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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO - The University of Chicago is a private, nondenominational, culturally rich and ethnically diverse coeducational research university located in Hyde Park, Chicago. Server Status

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@johnmarkharris @atrupar I would simply point to common sense. If you made less than $40,000 prior to COVID, you’re making more money on unemployment now. That’s *ipso facto* an incentive to not go back to work. No study needed. What effect it has would be a fine subject for a @UChicago study. 👍🏻

@ArchiJake @Chuck__Noblet @ridgewaychris @itskylelucas @ChicagoDOT @chicagosmayor @ChicagoScooters @streetsblogchi @chi_streets @BirdRide @UChicago @limebike @ridespin I'd LOVE to hear the justification behind having @DivvyBikes & @cta service shut down areas that aren't coterminus. Additionally, this was framed as a overnight shutdown, but the geofenced no ride zone for the scooters seems to be 24/7, which is just another layer of confusion.

@Shadician @fpmarconi @UChicago The ability to snap thousands of pictures a year on mobile devices presented a problem - how do we sort and filter so much data? Locally processed facial recognition and filterable meta data solved that. *insert something about tools not being inherently good or bad here*

@eisenman_ryan 5) an actually true statement until you get to the end where “criticism” needs to be “valid” for further steps to be taken? who decides what is “valid?” that’s a rhetorical question, folx, it’s definitely @UChicago and not the communities they are policing

@rpwagner @alan_sill @worldwise001 @TexasTech @TIAA TIAA is great and I've got some funds there from my time at @UChicago that will come in handy down the road. But the @UofCalifornia pension plan was good enough to draw me back in. I don't know enough about the state CalPERS plan to say if it would have done the same.

@EvolvingManLBV @SocialistMMA As a @UChicago grad, I concur—point of order. I grew up a poor foster kid on the Southside. Even though U of C is on the Southside, it's a school that's for the elites, not the peasants. A TA told me; I need to play the game with the assholes who run shit. Fuck that noise!

@BellioFrank @davidaxelrod @JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump @UChicago loses so much credibility putting a societal coward on a pedastal and even worse, in front of its students and alumni. Not everyone is cringeworthy enough to milk the system for a career instead of innovating, working hard, and choosing public service afterward.

@Shadician @fpmarconi @UChicago Brilliant if you don't want photos you personally upload to be abused, not much use against snaps taken by security when out and about, and annoying if you want to use Apple Photos or Google Photos to search your own private photos for all the pictures of someone.

@BolaKingRushing Not to mention that they're potentially endangering your faculty and students. @UofAlabama @uarizona @UCBerkeley @ucdavis @ucirvine @ucla @ucsantabarbara @ucsc @ucabears @UChicago @UCCS @UHManoa @UHouston @Illinois_Alma @uiowa @univofkansas @UofMaryland @umassamherst

@alex_kuhner @aldengolab @UChicago @NotreDame U Penn grad agrees. Not that there was every any thought to the football program being anything other than a chance to throw toast.

@labcountry @LizAnnSonders @MoodysAnalytics @UChicago I think borrowing money from the FED to prop up GDP is a very bad idea. Actually a very stupid idea, plus paying folks $1,100 a week to stay home is not going to sit well with those who are going to work and making less money, UI benefits are not subject to SS & medicare, bad

@roc0013 @LizAnnSonders @MoodysAnalytics @UChicago conclusion: if you pay people not to work they'll have more $ to spend and more time to spend it?

@McGeeReports NEW: @UChicago President Robert Zimmer is stepping down and transitioning to chancellor at the end of the academic year/June 2021. He's served as chancellor for 14 years.

@AllisonRGott How is this human working for @UChicago and openly promoting anti-semitism/racism? He didn’t choose to talk about bad papers about Africa, or piss poor papers about issues in Europe. He chose Israel, and oversimplified it by making it sound like a less than wildly complex issue.

@itskylelucas @OMG_WHISKEY @ArchiJake @Chuck__Noblet @ridgewaychris @ChicagoDOT @chicagosmayor @ChicagoScooters @streetsblogchi @chi_streets @BirdRide @UChicago @limebike @ridespin @DivvyBikes @cta I think that this is a fear stemming from when they weren’t required to be locked to something....but now they are, so like....just let it happen lol. Give your students another way to get around that’s not Uber. Though students likely won’t really be around for this pilot 🙃

@MrBeamJockey @Ada_Palmer @UChicago Whether she can participate or not, @solarrsystem needs to know about this. (Perhaps she’s already heard.)

@Chuck__Noblet @ridgewaychris @ArchiJake @itskylelucas @ChicagoDOT @chicagosmayor @ChicagoScooters @streetsblogchi @chi_streets @BirdRide @UChicago I'm not positive, but I strongly suspect this is related to the recent "Downtown" restrictions. The current exclusion area in the @limebike, @BirdRide, and @ridespin apps roughly matches the borders in this tweet (North, Ashland, and Cermak.

@al_volkening @wasiur_rahman @QuantBiology @OURatNU @UChicago @NorthwesternEng @WeinbergCollege Hey Wasiur! Not from my papers, but pictures the students picked to represent their research projects -- Olivia is analyzing zebrafish pigment-cell size, Brian is studying state voting interactions, and Christopher + Will are forecasting the 2020 elections. Hope you are well!

@cintiaphinojosa Great statement model and a much needed read for anyone working within universities. Signed and I encourage others at @UChicago @ChicagoBooth @CDR_Booth to read the full statement and sign as well #MoreThanDiversity

@CHavergalTHE Robert Zimmer to step down as @UChicago president after removal of malignant brain tumour via @pbasken

@NYCBroadwayBaby @willmckinley @TCM_Party @ProfJStewart @UChicago @tcm No thanks. Its a comedy, we do not need anyone using it to promote themselves.

@TheGurglingCod Working back through the list: @ClemsonUniv: coddles white supremacists, @UChicago: the whole Chile thing, @WUSTL: Honorary degree for Phillis Schlafly, @phillipsacademy: In bed w petro despots, @ShadyHillSchl: just too much privilege, @VINS_Tweets: went to camp here in 70s.

@ridgewaychris @ArchiJake @itskylelucas @ChicagoDOT @chicagosmayor @ChicagoScooters @streetsblogchi @chi_streets Yeah, the campus exclusions make little sense to me. It appears on @BirdRide map that @UChicago you might be able to park on public ways but not campus interior. which tbh = more sidewalk blocking? I haven't been able to try it out yet tho. #ChiScooter20

@AnnaMeierPS I wish this action by @UChicago faculty were not so awe-inspiring. I wish it were commonplace for hundreds of faculty and student co-signers to use their power to demand equitable, anti-racist institutions. Faculty at other universities: this is what's possible.

@cplberry In the new academic year, @spacedontwait will be moving to @UChicago as a Hubble Fellow to do more awesome astrophysics In the meantime, if you'd like to find out more about what he's been working on in understanding binary evolution, here's a thread

@ArchiJake @OMG_WHISKEY @Chuck__Noblet @ridgewaychris @itskylelucas @ChicagoDOT @chicagosmayor @ChicagoScooters @streetsblogchi @chi_streets @BirdRide @UChicago @limebike @ridespin @DivvyBikes @cta I am guessing for the same reason the universities technically do not allow bikes to be ridden on campus (but then have racks outside entries in the center of campus <cough>UIC<cough>). It's stupid, unnecessary, & probably a policy being driven (pun intended) by campus security.

@jsandersonlab @UChicago Glad to see not one, not two, but three (!) @UChiChemistry faculty leading the way in this video.

@kdunnresearch @SciencePaella @AEMarras @UChicago @Cambridge_Uni @matt_aqui Sorry to hear you missed the first speaker. It was only a couple of days ago that we arranged to record, so not yet able to confirm if/how we'll be releasing the recording - watch this space. I'm sure @AEMarras can send links to work already published.

@Bellmanequation Robert Zimmer stepping down as @UChicago President. Really transformed the school: Raised over $5.4 billion for the university, 24% growth in tenure track faculty, started 1st engineering program, sold naming rights to the Dept of Economics, etc

@black_epi It's not Monday, but...#JobMarketMonday Attention📢 doctoral, postdoc, or an early career scholars Applications are open for the NORC at the @UChicago 2020 Research-Practice Partnership Research Scholars Program

@coryklippsten I am a graduate of the University of Chicago and thus have access to the alumni database. @realwillmeade is not in it. No Will Meade, Bill Meade, nor William Meade ever attended the University of Chicago. @UChicago we have a fake alumnus pumping illegal securities on Twitter

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