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Time for a Tower Defense like no other! In Rush Royale towers are replaced by mighty warriors and wizards! Base defense games got serious.

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by Steve 3 days ago

The game doesn't work .do something!!!!!

by Shadow 4 weeks ago

The game doesn't work .do something!!!!!

by Shadow 4 weeks ago

The game doesn't work .do something!!!!!

by Shadow 4 weeks ago

My Game Will Not Update in the ios app store

by Brian 1 month ago

When I'm gonna update it , my phone turns off , don't know why

by Vallanx 1 month ago

Nelze nakupovat, místo ceny mám 3 otazníky

by Petr Vencl 2 months ago

When I watchin ads, I cant turn off them and get reward. Why?

by Deinaras 2 months ago

Why has this been an issue for the past two days. Can’t access my clan or battle anything. I have updated my phone done every trouble shooting you have suggested but still nothing.

by BLove! 2 months ago

I can load my game but I can’t play anything and can’t go to my clan.

by Brandon Love 2 months ago

I can’t play in Co op mode or pvp. I’ve reset my Wi-Fi settings as pointed out by your website. I’ve updated to iOS 16.
Everything was working perfectly until YOUR update pitched in.
Now all I can get is daily rewards nothing else. I’m close to quitting. Please can someone sort it out

by Roy Boswell 2 months ago

My Rush Royale won’t load. It gets me to the main screen but I can’t do PVP, COOP, or go to the clan chat. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the game, have also restarted my phone. Nothing has helped. I have spend tons of money on this game. This is ridiculous.

by Kristine 2 months ago

keeps saying my internet is unstable and closing down my PvP play, but my internet speed is 90mbps and ping is 20. I don't have any trouble playing any other games. Seems more like a rush royale Server problem. This is absurd because I have spent so much money on this game and they cant buy good servers? WTF?

by fabio 4 months ago

I bought a chest money is of my bank account chest telss there are 2 available of the 3 but they didn’t give me the chest

by Accer147 4 months ago

THe game always crushes when playing on PC

by perafelix 4 months ago

Can't find enemy check network error but my internet is working I can't play any games vs or coop

by Devon 5 months ago

game won't let my friend in keeps saying can't connect to the server

by Matthew Clark 5 months ago

I try to log in but it will say "server connection lost please restart the application" it's been doing this for a while and it let's me in on wifi but not data. It used to always work on data and I never had an issue before.

by Dexter 5 months ago

Can't play co op with a fellow clanmate that is the same floor as me and that I have been playing with all the floors. He can't see my clan request for co op, and I can't invite him nor via friend list, it says currently unable, and we have the same game version and he wasn't in any match.

by Jeyjey 5 months ago

Game says unstable internet issues randomly despite having speed tests of 125mbps. No other apps/programs have problems. Seems more likely server issues on their side.

by RushRoyalPlayer 5 months ago

The game just randomly decides that it freezes now. Connection is lost shorty after. This is happens usually around 7 pm my time and lasts well into the night, this is most likely because 7pm is 9 am in california and the Muricans are starting to play the game.

by Tommuli 6 months ago

The ads are black and I can't turn them off. The application shows that the application is not responding. I uninstalled and installed the app, but it doesn't help. Please help.

by PinkyMouse 6 months ago

Game not loading (shows a red wifi symbol on the loading screen). This is iOS

by Daniel Jewison 6 months ago

Won't connect to server...tried clearing cache..restarting phone
.clearing data...uninstall and re installing it etc nothing is working

by Vyxenskiss 6 months ago

Seems like the server might be down

by Rush Royale King 6 months ago

Unable to connect to game server on game start up.
Red "connexion issue" on startup/loading screen, then message "the servers did not respond in time, Please check your connexion".
Internet connexion AND 4G connexion work fine.
Probably issue with game servers for at least the last 20mn.

by Concerned Rusher 6 months ago

Cant login, no server response.

by Backtier 6 months ago

It doesn’t want to open and I made the storage empty

by Mark 7 months ago

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Rush Royale, Is Rush Royale game Down? Is Rush Royale Down?
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Time for a Tower Defense like no other! In Rush Royale towers are replaced by mighty warriors and wizards! Base defense games got serious... but are still are a lot of fun! Your heroes are the castle defense, last and best hope against a rush of enemies. Watch them rain arrows and magic missiles in a valiant struggle at horde defense! It's a unique combination of a turret defense and a collectibe card game! Just like random dice rolls decide the fate of battling armies, here you must depend on Lady Luck to win and prevail! Assemble a deck of most powerful tower defense heroes! It's TD... but with a competitive twist! Rush against your best friends (or worst foes) - the first one to complete the castle defense wins! In a way, it is a real time PvP defense - what few TD games have! Protect your kingdom! Clash with mighty enemies and fearsome bosses, unleash magic and steel upon your foes in battle! It's one of the most fast paced tower defense games... and it looks as cute as a...

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