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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - WORLD BANK GROUP - INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT, POVERTY, & SUSTAINABILITY - With 189 member countries, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership fighting poverty worldwide through sustainable solutions. Server Status

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@nvkgkm @HemantSirohi1 @IndianOilcl @HPCL @cmdbpcl @dpradhanbjp @nsitharaman @TOIIndiaNews @htTweets @thetribunechd @scroll_in @ETEnergyWorld @BloombergQuint @JayaswalRajeev @TheEconomist @WorldBank @wef Yes we are not in a position to RUN my Retail Outlet, Our OMCs to look into this to come over the CRISIS

@aly_rahim @WorldBank is working hard to ensure a decisive financial lifeline for #COVID19 response and recovery. Our #socialdevelopment group is part of this effort, ensuring the response is #inclusive, non-discriminatory and reaching the #vulnerable and #marginalized also

@Jolly22270368 Why in China is not being held responsible for this pandemic? Why China is not made to pay for it? Why China is not being ostracised? @WHO @UN @narendramodi @wef @WorldBank @BBCWorld @CNN @himantabiswa

@sidijammeh @DavidMalpassWBG @WorldBank @LinkedIn I Salute WBG President for "Emergency Efforts to help prevent, detect, and respond to the public health threat posed by COVID-19. Use Grants as Rescue. Not more DEBT. Support to national systems is in capable hands @Dr. M. Pathe--a mentee. He has stellar career record!

@ErwinSy66071143 @MenkopolhukamRI : mr @ErwinSy66071143 : I do not care anymore G20, to much fucking idiot people can not understand @WorldBank

@HisKnowledgeabl NOT YET UHURU Dear @WorldBank, @IMFNews, this is the reason we advised you not to lend Nigerian authorities any more money until further notice. Amid #COVIDー19 LOCKDOWN in Nigeria, there ain't no STIMULUS FUND for 90m EXTREMELY POOR Nigerians but, there is money to buy cars👇

@WorldBank [email protected] Group is working hard with partners to respond quickly to the #Coronavirus pandemic. @DavidMalpassWBG shares an update on the latest measures and next steps.

@CharanSingh60 Recession? How to revive? Should we not revisit the following Concepts - a) Inf Targeting b) Basel Norms c) Deficit/debt indicators How valid is Cambridge Eqn, relating Money and Prices? Economists need to rethink @IMFNews @KGeorgieva @WorldBank

@sidijammeh @DavidMalpassWBG @WorldBank Capacity to Contain a global healh pandemic & to cope with impact woefully lacking at both the country and regional level in AFR. #WBG & IMF lead Effort for an Africa COVID-19 Emergency Aid and Stimulus Fund. Doling out Credit/Loans sinks Africa deeper into Debt! Not in a Crisis.

@Yaw94300188 @ASteiner @WorldBank @KGeorgieva @antonioguterres @UN I think the @WorldBank should also strengthen their monitoring of these Nations to ensure that the relief from debt payment is not misused

@jeanmichelazzo @worldbankdata is now available To all. Beware. We did not reach the peak in #lebanon #beirut Our curve is still flat because we are at the beginning of #Covid_19 #stayhome #staysafe #CoronaUpdate @sarelwa2et @dan_azzi @WorldBank @WHOLebanon @mophleb @lopbeirut @PZalloua

@ShuggShackel @OhUnhUnh Bingo it’s a #ChineseVirus #DeepStateCabal (PsyOp)Con backed by @TheDemocrats @apple @google @Facebook @Twitter (@gatesfoundation) @UN @WHO @CDC @NIH @CFR_org @WorldBank #FakeNews to take US/economy down. @realDonaldTrump @TuckerCarlson @LATiffani1 @RoRonDgo

@CarlosAlvQ When facing #COVID19, Governments should not have to choose between the mitigation curve and saving the economies. I urge you for more flexibility in terms of the financial assistance granted. Those should be exceptional. @UN @WorldBank @IMFNews @el_BID @AgendaCAF @BCIE_Org

@giovanoku @WorldBank To prevent the spread of #covid19 is not only washing hands but most importantly wearing mask. It's crucial because virus is airborne @WHO @WHOIndonesia

@sundarpichai To help those working to combat #COVID19, we’re making a hosted repository of public datasets including those from @JohnsHopkins, @WorldBank & @OpenStreetMap, free to access and query through the COVID-19 Public Datasets Program.

@JustAwHirsi @Faddyyyyyyy @WorldBank In this instance @RAbdiCG was not motivated neither by reason not logic. He left out Khayre’s predecessor, commended Farmaajo’s predecessor, mentioned Dr. Baileh as Baileh has worked under HSM as finance minister. That is why I suggested Zenawi to the “love list of commendation.”

@mukesh66662011 @ImranKhanPTI is begging loan only to purchase defence equipment not to fight against Covid19, continuously break ceasefire. Firing continues. @IMFNews @WHO @WorldBank @WorldBankSAsia @WorldBankLive @AsianBank please do not provide him loan just for purchase weapon @PMOIndia

@architectandre Tax cuts or pension funds CANT give relief to the informal sector, (who are not linked in any way to formal systems). Why not consider a welfare solution? #covid19 @UNHABITAT @WorldBank @BBCAfrica @KCCAUG @wef @gatesfoundation @UNDP @WHO #omuntuwawansi @DailyMonitor

@NuclearCow @WorldBank Excluding china would the most effective way to takle this crisis, also to make them pay once it all settles down. Stop this not so subtle CPC Propaganda.

@WBG_Health [email protected] Group is working hard with partners to respond quickly to the #Coronavirus pandemic. @DavidMalpassWBG shares an update on the latest measures and next steps. #COVID19

@OluwaPillars @WorldBank Please do not be deceived please... The nation Nigeria is free from this grave virus taking lives and unleashing mayhem. I tell you this with every ounce of truth in it. @MBuhari @davido and everyone who claims to have contacted it or maybe someone close to them have is a lie.

@babuaann @sundarpichai: To help those working to combat #COVID19, we’re making a hosted repository of public datasets including those from @JohnsHopkins, @WorldBank & @OpenStreetMap, free to access and query through the COVID-19 Public Datasets Program. …

@Rowan40040602 @Cheriheri @dube_zandidube @NLinZimbabwe @KLMCargo @MinisterSBMoyo @caaz_online @daddyhope @TimoOlkkonen @MajuruZim @advocatemahere @BusisaMoyo @nigelchanakira @RVO_Int_Ond @MoHCCZim @ministerBlok @SigridKaag @czionline @IMFNews @WorldBank @AfDB_Group Any matter pattaining to human rights be it diamonds politics epidemic in the centre of it all is a big challenge.Not later but now.If Zimbabweans stopped support ing illegal land seizures and stopped singing Hondo yeminda more stable land will be available.Lets Focus amainini

@notesbychris @WorldBank Do not give Kenya any money to fight Corona virus... Look at what the police are doing!

@molly0xFFF @sundarpichai @JohnsHopkins @WorldBank @openstreetmap Awesome! Now we should work to get those datasets freely licensed. This data should not be copyrighted out of principle, but it's also hindering groups like the @Wikipedia editors trying to keep the public informed about this pandemic.

@BLACKAN101 @Njokweni11 @Humba09520162 @DarkKnightTerry @CalebNcube1 @kunaka_hove @LloydMsipa @ZANUPF_Official @edmnangagwa @PoliceZimbabwe @acielumumba @MDCAllianceZW @zanu_pf @zapu @Hon_Kasukuwere @hwendec @nelsonchamisa @ProfMadhuku @ZACConline @CGChiwenga_ @daddyhope @mdczimbabwe @ReserveBankZIM @Mamoxn @lilomatic @DrThoko_Khupe @Moha_Zim @PatsonDzamara @ZBCNewsonline @ZimEye @Gambakwe @IMFNews @WorldBank @MthuliNcube @InfoMinZW @Jamwanda2 @MoHCCZim @nickmangwana @energymutodi I'm not responsible for your failure to comprehend simple English so think whatever you want bt you can read the tweets they're there & the facts on higher income infections speak for themselves unless you're disregarding the facts that only those who flew are the 1s spreading

@erinnthered @WorldBank @CeylaP_WBG Uh, we need to talk about three and four. Small medium sized businesses, sure, but that's not usually how gov'ts define private sector. And seriously, let the stockholders lose. They'll survive if they have to give up those extra houses, cars, and vacations. I miss Dr. Kim.

@HebereBeher @EthiopiaGerd @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump @StateDept @USTreasury @stevenmnuchin1 @AbiyAhmedAli @WorldBank @seleshi_b_a @EliasMeseret @nbiweb @DailyNewsEgypt We should never agree to water quota! No way in hell. For Ethiopia, it's not just GERD but Abay river WATER that we've the ABSOLUTE right to use to develop our agri, & water consumption as well as drought mitigation for generations to come. No one should take our right to water.

@vasuchhabria @sunnyfernandes @narendramodi @PMOIndia @RBI @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @fayedsouza @ABPNews @MumbaiMirror @MirrorNow @htTweets @timesofindia @Swamy39 @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @UN @IJM @moneycontrolcom @FT @MNCDFbombay @shaileshgan @usaid_india @WorldBank My Dear Prime minister Mr. Narendra Modiji Respected sir PMC Bank depositors We are approaching you with folded hands for our survival to save us Our life time savings are stuck in this bank mostly sr. Citizens 30 depositors have lost lives. Kindly resolve PMC Bank issue.

@LinosMuvhu @BenJackAdams @PhoebeZimbabwe @AJEnglish @WHO @UNICEF @WorldBank We are looking forward to working with you @BenJackAdams to support COVID 19- mental health

@NatSKB @PThonAleu @animuathiei @mishmishjuba @WorldBank That was not critical of her, they just put out recording, she's the minister of health, we're in middle of pandemic, she has to speak otherwise SSBC not airing this would undermine her role. Isn't this what media about?

@wylldiamond @WHOWPRO @imfcap @UNITEDNATIONS @WorldBank @WorldBankAfrica Please do not loan or give grants to the nigerian government. The corrupt elite will embezzle and mismanage it. They have enough billionaires here to solve her problems @CNNAfrica @CNN @cnnbrk

@worldbankdata Are you a policymaker working on public procurement? @WorldBank #ProcurementDatabase allows you to compare your country’s procurement practices with those of 218 countries & territories which can help inform stronger procurement policies. More here:

@BernardMapalal6 @RealHauleGluck @fatma_karume @DavidMalpassWBG @WorldBank For not a few stiff-necked developing countries, the challenge will lie in the World Bank's non-optional conditions of an about turn of implementing free market economic policies; as some die hard headed leaders stick to no flexibility although their economies are crashing.

@stpennells Not always I can feel so positive about @WorldBank & @IMFNews! But #DebtJustice is needed at other times as well with a fundamental review to stop bailing out irresponsible lenders. @dropthedebt

@UnknownWadani @EIPKeating @eu_eeas @UNSomalia @WorldBank @ICRC @Europarl_EN @SomaliPM Please stay away from Somalia's affairs and politics. You proved to be a man that was working to make sure Somalia would not recover from chaos and wars. You are a morally CORRUPT man and we Somalis don't appreciate people like you. You are one of the enemies of Somalia.

@duramount IMO-no money=if not de-nuked All nuclear arsenal/capacity dismantled #CoronaInPakistan #coronavirus #COVID2019india @WHO @WorldBank @WorldBankIndia @wbg_gov @IMFNews @UN @UNHumanRights @UN_HRC

@libertyprevail @DrAhmedKalebi @WHO @WHOAFRO @gatesfoundation @AfricaCDC @daktari1 @WorldBank @MOH_Kenya @ClintonFdn @wef @CDCgov We've always been pickers not choosers - excuse the lame language. Choosers decide on what makes a decision important and it's the same choosers who can create opportunities for themselves. We need to look into ourselves

@CarlosAlvQ When facing #COVID19, Governments should not have to choose between the mitigation curve and saving the economies. I urge you for more flexibility in terms of the financial assistance granted. Those should be exceptional. @UN @WorldBank @IMFNews @el_BID @AgendaCAF @BCIE_Org

@agileachieve New term add to #COVID19 #coronavirus #crisis @bankofengland @WorldBank @wef @federalreserve #financialdistancing We're being told practice "social distancing" all the time everywhere now but what about financial distancing Should we not be ensuring our investments are safe, too?

@ugandadebtnet 5. Given the less-than-usual yield of Devpt Aid to Uganda, especially through bi-lateral Donors, the multilateral institutions of @WorldBank & @IMFNews shd draw down on their Special Drawing Rights (SDR), as a financing window against adverse economic implication of COVID-19...

@AcudeeProjects Boost energy security✅ use more clean energy✅ encourage new technologies✅ fight climate change ✅ @WorldBank & @CIF_Action are working together to achieve these goals with energy storage: #endenergypoverty

@suvendu_bapu @kirtimishra1 @narendramodi @realDonaldTrump @WHO @UN @WorldBank Yeah. Huge cost for a country like India. It can run into millions if not contained, and we don’t have hospitals. For US it’s different. They have thousands dying every year due to flu in any case.

@bluediamond108 #lossofjobs #business #people not travelling and #lowdemandforconsumerdurables will result in #recession which will mimic that of between 2009 and 1930. #smallbusinees might die out. @IMFLive @WorldBank @BBCWorld @nytimes @ndtv need to think ways to protect #jobs #airlines #hotel

@blanchardCanada World needs to come together to help #SIDS. This is why 🇨🇦 has been pushing for coordinated approach by G7 and G20 and @UN. This week, Jamaica and Canada will chair meeting @UN with @WorldBank @IMF and @AminaJMohammed to focus exactly on this issue.

@DavidMalpassWBG - Today's new @WorldBank Group framework for emergency #COVID19 health projects will fast-track approvals, which supports bulk purchasing - @IFC_org is already working with 300+ companies to finance them & is providing over half of the initial @WorldBank Group package (2/3)

@BeObtuse @primalpoly @WHO @UN @WorldBank The WHO gave us this exercise about a coronavirus pandemic just in October ‘19 at Johns Hopkins. How these people are not held to account with this level of foresight I don’t know.

@vasuchhabria @sunnyfernandes @narendramodi @PMOIndia @RBI @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @fayedsouza @ABPNews @MumbaiMirror @MirrorNow @htTweets @timesofindia @Swamy39 @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @UN @IJM @moneycontrolcom @FT @MNCDFbombay @shaileshgan @usaid_india @WorldBank Madam We PMC Bank depositors Beg you to resolve problem of PMC Bank It is our hard earned tax paid money most of us are senior citizens We are facing lot of problems our survival is in danger Request You to do the needful and resolve PMC Bank issue Regards / Vasu chhabria

@Responsenetorg To help those working to combat #COVID19, ⁦@Google⁩ making a hosted repository of public datasets including those from @JohnsHopkins, @WorldBank & @OpenStreetMap, #free to access. 🙏⁦@sundarpichai⁩

@MBazilian Important point to raise, @sam_vinograd. Still, those in acute danger include huge swathes of the populations in least developed countries, not just the displaced community. So, not 70M, but closer to 700M. The @WorldBank just announced a $14B package of financing.

@vijaykhandare7 @sunnyfernandes @narendramodi @PMOIndia @RBI @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @fayedsouza @ABPNews @MumbaiMirror @MirrorNow @htTweets @timesofindia @Swamy39 @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @UN @IJM @moneycontrolcom @FT @MNCDFbombay @shaileshgan @usaid_india @WorldBank Because we r not indians.....then hw rbi allow us to access our account..

@NREMonitor @WorldBank Access to clean and portable water could actually be a big issue, particularly in the developing countries. Respective governments must wake up to their responsibilities of providing their people with the basic necessities of life.

@A_Drop_of_Truth Too late to CRY! Too late for YOU & yours but not ME & MINE in Christ @realDonaldTrump @netanyahu @KremlinRussia_E @CFR_org @BIS_org @IMFNews @WorldBank @BBC Tavistock & UGLE... "YOU" have NEVER been important in this EQUATION. YOU can "disappear" NOW!

@hussein49037412 @GuledWiliq @WorldBank I do not understand why these guys r happy, it seems to me somalia did not get debt relief, instead qualification of a relief, again the existing debt has new owners

@sundarpichai To help those working to combat #COVID19, we’re making a hosted repository of public datasets including those from @JohnsHopkins, @WorldBank & @OpenStreetMap, free to access and query through the COVID-19 Public Datasets Program.

@NhangNg @BemAsen @EfosaOjomo @asemota @WorldBank That definitely sounds like the way to go in many places, but transaction cost is very high and it may not apply to all sittuations. How can we make sure that govt become more responsive to local community, instead of having donors doing their jobs?

@HenningWillers @AhmedLashinOnco @subatomicdoc @SimonLo21054188 @ShaakirHasan @cpeedell @finn_corinne @emmadunne @tmprowell @DrChoueiri @NicoleKuderer @meganranney @pfanderson @CDCgov @OurWorldInData @WorldBank @sabinbmotwanimd @HinaSaeedMD @fumikochino @BK_radiation @netflix Uh you may not be able to stop ....

@Njokweni11 @BLACKAN101 @Humba09520162 @DarkKnightTerry @CalebNcube1 @kunaka_hove @LloydMsipa @ZANUPF_Official @edmnangagwa @PoliceZimbabwe @acielumumba @MDCAllianceZW @zanu_pf @zapu @Hon_Kasukuwere @hwendec @nelsonchamisa @ProfMadhuku @ZACConline @CGChiwenga_ @daddyhope @mdczimbabwe @ReserveBankZIM @Mamoxn @lilomatic @DrThoko_Khupe @Moha_Zim @PatsonDzamara @ZBCNewsonline @ZimEye @Gambakwe @IMFNews @WorldBank @MthuliNcube @InfoMinZW @Jamwanda2 @MoHCCZim @nickmangwana @energymutodi South Korea was not ready but they rose up to the occassion.

@partha351 @ilo @WHO @UNICEF @WorldBank @narendramodi @EmmanuelMacron @theresa_may @GiuseppeConteIT @realDonaldTrump anticipating the is key, which wasn't in case of the Corona was on in Wuhan. All nations were helping the aids required to china but not thought for the spread of the same

@TahirWard @DivaPatang @ARG_AFG @WorldBank @rtaworld @IsmailMiakhail @pamirpatang @USEmbassyKabul @UKinAfghanistan @AfghanBanks @TOLOnews @1TVNewsAF Not practical. It not only takes a lot of time to do so, but even the new money—let’s say they succeed to implement this plan or idea—will potentially get infected again. It’s a funny idea.

@Rowan40040602 @dube_zandidube @Cheriheri @NLinZimbabwe @KLMCargo @MinisterSBMoyo @caaz_online @daddyhope @TimoOlkkonen @MajuruZim @advocatemahere @BusisaMoyo @nigelchanakira @RVO_Int_Ond @MoHCCZim @ministerBlok @SigridKaag @czionline @IMFNews @WorldBank @AfDB_Group That's what happens when you have been start asking multiple questions unnecessarily.Look at my Profile and see for have been answered already I'm not going to play this Russian Roulette with you.

@FairWitness1 @mterr337 MZM growth goal? @federalreserve @IMFNews @worldbank @AIIB_Official @wef @TheEconomist @LSEnews xref: npv contract w/ america Part 1 Part 2 Or? Not steep enough to xref: King Herod?

@meshahabali1 @StealthFred @EmmMacfarlane @IMFNews @WHO @wef @WorldBank @Iran Yeah i guess in this critical situation of world they should not respond in this way to MSF but any how it looks likeit is their internal problem i think, world should give them relief in sanctions so that they can deal the COVID 19 thing else the extrnl aid should

@Rowan40040602 @Cheriheri @dube_zandidube @NLinZimbabwe @KLMCargo @MinisterSBMoyo @caaz_online @daddyhope @TimoOlkkonen @MajuruZim @advocatemahere @BusisaMoyo @nigelchanakira @RVO_Int_Ond @MoHCCZim @ministerBlok @SigridKaag @czionline @IMFNews @WorldBank @AfDB_Group Well good luck. FYI you gonna need to do a whole lot of greasing of elbows in gvt and other organizations if you know what I mean. You are in Africa now not Europe.The terrain is tougher and tougher and much less equal.

@proud_isaac @WorldBank Do issue loans to individuals because am running bankrupt in this quarantine

@blanchardCanada World needs to come together to help #SIDS. This is why 🇨🇦 has been pushing for coordinated approach by G7 and G20 and @UN. This week, Jamaica and Canada will chair meeting @UN with @WorldBank @IMF and @AminaJMohammed to focus exactly on this issue.

@ntashawhite Congolese civil society join @IMFNews & @WorldBank in calling for a suspension of their country's bilateral debt repayments (to China, in particular) amid the #Coronavirus crisis & oil price crash Crucially, they extend the call to commodity traders, @Glencore @Trafigura [1/4]

@YemenEmbassy_DC In contrast, #Yemen’s government is working with @WHO to secure medical equipment and has secured funding from partners, such as #SaudiArabia and @WorldBank. 5/6

@SimonLo21054188 @subatomicdoc @pash22 @profwade_ @Maherjane @cpeedell @BreastDocUK @Liz_ORiordan @ProfAJChalmers @MpanadesRT @finn_corinne @emmadunne @tmprowell @DrChoueiri @NicoleKuderer @meganranney @pfanderson @CDCgov @OurWorldInData @WorldBank Italy has a higher number of physicians and beds per capita than the US. We will be in deeper trouble if the government is not ramping up more. Our situation can be worse than that in Italy. The US should learn from S Korea who turns things around. Kudos to them.

@Cheriheri @Rowan40040602 @dube_zandidube @NLinZimbabwe @KLMCargo @MinisterSBMoyo @caaz_online @daddyhope @TimoOlkkonen @MajuruZim @advocatemahere @BusisaMoyo @nigelchanakira @RVO_Int_Ond @MoHCCZim @ministerBlok @SigridKaag @czionline @IMFNews @WorldBank @AfDB_Group It’s not the biggest challenge the world faces maybe not now with COVID-19 is how to feed a growing population with a reduced amount of ariable land

@MeenalRPatil1 @DeepakLachhiram @sunnyfernandes @narendramodi @PMOIndia @RBI @FinMinIndia @nsitharaman @fayedsouza @ABPNews @MumbaiMirror @MirrorNow @htTweets @timesofindia @Swamy39 @sambitswaraj @RahulGandhi @UN @IJM @moneycontrolcom @FT @MNCDFbombay @shaileshgan @usaid_india @WorldBank Memon bank merged with Bob and other examples which you know, so why tell PMC depositors, it can't be done, when assets, accounts seized. Why unable to find solution on similar lines and want to avoid issue..25 +deaths don't affect your heart?

@himanshiijain Check out this real time data dashboard from @WorldBank . It not only has covid information by country but a range of other country specific indicators to help you do some correlation analysis amidst all the chaos

@commentator01 Must-read on #HumanRights & Global Stimulus on: issues with @IMFNews @WorldBank responses to #COVID19 so far; the challenge of some states ensuring #economic relief for business but not securing #socialprotection; and the crucial role of #international cooperation & assistance

@mashinaniman @EdwardGuda @MOH_Kenya @KisumuCountyKE @BlueWaterHotelK @WorldBank @AnyangNyongo @KTNNewsKE @KBCKenya @citizentvkenya @ntvkenya @WHO But isn't it opening in January '22? Are you not then offering an unfinished building?

@PThonAleu @NatSKB @animuathiei @mishmishjuba @WorldBank And that isn’t a rule in SSBC-TV. Can you give another example when z tv aired any news critical of a sitting Minister besides this? Let’s not be selective and appear to be objective at the same time. If ministers were to resign due to incompetence, nearly all will go

@tejas_andani @PMOIndia @narendramodi @narendramodi_in @nsitharaman @nsitharamanoffc @RBI Sir / Madam. Are you seriously want to help the citizens? Atleast spare public in such situation 🙏🏻. If you are charging interest for 3 months, thn its not called relief. @CNBCTV18Live @WorldBank

@nelsonsullana #Premiere | The @WorldBank states 1.6 billion students around the planet are not attending the #school due to #Covid19 the new kind of #corona-virus In #Peru the... #Sullana #technology #personal #marketing

@dube_zandidube @Cheriheri @Rowan40040602 @NLinZimbabwe @KLMCargo @MinisterSBMoyo @caaz_online @daddyhope @TimoOlkkonen @MajuruZim @advocatemahere @BusisaMoyo @nigelchanakira @RVO_Int_Ond @MoHCCZim @ministerBlok @SigridKaag @czionline @IMFNews @WorldBank @AfDB_Group Not true.....doesnt matter how modern theirfarming techniques are....they cannot grow mangoes, guavas, papayas ,bananas....several 'exotic fruits'. Their climate just isnt suitable! Oh and the little they can produce isnt enough to satisfy their consumption needs

@KTahrek We desire from the world society that the world society should seriously pay attention to the Corona Virus 🦠 in Afghanistan because,Afghanistan is a country which does not have lots of facilities . @WHO @WorldBank

@GLOBOCEAN @KGeorgieva @imfcapdev @WorldBank Issue UNLIMITED G$Globals buying enterprise shares, to expand SUPPLY, with no inflation because they have collateral in new/idle production assets, that will have matching DEMAND, from GLOBAL DIVIDEND paid monthly to all global citizens from 100% of profits.

@ignas_sladke @BIS_org @WorldBank Why Universe expanding in unbelievable speed and not collapsing each millennian? But our economy tries to expand and crashes each decade. Because it is something mising here: Real matter - gold, Bitcoin.. Dark matter - ? Dark energy - $, €, £.. We need new TYPE money!

@GlobalResCities Liora Shechter, CIO & #SmartCity Director in @TelAviv shares on the #Coronavirus Speaking Series how the city expanded its digital working capability for the government in 300% in order to keep working through the #COVID19 crisis. #GRCN @WorldBank #CitiesOnTheFrontline

@UrushibaraE The @WHO and Chinese Communist Party are to blame for all this shit. Instead of attacking Taiwán, they should search the cure and give it for free. Also, useless bureaucrats of @IMFNews and @WorldBank should not give flexible funds but giving money for free too.

@njugzad @DennisO54478686 @kipmurkomen They were prepared to steal the billion dollars donated by #WHO and @WorldBank, why should Kenyans pay to be quarantined? What if the said individual does not have that money @MOH_Kenya

@ignas_sladke @WorldBank Why Universe expanding in unbelievable speed and not collapsing each millennian? But our economy tries to expand and crashes each decade. Because it is something mising here: Real matter - gold, Bitcoin.. Dark matter - ? Dark energy - $, €, £.. We need new TYPE money!

@DennisO54478686 @njugzad @kipmurkomen @WorldBank @MOH_Kenya Our country, currently, is on autopilot. Silence on part of top leadership is something not to take lightly. Some are shouting from their comfort zones of how badly off we are...lack of watertight ideas. Lesson... common citizens are on their own.

@kurdobjaff ⁦@WorldBank⁩ working w/ countries across the globe in each of the three stages of preparing, coping & recovery. Educational administrators & policy makers can use this crisis as an opportunity to introduce new learning modes that can reach everyone!

@karankumaragar1 @HemantSirohi1 @IndianOilcl @HPCL @cmdbpcl @dpradhanbjp @nsitharaman @TOIIndiaNews @htTweets @thetribunechd @scroll_in @ETEnergyWorld @BloombergQuint @JayaswalRajeev @TheEconomist @WorldBank @wef Ignored since last 2.5Yr's by blocking of Margin Revision by @IndianOilcl @HPCL @cmdbpcl Working Capital Wiped out by #Daily_Price_Revision Sales down by 90% & still serving in #CoronaLockdown Time to #Save_Petroleum_Dlrs Who are on edge of #Bankruptcy @dpradhanbjp

@NatSKB @animuathiei @PThonAleu @mishmishjuba @WorldBank Why are we advocating for a cover up? This is a very vital ministry esp w/Corona at hands, if there was an editorial board & they elect to air this, it is the best public service they had done. Public need to know, it's not political but ppl lives are at stake!

@GLOBOCEAN @KGeorgieva @imfcapdev @UN @WorldBank Adopt/Support/issue G$Globals: global currency w/ ballast in enterprise shares, w/ collateral in new/idle production assets, offers UNLIMITED share purchase to expand production and pay GLOBAL DIVIDEND to all citizens.

@bonnyoyugi_snr Policymakers need to focus on the quality and not just the quantity of services delivered via @WorldBank

@hmryder Note - these 4 recommendations are not just relevant to #China - well worth others such as @USAID @DFID_UK @noradno @WorldBank @UNDP taking note too, especially as/if resources are deployed on the ground...

@Rowan40040602 @Cheriheri @dube_zandidube @NLinZimbabwe @KLMCargo @MinisterSBMoyo @caaz_online @daddyhope @TimoOlkkonen @MajuruZim @advocatemahere @BusisaMoyo @nigelchanakira @RVO_Int_Ond @MoHCCZim @ministerBlok @SigridKaag @czionline @IMFNews @WorldBank @AfDB_Group @nickmangwana Amainini if you follow through this thread you will trade and see where the human rights issue popped up. I could say the same about you had I not followed you and asked: what does the Chimurenga war &Second world war got to do with @KLMCargo exporting fruits and veg to NL??

@seluyo @DrAhmedKalebi @WHO @WHOAFRO @gatesfoundation @AfricaCDC @daktari1 @WorldBank @MOH_Kenya @ClintonFdn @wef @CDCgov It would be disappointing if the government has not started already the local manufacturing of PPE to be consumed during this crisis.

@pip_speak @WHO are you lobbying @IMFNews @WorldBank to supply unlimited funds in the same way developed world central banks have done? #unlimitedQE as ridiculous as it is cannot be a rule for some and not others.

@PThonAleu @NatSKB @animuathiei @mishmishjuba @WorldBank What did the public learn about prevention of COVID-19 from that clip? Zero. I’m not talking about holding a leader accountable but what’s portrayed as news, a message on the disease when there is none. If the intention was to embarrass her, that was achieved - 100%

@Rowan40040602 @dube_zandidube @Cheriheri @NLinZimbabwe @KLMCargo @MinisterSBMoyo @caaz_online @daddyhope @TimoOlkkonen @MajuruZim @advocatemahere @BusisaMoyo @nigelchanakira @RVO_Int_Ond @MoHCCZim @ministerBlok @SigridKaag @czionline @IMFNews @WorldBank @AfDB_Group @nickmangwana What has that got to do with you?? You are the one busy accusing the West of human rights and democracy criteria that you complain is too high enough of a standard for you to adhere to. You would settle for a watered down version of "human rights" that can easily be violated.

@Rowan40040602 @dube_zandidube @Cheriheri @NLinZimbabwe @KLMCargo @MinisterSBMoyo @caaz_online @daddyhope @TimoOlkkonen @MajuruZim @advocatemahere @BusisaMoyo @nigelchanakira @RVO_Int_Ond @MoHCCZim @ministerBlok @SigridKaag @czionline @IMFNews @WorldBank @AfDB_Group Tsambe imi what are you talking about? How does the @euinzim stilfe free trade yet you are still able to export to The Nederland Germany and UK??? The UK doesn't have much farmland however they do grow peas and other agricultural produce though not enough for their nation.

@UNICEF_Yemen The UNICEF Yemen Call center is working from Saturday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. If you have questions, complaints or need support, call 8003090. #EmergencyCashTransferProject @WBG_IDA - @WorldBank

@BLACKAN101 @Njokweni11 @Humba09520162 @DarkKnightTerry @CalebNcube1 @kunaka_hove @LloydMsipa @ZANUPF_Official @edmnangagwa @PoliceZimbabwe @acielumumba @MDCAllianceZW @zanu_pf @zapu @Hon_Kasukuwere @hwendec @nelsonchamisa @ProfMadhuku @ZACConline @CGChiwenga_ @daddyhope @mdczimbabwe @ReserveBankZIM @Mamoxn @lilomatic @DrThoko_Khupe @Moha_Zim @PatsonDzamara @ZBCNewsonline @ZimEye @Gambakwe @IMFNews @WorldBank @MthuliNcube @InfoMinZW @Jamwanda2 @MoHCCZim @nickmangwana @energymutodi Point of Correction it's not what I say but what the @cohsunshinecity & the Mayor said those who run that facility & it's what @mdczimbabwe & their spin doctors said bt now true to form they're all scrambling to distance themselves from it because it's gone pear shaped

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