Is Immortal Diaries Down?

■Synopsis■ The day you decide to take life into your own hands, fate interferes. You leave the orphanage you grew up in to live in a grand castle that was left as your inheritance, learning shocking revelations about your true heritage

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by Brittney Close   4 months ago

It keeps crashing and wont load after trying to log in.

by Brinley   11 months ago

When I went to login, my game wasn’t there. It started me all over again. What happened to my account??

by Randy fox   11 months ago

When I attempt to start the app, it says logging in... please wait... then tries to load, and when it loads it almost immediately kicks me off and says network disconnected please try again later, then it tries to login again, and it cycles thru the same process again, and with the same outcome. Or if it does let me on it has only been 3 minutes at a time since the server merger. Is there anything I need to do to fix this?

by Sandra Caruso   1 year ago

I was 4th in the debate contest, and the i logged in a couple of hours later and i was 57th with only 2 debates.....impossible...please fix

by raegan saucier   1 year ago

How long until you can sign in to day 2?

by Harmony Jump   1 year ago

It will not load. It continually has the loading please wait and the spinning loading circle.

by Jo   1 year ago

Game has stopped loading on my tablet since 23rd June. Crashes to home page. I can play on mobile okay. Please fix

by Robert   1 year ago

It wont unpack files crashes

by Chloe13   1 year ago

I cant log in to my account as soon as I click the app, it kicks me off . I dont know what to do i have uninstalled and reinstalled the game. This is really upsetting because I love playing. I play the game on tablet so if there is a fix or update please let me know.

by Keisha Copenhaver / Keisha Royal   1 year ago

I have not been able to get on game for 3 days now, since the new update. I was on the Paladin server. I have installed and uninstalled 4-5 times a day and still won't even open the app keeps saying it's crashed before even opens app. I am a VIP 4 member and have a MONTHLY card membership and getting very frustrated. Seems like alot of people are able to access the game now, but I am still not able to. I even factory reset my phone thinking that was the issue and it's not. It's the game all in all! Please FiX TODAY please, or want my refund back if not able to play game ive put so much money into

How to Solve Immortal Diaries Down or Outage Issues

Our users reports indicate that there are no current problems with Immortal Diaries .

If you're having problems with Immortal Diaries too, the games' servers might be overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outages or server maintenance is in progress. Here are some fixes to debugg Immortal Diaries and solve the Immortal Diaries not working issue:

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Immortal Diaries, Is Immortal Diaries game Down? Is Immortal Diaries Down?
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■Synopsis■ The day you decide to take life into your own hands, fate interferes. You leave the orphanage you grew up in to live in a grand castle that was left as your inheritance, learning shocking revelations about your true heritage. A mysterious family heirloom reveals that you are the descendent of the Progenitor of the vampire race. Enter an intriguing, complex world where thrilling romance awaits you, danger lurks around every corner, and the path to your rightful birthright as Queen of the Vampires is filled with twists and surprises. Can you awaken the power in your veins in order to become who you were always meant to be? ■Hot Features■ - Supernatural Romantic Thriller A modern day, coming-of-age story that will stun you with its interactivity, beautiful graphics, and talented voice acting. - Supernatural Lovers Roleplay different kinds of love with our four male love interests. Go on dates, text message each other, and shower them with gifts! Which one will be your Mr....

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