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by Genghis   2 months ago

Won’t reveal results. Paid 179 php twice but not credited

by Kris   3 months ago

The app keeps freezing, mostly when I am trying to buy an item. I have to restart it all the time

by Elza   3 months ago

All photos of my designs are blank

by Evelyn   3 months ago

When I open the app normally it logs me in automatically but today it did not I went to sign in with my Game Center account but it said user canceled the login flow

by Randy Lindstro   4 months ago

I’m not receiving any items when get a first place. Everything is grayed out at the bottom of the home page. I can’t look at anything because it’s grayed out. Help please.

by N Davis   4 months ago

Unable to login

by Thato   5 months ago

I haven’t received my journal prize despite earning hearts and voting , it’s upsetting to all my hard work go down the drain🙃

by Jess   5 months ago

Sometimes the screen goes black. I’m also having issues where the page gets stuck trying to load a room.

by Bonnie   5 months ago

Will not open and says there is a technical issue.

by Trina   5 months ago

Looking for a misding pillow error for the past few days

by Jennifer Johnson Panor   6 months ago

Won’t open Only shows “Mediterranean Cruise” page and spinning sign like it is trying to open . Love this game and hope it can be repaired

by Denise   7 months ago

Total black screen

by Isabella   7 months ago

So, when I play, I start to decorate and when I want to change something. Let's say I put an yellow pillow and I want to change it into a blue one, it doesn't change even thought sometimes the obiect is bought already. When I try to click on the obiect I want to implement into my design (so, it would be the blue pillow) again, after already clicking it once, the app close and I need to open the app again. Also, since the journal started, after I finish a design from there, there's the season level and it glitches. It goes black and the not (it's desappearing and the it's appearing, but very fast) and that glitch doesn't stop until I close the app. These are the problems I experienced. I hope this feedback will help you resolve the problems.

by Evita Story   7 months ago

During challenges the screen goes black and I have to get back in, waiting for load

by Roza   7 months ago

It keeps telling me “Experiencing technical difficulties” or “ we are looking for a missing pillow “

by Deb   7 months ago

Please notify your millions of users what the issue is. Redecor not working. Black screen, slow response, images don't show, .. Installing and installing not working, our money has been lost if we can't play. We deserve to know if we are now just wasting our time trying to access your game. Are you defrauding us?

by Deb   7 months ago

Reporting again. Cleared cache. Closed all others apps. Uninstalled redecor. Downloaded 12 hours later. Same issue- Blue black screen, then may load and allow start design, but images and products dont show, that wait to load circle just goes on and on. What is your problem?

by Deb   7 months ago

Game does not load. Blank screen. Been over a week? Pity you unable to fix the problem. Has been creative fun

by Michelle Mourie   7 months ago

Tried to access the game on my iPad which I have done before and now it says “user cancelled the login flow”. I play through the Game Center. What is going on?

by Tracy Southern   8 months ago

I’ve lost all my designs? I’ve paid for August and haven’t been able to get on there the last two days, it’s sent me right back to the beginning. I’ve been playing this game for well over a year I’m gutted as it appears everything is lost??

by Lyn   8 months ago

How do i go into my journal?

by Sandi Sutton   8 months ago

Can’t sign in or use app. This is second day.

by Fiona Dunlop   8 months ago

Every time I try to login it comes up with ‘user cancelled the login flow’. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded app and it still happens that’s been about 4 weeks now

by Gail Smit   8 months ago

Hello! I go into Redecor, go to My Journal, start Designing, a couple of minutes later I get thrown out back to my home page, happened many times. I deleted the App cache. Thank you

by Tracy   8 months ago

The game loads then gets to the screen showing voting then freezes and cant do anything other than close phone down

by Zara   8 months ago

I have just purchased 280 tokens for 3.39 euros but even though the transaction has been made i havent received the tokens in the app. If I won't receive the tokens, I would like my money back.

by Nice Campos   8 months ago

Doesn't load

by Sandi   8 months ago

The game loads to the title screen but when I go to play the game it quits and shuts down

by Denisegail Pastor   9 months ago

My app is didn’t working and back to the tab.

by Cynthia MacLeod   9 months ago

Hi. I love playing Redecor. Unfortunately, within the last 48 hours every time I try to enter a challenge, it doesn’t load properly and it keeps logging me out.

by Dafne   9 months ago

I can't see nothing. The screen is black when I try to get a challenge.

by Claire Smith   9 months ago

Game hasnt been letting me load duels for months. Now the entire game wont work for me for two days it just closes out of the app every time i click something. My app and ipad is up to date there is storage and battery life i have uninstalled it and reinstalled the app iv reset the ipad and cleared cache. Redecor have not fixed this for me for months nor compensated me with all the levels and coins iv now missed out on. Iv been emailing them since the start of april

by Beth   9 months ago

Slow and glitches

by Carol   10 months ago

Redecor app not loading or only partially loading after long wait. This has been happening most of day. It did come back “on” once. Now is out again 5:20 EDT

by Patricia Lazarus   10 months ago

Redecor not loading challenges

by Merychess   11 months ago

Its been 3 days already Cannot sign in, it "appears the internet connection is offline" tho internet is ok Nothing helped also installed game on a second device and it isn't working as well

by Kim   11 months ago

Wouldn't load so I uninstalled and then tried to reinstall several times and won't load to install.

by Deb   11 months ago

If I delete and reinstall as suggested, I lose all my points

by Deb   11 months ago

Redecor keeps freezing..been past 24 hours. What's the problem?

by Claire Smith   11 months ago

I cant complete any duels it crashes kicks me out of the game its been happening for a few days but today i cant do atleast four of them

by Rogalflush   11 months ago

White screen for most of the day

by Shawn Gilley   11 months ago

When it opens, it’s just blank white.

by Susan   11 months ago

Keeps freezing

by K. Southworth   11 months ago

White screen for over 15 hours now. Wont log in just a blank white screen or the redecor front page but wont log in or go to the designs.

by Godzgeela   11 months ago

After the latest iPhone update (installed 4/28/23 @ 7pm) the stopped working… white screen. Fast forward to this morning (4/28/23 @ 3am) still a white screen so I went to the App Store and it showed Redecor had a recent update (reflected as TODAY); I clicked on ‘open’ and it worked briefly! I was able to purchase tokens and items but once that was complete it literally froze up within 5 minutes of purchases so I closed the app and it only shows the white screen…even now at 9:55am PST. SO BUMMED 🥺

by Kim   11 months ago

It is taking a long time between screens. New problem in the last two days. Never happened before. Freezes and locks up.

by Laura   11 months ago

Game not loading. Removed app to attempt to reinstall.. gone! Won’t reinstall either.

by Jelena   11 months ago

Can start the game on my apple tablet.

by K   11 months ago

Fails to load any challenges

by Zuza   1 year ago

When trying to vote, the designs to be voted are loading about 2 minutes. Does anyone else have the same problem? On my side it’s working like that from yesterday’s evening.

by Kamila   1 year ago

The challenges aren’t loading. I can see any preview of the challenges nor the voting projects

by Mel   1 year ago

It says it's having issues ..what issues and how long ?

by Raewyn Rapana   1 year ago

Redecor often breaks down saying a fault is on now it has been out for 2 days looking for a pillow

by Marcia   1 year ago

Can't add coins on my Android

by Ember X   1 year ago

Game is taking forever to load. Then when it finally does, I can't see the rooms, when the rooms show up and I click on an item to use it takes about 5 minutes for it to show up in the room. I tried uninstalling it and that didn't work. All my other games are working fine. It's been like this all day.

by Lottery Yoder   1 year ago

I did 2 redecors last night, "charismatic and dramatic" and "stress free atmosphere". My history is showing a completely different room that I myself did not even decorate but the materials are the ones I used for that redesign. Did I even get properly voted on these? I want my history to reflect stuff properly. Please fix.

by Tabatha Marconnette   1 year ago

I'm getting error code 403 unauthorized when trying to log in with Facebook.

by Desi123   1 year ago

Been waiting for weeks for the loading issue to be fixed. Cant get anyone from tech support to even get back to me. Is this going to be fixed anytime soon?

by Jodi   1 year ago

Everytime I try enter a challenge it will say loading failed try again later. Bout 2 weeks now. Thank you, Jodi

by T   1 year ago

App is consistently sticking. I am experiencing difficulty in getting on to the live and purchasing items with coins to decorate and submit.

by K   1 year ago

When I’m logging in as guest a white page pops up saying we’re aware of the designer status issue & fixing it!!

by Alice lee   1 year ago

Designer status wins count was reset to zero 16 hours before season ends, and I was just one win away from upgrading to the next level… worse still, just now I received a message that because my count is now zero I failed to keep my current status and I am downgraded to a lower level

by Persephone1   1 year ago

Deleted and reinstalled the app again to see if it would help. Got stuck on the loading screen for two. Finally got in and STILL can't design!!!! This is so damn ridiculous.

by Emily   1 year ago

Wyzwania nie ładują się. Działa tylko głosowanie

by P   1 year ago

Not working

by Persephone1   1 year ago

I still cannot enter any challenge. Still says loading failed. I am so done.

by Susan Brush   1 year ago

Can't log on. Maintenence was done last night. Played this morning now the message comes up that it's going on again. I'm getting disillusioned with this game anyway. Every item costs too much and I'm starting to spend too much real money. You can't accumulate star coins without buying them. Some rooms are impossible to do because the only items available are the locked ones and I have no choice but to actually buy them. To buy a substantial amount is expensive. For every room we should be able to use every item we own, not limited. Many times what's available don't go together.

by Amber   1 year ago

Once again something wrong with this game. Spend actual money on this game but I refuse to any longer. Keep winning items I’ve won previously. Coins go missing without any explanation. Takes way too long to earn star coins for them to just disappear like this. Think this is my last season on this game that is if I can even log in to finish it!

by Persephone1   1 year ago

Two and a half days and yet it's still not fixed. Several challenges I wanted to enter and I can no longer do them. The upgrades with downtime tomorrow better fix it or else I'm deleting the app and not looking back.

by Persephone1   1 year ago

A day later and I'm still not able to enter challenges. Someome from support told me they were working on the issue at hand. How hard are they working?

by Hannah   1 year ago

Was told by support that they were working on the loading issue. Trying to be patient, but want to design before the challenges are over with :/

by Persephone1   1 year ago

Several hours later and all I can do is vote. Once again, a challenge I want to enter ends in two hours and I doubt I'll be able to enter it. They need to fix their issues and fast.

by Persephone1   1 year ago

Every challenge says loading failed. Another day another damn problem.

by Anna Purinszky   1 year ago

Game wont load

by Claire   1 year ago

All of a sudden all my accumulated coins have gone, Iv been playing for years, collected over 30,000 coins now I only have 3,000

by Marguerite Lorenzi-Gonzales   1 year ago

Server connection lost. I have unloaded and reloaded the app 3x since yesterday.

by lisa   1 year ago

App not working. Designs not loading.

by Ginger Hokeness   1 year ago

Only have a certain amount of time to play in the morning and the game is not loading … no issues with Wi-Fi .. it’s 10:30 am central time

by Breanna   1 year ago

I used to love this game. Everything about seems sucky after they redid the game. I lost ALL my stuff I had bought and have had to repurchase out wait to win it and winning it is taking so much longer than the first time. Not a huge fan of this game at all anymore and now today it's almost like it crashed altogether. Annoying.

by Persephone1   1 year ago

Every challenge says loading error since late last night. Which sucks because I was working on a challenge that ends in two hours that I can no longer finish. So over this.

by Serena   1 year ago

Not a problem but more of a complaint. The voting system these last two seasons has been down right horrible. Today I entered a horrendous design that wasn't up to the brief standards to see what would happen and somehow I got second place. Yet my designs that do meet the standards keep getting fifth and below while like designs I submitted earlier get third and above. Perhaps this might be the last season I play :/

by Tanya Blampain   1 year ago

Winning designs are not being recorded/indicated on Designer Status.

by Bernadette Grimm   1 year ago

I cannot get the game to come up. It says server problem. Usually it says problem b

by Deborah   1 year ago

Items are slow to load both when chosen and when placed in a room. Two of my designs have been in voting long past their time. Timer on each just spins around since voting time has expired. Sent an email to support. Said they’d get back to me in 1-2 days and to check their Facebook page for “design tips.” Big eye roll on that.

by Deb   1 year ago

Sigh. Once again, challenges remain in voting past the voting time. Always something with this app. Terrible.

by Serena   1 year ago

I entered two duels, won both of them but have yet to get my coins i was promised. Every week there's something with this app

by Kelly   1 year ago

I used to be able to purchase coins and now when I want to purchase coins, there is a red circle with a line inside it and I can't even see the prices. When I go to click on coins to purchase, I can't even click on a purchase.

by Girija   1 year ago

The game is not opening since this evening

by Serena   1 year ago

Entered a duel that has 50 minutes yet isn't showing up in the in voting section.

by rehtam178   1 year ago

Fresh status I not loaded on my profile, starts with newbie II, can't buy or use any fresh status items.

by retham178   1 year ago

Fresh status items not working, can't buy or use any fresh status items.

by retham178   1 year ago

Fresh status items not working, can't buy or use any fresh status items.

by Rly   1 year ago

You may lose a paying customer here...failure loading. Over and over. There are other design apps......

by Serena   1 year ago

Every challenge I try to enter says loading failed. Since matentience yesterday, I've had several issues.

by Katlyn   1 year ago

Was in the middle of a Design which I had two hours to complete before it went into voting and the system went down. I used many materials to create the design and could not even enter it for voting. Now system has been down for 8 hours and I have no ideal about the acceptance of the design I was working on. I used to play this game every day and have spent a lot of money to enjoy playing this game but I am done with this game. To many issues going on and I lost a lot of inventory when they did there redesign.

by P Urban   1 year ago

Redecor has been down for supposed "scheduled maintenance" for at least 6 hours. It has also been unstable for 2 weeks, closing precipitously, flickering, slow to open and slow to register some awards and progress.

by Deborah Deckys   1 year ago

Can’t login It’s been down for ages I’ve tried turning off my phone

by Linda McKay   1 year ago

It keeps flashing and one of the completed designs seems stuck as in the voting is finished but it can’t complete the process and give a result

by Janice   1 year ago

Flickering screen only with redecor challenges. Please fix

by Elisha Reygle   1 year ago

I have several things in voting that aren’t getting voted on. Now when I go to see the voting on my designs, it starts flashing and then everything flashes on the live part too. It happened when the season changed

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