Is Worldoftanks Down?

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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - WORLD OF TANKS – БЕСПЛАТНАЯ ОНЛАЙН-ИГРА ПРО ТАНКИ - Реалистичные битвы на легендарных танках, более 500 машин готовы к бою, 150 млн игроков по всему миру. Присоединяйся к культовой игре Мир Танков! Server Status

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@WilldeNoble @NickG1962 @worldoftanks And rework swamp. Would love to see wheelies get bogged down in that quagmire.

@83Davidrust @worldoftanks Looking forward to the servers working. Not loading me in for 3 to 4 minutes.

@JustOnc70449621 @worldoftanks Normally the event to look forward to is Tank Rewards, but it seems no tank(s) in April? Little typo in the shop offerings: T-34-3 is by way of China, not a Soviet machine.

@ThorJensen17 @worldoftanks Well... The turret buff, will help the E-100 not getting so often in the turret... But i think the IS-4 is hard enough to go through as it is now... The american 120 mm gun (on the T28, T28 Prototype and so on) cant pen it reliebly...

@flipsix3_WoT @kingzebor @worldoftanks Well yeah, working on that, and also going through my entire iTunes library from start to finish, but I kinda meant "in game" ;)

@SomeGuy66059217 @worldoftanks Arty is for campers and encourages everyone to camp. Arty does not prevent camping it encourages it. The people who push forward always get nuked first by arty. They need to go.

@SpectreHD @worldoftanks Why not make the Object 430U a heavy instead? It certainly is better than the 113 at being a heavy. Oh wait, only the Russian tree gets to be special and have more heavy and medium lines. US tanks are just for premium and reward to suck more money from the US server.

@laz37283 @markyjmeech @worldoftanks It is for pc?the valentine?if it is not for xbox...I do not need it..please give it to someone else

@momiji6_6_6 Hope everyone had a good weekend and is staying as healthy as they can. We are going to be playing a game I have not really played in years we are playing some @worldoftanks come hang out as I relearn the game.

@Nathan_l2002 @worldoftanks I don't got facebook so can't comment there But should the vk168p the prem vk100 Get a buff it not to good right now

@Rogerleeadams @worldoftanks Feedback? I've been playing a while. You still have some tanks that get no hit credits against close level tanks. Not compatible and you should have figured it out a couple years ago. May have to upgrade to candy crush. . .

@IndignantBeaver Well, @worldoftanks NA servers can't seem to handle the load. So much lag. Lots of players confirming it. Not sure if there is much you guys can do but I figured I'd at least drop you a line.

@Red55862408 @worldoftanks I'm preparing to not play the game for a few months/years I have been standing up to wg crap with wheeled tanks and OP t10 Russian tanks but killing the VK 3001(p) was the last straw.

@JAn0maly @RNJesus12 @BattleReed @worldoftanks Yeah, that is a down side, but I guess one I'm a bit more willing to accept -- everything comes at a cost right? LOL

@SpectreHD @worldoftanks What the hell are you doing to the T54E1?! Why are you slowing it down when you are not changing its armour? Just because the fake fantasy M54 is a heavy so you can charge us more, doesn't mean you change the T54E1. It is a medium. Plain and simple. Leave it as is.

@H0nestJustice @worldoftanks @TragicLoss @CabMech Question, where is all the money from your 80$ premium tanks going? Cause it sure as hell isn't going towards the console servers. Been on the same 3 bar ping servers for years, when is it going to improve. Or do you just not give a damn about your oceanic players.

@sardoeira @rubbelito @worldoftanks Impossible not to love it!

@NetImagines Everyone's out here panicking about what the lockdown means and my dad just text me to inform me that I no longer have an excuse to not sit on voice chat and play some rounds of world of tanks with him. Priorities. #UKlockdown @worldoftanks

@EvolutionTech13 @justhisgirlikno @worldoftanks I can assure you... PC is even worse than console. It's basically like a lobotomized crackhead version of rocket league at this point. It's not pay to win... its pay to play in a way that doesnt make you want to go postal.

@jerryzhoumx @worldoftanks tbh, just make e5’s cupola armor back to the patch of it’s HD model was released, e5 can be viable again, if you guys change e5 like this, it will still be bad, a worse sconq, dpm still worse than sconq a bit faster but not by much with way worse turret armor.

@Jammer211 We are live with @worldoftanks. Just trying to not get blown up. Chill night with, casual pubs and friendly chat. #Stream_AZ #StreamHorizons #WorldofTanks

@Master_Romo @bob22959303 @worldoftanks I am not afraid of this Tank, I always do something to annoy them. If my tank has a big gun I load gold rounds , if my Tank is fast I find a way to flank them and force them to expose themselves to my team but of course it's not always possible.

@Patware @worldoftanks Stock tanks and drunk crew vs fully moduled, equipped and skilled crew: not even close to fair. Bring a level system like Forza. Any improvement to the tank influences its level and will be matched to equally levelled opponents.

@LadyTammy25 @worldoftanks, i know, you don't answer, but why not a EU3 Server for this #COVID19 time? EU1 has a to big ping.

@Glasgow420John @shrimp_ula @AlexanderCampb3 @robert_adrian37 @worldoftanks If you can’t learn to avoid artillery fire you need to go back to basic training or just not play because believe it or not artillery is classified as a mobile gun a.k.a. tank

@Crypticshock @soslo_sr @worldoftanks Read the article ;) All tanks that are being relocated will have modules to be researched. They are not being fleshed out and turned into special vehicles. So the DERPman will also be available.

@Bahrindustries @ProjectPorygon @worldoftanks You just want everything handed to you?? How bout you grind the junk tanks like us 7+ year veterans of gme game had to... you millennial kids want everything handed to you... that’s not how life works...

@Jammer211 We are live with @worldoftanks. Just trying to not get blown up. Chill night with, casual pubs and friendly chat. #Stream_AZ #StreamHorizons #WorldofTanks

@Chris23775593 @worldoftanks E5 is now not even a top 10 tank.Its a shame such a great frontline battle tank has a 1ft high cupola.This is still my favourite tank in the game as I’ve played since the beginning and not a lot of changes have happened to it but the cupola is a real problem for an American heavy

@IndignantBeaver @shrimp_ula @worldoftanks @Chernobyl_b0i That is not the opinion. This twitter is the WOT PC NA group. They have nothing to do with console. That is a different division. ( @WoT_Console )

@Rogerleeadams @worldoftanks I'm still complaining about not getting credits for hits. Same or one level up tanks should be able to get hits on other tanks. 3-4 hits nada, they turn and one blast kills us. Not very real.

@nikitaqa @townt3rri3r @SofiGaming @thewotboys @RitaGamer @40k_slimez @BTed72 @Duarte_Teixeira @worldoftanks Affecting everyone mate, we’ve got mortgages and bills to pay too and not necessarily the wages now. Everyone is struggling through these tough times, you’re not on your own!

@Bahrindustries @worldoftanks Stop the mini map warriors from obsessively spamming the map,,, it’s already in the game to pause/ slow them down.. but it’s broken!!! There is no reason to ping the map more than 3x a minute NONE

@DAccampoFamily @worldoftanks @TwitchPrime World of Tanks brags so dammed much about making things fair, then sells advantages openly. Things you can earn, by paying for the right to earn them are not free!

@voss991 @worldoftanks The Facebook notes are wrong, shouldn't the E75 traverse speed be going from 28 to to 36, not the other way around, since it's already 28 in-game right now.

@DAccampoFamily @itsalextweets @worldoftanks @TwitchPrime I tried to get twitch prime, but, I could not get past their bot blocker. I need to buy a bot to figure out those puzzles that humans cannot solve.

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