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@Jatinder7445 @Wikimedia @Wikipedia is it way to beg for donation ? how can we trust on that , its not fack or may be to steal card information

@Rasanai @ravi_r08 @Wikipedia Not for profit doesn’t mean they don’t make money. There are 100s of not for profit corporations that make enough money to sustain. For instance, CAA is a nonprofit

@ramansharma89 @Sunandablabbers @Wikipedia @RazorpayCare @EconomicTimes Glad... It was a serious concern for me... Though one of the two donation still hasn't reached Wikimedia and got deducted fro account. And Razorpay seems to not care at all. Huge difference between an Indian company and an International one when it comes to customer service. :(

@adityavatsa @ShefVaidya @Wikipedia If they're gonna change the name of so called Adam's Bridge to actual name #RamSetu, I can give my share. Second thought, what's the guarantee that they'll not change it again? What kind of vandalism they want to prevent by not allowing to edit this page.

@kingcbharati @AmroodAdmi @satan_7788 @Wikipedia Look who is talking. The one who is not even giving his original name and only making fun of one of the greatest Hindu leaders of India. And don't force me to tell you what C stands for.

@1Yuriyouri @KelvinBSP @MarkAmesExiled @Wikipedia @TheGrayzoneNews @jimmy_wales i've not seen her post anything that remotely denies the coronavirus, your criticisms regarding some of what her boss's at Last american vagabond is valid but to just dismiss Webb entire journalism body of work is really unfair. Bill binney and Greyzone aren't the only ones....

@ShefVaidya If you have 175 rupees to spare, buy the #OpIndiaDelhiRiotsReport. #StopFundingHate against Hindus. Do NOT donate to @Wikipedia

@Figuramoda Do not follow the majority, follow facts and truth. Basically, donate to @Wikipedia where are my fellow reasonable Indians? #donatetowikipedia #wikipedia

@TheHoleyBibli I want to donate to @Wikipedia, but don’t understand why they want my PAN card info. Not comfortable with that at all. Can somebody explain to me why they need it?

@BoqueteApartme1 @fonzinator573 @NicoleArbour @Wikipedia 5/ have objections against supposedly wrong statements or characterizations, you are free to compose corrections, based on reliable public information (not your opinion) and edit the article. If you think it should be done, do it.

@michael_w_hicks Crowdsourcing to obtain accurate information can work, if the incentives are right, as they seem to be for @wikipedia (funded by donations) but not for social media sites like Facebook (funded by ads/eyeballs).

@SaintPaulLonnie @AsaFlynn_1984 @BarbaraMowrey1 @andreajordan66 @Google @Wikipedia It is ok to not agree. I appreciate disagreement. I also acknowledge you for interacting with me without going for the block. Very "anti-social distancing" of you 😉

@vishhansraj @Wikimedia @Wikipedia Your articles are not neutral as you tend to market them..... have some shame....begging for our money peddle your....anti India views.

@bad__scientist Decided to read about ricotta cheese and whoever wrote the @Wikipedia entries on milk proteins needs to go back to protein biochemistry. Sorry if you used that for skool and got killed by da prof. Not editing because IDGAF, I just like to complain.

@legodyinggirl @vishhansraj @Wikimedia @Wikipedia BJP is not India. Hinduism is not India. I'm neither of those things and I'm Indian. I have too much respect for my country's constitutional promise of equality and secularism to think your ideas are Indian.

@Manureman_ @karunanundy @VidyaKrishnan @AltNews @Wikipedia @thewire_in Shud not have spent crores of rupees on foreign degree for credentials That money wud have been enough for primary education of hundreds of kids And even now u decided to fund propaganda, the kind on which livelihood of u folk hinges

@harikurup85 Now my point, When Wikipedia says 98% users do not pay, isn't it putting us in a comfort zone that there are 98% other people like us, who will just scroll up. I want to make a payment, but i want to know how this is reaching @Wikipedia

@BoqueteApartme1 @fonzinator573 @NicoleArbour @Wikipedia 4/ your objections with the moderators. It is a complicated process meant to make sure no factually incorrect statements are made, the encyclopedic character of the website is maintained, and articles are not vandalized or falsified, but can be corrected nonetheless. If you /5

@greenlanternas1 @timruss2 Dr. Doom does, REALLY, I grew up with @Marvel (ALL hail @TheRealStanLee ), Tim, and really, if you're not familiar, look him up in @Wikipedia and you'll see Donnie doesn't EVEN come close to having a set of "personal ethics", Donnie's not EVEN a good super villain ‼️🤣🤯💥

@Official911dj @nowme_datta Well that's Google Showing ur pic not Wikipedia @Wikipedia . So stop making excuses n donate to them. N raise ur issue to @Google

@Dhruv21891 @Parth_Shahh @Wikipedia I ended up being a few of those who succumbed to they passive aggression. But I saw a post showing how they have received crazy amounts of donations and how they have used them. Not sure if it's true, but if it is, alas.

@TheTruthHurtsY2 @NicoleArbour @Wikipedia @Wikipedia - contextually flawed. Best summed up by: “My congratulations to you, sir. Your manuscript is both good and original; but the part that is good is not original, and the part that is original is not good. ”

@luisa_torsi It is not AI! It is a wonderful project by @jesswade to promote women scientists! Thanks so much Jess for including me @Wikipedia

@SudarshanDhari @Wikipedia You have started pleading for donations, almost crying for survival. Within minutes of posting, you delete genuine Hindu updates. Your downfall has started, you will have to shut down very soon due to lack of funds.

@AnamikaRashmi @Wikipedia another reminder to correct “cause of death” for Sushant Singh Rajput’s profile. Case is under investigation and it is not right for a prestigious organization like yours to show false data. Stick to the facts. #TheWorldStandsForSSR #SushantWasKilled #SCForSushant

@FidwiUsama @Tara_nl_in @krmaher @Wikipedia Not suddenly, we,re from South Asia since our inception. Arab, Iranian and Turks are our brothers in faith. As to history, we don't just share, we rather own it since Pakistan today is comprised of most the Indus Valley Land. Sindh belongs to us from where it's history starts.

@Skeptiguy1 @jackbuckby @Wikipedia You are allowed to comment on the talk page though. Just not edit the article directly. And that is for your own protection as much as anything - people have been dragged in the press for editing their own articles.

@1Yuriyouri @KelvinBSP @kellywind @MarkAmesExiled @Wikipedia @TheGrayzoneNews @jimmy_wales my friend Margaret Kimberley of Black Agenda Report & Black Alliance for Peace she put on her facebook and twitter something to the skeptics of coronavirus "you may not believe in rona but rona believes in you" haha!

@mariliacout @AcademicChatter Warning: you know those times we look up something on @Wikipedia to check for intersections and branchings of whatever? Do not do it in anything related to critical #psychiatry, antipsychiatry, #sucide and #mad studies. It's not only wrong: it's RW propaganda.

@comboverwhelmed @LyfNDaFastLaine @esav1776 @chaszasis @chicagoslie @yashar @Wikipedia And I'm NOT going to take an unsafe vaccine. Which is what trump's pushing in an attempt to win the election,

@pgallup68 @BrunTheBear @CC_Yale @Wikipedia I think your wiki post and what I posted are pretty much the same; it's a behavioral difference re: to swarm or not to swarm. 😀

@vibandro @Wikipedia hey Thieves of West. This is RAM Setu not your Adam bridge. Beggars always trying to loot things from Hinduism. Correct it you morons.

@jimsbuy @TIinExile This wire article is written, so that #WikiMafia can cite this and update @Wikipedia articles. For #Wikipedia the supreme court judgement and her own backtracking statements in court reported in other portals are not authentic proofs to make corrections in the article.

@SaintPaulLonnie @AsaFlynn_1984 @BarbaraMowrey1 @andreajordan66 @Google @Wikipedia Ok good to know. I will keep working at it. Have an excellent weekend Asa @AsaFlynn_1984

@FossilsABG Meet the highly unusual “carrier snail,” Xenophora sp. As a steinkern (photo 1), this snail does not appear to be that unusual. But check out the other photos (via @Wikipedia) to see why this snail gets its name! 😱😱😱 1/3

@NewGameRocks @ShefVaidya @Wikipedia No, it isn't . You are biased. Who wants Wikipedia to shut down except dumb people who don't want knowledge?

@DrRamanArora @drnkhl @kanicabatra9 Not sure of the context, but I have contributed small amount of funds to @Wikipedia before and this time as well. It is a huge information resource for no cost. So I don't fault their model. It is entirely voluntary and of course it remains available whether you donate or not.

@AmroodAdmi @Swarnveer @Wikipedia @ShefVaidya @UnSubtleDesi @prachyam7 @StringReveals Did you see him admitting ? how do you know. The law is clear on this as I highlighted. you have to wait for the court to see what happens. No wiki edit can be made without conviction. Also this is old recycled news from June. See details why it is not new

@retroprogress @NRDCEnergy @NRDC THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT, BUT A PROPOSAL! We need an energy @Wikipedia with all the information about the #energy used to produce every good. In order everybody can make the right economic decisions to #FaceTheClimateEmergency #EnergyPedia

@ShefVaidya So @Wikipedia is on a begging spree in India, Wikipedia that describes ‘Jai Shri Ram’ as a ‘war-cry’ for ‘perpetration of communal atrocities’ and #AntiHinduDelhiRiots of 2020 as an attack on Muzlims. Is this what you want to support? #StopFundingHate. Do NOT donate!

@baransam @GouthamaKugve @ShefVaidya @Wikipedia @jimmy_wales However, this June, I had a bad experience. I tried to edit a derogatory entry about SwarajyaMag. There was a group which systematically kept reverting my edits. They even stonewalled effort to present both sides of the argument. Bitterly, I decided not to donate any more. (2/4)

@jackbuckby @Skeptiguy1 @Wikipedia Again, I am a conservative and I am constantly described as “pretending not to be a nazi”. Unless I become a progressive, I’m “still a Nazi”. And I will not capitulate just because people, including wiki editors, lie about me.

@RK_ADLURI @ShefVaidya @Wikipedia Dear Madam , here is the proof for one such example ,See J&K map. Why Wikipedia not only Anti-Hindu but also ANTI-INDIA. It's a platform for anti nationals to spread their Hatred on OUR Country.

@T_Shyamili @Wikipedia Hi, I would love to donate but I'm not sure why PAN card details are required? I'm not even sure if this would be acknowledged, but it would be great if you could verify this? Y'all give us so much and this is the least I can do and would like to do. Thanks!

@Capt_JavedAhmed @kT1aIa9E0nM83C1 Very sad but not disappointed. Have you ever used these words of digging graves for your western friends which are you using for Muslims... Must watch the history of Saud's @Wikipedia & @Youtube how Sauds came to power and after that what they did with Muslims historical places ?

@Damsel_is_high Oh god! Wherever I've tried to find this info it always came with "maybe not true" and to come to think of it that this info comes from Buddhist literature. Damn!! But sites like @Wikipedia still call it maybe not true But same site wikl blame sunga for demise of Buddhist 😑

@Ka_redemption @NikitaBali5 @The_Sarcastic_J @Wikipedia Wikipedia is not biased, the people who post shit over there are. Everyone and everything is biased until you have to submit an article or an assignment in the morning and you haven't started yet, then Wikipedia is a savior.

@balaji99 @ShefVaidya @Wikipedia I will NOT be donating to Wikipedia. It claims to be unbiased, but there are some groups of moderators that have an anti-Hindu bias, they don't allow edits that don't align with their ideology. So, Wikipedia is NOT the beacon of free speech that it claims to be.

@kingsameer I just donated to @Wikipedia.I have used it so much that I could not use it anymore without contributing! Support free knowledge! #iloveWikipedia

@experi158 @thakkar_sameet @ShuklaRajiv @Wikipedia @Wikipedia I saw @DineshDSouza page in your website. You guys have even mentioned his twitter conspiracy, but when someone from left is caught even for molestation, you tone the language down the language to give a facade that it is not a big deal.

@MajidAhmad1988 @hakhaalid @BintKhawaja @ZakaWaqar @jimmy_wales @Wikipedia Dr. Aafia Siddiqui (though @aishafarooqui7 ), Dr. Fowzia Siddiqui and their mother all have written letter to @ImranKhanPTI asking him to help her and bring her back to Pakistan, but he hasn't even mentioned her name for a long time. He is not taking any steps for her release.

@ShefVaidya #StopFundingHate do NOT donate to @Wikipedia or @PetaIndia. They use YOUR money against you - to peddle Hindu hatred

@ThatUppa @UrbanAchievr @KevinMKruse These lunatics will try to alter history,English language & reality to fit whatever Der Führer says/claims. It’s not even new to Trump. Remember Tea Party loons running to @Wikipedia to try & change the history of Paul Revere because Palin made those false claims about his ride?

@arunimakumar21 @Wikipedia why is your information incorrect about @itsSSR Height is mentioned wrong, death is mentioned as suicide by hanging. Which proofs u have that it was by hanging? And if not, then change it to “Reasons for Death - Under Investigation” @ishkarnBHANDARI #Warriors4SSR

@AthenaMama Since I'm working from home, I can't ask my colleagues for inof, so I turn to @wikipedia even more. Please donate (I just did) to support free knowledge! #iloveWikipedia

@Megh_nad @Wikipedia @Wikimedia Plz how can I make u understand that to avoid some one's appeal is not possible for every one each tym n it's not possible to oblige each tym. Plz stop embracing those who have already contributed.

@BoqueteApartme1 @fonzinator573 @NicoleArbour @Wikipedia 2/ proof of this, could it be that you simply share their views and don't recognize that these ideas are racist and sexist because you feel they are correct & you would not like to be called racist or sexist? Just a hint. Wikipedia might not be the problem. It might be in you.

@bisuclef I don't understand why @Wikipedia says "Do not copy and paste any defamatory or libellous information" when there are LOADS of it in there and when you try to edit some admin will yank it off and then go on to block you. So much for public information. Phew!

@rosscjr @Wikipedia hi @Wikipedia I try to login and donate some cash to you but it said that I am banned. upon further research on the awesome @Google, I've been banned because I'm a Sprint customer. I guess you don't want my money. FYI I never tried to edit anything

@BoqueteApartme1 @NicoleArbour @Wikipedia You not only don't know how to spell "repercussion" but also have no idea what Wikipedia is and how it works. BTW, why do you call yourself "comedian"? I thought comedians are witty or at least funny. You are neither.

@NitishSambhav @arunmv_91 @ShefVaidya @Wikipedia Then we should criticize all Religions, don't u think. It's not nice to criticize only one, don't you think. Go all guns blazing.

@hadrianmorrigan @nialler2807 @abhishek_singla @ShefVaidya @Wikipedia Just because crores of people believe in something, doesn't make it true. Truth is independent of belief. There was a time when people thought the Earth was flat. Wasn't true then. Isn't true now. I'm not denying your right to have faith that Ram existed. But there's no evidence.

@AmroodAdmi @Swarnveer @Wikipedia @ShefVaidya @UnSubtleDesi @prachyam7 @StringReveals It is upto the court to prove. Not Me. I am just replying to your comment where you are asking people to make inappropriate edits to Wikipedia. It is obvious that you dont understand the maxim that "innocent until proven guilty" You can read more here

@frankie_1987 Interesting to see people pin the Beirut explosion as a “poor country” issue. “SS Richard Montgomery" on @Wikipedia:

@koopasthamanduk @krmaher @Wikipedia You are doing a great work with Wikipedia but I always find it to be anti hindu in its approach. Facts are tweaked and presented with a narrative in some articles. Not sure who is editing , reviewing these articles but there is a clear bias. Please adopt a neutral approach

@amchow78 @KarenSoutar1 I'm not a religious person, so I had to look it up on @Wikipedia! 😃

@BoqueteApartme1 @fonzinator573 @NicoleArbour @Wikipedia So you mean he does not think that the white race is naturally superior to other races? He does. This is the meaning of white supremacism. I'm not gonna lay down a study of all his talks &articles, others have done this already. Wikipedia simply says what publicly available /2

@NE007 @Zaverri Hey @Wikipedia You may not allow to edit the pages .... But the reality is not controlled by You or Twitter or any Frucking Leftist gang .

@hadrianmorrigan @nialler2807 @abhishek_singla @ShefVaidya @Wikipedia Ramayana and Mahabharata were written in Sanskrit, not Hindi. And in Sanskrit, इतिहास has multiple meanings, one of them being "legend". You're right here: "Holy"in the title doesn't make the Bible and Quran holy. It's holy only to those people who think of them as holy.

@POMED Turkey has previously banned @YouTube, @Wikipedia & tops the list of countries demanding @Twitter to remove content. But that's not enough. A new internet law gives the government sweeping powers over social media companies. @MerveTahiroglu explains:

@Danomite940 @KamalaHarris @SenKamalaHarris we need someone to please update your height on @Google @Wikipedia. Unless you have some mad high heels you are not 5’2. If you are 5’2 my wife wants to know where to buy those magic heels with hidden inches. #KamalaHarrisForVP #BidenHarris2020

@Sachinu26 @Wikipedia Be balanced in your opinion and thn ask 4 donations.. If "Allah-O-Akhbar" is not a war cry then same is true for "Jai Shree Ram" .. Donation can be done to neutrals and not to biased Wikipedia entries with blatant anti-Hindu propaganda .. @narendramodi @rsprasad

@liki_rk @QaisarBashir786 @AskAnshul And this is why I did not donate to @Wikipedia !!

@sur_london @kushanmitra @thesatbir @Cristiano @Wikipedia There are other solutions as well like ground arresters if one wants to save lives and invest..

@retroprogress @GregBarkerUK Great! But clearly not enough. We need an energy @Wikipedia with all the information about the #energy used to produce every good. In order everybody can make the right economic decisions to #FaceTheClimateEmergency #EnergyPedia

@sk8rcruz @jarvisdortch Can someone with @Wikipedia skills add this masterpiece of a document to Judge Carlton Reeve’s Wikipedia page? I’m not quite skilled enough to do it yet.

@CuriousPhantomm @Wikipedia while you shamelessly ask for donations, you are still continuing to malign Hindus. How much more citations do you need to rectify this? Hakenkreus is not Swastika. Have many more belligerent anti Hindu content on your site. Please correct this immediately.

@vikaspathak022 @Wikipedia we are trying to donate but there is some issue with your UPI, payment is not getting completed. #wikiforgenerations

@Saumitrashriva1 Hi @Wikipedia From days I have been seeing your '98% #users look away; they don't pay', I would like to break it down to you: In the age of #internet, information is FREE. So no one will pay for it. Unless you're @washingtonpost or @guardian or @the_hindu #wikipedia (1/n)

@Schnubberschnup @MaxBlumenthal @Prog_Indy @MarkAmesExiled @Wikipedia @TheGrayzoneNews @jimmy_wales @jimmy_wales, I've written articles for Wikipedia, promoted it, and donated to it for many years. But this kind of political corruption - blacklisting the Grayzone - is not acceptable. Please reverse your decision or lose many of your hard-working volunteers and donors.

@abhishekroy I just donated to @Wikipedia. I felt pained to hear that 98% of the people who have generously used Wikipedia over years, choose to look away. It's a shame. Moral of the story, never do anything for free, it's not valued. #iloveWikipedia

@FidwiUsama @GaikwadAnkur @Zedzz999 @krmaher @Wikipedia It may or may not be Islamophobic but it's similar to ask Hindus to eat Beef Biryani!

@RanishHangloo @deepkbudki @kingcbharati @Wikipedia @manojsinhabjp @BJP4India @sudhirchaudhary @ZeeNews @republic @ani_digital @TimesNow @navikakumar @AmitShah @ShefVaidya @priyasethibjp @OpIndia_com @vivekagnihotri @majorgauravarya @Swamy39 😀🤗 Na mahra, it's just that I have met Manoj ji 1-2 times. I was surprised. He is a very down to earth person. True Indian in appearance and acts as well. Very polite but firm in decision making.

@ricarduscaseus @RapoportAnatoli @robrousseau @ChrisMurphyCT @Wikipedia Or are you not aware of the years-long controversy over Wikipedia restricting its "reliable sources" to US-aligned media? Try looking up #PhilipCross

@sourabhAil @Wikipedia Please do not allow wrong information on #Wikipedia. It is not yet proved that #SushantSinghRajput died by hanging himself. Please don't allow this false narration. Wikipedia is losing its credibility and you are asking us to donate money!!!

@Skeptiguy1 @jackbuckby @Wikipedia I found it by looking at the trail on the Wikipedia talk page. It's not that we don't care, it's just that you don't seem to understand how Wikipedia works.

@jackbuckby @Skeptiguy1 @Wikipedia I'm not allowed to edit my own page so it's pointless. I also don't have time to debate on Wikipedia, I'm too busy researching and writing my fourth book. Not that that's real, of course. Wikipedia says so!

@ClaudeRobbin_ @ranjithkiriti @Sanjay_Dixit @Wikipedia @rsprasad @Gen_VKSingh asshole. you should know that wikipedia can be edited by anyone. if you think that something is wrong, you can always loog in and request to change it. the problem is with indian wikipedia editors and not wikipedia

@bryptotrader @GrindingPoet @Wikipedia I remember that too, but it's like you've to search the Bitcoin donation addy in their website to donate btc. I mean who's gonna do that lol. Why not just show a big QR right in the middle just like this fiat gateway, if they did that, many would contribute.

@jackbuckby @Skeptiguy1 @Wikipedia Wikipedia literally lies about me. Larry Sanger, co-founder of that site, apologised to me for it, recognising the bias. You treat media like they control truth. But they don't. I am not the person the media said I was in, say, 2012.

@khalibali_heart @Wikipedia is it reliable link. I want to make sure that it is not any scam. Please respond. I have added another image.

@retroprogress @GretaThunberg @CopernicusECMWF THIS IS NOT A COMPLAINT, BUT A PROPOSAL! We need an energy @Wikipedia with all the information about the #energy used to produce every good. In order everybody can make the right economic decisions to #FaceTheClimateEmergency #EnergyPedia

@JakeWengroff Just donated to @Wikipedia. I mean, how could I not? #iloveWikipedia

@xiaoschannel I wish I could donate again to @Wikipedia but I'm really not in a position to do so with the pandemic getting in the way of job hunting. sighs

@PrehistoricWiki For those who do not know, Prehistoric wiki is a collaborative database of extinct organisms hosted by @getFANDOM and presented like @Wikipedia. Anyone has the ability to edit (whether you have an account or not), rather than just a few experts.

@AidenAgaurn @Wikipedia #Willing to #donate as a token of #appreciation for the times I have used your #resources , BUT, NO , I am not going to record my address, email, name and PAN ( in short, my #identity/proof of #existence ) for a 175/- #goodwill #gesture . #nothanks #sorry

@shaikjilan @krmaher @Wikipedia I have donated to Wikipedia this time and few years back as well. I see some users in India terming it as biased,but I say it's not. Only thing is some people are not able to digest or accept the true facts

@HariHaraBhakta Due to anti-Hindu Editor Gang in @Wikipedia I am not relying on Wiki for information. I am just using "-wikipedia" in my Google searches, so that Wikipedia articles should not appear in my searches. I think downfall of Wikipedia has started.

@IAmStillAndrew The MoE for @Hawkeye_view (according to @Wikipedia so pinch of salt) is 3.5mm or so. It is wrong-headed to ignore this when applying it to cricket umpiring decisions, and even more wrong-headed to have the exact same delivery result in both out and not out decisions. #ENGvsPAK

@Vincenz59109253 @LTF_01 Yeah I gave up trying to add info in Wikipedia. @Wikipedia actual facts are not welcome.

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