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@sci_ntds Up to 5 billion of the world’s population will not be covered by essential health services in 2030 😑 The @un Global Action Plan is inspirational 🙌 But could it be overlooking an important approach? 🤔 @drwendyharrison's blog 👉 #onehealth

@chachomanopapa @xijingping @PutinRF @washingtonpost @uriminzok @nbc @DerSPIEGEL @lemondefr @CNN @MSNBC @realDonaldTrump @Twitter @google4edu @googleanalytics @POTUS @Google @facebook @macfound @BillGates @amazon @NEAToday @NEA @truthbook @seeTRUTHasTRUTH @YouTube @Discovery @UN @Charlottesville @Demonstrators @SteveKBannon @wordpressdotcom @PutinRF_Eng @khamenei_ir @netanyahu @HHShkMohd @MuhammadMorsi @PMOIndia @NicolasSarkozy @globaltimesnews @YeonmiParkNK @northkoreatimes @peterbakernyt @CBS @FoxNews @RealMikePompeo @AmbJohnBolton @Pravitelstvo_RF @GOP @dccc @RepAdamSchiff @HassanRouhani “That’s no lie. Obama and the Dems, and the GOP too, a mess have made. Still, judge not one another. Leave all judging — to Him. Unsurprisingly — the nations have failed to be good stewards to Urantia. But an impeachment inquiry, delays the fight, unduly.”

@shubha1503 Very extensive search. Thanks for bringing this to world community. @UN @UNHumanRights why you are salient Spector for #China who is doing systematic genocide in #Xinjiang muslim minorites. #Islamic community why you are not reacting?

@Tumafon @WHO @WHOAFRO @OMSRDCONGO @MinSanteRDC @DrTedros @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @UN @gavi @UN_News_Centre Why Now? Why rush to prequalify only after Europe announced granting permission for sale? Why not prequalified for use on every race only Africans. Is this research or immunization? Is this an Ethical segregation or Hobson’s choice. Is there informed concent

@ARajputPK @statedeptspox @realDonaldTrump @JustinTrudeau @ImranKhanPTI @P_Musharraf @BorisJohnson @jeremycorbyn @SadiqKhan @KingSalman @RTErdogan @GermanyDiplo @SaudiEmbassyUSA @Chinamission2un @ChinaEUMission @trpresidency @MFATurkey @UKParliament @mfa_russia @UAEmGov @UN @EmmanuelMacron @OfficialDGISPR @MOI_QatarEn @dwnews @Independent @SecPompeo @StateDept @CENTCOM @BillGates @gatesfoundation @melindagates @FLOTUS @IvankaTrump @AbeShinzo @JunckerEU @eucopresident @antonioguterres @LeaderHoyer @jacindaardern @ewarren @BernieSanders @WhiteHouse @ashoswai @theJagmeetSingh @Dr_fizakhan @SdqJaan @Ghummans @adeelraja @nazir_lord @EU_Commission #PresidentTrump will find a way to fix this crises as he always does, may be call #Maduro in #PersonalCapacity as a helping hand to get out of these crises, will be a good start?!? As #VeryDetailOrientedMorgan issue statements over #HumanRightsViolations around the #Globe all the

@UN_PGA Let us never forget that #tolerance & empathy are key to fighting all forms of discrimination & injustice. This is not different from what the founders of the @UN had in mind – an organization which functions to achieve international peace & security. #ToleranceDay

@ddgrooves13 @UN like my skills are not politically endowed as well as being well rounded.. Tupac typeshad command of the English language to a pun. But not to hurt. Listen to his songs before he edited them from me to him. They don’t want to be taken by themock of like a monkey or beast.

@CeresNews Global population growth will increase water demand by 20%-30% over the next few decades, according to the @UN. Ceres' @BrookeDBarton says "despite growing awareness, food companies still are not prepared for operating in a water-stressed world.”

@SAMEERSP19 @SecPompeo @IsraelMFA If you could get consensus to wage wars on AlQ and ISIS in 🇮🇶 🇸🇾 and elsewhere - why not @UN @NATO boots on ground in Gaza to finish Hammas and Hezbollah 🤔TERRORISTS ARE TERRORISTS anywhere and everywhere?..or aren’t they 🤔Don’t keep letting friends 👎..won’t have any soon👍

@IsraelInstNZ @JimSchofield14 @JulietMosesNZ @MFATgovtNZ @winstonpeters @CraigHawkeNZ @UN @USAmbNZ @ChrisPenknz The advice to vote on this resolution is also inconsistent with the advice to abstain on #14 because "the current text is imbalanced". If imbalance was a real concern, NZ should not vote for any of the resolutions.

@ShelleyCatney @WillBlackWriter @BorisJohnson not to worry @BorisJohnson my ex's only job that he would do was hoover and clean floors once a week ...pushing dirty water around the room. It's a govt and intelligence services speciality...hence divorce. No need to the full Mi5 experience though @LeoVaradkar @simoncoveney @UN

@JDMohanz @UN: I voice for the voiceless, not because they are always right, but because they are #notAlwaysWrong. Some powerful do NOT get that 'humanity'/true Christianity, so I was physically hurt & psychologically tormented, in secret. While the perps pretend 'to care' on world stage.

@aleoniea @Rn10Bama @GIamwwg1wga @ArlenWms @malaynes42 @BubbaJDAM @4CosmicTweets @OneOldAmerican @AgnesdeBerlimon @gingersnapstx @sommerfeldkitty @AnqelSeqret @_iAlyssa_ @Txarmadilla @RozineCapt @rey_ocean @BlessedHe @YouMustOvercome @Quebec99335648 @gani_ndreu @aDeo_creata_est @Oceanbl38277989 @mark52525786 @codeofvets @FireballMaga @YourSinsR4given @Catrocky22 @MxMarineMom @lovebayhorses @Trump4more @qLwQmIgfCMh9sEP @patsphotos @DonnaYa82989221 @HawtinGibb @PBS @CNN @UN @OANN The Awakening is political and Spiritual....what a time to be alive especially this point in history....its a turning point in the entire world....i can not imagine what it would be like to meet the key individuals face to face....the QAnons....Q..Q+...the Alliance..the Patriots

@IronBuffalo1 @WBrettWilson @AFN_Updates @UN @CIJ_ICJ @GermanyDiplo Think about it. The math does not add up with Canada or Alberta. All the resources, it's financing, it's debt load or the number of people in our Province/Country. Compare all that to the quality of life for everyday people

@AhmedPashteen8 We are not safe here. If we were given the right to live a good life, we would not be #screaming at all. But we are being wronged. And we have no one to ask, but no one listens to us. Rather, these people went to drive this unirest. #StopStateTerrorism @UN

@AEgbewatt1 #SouthernCameroonians, don't let the apparent confession in Paris by dwindling #PBiya fool you. It is intended to soften your spirit and bring your guards down so #Elections hold in Feb. You should know his spots by now! #unfettered #Statehood for #SC or #nyet! @UN @Hardtalk_Amba

@sheilaballarano @nytimes @WaldorfNYC @WhiteHouseHstry @USNatArchives @librarycongress @CapitolHistory @thejointstaff @NYSE @WSJ @UN @usairforce @Europarl_EN @Newsday @ParlLibrary @DeptDefence @BBCNews @latimes @BostonGlobe @WashTimes @washingtonpost @FBINewYork @FBI @FBISanFrancisco @CIA @FBIChicago @NewYorkFBI and returns them all to china associates all a israel program out of being arabics muslims not the exact same china all president george herbert walker bush all once knew torture abusives in china and other countries just like the 16 that all surrouned all of yemen

@meghna888888 @Nunankash1 @ali_jan000 @MailOnline @UNHumanRights @UN @USCIRF @UNICEF Unacceptable and cruel! Imagine precious lives that did not get to live it fully!

@MxMarineMom @BadBuddybklyn @gingersnapstx @GIamwwg1wga @SilverLocks3 @LoriAnn27644037 @DavidSm58887623 @PhilpottDon @DarenJ66 @ArlenWms @malaynes42 @BubbaJDAM @4CosmicTweets @OneOldAmerican @AgnesdeBerlimon @sommerfeldkitty @aleoniea @AnqelSeqret @_iAlyssa_ @Txarmadilla @RozineCapt @rey_ocean @BlessedHe @YouMustOvercome @Quebec99335648 @gani_ndreu @aDeo_creata_est @Oceanbl38277989 @mark52525786 @codeofvets @FireballMaga @YourSinsR4given @Catrocky22 @lovebayhorses @Trump4more @qLwQmIgfCMh9sEP @patsphotos @DonnaYa82989221 @HawtinGibb @PBS @CNN @UN @OANN @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @ADMRogers4 Oh yup I deep dived that one... Micheal Michelle Obama- had 7.4 sacks and 88 tackles freshman year in college as linebacker... try finding birth certificates for the girls or maternity pic of Michelle! (Adoptee and angry we are not products to buy for fake family politics)

@Tumafon @WHO @WHOAFRO @OMSRDCONGO @MinSanteRDC @DrTedros @WHOSEARO @WHOWPRO @pahowho @WHO_Europe @WHOEMRO @UN @gavi @UN_News_Centre Why Now? Why rush to prequalify only after Europe announced granting permission for sale? Why not prequalified for use on every race only Africans. Is this research or immunization? Is this an Ethical segregation or Hobson’s choice. Is there informed concent

@Dami4Change @EzeobiZ @NigeriaGov @IDF @Amaka_Ekwo @radiobiafralive @mefonna @WhiteHouse @UN @USUN @hrw Let's not blame Maxi but the Nigerian educational system that has relegated history as a subject. To be candid, this tweet is unfortunate

@PaprikaLady 'La grande nation' France invites tourists to experience first hand how Europeans deal with protesters who object to the diesel price hikes & the carbon tax, which link to increased cost of living. Let us not forget that the @UN's fraudulent climate crisis is the cause of this.

@OMalgaray Complaining to Pakistani establishment and/or government is not but an idiocy. #Pushtons are asking for their rights to live from the same people who are involved in their #genocide and ethnic #cleansing. #StopStateTerrorism #PakistansBrutalArmy #NoHumanRightsForPashtons @un

@UNAUSA 👋 Hey college students! Do you have a UNA chapter at your university? If not, we've prepared a go-to guide to help you establish one at your school! Start your spring semester advocating for the @UN and a better 🌏. This is your moment: | #USAforUN

@jcobishop @THEREALMOGUL @channelstv @USEmbassyAbuja @UKinNigeria @UN @CFR_org @USIP @ResearchGate @reliefweb @_AfricanUnion The so called international community is seen to be conniving with our politicians. If not, why are they giving them access into their countries for medicals, shopping, tourism etc.

@RealNabeelAhmed @MrsTari28095336 @ahmed_reynad Tears in my eyes.. No Words.. Why the World is Not taking any serious action on this?? @UN @UNGeneva @Unsc @UNHumanRights #unhumanrights @hrw #hrw For GodSake they donot belong to your cast , colour, creed But they are HUMANS.

@ShimaTaher #كاظم_الركابي This young journalist was murdered by the Iraqi government, they poured acid down his throat to kill him #IraqProtests #iraqi_government_killing_people @UN @UNIraq @UNHumanRights @hrw @UNHumanRights @amnesty @AmnestyAR @USEmbBaghdad @USAbilAraby #terrorism

@EOnwuasigwe @UN what is British high commissioner doing in Nigeria After the war of genocide Britain committed to biafrans. For years he then now come down to East I hope she traveled by rad. Queen Elizerbeth is a blood sucker a harlots

@BetterWorldOrg Persons with disabilities experience unique challenges during times of crises or natural disasters. See how the @UN provides specialized care in Syria to help people, particularly children, affected by ongoing conflict:

@Iwantafreeworl1 @rojava_2911 @mustefabali @realDonaldTrump @b_riexinger @katjakipping @CansuOezdemir @berivan_aymaz @HESommer @OezlemADemirel @EvinIncir @AkbulutGokay @Zu_Demir @SevimDagdelen @KatiPiri @FedericaMog @eucopresident @JunckerEU @Europarl_EN @UN_OCT @EP_President @Europarl_FR @UN @Europarl_DE @jeremycorbyn I tell you, Terrorist PKK-YPG s terrorist attacks do not end. I know the terrorists very well ... Bloodthirsty demons. In order to connect to Islam, the ISIS name It should be CH, not ISIS.

@GuyEPartin @MxMarineMom @_iAlyssa_ @jleetxgirl @aleoniea @GIamwwg1wga @LoriAnn27644037 @DavidSm58887623 @PhilpottDon @DarenJ66 @ArlenWms @malaynes42 @BubbaJDAM @4CosmicTweets @OneOldAmerican @AgnesdeBerlimon @gingersnapstx @sommerfeldkitty @AnqelSeqret @Txarmadilla @RozineCapt @rey_ocean @BlessedHe @YouMustOvercome @Quebec99335648 @gani_ndreu @aDeo_creata_est @Oceanbl38277989 @mark52525786 @codeofvets @FireballMaga @YourSinsR4given @Catrocky22 @lovebayhorses @Trump4more @qLwQmIgfCMh9sEP @patsphotos @DonnaYa82989221 @HawtinGibb @PBS @CNN @UN @OANN @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @ADMRogers4 he lives here now. you can't go there America. clueless is simply not an appropriate enough word for how comatose America the Sheeple are. eppy IS much smarter than the greedy politicians. he bargained much blackmail for that dramatic exit from jail to these safe elite confines

@Ethan_Allen76 @HochschildF You need to sit down and shut up with regard to the bombing deaths in Gaza - these people brought all of this on themselves. From Conservative US the @UN should not engage unless it’s to stop the idiot #Palestinians from initiating this #VIOLENCE

@justpalaver @ZhiZhuWeb @Rewire_News @UN @UNHumanRights Map of those countries who have ratified the convention of the human rights of the child. Purple indicates the country who has decided not to be party to the treaty. (And in case you are wondering- Republicans stopped USA from ratifying.)

@afagerbakke Where are you, @amnesty? 🤷‍♂️ Where are you, @UN? 🤷‍♂️ Where are you, @KenRoth? 🤷‍♂️ Total silence. Not a word.. 🤐 You claim to care so deeply about the Palestinians. Truth is you couldn't care less! Over 4000 (!) Palestinians killed in Syria's civil war:

@UN_News_Centre On this International Day for Tolerance, we remember when Australian hip-hop artist @LFRESHTHELION visited @UN HQ to drop some knowledge on breaking down cultural barriers.

@ev_eusab @HeikoMaas 300.000 Uiguren @UN UNSC to note and ask for China how collaboration shall be trustful ? Doctrine is not lawful and China knows it. @FedericaMog EU statement? And, when will Maas stop his national votes without EU alignment? e.g. Israel ?

@Abyahassy @Asiwaju_Valent @Oma_igala1 @inecnigeria @DFIDNigeria @USEmbassyAbuja @SERAPNigeria @UKinNigeria @AmnestyNigeria @YIAGA @UN @UNICEF @UN_Spokesperson @UNPeacekeeping @nigeriantribune @SaharaReporters The innocent keep dying uncontrollably why the wicked are force on them who will rescue us if not God but we shall not keep calm to the oppressors in fear In sha'a Allah

@JalalAlmyahe @25_octoberIraq @UN I don't think what I write will make difference but I have to try This is happen in iraq everyday and there are more So if you watch this video you've to make decision not bcz of your position but bcz of humanty

@Mr__XYZ @SooksThe @BatmanNigel @realDimitraE @ElizabethBrodr2 @max_thinker @TweetingLND @HardRightHettie @infoukphotodis1 @Crosscolin88 @mama_crypto @Jay_Beecher @ThinkSpitfire @Lise39 @VickieW13035335 @LeavingTheEUSSR @EoforwicOik @brexitparty_uk @veryunfakenews @UN @LBilderberg @MissDomergue @tobystyke74 @CharlotteBCcat1 @KeithSargent19 Warning from history Issue'll never go away without FULL Brexit Whitelaw "Now it looks like people are voting to remain we can put uncertainties behind us" Wrong, its obvious public'd eventually realise been duped as EEC = UK on path to become puppet state

@translatorbali @Palestine_UN Dear State of Palestine, please do not fire rockets to the State of Israel. It will help us to avoid most of our problems. @Palestine_UN #SaveIsrael @IsraelMFA #inidiplomasi #SavePalestine @IdoBromberg @UN #SaveIsrael #inidiplomasi #SavePalestine

@Johanna47651183 @AustraliaUNDPR @UN @UN_Women @AustraliaUN_GVA @officeforwomen ENjoy travelling at australian tax payers expense. You put in not an iota of productive work. Karma doesn't forget an address. If you have unearned money, you are bound to spend it on medicines-Jewish proverb

@natureisrandom @SMHoosayn @TwitterIndia @Twitter @UN @OIC_OCI @Europarl_EN Doesn't it occur to you that it's not even logical for anyone to demolish mandir and build a mosque because supposedly rape happened? On the other hand, there are massive Aurangzebs authentic firemans which are as clear as black and white ordering demolitions.

@sheilaballarano @nytimes @WaldorfNYC @WhiteHouseHstry @USNatArchives @librarycongress @CapitolHistory @thejointstaff @NYSE @WSJ @UN @usairforce @Europarl_EN @Newsday @ParlLibrary @DeptDefence @BBCNews @latimes @BostonGlobe @WashTimes @washingtonpost @FBINewYork @FBI @FBISanFrancisco @CIA @FBIChicago @NewYorkFBI @Elysee @AustriaUN "the cia that is all out their to a fbi breech of departments all being part of a lie and not the real firsts of one "meaningless, a hoax, china doesn't want you america to find out or know the real truths about those reports and used these others countries

@Raedaliraqi99 @Denmark_UN @UN @unhcr @DanishMFA @MWegter @BilleHermann @SwedenUN @NorwayUN @IcelandUN @FinlandUN @DKUNmisgva @UNHCR_NE @FilippoGrandi We, the Iraqi refugees in Turkey, have suffered years of long waiting for asylum and resettlement. Please help us and do not forget us and do not leave us to our fate. We are looking for a new homeland in which we live in safety and stability. #StandWithIraqiRefugees

@UNGeneva From addressing acute humanitarian needs to working on long-term development From keeping the peace to defending human rights From feeding the hungry to helping build resilience to climate change, ➡️The @UN staff are working on the front lines of today’s most pressing challenges.

@fidakiani 4/4- The clampdown has not only affected inter-district road connectivity drastically but has also thrown great challenges for old city residents due to the shutting of factories, industries, and other [email protected] @UNHumanRights @ChrisDaviesLD @PhilBennion @najibgk @CellJammu

@NewtonIkire #BayelsaDecides #BayelsaDecides2019 #BayelsaElect2019 #KogiBayelsa2019 #KogiDecides2019 #Kogi @USEmbassyAbuja @realDonaldTrump @UN @OfficialPDPNig From Kogi to Bayelsa, it was thugs that decided The people were not allowed to decide This is war. This is no election

@bilarakib @ADHRB @UN The way the move to New Saudi Arabia had it not been without the presence of Prince Mohammed bin Salman would not have happened. Abounthe prisoners of conscience it will surely deal with them in a civilized manner and end this issue in the best way.

@shelton66272322 @SecPompeo @StateDept @UN Please resign and testify. You're eventually going to be thrown under the bus. You're not that important and you don't want to be spending the rest of your days in and out of court. Just go away and enjoy life.

@chachomanopapa @xijingping @PutinRF @washingtonpost @uriminzok @nbc @DerSPIEGEL @lemondefr @CNN @MSNBC @realDonaldTrump @Twitter @google4edu @googleanalytics @POTUS @Google @facebook @macfound @BillGates @amazon @NEAToday @NEA @truthbook @seeTRUTHasTRUTH @YouTube @Discovery @UN @Charlottesville @Demonstrators @SteveKBannon @wordpressdotcom @PutinRF_Eng @khamenei_ir @netanyahu @HHShkMohd @MuhammadMorsi @PMOIndia @NicolasSarkozy @globaltimesnews @YeonmiParkNK @northkoreatimes @peterbakernyt @CBS @FoxNews @RealMikePompeo @AmbJohnBolton @Pravitelstvo_RF @GOP @dccc @RepAdamSchiff @HassanRouhani “Obama and Dems, a mess, have made. Yet, judge not, one another. Leave, judging to Him. The nations and surprisingly, I, have failed to be good stewards to Urantia. But the impeachment inquiry delays the fight against climate change. That’s no lie, truly.”

@thepunster3 @Ahmi_sayss @dtnoorkhan @UNHumanRights @UN not to worry moti will slip and maim herself all on her own

@sheilaballarano @nytimes @WaldorfNYC @WhiteHouseHstry @USNatArchives @librarycongress @CapitolHistory @thejointstaff @NYSE @WSJ @UN @usairforce @Europarl_EN @Newsday @ParlLibrary @DeptDefence @BBCNews @latimes @BostonGlobe @WashTimes @washingtonpost @FBINewYork @FBI @FBISanFrancisco @CIA @FBIChicago @NewYorkFBI the u.n's refugee program raid it all and turn it upside down out a organization's and in the names that all become a prison camp's and china follows a refugee to other countries that captures them all

@LennoxGina Must read. #Turkey is violating international law by invading #Syria. Syria, Egypt, Sweden, who else, could take Turkey to the international court in the Hague. Carla Del Ponte wonders why the @UN has not taken a stand against Turkey's blatant actions against #Kurds

@JimSchofield14 @IsraelInstNZ @JulietMosesNZ @MFATgovtNZ @winstonpeters @CraigHawkeNZ @UN @USAmbNZ Attn @ChrisPenknz for MFAT committee. NZ's position being "Give Golan to Assad" in practical terms is ridiculous. Reckless, even. NZ should at least abstain, if not vote against such resolutions. Doesn't need to be in support of Israel keeping Golan; just against Assad having it!

@chachomanopapa @xijingping @PutinRF @washingtonpost @uriminzok @nbc @DerSPIEGEL @lemondefr @CNN @MSNBC @realDonaldTrump @Twitter @google4edu @googleanalytics @POTUS @Google @facebook @macfound @BillGates @amazon @NEAToday @NEA @truthbook @seeTRUTHasTRUTH @YouTube @Discovery @UN @Charlottesville @Demonstrators @SteveKBannon @wordpressdotcom @PutinRF_Eng @khamenei_ir @netanyahu @HHShkMohd @MuhammadMorsi @PMOIndia @NicolasSarkozy @globaltimesnews @YeonmiParkNK @northkoreatimes @peterbakernyt @CBS @FoxNews @RealMikePompeo @AmbJohnBolton @Pravitelstvo_RF @GOP @dccc @RepAdamSchiff @HassanRouhani “Judge not, one another. Leave, the judging to Him. Ye sure have made a really fine mess of things. Submitting to Him — loving him — And loving one another and being a good steward to planet, Urantia. Instead, ye’ve made, a really fine ... mess of things.”

@shamranhayat Q.What is PTM? ans. PTM the name of theory against terrorism.. PTM think of protection Humanity. Name of Justice Rolls & Behaver call PTM. Because our state thinking like enemy to PTM. State not interest with peace. But PTM against any war. @hrw @UN #StopStateTerrorism @a_siab

@zazzybritches @SurrettLinda @UN ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️Which is likely why the UN does not bother itself with taking any action to stop it.

@Da2Mo @UN In the U.S. of A. there is a way to know God not followed by Muslims, so a Christian might say Allah is not True. In one religion the understanding of beliefs can differ. Between Religions understanding can differ. Elohim is spelled "Al..." as is Allah. One God.-ErnieMooreJr

@aleoniea @MxMarineMom @jleetxgirl @GIamwwg1wga @LoriAnn27644037 @DavidSm58887623 @PhilpottDon @DarenJ66 @ArlenWms @malaynes42 @BubbaJDAM @4CosmicTweets @OneOldAmerican @AgnesdeBerlimon @gingersnapstx @sommerfeldkitty @AnqelSeqret @_iAlyssa_ @Txarmadilla @RozineCapt @rey_ocean @BlessedHe @YouMustOvercome @Quebec99335648 @gani_ndreu @aDeo_creata_est @Oceanbl38277989 @mark52525786 @codeofvets @FireballMaga @YourSinsR4given @Catrocky22 @lovebayhorses @Trump4more @qLwQmIgfCMh9sEP @patsphotos @DonnaYa82989221 @HawtinGibb @PBS @CNN @UN @OANN @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @ADMRogers4 The guy who did not kill himself ? we assume he is not killed by himself or whomever etc etc and so on and so going to church later....

@ASteiner Welcome @Winnie_Byanyima on your new leadership role as Executive Director of @UNAIDS.At our #UNAIDS Committee of Cosponsoring Organizations mtg, we discussed working together as 1 @UN to ensure all ppl living w or at risk of #HIV infection can access prevention, treatment & care

@olajpv @EzeobiZ @NigeriaGov @IDF @Amaka_Ekwo @radiobiafralive @mefonna @WhiteHouse @UN @USUN @hrw Half knowledge is dangerous,if not dangerous than ignorance. You could have googled when Oduduwa University came into existence before spewing this wrong info to your followers.

@MxMarineMom @spydamanbearpig @_iAlyssa_ @GIamwwg1wga @LoriAnn27644037 @DavidSm58887623 @PhilpottDon @DarenJ66 @ArlenWms @malaynes42 @BubbaJDAM @4CosmicTweets @OneOldAmerican @AgnesdeBerlimon @gingersnapstx @sommerfeldkitty @aleoniea @AnqelSeqret @Txarmadilla @RozineCapt @rey_ocean @BlessedHe @YouMustOvercome @Quebec99335648 @gani_ndreu @aDeo_creata_est @Oceanbl38277989 @mark52525786 @codeofvets @FireballMaga @YourSinsR4given @Catrocky22 @lovebayhorses @Trump4more @qLwQmIgfCMh9sEP @patsphotos @DonnaYa82989221 @HawtinGibb @PBS @CNN @UN @OANN @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @ADMRogers4 Oooo great job! Nice! And for those just catching up... Misfud is NOT RUSSIAN asset. He is WESTERN asset... he just gave A.G Barr 2 Blackberries that connect back to... dun dun dun.. BRENNAN!

@Alejand60969752 @un @UNHumanRights @TulsiGabbard @aoc This is how people from the @HKDemocrats misinforming, manipulating LAW & people's opinion, twisting reality to gain attention, Chinese troops were NOT DEPLOYED! NO WEAPONS, NO UNIFORM! they cleaned the streets as a kind civil gesture

@TammyCoiteux @LindaPi98833415 @OneOldAmerican @cin60119002 @BubbaJDAM @GIamwwg1wga @4CosmicTweets @AgnesdeBerlimon @gingersnapstx @sommerfeldkitty @aleoniea @AnqelSeqret @_iAlyssa_ @Txarmadilla @RozineCapt @rey_ocean @BlessedHe @YouMustOvercome @Quebec99335648 @gani_ndreu @aDeo_creata_est @Oceanbl38277989 @mark52525786 @codeofvets @FireballMaga @YourSinsR4given @Catrocky22 @MxMarineMom @lovebayhorses @Trump4more @qLwQmIgfCMh9sEP @patsphotos @malaynes42 @DonnaYa82989221 @HawtinGibb @PBS @CNN @UN @OANN They all are on TW Many have sent open letters to them @GOP including me, but no one seems to share them so they can gain momentum. Think about it....we need to work together. It’s not about likes. It’s not a competition. It’s the #PLANtoSAVEtheWORLD #Q #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE

@Uyghur_Oghly In order to RESPECT the international law & prevent the extermination of #Uyghurs will be for ⁦@UN⁩ to send it’s Troops,technically it’s not invasion!but if @un doesn’t act this time there will be #Uyghurs NO [email protected]⁩ ⁦@EU_Commission⁩

@gilarutrina @_adam224 @IsraelMFA @UN @IsraelinSpanish @IsraelRussian @IsraelArabic @IsraelPersian @IsraelHebrew No they are not. You believe lies. Your writing it makes it no more true than it was before. Don't you know that Palestine was the name given by the Romans to the then province of Judea (Jews get their name from Judea) referring back to the long-dead non-semitic Philistines?

@sheilaballarano @Ford_Library @NixonLibrary @BushFdn the intrepid your mayor is meaningless, and your all presidents of a garbage not when the american told the truths to iran unlike cowards all around me "I fired the u.n israel's diplomat @usairforce @UN @WaldorfNYC

@ShayestaKhan9 Pakistan Army is killing innocent Pashtuns on daily basis but @UNHumanRights @UN @hrw @amnesty @amnestysasia is silent. Are we not humans? Do Pashtuns not deserve to live in peace? #StopStateTerrorism

@BellaJhaveri #PMCBankCrisis #CBIProbeRBI @PMOIndiaModi @nsitharaman @UNHumanRights @UN @BBCWorld @BBCBreaking FM has 💰to distribute to all n sundry even sections who r not a priority..but bcoz of BJP politicians involvement..mum is the word..LEECHES..justice being dragged our cost😱

@RonanLTynan Credibility of @UN will be destroyed if ⁦@antonioguterres⁩ succumbs to #Russia/n pressure not to name #Putin's airforce with #Assad's forces responsible for systematically bombing hospitals in #Syria's #Idlib. ⁦@UNICEF via⁩ ⁦⁦@nytimes⁩

@guerra_sahara @ipinst @CedricdeConing @UN #MINURSO mission for the #REFERENDUM in #WesternSahara (1991-2019) & the #Saharawi people of #WesternSahara are still waiting for the agreed #Referendum @UN NEEDS to fulfill its mandate #StandUp4HumanRights. #Morocco MUST accept the #Sahrawi DO NOT want to be #morocco's subjects

@aleoniea @Rn10Bama @GIamwwg1wga @ArlenWms @malaynes42 @BubbaJDAM @4CosmicTweets @OneOldAmerican @AgnesdeBerlimon @gingersnapstx @sommerfeldkitty @AnqelSeqret @_iAlyssa_ @Txarmadilla @RozineCapt @rey_ocean @BlessedHe @YouMustOvercome @Quebec99335648 @gani_ndreu @aDeo_creata_est @Oceanbl38277989 @mark52525786 @codeofvets @FireballMaga @YourSinsR4given @Catrocky22 @MxMarineMom @lovebayhorses @Trump4more @qLwQmIgfCMh9sEP @patsphotos @DonnaYa82989221 @HawtinGibb @PBS @CNN @UN @OANN One more important fact...the more you raise the vibrations...up your level of consciousness....the more your light become a "threat"(*for lack of a better word*) those not awake yet...keep shining your light and be the torch bearers....

@Zaman67016488 @Denmark_UN @UN @unhcr @DanishMFA @MWegter @BilleHermann @SwedenUN @NorwayUN @IcelandUN @FinlandUN @DKUNmisgva @UNHCR_NE @FilippoGrandi Why do the whole world,who claim humanity,not hear our voice to help us and pull us out of our suffering by processing our cases urgently? Waiting for a long time is a slowly death for Iraqi asylum seekers&refugees. What's the goal from delaying our files? #StandWithIraqiRefugees

@salamomar85 @ADHRB @UN seems like it's not true. Because the article have been deleted you have to stop these allegations.

@TaiWriter I’m not convinced internal files revealing the true nature of Xinjiang camps will change anything. China will sign some human rights accord *cough* Paris agreement *cough* leading the @UN and Western countries to ignore China’s abuses and even lend support.

@18DianneM @KremlinRussia_E Puddin, you may have once Had a plan But your Puppet is self Imploding.. Dangerous to you and your Plans...No? Reread History Dictators are the only ones Laughing now, at Puppet Clown Will not be laughing Later @UN @EUCouncil @NATO Need to expel Dictatorships

@usdpglobal @cnni Such actions always have more reason of pleasure to kill people than to address any issue. The path to hell. #Security #States #Conflicts #CoExistence #World @UN #Syria

@DinyuyMichel @ACLEDINFO @cwjroberts @Mo_IbrahimFdn @chrdafrica The international community must not continue to relate with regimes without ensuring that these respect the various conventions to which they are signatories else they be seen as "not doing enough" to ensure peace @AUC_MoussaFaki @AfricanUnionUN @UN @antonioguterres

@salwabaloch123 Rafiq Baloch was forcibly disappeared2 years ago&is still [email protected] conventions&international HR Orgs not only failed to protect the rights of Baloch people but also there silence is helping Pakistan military to get away with genocide &crime against humanity #SaveRafiqBaloch

@benjred @vbperseo @ICHRI @drninaansary @UN It is NOT wise to minimize the wealth of knowledge found in these books or in world religions!

@JeriStude @ipinst @Ghanaunmission @UKUN_NewYork @NorwayUN @KaiptcGh @WiltonPark @UN @NamieDiRazza Where are all the tweets I should see here? Maybe make this site a bit more open to dialog? A bit more human and down to earth? A little less rarified?

@musingsLOL @wwfsg @UN Just tell Burgers and Lobsters at Jewel Changi airport to stop using plastic bags for glasses...not to mention plastic straws !

@Shru2810 @arifaajakia @UN Sab scholarship radd kar di jaaye. If you r not the solution u r part of the problem. Annyay k khilaaf khamosh rehna, annyay karnewale se bada gunhegaar hai. They want to be in this together. Let them all get punishment for crimes of few Socialist me unity bhi to ho.

@shift7 [email protected] engages communities in collaboration w/ local musicians in local languages & styles to produce eco-minded songs & videos, breaking down barriers across Africa one song at a time Check out their presentation @UN Solutions Summit during #UNGA

@BlueOce75953561 @LetKashmirSpeak @UN @antonioguterres @FedericaMog @mbachelet @UNHumanRights @hrw @MushaalMullick @peaceforchange @AIIndia @SoStarMusic Since when lack of internet became a human rights issue? Doesn't US Congressional commission have any other important issues to discuss? How about focusing on strengthening democracy in the US where a dictator is the president?

@NaghamHameed2 @Denmark_UN @UN @unhcr @DanishMFA @MWegter @BilleHermann @SwedenUN @NorwayUN @IcelandUN @FinlandUN @DKUNmisgva @UNHCR_NE @FilippoGrandi We, the Iraqi refugees in Turkey, have suffered years of long waiting for asylum and resettlement. Please help us and do not forget us and do not leave us to our fate. We are looking for a new homeland in which we live in safety and stability. #StandWithIraqiRefugees In turkey

@Tazfaa_Group @SoStarMusic @UN @antonioguterres @FedericaMog @mbachelet @UNHumanRights @hrw @peaceforchange @AIIndia @LetKashmirSpeak Kashmiris need to pick up arms or they will end up like Palestinians 000's and 000's dead. The Indians have killed over 100k kashmiris, Israelis have killed over a million Palestians, these are not merciful people, they are cowards, when you retaliate back they cry and whine.

@SDGsolutions [email protected] engages communities in collaboration w/ local musicians in local languages & styles to produce eco-minded songs & videos, breaking down barriers across Africa one song at a time Check out their presentation @UN Solutions Summit during #UNGA

@serhat29884528 The attacks of the Turkish gangs have not stopped since October 9th. They're struggling for business and ethnic cleansing. So when are you going to take concrete steps? @jensstoltenberg @UN @realDonaldTrump @mike_pence @AngelaMerkeICDU @NATO

@meghna888888 @Koshur18 @UNGeneva @UN @hrw @amnesty Dont blame anyone of you for not forgetting. It is horrific just to see.

@LetKashmirSpeak Stuttgart: Kashmir conference urges world not to ignore rights abuses in Occupied #Kashmir #LetKashmirSpeak #SaveKashmiriWomen #StandWithKashmir @UN @antonioguterres @FedericaMog @MBachelet @UNHumanRights @HRW @MushaalMullick @peaceforchange @AIIndia

@saharmomeka @Denmark_UN @UN @unhcr @DanishMFA @MWegter @BilleHermann @SwedenUN @NorwayUN @IcelandUN @FinlandUN @DKUNmisgva @UNHCR_NE @FilippoGrandi Give hope to the legal asylum seekers and refugees who stuck in the host countries to reach resettlement countries easily, then you will not find illegal migrants neither in the sea nor in the desert. #StandWithIraqiRefugees

@antonio22201467 @RussiaConnects @evoespueblo @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @FLOTUS @CIA @SecretService @StateDept @StateDeptPM @statedeptspox @nytimes @washingtonpost @guardian @indepndent @jeremycorbyn @BorisJohnson @Channel4News @FoxNews @NBCNews @ABC @CNBC @MSNBC @CNN @cnni @latimes @unhcr @UN Ukraine is not withdrawing its army from Donbass and sabotaging Minsk agreements. Full demilitarization is needed there to solve the conflict. Kiev should proceed without further delays in compliance with the disengagement timeline agreed in the Contact Group in Minsk.

@NinaRekhi Finally! Thanks for being diligent @EOWDelhi @CPMumbaiPolice but we want #CBIProbeRBI to explore its role in #PMCBankCrisis The auditors frm @RBI shud not be let off either. @FinMinIndia @PIB_India @DrJitendraSingh @PMOIndia @MirrorNow @UN @BBCWorld @CNN @Telegraph @guardian @BBC

@FrankAg35561421 "I dream of a Bolivia Free of Satanic indigenous rituals, 'the city is not for the Indians', they should go to the highlands or to Chaco!" 🔴 Statement by New Self Proclaimed Bolivian President, JEANINE AÑEZ. #Bolivia #NativeAmerican @CNN #FoxNews @SpeakerPelosi @SecPompeo @UN

@translatorbali @AndyRachmianto @Palestine_UN @IsraelMFA @IdoBromberg @UN @IsraelinUN Iran uses its terrorist proxy Palestinian Islamic Jihad to strike Israel. Iran does not want peace in the region. It doesn't want the Palestinian people to prosper. It wants more conflict. Until we address Iran’s threats, the cycle of violence will continue : @SecPompeo

@aleoniea @AgnesdeBerlimon @Rn10Bama @GIamwwg1wga @ArlenWms @malaynes42 @BubbaJDAM @4CosmicTweets @OneOldAmerican @gingersnapstx @sommerfeldkitty @AnqelSeqret @_iAlyssa_ @Txarmadilla @RozineCapt @rey_ocean @BlessedHe @YouMustOvercome @Quebec99335648 @gani_ndreu @aDeo_creata_est @Oceanbl38277989 @mark52525786 @codeofvets @FireballMaga @YourSinsR4given @Catrocky22 @MxMarineMom @lovebayhorses @Trump4more @qLwQmIgfCMh9sEP @patsphotos @DonnaYa82989221 @HawtinGibb @PBS @CNN @UN @OANN The shift happening...a lot is happening in the atmosphere and we not ever paid attention because we were living in a ""different world""living without paying attention....amazing how much detail we lost....notice the sun was white when we grew up.. somehow it changed to yellow

@ShelleyCatney @WillBlackWriter @BorisJohnson @LeoVaradkar @simoncoveney @UN I have to admit that annoyingly I did do the floors again afterwards & get down on my hands and knees with proper product and brush....yes I am a pedant, hands up! FTAC workers are a worry though aren't they? I am mean, what actually do they do well? Not even washing floors.....

@Occupy_FL_HOA @ZhiZhuWeb @Rewire_News @UN @UNHumanRights INDEED, not ONE would come to his aid @realDonaldTrump if a foreign country arrested any of them @GOP #LockEmUpAlready

@avtramontano The Bolivian Coup Is Not a Coup—Because US Wanted It to Happen | FAIR #Bolivia #BoliviaCoup #coup #nytimes #wapo #cnn #abc #cbs #nbc #msnbc #maddow #theview #DemDebate #gop #fascism #WarCrimes #RegimeChange @un @IntlCrimCourt #uk #bbc #eu #npr #pbs

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