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@hwithonel @Lachlanwalsh14 @Wikipedia @googlescholar_ @ResearchGate @GriffithUniVC It looks to me like some studies have seen ethanoic acid undergo photodegradation but it's often at a λ<200nm which is just getting outside of the Sun's emission spectrum. If accurate, this means it's unlikely it will break down to any large extent in sunlight. But I'm no expert!

@AlexHinojo A digital friend said me: "@hospitalclinic is not yet on English @Wikipedia, despite is considered one of 2020 worlds' top25 hospitals by @Newsweek: How can it be fixed?" Easily. Here you have it! Feel free to copy-edit and improve it.

@LizaPrendergast @sanditoksvig you hit on a major issue in Washington DC. Hey @NatSecGirlSquad let’s keep writing @Wikipedia articles featuring great women! I’ve written two articles for amazing male leaders and would love to help write, publish, and wiki some great lady leaders. We know them!

@HRBlackburne @dambaras @nadanothingzip @DavidAstinWalsh @Wikipedia Please direct your complaints about the lack of authority to @wikipedia, not me. Thank you!

@ProfessorVolk Flashback Friday to before the quarantine of #COVID2019 when we edited @Wikipedia as a class to prove why it is not a reliable source of information when conducting academic research📚📝

@afroCROWDit @Wikimedia @WikiProjectMed @Wikipedia Give it up for the volunteers @WikiProjectMed and all everyone working to keep the articles updated and accurate! ⚡⚡⚡🔥

@StrangeAttract5 @SKUsa11 @Wikipedia It's called a vaccine. THEY'RE WORKING ON IT. They usually take years to develop. Stay home.

@Doctor_at_Play @Elyas97248271 If you have some courage, the article I have shared to you is from @Wikipedia. They have references, and if you do not want to know the truth just because you don't feel comfortable enough, well, what can I say?

@Vakdaro @Wikipedia thanks for adding the way to correctly write the singular and plural form for trematodes' life cycles! this is a detail that even academic publications have not considered adequately #phdchat #parasitology #science #scicomm

@FredSmi78998325 @Wikipedia Your Wikipedia articles are biased and you are rude to people and do not let them put truths they could say something about the town you grew up in and you will change it and ban them. Hopefully ppl learn the truth soon. You will probably delete this..

@mythmanjay #DrinkTheKoolAid - Not the 'Mass Suicide'-meaning, but rather ... Something that Came to Mind when @OkcWestminster discussed #Paraclete ("I Will Send a 'Comforter' When I Go.") @Wikipedia

@Kumioko2 @Wikimedia @Wikipedia If people are looking for information on a medical related topic they should talk to a doctor or a reliable reference, not Wikipedia.

@Wikimedia "Gender equity on @Wikipedia means involving women, not only to make edits, but also to take part in discussions and policy-making on the platforms." —For #WHM2020, longtime volunteer Basak shares her ideas to close Wikipedia's #gendergap: #WikiHerStory

@YorqunXan Dear @Wikipedia This page(Persian version) is not possible to change But it's incorrect Part of Azerbaijan is a country Part of Azerbaijan is in (northeastern of) Iran Part of Azerbaijan is in (derbend) Russia So when I write "Azerbaijan" What @wikipedia_fa show me is incorrect

@HRBlackburne @nadanothingzip @DavidAstinWalsh @Wikipedia I am sure @wikipedia would be interested to learn your opinion of them. Please contact them, not me. Thanks!

@OpenResLeeds For many non-academics @Wikipedia is a central source of information. Why not have a go at editing a subject you are an expert in*? Make sure you cite #openaccess versions wherever possible🔑 🔓 *or that you want to learn about! @wikimediauk

@BrothershipPool @Katsumoto87 @IOHK_Charles @Wikipedia Good. Keep the price down we get bigger bags and never have to worry about money again while we are trying to make the world a better place!

@HRBlackburne @nadanothingzip @DavidAstinWalsh You beef is with @wikipedia not me. Please contact them and to point out they are wrong. Thank you.

@Kumioko2 @WikimediaCH @Wikipedia If unwanted to waste my time on worthless stuff I would play a video game. Not subject myself to a toxic environment like Wikipedia do @krmaher and her friends can travel the world for free on my donations.

@avoidtheplague @scotbot @davidasinclair @PeterDiamandis @Wikipedia Well Vitamin D is known to down-regulate IL-6. And all these doctors have been using pharmaceuticals, off label, that lower IL-6 (among other things), to fight the cytokine storm. So, that kind of makes me think that things that increase ACE2, paradoxically, help fight COVID-19.

@AriellaBrown @DerinCag @ccziv @WHO @Wikipedia Also I had not given you the stats on contraceptives, so here they are: Also linked to depression & other negative side effects as per but doctors go right on prescribing them b/c they consider the risk small.

@JosephLPoulin @savagemike @HRBlackburne @Wikipedia That poor guy, he’s got a shtick that he thinks is working for him and he doesn’t have the insight to realize why “So you disagree with that one line I cherry-picked from Wikipedia!” is causing so many people to laugh at him and assume that they are “enraged”.

@AriellaBrown @DerinCag @ccziv @WHO @Wikipedia @Bloomberg It helps when your culture is more introverted & willing to accept individual restrictions. Americans tend to be more extroverted and insistent on having the liberty to go wherever they want with whomever they want. The spring break to Florida thing would likely not happen in SK.

@DerinCag @AriellaBrown @ccziv @WHO @Wikipedia @Bloomberg Of course, though common-sense would say to use the significantly less harmful drug which could be as effective, if not more. People before profits.

@islamudinsajid No need to get panic, These viruses normally infect rodents, but do not cause disease in them. Humans may become infected with hantaviruses through contact with rodent urine, saliva, or feces via @Wikipedia

@HRBlackburne @QueenKika @AsVacation @DavidAstinWalsh Please take up your point with @wikipedia not me. Sounds like you also may want to read their article on the GOP and give them feedback on that too. Thanks!

@Kumioko2 @Wikimedia @Wikipedia @Slate @harrisonstephen Wikipedias editorial process is a sham. It's not even a process. It's a few people, most of which aren't qualified on the topic, controlling what information they want others to have. They bring the stress on themselves by bullying out editors who are doing the work like me.

@HRBlackburne @salemjelzway @AsVacation @DavidAstinWalsh Please continue to stress test my account looking for signs of weakness or wrong think. I like those. Thank you. Also, please contact @Wikipedia and tell them they are wrong. Your beef is with them, not me.

@whereisfrom @Wikipedia It appears that article about #ChineseVirus also known as #WuhanVirus and #WuhanCoronaVirus is missing any reference to China. It is NOT acceptable. Somebody should step in and make sure that articles aren't handicapped by the Communists. #covid19 is but a synonym

@Argentum729 The "editor" of a publication which is expressly disallowed on @Wikipedia as a source shares - their attempt at news - a parody piece written to illustrate Majoritarian Privilege. These fuckers need to be tried by a working court.

@HRBlackburne @NotMichaelMahho @AsVacation @DavidAstinWalsh @Wikipedia Looks like you might want to try and reconcile your opinion with @wikipedia. Please share your supposed refutation with them. I am sure they will be grateful. Your beef is with them, not me. Thanks!

@SamuelAFalvoII Now, @Wikipedia, why, WHY, would you write your website's code such that when I click on a picture 3/4 the way down on an article, then click on the "X" to close the pop-up, you drop me back at the very, tippy-top top of the article?

@prakashneupanee @kayvz Hey there I'm trying hard to get verified on Twitter as this is the one and only platform where I'm not Verified. I'm a musician from Nepal and have been featured widely on national and international media and you can even find me on @Wikipedia .

@SuneAuken @BillyLiar10 @Wikipedia A genre minefield indeed, but a very interesting ones where few legs are blown off. Very nice of you to say so, but I have specifically forbidden my students to edit a page on me. They are about to have exams with me and are thus not sufficiently disinterested.

@QueenKika @HRBlackburne @salemjelzway @AsVacation @DavidAstinWalsh @Wikipedia Look, I love Wikipedia as much as the next guy, but ffs, respect your audience enough to cite their sources, not wiki itself. As I'm sure they'd be the first to recommend. Or, go ahead and make a complete fool of yourself ¯\(°_o)/¯

@Frozen47739700 Jimmy Wales @jimmy_wales he know himself he put the @Wikipedia at @elonmusk partner name with that sex worker prostitutes @Grimezsz sex by Jimmy Wales . I & @elonmusk already asked Jimmy Wales to take off that prostitutes sex worker Grimezsz name but still not. I am going to boom

@wordmasseur When is @Wikipedia going to crash with all the updates needed for the deaths of notable people around the world? #StayHome #COVID19

@iamcelsoabeats To @Wikipedia #Wikipedia Is any symptoms of #COVID19 is not reduce to lack of intellectual affect brains?!

@AriellaBrown @DerinCag @ccziv @WHO @Wikipedia One more thing: you may not have your choice of drug if that particular one is not available where you are. And it makes sense to find more possible options when facing a pandemic already afflicting huge numbers of people.

@HRBlackburne @anna43bella @AsVacation @DavidAstinWalsh Anne, @ataraxia316 just unwittingly cited a Wikipedia article. You may want to notify him @wikipedia is not a reputable source. I also had my credentials questioned by the Twitter mob for it, so let him know about that hazard too. Thanks. HRB.

@type_it_to_moon We got our first one. At position 7. Not bad. And thanks @Wikipedia for the punsh back

@F_I_N_K @bneiluj @Hugo_Lz @OSVentilator @ISINNOVA @TheOxygenProj @Wikipedia @simplyacreative @OpenLung Yes, I'm Andrew, was replying to Hugo, not enough coffee yet. Excellent, will keep an eye!

@CardanoWiki @Cardanians_io @Wikipedia @InputOutputHK Hold on! Wiki’s have a very high standards when it comes to making information accessible to All Wiki’s does not commercially censor any project. It’s against our principles & the very basis we were founded on Perhaps mother Wikipedia thinks differently. Don’t expect an answer

@bennedik @Wikipedia What happened to the metadata rest api? Getting a "not found" error.

@shawn_mcmurdo @RichardMcCrackn @davidgerard I think that while we work to get positive resolution of this problem we can also let @Wikimedia @Wikipedia @jimmy_wales @davidgerard know that we will not be supporting or donating to them until it is resolved fairly. @IOHK_Charles @InputOutputHK @CardanoStiftung @Cardano $ADA

@ndemassieux The discoverers (B. Hoorn and David Arthur John Tyrrell) never became famous. It took me a long time to identify them. They are not named in @Wikipedia. I could not know wether B. Hoorn was a man or a woman. Here is the bio of one of them. #ScienceMatters

@mimi_elder @BCWildfireWkly @ai6yrham @CEDRdigital @8bitmeme @SPNRescue @Dobieblue @EPA @Wikipedia I know...thinking of working in HCF’s when infections with horrid, hard-to-eradicate bacteria such as Clostridium difficile running amok. Basically = “get out the plutonium”. Used ALL of the correct PPE/abided by labeling info. Yet here I sit with seemingly permanent lung damage.

@Kumioko2 @SuneAuken @Wikipedia Wikipedia is an unreliable fansite controlled by people who want to convince the world their point of view is the truth when it often isn't. It's not reliable, full of libel and copyright violations, contains child porn, etc. People should ban it, not edit it.

@HRBlackburne @NotMichaelMahho @AsVacation @DavidAstinWalsh Please contact @Wikipedia and suggest to them the article is wrong. Show them your chart. Your beef is with them, not me. Thanks.

@DunaganReagan @Wikipedia Why is @Wikipedia blocking people from adding anything to certain crypto projects but not others? Is there a standard or are you being bias?

@NotMichaelMahho @HRBlackburne @AsVacation @DavidAstinWalsh @Wikipedia Not even going to link it? Weak. >redefinition of socialism Is this a troll account? Is English not your 1st language? If they're trying to redefine "socialism", that means they're trying to create something different. Words have meaning. Nat. Soc. isn't socialism. (Wikipedia)

@mimi_elder @BCWildfireWkly @ai6yrham @CEDRdigital @8bitmeme @SPNRescue @Dobieblue @EPA @Wikipedia Correct you are...just thought the fact that the two of the most common disinfectants there are (along with lovely soap and water) seem to be effective against this virus is interesting. Not “just” the toxic heavy hitters like quaternary ammonium compounds .

@creativecommons "When she’s not conducting physics research at her day job, Dr. Wade contributes to @Wikipedia prolifically: Every night, she writes biographies of women, people of color and LGBTQ+ scientists. " To date, she’s written nearly 1,000 articles. 🙌

@LavaKm @anivar Shameful. @Wikipedia time for me to stop my monthly donation. Don’t want to contribute to a portal which does not accept views from multiple sources.

@fredwalton216 @Hugo_Lz @Wikipedia As mentioned, experts are somewhat clueless -Prof. Neil Ferguson, of Imperial College London, says the lockdown measures imposed in Britain,which are similar to those in the US, will “start flattening that curve & bringing numbers down” among coronavirus cases in about 3 weeks.

@fredwalton216 @Hugo_Lz @Wikipedia can help me understand how you come to your pov or can choose not to validate your pov. It’s your choice.

@AriellaBrown @DerinCag @ccziv @WHO @Wikipedia @Bloomberg Yes, but lives before politics, too. The media was very down on it to score points against Trump. But NY's Democratic governor is thrilled to start trial on Tuesday. I give him the benefit of the doubt that he's not looking to get rich off of it. I'll share the quote.

@DerinCag @AriellaBrown @ccziv @WHO @Wikipedia It is harmful. Just twice the daily dose can kill people according to research by @Bloomberg. Still, if it was the only drug available, I'd take it. But I'd hope it's not the only choice. Facts are facts.

@dlmluckytiger @meralee727 @michaelbickett2 @DrOz @drdrew @DrPhil @DrOz & @drdrew are physicians, but @DrPhil is NOT a licensed psychiatrist! He has a PhD in clinical psychology, but according to @Wikipedia, he is not licensed to practice. #AnnCoulter has a law degree & clearly can’t read a simple graph.

@FritzHayek I got bored and decided to do some random wiki reading on Christian and Islamic Eschatology, and I found this under the “Antichrist” page. @Wikipedia might want to get an editor over there to remove it. I’m no theologian, but I’m pretty sure this is not relevant.

@Richardvines @Bebejax @sanditoksvig @Wikipedia Oh yes. It is certainly not Wikipedia charging. You pay someone to compile the entry, with lots of footnotes/references. Once you are aware this happens, it is almost as easy to spot as fake likes on Twitter and Instagram.

@Jackson57911118 @SuneAuken @Wikipedia Academic shouting always has that ring of sophistication to it. Not at all what it sounds like when I'm down at the dog races.

@fredwalton216 @Hugo_Lz @Wikipedia 2) I will put speculation of yours to the side, as without a basis; 3)I asked you to list the specific numbers, not ask me to do your research regarding ventilators. However, demand for ventilators exceeds available machines by about ten times.

@HRBlackburne @anna43bella @AsVacation @DavidAstinWalsh Please let them know they are not reputable. @Wikipedia I agree with the statement: The term "National Socialism" arose out of attempts to create a nationalist redefinition of "socialism", as an alternative to both Marxist international socialism and free market capitalism.

@nellosplendor To get to know what you love you have to study, get informed and explore. @Wikipedia is a way to do it. And it's funny how - on a day off from work, with some Disney+ content and music in the background - I'm doing the same. Never too late to get down on what's unknown to you.

@janeenuzzell @AskAManager Thanks for recognizing @Wikimedia as a model for #remoteworking I'm proud to be a part of a leadership team that trusts its colleagues and has #bestpractices designed to keep work moving forward @Wikipedia

@lukemulks @matthewcmaxwell @eth_us @AttentionToken @brave @BrendanEich @BraveSampson @shitcoinprotips @Wikipedia @nokidhungry @TheGivingBlock If a creator has not yet verified, you are effectively "pledging" a contribution. Your browser holds that pledge locally & periodically checks if creator has verified. If the creator isn't verified w/in 90 days, "pledge" expires, & "available tokens" qty updates to reflect.

@iamsanajamal @MewatiMubasshir @jmiu_official @OpIndia_com @DrRPNishank @HRDMinistry @Wikipedia I replied to this News Portal but then I scrolled the tweets. Omg !! Even if we support, we will be hated. Biased. One sided gamer. Not worthy . I removed my supportive reply even. 🤦🏻‍♀️

@iamcelsoabeats To @Wikipedia , @anticorruption, @CIA #JusticeMatters #GlobalJustice #PressFreedom #Wikipedia #AntiC #CIA #JudgeSantos #LordSantos #IAmGrandPrince Register that I just sent my most powerful email until date and time. Not jocking!

@fopsom Definitely not covid-related; I just found out the term "Xennials" exists (@Wikipedia def is "the micro-generation of people on the cusp of the Gen X and Millennial, described as having had an analog childhood and a digital adulthood"). From here on, I only answer to that.🤓😂

@xSavitar Update: #Covid19 Cases in Cameroon now at **66** and Manu Dibango (Cameroon born musician dies in France due to covid-19). I've updated the @Wikipedia article: We need to go on a lock-down before it gets worse :(

@iprosportsfan1 @Wikipedia @Wikipedia 👉 @SuperBowl rings update to your website page 👉 neil dahlen , a retired @49ers @Broncos executive has 7 @SuperBowl championship rings. how is it you don’t know this? i guess ur not a reliable source of 💯% true information , this would lend to maybe 95% accurate 😂

@shivbhagwab @davidgerard @CardanoGuru @DewayneCameron9 @IOHK_Charles @BrahimSaber9 @Wikipedia #Cardono technology is very good. If anyone starts chili in the scandal, cardano is not going to bow down

@GerardMeijssen @jesswade @unihh @UniBonn @LSHTM @harvardmed @Wikipedia @500womensci @Science_Grrl @wikiscientists @WikiWomenInRed Added a label for English, merged two @wikidata items .. her @ORCID_Org knows many more publications .. The name of her thesis is also a scientific paper with her name on it .. do not know what to do.

@Kumioko2 @krmaher @jesswade @Wikipedia Its unfortunate how much of her time jess is wasting editing Wikipedia. Not to mention her professional credibility. Unfortunately it's only a matter of time until her real life is ruined because of her affiliation with you and the opojects!

@Wikimedia The way that scientists are working together to study and defeat #COVID19 draws on learnings from a familiar source: @Wikipedia editors who collaborate beyond borders to support open knowledge. @JemielniakD shares more ↓

@AleksAleksande3 Hey @Wikipedia, I think your articles on free speech and definition of empirical evidence might need some editing. They are not in accordance with what you act, strive and imply to believe in!! ⛩ #wikipedia #fact #Engineering

@hagenmusicnet @sanditoksvig @Wikipedia It was not the only relic of the slave trade in their possession. The ripples of the slave trade are also still very present (there and elsewhere). It is hard to fathom such inhumanity. But seeing these things changed my life ... and for the better. Thank you!

@NeltnerJoe @Alpine_Joy @KBAndersen @Wikipedia This virus is not that virus. It tends to strike older people. Morality rate on Spanish Flu was incredibly high amongst children. I checked it out

@scotbot @avoidtheplague @davidasinclair @PeterDiamandis @Wikipedia Yeah, and Vitamin D activates it, as well. Which means it might not be so good to take either. Except it's good for fighting ARDS, which is the end stage of the infection, if I've understood the science properly.

@Hugo_Lz @fredwalton216 @Wikipedia 3) I literally took 2 days to wrote these wikipedia articles, i suggested you to do a 15 secs google search. So we are not in the "ask me to do your research regarding ventilators. ".

@cogconfluence What’s the deal with the NYT dataset? They claim no “single agency” has compiled an up-to-date record of fine-grained data. @COVID19Tracking & @Wikipedia have been on it since day one, yet they’re not mentioned in the list of state-level tracking efforts, while CDC & JHU are.

@lirazelf In lockdown and looking for something to do, that's not just watching tv? May I recommend contributing to that there @wikipedia? Here's an easy 1 hour intro...

@Hugo_Lz @bneiluj @OSVentilator @ISINNOVA @TheOxygenProj @Wikipedia @simplyacreative You can also add to the page : "Image from the project under CC-BY-SA-4.0 if not otherwise stated." Please notice me if you do so, so i may react quickly.

@BillyLiar10 @SuneAuken @Wikipedia Of course, it is exam time for students. Perhaps not the best time to be lampooning their lecturers!

@hagenmusicnet @sanditoksvig @Wikipedia In 2001, I went on a university trip to Ghana; we stayed in Denu, near the Togo border. During our stay, we walked down the beach to a former slave outpost. In their possession was a scepter presented by the British signifying the end of the slave trade. ...

@MilanLegius @Wikipedia Doesn't make sense. What makes sense is round numbers, 1980 to 2000. The people born closest to the millennium are millennials, not something else.

@SuneAuken @RebetikoWalrus @maelysdervenn @Wikipedia Yeah, edit wars are one of the great twitter annoyances. I have avoided them so far, but it might hit me any day. And I stick mostly to Danish twitter which does not seem very belligerent.

@CCribz In conclusion: @Wikipedia @davidgerard is NOT censorship resistant, which really is a huge disappointement to me :( Learned a new lesson there!

@Hugo_Lz @fredwalton216 @Wikipedia Fred, you know i wont do you 11 projection on command it s not how twitter works. I already explained several times that natural growth could lead to an overall 1B sicks, and that measures are taking place to take it down. So we already identified our divergence.

@mv01gt Have to admit, was not aware of the Dr. Who part before 😭. See list of lost episodes @Wikipedia: #DSpaceAT20

@TheCoinBitch @IOHK_Charles Just remember this: a lot of people hate @apple @google @microsoft and would do anything to bring these down. Yet they are unstoppable! #cardano #ada won’t be stopped by someone deleting its @wikipedia pages.

@writeranonymous @Antiqueight @WikiWomenInRed @Wikipedia Do topics get assigned, or would I need to try think of one? I've never written for Wikipedia before, nevermind working on a project focused on the site, but I'm definitely interested if there's a little guidance 😀

@Wikimedia Librarian David Ramírez-Ordóñez researches the #gendergap on @Wikipedia. He's also working to close it by adding biographies of women librarians to the site. (Why not join him? 📖) #WikiHerStory @hiperterminal

@daanpannekeet @IOHK_Charles @davidgerard i donate to Wikipedia for a while now. People like you should not be editing and censoring on Wikipedia beceause of your personal bias. I won't be donating next time. @Wikipedia

@kojocouk @sanditoksvig @Wikipedia Thank you again. A sobering and thought provoking edition. And..., sorry, as I’m sure you know this, but a Starfish is not a fish. It’s one of the five types of Echinoderm. Of course you know this. Sorry to have mentioned it.

@bneiluj @F_I_N_K @Hugo_Lz @OSVentilator @ISINNOVA @TheOxygenProj @Wikipedia @simplyacreative @OpenLung Hey Hugo (not Andrew?), please let me know if you want me to add or modify information from . You can also make a pull request 🙌

@Wikimedia Librarian David Ramírez-Ordóñez researches the #gendergap on @Wikipedia. He's also working to close it by adding biographies of women librarians to the site. (Why not join him? 📖) #WikiHerStory @hiperterminal

@AriellaBrown @DerinCag @ccziv @WHO @Wikipedia It's fine to say you have a preference, and I hope you'd have the luxury of choice. But your preference is not what is is coming to NY, which has been hit very hard. Telling people it's harmful, therefore, can have the same bad consequences of anti vax campaigns.

@ColdHandsCrypto @IOHK_Charles @Wikipedia Get your shit together. Censorship on a supposedly open and transparent platform is unacceptable! If you don't stop censoring voluntary, you will get sued and forced by law to accept articles. Nobody wants to go down that route. Do the right thing Wikipedia.

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