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This is it. I guess it's the end of your life

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This is it. I guess it's the end of your life. Did you achieve everything you wanted? What would you do if you had another chance? I can't bring you back... but what if I could bring you to an isekai, a medieval land full of powerful heroes and dominating factions competing for supremacy? Will you assemble your allies and climb the ranks with your keen tactics? The riches and beauty await, will you answer the call of the isekai? [Every Lord Starts Somewhere] In a world governed by superstition and fear, build a stronghold utilizing your advanced scientific knowledge and strategic insight to conquer ignorance and opposition. Assemble your team to help manage the operations on the home front and enjoy the rewards of a productive economy with just one click! [Oaths of the Sword] Might isn't always right, win the heart and loyalty of your followers with your charisma and intellect. Level up your heroes and train your troops automatically so that you may overcome all opposition and conq...

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