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「Overview」 The World of Lithas is waiting for you. Become the next High Guardian, leader of the City of Light, and embark on an epic journey through the realm of Lithas

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by Meredith Cross   10 months ago

Multiple parts of the new event are not loading. Neither is the marriage option for champions.

by Celestia   1 year ago

When I win a battle it doesn't register and kick me back to b4 I fought the team, pvp, campaign, raid boss ect. After it fails it Says unknown error 5027. And after that it says . Battle summary failed to Load. So I'm unable to make any progress in the game now.

by Karen dodsworth   1 year ago

Since this newest update ( playing on mobile) when I try to load into the game it will enlarge the load up page and will not load the game at all then when I try to back out of the game itself it shrinks the screen so I only get a small picture resulting in my having to turn my phone completely off it does not do this on any other game I play

by rosman   1 year ago

after launch the game monitor lose his resolution and force me to restart the cellphone

by Greg   1 year ago

I've been getting the "Failed to log into server. Target Server not found". Is this an issue on thier end, or my own?

by Rancidpunk088   1 year ago

Login error Client version does not match.

by Norman Pelfrey   1 year ago

When I try to log in it gets to 89% and tells me to login again, and it's a repeated process, I've restarted my phone and uninstalled and reinstalled the game

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「Overview」 The World of Lithas is waiting for you. Become the next High Guardian, leader of the City of Light, and embark on an epic journey through the realm of Lithas. A fantasy world with diverse cultures and races; meet clans of lycans, demons, demi-gods, elves, orcs, and dozens more. Unite them together on your campaign, bringing them to your side as powerful champions on the battlefield. But that’s not all, forge deeper relationships, courting them as Companions, to unite your bloodlines and raise new and more powerful Champions, a new generation of heirs to fight alongside you. The seeds of chaos have spread throughout the land, shattering and dividing the clans apart, and it will be the work of many generations of Champions to restore peace and order. You possess the Bloodline of the Ancient High Guardians, and you alone, with courage and strength, will be able to command these forces, both present and future to victory. 「Game Features」 - A Vast World of Fantasy Races: The...

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