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Lonely Survivor is an adventure roguelike game. In the game, you can endlessly harvest enemies, upgrade your skills, and defeat the menacing enemy army

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by Cristal Corado   1 year ago

I try everything and i have a iphone it says "Detected a mismatch between your game data and the current version, please restart the game and update to the latest version to play." and i dont know what to do please fix it

by Bunches   1 year ago

Server is still down smh

by Chris Cornwell   1 year ago

I logged in today and it just keeps saying server anomaly and nothing works

by Chacey   1 year ago

Server connection. It keeps saying server network anomaly. I have tried restarting the game, restarting my iPhone and even turning off cellular data and turning it back on.

by River   1 year ago

Server down...

by Mad_Al   1 year ago

It seems the server is down. Followed the steps above. I wouldn't uninstall the game, If I don't get my paid for credits back I'll be p**sed.

by Vladislav   1 year ago

I can not play the game properly. I entered today and revive message "surver network anomaly please retry later" and I keep receiving this since several hours. I cleared the cash, then reinstall the game - noting helps...

by Jacob Paul   1 year ago

Nearly every thing on the screen is gone. Also it keeps saying my network is abnormal

by Ryan   1 year ago

Everytime I try to use my gems, it keeps saying "server anomaly, try again later."

by J-Kee   1 year ago

I can't watch the pub all Day in any moment

How to Solve Lonely Survivor Down or Outage Issues

Our users reports indicate that there are no current problems with Lonely Survivor .

If you're having problems with Lonely Survivor too, the games' servers might be overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outages or server maintenance is in progress. Here are some fixes to debugg Lonely Survivor and solve the Lonely Survivor not working issue:

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Lonely Survivor, Is Lonely Survivor game Down? Is Lonely Survivor Down?
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Lonely Survivor is an adventure roguelike game. In the game, you can endlessly harvest enemies, upgrade your skills, and defeat the menacing enemy army. Waves of legions are coming, ready for a battle of heroes? Continue to collect the EXP and gold dropped by the enemy to enhance your combat ability. Upgrade equipment and talents to expand your own advantages and create your secret recipe for victory. Game feature: 1.One-finger operation, endless harvesting pleasure. 2.Random skills, the strategic choices are up to you. 3.Dozens of stage maps to breakthrough, mixed attack of minions and boss, do you dare to accept the challenges? 4.Unstoppable skill combo release, facing challenges head-on, becoming more and more indestructible. 5.Supply treasure chest, ability potions make your HP more durable. 6.3D realistic animation, visual experience MAX Fight alone and survive. A brand new roguelike game experience, turn on the infinite firepower mode and enjoy it! Pay attention to your HP bar,...

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