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@aki_miake Before Gabu, gut flora smelled Good. When we speak deep truth, we fart. Bhuddhists call that smell "tagara". Truth is meant to smell Good, not Bad. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights @NYCSchools @usedgov @SpaceForceDoD @FLOTUS-様

@sahltyk So is @UCLA gonna tell me my award/aid before the 7th? Because I’m not signing a contract until I know how much I’m expected to pay 😗

@encyclokatz Listening to @The_SCL's interview with @KamasiW & @nadiahallgren right now and, as a graduate of @ucla, I chuckled so hard when he said he was into the gamelan. Does anyone graduate from the UCLA Ethnomusicology program not loving gamelan? 😍

@aki_miake The word “whatever” can also be used as apathetic slang. Some people say “whatever” after an event to mean “Zi do not care”. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights @NYCSchools @usedgov @UN

@MayaDajon @GetSpectrum heartless corporation promised to give 2 months free for college students and their sales rep did not honor the deal because they said I was several hours late! Struggling at @UCLA during a pandemic and they could care less! Shame on you!!


@nic_riani47 Thanks @UCLA for recognizing professors who are working to make our textbooks more affordable! @CALPIRGStudent is working to pass an @UofCalifornia wide open textbooks grant program to support those who want to do the same! @EloyOakley #Textbookbroke

@aki_miake Zi feel like dancing sexually is not the same as being sexual. On Shabbat, when Zi am Asexual, Zi can dance “sexually” without feeling any urge to have sex. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @hastingscenter @HRC @LGBTCenterNYC @LALGBTCenter

@DFranklinDavis 🗣Calling all college freshmen to be🗣 We know this is difficult. You’ve worked so hard to attend a 4-year college, & once you’re admitted & finally ready to take off, the world turns upside down. As you weigh your options for the fall, checkout the below advice from @UCLA.

@HelenHsuPsyD Honestly not sure how these little babies & toddlers have now become college-applicant age... but proud & hopeful to show them around my beloved @UCLA #Auntie life #Bruinbear

@thegroupie @aidansparkes @UCLA Not that I can recall. People on college campuses tend to act like normal humans 😋

@Terry_Ayzman Amidst a bleak economy,@ChristyforCA25 tells DC-bound students to... Seek jobs in exec-level depts, not ONLY elected offices. After her own @UCLA graduation, Smith worked in an @usedgov undersecretary's office for @BillClinton.

@ADi_DAS_5015 @FriedrichPieter @UCLA Again see the work of RSS. Sitting comfortably in the ac 1000s of miles away is easy. RSS Is not a terrorist or violent organization as u portray. So get your facts right. It's not like Christian missionaries who offer money to convert to Christianity

@aki_miake Walking backwards is not allowed on the prefrontal cortex (PFC) while Time Traveling as that could alter The Time Stream. However, on the left-brain or right-brain, we can walk backwards to clear chi 💥. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas

@aki_miake Talking out emotions is wise. Talking about your emotions is a learned skill. When Zi first started talk therapy in 2014 Common Era, Zi did not know what Zi wanted to talk about. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights @NYCSchools @usedgov

@postmixer @RealCandaceO @Red_Pilled_Day @UCLA You talk WAY to fast! It’s kind of annoying because you have good things to say, but it’s comes off like a scripted robot. Slow it down Candice.

@aki_miake In a Telepathic society, sex can become easier. Sexual relationships are easier to form if you can detect sexual interest Telepathically. That does not mean we should act on that Telepathy. @HRC @LALGBTCenter @LGBTCenterNYC @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @USC @UCLA @GoldenKnights

@LauraHorneAM @Active_Minds campus leaders speaking out about mental health today in @chronicle via @Brown_e_Points. Love what Meera from @UCLA shares about the need for academic flexibility this fall + "This fire, this passion from our students isn't going to die down anytime soon." 🔥🔥

@PNWForestKing #BlackLivesDoMatter: If you REALLY BELIEVE IN BLACK LIVES, then you damn well bet OWN UP TO YOUR NEGLIGENCE AND HELP A BROTHER OUT! @NAACP @UCLA @BLMSeattleKC @NWIRP - not joking here. #FreeKelete #BLM #BlackLivesMatter

@Sanityland Assertive women not giving in to bullies. @CANADALAND @HuffPostCanada @vicecanada @Garossino @kinsellawarren @UBC @yorkuniversity @mcgillu @Harvard @UCLA @vestscanada @nationalpost @nypost @DailyMirror @DailyMailTV @SkyNews @France24_en @Telegraph @washingtonpost

@Sammy_Roth @godsouza @UCLA Not sure to what extent inequity will/won't impact long-term GHG reduction goals. Regardless, would say the inequity is relevant in and of itself.

@lasocialscience @native4data @UCLA Welcome! We look forward to working with you.

@aki_miake In a Telepathic society, ideas also develop much faster. Again, that does not mean we should act on those ideas. "To calm down is more progressive" - @PrinceZimboo-様 @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights @NYCSchools @usedgov

@Jonatha31107442 @UCLA John Wooden statute needs to come down today. Join UCLA girls basketball & BLM as we tear it down

@UC_Newsroom A new study featuring @ucla research shows that the magnetosphere can flap across the moon much like a windsock, exposing it to hazardous solar wind particles. @jgrplanets

@aki_miake We want leaders that will uplift BIPOC communities. If you want to represent BIPOC people, you must be an Ally of BIPOC. ¿Why would we elect a leader that does not look like us and does not think like us? @NAACP @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas

@k1helen Looks like a few listed here (but not all) have already joined in the lawsuit to protect their students! How about @Georgetown @UCLA @NYU @NorthwesternU @UChicago @Caltech @dukeU @JohnsHopkins @UMich @VanderbiltU ?

@YeahThatCindy @leahcaitrin @UCLA @NPR I thought when he mentioned needing to learn more signs, someone (the interviewer??) would say, wait what about when the signs are combined into, I don’t know, phrases and sentences? I’m leaning on the journalist here to know that language is not a series of isolated words...

@aki_miake Psychology is also extremely cultural. What is sane in one culture may be insane in another culture. Zi therefore do not pay a lot of attention to psychology. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights @NYCSchools @usedgov

@MarciWiser Looks like we’re spending the night! Not sure if we need to get the appendix out or not yet, but in the meantime it’s coloring books, movies and cuddling! The staff at @UCLA ER is fantastic. Please send this sweet girl lots of love and healthy vibes! ❤️ #lovethisgirl

@sarahwcooley This research was done by an awesome #geography undergraduate (Sarah Popelka) in our lab group at @UCLA. Just another reminder that #UndergradResearch can lead to exciting and unique insights that might otherwise not have been found!

@thelifeofsou3ad Can’t wait to walk down the aisle *fingers crossed* @UCLA

@aki_miake Aryan-様 dyed their hair to fool Adolf Dassler Hitler. Aryan-様 are from Bharata 🇧🇩. Aryan-様 are from Southern Asia, not Scandinavia. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights @NYCSchools @usedgov

@b_madini The @UofCalifornia and @UCLA specifically must step up and show their support for international students not though empty words, instead through action. International voices have been disregarded inside UCLA even when it comes to decisions that directly affects them.

@RachelSumekh In a few weeks, @UCLA (where it started) and other colleges will proudly write about the campaign. I hope the articles tell us that after admin saw the incredible sacrifice their students made, it prompted them to also boldly step up. Fingers crossed, but not holding my breath

@NSKhakoo_MD Check out this study on the increased risk of COVID19 among PPI users ⚠️- those taking PPI BID have ⬆ odds of a positive test when compared to those using PPI QD; those taking H2RA are NOT at increased risk. 🧐 @CedarsSinai @UMichGIHep @UCLA #COVID19 #GITwitter #Tweetorial

@UCLALibrary @UCLAAthletics @MartinJarmond Welcome to Westwood, @MartinJarmond! Here's a fun resource to help with your crash-course in all things @UCLA ... has over 10K historical campus photos that you can search, download and remix as you wish; here's one of our faves:

@wasthatholly @SenhorRaposa Teddy Roosevelt is top @POTUS in Holly's 📕b ecause he came to San Luis Obispo to honor @CalPoly for it's opening in 1903, then dude sadly died early in 1919, so missed giving that honor to @UCLA when they opened, but not as UCLA, that was 1927, or: Holly grades different!🤣

@BridgetCallagh3 I was an international student on a J1 visa for 5 years. Working hard at @ColumbiaPSYC @Columbia. I am on a working visa (E3) now @UCLA and I oppose the #StudentBan. International students are essential to this country.

@UCLAarts ICE’s new visa policy does not reflect the values of @UCLA or #UCLAarts. We stand against this policy & will do everything in our power to support our international students. Read the full message from dean Brett Steele →

@ronlin To get out of this crisis, a key solution will be universal wearing of mask, @UCLA’s Dr. Robert Kim-Farley said. “We have to create a new norm around public health for COVID — that it’s not cool to be outside without a mask.”

@aki_miake (167) in The Dharmapada is what attracted me to Bhuddhism. Zi like how Bhuddhism instructs Bhuddhists to "[not] follow the way of the world". That avoids groupthink and maintains independence. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@aidansparkes @thegroupie @UCLA those are all social events, many people see poker as a social event too. most people are interest in meeting a partner, how are others to know your not unless they come and ask you?

@aki_miake So many Black ⚫️ scholars were perfect and got turned down due to skin color. Therefore, Affirmative Action is not reverse racism. That is simply equity and justice. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights @NYCSchools @usedgov

@aki_miake Bhuddhism is actually extremely flexible. The Dharmapada invites Bhuddhists to be critical of Bhuddhism: "[Do not] follow wrong laws [...] [do not] believe false doctrines" (167, The Dharmapada) @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@stand4honor @TXIndepndnt1836 @UCLA Not mine either... had to rescue my younger sister from one in Washington state once...

@JohnstonLabs @BraybrookSA @the_Node @googledrive @UCLA @sheffielduni Your Drive or you someone else can transfer ownership of all there files to you before they leave. “Sharing” is about access not the equivalent of the physical location.

@aki_miake Zi avoid using “whatever” apathetically. Saying that word is a slippery slope to not caring about anything. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights @NYCSchools @usedgov @UN

@MaxSLubin @SAbdeshahian @UCAFT not to mention the average @UCLA grad student TA makes $2,100 / month in a city where the average cost of a 1 bedroom is $2,300 / month

@thegroupie @aidansparkes @UCLA Oh my god dude. I dunno, they could maybe bother to ask my name before they ask if I have a boyfriend? They could try to have an actual conversation beyond "Hi OMG did you know you're female?" They could realize "Yeah I'm 60 years old, maybe I should just not hit on this chick?"

@UCLA_AUD ICE’s new visa policy does not reflect the values of @UCLA, @UCLAarts, or #uclaAUD. We stand against this policy & will do everything in our power to support our international students. Read the full message from dean Brett Steele:

@aki_miake Zi oppose making individuals go bald as a punishment. That hurts their self-image and decreases confidence. An individual with a more negative self-image is only going to get worse, not Better. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@RocAFella001 @jeffreyatucker How u write article on coronavirus credibility gap & not mention President of the United States called it a hoax repeatedly and refuses to wear a mask? @UCLA How is it Joseph Ladapo is even employed by your institution. I would not want him teaching kids anything. 0 Credibility

@AdlerTara I’m a PhD student from Denmark. @ICEgov wants to deport me if I do not risk the health of myself, fellow students, and faculty by taking in-person classes @UCLA in the Fall. Opening schools in the U.S. is as senseless as the #StudentBan. Both will cost lives!

@aidansparkes @thegroupie @UCLA every wedding happens because someone said hello at some point. im not agreeing or disagreeing with you im trying to learn from you. most people meet their partners during every day life and random meetings. how would you like to meet your partner ?

@aidansparkes @thegroupie @UCLA ok, im annoying you , that was not my intent. i too am happy being single so i get where your coming from regards to that, but i have never been in a position where lots of people try hitting on me. i expect that would make me feel awkward

@stickerladysv @Stanford U @UCLA @GavinNewsom : Foreign Men who Travel to USA🇺🇸 AMERICA Must Travel as an Individual Man, only : OBEY USA 🇺🇸 PENAL CODE LAWS: Do •NOT• bring : Foreign Wife Foreign Children Foreign Staff Foreign Assistants They are •NOT• Allowed They are Law Violators

@richard67701779 @UCLA @UCLAchancellor In 1921, law was passed to restrict Jews. In 1989, UC B. apologized for limiting Asians. In 1996, Head of UC Regent came out to proudly fight with Bill Clinton "UC is merit based. Color does not matter". In 2020, UC is proud to discriminate against Asians? WHY???????????

@aki_miake Bhuddhists' ✳️ words and deeds are filled with peace. If not now, ¿then when? If you want to end wars, being aggressive does not work. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@Scruggzy @rachelsamevans @AustinAries A-woman, Rachel🙏🏾🤗🙏🏾 When I was @Ucla; our coaches (academic & athletic) posed Q's like Socrates (not to answer, but to think about) Shepherd or soldier? Power with or power over? Protective or punitive?💜 Cooperative or domination? *#empathy is to the left (#ToTheLeft)🎵

@BlueCancer85 @JunChenLab @NatureElectron @UCLA These gloves have a potential be used by non-signers to learn to sign playing a video game that gamifies learning a sign language. It could be used by signers in a virtual game. It should not be used to translate a sign language to a written or spoken language.

@aki_miake If Zi hear someone say “whatever” to mean “Zi do not care”, Zi say “we do not say that here”. In The Corridor 🗽, we care. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights @NYCSchools @usedgov @UN

@benjifckinliker hey @UCLA why don't you offer a 1 credit in person class eligible to only international students so they can NOT HAVE THEIR VISAS TAKEN AWAY does that sound good??? ok thanks bye

@bluegrasslibby @BrennanSpiegel Are you not going to address the red flags of your PPI research? While there may be science behind the suspicions, the junk science and clearly fabricated/ faulty survey data demonstrates a hasty publish with inadequate review. This needs addressed. @UCLA @CedarsSinai

@aki_miake Zi interpret (167) to mean "be critical of rules or laws that do not make sense." Also, things change with Time. Some things that King Bhuddha-様 observed may not be true anymore. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@RachelBitecofer @rp_griffin @DemocracyFund @UCLA Plus, GOP & their propaganda machine (Fox news) is back tracking fast on making masks a culture war issue, now trying to push people into wearing them. Again, cold comfort & they're doing it bc of electoral backlash but at least they're doing it!

@aki_miake If you have pale skin, you must learn from people that do not look like you to learn about race and ethnicity. That is a major reason why Zi taught at a high school with over 90% Black and Latinx students. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @USC @UCLA @hastingscenter @NYCSchools @usedgov

@richard67701779 @UCLA @UCLAchancellor Prop 16 is the confirmation of defeat and inferiority! Can not compete? No problem. My skin color is a rocket which sends me suddenly higher than anyone! Isn't this a shame, rather than a pride? You can not figure out '-3.1+1.5'. Who else is to blame?

@LeeAnnJackson @UCLALibrary @UCLAAthletics @MartinJarmond @UCLA @UCLAMBB @WoodenFund @uclatheden @UCLADigLib @UCLALSC Wow! Thank you for sharing - I’m not new to Westwood, (UCLA alum 1989), but I can appreciate these amazing photos! What an awesome resource! 💙💛 #GoBruins

@thegroupie @aidansparkes @UCLA I don't know why you need me to explain this. I'm not interested in meeting a "partner" but if I were: classes, parties, bars, nightclubs, concerts, social media, sports, hobbies/activities, book clubs, online dating, video games? Random guy accosting me on the street, no thanks.

@BRITECenter As this is a pertinent issue that disproportionately plagues many communities of color, we would love some help to spread the word! @UCLAFSPH @UCLA @uclascph @COVIDRacism

@Willis_Eric70 @ronlin @latimes @UCLA Oh I see...wear a mask so your immune system creates not one antibody...makes sense...if you want to die the next time you catch the common cold or the next flu virus! No thank you!

@uclagseis @ucla professors Anna Markowitz & Rashmita Mistry call 4 public commitment to health and safety of #childcare care providers today in @Edsource without it, our economy will not b able to open & we risk harm children’s futures. @UCLAnewsroom @UC_Newsroom

@MayaDajon @GetSpectrum @Ask_Spectrum #Spectrum DOES NOT CARE ABOUT EDUCATION! I called to get their 2 months free for college students here at @UCLA and they said “we cut that deal several hours ago” and refused to help me! All classes are online! Shame on them! @comcast is still helping!

@carboxylace As a University of Washington student, we do not claim these frat boys & would like to send them off to @UCLA

@notabot70249398 @DBoston323 @UCLA @EddieRCole @uclagseis Way to avoid the real issue of systemic discrimination in US colleges professor. What does hot dog eating viewership have to do with your contributions to systemic admissions discrimination and furthering poverty? Oh the ignorance.

@LecturaBooks Dylan Bravo, a young Latino #college student, tells us what happens to him when he is heading home, & his car breaks down in the middle of #BeverlyHills. #California #yabooks #vampires #CountDracula #Dracula #ucla2020 @UCLA @MaxBenavidez #highschool

@stickerladysv @Stanford U @UCLA @GavinNewsom: USA 🇺🇸 AMERICAN CITIZENS!! {NOT THE USA 🇺🇸ARMY} Extra Men Guards... The National Guard is a Separate Unit that serves both Local Community and USA 🇺🇸 entire Country! The Guard responds to USA 🇺🇸 Domestic Emergencies + Foreign Combat Missions🚨

@AlexiaNortonJo2 @Aoiferocksitout @BrookeObie @ColumbiaDoctors @UCLA @ClevelandClinic You’re very kind and compassionate, but you’re at one of the best hospitals in the country, so you’re not wrong; and as long as you’re a good person working in the medical community that’s what matters! Be The Change You Want To See! ❤️

@aki_miake Now that Jus ✳️ are viewed highly, Venusians 🟡 love to pretend to be Jus (e.g., Hasidic Jus) to gain privilege like fair-weather fans. Not happening. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @GoldenKnights @EDC_LasVegas @NYCSchools @usedgov

@rxcked i am scared and i do not went this to be swept up or hidden ESPECIALLY when i am planning to attend the same school as this person @UCLA, please share this and tag and EMAIL @UCLA to get this on their radar and have them do something about it

@aki_miake Zi feel like (167) in The Dharmapada gives us permission to disregard certain parts of The Dharmapada that are not true for us. Everyone's life experience is different so some parts of The Dharmapda may not be true for everyone. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas

@alexisssnunez @sahltyk @UCLA i was sad on sc abt not being able to take summer classes bc all ucla offered me was a parent loan and some bitch told me “just take out a loan” .... baby girl, i’m crying bc my mom and i can’t afford that loan in the first place what’s not clicking luv ?

@MatthewR487 @SCAGnews @UCLA @ArcGISStoryMaps @Esri @EsriSLGov @UCLALuskin @UCLALewisCenter This is a great analysis. Sadly SOCAL politicians are too cowardly to care about this because, under their Protestant Ethic worldview, anyone who doesn't drive a car is obviously not loved by god, and if that is god's will, so be it. Proof: every damn govt budget in SOCAL.

@ronlin To get out of this crisis, a key solution will be universal wearing of mask, @UCLA’s Dr. Robert Kim-Farley said. “We have to create a new norm around public health for COVID — that it’s not cool to be outside without a mask.”

@aki_miake Shabbat can rotate. If we all celebrate Shabbat on the same day, that is a weakness that can be exploited. If individuals observe on different days, then there will be some folk that are not observing to stay vigilant. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA

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