of what's been familiar, but "WUHAN declares PM Modi best Prime Minister" does not quite have the same ring to it.

@UcOfficiall @EwuluEpurepu @MrFixNigeria @BBCNews @CommonsLeader @HoCpetitions @HouseofCommons @UNESCO @DHSCgovuk @WHO @USEmbassyAbuja @StateDept @AfricaMediaHub @USUN @FLOTUS @POTUS @NHSuk @EUAmbUS @VOANews @FoxNews None of the lootere not even Mohammadu Buhari should be allowed to step out of Nigeria. In 3 years, 2016-2018 inclusive, he budgeted N5.2billion for Aso Rock clinic only yet no syringe & other medical equipment there according to @aishambuhari. Thank God for Covid-19

@DenysPicard @TimUnwin @UNESCO Tim, I saw my comment of this morning was erased on your blog (, might be you (which is fine) or hackers (you might not have read it yet), I am invaded on a continuous basis by hackers who censure me...I sent you a copy of it to the general ICT4D email box

@SajidAn09126100 Covid 19 Desi Kit 1200 Rs. 🤔 This is planing to earning income @PMOIndia @WHO whose responsible for it? World health organisation please change your name @UNESCO please change your name you are sick organisation. You are not deserving.

@Lifelovefeel1 @UNESCO @PEspinosaC @AminaJMohammed @UN Education?, we do not need to think anymore. Nature is need, air, water, soil and stop pollution. 🌈Think less to feel more🥭 #ClimateCrisis #ClimateStrike #ClimateChange #ClimateAction #GlobalWarming #DigitalStrike #ActOnClimate #PollutersOut #ClimateActionNow #ClimateEmergency

@arvindkshetty @ArvindKejriwal @IntlCrimCourt @bombayhc @SupremeCourtIND @10DowningStreet @CPMumbaiPolice @MumbaiPolice @UNESCO @VijayIsMyLife @arrahman @AUThackeray @CMOMaharashtra @ShivSena @mybmcWardD @mybmc @caughtinprov @nmuthapparai @RGVzoomin @KalamCenter @AmitShah @PMOIndia @POTUS @donaldtrumph @narendramodi @KentPage @amnesty @RavinderBJPJK @DrJitendraSingh @rajinikant @rajinikanth @DPRK_News @Official_KJU @Indrajit270154 @FinMinIndia @BSYBJP @DrSEShinde @OfficeofUT ♥NAMASTE PREMIER Kim Jong-un & DELHI CM Arvind Kejriwal♥ MIT biologist says fear mongering on coronavirus will go down as biggest fraud to manipulate economies…

@matthewrafat @UNESCO @ctardaguila @factchecknet CDC estimates 23,000 to 59,000 deaths b/c of flu (not #COVID19) in USA from Oct 1, 2019 to March 14, 2020. According to Johns Hopkins, only ~1,280 deaths so far in USA b/c of #coronavirus. Developing countries most at risk. Key is to wash hands w/ soap.

@johanesngong @antonioguterres @UNESCO Thousands are not going to school in #Cameroon as well. Please, it's time to do something to ensure their safe return to the classrooms. #All_lives_matter.

@alwaysbhapyamar #CorporateSector people also has to serve the public as their duties along with government. You are benifitting from the public. So on this serious issue you should be involved, contribute & spent your gained profits to serve all the Nation's protection.its #VeryImp @UNESCO @WHO

@UPU_UN 1.5 billion. That's the number of students across 165 countries who have now been impacted by #COVID19 school closures. @UNESCO is working global partners to support countries around the 🌎. Together we are going to make sure that #LearningNeverStops!

@KumTino @antonioguterres @UNESCO We must not wait on critical moments touching the whole world to call on ceasefire. Ceasefire is an eminent indispensable responsibility of the UN, regardless of the area, racial and religious differences. My humble opinion

@selvinrivas76 @InkSmith3D @RodPhillips01 It's great to see a whole community working together to fight #COVID19 and to protect #HealthcareSuperheroes in the whole country and abroad. @WHO @UNESCO @UN

@arvindkshetty @ArvindKejriwal @IntlCrimCourt @bombayhc @SupremeCourtIND @10DowningStreet @CPMumbaiPolice @MumbaiPolice @UNESCO @VijayIsMyLife @arrahman @AUThackeray @CMOMaharashtra @ShivSena @mybmcWardD @mybmc @caughtinprov @nmuthapparai @RGVzoomin @KalamCenter @AmitShah @PMOIndia @POTUS @donaldtrumph @narendramodi @KentPage @amnesty @RavinderBJPJK @DrJitendraSingh @rajinikant @rajinikanth @DPRK_News @Official_KJU @Indrajit270154 @FinMinIndia @BSYBJP @DrSEShinde @OfficeofUT BEWARE THIS IS TO EACH&EVERYONE IN LIST ESP UK PM/PM IND/CM DELHI/MAY CM MIT biologist says fear mongering on coronavirus will go down as biggest fraud to manipulate economies

@NdakaKioko Why are we working hard to accumulate wealth for our grandchildren and the effects of #ClimateChange will not allow them to live. #climate #ClimateStrike #ClimateCrisis #ClimateStrikeOnline #ClimateAction #ClimateEmergency @UNHumanRights @UNEP @UNESCO @amnesty

@GoogleForEdu To help bring #DistanceLearning best practices and tools to over 1.5B learners affected by school closures, we’re partnering with @UNESCO to launch the Global Education Coalition. Learn more about how we’re working together to ensure #LearningNeverStops:

@HarshIsrani8 @ccccc70701529 @realDonaldTrump @UN @UNESCO @WHO I think u should not got hyper Am requesting to investigate #china not any other All countries must be investigate all about this other wise boycott China products

@p_amayoO @iamJoshuaAlade @LanreShaper @UNESCO I want to agree with this approach. Virtual learning is being experimented with. It might not be available for all, but home schooling can then come into play. With the changes that comes with the current times, alternatives that work must be sought, tested and implemented. #SDG4

@lyn67530 @EwuluEpurepu @MrFixNigeria @BBCNews @CommonsLeader @HoCpetitions @HouseofCommons @UNESCO @DHSCgovuk @WHO @USEmbassyAbuja @StateDept @AfricaMediaHub @USUN @FLOTUS @POTUS @NHSuk @EUAmbUS @VOANews @FoxNews They brought it to us, now they want to fly out to treat themselves. what is the faith of the poor people in Nigeria who can't afford to fly out. They must not be allowed to step an inch.

@ED2030Africa 1.5 billion. That's the number of students across 165 countries who have now been impacted by #COVID19 school closures. @UNESCO is working global partners to support countries around the 🌎. Together we are going to make sure that #LearningNeverStops!

@SheilaZulfiqar @BeltandRoadDesk That is good but scientists from all over the World under @UNESCO shud still try to find out the origin and nature of #COVID19 . If its man made and intentionally spread by say Big Pharma or any State whatsoever ...(i wish its not) it is imp to know that 2 prevent a repetition)

@unescojakarta Join us on the e-learning course of Introduction to @UNESCO Global Geoparks (UGGp). You will learn on what a UGGp is, what are the application criteria to the nomination of UGGp, and how to apply to become a UGGp. Let’s get started! Register at:

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