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Reports are also coming from: Los Angeles, US; Münster, DE; Salvador, BR; Newington, US; Chambéry, FR; Wiefelstede, DE; Pinsk, BY; Quito, EC; Smolensk, RU; Langenfeld, DE;

Recent Outage Reports

by Angelius   2 months ago

Game will not load to play server 1136

by Zbigniew   2 months ago

Uwaga jak wybrnąłem z problemem pliku NEP2.dll. W folderze gry C:\Program Files ( x86)\FunPlus\State of Survival\nGame po skanowaniu esetem plik NEP2.dll zmienił nazwę na NEP2.Vdll. U mnie wystarczyło usunąć literę V jako admin.Po restarcie gry wszystko działa prawidłowo.

by ESCA   3 months ago

El programa dejo de funcionar en la PC. El Antivirus ESSET lo reconoce como virus por la libreria NEP2.dll y lo borra. Lo pueden arreglar por favor.

by player111   3 months ago

this game have virus? because ESET/nod32 show that the NEP2.dll has Threat Detail : Win64/Packed.VMProtect.IY [Threat Name] World activity peak

by Bubacjusz-Paweł   3 months ago

Nep2.DLL deleted by ESET as recognized as a trojan Virus

by Liroy   3 months ago

To Solve this Problem for all Eset User: 1. Add Exception to not scan the Installation Folder. 2. Uninstall Game and Delete all Files within the FunPlus Folder (Dont delete FunPlus Folder) 3. Install Again 4. Login and Play

by EDDART   3 months ago

ESET REPORT : Objeto;Detección;Acción;Información;Hash;Visto por primera vez aquí C:\Program Files (x86)\FunPlus\State of Survival\nGame\\NEP2.dll;una variante de Win64/Packed.VMProtect.IY Troyano;eliminado;Se produjo un suceso en un nuevo archivo creado por la aplicación: C:\Program Files (x86)\FunPlus\State of Survival\Plugin\7z.21.07\7za.exe (305DC951C837E160234063EAB646924A3BCEFF30).;1F877845E6AD2C48A5A8048C47CF06BAC351069E;

by kato   3 months ago

2 nep2.dll missing cant login game

by slajerski   3 months ago

NEP2.dll was not found. dll removed by Eset !!

by KonXaa   3 months ago

NEP2.dll missing, game won't start

by john   3 months ago

MOD.Sparkling Snowflake — Today at 2:04 PM Hello, this definitely sounds like you’re experiencing a bug of some type, I took a look at the ⁠🐞bug-reporting reporting channel, and it doesn’t look like this has been submitted, if you would like to submit this, please feel free to do so. Also, if you need assistance submitting it, please let me know and I will help.:CB_hearts:

by lolo   3 months ago

nep2.dll not working

by cara   3 months ago

NEP2.dll est manquant impossible de lancer le jeu

by Noir Frank   3 months ago

и что надо делать мудаки

by john   3 months ago

someone text the support of the game about the problem to fix it!

by I Ramsay   3 months ago

game downloaded but will not load to play

by i cant logging game   3 months ago

i cant logging game after that last update .. nep2.dll not found

by odoR   3 months ago

After update NEP2.dll is missing

by deepshadow   3 months ago

nep2.dll missing file game does not work

by Ataman   3 months ago

made with a new update. The antivirus program cleaned it as malware. Now I can't enter the game. NEP2.dll file is missing

by Андрей   3 months ago

Здравствуйте, игра при запуске начала выдавать ошибку отсутствия NEP2.dll

by Martin   3 months ago

Buen dia; Error al ejecutar el juego por el DLL NEP2.dll. Me lo bloqueaba el antivirus, lo deshabilite y me dice que no es un programa para ejecutar en Windows. Muchas gracias Saludos

by David Birnie   4 months ago

on launch, receive error message " no such interface supported"

by Arlene   4 months ago

120000 connection lost

by Bjn   6 months ago

Past 24hrs not been able to load game. Stuck on "updating game resources"

by Deadly isotope   7 months ago

Data error popping up, cleared cache etc. Contacted devs nothing

by Doulten Bailey   7 months ago

i can get into the first part where it says play, and when the game is loading it says contact support team

by Jez   7 months ago

No connection.

by Estrella Velez   8 months ago

I can't log in the game

by Ed   8 months ago

I'm having a problem since over a week. State of survival get stuck at retrieving version info during startup. So much resources put into this game and now it locks me out. I cleared cache, also reinstalled the app.. Still the same issue.

by Cesar   9 months ago

Box opens saying face book connect or go for assistance Neither work

by Werebear   9 months ago

Net2.dll is missing. Tried reinstalling no luck at all

by Karin van Neerven   9 months ago

Net2.dll is missing

by Kazimierz   9 months ago

brak pliku NEP2.dll podczas próby otwarcia, próbowałem odinstalować i ponownie zainstalować i ten sam komunikat o błędzie

by Profesor   9 months ago

nep2.dll missing, reinstalled many times and still same :(

by Lotto   9 months ago

.dll file missing (redownload to see if it will fix the issue). done this ... toooooo many times and still giving me the same issues. had this happen to me a few days ago aswell... something with this update isnt helping people at all.

by giloumax2050   9 months ago

nepp2.dll manquant en reinstalant meme chose nepp.dll manquant ???????????????????????????????????????????????

by Rufus Stone, Server 1014   9 months ago

I keep getting the message "NEP2.dll missing". I have tried to reinstall on my PC but no effect.

by Серый   9 months ago

NEP2.dll отсутствует , что за дичь

by Elham   9 months ago

NEP2.dll was not found

by hello   9 months ago

was not found. dll removed by Eset !! Solution: create an exception for: C:\Program Files (x86)\FunPlus\State of Survival\nGame\ Put NEP2.dll to the folder (my solution) or try reinstall game

by Possibility   9 months ago

NEP2.dll was not found. dll removed by Eset !! Solution: 1, create an exception for: C:\Program Files (x86)\FunPlus\State of Survival\nGame\ 2, put NEP2.dll to the folder (my solution).. or try reinstall game

by hi   9 months ago

NEP2.dll not working

by Bohler   9 months ago

je n arrive plus a jouer car NEP2.dll est introuvable, quel solution ?

by Siema eniu   9 months ago

UPS Wyskakuje błąd 13000 Połączenie zostało zerwane A internet jest w porządku Od wczoraj mam ten problem??????

by Scott L Thompson   9 months ago

missing NEP2.dll file when trying to open, tried uninstalling and reinstalling and same error message

by Andrew North   9 months ago

Just turned on PC, game downloaded and update, when I try to start I get a cannot find NEP2.dll error. On the new gui, there is no repair button, tried running dnrepairer.exe and that doesn't appear to be running either when I look in task manager

by Kevin Scardifield   10 months ago

will not connect, says please check network. (10001) but everything else is running fine

by Max   10 months ago

Game isn't loading since two days

by Survivor Zero   10 months ago

Connection has been lost, please check your network. (10001).

by Kyle   1 year ago

Connection has been lost, please check your network. (110000).

by Ken state 1005   1 year ago

DAY THREE - Getting the "Failed to get COM interface (invalidClientClass)" error on PC when trying to start State of Survival. When will I be able to log back in again? For two days now I am unable to log into the game.

by Ken   1 year ago

Getting the "Failed to get COM interface (invalidClientClass)" error on PC when trying to start State of Survival. When will I be able to log back in again? For two days now I am unable to log into the game.

by Ken   1 year ago

Getting the "Failed to get COM interface (invalidClientClass)" error on PC when trying to start State of Survival

by Michael Guarisco   1 year ago

getting the "Failed to get COM interface (invalidClientClass)" error on PC when trying to start State of Survival

by susan Incagnoli   1 year ago

error code 120000 says reconnect / contact support will not reconnect

by Katt   1 year ago

Unable to log in. Server down?

by Dee   1 year ago

Won’t load at all

by Sandie   1 year ago

Game isn’t loading

by Eagle   1 year ago

Hi, the game doesn't load anymore. I'm stuck at "Retrieving Version Info". 15 minutes ago everything was still working fine. Is there a server or network problem?

by Ryan Prescott   1 year ago

I am getting a failure that says Failed to get COM interface (invalid Client Class)

by Melina   1 year ago

After updating and clicking the game i get the game screen and then everything turns black

by russell rohloff   1 year ago

Have been playing this game for a long time and invested a lot of time and resources to it. Suddenly it gives me message that file is corrupted. I do not know my member ID but I would have to have to reload and lose over a year's progress. Any suggestions?

by Laura White   1 year ago

Updated game. Since then I've had trouble sending out troops saying I don't have enough or that they are resonating together which I don't think is right as I had no issue previously with hero's who are in that training centre and I haven't used mikoto to link her to anyone, any ideas??

by AxeDiamond   1 year ago

2-3 seconds after opening the app on my iPad, it immediately shows the no wifi symbol & it obviously tells me to either contact support or reconnect. tried reconnect half a dozen times with no success. I already tried deleting the app and then installing it again, but it doesn't seem to do ANYTHING AT. ALL. this wifi network that I am on right now is very fast & this never happened before. I don't know what the hell is going on.

by Seda   1 year ago

The spinner keeps spinning after attacks and sometimes hangs.

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Make friends or fight with other survivors. Do whatever you must to survive. It won’t be easy. The infected are everywhere. Resources are scarce and you must salvage what you can from the carcass of society. It’s a new world out there. Dangerous, yes, but filled with opportunity. Immense power awaits those bold enough to grasp it. But remember to watch your back. It’s fair to say people aren’t quite as friendly as they used they be… Rebuild Build up your Settlement to form a safe haven for your survivors and a foundation for your post-apocalyptic empire. Rescue Save survivors to swell your numbers and increase your strength. Locate those with special abilities, they will be the heroes of the plague war! Research The zombie disease is mutating rapidly. Learn whatever you can to understand it. Whoever can control the infection controls the state! Socialize There is strength in numbers. Make allies and forge strategic partnerships to survive the horrors of the infected Wild...

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