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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - BLOG TOOL, PUBLISHING PLATFORM, AND CMS — WORDPRESS.ORG - Open source software which you can use to easily create a beautiful website, blog, or app. Server Status

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How to Solve Wordpress Down or Outage Issues:

We have tried pinging using our servers in diverse locations and the website returned the above results.

If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or website maintenance is in progress.

If the site is UP for us but you however cannot access it, try one of our following solutions:

1. It might be Browser Related:

To solve Browser related issues that might make the site/server down for you, do a full Browser refresh of this site. You can do this by holding down CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your browser.

This trick works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari and whatever default browser comes with your Windows nowadays lol.

2. Clear Your Cookies and Cache.

The contents of all modern sites and apps today are usually cached. This means a copy is stored in your browser as long as you have visited that page before. This is to make it easier to access when next you visit that page. This might be a problem especially if the page was down last time you checked.

You might need to clear that out of your browser memory for the site to load properly.

3. Fix DNS Problems

Domain Name System (DNS) is what allows a site IP address (192.168.x.x) to be identified with words ( e.g .com, .us) in order to be remembered easily. This is usually provided by your Internet Service Provider.

To fix this, clear your local DNS cache to make sure that you grab the most recent cache that your ISP has.

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@metaprinter @statwonk @WordPress @SlackHQ Clunky UI, trying to do too much while doing everything marginally OK. And god forbid you need to share something with someone who’s not in your existing “Team”

@tElizaRose @joe4ska @royboy789 @benswrite @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal I'm not saying they shouldn't be held accountable. (btw, there are pieces to their side that aren't being told, too) But there are ways to hold them accountable that do not affect one million websites. There was no due process here.

@joe4ska @benswrite @tElizaRose @royboy789 @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal @Will_Patton_88 This is what bugs me, for example why didn't .org contact the developer to fix the issue within a reasonable time then say if that's not met issue the suspension. -- Easy for me to say this I'm just some guy on the internet and don't know the history between .org and Astra.

@BAHSBurke @HeidiHisrich @LearnDashLMS @WordPress Guarantee you could do it, but you might not want to learn at a new school while teaching all four courses!

@andreineculau @automattic @WordPress I see. Is there a 2nd part of the tweet? "Obviously we have to improve our error message, since that's not what it says though."

@silpara Not having MathJax enabled to write Math content on @WordPress premium account is seriously disappointing. I was told it's a plugin install and need business account for that. I think this should be enabled by default regardless to enable content writing.

@gabelunao In our interview, @WordPress Founder @photomatt reminded us that a job you love can cause “you to lose sleep and question what you're doing… It doesn't mean you're not on the right path.” And he urges people to Zoom out and look at the bigger picture!

@whimsyniche @boldgrid I tried using your page builder with my client's website. Your themes doesn't seem to like the new @Wordpress Editor #gutenberg. I toggled it and it reverts Boldgrid page builder. I'm kind of like not liking your page builder to be honest

@BBlueintheBronx @JanerationX @WordPress It is not so fun on GoogleSites. Publishing is much easier with WP and it does not take hell to publish and upload. Boss is paying $200 so it better be worth it.

@royboy789 @joe4ska @tElizaRose @dannycooper147 @benswrite @TheDavidJohnson @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal Yes. Shady business practices are not included. I apologize if I misread and it is shady. Not cool. But people love to hate on affiliate links without merit sometimes.

@joe4ska @tElizaRose @royboy789 @dannycooper147 @benswrite @TheDavidJohnson @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal If the developers are transparent about it and make efforts to notify their users that's okay. It's still not clear to me if their intent was to slip these links in and hope no one noticed.

@dannycooper147 @tElizaRose @royboy789 @joe4ska @benswrite @TheDavidJohnson @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal Making money and following the rules of the theme directory are not mutually exclusive. There are other ways to make money. Example:

@ArcticLightsAq I've blogged or managed blogs on both the @WordPress platforms and @Shopify platforms, loathed the former, and loved the latter but felt a little let down by the amount of hacking and slashing involved to get a really solid blog setup going.

@NielsFreiberger @WordPress How can I delete a personal blog, when my registration e-mail is deleted and I'm unable to login into this page?

@tElizaRose @benswrite @joe4ska @royboy789 @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal @Will_Patton_88 I know you didn't make the decision, but I'm asking all people who publish on this issue to consider the actual consequences of something like this. It's not the only place due process does not happen.

@aral It looks like the Lebanese Red Cross’s (@RedCrossLebanon) @WordPress web site is down/buckling due to overwhelming traffic. Some help here, @photomatt? CC @wpengine

@KarlosWrites @WordPress I desperately need help with an issue I'm having with my website. Can someone DM me ASAP? When I try to register for help on your website it says I don't have an account and I do.

@AoibheNi They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a new skill. 10,000 / 8 hours a day = 1250 days. 1250/5 days in a working week = 250 weeks. 250 / 52 weeks in a year = 4.8 years til I figure out how to debug @WooCommerce so that it actually works on my @wordpress site.

@victoriap8er @oliviamoo_re @NotionHQ @semplicelabs @WordPress @HeyFlywheel @cargocollective It is so hard for me not to over research this and go bonkers, but like ... I might need more the. This PDF of samples 🤷

@maxwellivey @lorrainereguly Thanks, I’ll check for it shortly. Sad that Mars edit is having problems with word press. I love having the option of not having to go to the @wordpress dashboard. Am feeling better. The @twitter response to the book is helping a lot. Your friendship helps too, <3 Max

@KarlosWrites I urge one and all NOT to install the @patreon Plugin for your @WordPress website. It is a complete disaster and has caused nothing but carnage on my website.

@TheDavidJohnson @royboy789 @joe4ska @dannycooper147 @benswrite @tElizaRose @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal Exactly. And the theme review team is to be commended for cleaning that up. They've spent countless thankless hours fixing that. The Astra theme and this infraction is decidedly not that situation. And might not be as cut and dried as it appears on the surface at all.

@tElizaRose @joe4ska @benswrite @royboy789 @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal @Will_Patton_88 I get that. But that's exactly why this feels like something they did to make money, not because "asking doesn't work" Regardless of what rules were violated, .org is punishing the end user, not the company, with this action.

@Johnson_DavidW @patrickc @RealTimeWWII @SubstackInc @WordPress Worthwhile endeavor, curation; 2,500 year history. You’ll find down valley some of the brilliant people who lived, worked, wrote & taught in those dark ages, the 80s-90s, who would gladly bring irreplaceably unique, first-hand, real-world _experience_ to bear on such a project.

@mgpwr Constantly seeing @wordpress sites that load multiple versions of jquery because multiple plugins add it. Can we just make it an option in WP core to add these in and then plugins can not. We could eliminate a lot of page load. #developers

@PsXrS And there it is — after working on a cause’s website, I finally took time to look after my own #photoblog. Had to manually work on some already uploaded content since last major upgrade to @WordPress (the introduction of blocks) messed things up on my end. Next up, new content!

@Will_Patton_88 @tElizaRose @joe4ska @benswrite @royboy789 @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal I would love to have a chat with you sometime about your thoughts on this if you are willing? The theme works with WP 5.5 (I tested it with RC2). If a security issue comes about they will be enabled to get a fix pushed out ASAP

@TheDavidJohnson @joe4ska @tElizaRose @royboy789 @dannycooper147 @benswrite @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal Agreed. It's not clear. And it's not fair to assume ill intent. Communities like this will die if we always assume the worst of everyone when evidence is so unclear. ... including assuming things about theme review. A clear procedure on top of the clear policy will help.

@mdubbelm @joe4ska @royboy789 @tElizaRose @benswrite @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal Not everyone is in the postion or has the knowledge to code their own theme or plugin.

@Shovy_Zibran @BackShadys @tweetymonkey @sarahferrigan @SimonJohnPalmer @WordPress Hahaha hahaha didn't realise you can have an "adult conversion" with people who are literally fake?!!! It is also clear you can't handle being called out on your bullshit! Do you need to go to your safe space where you can be racist all you want and not get called out?

@adamjacksonsf “People are not designed to be on video for 3-10 hours a day. They're dying inside.” - @WordPress founder @photomatt Keeping the office "meeting culture" when working remotely is hindering productivity and fueling frustration.

@ac2bookblog @WordPress are you down? I can't get anything to work for my blog. No stats page, comments page and I can't post

@mattlearnsjs any @GatsbyJS / @reactjs developers who use @WordPress happen to know the best way to build a search bar to narrow down and display WordPress posts in Gatsby? I see examples for Markdown, but I am guessing I can still use the WP Api instead and it should still work?

@SergeyBiryukov E2E (End-To-End) Testing in Core Proposal via @WordPress

@Polylunar_ @selfbankt @WordPress @BtcpayServer Looking into that too and leaning towards third party at the moment. might be the way to go as I think it’s actually owned by the project. @BtcpayServer is that correct?

@bph @Maja_Milosevic @ronalfy @benswrite @WordPress Totally get it. Some agencies might actually expect the Astra team to issue a mea-culpa and help their users out. This would be an alternative directions to point the outrage. I am however biased, as I am a WordPress contributor in my spare time, too.

@anisotropela @CathJex @WordPress @elemntor Sorry, I'm not into this lingo… 😬 What does it mean to pull from a "custom post type"? And why do you have to enter metadata manually? Am I misunderstanding what "dynamically pulling" means? Isn't it that when you write a new article, it automatically pops up on your site?

@mattlearnsjs Day 26/100: I am going to do more work on today. This is really just working on an existing @WordPress theme, so it's very little coding...but I still take huge pride in my work, so I want everything to look and run perfectly. Read thread for more...

@PreebsFTK You know what's cool? Not being able to use my @Wordpress app to write on my blog. I've scoured the web and found no solutions to "Post failed to upload" every single time. So I write on a mobile app, store it in the cloud, copy and paste it onto the Wordpress web, then format.

@benswrite @tElizaRose @joe4ska @royboy789 @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal @Will_Patton_88 Not reached out to them, despite them being tagged in several tweets from @sejournal I've mentioned them and nothing, not one tweet back at all. Nowt. It's not bias, if it's a fact they put affiliate links in a free theme, and got caught doing so.

@setophaga @wordpressdotcom @WordPress Still having the problem; it particularly shows up if e.g. I created a blog post and then try to go back and edit it. Again, this is happening when I access the block editor for my site via please let me know if there are any fixes/if this is a known issue

@drud If you’re debating whether or not to use @WordPress for your next freelance project, @Codequickie2 has helpful tips on which sites are best handled with #WordPress’ popular mix of templates and plugins: #coding

@mattlearnsjs I really want to get the new @thementalgeek blog up and running. Not the social app, but the blog. I have content I want to share right away. So, while I am still planning on going the #headlesscms route with @GatsbyJS and @WordPress , for now I am setting up a Markdown blog.

@m_munirkamal @Wix @WordPress 📝 Just to make it clear, this is purely for tutorial purposes and to check the capability of Gutenberg. I am not putting the code anywhere. 😇

@TRMENIX @Mailchimp Do us a favour, just explain to this numpty that you're @WordPress "Auto Configures" to their settings and that any issue experienced is actually "User" related. Have to defend you as a client, when kids say daft things like this.

@insightpartners Co-founder of @WordPress and @automattic CEO @photomatt, shared tips for managing distributed teams and adapting to working from home in a recent conversation for @Inc’s Real Talk. Read here:

@joe4ska @TheDavidJohnson @tElizaRose @royboy789 @dannycooper147 @benswrite @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal I try not to virtue signal and I know I did it here in these threads. I often reply with my opinionated ideals. So thanks for listening I can be a bit much at times :P

@allyngibson @scifibulletin @WordPress That's... helpful. /s I would not have thought of that, because that seems improbable to me as the menu worked correctly on mobile. In any event, I'm glad it's repaired, and hopefully this never happens again. :)

@zepy32 Am I completely wrong or is there not an easy way to add closed captions (turn them on/off and select different tracks/languages) to a self-hosted @WordPress video file? All I can seem to find is talk of adding it to the UI but nothing actually useful for the built-in player.

@wingmattdev @DanShafi @WordPress @reactjs @ThePracticalDev @freeCodeCamp Hey Dan, you probably already saw this while researching, but if not it may be helpful! Looks like you can add params to your WP API request to add the formatted date to REST responses. With this you could avoid having to do any JS date processing.

@OnAirMarc Writing my first ever @WordPress #Plugin. It's for work and integrates with @WooCommerce. Nothing like a a good crash to know you did something wrong...

@RogueNerdOne @CronchyCreation @WordPress WordPress is still a fine CMS but to do anything within it you need plugins and lots of them. Also with all the drag and drop builders getting integrated with every theme it's becoming harder to just sit and write code for it. Let's not talk about security issues.

@mkdotam @aral @RedCrossLebanon @WordPress @photomatt @wpengine Checked first page, and it's ... well, this buttons are just images, they're not clickable, so they don't lead to anywhere. :(

@SebWrites Hi @SkypeSupport, wish to contact @WordPress in America on: 1-877 273-3049 #WordPress have very unfairly cancelled my Live Chat facility, as I have 'repeatedly' & politely asked to speak to manager... due to fact my issues over a long time were not being addressed! @GoWordpress

@lisa_calhoun @GaleBowman @Medium @WordPress Not recommending yet, but I first publish on our blog, and then use the Medium import feature--curious to see how that plays out over time. Doesn't have to be either/or.

@bhenbe @Sadache @mjsarfatti @prismicio @sanity_io @WordPress @NetlifyCMS @strapijs @forestryio A label with the icon will be also useful. There's no label on the drag_handle and bin icons. It's easy to understand for the dev who create the structure but not for the redactor that came before to manage the contents. We can talk about it if you want.

@KiaKamgar @matsonj @SubstackInc @TechMinimalism @hamishmckenzie @WordPress @memberful Yeah, I looked at that stack, but I didn't want to go back to WordPress and even though I'm a 'techie' I really don't want to go back to looking after my own system 😬 @SubstackInc does all I need, but the lack of custom domains is not a good thing.

@bixtweets Are there any stripped-down iOS apps for just posting photos to one’s @WordPress site?

@LovePopcorn6 Word to the wise - Don’t try to go self hosted late on a Sunday night... Only 17 of my 200+ posts have transferred over and my new site isn’t working 😭😫 If anyone has any advice I’d really appreciate it. @WordPress @bluehostsupport #notonaschoolnight

@oliviamoo_re @victoriap8er I'm putting together a "temporary" one through @NotionHQ so that updates are super quick, I'm not distracted by design, and I can focus on the meat in the case studies. I plan on investing in @semplicelabs + @WordPress + @HeyFlywheel. I want to be able to try it all.

@goGreenGeeks Do you have a @WordPress website that you don’t want anyone to see without having to log in first? If so, it is ideal to figure out a way to force login. Luckily, there's an outstanding #plugin that will accomplish this. #WP #WordPress #WordPressPlugin

@bhenbe @mjsarfatti @prismicio @sanity_io I'm not really looking for something. I already used @prismicio @WordPress @NetlifyCMS and @strapijs but i'm always interested to find more intuitive tools.

@QuEeNMeRaNdA @wordpress isn't, and hasn't been, working on @googlechrome. How can I fix this? Having to use a different browser.

@benswrite @joe4ska @tElizaRose @royboy789 @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal @Will_Patton_88 I think that could be down to the fact they added them 18 months ago and kept adding them. I agree it should have been handled differently. Unfortunately it is what it is, whether you or I agree.

@benswrite @tElizaRose @joe4ska @royboy789 @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal @Will_Patton_88 No I did not Taylor, they are more than welcome to comment on the article itself. I noticed they've not made a single blog post about this, yet they've mentioned it on Facebook several times.

@tElizaRose @joe4ska @royboy789 @benswrite @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal Not even CLOSE to the same issue.

@bhenbe @Sadache @mjsarfatti @prismicio @sanity_io @WordPress @NetlifyCMS @strapijs @forestryio Your UI is too much simple. If i take a look at this example (screenshot), it will be interesting to have the possibility to add a "customer" label to each field and not only the api ID . The svg thubmnail is too small and the remove icon is also too small.

@TheDavidJohnson @joe4ska @tElizaRose @royboy789 @dannycooper147 @benswrite @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal All good. Thanks for that comment, though. We truly need to be able to have discourse like this. It helps all of us improve. I appreciate everyone in this dialogue for working to make this thing we all care about better.

@Esky33junglist @selfbankt @Polylunar_ @WordPress @BtcpayServer In a simple answer No. it’s not included in third party hosts. But some geeky users know how to add their remote lightning node here.. geeks only 😂 for the official lightning.. it’s best to run your own full node.

@DavidMcCarter Do you know how I determine if a company cares about their customers? When I tweet an issue & I don't get a reply. @AmazonHelp is great at this. Others like @RoadieOfficial @WordPress @Line6 @Apple @AppleMusic don't ever reply at all! My solution is not to use them in the future.

@wordpressdotcom @setophaga @WordPress Since we do not have access to self-hosted WordPress sites, we are unable to provide any direct assistance. It sounds like a great question for the @WordPress community –

@tElizaRose @mihai_iova @dannycooper147 @benswrite @royboy789 @TheDavidJohnson @joe4ska @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal You're still making a lot of assumptions about the intent of Astra and whether or not the plugin companies knew. I'm more than happy to write my dissertation on the topic, as a marketer at a plugin company, a user of Astra Pro, and a regular WordPress community contributor.

@tElizaRose @Will_Patton_88 @joe4ska @benswrite @royboy789 @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal Sure I'd love to chat! Also, to be more transparent, I'm sure that Astra will be fine with 5.5, I was just thinking of any plugin conflicts or other issue that may come about as the ecosystem of WordPress shifts following 5.5... and the amount of Astra users who are beginners.

@oliviamoo_re @victoriap8er @NotionHQ @semplicelabs @WordPress @HeyFlywheel That being said, if I decide I don't want to go ground up and find a good groove, I'll probably go back to @cargocollective; I've always enjoyed my experience there. I've thought about Webflow, and was excited about it, but I'm just not thrilled by the building experience.

@dannycooper147 @royboy789 @tElizaRose @benswrite @TheDavidJohnson @joe4ska @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal That's not how it worked. They were rewriting links that already existed in WPForms to add their referral code. They didn't bring any new attention to the plugin.

@blatant_stevery @JeffHoogland @WordPress Not a WP expert but high level I think you’ll want to just search the basics of creating a WP plugin (can be as simple as a single file) and find the right hook ( to inject it into the page you want, and add that functionality to your plugin

@TheDavidJohnson @benswrite @Will_Patton_88 @tElizaRose @joe4ska @royboy789 @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal *couldn't agree with you more Geez. Not a good time to have autocorrect issues. 😳

@DrJCrawford @trustednerd @WordPress Genuine questions: 1) Did @WordPress take down the lesbian feminist GenderTrender blog to protect Yaniv from criticism? 2) Did @WordPress go in and line-edit GenderTrender posts to protect Yaniv from "deadnaming" or "misgendering"? Would really like to know what happened.

@ronalfy @benswrite @WordPress Well it’s not like Astra users can just switch themes on a whim. They’ll get their updates somehow, even if Brainstorm has to write their own upgrader. 5 weeks is a long time in Internet land.

@tElizaRose @joe4ska @benswrite @royboy789 @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal @Will_Patton_88 How the rules were interpreted by Astra or anyone else doesn't matter. IMO, this process is still not okay. It doesn't hurt them as much as it hurts beginner and intermediate WordPress users who will switch to Wix or Squarespace when they blame WP for their site breaking.

@macgraphic Glad to see the small editor issue I reported in @WordPress has been addressed in version 5.5 RC-2

@realDotNetDave Supporters of the Hello World Cookbook, I just discovered that @WordPress was not sending me emails if you submitted a recipe. Please submit again or ask me to look for your submission. I'm really sorry about this. #helloworldcookbook #MVPBuzz #dotnetdave

@artoodetoo @wordpressdotcom I appreciate you responding but it’s the shop that’s not working so I’m pretty sure it’s a @woocommerce issue and not @wordpressdotcom @WordPress although I’m starting to realise I should have stuck with my own html site. As Wordpress is less reliable.

@rajendrazore Nothing justifies the 5 weeks ban after 18months of silence and picking on a theme used by over 1million users. @WordPress you are not only punishing the author but all those users too. There is so much panic already. Besides WP 5.5 update is going to make this situation worst!

@chriscoastguy @DrJCrawford @trustednerd @WordPress Do note that @WordPress is simply the content management system and not to be confused with the commercial entity @wordpressdotcom that you are likely enquiring about.

@joe4ska @tElizaRose @benswrite @royboy789 @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal @Will_Patton_88 And I might had auttomatttic and other large web companies who have employees leadership positions that are being paid by their employers to represent them.... not the users like us.

@JeffHoogland Trying to make an update to the deck pages on my website, but fumbling a bit with my @WordPress knowledge. I believe this post is doing what I want, but I'm not sure where I put the PHP function or how to call it on my pages. Any suggestions?

@greaterheights_ Dear Akure, We have not forgotten the WordPress Meetup @WPAkure Some logistics coupled with #COVID19. We hope to return to the fun days making amazing websites using @WordPress cc: @WPLagos

@joe4ska @tElizaRose @benswrite @royboy789 @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal @Will_Patton_88 Unfortunately .org is not a democracy it's not even a republic. That's why this whole thing stinks because in the middle of is a volunteer theme review team being taken advantage of by the developers hopping they don't have the time to notice.

@GreyFeatherPhot Today is #BloggerDay ! If you want to read some of the stories behind my photos, why not follow my blog? 👩‍💻 #natureblog #blogger #wordpress #nearbywild #birdblog @naturebloggers @WordPress @UKWildlifeBlogs @bbcwildlifemag

@laurie_jim @mlocik97 @code @WordPress @mattgrshaw Thank you for that 🚀 Not really the same use case. WP still really good to do your website really quickly.

@adamjacksonsf "In the past, people would work from home, as a euphemism for not working that much." In a recent interview with @photomatt, Founder of @WordPress and CEO of @automattic we talked about how people have to work “doubly hard to vanquish this myth.”

@justinahinon1 E2E (End-To-End) Testing in Core Proposal via @WordPress

@mihai_iova @tElizaRose @dannycooper147 @benswrite @royboy789 @TheDavidJohnson @joe4ska @AstraWP @WordPress @martinibuster @sejournal Yes, upgrade links exist in the free versions, but are they affiliate ones? If not, no problem, no rules broken. But when you replace a normal link with an affiliate one, even if it redirects to the same domain, things change dramatically.

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