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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - WEB.NET - CANADA'S LEADING DEVELOPMENT SHOP - Server Status

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@spikeballchris @soundslikecanoe @moizali @couuor @Cflexman @web @chriscantino @TaylorSicard @TaylorHoliday @andrewjfaris @jmbolling @SanjayAtPlay @jaybsauceda Here you go. 27 FTE's. $20+ million. Profitable. Majority of rev is Amazon & brick/mortar. I think we use 1 agency. It's project-based, not ongoing. We prefer in-house and are hesitant to hire agencies. We usually learn more and tend to get better results over time

@LorenPadelford @web And we're not even close to peak influencer sales.

@itshummm @web Hell of an accomplishment for Kim and everyone else in this group. I need to keep working harder.

@BryantGarvin @web @duanebrown I’m down to chat anytime! Always love connecting with awesome people.

@EricaJoy @web interesting, ok that’ll do it. i imagine someone told the board that a “scandal” does not give you cover to do a ceo shuffle while an IPO is in flight and they were forced to revert. either way, this sucks for the away employees, i hope they’re protected from her.

@EricaJoy @web ah ok, i thought you meant saying “twitter got the best of us” was the original plan. my point was that there is more to this reversion, so to speak, than the reasoning they gave. if they were truly in IPO prep mode when it all went down, that’s probably something to do with it.

@robpetrozzo @web The direct connection to Stewart Butterfield definitely helped fuel it too. Working in tech it’s easy to forget that a HUGE portion of the rest of the work-world has no idea what “Slack” is

@MOChrisShaw @web Thanks for putting this out via twitter. Great info that I’m not sure I would have had the patience to digest. Casper’s SG&A is wild. I’ve seen legacy fat-cat brands/retailers that aren’t that high. Any obvious reasons it’s so high?

@shukudeniz @web @CaseyA Kohl’s wasn’t the right partnership. And the whole idea doesn’t even make sense to me, why not just make returns easier through the app?

@MLCorey1982 @web I sure hope so; I’d like to be apart of it if it’s not:

@ben_perreira @web It’s funny because I see the other side of this in lots of agency people: they can/ want to create but are beaten down by uninspiring or mundane products/ briefs/ brands

@codyjcallaghan @amsharma10 @web Keyword is quality! There's an abundance of content - most is not worth the time it takes to read.

@PPCKirk @web @Vukicevic Not just about the numbers, you need the right people. We’ve worked with the in-house marketers at Purple for awhile now and have gotten to know a number of them. They got the “right” people on the bus.

@mrloo @LevashovBiz @web They claim to be profitable, but they're not a public company and there's some doubts about that reality.

@mattsmethods @web Do you think VC $ has become a crutch for DTC brands? Seems like if you really buckle down and get your social media right, you'll have all the reach you need to bootstrap your way to success.

@colbysaenz @web A market crash happens and a majority of those smaller brands go away. It will be interesting to see all the details from their filing.

@danielhoang @web I just launched my company @nineteen80 for this exact arbitrage. I can produce content faster and cheaper with little to not friction.

@AlwaysBeHustlin @tomfgoodwin @web Agreed, particularly for a business with 40% COG not including returns. Not a lot of wiggle room. The fact they try to play into an LTV with a product that we buy every 7 years is a joke.

@andrewjfaris @web I've heard so much chatter non-chalantly citing brands like Casper as examples to follow for customer acquisition tactics. But as you point out here, this S-1 pretty clearly indicates that their approach simply isn't replicable for most of us– and may not even work for Casper.

@s_m_i @web @Quan Most people do not know how to write for persuasion, or create the kinds of video that will drive and convert, or edit podcasts into something to which people will listen. It’s not only about *desire*. It is also about expertise, which is and should be expensive.

@CalvinNCooper @web @highline Right @web🙌 And for the people who might ask.. Hm why not buy a starter home with less money down... 4/ commute 2 hrs per day on top of working 10 hr days to pay for the mortgage on a place you barely live in far from friends/fam/community... No thanks.

@robpetrozzo @web @newconsumer People think reaching equilibrium and predictability in the sale cycle means “it’s over” ... growth > everything matters most when you NEED to grow. Not always the case once you’re making $ (especially a private co. that isn’t beholden to public market perception)

@JuiceboxCA @web @michaelmiraflor Getting this push notification and not remembering what tweet you could be replying to was an incredible moment for me.

@jessmenace @ThornCharmer @web going from a BS in math to graduating med school is not just “a few courses” and that’s it on that ✌️

@AdamSinger @web There are no PR firms structured to create any good content with consistency really. It's not what they do. In fact other than @edzitron there aren't even really any good PR bloggers whatsoever. That is real work when most of them just want to spam reporters all day.

@JacobTaylor0 @web I love how everyone is working so hard to defend this or be a villain. Get over it and get to work

@learnthenapply @shukudeniz @web @CaseyA Not trying to argue with you. Point is to make it as simple as possible for the customer. I have a Kohl's right down the street. When I wanted to return something I had bought a few weeks ago, I didn't have the box and didn't have a printer. Return experience @kohls was great

@KingDogDad @Shane__Burkhart @philwinkle @web @hunterwalk @axios I live in a small area. Which isn’t a reason to not meet locally but it makes it hard to meet with like minded people

@KKnapp @web I really like this thought, Web. It’s exactly what actual creators say when they give away their process for free. “I’ll tell you exactly how to do it, but I know you won’t put in the work, so I’m not worried about it.”

@iiiitsandrea @pvm @web Mexico has amazing logistics for DTC to flourish not the same throughout LatAm. Also most of business in region doesn’t care about website happens all in WhatsApp which is something Americans are just exploring (via SMS texting as CX)

@IanGertler While there will of course be roles that always require people to be present at the point of service, many advancements are redefining #EmployeeExperience and the #FutureOfWork, @HunterWalk. So, not surprised by this #RemoteWork research via @Axios. 👇 cc @web @merci @briansolis

@soundslikecanoe @jmbolling @moizali @couuor @spikeballchris @Cflexman @web @chriscantino @TaylorSicard @TaylorHoliday @andrewjfaris @SanjayAtPlay @jaybsauceda Any learnings you'd be willing to share publicly? Completely understand if not.

@gardnersmitha @web @Target All depends on pricing and whether they’re able to get out or not. LH should realize a decent multiple at almost any price. In some sense, @Target has already extracted value in the form of its retail margin and the cool factor of having the brand on their shelves.

@learnthenapply @shukudeniz @web @CaseyA Cause it's nice to not have to pack it up or print the label. Just bring whatever you have to the Kohl's and they'll take care of the rest.

@Cyan_Cooper @web @TheCoolestCool Dude I love this shit. If we’re not here to create, WTF are we doing?

@blairanderson @TalktoHenryJ @web @2PMinc What tripped me up was paying MONTHLY does not give you access to the podcasts... I cancelled my monthly membership, then setup a yearly membership and was able to get to the podcasts.

@KerryKB @web Yes, bad on me for not clarifying. :) I'm talking about [Car Company] Mobility solutions on which they seem to be spending many many millions of dollars.

@beijingdou @web Still not enough to make it in this folder. 🤣

@jamestmurphy_ @web Oh great :) I’m not sure what I’d add on Twitter that’s more than what he sent over. Happy to chat tho - you ever get a chance to try it?

@jessmenace @ThornCharmer @web regardless, re: your original point that you’re trying to backpedal on - feel free to count the number of courses that differ between a math undergrad degree and graduating med school. it’s definitely not “just a few more.”

@phambitious @ryan_caldbeck @web @2PMinc In early stages tough to evaluate on EBITDA when company is still finding their traction and dialing in on acquisition costs / scaling down COGS. What other data points would you recommend using to value?

@amsharma10 @web Quality Content is a distinct advantage for any branding effort but it’s not a low hanging fruit. Good opportunity to sell the juice !

@jamestmurphy_ @web I dunno, most PR shops don’t seem to have the chops to execute the way a brand requires. I agree with the strategy in terms of distribution - but not with the founder/market fit.

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