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@j0weee this is some SHIT to the BULL!! and let’s not forget that 4.2 BILLION DOLLARS was donated to UCLA’s centennial campaign. imagine if y’all put this much energy into paying your workers phewwwwwww 🧐🧐🧐 @UCLA do better 🗣🗣

@Jrnyman2 @dmartosko @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle @UCLA @TPUSA Charlie K and co. have a hidden agenda they are pushing for a foreign country that does not have Americans best interest at hand. They are hypocrites in the fact that they are trying to stifle free speech of people who support Trump. They need to answer their questions.

@brazenprods I’m really pleased to have been asked to produce the rather good @BBCScotland @screenscots #guilt not only to be back near family but also to pay back my fantastic Scottish further education @StirUni film and media and English (1987-91) and media masters (1991-3 with @ucla)

@hammonds_geral @dmartosko @stillgray @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle @UCLA @TPUSA It's not a smart idea to start smearing people like letfist do, calling everybody a white supremacist and a racist, let them have their say, then everybody can judge for themselves. And if they are what you say they are, everybody will see. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.


@zNanoTechWater Great meeting at @WorldWaterTech #LosAngeles #conference w/ Eric Hoek, Director of @UCLA NanoMeTeR Lab ( and founder of NanoH20. He suggested changes to our site,, all of them good. We're working on it now.

@karumbaGathoni @EstherPassaris @CSA_Kenya @SaveChildrenSA @UCLA @youth4SRHR This is a grass root issue madam wakenya wako hustle now visit church school s talk to children there ndio utaona watoto

@IAmTheBottle2 @Vajay0341 @laurenibsolm @dmartosko @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle @UCLA @TPUSA Nick’s entire ideology is based off of Pat Buchanan, and he faced the same backlash from the establishment right. You’re not a genuine conservative, dude. You’re just someone to be pushed aside and ignored. We don’t care what you think is racist, old man.

@drivingmzstacey Lovely lunch w/ @Vogelheim & @DonaldShoup (Not kidding, but didn’t 📸 because i didn’t want to be *that* person. back to @LA_CoMotion session: Transit Agency + TNC Partnerships Juan Matute @UCLA Casey Gifford @kcmetrobus Emma Huang @metrolosangeles Obinna Emenike @ridewithvia


@AnahiMa59156058 @ucla students I DONT KNOW WHO RAISED YALL but the dinning halls ask for ONE Thing, to take the utensils out and if you can’t do that simple thing you ain’t shit I DONT CARE how hard you’ve worked to be here or what background you come from it’s not that hard so just do it !

@ann_murithi @EstherPassaris @CSA_Kenya @SaveChildrenSA @UCLA @youth4SRHR This should be accessible to all, not made into a BTW seminar for a section of the population

@ChrisJacobsGRHS So proud of our beautiful girl for working so hard @UCLA and pushing herself to learn beyond the classroom walls through an internship at Live Nation...Can’t wait to see you back in Virginia at Christmas!

@BrainsickBlaze @AndrewGumbel @UCLA @DonaldJTrumpJr This was a pretty accurate and fair article Thank you for your bravery in writing it Although most of us are not against ALL foreign entanglements. We just want to put American Interests first when we are dealing with other countries And none of us are Nazis or White Supremists

@_Chris130_ @CherylinMass @ColumbiaBugle @UCLA They're the ones who canceled the Q&A because they didn't want to be asked inconvenient questions (immigration and excessive prostration before Israel). They shut down the exchange of ideas. What was the audience to do, politely accept that they were shut out of the conversation?

@FulbrightIT US #Fulbright Scholar of @UCLA, Rachel Clausing, is at @UniGenova to restore a threatened #marinehabitat in the @parco5terre “Living & working in #Genova, I have come to appreciate the role of the #sea in Ligurian culture & has given me a new perspective on #marineconservation

@infoquestions @DonaldJTrumpJr The douche doesn’t fall far from the bag... except @EricTrump who is further because he fell harder (on his head) but also applies to @IvankaTrump but somehow not yet @TiffanyATrump or #BarronTrump... yet. So how did getting booed offstage by Trump supporters @UCLA feel? LockU Up

@JanetHaysNOLA @psychunseen @MentalIllPolicy @UCLA @amybarnhorst @gm_carter I hope you are going to reintroduce your red flag law next session. I'd love to help with data collection and advocacy. Hard to believe Louisiana is not one of the 17 states that has passed a law. Check out Amy's presentation.

@AllAboveAllAct Let’s be clear: this is about the employees’ access to the care they need and their ability to afford it. That is an economic justice issue similar to the labor reasons the @DNC moved the debate from @UCLA.

@weequipped @ubiquity75 @safiyanoble @UCLA @NYUpress I have met movies stars and had more chill, but I was such a mess that she felt all sorts of sorry for me and gave me a hug and told me not to get fired. She's good people.

@DrTweetertainer I would loved to see what had happened if it was the other way around. He's be on life already. Not even a year for each year? And 100M$ as a small token? Pfuk the white Court system. Teena selling weed got more ffs. @UCLA I am sure you're on it aren't you.

@mamaluna @ikebarinholtz Wait, so @UCLA can host this idiot on campus, but not the DNC debate?? Please settle with the union to reclaim your reputation as a bastion of intellectual debate, rather than random idiots who are only famous because of who produced their baby batter.

@Nick27974638 @tictoc @annielab_jmsc @business HK Police invading an university, attacking students. It's not tear gas, it's Chemical Weapon. It's crime against humanity. Need urgent help from international community to stop it @Columbia @UCLA @UChicago @Yale @Georgetown #SOSHK #StandwithHonKong

@KathrynLybarger @zakfisher4gsap1 @aterkel @afscme3299 @UCLAchancellor @UAWUCLA @AFSCMELocal3299 @UPTECWA Thank you, @zakfisher4gsap1! Students leading on the front lines with working people to make @UCLA better, with the solidarity of our elected leaders, is how we’ll get it done.

@KidsPartnership @CABEBEBILINGUAL @CalEndow @SanJuanUnified @MendotaUnified @MUSDAztecs @CalTog 5/9 “It’s not a student’s job to educate you. Educate yourself, do your research, to learn more about our immigrant experience and statuses.” - Annie Kao, @UCLA grad student

@AuricGoldfinge5 @AshaRangappa_ @KathyDosta @kimguilfoyle Screaming & Yelling at @UCLA Audience Sounds Like An #Unhinged #Maniacal Six Year Old #Tantrum Who Needs Her #Lithium #AngerMeds - Or Should Change Her Pad Can Assure You Will Not Buy #Trigger & Refuse To Give Money To #Greedy #Psychopathic #Racist @DonaldJTrumpJr

@GurdeepPall @KatyTurNBC @alex Thanks @UCLA for not listening to this fatuous immoral family #MAGA

@TheNjoroge @dianavanpatten @Econ_Sandy @UCLA Any studies that you have done on Kenya? Alot of multinationals likely to close down due to economic depression and I would like to know whether the effect would be substantial.

@RoarLions2 @dmartosko @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle @UCLA @TPUSA Classic “anyone who doesn’t follow the script is a Holocaust denier.” Yawn. Maybe a better description is they’re “holocaust-I don’t care.” You seriously have to come up with something new, that stuffs not working anymore.

@aydenisaac @Kinnon_Ross @UCLA @theohtn @TTZHIV @ACToronto Glad this event is happening and yet, I have a visceral reaction to US [cis] experts being invited to tell CDNs how to be leaders in trans care. Lots of room to improve (esp. re: trans PLHIV) but Toronto IS a leader in trans care and maybe folks down here should just listen?

@jaimenack #flashback @UCLA who remembers working out here?! #GoBruins always a treat to return to campus and relive the glory days of college life! #ucla @UCLA_Alumni @UCLALuskin

@Ehsankach @samad_ahadian @khademh @UCLA @BioEngUCLA Congratulations and well desereved. 500,000 $ is a huge money to prize, especially for a country in which many children do not have access to the primary educational facilities, such as proper rooms which are called 'school'.

@JorgePikunic One of every three Americans live in a community that has committed to or has already achieved 100% clean electricity, according to this interesting article by @greentechmedia, citing a report by @UCLA. Although not all 100% targets look the same. #sustainability

@JenniferJoeMD Humbled to spend the week with brilliant #futureleaders like visionary @ucla #medstudent @vrclark1 who is working on the hard #healthcare problems, like the #maternalfetal #healthdisparities that exist in the US. #futureleaders #healthcaredisparities #SheLeadsHealthcare

@Vajay0341 @mikeironheathe @BlueTrappedin @Newyorkmom22 @dmartosko @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle @UCLA @TPUSA No he’s not. If I were the Dems I’d play that video at the beginning of every political ad. This guy is poison. He’s 21, lives at home, has ZERO life experience and pretending to be the voice of conservatism. He’s a joke and a racist.

@somethingsassy2 @iamrachelwolf @thricedotted @MSNBC @CNN @nytimes @washingtonpost @abcnews @CBSNews @NBCNews @techradar @WIRED @businessinsider @programmableweb @DukeU @UTAustin @cfcc @UMich @UCLA @JonesDay @SkaddenArps @DLA_Piper @TheJusticeDept @LegalZoom @Viacom @CBS @PBS @tcm @Marriott @Visa @amazon @autodesk @Aetna @Uber @lyft THIS in letter form to Rev, would be amazing. You have expressed the concerns of many frustrated transcriptionists at Rev. I've been working there for 3 years now and things continue to get worse. Thank you for your efforts in helping out those behind the scenes!

@N_Hegday @tedlieu @DonaldJTrumpJr Well the audience is well within their right to save their ears. The Trump family has been spreading misinformation unscathed. Stopping them is public service. Similar to what we expect Facebook to do...not give a platform for lies. @UCLA 👏

@vivytranmd @UCLA @UCLAHealth @Operation_Mend @wwp Such an incredible organization!! Was lucky to meet so many of these leaders when working with the undergrad organization.

@InsidePhilanthr Even as schools raise record amounts of money, big gifts are rare for middle-income families with too much money to qualify for grants, but not enough to cover full educational costs. IP's Mike Scutari reports on a notable exception: @TheSteveTisch @UCLA

@MarinVaquero I'm not that young to believe in coincidences, and it's not a coincidence that @LAPhil and @UCLA where both founded 100 years ago. Happy first centennial to both!

@ywdwarner Try not to let anyone die in the stair well , and stay clear of the homeless that @facebook @salesforce @TwitterSF helped create due to their greed . And watch out for groping, happens @UCLA @USC and @UCSFHospitals children are abandoned by HR Odato and Chancellor Hawgood (

@GabCurse @realDonaldTrump #Apropos of #Doctored *anything*: do you promise to undergo a thorough #fMRI test to prove you do not possess a #Brain #Anomaly known as #Psychopathy / #Sociopathy--by a relatively #unbiased #University #Neuroscientist / #Lab. I hear @DukeU & @UCLA, among others, are #reputable

@aerdnaa_xo @ucla too. i started literally 8 weeks ago. Why hire people and make them start working if you don’t have the money cleared to pay them yet ???

@ElevenCream @UCLA @MIT @Yale @UCIrvine You have to be pretty stupid to not be able to tell them apart

@LeeAnnJackson @TroyAikman Hard to believe ... almost as hard to believe that it’s been 30 years since our @UCLA graduation...seems not that long ago we were in lectures in Haines Hall! (@UCLA_Alumni @UCLAFootball) #UCLA

@JosephChez Grifter Trump jr at @UCLA was classic a Trump fake set up, to make it appear the Trumps have significant following in academia. They don’t. The group who brought Trump jr to the campus, is an outside group not associated with UCLA, leading everyone to believe its a hired group.

@J_Ronaldson @wdmoor @dmartosko @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle @UCLA @TPUSA I've little use for TPUSA myself as they're just some glib college Republican org, yet by being so they become a larger target than is warranted - incongruous to their not giving a forum to Holocaust denial, …

@laurenibsolm @Vajay0341 @IAmTheBottle2 @dmartosko @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle @UCLA @TPUSA Without context this tweet looks like a leftist's complaint about Trump. Regardless, if as a country we could stomach Stalin to take down Hitler, I can stomach Fuentes to take down Kirk.

@tsakonage [email protected] Obama had NO legal right to create DACA! Over 50,000 of those DACA recipients are criminals. Trump is getting rid of this ILLEGAL abuse by Obama. Shut your idiotic complaint down trying to stop Truup. We don’t want your crap!

@NimishaLadva @UC I am a proud UC grad. I would not have the life I have today without access to the quality, financially accessible education, I received at @UCLA and @UCIrvine independent of my immigration status. Thank you!

@tweetAMRAPALI @ava @PhillipYoumans @netflix @ARRAYNow @UCLA @Cirque And since you were lovely to “like” my response @Ava , I won’t pretend it wouldn’t make me giddy if you checked out my work... a handful of years later, here’s me working with the hilarious #WayneKnight ✨

@jdplumbingco @dmartosko @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle @UCLA @TPUSA Tragedy Death Millions Face , To Goodness Erase , The Haters Bait this to once again happen They need a good slapping , Saying it not so, That never happen Ask BO

@RogueBalam @pattrn @UCLA @nresearchnews What if we continue to fight hard to end producing CO2, and not make it a business.

@AValenzuelaJr Last Wed, @afscme3299_ held a one day strike @ucla. In intro to Labor Studies 10 @UCLALaborSd we supported by having a teach-in & experiential exercise to learn & better understand working conditions for UCLA workers. Great event! @lasocialscience @NarroVictor @TobiasHigbie

@GabrielaDow This abusive culture of hazing + alcohol abuse has worsened since I was @UCLA. It's not about "partying" but about humiliating, hurting, indoctrinating others to become as dangerous, arrogant & "untouchable" as their "brothers." Can't believe these Frats/gangs/clans still exist.

@Vajay0341 @IAmTheBottle2 @laurenibsolm @dmartosko @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle @UCLA @TPUSA ....of freedom in history. They brought with them courage and the values of family, work, and freedom. Let us pledge to each other that we can make America great again." Just shut up....You're not Conservative. You're a racist white nationalist...

@Vajay0341 @IAmTheBottle2 @laurenibsolm @dmartosko @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle @UCLA @TPUSA And? People like you paint Nick as being some hero of conservatism; which he's not. So, I am going to let those who don't know, know exactly who this racist is...

@JasonQuinter @ThatsSoJocelyne @UCLA Very true. Also it seems to me that America was founded and built on civil disruption and protest. If the alt-right wants to shout down Jr. and his plastic girlfriend it's okay with me.

@Polyops2 @dmartosko @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle @UCLA @TPUSA How come we only ever see these CENSORSHIP screens on posts made by Jews, who happen to be downplaying criminal Jewry again??? What's wrong? Is paying people to say nice things about you on the internet not working out?

@yaejic Students across the country are being recognized for their work in the 2018 midterms today at the #ALLINAwards 🏅🇺🇸Thank you @emmabarudi and other BruinsVote coalition partners at @ucla for working with @CALPIRGStudent to increase the turnout by over 300% last year!

@TheChivalric Did not know of its existence until now: The UCLA Bedari Kindness Institute @UCLA Glad to see this..... Please support with all of your might..

@rickspaghetti @ThisIsTheChamp @dmartosko @willchamberlain @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle @UCLA @TPUSA Every American’s humanity needs to be defined by their opinions on an event that happened 75 years ago on a different continent. But only this one event that happened, not any of the others around the world throughout history.

@dajmeyer Franklin Murphy, Chancellor @UCLA 1960-1968: "If we do not return beauty of the environment to a position of the highest priority, we shall have made of our growing megalopolises a major force for human brutalization."

@DamnedLiberal @Civildebate2017 @KianpourWorld @DonaldJTrumpJr @UCLA @realDonaldTrump Why do you feel that citing the number of deaths in any event negates the appropriate criticism of the science-denying GOP? WW1? WW2? Vietnam? Iraq? Don't deflect. The issue is climate change GOP denial. Republicans also like to make up their own "facts".

@MarieUSA79 @laurenibsolm @dmartosko @DonaldJTrumpJr @kimguilfoyle @UCLA @TPUSA I'm not going to get into a perpetual argument with you. Either it was night at the improve or they were discussing genuine figures of people being burned alive comparing actual human suffering to cookies to do it.

@TraceyNew @RepDougCollins @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump The punk who got booed @ucla and needed his "girlfriend" @kimguilfoyle to defend him sends a tweet like this about a DISTINGUISHED AMERICAN DIPLOMAT? Boy sit your #bulkbuyingbooks self down @DonaldJTrumpJr #BriberyIsAnImpeachableOffense #ImpeachmentHearings #MarieYovanovitch

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