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Put your skills to the test and win REAL MONEY with Bingo Tour! The classic Bingo format you love with a fresh twist! Defeat your opponents in online multiplayer games to earn cash. Tens of thousands of people are already playing every day

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by Mariela Rodriguez   2 months ago

Can't log on stuck on first screen

by Tami Ryan   5 months ago

My bingo tour app does not show me what level I’m on like my sisters app does. I can’t recieve rewards for leveling up!

by Marie Brown   5 months ago

I cannot cash out because although I chose Venmo and it says Venmo, it keeps telling me they need more PayPal info. But then there’s nowhere to let me change anything. My ID is 46003206259

by J   5 months ago

Apparently there is a glitch in their withdrawal system, meaning money isn’t being paid right now. When I asked for a timeframe they told me to “be patient” and refuse to give any kind of timeline.

by Linda Jones   5 months ago

Bingo tour won’t let me play more than 1 game without depositing more more. I have $77.51 to play. What is the problem?

by SL   6 months ago

Every time i open the game, it gets stuck at the Avia Games screen. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling for more than a week. The creators havent reached out. It seems like they just dont care about the gaming issue.

by Brenda   6 months ago

I am having problems collecting my funds from the piggy bank. It keeps saying that my email does not match.

by Angel Ramirez   6 months ago

I was trying to withdraw my money and it won’t let me.

by Barbara Henderson   7 months ago

Bingo Tour just isn’t working. I shut it down and turned it back on but no change. It works on my iPhone but not on my iPad.

by christina perez   7 months ago

it’s not giving me my money it keep saying error and i tried all the money apps that it’s has and it still doesn’t work

by Ryan Hecht   7 months ago

I can't withdraw my earnings, it doesn't even give me the option to cash out. And when I try to click "contact us" it says I don't have a email set up with the game. What do I do to be able to cash out??

by Heather   7 months ago

It won’t even open on my iPad Air.

by [email protected]   7 months ago

This is what I get after completing your conditions - Withdrawals From PayPal Process in query 6925/8054 and similar query when completing your conditions. It says your legit or is it fake.

by Gayland Shrader   7 months ago

Will not load for three days just white screen.

by Laurie Riffle   8 months ago

Not working. Won’t completely load.

by Alexa Ramirez   10 months ago

I have been stuck on level 9 with a full ring. How do I fix it???

by Holly   11 months ago

I have no option to withdraw my cash. Just days withdraw history

by JC   11 months ago

Have been stuck on level 9 for several weeks while winning and I have full ring.

by hailey   11 months ago

it wont let me deposit money

by Oths   11 months ago

Put in visa debit card hit submit and it keeps going to my settings by itself

by Tammy Akers (nurselife) on game   1 year ago

I have been stuck on level 9 for weeks what can I do to get past this level. Others are experiencing the same thing.

by [email protected]   1 year ago

I can't even find it to download it it's the one that has the pumpkins on it now it's showing a new bingo tour it was on Avia at games I believe but I can't download it anywhere

by Arialieder   1 year ago

I have been stuck on level 9 with a fully completed ring. Tried restarting my phone but no change. Guess I’ll be on this level forever.

by Terra   1 year ago

I am not seeing the option to level up. My husband has the game and his Home Screen looks differently and has an extra tab that my version doesn’t have, however both of our games are updated to the most current version.

by Lisa Abramowicz   1 year ago

Will not let me collect my winnings.

by Amanda   1 year ago

My level 9 is not going up to level 10 for a while now

by Gabriella   1 year ago

It’s saying that I can’t play cash bingo games because of my location.

by Louis Rubenstein   1 year ago

It’s locked I have lots on money on the site afraid to delete and restart

by Josh   1 year ago

The app was depositing money in my account. I chose Venmo and now it just keeps saying it’s sending money securely but it’s frozen

by Tammy   1 year ago

Will not go past first screen if I delete and reinstall will I loose my cash on that account ??

by Denise Lomax   1 year ago

Everytime I try and play $3, $2 or .60 game it's not opening.

by Rose Garth   1 year ago

Game has locked up…I have money pending!

by Rose Garth   1 year ago


by Brooklyn Hood   1 year ago

I’m trying to make a purchase and I keep getting the response… “ Oops…. The deposit is not available per your state law. I’ve been playing this game for MONTHS NOW. Can this be explained to me

by Cassandra   1 year ago

Why don't this game work on android phone

by Mary Pemberton   1 year ago

Game said it needed to update. Wouldn't let me update the app. So I uninstalled it and now I can't get it to reinstall. Goes from select gender to how to play, then goes no farther.

by Karen burger   1 year ago

It’s not opening

by Jennifer Boyle   1 year ago

I am unable to find bingo tour on my Google play store.

by Amy swann   1 year ago

The cash games where an ad is shown prior..crashes every time I press the $3,$2, or $0.60/ad the play

by Melissa Adams   1 year ago

Bingo tour isn't showing any cash options anymore and I had requested a withdrawal on May 13th. Still waiting on the money although it said 7-10 days. Another scam game?

by Gina campos   1 year ago

Says update, then open... nothing happens

by Renee greenfeld   1 year ago

I go to the site and it says update available. I click to update and nothing happens. Site does not open all.

by Bigbart   1 year ago

Real name is Ken Weatherford ([email protected] on PayPal. This evening, Bingo Tour started black screening. I have reset the app and iPhone, but no change. I won cash and balance is around $300. I don’t want to reload the app for fear of losing my cash. What now?

by Melissa Holcomb   1 year ago

Screen goes black after logo screen (

by Kaleigh Goulart   1 year ago

The app won't load. It's going to a black screen

by Tasha   1 year ago

Nothing is loading and it is showing $0 so the money I had loaded and win is missing as well no games are showing up

by Ryan   1 year ago

Nothing loading correctly. Showing 0 balance for both gems and money.

by Kathleen Ellis   1 year ago

I played 2 25$ games this morning and the winnings loaded right away, leaving balance around 96$. Played again and now it keeps trying load the money (everything, money and gems went to 0) and it says error 505? And keeps spinning trying to load the money? HELP please

by Darcee bowers   1 year ago

It won’t finish opening. Goes to a black screen

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Put your skills to the test and win REAL MONEY with Bingo Tour! The classic Bingo format you love with a fresh twist! Defeat your opponents in online multiplayer games to earn cash. Tens of thousands of people are already playing every day. Are you ready to join them and daub your way to the bank? It's fun, simple, and secure! Cash won from playing is easy to withdraw with multiple platforms available such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Visa, XSolla, and more! Tour-ific Features: - Seamless Gameplay: Experience fast loading times and high quality visuals. - Fairness Guaranteed: Face off against other players using the same cards and numbers. - Smart Matching: Join games with players of the same level. - Array of Power-Ups: Use "GIMME MORE", "DAUB IT" and "EARN DOUBLE" for higher scores. - Giveaway Events: Earn real cash with free Bonus cash, Tickets, and more! - Player Support: Get help any time from with 24/7 live assistance. * Cash games are not available in the following states: AZ, AR,...

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