Is Wordpress Down?

Published by Wordpress 3 months ago

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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - BLOG TOOL, PUBLISHING PLATFORM, AND CMS — WORDPRESS.ORG - Open source software which you can use to easily create a beautiful website, blog, or app. Server Status

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How to Solve Wordpress Down or Outage Issues:

We have tried pinging using our servers in diverse locations and the website returned the above results.

If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or website maintenance is in progress.

If the site is UP for us but you however cannot access it, try one of our following solutions:

1. It might be Browser Related:

To solve Browser related issues that might make the site/server down for you, do a full Browser refresh of this site. You can do this by holding down CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your browser.

This trick works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari and whatever default browser comes with your Windows nowadays lol.

2. Clear Your Cookies and Cache.

The contents of all modern sites and apps today are usually cached. This means a copy is stored in your browser as long as you have visited that page before. This is to make it easier to access when next you visit that page. This might be a problem especially if the page was down last time you checked.

You might need to clear that out of your browser memory for the site to load properly.

3. Fix DNS Problems

Domain Name System (DNS) is what allows a site IP address (192.168.x.x) to be identified with words ( e.g .com, .us) in order to be remembered easily. This is usually provided by your Internet Service Provider.

To fix this, clear your local DNS cache to make sure that you grab the most recent cache that your ISP has.

Still having issues? Try sending your complaints or troubleshooting issues to the channels below:

    Twitter Support Account -
    Facebook Page - Traffic Map from Alexa


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Recent Outage Reports

@jwwartick Anyone else with Wordpress having problems with it not allowing any changes to be saved? @WordPress

@stevebitter @WordPress hey how about a little help with logging in??? Resetting password does not work or recognize. Which means can’t sign in To use Live Chat Support. A little help??!

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@ladylavendeer @WordPress Is there a way to get actual help on a site issue or do I just have to wait and hope that someone can offer a clue on one of your forums?

@cl Our beloved @EFARMZ grocery delivery is not doing so well, their @Wordpress keeps going offline. Would be nice if they had easy access to's VIP services in times like these.

@WP_Hans Working on another fun integration of a @WordPress @gravityforms form that's being sent to @Office365 @SharePoint via @MSPowerAutomate to handle registrations of new students to our school. Awesome tools! (Going to be a hell of a PowerAutomate flow to get stuff where it should)

@wpbeginner @Rebfan1987 @CherBeckles @WordPress Do you know what you changed last? This tutorial will help, but if you know what you changed we may be able to help you fix it even faster. 🙂

@wpbeginner @JaradWright @WordPress Thanks! So it looks like you’re using Yoast. You can customize the excerpt for when you share inside the Social tab of Yoast.

@Rebfan1987 @wpbeginner @CherBeckles @WordPress Oh no.... for some reason I am now not able to access my Wordpress login page and my homepage of the website due to to many redirects. I’m freaking out. 😭😭😭😭

@design_web A relatively busy day today and can't believe it's 5pm already! Working on some new WordPress maintenance plans and setting up a couple of new websites ready to design and populate. #WordPress #NorthWales @WordPress

@WordsmithJenn @od_ette_ @NortonLifelock @WordPress @Twitter Apparently they think they can. I was not aware they were doing it, but now that I am they'd better believe I won't take it lying down. I created a website to help the chronically ill and disabled. I should not have to spend money in a pandemic to HELP PEOPLE so they can profit.

@wpbeginner @peaceandprotect @cjmascareno @WordPress @elemntor Hey there. By default, iframe is not responsive. What are you trying to embed? There may be a more simple way to achieve your goal. 🙂

@saurabh 2. Thank you, @advaitx and @technoid4u for all the design and tech counsel you give me all the time. None of my wild ideas would see life if not for you guys. Oh, extra thanks to A for helping me learn @WordPress during this #21daylockdown.

@okafor_s Learn how to make money working from Home. As government all over the world are shutting down businesses , public institutions and asking people to #StayHome, its time to learn #howtomakemoney working from home. #buchibrand @buchibrand learn how to blog on @Blogger and @wordpress

@mediashotz @wordpress @godaddy Not sure who is to blame for this but we cannot get into our WP pages to write news stories... Can you please help urgently! This is becoming a regular event and it's tiresome!

@cdbattags Meanwhile, now that WP has a proper REST api compared to 2010 or so whenever I was originally doing this stuff... Why isn't headless @WordPress not a thing yet? I know all y'all already have your templates written in PHP tho

@loucorben Is anyone else's @wordpress website just *NOT WORKING* I'm about to scream.

@Kats5dogs1 @WordPress it would be nice to get help logging in but there is just the standard list of only about 25 troubleshooting ideas to see what the problem is. I try to log in and it says I'm not registered and then when I try to register it says my name already exists.

@WwwPosDev Preparing protection for "insecure URLs" - the ones hackers will try to find/compromise first like @WordPress default login at /wp-login.php With @HAProxy as WAP (Web Application Firewall) it can look like this. Very quick, stops at WAF point, low-resource, further options...

@brendamnfine @kgardnernz @ProTools @duolingo @AdobePremiere @WordPress So true. I could get used to this working at home thing! ❤️🏡⚒️

@GuelhanSandra @WordPress I really would like to, ..but did already buy coffee, today and I don't have credit card, PayPal or anything, if it had depend on that, I don't remember, ...escaped to Twitter, ..otherwise 20 millions had been in German Gaskammer...not only 6 millions Jews...

@DoWordsMatter @PropagandaBRC @WordPress No worries, not interested in adding views to your blog

@Shubham_pen In this article, you will be learning how to compromise a @WordPress website’s #credentials using different #bruteforcing techniques. @rajchandel @ubuntu @wordpressdotcom #CyberSec #bugbountytips #infosec #pentest #Linux #ITSecurity #MondayMotivaton

@VickyEagle1 @WordPress is your website down? I dont have access to update my blog?

@CherBeckles @Rebfan1987 @wpbeginner @WordPress There's also a simple plugin called plugin detective that you can use to check if other plugins are stopping stuff from working 😊

@tradingfitgirl @mossifer @GoDaddy @WordPress I was told it’s an issue with hosted WordPress and they are working to resolve it within a few hours. 😐

@Rebfan1987 @wpbeginner @CherBeckles @WordPress I went to site health and it wanted me to use https... I had http so I just switched to https and now it won’t work. I can access the other pages on my website since I know their links. But I cannot access the homepage or my Wordpress login to edit my website

@laafrogringa @WordPress @wordpressdotcom I basically gifted you guys $100. I was stuck with a website that I have not been able to use. I contacted u all abt it a while back but you #refused to #refund my money. This has def had a #negative #impact on my #business! #Thanks!

@CookeCapeMay Any @WordPress pros have good #theme recommendations? Might be a good time to bring mine up to date. @obox provided my original, not even sure they are still around? CC @spacencashmere

@wpbeginner @CherBeckles @Rebfan1987 @WordPress Thanks Cher! We appreciate that. 🙂 Thankfully it’s usually not too hard to fix.

@wordpressdotcom @negibookslover Your site is not hosted with us on, but using the open source @WordPress software at another host. We have no control over your site so are unable to help with this. Please ask at instead.

@wpbeginner @chulbulachoubey @wordpressdotcom @WordPress Hi Aditya, can you try deactivating all your plugins and then see if you’re able to type your password?

@JoMillStyles @WordPress my job is not receiving a confirm email to change admin email address. We have tried reaching out through the online chat but no one else has been able to figure it out either. It’s really frustrating. Word said they couldn’t help us!

@TravisPflanz @SparkPost Will you please update your @WordPress plugin & confirm it's fully working with the latest #WordPress version? - - If you'e the #1 email sending platform, you should stay up to date with the #1 website building platform. Thanks!

@2standandstare 7/13 #PressEdConf2020 Moving @playground_data from @github to @reclaimhosting – using standard @Wordpress not a fan of the block editor. Took me quite a while to re-build site as my side project.

@DanielleMorrill @FieldAgronomy21 Thanks! So far we at using @twilio, @gitlab, @retool, @nodejs, @PostgreSQL, @awscloud, @intakeQ, @ElationHealth, and @WordPress most important thing I’ve found w/ volunteers is to let them pick the best tools for the job. Open source or not, no one has time to ramp in a crisis

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