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LifeAfter is a multiplayer online game with elements of open world and doomsday survival. To survive becomes the only goal

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by Mattias   8 months ago

Touche is not réaction

by Arfelly   8 months ago

I having issues with black screen. When went offline for a half and hour i login again then the game is open but its black screen nothing else, I've waited for 5 min hoping it will open normally but it didn't.I have tried few step to solve my black screen problems including clear cache, forced stop uninstall and re installed but nothing works for me.

by John   9 months ago

Try to connect to server

by Gaurav Bhasker   11 months ago

Life after game in not opening every time I click to open it crashes. I uninstalled and reinstalled many times but same problem.

by Capris   1 year ago

My game login but shut off once it start into game.

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Our users are reporting that there are currently problems with LifeAfter .

If you're having problems with LifeAfter too, the games' servers might be overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outages or server maintenance is in progress. Here are some fixes to debugg LifeAfter and solve the LifeAfter not working issue:

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LifeAfter, Is LifeAfter game Down? Is LifeAfter Down?
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LifeAfter is a multiplayer online game with elements of open world and doomsday survival. To survive becomes the only goal. You need to scavenge resources, craft tools, and build shelter. Now comes new crisis—zombie swarms and new Infected. The doomsday world is out of control. How long can you survive in this zombie roaring night? [LifeAfter Season 4: The 2nd Outbreak] is officially live. Mutations are happening in the doomsday world. Massive zombie swarms are coming in all directions. Enigmatic giant eggs and new type of Infected emerge. In the doomsday world that is getting out of control, survive, together! - Experience Half-zombie Survival - The organization called "Dawn Break" emerged out of the doomsday. They claimed that human still has a chance after being bitten by zombie - to live as a half-man-half-zombie "The Revenant", by abandoning identity, appearance, abilities of human, and change forever. It sounds risky, but what would you choose if it’s matter of life and death?...

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