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@YW5vbg @Wikipedia This other guy asked who watches the watchmen? It's a pretty legit question Wikipedia. Why not answer that? Heck, go read up your own post on Wikipedia's legitimacy where it states not to be trusted, even the owner says the same thing. You got a toxic user base accept it.

@jm_deutsch @pattonoswalt I’m not the biggest fan of @RepAOC a lot of the time, but goddamn do I love her as a person. I also love the person who already updated @RubinReport @Wikipedia bio to reflect the murder-by-words that just transpired.

@Nowheremaam @ChanlElvn @Wikipedia Ya know, I have to slow down my reading comprehension and switch into the slow lane when reading your tweets. You are always offering new knowings 🧐 and I have to find a proper place to file these knowings. 🖖 ABC ( Always Be Curious)

@SpoutingH @gmtyas @PTBlythe87 @manny_ottawa @Wikipedia I'm talking about titles given to generations born in the USA. These titles are cultural references. Just because a child was born in India in 1975 does not make them a Gen X'er.

@BilyanaLilly #Russia wants to replace @Wikipedia with 'reliable' Russian equivalent. Given the large number of entries in the Russian language Wikipedia, this policy is likely driven by the type of content, not by the language. #Wikipedia #Russian @Independent

@states_of_grace Hey, [email protected] - as a fundraiser, I can tell you that you should NOT start an appeal with "It's a little awkward, so we'll get straight to the point". Asking for donations to support your work should be empowering. Right now, it sounds shameful and embarrassing!

@Neferure1 @Wikipedia There is an election on in the UK. Of all the sentences to pick out, you pick out the anti Labour one. Labour supporters should not abuse anyone, but why does this appear over all the other facts?

@bgb76 @mohamed58089141 @sunandavashisht @USCongress @UNHRCC @amnesty @UNRefugeeAgency @Wikipedia is not #HolyBook Any mofo can edit it & i can change imdead pundits 1400 to 10 or 2 in 5 minitues So, Stuff you govt data & wikipedia where sun does not shine

@chrisma0 The who taught what to whom?! And she then became DM?! Best factoid! How is this not in the Trivia Section of his @Wikipedia article... 🏰 🐉

@ApollosFuelCell @RebeccaStebbins @nprscottsimon @Wikipedia @Pontifex @Reuters Often not permitted to own land, so Jews weren't famers like Christian pop, but tradesmen & dealt w/money to survive. Didn't go over well

@Xshnargloth_II @kimbetech @ScratchingM @fionamflanagan1 @Wikipedia Which boxes are not checked by both Fascism and Communism? 1. Utopian 2. Collectivist 3. Anti rationalist 4. Anti Capitalist 5. Totalitarian 6. The past must be erased to usher in Utopia 7. Genocidal Rivals, not opposites!

@raju Some men behaving badly on @Wikipedia is a reality. At same time, Wikipedia won't be able to fix centuries of women being not written about relative to men. Worth separating the two issues @fastcompany: Wikipedia still hasn’t fixed its colossal gender gap

@rcturk "There's a lot of hidden figures out there," says @Jenkinsbd, if you don't write your own history, somebody else might not. At @the_wing tonight with @CFR_WFP to add forgotten women to @Wikipedia!

@ImaHammerU a cnn tweet about a bus crash in Iraq sent me down a @Wikipedia rabbit hole that lead me to learning about the Caspian Sea Seal.

@CuratorLucy Plus today I added my tenth page to @wikipedia! Not quite @jesswade BUT EVERY LITTLE HELPS #TBWiki2019

@leftworks1 Congratulations to @MaxBlumenthal, who has been Crossed on @Wikipedia today following the passing of James Le Mesurier. Chris York and HuffPost are considered reliable sources; AlterNet and Max Blumenthal are not.

@anonlthr @Wikipedia I'm having trouble logging in, and the password recovery page isn't working for me. Is there an email address to contact someone?

@MikeLehrOZA @SunilMalhotra @ScottMonty @jgombita @Wikipedia Yes, Sunil, I agree with the book definition. Let's deal with how it's used in reality. It's often used as a cover to criticize by calling it "critical thinking" when it's really not. Again, I refer to the intense political infighting that occurs among academicians.

@ShrineCraft @garethicke @cjsmith1980 @SamGyimah @LibDems @ChukaUmunna @Wikipedia Anyway. Don't want to argue with you chap. You make sound points. I liked the Labour folk I worked with at last job. They genuinely cared & had respect. I was sad the labour candidate didn't win in 2017. He may do now, as Amber Rudd has stepped down.

@Wolven @globalagoras @Wikipedia Potential Improvability is, by definition, a feature of the thing which needs to be considered at the outset, rather than after a series of escalating failure points paint the dev team & company into a corner of either a) completely tearing down or b) defending a shoddy product.

@WHISTLE03370319 @USAPippa @MarkDice @Wikipedia No, I do not recognize him as a legitimate president, trump is a kid with a playbox. He is doing irreparable damage to our country!

@jasonguinn789 @MarkDice @Wikipedia Good job Mark! Love the channel and, as writer myself, understand and respect your sales on Amazon! Not an easy feat. My short story only made it to #11, but that is still cool.

@AsiavilleNews #Wikipedia co-founder @Jimmy_Wales has launched new social networking sites that plan to take on @Facebook and @Twitter. The company is independent, and not connected to @Wikipedia; it borrows the business model of the online encyclopedia.

@WndlB Not to pick on the man, and it would be kind of a hopeless task even for the very best, but this IS thin for this mission: “Steve Castor" on @Wikipedia:

@photos_floues @MarcusCyron @JakeOrlowitz @jesswade @Wikipedia @krmaher I am saying that Wikipedia does not have to be, and indeed must not be, something that simply carries over the prejudice of the past into the future. We must actively compensate for the lesser coverage of women and PoC, because not doing so is furthering sexism and racism.

@GerardMeijssen @hockeyfan12342 @WikiWomenInRed @yorkuniversity @KristinAndrewz @RSCTheAcademies @Wikipedia what does "Tier II York Research Chair" mean? It is the kind of language that makes no sense to someone who is not in academia

@ETPanache Wikipedia has been accused of not doing enough to curb misinformation, but things are about to change. @Wikipedia

@jesswade 🧠 Meet Prof Elizabeth Fisher FMedSci, neuroscientist @ucl who studies the degeneration of motor neurons. She was the first to develop a 🐁 model for Down’s syndrome, allowing her to identify the roles of different genes. New @Wikipedia page: #womeninSTEM

@DavidGTosh @BernardPicton @fionani09 @Wikipedia But its not done for all groups? Just nudibranchs? We were thinking of putting it all to use.

@mikezaneis I admire when non-profits like @Wikipedia stick to their core mission. Doesn't happen often enough: And not hosting ads doesn't mean you're anti-advertising, in this case it just means you're focused.

@AhNowSeriously ' I will NEVER give another penny to @Wikipedia after their anti Jeremy Corbyn statement today. It's all about the wealthy not wanting to pay tax and opposition to Corbyn's standing up to Israel #GeneralElection2019 #GE19 @Wikimedia #GeneralElection19 #GE2019 #TonightVMTV @bbc

@leezeltanglao Today’s #WomenDoNews edit-a-thon would not have been possible without the leadership of my fellow @takeleadwomen #50womenjournalism cohort sisters @angshah @ejgertz! Keep it going! Join us online to add biographies of female journalists onto @Wikipedia.

@JennaGlenwood @Wikipedia You say you're not for profit, but then one tiny thing happens to @Wikimedia and you're forcing "PLEASE DONATE TO US" and "GIVE US MONEY" down our throats. Also, I think we'll just forget that Turks have no access to Wikipedia. You gotta get things together.

@photos_floues @MarcusCyron @jesswade @JakeOrlowitz @Wikipedia We are already including gender and race in our notability assessments: it is not a question we can avoid as long as these concepts are sociological phenomena. Pretending not to take it into account amounts to aligning with the most reactionary views without being open about it.

@hnicoleyoung3 [email protected] @KellyannePolls @KimKardashian @RudyGiuliani @AlanDersh Wikipedia kept taking down my case brief &, after I threatened to sue, barred me from all of @Wikipedia (as a general policy against people who threatened to sue, they said). But before I was barred

@colinjgus84 @JeffWTOV9 The coldest NFL game was played in Cincinnati, not Green Bay. That’s according to @Wikipedia the game is referred as the Freezer Bowl.

@JackHan28454169 @anthonyfjoshua @WilliamHill Finchley ABC in Barnet! Also the home of @DerekWarChisora!! Not going to lie... @Wikipedia helped me!! 🥊🥊🥊

@MatthewHendrian Everyone has used it, but not many support it!!! I just donated to @Wikipedia. Support free knowledge! #iloveWikipedia

@derek_fawcett I use @Wikipedia so much, it feels wrong not to donate. #iloveWikipedia

@Estelle_Olivia In the age of #fakenews we’re all doing a lot more fact checking. I just donated to @Wikipedia, one of the places I go to get backstory on current events and check the age of hot celebrities to make sure it’s not weird to think they’re hot. Support free knowledge!

@ShooBrown @ScienceMagician @Wikipedia It’s compounded too. ‘Hmmm. 99% of people don’t pay. Should I pay? Let’s see, am I wealthier than the 99% of people who ignore the message? No. I’m not. If I felt obliged to pay (or did pay), then I’d have unjustly fallen victim to the message. And I’m sure that isn’t its aim.’

@tevet @Aungiexyz @verfolg @WesleyTBrown2 @round_lion @SophistsAwake @MAGAalways1 @DanaJo114 @mitch94132935 @LitterickB @DonPier27990569 @chic_savage @TheSteveKon @peppertrumper @CatvllvsVerona @SonofMan__2 @Bloggasaurus @4RANDALL1 @Blue2Reaganite @Kintu3 @NevadaJack2 @charliekirk11 @guypbenson @Wikipedia Too many children are raised without this reliable 'constant' in their lives. They mature into adults who are constantly battered by reactions and results that they don't understand and which terrifies them into violent, hateful reactions. They are forced to react, not respond.

@AskJibran So what does a short-circuit evaluation look like? How does it work? "... is the semantics of Boolean operators in programming in which the 2nd argument is executed or evaluated only if the 1st argument does not suffice to determine the value of the expression." - @Wikipedia 4/

@FabienRiley @plssuckmydickx @wikiHow @Wikipedia I've actually completed this course and now I ONLY call my friends Watson, even when I try not to - it just comes out. Don't do it you'll regret it honestly

@AnlikaLarina @Wikipedia But Putin not in delight, and wants to create his encyclopedia in Russia instead of Wikipedia, ... I like Wiki :)

@garethicke @ShrineCraft @sighmohn @cjsmith1980 @SamGyimah @LibDems @ChukaUmunna @Wikipedia Their stance is extraordinary. We'll get a good deal in 6 months, and then we'll campaign to not take that deal, but to remain. K, hun.

@mcsigmavadiba @SmombieGate @Wikipedia Probably more to do with spurious edits being put in by individuals & the fact there's no conclusive tests. Studied this for 5yrs, only came across 1 person who came even close, but the blind studies were inconclusive. Not saying it doesn't exist but we need more ££ for research

@popcummer hey @Wikipedia , I have to report an incorrect detail in your website. the inventor of saxophone was not Adolphe sax, it was in fact Ms. Carly Rae Jepsen in her opening track 'Run away with me' from E•MO•TION in 2015, please delete this misleading information, thank you.

@garethicke @sighmohn @ShrineCraft @cjsmith1980 @SamGyimah @LibDems @ChukaUmunna @Wikipedia Diet Tory. Tory light. I can't believe it's not Tory. Yes, when he pandered to blairites, had the spine of a whitebait over fake AS smears, and flip flopped on Brexit.

@junkyard_tweets The @Wikipedia page for Jaun Elia does not even begin to do justice to him.

@librariancheryl “Why don’t we stop ‘Wikipedia-shaming’. Why don’t we come out and teach not *whether* but *how* to use it. @joycevalenza @Wikipedia #aasl2019

@TSIDATSI @Wikipedia Hunter Biden's page- which uses AP, NY Times n other liberal sources- is "locked to prevent Vandalism". I am dismayed n do not trust the sources: no page should be locked.

@djchuang @marknadal @robbyvalderrama @praisehands greed is a huuuuge monster that’s most challenging to stand up against.. not impossible, but very hard; @wikipedia did it..

@dead_keen Ardderchog! Outstanding initiative from @NLWales & @Wikipedia. Family historians rely upon the expertise of #Welsh speakers to not only locate & translate Welsh records, but also analyze & interpret that info w modern methods & context. Welsh education resources benefit us all!

@Hugo_Lz @GissiSim @Wikipedia #Bolivia: Pro-morales are counter-rising. Balance of powers set for violence in months to come: - Army too deeply in, not neutral anymore, risk being lynched if walking back = cannot = "Must keep upper hand!" - Pro-Morales still likely majority, will fight

@MikeEden60 @tedbaxter99 @9_Moley @rugbyleagueproj @Wikipedia That is correct and I was born in 1960 Wikipedia has me born in 1961- I like that I am happy if people make those type of mistakes I told Arko I was born in 1961 so I assume that is where it came from Correct Name - Mike not Michael although I answer to anything

@LucasWerkmeistr @chicocvenancio @Wikipedia well, yes, but any exhaustive search would take a long time, right now I’m not in the mood to implement that ^^

@wikinews_ch since jan 2002, we wants to explain @jimmy_wales success of @wikipedia. + jimbo dreams his experte-quality-nupedia stuff: @wikinews @WikiTribune there is no author. there are only arguments. WIKIPEDIA IS NOT PAPER #agree2disagree

@iamcelsoabeats To @JMDBarroso #Barroso Only thing sir have to explain to me that havent understand yet How do you get the job for a boss of company like @GoldmanSachs . How come?! Still since first heardthe news to trying figure out.... Looking your profilework history @Wikipedia stil not see?!

@thedavekillion Dear ⁦@brexitparty_uk⁩ members, This is the reality of your choices. This is the kind of people you support. It’s not too late to think of yourselves and others! The Scorpion and the Frog" on @Wikipedia:

@TT_JimmyWales @ParisPeaceForum: 'According to @jimmy_wales, Founder of @Wikipedia, we should be careful not to breach basic human rights when trying to regulate cyberspace. #ParisPeaceForum2019 #standforpeace #cyberspace #regulations…, see more

@julianvjupiter @moon_arkan @omgubuntu @libreoffice @only_office @Wikipedia Even LO supports other format not just its native one (OpenDocument). That is why LO has also high level of compatibility to MSO docs though not as high as LO can do

@sighmohn @garethicke @ShrineCraft @cjsmith1980 @SamGyimah @LibDems @ChukaUmunna @Wikipedia Jo Swinson a Tory? I’m not sure what the rules are anymore or if labelling people to avoid engaging on their actual opinions is that helpful.

@ParisPeaceForum According to @jimmy_wales, Founder of @Wikipedia, we should be careful not to breach basic human rights when trying to regulate cyberspace. #ParisPeaceForum2019 #standforpeace #cyberspace #regulations

@brightbyte @TrizekWP @GerardMeijssen @Wikipedia @Wikipedia_fr @ORCID_Org @googlescholar_ I see the problem with the attitude. "I cave find them in Google, so the person is irrelevant" is not a good approach. "I'm unable to confirm the sources you give, can you help me with that" would be much more productive.

@FriendofAm @Wikipedia Not donating a penny to you guys, till you take off offensive things about Melania Trump from your pages. Sick! BTW This won't make Trump lose.

@CWichbold Getting information together about Muriel Darton 1882-1945 #suffrage ready for @wikipedia @WikiWomenInRed with thanks to @womanandsphere for her help. Ironically have not yet managed to find a photo of this photographer! Anyone out there who can help?

@thecircledancer @glennkirschner2 Any who may not know of The Doctor of Death, Joseph Mengele, look at @YouTube and @Wikipedia ; @Google Prepare to be completely appalled. You cannot imagine. Watch 'Denial' with Rachel Weistz.

@LinxzSec @GuidedHacking @Wikipedia I'm kinda curious why you decide to donate to Wikipedia despite the fact that they continuously use a big red donation box with text which is worded in a way to suggest they are running out of funds. Not criticising you, I'm just wondering how you feel about that?

@samborino Dear @wikipedia, at least have the courtesy to write a different email asking for money, after I donated to you not two months ago.

@marknadal @djchuang @robbyvalderrama @praisehands @Wikipedia We're working with psychologist at Stanford to design a system that redirects people's vices towards moral good of others. For instance, if a greedy person can only get richer if they help people, then they have an incentive to do so. your thoughts?

@ShrineCraft @garethicke @sighmohn @cjsmith1980 @SamGyimah @LibDems @ChukaUmunna @Wikipedia It's open. I think that's a fair point. Do public look at voting records, in general? People vote for MPs for ridiculous reasons. They didn't do badly in the European elections though? Labour could struggle down here. Will see. Plaid Cymru/greens are the ones to watch in Wales.

@toomaime @de_henne @fajarsiddiqFS @bcye_tw @joshmanders @imknight @WebMaye @_jolvera @AnTheMaker @hackernoon @kerrtrvs @mddanishyusuf @sunnysinghio @LoriKarikari @owenconti @alollou @Gautam__Jain @matteing @HarowitzBlack @alicodermaker @diannamallen @karanganesan @spekulatius1984 @alexthayworth @googleanalytics @Threeteatree2 @Google @googlechrome @googlemaps @yesnoornext @BasileSamel @AlinaCSava @hyper_yolo @DesignByKyle @davecraige @FabioRosado_ @Booligoosh @whizzzoe @Yosun @gauthamzzz @achuth_hadnoor @jesswallaceuk @JamesIvings @WorldRecordBB @elonmusk @jack @Wikipedia still working on - implementing a stripe on backend to offer premium content soon

@kumarpraveen412 @freespiritge @Wikipedia Why not donate me? I disseminate free knowledge to you too.

@WiciCymru @AmicalWikimedia @wikifoundation @jimmy_wales @Wikimedia @Wikipedia @OKFN @krmaher /2 ... or photographing Spanish police batoning peaceful protests and uploading to @WikiCommons, then they could take the editor's computer, mobile, close their local network and attempt to close down Wikipedia - without a court order. Organising a democratic referendum has...

@MoleJourno @jimmy_wales To explain (not the Rasputin bit). Wales stole the idea off a colleague & threw him under the bus. He then spent years trying to delete this fact from @Wikipedia . Which is a non fact website as the editors have bias. Took me two years for them to accept my MP was married.

@raju Some men behaving badly on @Wikipedia is a reality. At same time, Wikipedia won't be able to fix centuries of women being not written about relative to men. Worth separating the two issues @fastcompany: Wikipedia still hasn’t fixed its colossal gender gap

@YnotBro @Geechee4Kamala @JuneSummer1 @SenWarren According to @Wikipedia nothing in the Constitution prohibits a pres.candidate & his or her running mate being from the same state, the "inhabitant clause" of the 12th Amendment does mandate that every pres. elector must cast a ballot for at least 1 candidate not from their state

@MarcusCyron @photos_floues @JakeOrlowitz @jesswade @Wikipedia We don't have such groups. But the WMF and Dome people Tell this to the world. Thus is so frustrating and it did not help our Work. In the contrary.

@NNLMDOCLINE Do you like to work with reference materials? Do you like to share information? Why not edit a @Wikipedia article and share quality information and resources with an audience of millions! #CiteNLM

@keithcarron @jpmorgan @FT @TheStreet @BloombergTV @YahooFinance @NYSE @cheddar @Nasdaq @FoxBusiness @firstmove @CNBC @Wikipedia @WeWork It's not that serious, but make sure you get to the ATM first @federalreserve @centralbank_ie

@egonwillighagen @brave @Wikipedia apparently, it also functions as a kind of @flattr and you can give a BAT tip to @github commits, but did not get that to work.

@marchmeenagh @BNBuzz @amazon @indiebound @kobo Finally, @amazon sucks. Stop buying from them if you can. And, no, I'm not talking about convenience; I'm talking about capability. If you need a reason why, look no further than this @Wikipedia page dedicated to how terrible it is.

@martycap_micro @giorgilab @Wikipedia @FrontiersIn I’ve been involved as both reviewer and author in papers submitted to Front. in Microbiology. My feeling is that the “predatory” behavior depends on the Frontiers journal, it is not generalized.

@bodysouls Good! Google and @Wikipedia are out of control in their hatred of anybody or anything that does not bow to their Communist obsession to destroy everything good and decent about America!

@GerardMeijssen <grin> what do you know when you see an article you want to keep and it is obviously not a @Wikipedia article... ah well

@ApollosFuelCell @RebeccaStebbins @nprscottsimon @Wikipedia @Pontifex @Reuters Yes! Not sure of single, comprehensive & authoritative book to cover all. Try contacting Jewish History scholars near u for specifics u seek

@HDSMagistra @tigerlilyrocks @rogueclassicist @Wikipedia Great idea! And in the future why not add translations of these entries to Vicipaedia, as well? Students can read the articles in Latin.....😊👌

@raju I am often puzzled why an existing scaled, global, ad-free, highly privacy-centric and relatively free of misinformation site @wikipedia is not in the conversation, amid the ongoing lament about no alternatives to platforms. #kfaitechgiants @knightcolumbia

@GetTheFlick I fell down the rabbit hole again. But I love @Wikipedia. CSS Shenandoah -- the only Confederate ship to circumnavigate the globe -- surrendered in Liverpool, England on November 6, 1865. #CivilWar #WarBetweenTheStates

@Miriam8C Just completed my yearly donation to @Wikipedia . It’s not a lot, but I hope it helps!

@AskGregory @Arfness @crayfishhunter @EvolSiLla @ncukanaa @JamesWi54935243 @AfricaCheck @staralliance @Wikipedia The point is it should not be all that difficult to correct the current facts for the three airlines..

@hockeyfan12342 @GerardMeijssen @WikiWomenInRed @yorkuniversity @KristinAndrewz @RSCTheAcademies @Wikipedia I find the language of academia almost alienating to those who are not familiar. A Tier II York Research Chair r ppl who want to " to promote research and development excellence." It is York's version of a Canada Research Chair (

@MattBauerlin @Wikipedia how are you gonna feature a 'Did You Know' about a botanist that tried to murder his wife in his 80s and not include the planned method in the actual article? Talk about a let-down

@npcArts Dear @Wikipedia - "crew" is never correctly used in the singular. The AD-5 Skyraider allowed two crewMEN to sit side by side. It did not allow entire crews to sit next to other entire crews. CrewMEN. One crewMAN next to another crewMAN.

@debz526 @jeff28w @almostjingo @DrDannielle @tracybeanz So they can label it a Trump Ukraine Scandal 🧐🙄. Obviously, @Wikipedia is a left wing advocate for the #DNC ! It’s not a scandal for our @POTUS ! Add this in there: Marie Yovanovitch ordered State Dept. to spy on American citizens/journalists! #KAG

@SunilMalhotra @ScottMonty @MikeLehrOZA @jgombita Not criticism- "Critical thinking is self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective. It entails effective communication and problem-solving abilities as well as a commitment to overcome native egocentrism & sociocentrism." @Wikipedia

@CynthiaMN5 @Wikipedia I have been concerned about the truthiness of some of your pages.Are you shaking me down for a donation? I don't have much money, and can only afford to donate about $30 a month. You absolutely deserve donations for the work you do, but you're behind others on my list.

@gametalkx I appreciate this. @Wikipedia Help support something we've all benefited from at one point or another. Information should be free, but it's not free to run a database like this.

@drclairemurray @Antiqueight @WikimediaIE @Wikipedia @Vicipeid_IE @shaneichel @cigilt @ismisemeg @AnEihe @slowtech2000 @JilCos @CeallaighnicG @gabig58 Don't mention the war 😏🤣. There are lots of us who would prefer it not to #DownwithV, but there are issues with sounds that mean linguistically speaking v makes more sense. It is a fact but I don't have to like it and I don't have to agree with the choice of using V!

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