Is Bejeweled Classic Down?

“Bejeweled — perhaps the most insanely addictive puzzle game ever.” — Games Magazine Discover your perfect match with 6 breathtaking modes in this classic gem-matching game, from the fast-paced, time-based Lightning, to the gem-driven Flushes and Full Houses of Poker Mode

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by Jgig   4 months ago

Keeps crashing

by Susan   6 months ago

Install Bejewel Classic today. Provided birthdate and name as requested. Game won't proceed beyond that point

by Seamus   9 months ago

Paid version. Crashes at various places when opening the game. Sometimes it gets to the game and crashes in 1st or 2nd mode. I turn off my iPhone 6S+ completely & this works 7/10 x’s. Then game keeps playing on its own as time is running out so I can’t make 1 or 2 simple moves to finish. This happens 5/10 x’s. But the game playing by itself has become pretty normal. It all started in July 2023 after a new iOS update & when I accidentally deleted BC instead of a different app as I was not focusing. My bad. So I went to App Store and downloaded the game again. I lost all my yrs of stats by stupidly deleting it. Since then the game is no longer fun. It crashes, it speeds up so you can’t play, it doesn’t load at startup, or it just goes rampantly playing on its own. So? Would buying a new BC game work? Or is it just incompatible with the newer iOS?

by Chrissie   9 months ago

Bejewelled plays fine on my iPhone 2020SE but on my iPad 9th generation first it crashed after a few moves now it won’t even open into the chosen game. Tried all the games but they won’t open

by Annabelle   10 months ago

My account is totally reset! All my progress is gone! I don’t think I’ll ever play it again if I have to restart everything… I was literally opening it to buy no ads sooo plz help

by Alex   10 months ago

The game is not taking the entire iPhone screen. It’s like a miniature version with a lot of dead space.

by Guy   11 months ago

The screen display is messed up. It’s like a split screen

by Mike P   1 year ago

Game freezes/pauses on both iPad and iPhone. Often hangs for several seconds many times during the game. Started last week or so.

by sls   1 year ago

Bejewel classic keeps starting over. Whenever I get high in the points and levels it simply goes to the beginning screen where I have to put in another name. I have deleted the app several times and reinstalled it. I have tried to restore my iPad and anything else I could think of. This has repeatedly occurred since 2012. I’m frustrated and get no help when I ask about it. I’m on my 5th iPad and it has happened on all of them so it’s not an apple issue.

by Amanda Adams   1 year ago

I've used this app for more years than any other game. I specifically purchased *Remove Ads, *Poker, *Butterflies and *Lightning so I would have unlimited plays. Come to think of it I can actually play everything unlimited. I just most frequently play butterflies poker and lightning. All that being said for no apparent reason that I can discern, my game abruptly reset itself. As in wiped all my stats, all progress and ALL OF MY PURCHASED ADD-ONS!! THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. I have had my profile and purchases installed on at least six different phones in the last 5/6 years... without fail transferring info has never wiped out everything. The version I have now is set up for brand new players. I need this fixed😭. I paid for the game. Having that gone is digital theft.

by Geary   2 years ago

While playing game freezes up for a few seconds

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Bejeweled Classic, Is Bejeweled Classic game Down? Is Bejeweled Classic Down?
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“Bejeweled — perhaps the most insanely addictive puzzle game ever.” — Games Magazine Discover your perfect match with 6 breathtaking modes in this classic gem-matching game, from the fast-paced, time-based Lightning, to the gem-driven Flushes and Full Houses of Poker Mode. Create electrifying special gems like Flame gems, Star gems, Hypercubes, and Supernova gems, collect flashy Bejeweled badges and achievements, and soar to dazzling heights in the Game Center leaderboards – all while enjoying fantastic Retina-display graphics! This is the Bejeweled you’ve loved for years, and it’s still delivering amazing high-carat excitement! This app offers in-app purchases. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings. CLASSIC GEM-MATCHING Play the most popular puzzle game of the century with powerful new gems. You’ll find cascades of fun as you test your gem-swapping ability! MODES FOR EVERY MOOD Enjoy the original in Classic, race against time in Lightning, dig deep for tre...

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