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ChimeraLand is an open-world survival game with strong RPG elements in a prehistoric, mythical world.  You need to gather resources, craft items, grow crops, and research technologies

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No server connection for several days, did the go bankrupt or something?

by Aleph Tav 1 week ago

it will not property and I cant get my server

by Lisa Kern 3 weeks ago

How to Solve ChimeraLand Down or Outage Issues

Our users are reporting that there are currently problems with ChimeraLand .

If you're having problems with ChimeraLand too, the games' servers might be overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outages or server maintenance is in progress. Here are some fixes to debugg ChimeraLand and solve the ChimeraLand not working issue:

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ChimeraLand, Is ChimeraLand game Down? Is ChimeraLand Down?
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ChimeraLand is an open-world survival game with strong RPG elements in a prehistoric, mythical world.  You need to gather resources, craft items, grow crops, and research technologies. Start from building a survival shelter, to making a megabase in the Outerspace! You will find hundreds of bizarre mythical beasts while exploring this seamless world. Do you want a new pet? Catch and Tame them!  Or maybe you want to have a pair of wings on your horse? Let your pets devour them, and see what kind of Chimera you can create! The possibility is endless! You can be a close-quarter fighter when wielding blades, a cunning gunslinger with X-bows, or both! You can be a Werewolf, a Dragonborn, or a Jellyfish girl! Choose your own way, and create your own style! There are no limitations to restrict what you can and cannot be!  And there are thousands of other creative travelers, with their unique tastes and styles, living and thriving together...

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