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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - WORLD BANK GROUP - INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, POVERTY, & SUSTAINABILITY - With 189 member countries, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership fighting poverty worldwide through sustainable solutions. Server Status

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@SDPIPakistan Exporters need to engage and regularly inform #FBR if new reform measures are leading to ease in #tax compliance or not: Ms. Clelia Rontoyanni from @WorldBank #SEDI

@kanshula The @WorldBank Group’s FY20 financial statements are out, highlighting the strength of the World Bank Group’s financial position, the strong demand for financing including due to #COVID19, and the continued backing from shareholders and capital markets.

@JellyStar @WorldBank I don't know but I know that the money will not be used to fight covid-19 in my country. World Bank knows this too.

@RyanPWhitacre @MMKavanagh @WorldBank That guy thinks small cash payouts are the solution to everything in LMICs. He used to pay people to not get HIV. And he ran an RCT about that, too. See his publication list for several more examples.

@DeepakLachhiram @sunnyfernandes @narendramodi @PMOIndia @RBI @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @fayedsouza @ABPNews @MumbaiMirror @MirrorNow @htTweets @timesofindia @IMFNews @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @UN @IJM @moneycontrolcom @FT @MNCDFbombay @supriya_sule @usaid_india @WorldBank WORLD BANK SHOULD TAKE SOME ACTION ON RBI & SHD CREATE AWARENESS TO OTHER COUNTRIES THAT NOT TO INVEST IN INDIA. 50+ PMC BANK DEPOSITORS DIED & OUR PM, HM, FM & RBI ARE MUM, IT SHOWS HOW DEEP ARE ROOTS OF CORRUPTION. PLEASE MERGE PMC OR INDIAN BANKING SYSTEM WILL COLLAPSE.

@ADixon_WB As we work to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing concern for @WorldBank and other partners is how to ensure developing countries get access to vaccines when they become available. COVAX partners are working to address this challenge.

@Prabhak48691950 @bhatsunils @shah_sameer73 @sunnyfernandes @narendramodi @PMOIndia @RBI @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @fayedsouza @ABPNews @MumbaiMirror @MirrorNow @htTweets @timesofindia @IMFNews @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @UN @IJM @moneycontrolcom @FT @MNCDFbombay @supriya_sule @usaid_india @WorldBank @DasShaktikanta @ianuragthakur @Devendra_Office @nsitharamanoffc All chair person enjoy our problem they are not interested to solve commen people problem

@NeeluBansal4 @sunnyfernandes @narendramodi @PMOIndia @RBI @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @fayedsouza @ABPNews @MumbaiMirror @MirrorNow @htTweets @timesofindia @IMFNews @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @UN @IJM @moneycontrolcom @FT @MNCDFbombay @supriya_sule @usaid_india @WorldBank We honest tax payers, why can't we have access to our own hard earned money. Senior citizens cannot take this stress any longer. Resolve PMC bank issue As early as possible.

@f_yambo @MaanoGroup @MonicaEisenberg @chola_neene @Ch0nya @MisterNsama @VictorKanyense @JackKalala4 @lwipa_chilufya @BenjaminPayet15 @_UncleTyler @MalunduKennedy @Kubale12 @sikailesikaile1 @normanchips @damweembs @PeterRowe631 @Peter_S_Becks1 @Tumbe13 @wisdomproven @HHichilema @JackMa @SylviaTMasebo @eliasmunshya @iamdriftatrek @DiggersOfNews @MusaMwenye @UNHumanRights @zmBritish @UNZambia @realDonaldTrump @LauraMiti @iampilato @PetersenZagaze @IntlCrimCourt @EdgarCLungu @Dora_Siliya @PF_Zambia @sunday_chanda @UPNDZM @VanguardAfrica @Smith_JeffreyT @Africa_Conf @nkwoolley @UKinZambia @usembassyzambia @GermanyinZambia @IMFSpokesperson @WorldBank @zlj517 @MFA_China True boss. Its not the outsiders that will determine Zambia's political direction. The Zambians themselves must be in the forefront to do it.

@mwenyeji3 @dailynation @WorldBankKenya @WorldBank You idiots have been giving these thieves money religiously and you know the money will not be accounted for....You are the problem...You take kickbacks for loans and impose huge interest payments to Kenyans...Shame on you

@tim_noonan @LizAnnSonders @WorldBank @Bloomberg Thanks for share the visual - very helpful to see it in that context. @GuyAdami has been bringing this up nearly daily on @CNBCFastMoney, so it's not like we (retail investors) have not been warned by two significant voices in the markets.

@VictorKanyense @MaanoGroup @MonicaEisenberg @chola_neene @Ch0nya @MisterNsama @JackKalala4 @lwipa_chilufya @BenjaminPayet15 @_UncleTyler @MalunduKennedy @Kubale12 @sikailesikaile1 @normanchips @damweembs @PeterRowe631 @Peter_S_Becks1 @Tumbe13 @wisdomproven @HHichilema @JackMa @SylviaTMasebo @eliasmunshya @iamdriftatrek @DiggersOfNews @MusaMwenye @UNHumanRights @zmBritish @UNZambia @realDonaldTrump @LauraMiti @iampilato @PetersenZagaze @IntlCrimCourt @EdgarCLungu @Dora_Siliya @PF_Zambia @sunday_chanda @UPNDZM @VanguardAfrica @Smith_JeffreyT @Africa_Conf @nkwoolley @UKinZambia @usembassyzambia @GermanyinZambia @IMFSpokesperson @WorldBank @zlj517 @MFA_China @MaanoGroup, where are you yourself in the struggle for Zambia? The ppl you are referring to don't hide behind sudonyms. They speak in their own name & not behind fronts. Don't malign ppl who are playing their part, however it may appear insignificant to you. JOIN IN THE STRUGGLE

@f_yambo @MaanoGroup @MalunduKennedy @Kubale12 @VictorKanyense @chola_neene @MonicaEisenberg @MisterNsama @sikailesikaile1 @normanchips @damweembs @JackKalala4 @PeterRowe631 @Peter_S_Becks1 @Tumbe13 @Ch0nya @wisdomproven @HHichilema @JackMa @SylviaTMasebo @eliasmunshya @iamdriftatrek @DiggersOfNews @MusaMwenye @UNHumanRights @zmBritish @UNZambia @realDonaldTrump @LauraMiti @iampilato @PetersenZagaze @IntlCrimCourt @EdgarCLungu @Dora_Siliya @PF_Zambia @sunday_chanda @UPNDZM @VanguardAfrica @Smith_JeffreyT @Africa_Conf @nkwoolley @UKinZambia @usembassyzambia @GermanyinZambia @IMFSpokesperson @WorldBank @zlj517 @MFA_China @SpokespersonCHN @UPNDYouthLeague You've hit the nail head on. This belief is outdated. We're all Zambian that could contribute to the wellbeing of the country. The UPND must stop panicking about the running mate issue. CK is no different from GBM. This guy has questionable character.

@tuan9X13 @steve_hanke @HoaSenUni @WorldBank Screaming generations for what? the covid19 is not deaf. Slowly then also have your share.The professor is unemployed and likes the view sentence.If you are good, how can you let 1000 Americans die from Covid 19 every day to wake up before taking care of our country?

@WorldBank [email protected] Group’s commitments to help countries achieve better development outcomes and address the health and economic impacts of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) rose to $73.4 billion in fiscal year 2020. Read our 2020 financial statement:

@UNDPCambodia Here's how #COVID19 taught us to turn our office structure upside down to secure a list of #Cambodia's most urgently needed medical equipment & supplies. Our head became a messenger for the procurement team, working w/ the Min of Health, @WHO & @WorldBank.

@Sabya_K @MayaramArvind @sonaliranade @BasuAshis @WorldBank Actually, the obsession with rules-based EODB ranking is no laughing matter! It is positively harmful for the creation of State Capacity at low levels of development. Here's a link to my research on this issue. Read section 6 (pg. 21/22) for a discussion.

@sunnyfernandes @WorldBank WorldBank you stink. U worried of gender equality? What about lives lost due to no access on one's own money in a Bank? Nearly 50 dead with few suicides in India with PMC Bank scam. If banking is not safe what economy is safe. Warn the world about India

@404luv @Manuelashan888 @BandiVan @WorldBank @JanetMuseveni @KagutaMuseveni @Educ_SportsUg A student can only ever be brighter than the teacher if he/she pushes the field further, If all Aristotle had done was regurgitate plato' s teachings he would just be another teacher. Do I need to bring you down to know who I am?

@BharatK61731466 @sunnyfernandes @narendramodi @PMOIndia @RBI @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @fayedsouza @ABPNews @MumbaiMirror @MirrorNow @htTweets @timesofindia @IMFNews @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @UN @IJM @moneycontrolcom @FT @MNCDFbombay @supriya_sule @usaid_india @WorldBank #PMCBankCrisis - only the depositors are punished by not allowing access to their hard earned, tax paid money

@LouisNkizito #HamProposesBankingReforms Before 1990, Uganda had local banks, but the @WorldBank and @IMFNews who were working for the interest of international banks, that were speculating in Financial markets told Museveni to collapse indigenous banks, which also worked for him

@kingsuzzy2013 @osasuo @afalli @BBoason @WorldBank @IMFNews @cenbank The dual exchange system allows for arbitrage or riskless profit and many had profited from it. Thankfully the World bank has requested for its elimination as precondition prior to availing 🇳🇬 its loan. The dollar loan should not be used to make arbitrage profit.

@UkeJessica @BOsarumen @Riliwarn @anti_corruptNG @Sadiya_farouq @MBuhari @MalamiSan @ProfOsinbajo @IMFNews @WorldBank She's working according to instructions she don't have all the powers to do all that she's doing think deep

@WorldBank [email protected] Group’s commitments to help countries achieve better development outcomes and address the health and economic impacts of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) rose to $73.4 billion in fiscal year 2020. Read our 2020 financial statement:

@HUPcct @anti_corruptNG @Presidentkuti @NSIP_NG @NasscoNigeria @Sadiya_farouq @WorldBank We may not be where we want to be yet but we are sure making progress by reaching the unreached. #BetaDonCome

@skobokamer @WorldBank I feel like the world bank should do more if they are really concerned about the wellbeing of people. Their officials shld govern the monies they give to other countries whether corrupt or not to ensure project completion and avoid money wasted and stealing.

@OgatoOgato @dailynation And the poor youths continue to receive a low deal. Is this @WorldBank aid to Africa not dead @dambisamoyo?

@Luther_Fasehun @NOIweala's stellar education at @Harvard & @MIT launched her for decades of excellent work at @WorldBank! Her experiences at @gavi, @Twitter, etc built on an unprecedented success at @FinMinNigeria. No human being -woman or not, African or not -is BETTER qualified to lead @wto!

@AllenMwiwawi @GrantonSamboja @WorldBank @WorldBankKenya @MOH_Kenya @GrantonSamboja ,whats your take on Mwasima Mbuwa Welfare, why are they not getting the land given to them through paliament? As the governor you should learn to fight for your people. Kindly help them achieve there dreams. It will highly help you politically.

@DrBeileh Today we successfully concluded the regular Ministerial Intergovernmental fiscal federalism meeting in #Mogadishu. We agreed on sharing the @WorldBank budget support to cover fiscal gaps. We will continue working together on implementing #Somalia's economic reforms & go forward.

@Christ_Will_Iam @DeepPopQ @realDonaldTrump @elonmusk @VP @SecondLady @charlipence @FBI @KatiePhang @billmaher @iamjohnoliver @Grimezsz @AOC @HillaryClinton @DoD_IG @CIA @NSAGov @LastWeekTonight @alllibertynews @DalaiLama @CardinalDolan @Pontifex @JustinTrudeau @TheJusticeDept @Twitter @jack @GermanyDiplo @ChuckGrassley @YouTube @tomhanks @Oprah @GayleKing @Microsoft @DARPA @tedlieu @ATFHQ @DHSgov @AdamSchiff @SecPompeo @maddow @VICENews @UNODC @WorldBank @NCA_UK @YourAnonCentral @YourAnonNews @AnonPress @NSACyber @JoeBiden @SDNYnews 10 full... I wish I could say how much fun I am having, but I have to maintain a certain demeanor atm...?? They do all kinds of stuff to torture me and kill me... How is that going for you??? 😘 Pain does not effect me the same way. I heal very fast...

@NeeluBansal4 @sunnyfernandes @narendramodi @PMOIndia @RBI @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @fayedsouza @ABPNews @MumbaiMirror @MirrorNow @htTweets @timesofindia @IMFNews @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @UN @IJM @moneycontrolcom @FT @MNCDFbombay @supriya_sule @usaid_india @WorldBank We PMC bank depositors do not want free gas cylinders or free ration, we just want our own hard earned tax paid money with interest. We have worked tirelessly to earn that money. Resolve PMC bank issue.

@Christ_Will_Iam @DeepPopQ @realDonaldTrump @elonmusk @VP @SecondLady @charlipence @FBI @KatiePhang @billmaher @iamjohnoliver @Grimezsz @AOC @HillaryClinton @DoD_IG @CIA @NSAGov @LastWeekTonight @alllibertynews @DalaiLama @CardinalDolan @Pontifex @JustinTrudeau @TheJusticeDept @Twitter @jack @GermanyDiplo @ChuckGrassley @YouTube @tomhanks @Oprah @GayleKing @Microsoft @DARPA @tedlieu @ATFHQ @DHSgov @AdamSchiff @SecPompeo @maddow @VICENews @UNODC @WorldBank @NCA_UK @YourAnonCentral @YourAnonNews @AnonPress @NSACyber @JoeBiden @SDNYnews Vigilantes are supposed to go after evil people, not lie just to steal... They will see... It is getting closer.... They will burn in hell eternally Mark my words....? Idc what their excuse is. The mask won’t work for them I bet...? Save the worst for last....?

@Christ_Will_Iam @DeepPopQ @realDonaldTrump @elonmusk @VP @SecondLady @charlipence @FBI @KatiePhang @billmaher @iamjohnoliver @Grimezsz @AOC @HillaryClinton @DoD_IG @CIA @NSAGov @LastWeekTonight @alllibertynews @DalaiLama @CardinalDolan @Pontifex @JustinTrudeau @TheJusticeDept @Twitter @jack @GermanyDiplo @ChuckGrassley @YouTube @tomhanks @Oprah @GayleKing @Microsoft @DARPA @tedlieu @ATFHQ @DHSgov @AdamSchiff @SecPompeo @maddow @VICENews @UNODC @WorldBank @NCA_UK @YourAnonCentral @YourAnonNews @AnonPress @NSACyber @JoeBiden @SDNYnews 😉🤪😁🤣😘 A surprise is waiting for you!! 🎁 Gahahaha gahahahah Remember you fucked with God. You think you scare me??? The fun has not even started! Divide the bad from the good first... Its all a plan... I just don’t tell anyone. I don’t need anyone to believe me.

@Familiar_BM Today we issued the @WorldBank financial statements for FY20. Commitments to support development, including those addressing the impacts of #COVID19, were 23 percent higher than the prior-year and the highest in a decade #FinancialStatements


@SamWallDigital [email protected] Group’s commitments to help countries achieve better development outcomes and address the #health and #economic impacts of the coronavirus disease rose to $73.4 billion in fiscal year 2020. Here’s the 2020 #COVID19 #financialstatement

@Rickwoohan @eNCA @CyrilRamaphosa @tito_mboweni got the @IMFNews [email protected] may have to increase the deaths just before a @WorldBank loan decision happens. @UKgovcomms do not trust a single figure from South African statistics, they are manipulated to steal

@ManojOberoi3 @sunnyfernandes @narendramodi @PMOIndia @RBI @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @fayedsouza @ABPNews @MumbaiMirror @MirrorNow @htTweets @timesofindia @IMFNews @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @UN @IJM @moneycontrolcom @FT @MNCDFbombay @supriya_sule @usaid_india @WorldBank We the depositors of PMC Bank are asking for our own hard earned money and not of any waiver or write-off. So please resolve the PMC Bank issue at the earliest for the sake of Justice to the honest tax paying citizens of India. 'JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED'

@WorldBank [email protected] remains committed to working with the people of #Lebanon for lasting economic and social recovery. Our engagement has to be guided by radical transparency, inclusion, and good governance. - @AxelVT_WB

@rahul_cool_999 @centralbank_in 3403951 complain No. Please Resolve My Pending Complain From April 5 You Deducted 2500 from My Account I Have complained To The Bank And Customer Many Times But Not Resolving My Complaint. @RBI @PMOIndia @centralbank_in @WorldBank

@SEforALLorg High temperatures🌡️ & lack of access to #cooling severely impacts worker’s health & labour productivity. The @WorldBank highlights that by 2050, 12% of working hours could be lost due to heat in the worst affected regions of the world. How does heat affect work where you live?

@BfNCoalition #NatureLoss poses serious risks to the finance community. 10 banks including @AXA, @BNPParibas, @Rabobank and @WorldBank are working with UK & Swiss governments to create a Task Force for Nature-related Financial Disclosures. #natureiseveryonesbusiness

@EUChamber_SSA "The four sets of fin statements show that @WorldBank has the tools and financial strength to help support countries in their efforts to reinforce healthcare systems, fight #inequality and build a resilient and sustainable #recovery,” @DavidMalpassWBG⤵️

@WorldBankSAsia As #COVID19 pandemic has slowed down economic growth and revenue collection in #Afghanistan a new @WorldBank & #ARTF grant will help the Gov to mitigate impacts of the crisis:

@EBRD Working even closer to get better alignment on #climatefinance @AfDB_Group @adb_hq @ebrd @eib @the_IDB @BIDInvest @worldbank @isdb_group invested US$ 61.6 billion in 2019 to make the planet 🌍 greener ➡️

@chirumamilla4 Pak🇵🇰 is at the mercy of Saudis. Had they not occupied #PokGilgitBaltistan 🇮🇳, they wouldn’t lose 4 wars to India #1971WarSurreder90kPOWs, been a rich country, would have developed, no need to go bankrupt & beg @IMFNews @WorldBank USA China @dawn_com, lack a visionary leader

@f_yambo @MalunduKennedy @MaanoGroup @Kubale12 @VictorKanyense @chola_neene @MonicaEisenberg @MisterNsama @sikailesikaile1 @normanchips @damweembs @JackKalala4 @PeterRowe631 @Peter_S_Becks1 @Tumbe13 @Ch0nya @wisdomproven @HHichilema @JackMa @SylviaTMasebo @eliasmunshya @iamdriftatrek @DiggersOfNews @MusaMwenye @UNHumanRights @zmBritish @UNZambia @realDonaldTrump @LauraMiti @iampilato @PetersenZagaze @IntlCrimCourt @EdgarCLungu @Dora_Siliya @PF_Zambia @sunday_chanda @UPNDZM @VanguardAfrica @Smith_JeffreyT @Africa_Conf @nkwoolley @UKinZambia @usembassyzambia @GermanyinZambia @IMFSpokesperson @WorldBank @zlj517 @MFA_China @SpokespersonCHN @UPNDYouthLeague @Primetvzambia Bosses let me issue my contribution to this HH & CK partnership /running mate. I pray that in as much as HH has been accepted overwhelmingly, can the UPND, sit down redo their search for a running mate within the UPND. The UPND has abundant man power to fill the position of VP.

@osasuo @afalli @kingsuzzy2013 @BBoason @WorldBank @IMFNews @cenbank “You guys”... I’m not a part of the NFF. 😄 The NFF is, under FIFA laws, an NGO. Yet, the government see the NFF as a government parastatal. So, yes, it is supposed to be independent but is dependent. Interesting, isn’t it?

@HussainDar14 @DebbeeHutchins1 @ClarkeMicah @wef @IMFNews @WorldBank It’s not a conspiracy to point out a connection. It didn’t make sense that the government thinks this Permanent ‘New Normal’ is beneficial or good or helps. It’s an abomination. There are enough facts to make a firm conclusion

@Locust64530027 @DrBeileh @ADowladnimo @WorldBank @AfDB_Group @IMFNews @BBCSomali @voasomali @EU_in_Somalia @TheVillaSomalia @KhadarGulaid @OFilish BYE the way now that FMS are Mogadishu are somehow in working relationships can you tell us whether next Somali govt will be leaner at the federal levels to reduce wage bills?

@XixuXaxa @TheZimOracle @MinsterSBMoyo I watched his interview with @dw_conflictzone . , he's the prince of dullness. He acts as if @WorldBank is not a money lending bank with intent to making money .The problem is these patriarchs are used to getting their gonads licked at the barracks but in civilian life , nope

@Traliving Carbon Pricing report from the @WorldBank is updated to 2020! - Carbon pricing was lower in the period 2019 - 2020 due to COVID-19. - Some EU countries (DE, NL, LUX) will implement a carbon tax in sectors not included in the EU Emissions Trade System.

@AyebareSolomon1 agreement for a $50 million loan with IFC, a member of the @WorldBank group, to support its borrowers. This is not only a good gesture but also an example to all financial institutions. Thank you Diamond Trust Bank 🙏🤝

@TepSopheap2 @DavidMalpassWBG @WorldBank Hi WB, we want to suggesting budget to implement to protection in issues by Covid-19. please let me know about policy and information that you need from us. Now we are working to keep migrant workers and poor. Am from Cambodia. Best regards.

@kennatooh_ Kenya does not need all this indebtedness. All this loans r tolen by Corrupt leaders..#Validate this link 🔗 [email protected] @WorldBankAfrica @WorldBankKenya

@abimwachi @GrantonSamboja @WorldBank @WorldBankKenya @MOH_Kenya Ambulance is a sign of failed health care provision. Equip your hospitals. Hire relevant personnel. Stop transferring critical patients to a county 2 hours away. Some may not make it

@MaanoGroup @chola_neene @Ch0nya @MisterNsama @VictorKanyense @MonicaEisenberg @JackKalala4 @lwipa_chilufya @BenjaminPayet15 @_UncleTyler @MalunduKennedy @Kubale12 @sikailesikaile1 @normanchips @damweembs @PeterRowe631 @Peter_S_Becks1 @Tumbe13 @wisdomproven @HHichilema @JackMa @SylviaTMasebo @eliasmunshya @iamdriftatrek @DiggersOfNews @MusaMwenye @UNHumanRights @zmBritish @UNZambia @realDonaldTrump @LauraMiti @iampilato @PetersenZagaze @IntlCrimCourt @EdgarCLungu @Dora_Siliya @PF_Zambia @sunday_chanda @UPNDZM @VanguardAfrica @Smith_JeffreyT @Africa_Conf @nkwoolley @UKinZambia @usembassyzambia @GermanyinZambia @IMFSpokesperson @WorldBank @zlj517 @MFA_China It's not trust but dependency,majority of Zambians have been reduced to destitution where a bag mealie meal,bottle of cooking oil and K100 is enough for our people to sell their destinies........

@GabaxHon @DrBeileh @AfDB_Group @WorldBank @IMFNews @BBCSomali @voasomali @KhadarGulaid @TheVillaSomalia @MofSomalia @EU_in_Somalia @UNSomalia So if I’m not mistaken khat will be sold in puntland soon, I don’t know what to say. How about we have a total ban on khat. Just imagine khat free nation

@kalyxmoses @WorldBank You asking us the citizens or the leaders to whom this was given? We not seen it yet to count it

@Ch0nya @MisterNsama @VictorKanyense @MaanoGroup @MonicaEisenberg @JackKalala4 @lwipa_chilufya @BenjaminPayet15 @_UncleTyler @MalunduKennedy @Kubale12 @chola_neene @sikailesikaile1 @normanchips @damweembs @PeterRowe631 @Peter_S_Becks1 @Tumbe13 @wisdomproven @HHichilema @JackMa @SylviaTMasebo @eliasmunshya @iamdriftatrek @DiggersOfNews @MusaMwenye @UNHumanRights @zmBritish @UNZambia @realDonaldTrump @LauraMiti @iampilato @PetersenZagaze @IntlCrimCourt @EdgarCLungu @Dora_Siliya @PF_Zambia @sunday_chanda @UPNDZM @VanguardAfrica @Smith_JeffreyT @Africa_Conf @nkwoolley @UKinZambia @usembassyzambia @GermanyinZambia @IMFSpokesperson @WorldBank @zlj517 @MFA_China But the people do not understand that it is not @EdgarCLungu’s money. If they did, they’d be more angst to kick him out for lowering the bar literally to the floor.

@AhmedAWardigley @MoPIED_Somalia @AmbGamal @cnbcafrica With respect its premature.First we need to finish new Constitution and made it ratified by Parliament and regional Parliaments.We need Laws for #National Tax system ,National Court system. Country is subdivided in #ClanEnclaves with not real functioning two tier [email protected]

@emmuser @Markbohlund @WorldBank Nice chart! Including a link to World Bank's description of the Human Capital Index for those not familiar with it.

@wbg_gov Infrastructure contractors in #India are facing difficulties in fulfilling 'essential' services due to #COVID19. Here's how the @WorldBank is working to minimize disputes in these contracts.

@kurup_vijayan @sunnyfernandes @narendramodi @PMOIndia @RBI @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @fayedsouza @ABPNews @MumbaiMirror @MirrorNow @htTweets @timesofindia @IMFNews @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @UN @IJM @moneycontrolcom @FT @MNCDFbombay @supriya_sule @usaid_india @WorldBank Very sad. Very insensitive institutions. Very insensitive political structure with outdated LAWS. PMC victims r dying daily on stress. Each one responsible for this fraud & those not protecting poor must answer to their own mind. PMC victims must take entire India coop for SHUT.

@iceferg123 @isnt_it_red @WorldBank David Icke has been saying for years the plan is to create an "event" to crash the economy and then bring in this sick global dictatorship after.

@bistotanzania We are real concerned with the situation against @SCJ_144 and the oppression against HWPL, Covi19 should not be used as a weapon to violate human rights. Free HWPL chairman Hee Lee. @moonriver365 @realDonaldTrump @amnestyusa @WorldBank @UN @UNHumanRights @Change

@igbolordy When I say @MBuhari is a terrorist I'm not just making it up. @realDonaldTrump @USEmbassyAbuja @UKParliament @EU_Commission this is one of the terrorists who is Buhari's presidential spokes person. @WorldBank stop giving loans to terrorists

@WBG_Poverty Studies by the @WorldBank and partners in Guatemala 🇬🇹, Poland 🇵🇱, and Kosovo 🇽🇰 prove that targeted messaging emphasizing the social good of paying taxes — and the consequences of not doing so — yields greater compliance with tax obligations.

@WBG_Health "The impact of #COVID19 for health is not only about the emergency itself but the secondary impact on basic healthcare services." - @WorldBank's Global Director for Health @muhammadpate. Read his answers to 'Three Questions' from @FinancialTimes:

@Sinoshkin @AstrupILO @ilo @WorldBank @State_SCA @giz_gmbh @GOVuz Most people will go to pick cotton by their wishes. Their families would def force to do that due to no enough jobs their area. The economy is down. Therefore GoUz will not force them.

@MaanoGroup @VictorKanyense @Kubale12 @Ch0nya @MisterNsama @MonicaEisenberg @JackKalala4 @lwipa_chilufya @BenjaminPayet15 @_UncleTyler @MalunduKennedy @chola_neene @sikailesikaile1 @normanchips @damweembs @PeterRowe631 @Peter_S_Becks1 @Tumbe13 @wisdomproven @HHichilema @JackMa @SylviaTMasebo @eliasmunshya @iamdriftatrek @DiggersOfNews @MusaMwenye @UNHumanRights @zmBritish @UNZambia @realDonaldTrump @LauraMiti @iampilato @PetersenZagaze @IntlCrimCourt @EdgarCLungu @Dora_Siliya @PF_Zambia @sunday_chanda @UPNDZM @VanguardAfrica @Smith_JeffreyT @Africa_Conf @nkwoolley @UKinZambia @usembassyzambia @GermanyinZambia @IMFSpokesperson @WorldBank Violence isn't unique to Zambia's politics,Although not always reported violence happens in American politics #Antifa from the Democrats and MAGA from Trump's camp always fight when they meet.

@AbhulimenU The first prophecy has kicked up since march 4th 2020 and God is still working on it till 2023. God is handily Nigeria back to PDP. In a trance I saw a broken Broom. 1/2 @realdonaldtrump @UN @WorldBank @UNDP @EU_Commission @WHO @UNESCO @IMFNews @UNEP @WorldVision @WHOEMRO

@weconpol #BestPractices An experiment in Ghana for reintegrating Out-of-School Children into Formal Education System could be leveraged in India as well, especially at a time when many students in rural areas may not be able to afford school again. via @WorldBank

@CapriCaribbean In 👀at a national digital ID system, we found that an estimated 200,000 Jamaicans (adult population) do not have proof of legal identity. Referred to as “undocumented,” these persons are not able to access and benefit from public goods and services. Photo credit: @WorldBank

@dardiplo Minister @SigridKaag announced a EUR 1 mln contribution to the Lebanese Red Cross and EUR 3 mln in emergency support. Working with @WorldBank, the Netherlands also offers world-class expertise of @PortOfRotterdam to restore capacity of #Beirut's port.

@EquitiesNest There is a lot of information asymmetry in the African venture capital industry. You really have to know the entrepreneur you are backing, not at face value but across all verticals. #PracticalVC #Africa #VentureCapital #BusinessFunding @WorldBank @BBCWorld @CNBC @CNN

@merapimanf @basicincome_uk @WorldBank There is and never will be, any shortage of tasks. However many valued tasks are impossible to monetarise at a full living wage. Pay everyone UBI. Most will top this up with rewarded work. Some might or choose not to. Those whose work is well rewarded would return UBI thru PAYE

@AtmaramGupta14 @sunnyfernandes @narendramodi @PMOIndia @RBI @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @fayedsouza @ABPNews @MumbaiMirror @MirrorNow @htTweets @timesofindia @IMFNews @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @UN @IJM @moneycontrolcom @FT @MNCDFbombay @supriya_sule @usaid_india @WorldBank If the citizen of India (like PMC bank victims) are not safe only safeguard at borders are important to our PM SIR. We are living with hunger since no money in hand all money in PMC bank which is not accessible for us."Insan ko satane ki saja to is sarjar ko bhugatna hi padega"

@WorldBank [email protected] remains committed to working with the people of #Lebanon for lasting economic and social recovery. Our engagement has to be guided by radical transparency, inclusion, and good governance. - @AxelVT_WB

@ClimateActionG1 We’re happy to announce our new partnership with the Online Climate Activist Network (IOCAN) Bangladesh. In view of working together in promoting the Climate Change and Environmental Activities on Sustainable Development. #ClimateAction #AYCAS2020 @WBG_Climate @WorldBank

@zaynajmalika @chapurson @Deshbhakth8 @HibernationON @DanishKaneria61 @FATFNews @WorldBank @imfcapdev It's not my story dearie. Google Alauddin Khijli, Nadir Shah,Aurangzeb, ShahJahan if ur lookin 4 proofs🤣🤣 And I'm NOT blaming you/Pakis/Muslims for wht they did, just think before calling us "intolerant". And yk the Ram mandir is to us wht Meccah is to y'all. Understand that:)

@mtechbtech @Cyient @rabhishek1982 @WorldBank @KrishnaBodanap1 @BVRMohanReddy @iamnkarthik @ansypani @meenubagla Cyient pay peanuts to their employees Lot of my friends are working there but they are working hard for company but you are looting their hard work, even though they are working at you like slaves I hope new ceo mam will look into it,pls increase the salaries of gis engineers.

@UNDPClimate The vast majority of ivory is trafficked by sea routes, but only 1/3 of trafficked wildlife parts are caught & seized when they leave ports in Africa. @UNODC @WorldBank @theGEF @TRAFFIC_WLTrade @UNDP are working together to change that: #EndWildlifeCrime

@kiiomgps The IMF and the World Bank MUST freeze FUNDS to Kenya until the Government can assure them that Funds dispersed will not be looted. The two Twin institutions froze Funding to Kenya for years until democratic changes were instituted. @kot @TrackTheCorrupt @IMFLive @WorldBank

@WorldBankAfrica Girls, children with disabilities, and those from low-income households are at higher risk of dropping out of school due to #COVID19. The @WorldBank is working with the Government of #Ghana 🇬🇭 to help these children get #BackToSchool

@TrueHawkinsK Cc. @WHO @WorldBank @dailynation @StandardKenya @StateHouseKenya @NPSOfficial_KE @FredMatiangi @MOH_Kenya @DrMercyHealth So Corona ended,and the Kenyan government has not send a memo/press conference to inform Kenyans? This is our "law abiding" president. #ElachiResigns

@f_yambo @MalunduKennedy @MaanoGroup @Kubale12 @VictorKanyense @chola_neene @MonicaEisenberg @MisterNsama @sikailesikaile1 @normanchips @damweembs @JackKalala4 @PeterRowe631 @Peter_S_Becks1 @Tumbe13 @Ch0nya @wisdomproven @HHichilema @JackMa @SylviaTMasebo @eliasmunshya @iamdriftatrek @DiggersOfNews @MusaMwenye @UNHumanRights @zmBritish @UNZambia @realDonaldTrump @LauraMiti @iampilato @PetersenZagaze @IntlCrimCourt @EdgarCLungu @Dora_Siliya @PF_Zambia @sunday_chanda @UPNDZM @VanguardAfrica @Smith_JeffreyT @Africa_Conf @nkwoolley @UKinZambia @usembassyzambia @GermanyinZambia @IMFSpokesperson @WorldBank @zlj517 @MFA_China @SpokespersonCHN @UPNDYouthLeague @Primetvzambia Lessons learnt about HH/GBM running mates, will never leave my mind. The importation of VP candidates must be stopped. Look at the way GBM misbehaved. I was against it. Its wise to use bona-fide UPND members for running mate. Nalumango is fit. The issue of Bemba vote is unfair.

@ogunbiyitolu03 commitments to spend the money and use the resources exclusively for COVID-19 related projects, and not to steal, divert or mismanage [email protected] @CBNNews

@JahongirAsilbe1 @AstrupILO @ilo @WorldBank @State_SCA @giz_gmbh @GOVuz We don’t need Anonymity!! It’s not fighting to cut forcing labour, Take look at what mayor of Tashkent doing, Threatening/forcing people to work and he calls it- it’s our tradition!!!! Mayor’s speech: do your tradition or I will make you look gay or simply kill!!!

@057051N @DeepakLachhiram @sunnyfernandes @narendramodi @PMOIndia @RBI @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @fayedsouza @ABPNews @MumbaiMirror @MirrorNow @htTweets @timesofindia @IMFNews @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @UN @IJM @moneycontrolcom @FT @MNCDFbombay @supriya_sule @usaid_india @WorldBank MODI JI,WHY YOU'RE NOT SOLVING THE PROBLEM OF PMC BANK, I HAVE VOTED YOU TWICE,YOU ONLY ASKED US TO DEPOSIT MONEY IN THE BANK. YES BANKS PROBLEM, YOU SOLVED IN NO TIME. PLEASE MERGE OR REVIVE PMC BANK A.S.A.P. MAINTAIN PUBLIC FAITH ON YOU. "MODI HAI TO MUMKEEN HAI"

@EfosaOjomo For America, & every rich country we’ve studied, innovation came before development. But for Africa, we want development to come before innovation. We have the equation backwards & that’s why we're not making much progress. @WorldBank @WorldBankAfrica @afreximbank @MastercardFdn

@MaanoGroup @MonicaEisenberg @chola_neene @Ch0nya @MisterNsama @VictorKanyense @JackKalala4 @lwipa_chilufya @BenjaminPayet15 @_UncleTyler @MalunduKennedy @Kubale12 @sikailesikaile1 @normanchips @damweembs @PeterRowe631 @Peter_S_Becks1 @Tumbe13 @wisdomproven @HHichilema @JackMa @SylviaTMasebo @eliasmunshya @iamdriftatrek @DiggersOfNews @MusaMwenye @UNHumanRights @zmBritish @UNZambia @realDonaldTrump @LauraMiti @iampilato @PetersenZagaze @IntlCrimCourt @EdgarCLungu @Dora_Siliya @PF_Zambia @sunday_chanda @UPNDZM @VanguardAfrica @Smith_JeffreyT @Africa_Conf @nkwoolley @UKinZambia @usembassyzambia @GermanyinZambia @IMFSpokesperson @WorldBank @zlj517 @MFA_China Stephen Kampyongo is directly telling us PF won't go without a fight.If we are not willing to fight like Sudanese fought and Lebanese are fighting for change.Then as Zambians let's surrender like Zimbabweans and die in misery.Sometimes one must be willing to die for freedom.

@WorldBank [email protected] is committed to working with the international community in a coordinated response for #Lebanon. Read the full statement from Managing Director @AxelVT_WB

@ClimateActionG1 We’re happy to announce our new partnership with the Khadizah Construction and Investment Services Nigeria. In view of working together in promoting the Climate Change and Environmental Activities on Sustainable Development. #ClimateAction #AYCAS2020 @WorldBank @sharon_ikeazor

@kunle_jimber The pandemic and efforts to contain it have triggered an unprecedented collapse in oil demand and a crash in oil prices. #WBGEP2020 via @WorldBank

@Christ_Will_Iam @DeepPopQ @realDonaldTrump @elonmusk @VP @SecondLady @charlipence @FBI @KatiePhang @billmaher @iamjohnoliver @Grimezsz @AOC @HillaryClinton @DoD_IG @CIA @NSAGov @LastWeekTonight @alllibertynews @DalaiLama @CardinalDolan @Pontifex @JustinTrudeau @TheJusticeDept @Twitter @jack @GermanyDiplo @ChuckGrassley @YouTube @tomhanks @Oprah @GayleKing @Microsoft @DARPA @tedlieu @ATFHQ @DHSgov @AdamSchiff @SecPompeo @maddow @VICENews @UNODC @WorldBank @NCA_UK @YourAnonCentral @YourAnonNews @AnonPress @NSACyber @JoeBiden @SDNYnews Hey atleast you have recordings of me being upset after you attempted to kill me over and over. Was that the evidence you were waiting for??? Oh wait you don’t have evidence of your make believe crimes... I have piles of evidence though.. My courthouse does not need it anyway.

@Christ_Will_Iam @DeepPopQ @realDonaldTrump @elonmusk @VP @SecondLady @charlipence @FBI @KatiePhang @billmaher @iamjohnoliver @Grimezsz @AOC @HillaryClinton @DoD_IG @CIA @NSAGov @LastWeekTonight @alllibertynews @DalaiLama @CardinalDolan @Pontifex @JustinTrudeau @TheJusticeDept @Twitter @jack @GermanyDiplo @ChuckGrassley @YouTube @tomhanks @Oprah @GayleKing @Microsoft @DARPA @tedlieu @ATFHQ @DHSgov @AdamSchiff @SecPompeo @maddow @VICENews @UNODC @WorldBank @NCA_UK @YourAnonCentral @YourAnonNews @AnonPress @NSACyber @JoeBiden @SDNYnews They contact the people I know and tell them lies... Then tell them not to say what they said about me.. So I can not defend myself... I know, I remember... As they burn people alive, and kill who ever they want... God knows... You are not getting away with it...

@MaanoGroup @VictorKanyense @MonicaEisenberg @chola_neene @Ch0nya @MisterNsama @JackKalala4 @lwipa_chilufya @BenjaminPayet15 @_UncleTyler @MalunduKennedy @Kubale12 @sikailesikaile1 @normanchips @damweembs @PeterRowe631 @Peter_S_Becks1 @Tumbe13 @wisdomproven @HHichilema @JackMa @SylviaTMasebo @eliasmunshya @iamdriftatrek @DiggersOfNews @MusaMwenye @UNHumanRights @zmBritish @UNZambia @realDonaldTrump @LauraMiti @iampilato @PetersenZagaze @IntlCrimCourt @EdgarCLungu @Dora_Siliya @PF_Zambia @sunday_chanda @UPNDZM @VanguardAfrica @Smith_JeffreyT @Africa_Conf @nkwoolley @UKinZambia @usembassyzambia @GermanyinZambia @IMFSpokesperson @WorldBank @zlj517 @MFA_China Am only half Zambian,i can totally stop trying to help spread awareness among Democrats of the political situation in #Zambia.Am not afraid of any retarded third world dictator like Edgar full name Peter Shamasapo Becks.

@B_I_Tweets Another little seen COVID casualty: @WorldBank sees remittances to low/mid income countries dropping a shocking 19.7% We’re working with Aus & NZ govs to find ways to maximise remittances for Pacific Islanders:

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