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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO - The University of Chicago is a private, nondenominational, culturally rich and ethnically diverse coeducational research university located in Hyde Park, Chicago. Server Status

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@Cornvelious_Dan @Whiffies @EdBelongia @VictoriaDahl @UChicago Did you read the article? Point to the specific issue. And why it's less valid than the alternative that the GOP is suggesting, which is that the economy will end if we don't end social distancing and just allow those who will die to die

@dlmillimet I have bragged on my daughter, Izabella, before. She's a HS senior and will be attending @UChicago in the fall (hopefully in person). Like all HS seniors, COVID-19 is causing her to miss out on a lot during her senior year. It's certainly not the worst part of the pandemic.

@LindaHirshman1 @haroldpollack @UChicago Oh of course not. I think having a misogynistic asshole running the entire US government is causing me to have terrible flashbacks. I don't want to die in the Trump administration.

@CrainsChicago [email protected] will spend $1M to provide meals to South Side residents, working with the Greater Chicago @FoodDepository, and direct another $1M toward businesses and nonprofits in the neighborhoods around the university amid the #coronavirus outbreak.

@Murttgen @DianeSwonk @UChicago Absurd on so many levels. U of C should be ashamed for not following up. Traumatic is a serious word. Also, any suggestion of a return to normalcy should be accompanied with full access to testing kits for all who want it. Anything else is dangerous.

@ChadMeabon @UChicago Hi! A note of support to those working in the Medicine department! We know you are all working hard to prevent our medical system being further overwhelmed like either our #FisaCourt or the #JudicialSystems! Thoughts & prayers with you today.

@CrainsChicago [email protected] will spend $1M to provide meals to South Side residents, working with the Greater Chicago @FoodDepository, and direct another $1M toward businesses and nonprofits in the neighborhoods around the university amid the #coronavirus outbreak.

@SwissCognitive @Microsoft @UChicago @Illinois_Alma @MIT @Princeton @CarnegieMellon are working together on the @C3_AI Digital Transformation Institute that seeks to put top scientists onto gargantuan social problems with the help of #AI @EPFL #CognitiveNews

@neuroMOOC Proud of @UChicago for paying dining hall workers, janitors, security folks on contract. Just think about that: they are not our employees but work for vendors that we contract with. This is right but not $-easy way to go. Kudos to our ethical leadership.

@JShamess Social distancing even saves the economy.“ we find that the mortality benefits of social distancing are over $8 trillion or $60,000 per US household.About 90% of the monetized benefits are projected to accrue to people age 50 or older.” ⁦@UChicago⁩

@UChiEngagement COVID-19 has disrupted the lives of many, including contracted food service employees at @UChicago, many of whom are residents of the South Side. These individuals, while not employed by the University, are critical to its success.

@taranaki66 @uofiadmissions @tedcoxchicago Seriously - have you never been to @UChicago Not even close.

@nursiegal75 @UChicago is REFUSING to treat my friend who has been a FRONT LINE RN on the #COVID19 Unit after said friend has been symptomatic with a fever for over a week! After working with INADEQUATE PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT, NURSES are being ignored! #ProtectNurses 😷

@RaneMGarcia @UChicago @FoodDepository As a school superintendent in W MI, I am working on a meal plan 4 the students of my community this moment. Reaching out to churches, public leaders & coordinating w/ our school team. @UChicago thank you for setting the example! @GVSU want to adopt Muskegon Heights as a partner?

@SCOTUSPlaces Just got a survey call about vaccinations for @CDCgov, where the person was calling from a call center with lots of people in the background. The person claimed to be working out of @UChicago and said they were "6 feet apart." FFS they should be at home.

@KateRoseBee Grad students cough up $60k+ in tuition per year to attend @UChicago. If that's not enough money to cover emergency relief for those who need it, maybe you should consult your supposedly world class business school on how to budget.

@DiazMari86 @chicago_gabe, and @NinaOnTheAir can you guys send a shout out to all my fellow healthcare workers... not only @UChicago , but globe wide... as well as all first responders!!! Thank u!!! P.S. I listen to you guys every morning! Love u guys!!! #HealthCareWorker #CoVid19

@DrXiaoGIPath @AnapathResident @Preprints_org @UChicago Thanks. BAL may be necessary in patients who have been tested negative in pharyngeal swabs to confirm the diagnosis. Needless to say there is no diagnostic value in patients who are already tested positive. At the moment I’m not aware of other potential uses.

@rjhyun17 @UChicago There are families in need at UCCS, right on campus and right near campus. In about 2weeks, if people can’t go back to work and get paid, we will have a critical situation with families not able to secure enough food. Any thoughts on partnering and helping out?

@BPFleischer Working with a dedicated team of scientists from @UChicago to engineer quick solutions to our struggles on the front line. Truly appreciate their efforts to help. Stay tuned! @UChiResearch @uchicagosurgery #StandTogetherStayApart

@AAUniversities Institutions like @UChicago are working to protect their communities from the devastating effects of #Covid_19

@ykramerezha @haroldpollack @UChicago 1. I can only imagine and it is sad that we have a president who listens to such stuff. This is not a time for punditry. We MDs have a different take on this. NYC and NY State got a fraction of the corona aid package. I do not have the final word on this.

@DianeSwonk I wish that were true @JustinWolfers. @uchicago has economists making that case and they used to be at CEA, working for president. I saw the acting CEA chair speak at @business_econ in late Feb - he discounted it entirely and compared it to the flu.

@BrightsideBryan @NNUBonnie @TedGrunewald @UChicago @dailyherald @NationalNurses @CalNurses @nynurses @chicagotribune @MassNurses @mnnurses My wife was instructed that she may not bring and wear her own masks on her psychiatric floor. Someone’s going to give her this as a “prank” and everyone in this house is immune compromised.

@UChiEngagement [email protected] wrapped up its first day preparing & distributing meals to organizations on the South Side in partnership with Greater Chicago @FoodDepository. 3K meals down, 222K meals to go! To get the list of meal distribution sites, visit: #PartnersInImpact

@EggNik @EdBelongia @chrislhayes @UChicago ugggh... Achieving Moderate Social Distancing in the aggregate requires each one of us to be much more cautious individually. Risks in a pandemic (they do not "scale"). So I hate the title, for a critique of methodology see @nntaleb @yaneerbaryam et al

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