Become rich beyond your wildest dreams in this newly reimagined version of one of the best-selling board games ever created: MONOPOLY! Let everyone’s favorite billionaire, MR. MONOPOLY, be your guide as you explore new boards themed after world-famous cities, fantastical lands, and more

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Recent Outage Reports

by Robert rogers   2 months ago

me and My Wife are doing the partners challenge and it’s not giving me my dice

by Gomono Player   5 months ago

Repeated “error restarting” pop-up over and over and over. Had Had just leveled up to new board. Then game started crashing. No fun. Have tried turning phone off and on. Of course all cash and cookies are cleared. Problem is game.just leveled up. Then game started crashing. No fun. Have tried turning phone off and on. Of course all cache and cookies are cleared. Problem is the game. Tried contacting Chat at game developer. Clicked bubble, typed issue. Bot said “someone will be with you in a moment”, but that didn’t happen. Kept waiting, gave up. Chat is dead, no response. Ugh.

by Lynell Scott   6 months ago

Game is not loading. Keeps telling me internet is off.

by Julie jones   6 months ago

Won't load up keep saying error requiring game to start, saying thus over and over and I have just done a trade so not recieved sticker

by Maria Rodriguez   7 months ago

This morning I started playing my game when I got to my 3rd quick win, I got a message saying need to restart, when it restarted wouldn’t let me advance and all day it has been this way, haven’t played since 8am eastern time. Losing progress with my ax game which I am in level 14.

by Sadie   7 months ago

Getting stuck on loading page and will not load. Been this way all day long.

by Rachel Tan   7 months ago

Hi, I have send my spare Roger That sticker to my friend Chyla Young. Yet she did not receive the sticker. For your action please.

by James Lassiter   7 months ago

Game loads but can not roll or do anything on the game

by Sally Lord   7 months ago

Last three days community chest freeze and I have to keep going in and out of game and lost all rewards this is not fair need compensating for lost rewards

by John Lamparter   8 months ago

Community Chest is freezing on my iPhone

by Jennifer   8 months ago

The board report shows taking double money by the same person at the same time. I have a picture of it.

by Serena   8 months ago

Bank heist not working when I play the mini game. I receive zero dollars on bank heist. Players can steal money from my bank heist. But when I'm I land on it Everytime I receive zero

by Kaitlyn Hall   8 months ago

Whenever i try collect my quick wins it restarts my game and doesn’t let me collect it! so i can’t get tokens to finish the event.

by Steven calloway   8 months ago

Keep getting error message causing game to restart

by Amanda21   8 months ago

Game keeps erroring out and resetting back a few moves

by Brooke linker   8 months ago

I was playing and then the app said I could no longer play so then I uninstalled it and tried to re download it and it will not re download. Keeps saying it has to charge me $10 to play it anymore😞

by Tony   8 months ago

Kris getting error message and then crashing so I can't spend my coins

by Test FI Name   8 months ago

Error. Keeps restarting.

by IdealRabbit00   8 months ago

I cant built anything, Ive got half a billion and i used it to built and it said error and i cant procceed!! I am really angry if I lose the only one car that left because of your servers

by Brittney sible   8 months ago

It keeps crashing and restarting

by Annette   8 months ago

The game is putting back to something I have already complete. It's making me start over on Spooky Car Partners when I had already cleared a level. As well as on Candy Corn Challenge and Spooky Soiree.

by Heather   9 months ago

The game loads but will not let me move, roll, or play when I try to accept a free dice link from the Mostechs website.

by Zuey   9 months ago

My game is reset six times a day doing the same thing over and over

by Shelly   9 months ago

When monopoly go came back up and put me back to the beginning. Is there anyway that I can get back to where I was?

by Big Tam   9 months ago

Monopoly go the app isn't opening for me , this has been going on for hours and a error code pops up..I have updated my phones software through my settings..I restart my phone 4 times and also uninstalled the Monopoly go app and reinstalled it.. Nothing is working still the same result..I have Xfinity for my Internet, everything is connected and the bill is paid..So that's definitely not the problem..

by Alee   9 months ago

Cannot enter the game..

by Patty   9 months ago

Not loading.

by Amy   9 months ago

Game will not load. Says there is no internet connection. But there is internet connection. Wi-Fi and through ATT. I have restarted, reset everything and deleted the app and reinstalled. Nothing is working. Help!! iPhone 12 Pro Max with all updates installed.

by Deedee   9 months ago

Game won’t load stuck at the first screen.

by Michele   9 months ago

My phone and my fiancés phone now isn’t working Al if the sudden for Monopoly Go. It started about 6 hours ago going in an out and now it keeps saying internet connection. And I know it’s not OUR internet! This is annoying. We both have gotten SO far on this game !

by Vicki MacCartney   9 months ago

When I try to log in it gets to between 30% and 40% then I get an error message that there is no internet onnection and the game will restart. I have checked my internet connection with other apps and it works just fine! I’ve also turned the phone off and on several times to reset the phone. I still continue to get this error message. I already had another player steal 102.000,000 from me because I couldn’t get on to use that money for property. Highly upset !!!!

by Heather   9 months ago

When I attempt to load the game it gets to about 54 it says error no internet connection is found. But my internet is up and working.

by Deborah Wilkins-Oliver   9 months ago

Monopoly go will not load so cannot play

by Autria   9 months ago

Can’t load game

by Yankito   9 months ago

Doesnt want to load… and when it does keeps showing error, so i loose everything.. now all my perks are getting expired because i cant use it time is passing.. you should gave erybody a big package for all of this convenient … fox this issue plz

by Dan   9 months ago

Server connection

by James Stols   9 months ago

My monopoly gives me an error message. Can’t play! Please help.

by Danae W   9 months ago

The system keeps crashing.

by SHARDASIA   9 months ago

Shop Shelf rewards and banners are not showing just the option to buy dice

by Melanie gregory   9 months ago

Monopoly won’t load on my tablet or Chromebook. Get error occurred caused game to restart

by Shawn   9 months ago

I'm stuck in a bank heist

by Lilmama   10 months ago

Same as Gangsta Chin it is crashing on the invite screen

by ace   10 months ago

stuck on money heist

by Kim   10 months ago

Invites load and then I get error notice and game restarts. It’s in a perpetual loop and I can’t do anything. Tried deleting and reinstalling, as well as restarting iPhone. Nothing is working. It just keeps crashing.

by GangstarChin   10 months ago

Stuck at the invite screen at 15 and then gives the error restart popup. I push ok and it restarts the game. Brings me straight to the invite screen, the bar fills to 15 and the error pops up again.

by T   10 months ago

App wont load

by Norziah   10 months ago

Why did i'm stuck in bank heist..if I restart or redownload the game and connect with Facebook..I'm still stuck in the bank heist

by CJ   10 months ago

Stuck in bank heist for 2 weeks.

by Gg   10 months ago

Why do I keep getting stuck on one screen bank heist and won't move?

by Ryan Johnson   10 months ago

Stuck in bank heist

by Gloria   10 months ago

Stuck in bank heist for 3 days now. I have downloaded and redownloaded the game multiple times and once I open the app, I am immediately taken to the bank heist.

by Gabi   10 months ago

I can’t open the album, the friends tab, or the daily win tab, i can only open the upgrade landmark one

by Angela   10 months ago

Game stuck on bank heist 2 weeks already. Already ask for customer service for many times dy. Still the same thing happen.

by 6percel   10 months ago

When I got a large heist during a bank heist, it just was stuck on bank heist. I could tap the other locks but no matter what I did like uninstalling and installing back the app, it just kept on being stuck there.

by Ozzy jones   10 months ago

Stuck in bank heist

by Sydni   10 months ago

My game is stuck on a bank heist that I cannot win, every time I open the app it loads to the same bank heist. I’m only one sticker away from completing the album, so I am frustrated!

by Owen topia   10 months ago

I am currently and have been stuck in bank heist and can’t get out of it for a week now and csnt go into my settings as I keep going back to bank heist once I log back in

by Mahadi   10 months ago

I’m stuck in a bank heist that I can’t win and uninstalling and restarting the game don’t fix it

by Daniel   10 months ago

Game loads daily rewards come up. Then error game has to restart. What's even sad is I was about to complete my album it's been 2 days now and still stuck in a restart cycle. Gonna miss out on event this rate.

by Tahjanae Snell Lewis   10 months ago

App is crashing when I open it it loads let’s me get my daily rewards then crashes

by Liam Brace   10 months ago

I’m stuck in a bank heist that I can’t win and uninstalling and restarting the game don’t fix it

by Makayla Scott   10 months ago

My monopoly won’t load pass 9 percent when I try to login with face I have 10000 rolls and a lot of money on there and I need to log back in I have tried everything

by Fel   10 months ago

Once click "claim" on Quick Win, it get jam. Few claims missed in Quick Win. After 24 hr, thought it reset but jam when click on "claim". Now can only leave the "claim" there....

by Jason   11 months ago

Started to have loading issues 8 hours ago. Games suddenly crashes then reloading goes to 80% before it crashes. Tried restarting phone, delete and reinstall app etc, clear cache etc nothing works.

by Muhd   11 months ago

Bugs, app crashed

by Marcus Cheng   11 months ago

Login stucks at 80% . Afterward the app crashes

by Delilah Crouse   11 months ago

App loads to almost a hundred percent and then shuts out.

by Patricia Bell   11 months ago

Monopoly ho will load 80% then close. Why am I having this ? I am trying to finish building my csrs help !!!

by Renato   11 months ago

Dalle 14 ore italiane non carica il gioco, si ferma all’80%. Risolvete!

by Anthony Johnson   11 months ago

Hello my monopoly go keeps crashing when it loads to 80%

by Jenny   11 months ago

Game loads to 80% then crashes won’t go past it. It’s just shuts down at 80% I won’t be able to finish any event and I’m passed because I was close please fix

by April Conway   11 months ago

App almost loads then stops and will not load

by Betty   11 months ago

Monopoly go keeps crashing

by maryellen   11 months ago

Game won’t open

by Kaysee adkins   11 months ago

My screen gets to 80 percent loaded and then force closes. It will not load past 80 percent

by Kory   11 months ago

I tried to play this morning but it's telling me there is a bug. My wife is able to play and I logged into another email just to see and it works on thay as well. Seems to be specifically my account connected with my Facebook account.

by Debbie Lynch   11 months ago

Not loading, tried everything, can you please solve this before we lose tones of dice and money because we can’t get on to finish our cars🤨

by Karen   11 months ago

Won't startup, says it has a bug and told me to clear cache and restart. Did that, some problem. Worked fine earlier.

by Ready to Play   11 months ago

Trying to launch game and it starts but then goes back to my home screen

by Vesna Belevski   11 months ago

My app will not load. It loads to 80 % then shuts down. I have deleted the app re installed, rebooted my iPhone 3 times’s been like this for over 9 hours and very disappointing no feed back at all.

by Shalimar   11 months ago

Hi, may i ask you why can’t i open my monopoly apps? I just played it like 15 minutes ago then suddenly I can’t open it 😞 After i read, i think it’s the 80% loading crash issues I have just purchase a big roll in the game Please help me :( What is weird is that if i play with another account i can, but when i play with my facebook account it got crashed ….. my email in the game account: [email protected]

by Brooke   11 months ago

Wont load up. Gets to 80% then just closes down.

by Ailoon   11 months ago

Crashing...load 80% auto close the game...try many ways still cant settle?

by Umamah   11 months ago

Crashes when loading to a 100%. I have tried restarting my phone, uninstalling and reinstalling. The game works when I login as guest. When I try connecting to my Facebook it connects and try’s loading the data, the game loads to a 100% and then crashes . It refuses to open after 100%c it just crashes!

by Jamie Young   11 months ago

It gets to 80 percent on load page and crashes. Exits out. I'm very upset. Losing time on events. And wanna finish my last 2 cars and can't even attempt it because I can't get on.

by Annell McMullen   11 months ago

The app starts to load up to start then just goes away. I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled the app. Rebooted my iPhone & still nothing. Can’t get it to work Please help.

by Beka   11 months ago

App crashed and wont open. Ive redownloaded it twice and even restarted my phone. Nothing works

by Scott Hardgrove   11 months ago

My app won’t open

by Carrie Causey   11 months ago

Game won't load. Sometimes it gets to 80, one time it got to 98 && then it just keep closing down. On my phone. I just want to be able to play my game. It says a developer needs to fix it but its not happening to everyone so I'm not sure why it's doing it.

by Chloe Andrews   11 months ago

It loads to about 80 per cent then crashes and says there's a bug

by Amber Patoine   11 months ago

Game won't load past 80% on my profile.

by Jaimie   11 months ago

Game will not load. Gets up to 80% then closes

by maryellen   11 months ago

Wont load and open

by Vincent Saputo   11 months ago

Crashes while loading

by Amanda bock   11 months ago

When go to go into the app it loads and then doesn't open even thru the app store and it's updated I tryrd restarting my phone clear everything that open and still don't work

by Pricilla Alexis   11 months ago

I am not receiving my 100 rolls when a new friend joins

by Daniel Calderwood   11 months ago

When I first downloaded the game I signed in with my Apple ID, now my account is at level 1700 and I’ve decided to connect my Facebook. However, when I connect it, the game makes me choose between my apple and Facebook Facebook account, and whenever I choose the apple one it unlinks my Facebook. Please help me fix :(

by Jim   11 months ago

Downloaded MonopolyGo on my IPhone, also tried it on my iPad, when I open the app it freezes on the Home Screen on both devices 🤷🏼‍♂️

by Brenda Ralph   11 months ago

The app won’t work, frozen on opening , has invite to purchase that cones up on opening but when try and play nothing works

by Lisa   11 months ago

Stuck on bank heist for two days now! Won’t register or get off that screen force close reopen and it brings me right back to the same problem!

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Become rich beyond your wildest dreams in this newly reimagined version of one of the best-selling board games ever created: MONOPOLY! Let everyone’s favorite billionaire, MR. MONOPOLY, be your guide as you explore new boards themed after world-famous cities, fantastical lands, and more. Experience the classic gameplay MONOPOLY fans love at a faster pace everyone can enjoy. Collect Property Tile Sets, build Houses and Hotels, pull Chance Cards, and of course, earn that MONOPOLY Money! Play with your favorite game Tokens such as the Scottie, the Top Hat, the Battleship and more. Help your friends reach their goals with the Community Chest mini-game, or steal from them to help yourself get to the top. Collect story-filled Stickers to send to your friends or trade in our Facebook Group! MONOPOLY GO! Features: BUY & BUILD YOUR WAY TO THE TOP Collect colored Property Tile Sets to build Houses, then upgrade your Houses into Hotels to get even more rent from friends! Discover new Landmarks...

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