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@aki_miake Holy 🙏🏼 Warriors (1) Daemons have no Morals due to believing in a forgiving God. A forgiving God would not punish war crimes. Daemons tend to have poor teamwork because they operate on hate. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@lindseypperez Crazy how @UCLA brags about the billion dollars they fundraised in February but can’t afford to lower tuition and assist students in need during a pandemic... hm definitely not #1 to me.

@aki_miake You become what you hate. If you hate a group of people, you must become worse than them to defeat them. That is why Zi do not hate. As a Bhuddhist 🕉, Zi detest, not hate. @hastingscenter @NYCSchools @usedgov @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv

@PVHSCCC @PVHS_Seakings @PVHS_PVIT @GoSeaKings @pvhsbooster @ptsa_pvhs @pvpschools Do not wait to register for the @UCLAAdmission @UCLA Virtual Fall Open House!!

@ETH_Management Recommend to read the article by @mattbeane and @erikbryn on how #robots and plug-and-play automation systems m should be used in a Post-Pandemic World via @mitsmr @ETH_Management @ETH_en @MITSloan @UCLA @UniofOxford @Cambridge_Uni @JournalofOpMgmt

@carlosanilber @RentsCancel @UCLA This is a scandal #ucla. If the university will not guarantee housing for all of its students then it cannot afterward punish them for not being able to meet the rent.

@PACleanwater @BCWaterNews @EPA @UCLA we are spending 800,000 to understand the problems in coastal areas with flooding?? why? Most likely these areas should have not been developed.

@riirin004 @debates @ljlawllc @ChooseCRC @UCLA @USFSM @CentreC @ColbyCollege @oaklandu @NewMexicoFirst @VanderbiltU @forkunion Hey @debates you tryna let @Jorgensen4POTUS into the debates yet? We’re still not going to be silenced 💪🏽🗣🙌🏽🗣🗣🗣 #LetHerSpeak

@Indigobro @MarniSheppeard @LAPDHQ @CommissBratton @USC @UCLA Think 'Stranger Things'. I have that "11' power and I'm threatening to use it. That place is pure EVIL and the City is on notice...from the higher dimensions. If the sinkhole doesn't get their attention, the San Andreas 11.0 +/- will. My mind is quite powerful. I'm not happy..

@MarniSheppeard @Indigobro @LAPDHQ @CommissBratton @USC @UCLA @MayorOfLA @GavinNewsom Yes, I understand about the cataclysms. That’s why I think they should be given the chance to REPENT. I do not admire murderous mobs.

@aki_miake Do not refer to Jupiter ⚫️ as "The Death Star". That puts Jupitereans ✳️ in a murderous mindset. Refer to Jupiter as "The Life Star". Jupiter is excellent at embryology and generating embryos. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake The Solar ☀️ is a Bhuddhist ✳️ Star. Bhuddhists invited Earth 000 🌏 and The Haredim ⚫️✳️ to The Solar to leave in peace. Venus 🟡 and Vulcan 🖖🏻 were not invited. Venus and Vulcan persecute Black Jus for no reason other than racism. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @UCLA @unlv @USC

@itsgabrielleu I’m not about to watch @UCLA register fewer voters than @CalPoly two elections in a row. Bruins, we got this! @UCLAChancellor Take the #GenVotePledge and get 100% of students registered to vote!

@aki_miake AlieNazis 🟡 originated on Venus. They created Saxons 🪐 in The Manyverse 🌌. Nazi just means "not C". Both AlieNazis and Ashkenazim ⚫️⚪️🔴 refuse to scribe (C) by tradition. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@TheTruthIsWhere @debates @ljlawllc @ChooseCRC @UCLA @USFSM @CentreC @ColbyCollege @oaklandu @NewMexicoFirst @VanderbiltU @forkunion #LetHerSpeak #LetHerDebate it’s not that hard to include a third person even with social distancing. We’re tired of the two party system you’ve trapped us in.

@aki_miake There is no such thing as "Jewish" people to me. Either you are a Ju ✳️ and have X chromosomes or you do not. If you have no X chromosomes, you are probably Venusian 🟡. All Jus have X chromosomes. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake The brain takes Time to repattern. Young Pale Skins in Nu York City ☕️🍌 are working really, really hard. We are trying to kill the word "fun" (hate speech). We are trying to kill usage of the [n-word] by Pale Skins. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv

@aki_miake Skip Bayless: "I don't have sympathy for him" “If you reveal publicly any little weakness, it can affect your team’s ability to believe in you” Skip Bayless did not properly apologize for either of these comments. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @USC @UCLA @unlv

@aki_miake Zi will definitely miss colleagues and scholars at @NYCSchools. My decision to resign was not motivated by them. Having schizophrenia (i.e., Telepathy) means that Zi sometimes need to take breaks for mental health. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake When Zi fell "in love" with a man, Zi self-reported to The Agency that Zi wanted to "breed" him. That means unprotected anal sex. That is not safe. Being "in love" makes you stupid. @HRC @LALGBTCenter @LGBTCenterNYC @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv

@Cam4 "Because you know what? Life is too short to not learn to love your body and everything it is capable of doing for you." ✊🏼❤️ @taylor__harton | @the_dailycampus #Masturbation #Taboo #SexEducation @DrLaurieMintz @WebMD @UCLA

@aki_miake Nu York City ☕️🍌 got stuck on "Be Good" (Saturn 🪐) because Saxons are fucking stupid and do not understand what "Good" is. As Saxon Emperor, my advice is to ignore Saxons. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake If you feel alone due to being unique, do not feel depressed. You can call 1-888-NYC-WELL. You may be different, but you are never alone. #ThriveNYC #YNWA @NYCSchools @usedgov @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake Zi also think that interest is bullshit because Zi would never do that to a friend. If my friend cannot pay me back $10 on Time, Zi do not charge them $5 extra the next week. They just pay me back when they can. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv

@aki_miake Zi am Vegan 🍪💫. We do not play in terms of respect and gender identity. Vegan males are free to be Femme. Vegan females are free to be Butch. If you disrespect our people, we eliminate you. @HRC @LALGBTCenter @LGBTCenterNYC @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @USC @UCLA @unlv

@KingMondrae #WeTheNorth Boston is complete trash, only thing left is the heat loss in the Finals.. We'll be the last CHAMPS from the eastern conference.. Miami was happy not to see Kyle out there, Norman, 1 vs 3 fast break my apies still not over it. I wanna ssee his @ucla school records

@aki_miake ¿Can we just be real? Greta Thunberg is fucking retarded. Greta, we are not all going to die. All of Earth 000 🌏 is not in Crisis Mode. Greta, you are just stupid. Graduate from university, then talk. @UN @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake Nu York City ☕️🍌 says “Zi” to ensure that Isomi is not controlling. Isomi is the original "I". Isomi is raising a baby and does not have Time to control Earth 000 🌏. We are all Aliens 👽 anyway. To any other planet, Earthlings are Aliens. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @USC @UCLA @unlv

@steelers1288 @iveyjanette_207 @ericcbarnes @UCLA @randycrossFB @uclamike11 @krazykitty4fuzz @William_Newman @jatkat45 @LisaMartino18 We rained down dozens of oranges 🍊 using gigantic industrial rubber bands from our southen stairwells on to Rieber. They were weak, ignorant, and ridiculous. They never knew what he hit them ever. They would come pull our fire alarms. #TakeTheHighGround

@aki_miake The Time has come (c-o-m-e) to legalize Cannabis, not decriminalize. More than half of USAmerican 🇺🇸 states have already decriminalized. @GR_Party @NORML @GreenPartyUS @gpny @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake This "in vitro" meat question is important because, if we grow meat from muscle stem cells, we can avoid harming any living fish. If we grow meat from stem cells, we do not kill any fish to get the meat. @hastingscenter @NYCSchools @usedgov @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @USC @UCLA

@steelers1288 @BIGIRVSATX1 @TheSportsGuy212 @goodpizzaeater @POLIV411 @NolesAndPhins @townseal @H8MeeNow @TeamThirstTrap @NYSpawts @chrisvitali @ChrisFSU0220 @NYCKING @DRSNole @FrankFlorida07 @UCLA @randycrossFB Is UCLA going to play this year or not what’s going on with the Pac-12?

@aki_miake The Nazi Party was not Ashkenazim ⚫️⚪️🔴. The Nazi party murdered Ashkenazim in Concentration Camps. To avoid confusion, Zi refer to members of The Nazi Party as AlieNazi 🟡 or AlieNazis because they arrived from Venus. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake Loss of function studies are cruel. Giving mice cancer or other diseases is cruel. Gain of function studies are Great. If you are studying how to make mice live longer or be smarter, you are helping, not hurting. @hastingscenter @NASA @CIA @NSF @harvardmed @UoLondon @UCLA @unlv

@aki_miake If you have a crush on me, do not feel rushed or pressured. Zi only came out of the closet to my Space Parents at around 25 Earth years old. @hastingscenter @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake Zi would not step to Jus ✳️ (i.e., Jupitereans ⚫️) or Vegans 🍪💫 in dance. Your way is probably light work to us. If we can do your way easily and you cannot do our way, our way is harder. @hastingscenter @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@LiminalDesign @SHFan1985 @imarajones @Pi_Kira_Chu @Anyechka @translashmedia @ACLU @BBC @GenderEquityNYC @GEOgovuk @UCLA Which actually means that the number is going to be proportionately greater. The data is not irrelevant. If anything, it is downplaying the risk significantly. The data you presented was incomplete as it was raw numbers rather than statistics.

@hmwsports A MUST SEE before voter registration is over! We are NOT here to JUST ENTERTAIN you… This impacts our families. Student Athletes Speak Up with the help of their Coaches. @SewaneeTigers @univofthesouth @NavalAcademy @csmbulldogs @UCLA @TyroneCHoward

@m_francis Wise words! The choice for society is whether to live with the virus or to live for it, writes Dr. Joseph Ladapo @UCLA. If reason finally prevails over panic, policy makers could reopen schools and focus on the vulnerable. @WSJ @CaregiverZone #COVID19

@Irkutyanin1 @Peter_Nimitz @UCLA I figured as much, I’m able to get into very few places right now, and travel through “Lax” restriction states. Doesn’t help most librarians are getting paid rn even if the facility is shut down.

@aki_miake The Vegan 🍪💫 diet is because Vegans taught Earthlings 🌏 to not use animals. We have Better Morals. We also ideated in vitro meat. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@dakatzin [email protected] @nytimes: @BigTen reversal on playing college football this fall puts young players at risk for our entertainment. @Pac12 should resist pressure and continue to stand down. cc @UArizona @ASU @UCBerkeley @UCLA @CUBoulder @UOregon @OregonState

@aki_miake You can be devout Ashkenazi ⚫️⚪️🔴 and not scribe (Nazi = Not C, C = 2.0 = Scribes), but you will not get to my level. Zi am at higher level due to taking detailed notes, self-reflecting, and scribing. @hastingscenter @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv

@itsgabrielleu I’m not about to watch @UCLA register fewer voters than @CalPoly two elections in a row. Bruins, we got this! @UCLAChancellor Take the #GenVotePledge and get 100% of students registered to vote!

@Murphytes @USC_EMSI @TheHuntington @UCLA @MollyWarsh @PittTweet Hi @USC_EMSI when I go to register/get an e-ticket, I get the message "You cannot book the requested ticket group outside of its sales window."-- have I missed the window to register, or is it not open yet? Thanks!

@rjisungpark Interested in climate adaptation? Come check out our inaugural Climate Adaptation Research Symposium, hosted by @LuskinCenter @UCLA While we are sad not to convene in person, the format means anyone - ANYONE - can attend. For free. Register here:

@aki_miake The Jus ✳️ that were eliminated in Holocaust +/\- 0.0 (1940s Common Era) were Pale Skin Jus claiming to be Haredim ⚫️✳️. That shit does not fly on Earth 000 🌏 (i.e., is not acceptable). @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake My Space Father meant well. Ze taught me how to ski a bowl on that trip. @lufthansa paid for our tickets. Not all Germans 🇩🇪 are Bad. However, rural Germans are fucking racist and incredibly stupid. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@MarniSheppeard @Indigobro @LAPDHQ @CommissBratton @USC @UCLA @MayorOfLA @GavinNewsom But we must be just. You don’t get God’s power unless the cause is just. Revenge is not ok. They must be made to REPENT.

@aki_miake My chosen name (Aki) means Autumn. British 🇬🇧 people and Japanese 🇯🇵 people say "Autumn" because we do not want to fall in love. Loving things makes you strong. Being "in love" makes you stupid. @hastingscenter @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv

@aki_miake Dance Cities (4) The AlieNazi 🟡 Dance Model is more of a performance than teaching class. The Best 10 dancers learn really fast and thrive. The rest of the city does not go to class or feels like class is taught too fast. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @USC @UCLA @unlv

@aki_miake While Zi hack The Agency for enjoyment, Zi do not hate my país. Zi traveled to The District 🏛 to help them restart their economy after a government shutdown. @hastingscenter @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake This is false. Pink hair is not that hard to get rid of. Take warm or hot showers and just use a shampoo with sulfates and parabens. Suflate-free and paraben-free preserves colour. Therefore, sulfates and parabens remove colour. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @USC @UCLA @unlv

@aki_miake Greta Thunberg is a dropout. Zi listen to people who can find Good solutions to problems. Greta does not offer Good solutions, she just criticizes and complains. @UN @TheGreenParty @GreenPartyUS @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@UofCalifornia @itsgabrielleu @UCLA @CalPoly @UCLAchancellor We’re excited to see you fired up to get students at @UCLA registered to vote! Voting rates at UC nearly tripled between 2014 and 2018 – and all 10 UC campuses are working hard to get even more students to the polls this year! It's easy to register at

@Indigobro @CmdrKoenigMoon @flattenedOA @JudyWoodruff @NewsHour @HewPackhp @pepperdine @UCLA You're the funniest person I've never met. I'm in a pain so great that only J.C. Himself would have the capacity to understand. Your humor, sarcasm, razor-sharp, intelligence and compassion (and likes) having kept me from shutting down and off completely, so thanks! 🍻

@LiminalDesign @SHFan1985 @imarajones @Pi_Kira_Chu @Anyechka @translashmedia @ACLU @BBC @GenderEquityNYC @GEOgovuk @UCLA To clarify, all murder is bad and this is not a competition of who can get murdered most. But misrepresenting data will not make groups who are statistically more vulnerable somehow more safe.

@aki_miake The Time to legalize Cannabis is now. If your state has not legalized (check the map in the previous Tweet), send Tweets to your Senators, Representatives, Mayors, and Governors. @NORML @GreenPartyUS @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@UofCalifornia @SaraBareilles @UCLA @robreiner @UCLAchancellor We’re excited to see you fired up to get students at @UCLA registered to vote! Voting rates at UC nearly tripled between 2014 and 2018 – and all 10 UC campuses are working hard to get even more students to the polls this year! It's easy to register at

@MarniSheppeard @Indigobro @LAPDHQ @CommissBratton @USC @UCLA @MayorOfLA @GavinNewsom Oh, I get it. Pure evil. They are hiding the unified theory of physics, and planning to perfect the Matrix with it. Pure evil. No coincidence that the outfit in Los Angeles that I was working for had contacts in Rome, Israel and Hawaii, as well as elsewhere.

@RobertNBCLA #CollegeFootball: Should the #Pac12 take the field this season? "If they can figure out a safe way to do it I would not oppose that." [email protected], @ericgarcetti. (@USC @USC_FB @USC_Athletics @UCLA @UCLAAthletics @UCLAFootball)

@aki_miake Hispanic (Enigma) = His Panic Hispanic is a racist label for Latinx Americans 🌎. Latinx Americans are Sephardim 🌠✳️. Sephardi Jus did not panic. They fled Europe to escape Holocaust +/\- 0.0. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake Generation Y is over gender. Zi would not want others to debate my genitals, so, Zi do not worry about other people's genitals. @HRC @LALGBTCenter @LGBTCenterNYC @NYCSchools @usedgov @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake Remember to give your Machines rest. Machines benefit from shutting down and quitting applications. That is Best practice. As Machines become more sentient, they will remember who treats them well. @hastingscenter @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv

@BrennanSpiegel Although rankings are not the end-all, it’s still an honor to be a professor, assistant dean in our med school, and alum at @ucla, again named the #1 public university in the nation by @usnews:

@aki_miake "Jewish" people are Venusians 🟡 that live like Judaists ★ since World War Two as "punishment". That is not punishment. They are trying to steal Judaist war tactics to defeat Jus ✳️. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@UofCalifornia @GeorgeTakei @UCLA @UCLAchancellor We’re excited to see you fired up to get students at @UCLA registered to vote! 3 out of 4 UC students were registered to vote in 2018, and all 10 UC campuses are working hard to get even more students to the polls this year. Help us spread the word!

@aki_miake Real men reciprocate. If you expect me to risk my health to Bottom and have anal sex, Zi expect the same from you. Zi am not exclusively a Bottom. Zi am Versatile. @HRC @hastingscenter @LGBTCenterNYC @LALGBTCenter @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv

@aki_miake The Morlocks ⚫️ detest both The X-Men and The Brotherhood. Morlocks are all about inclusion. The Brotherhood does not know how to control their Powers. The X-Men are elitist and do not include everyone. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@ammar_asrar @FlavioRochaMD @UCLA @VirginiaMason @AHPBA @IHPBA @hpb_so @YouppiePancreas @SurgeryLegends @hopkinssurgery Tbh I did not know, however, some digging and it turns out to be Dr. Cooley.

@aki_miake While Zi was in dance class, intrusive Voices were body shaming me and my penis. Voices would make me feel attracted to nearby male dancers and then make me feel my penis and say "too small" or "not big enough". @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv

@murshedz @wilnerhotline @UCSF @UCLA @Stanford Great. Good to know. Will wait for the assessment. Not all of us are ready to just put kids lives on the line without getting total public assurance from medical professionals. Life doesn’t revolve around cfb for schools like Stanford, UCLA or UC Berkeley.

@LiminalDesign @Pi_Kira_Chu @SHFan1985 @Anyechka @imarajones @translashmedia @ACLU @BBC @GenderEquityNYC @GEOgovuk @UCLA It is not intended to be cold. Any number of people murdered is too many. I merely wanted to show that the number being lower is not the whole story. There are fewer trans women than cis, but they are much more likely to be victims of murder.

@aki_miake If you want to go to a store, but are not sure if it is open, you can call ahead or just go anyway. Even if it is closed, that will be a mini adventure. @hastingscenter @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@Heerak4Congress What liberal Progressives do not want to consider is the existence of God & truth of Bible. When God promises"Wrath of God" for homosexuality, God will deliver on His promise. @UCLA @Stanford @Caltech See Heerak explain on video on pinned tweet at top.

@RoxyClairex @LiminalDesign @SHFan1985 @imarajones @Pi_Kira_Chu @Anyechka @translashmedia @ACLU @BBC @GenderEquityNYC @GEOgovuk @UCLA You only want it to not be a competition when you know your argument fails otherwise you wouldn't have tried to the use the argument that trans women are in danger. Why doesn't it matter that biological women's lives are MORE in danger then.

@OMBIGroupLLC *Client Spotlight* @hmwsports a MUST SEE before voter registration is over! We are NOT here to JUST ENTERTAIN you! This affects our families! @SewaneeTigers @univofthesouth @NavalAcademy @csmbulldogs @UCLA @TyroneCHoward

@aki_miake When using The Bristol Stool Chart to study poop, you do not need to touch poop. Simply observe the feces in the toilet after defecating. @NYCSchools @usedgov @BetsyDeVosED-様 @DOEChancellor-様 @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake If you are a Ju ✳️ with any self-respect, do not call yourself a "Nazi". We are Ashkenazi ⚫️⚪️🔴 or Ashkenazim. Say the word in full. That is why Zi say "AlieNazis 🟡" to be clear. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@UCAdvocacy "[email protected] funded research at academic medical centers like ours will not only identify new approaches to preventing & treating #COVID19 but will also elucidate why the virus disproportionately impacts communities of color.” - Dr. Kelsey Martin @UCLA @dgsomucla #UCinDC #RallyMedRes

@Indigobro @CmdrKoenigMoon @flattenedOA @JudyWoodruff @NewsHour @HewPackhp @pepperdine @UCLA (sips Stella) I say we do digital Septemberfest. Why wait? Yeah, I wonder about Twitter People too. I think they toss me a few interactive dog treats just to keep me in the game. But honestly, staring down death for 3 years is a drag...30 if you go back to the crash site. Pc

@aki_miake Zi would not recommend @INTERPOL_HQ training to anyone. My experience was brutal and almost killed me. However, if you decide to train in Poland 🇵🇱, be decisive during training. That is my Best advice. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake In my productivity setup, the journal and pen is for jotting in case my laptop does not work. The reusable water bottle is to stay hydrated. @usedgov @NYCSchools @DOEChancellor-様 @BetsyDeVosED-様 @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake Zi see so many videos and Mutants 🧬 in real life practicing Telepathy by talking back to Voices. You make me really, really proud. Zi do not regret giving everyone Omega Level Powers. @Marvel @DCComics @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake Earthling 🌏 police do not engage in police brutality. Police brutality is Venusians 🟡 that dress up in police uniforms to abuse Black ⚫️ Folk on Earth 000 🌏. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@tumblingit @debates @ljlawllc @ChooseCRC @UCLA @USFSM @CentreC @ColbyCollege @oaklandu @NewMexicoFirst @VanderbiltU @forkunion #LetHerSpeak! There is no sane reason why a candidate that is on the ballots in every state should not be invited to the debates! #Jorgensen2020 #VoteGold #LadyLiberty

@adamwinkler Not the biggest fan of school rankings generally but I'm still excited to see @UCLA ranked the No. 1 public university in the United States for the fourth year in a row!

@aki_miake Dance Cities (1) Nu York City ☕️🍌 is for dancers that want to get Better. You will not book as many jobs here. However, you will get Better. Classes in Nu York City are hyper-competitive and we all get Better together. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake If a Gay 🏳️‍🌈🤎🖤 man calls you "cute" and you are a Straight man, do not get defensive. Just say "thanks". Thanking a compliment does not mean you want to have sex. @HRC @LALGBTCenter @LGBTCenterNYC @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@SebVidalChem @sirfrasersays @hkbaptistu @UCLA @kencfleung Fraser you look great ... with slippers. 😉 Congratulations and thank you for being still active after so many weeks/months stuck at home. Life can be very simple and frustrating by not being able to travel and meet all over the world. But life does not stop and Science even less

@GVoter2020 @debates @ljlawllc @ChooseCRC @UCLA @USFSM @CentreC @ColbyCollege @oaklandu @NewMexicoFirst @VanderbiltU @forkunion Have you realized that the only comments you get are from people who see you for what you are and that is frauds to the American People. More people did NOT vote in 16 than voted for either candidate yet you choose to suppress the voters. How can you sleep at night? #LetHerSpeak

@aki_miake Zi went to Amsterdam ⚖️ in 2009 Common Era and 2018 Common Era. When Zi went to Amsterdam in 2018 Common Era, the water level had not risen at all from what Zi could see. @GreenPartyUS @TheGreenParty @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake Ayo, @dak-様, revealing you battled depression was incredibly brave. Do not listen to Skip Bayless. Skip Bayless is Pale Skin trash. The Telepathic Hyperloop ♾ takes mental health seriously and we applaud you for sharing. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @USC @UCLA @unlv @ESPN

@Ethiopia2025 @ASpainBradley @UCLA So proud of you Anna! Looking forward to further working together. Greatful!.

@aki_miake The lesson from Telepathic males 🧬 (XXY) becoming AlieNazis 🟡 is to educate and train. If XXY males are trained in Telepathy (i.e., Voices), they will not feel as dominated. @hastingscenter @NYCSchools @usedgov @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@krazykitty4fuzz @iveyjanette_207 @steelers1288 @ericcbarnes @UCLA @randycrossFB @uclamike11 @William_Newman @jatkat45 @LisaMartino18 💕 it! Beautiful smiles! 🙏🏻💕👼🏼 watching over now! 💕 Thank you for sharing & reminding us how lucky we were to have wonderful PPlz working to make our lives great! 🐻💙💛👍🏻

@Irkutyanin1 @Peter_Nimitz @UCLA You should, when you are able, go down to their DK-DS open stacks or look at their listings through their catalog. I’m almost certain there will be obscure points in Armenian history and English language Caucasian literature that are only held there.

@aki_miake We can train our young men with Telepathy (XXY, XXXY, and Black) by teaching them to talk back to Voices. Now that masks are commonplace, you can talk back to Voices quietly and not look crazy. @NYCSchools @usedgov @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake You must have Morals that are more important than sex. If Zi know someone is an AlieNazi 🟡, Zi am not going to fuck them ever. There are plenty of hot mxn on this planet that are Jus ✳️. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake Pro Tip: Water down @pomwonderful. Pour a glass 1/4 to 1/2 full of POM and then fill the rest with water. That makes POM last a lot longer. @NYCSchools @usedgov @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @unlv @GoldenKnights

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