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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - WEB.NET - CANADA'S LEADING DEVELOPMENT SHOP - Server Status

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@JordanBanaf @web @domm @mrloo @evomoore @damian_soong @jen890 @2PMinc @fast @CartHook @bolt @Shopify Okay, Web I’ll bite. Over the next 5 years, where does everyone go to build their new eCommerce store. Break it down for us.

@jarroddicker @web @JayCoDon also you're not signing up to be an independent creator, you're signing up to be an independent business. that's an important distinction.

@funkydigichris @web Everyone needs to calm down, take a breath and search for a more human perspective

@vanschneider @web @jessethanley @allthingsmarco Not sure why anyone would try to assign blame on you, but I can see how the Internet would do such thing. However, I am personally *also* looking forward to a follow up article from 2pm with some insight into the matter. In short: I hope you get the inside scoop (:

@stew_adam A few days ago I had an impromptu 15min convo with @web and have not stopped thinking about the convo since. He has a rare mixture of confidence, humility, empathy and intelligence that leaves me looking forward to the next interaction every time. Few people have that effect.

@LeAnnMReyes @MsAM703 @Work_Bench @web Did anyone get back to you? I’m not an investor but would love to hear more about your app.

@nickjsheriff @web Don’t ask for opinions...look at the data guys, not what you do as 1 human, what the market does, gyms are about engagement & retention. Statistically 67% of all gym memberships have never been used yet the subscriptions are still active. 🤔!

@sachitgupta @web If I could tell my 21-year old self one thing, this would be it. It's okay to not know exactly what you want to do, it's okay to be interested in multiple things. If you go deep in a couple, keep learning and practicing and it will make you invaluable 🚀

@hunterwalk @sonyasupposedly also, follow @web - not "tech reporter" per se, but any discussion of black writers/analysts who touch tech (via his commerce focus) needs to elevate him and @2PMinc

@michaelmiraflor @Nick2Slick @web Absolutely not. We are misfits with too many ideas, always stepping on people’s toes, and spending hours thinking about things that aren’t “revenue related.” You essentially have to find a senior exec to sponsor and therefore legitimize your ambition.

@roxinekee_ @JoshuaOgundu @web I’m surprised not more people know this. White Claw isn’t even the first hard seltzer in the market. Went down a pretty deep rabbit hole writing this article:

@DigitalSamIAm @mattahertz @web So the cost/benefit is pretty asymmetrical: on one hand, you may have worn a mask unnecessarily & maybe not looked as good/cute/ whatever; on the other, you may have helped to slow the spread of a deadly pathogen that has already claimed half a million lives. Hmmm.

@nosreffeJtnayrB Love this, via @web, on Lululemon/Mirror: "This is the perfect 2020 execution of “Linear Commerce." Not only will Mirror continue to cultivate community alongside Lululemon's, the in-home hardware becomes a marketing and sales channel for Lululemon’s apparel and lifestyle."

@blankenship @web And if you’re a deep generalist who wants to build a sustainable business, develop a network of trusted, vetted specialists. As someone working on the former, I spend a lot of time on the latter.

@seanmcginnis @web It seems like all the cool kids are wrapped around the same stack. Makes me wonder what I'm missing, but we're way too far down the path to change things now. Too invested.

@sneddymobbin @web It's really hard for me to understand how someone could look at the 2pm and not find it valuable. Or at the very least high quality

@MacMcLeod4 @web @seyitaylor @austin_rief Look I’m not trying to be a dick. I think your site is very cool. But I find the arguement interesting. Even at 10,000 subs your market is $1.5M annually. That’s really small from a media perspective. It’s tough to find 100K or 1M people who care enough to pay $150

@howardlindzon @web does not mean shop cant drop 50 percent on way to $200 billion.

@rpiip @web I attended Magento’s Imagine conference last year (was working for a company running on Shopify Plus). Was blown away by capabilities offered & topics being discussed...omni-channel, PWAs,, etc. Things rarely discussed or difficult to execute w/ Shopify

@BenMarks @web @mrloo @JordanBanaf @domm @evomoore @damian_soong @jen890 @2PMinc @fast @CartHook @bolt I'm always down to talk about Magento, and do so probably far too much.

@jasoncwarner @domm @web @Jack_Hutch98 @LoopReturns @fast @hire_olive @WorkOS @irishbryan @Physna3D @abarrallen Did not know that. Welp, @pomajp @web and I will be here when you want to expand out this way. We can help get you all set up in Columbus 😀

@domm @JordanBanaf @mrloo @evomoore @damian_soong @web @jen890 @2PMinc @fast @CartHook @bolt Not at all, we aren’t an eCom platform. We build consumer facing tech to make it faster, easier and safer for people to buy things online. Target merchants: people who sell things online.

@danavirsarria @web @lovevalgeisler Oh I know! I follow everything you do very closely to learn not just your DTC insights, but how you're building your empire. I'm just hammering DTC media because that's what this thread is about haha. Anyway, good luck man. I had lots of fun chatting with you too!

@phil_jacobson @web Yep. And building on that, most people were forced to try working out at home and most have have realized it's actually pretty great. Once that hits, you want to invest in making your space + tools better.

@JPayneDigital @chrisawalker @web Not trying to be argumentative, truthfully, but countless companies and many industries have laid a stake in the ground on the notion that DTC and digital trends would swing back. I can’t think of any that won the bet to date. Are there examples of the pendulum swinging back?

@domm @JordanBanaf @web @mrloo @evomoore @damian_soong @jen890 @2PMinc @fast @CartHook @bolt You think zero sum? Will Apple take 100% of devices? Honestly I am actually an advocate of @Shopify, but it’s not going to own all of the market. It can’t be everything to everyone.

@J264B @web @stefanoscalia So it’s in concept/idea stage only. I’ll wait to see him deliver something more than before I award him architecture. Not like he needs that, he’s accomplished enough in other areas.

@vanschneider @coreyhainesco @jessethanley @web @allthingsmarco After Marco gave me a demo I was rooting for them so much. Whatever happened seems to have affected the team deeply. I hope existing investors find a path forward. It would be a shame to close it down entirely. From a $100M evaluation to shut-down in just weeks seems dramatic.

@JordanBanaf @web @domm @mrloo @evomoore @damian_soong @jen890 @2PMinc @fast @CartHook @bolt I’d advise you to be a bit more careful with your takes when you don’t have an inside look. Most of them about Verishop were wrong in the past. But not sure why we’re chatting about this.

@SaadBassi @web This is wrong data imho. This is correct data. Squarespace is not only e-com platform. Most people use it to build websites.

@nickduncs @web A year? Gyms are dead. I’ve invested in a peloton and tonal. Not going back to a gym.

@JordanBanaf @web @mrloo @domm @evomoore @damian_soong @jen890 @2PMinc @fast @CartHook @bolt Not a problem - I wish I could dive into more about VS, but I can't. But obviously the points you make have merit, but there's a lot more too which I think you'll like. But honestly didn't mean to come after Domm, I just want to learn more and see where they fit in!

@SumoFondue @web Totally agree. And also, with so much data out there, you can start with a narrative first and find data to support it. Not exactly the scientific method.

@danavirsarria @web @2PMinc Working on this at the moment! Hoping to launch a DTC food or men’s personal care brand from it in 2021.

@coachrthayes @DhawalHelix @web Complexity is created by a collective conscience. Whether or not an issue is truly complex, reactions to that issue can make it so. Someone smart enough to bridge gap between complexity of communal understanding and the necessary clarity for progress is valuable... my .02

@AlanBleiweiss @smaxor @seanmcginnis @web While the initial costs can be higher for Magento, Shopify's extremely severe limits on proper, sustainable SEO (URL paths, redirects, speed bloat) are not better. Their locked eco-system is a nightmare for anyone wanting to maximize SEO.

@betsynhansen @web If only employers knew how to identify the value of generalists that are capable of learning quickly on the job. Being in the wealth management job market myself I’m not seeing many hr specialists able to think outside of the narrow specialist candidate box

@owlswatch @web @deray It was built to fail from the start, it’s a punchline, I know a lot of good people were involved and made some good content but this is gonna go down as a cautionary tale

@domm @JordanBanaf @mrloo @evomoore @damian_soong @web @jen890 @2PMinc @fast @CartHook @bolt Tbh we intentionally don’t speak a lot about the end-end @fast experience yet. But safe to say we are not JUST a payment option. But regardless yes, you could say we are a payment option like Apple Pay, except for every device/browser/card.

@EdLatimore @web Normally, I'd flat out agree with no questions. But there are quite a bit of statues removed that had nothing to do with slavery or some that were outright anti slavery (The Emancipation Memorial, for example). It's not beyond the realm of human stupidity that this is a protest

@analyticsaurabh @web Yes, the disparity clearly grew. Not to mention lack of flexibility with work for lower income families.

@shadowlabscc Is your computer is not performing as you feel it should? We are willing to help! Repair your computer from symptoms such as screen freezes; abnormal shut-down’s; blue-screen errors; and file corruption. @web: #hardware #computer #Windows

@danavirsarria @lovevalgeisler @web @lovevalgeisler I've tried to figure it out too because it's not super clear. But based on their own marketing & stuff they're known for... LeanLuxe = Curated newsletter for the luxury DTC 2PML = Paid newsletter for content & commerce Retail Brew = Daily retail news

@irleslie @jiujitsudave119 @web @SCADdotedu It's critical to know what you don't know and lean on those with expertise. I think adapting a sprint mentality and a willingness to be iterative has been important. Also striving for MVP and not pixel perfection and being able to convince leadership MVP is enough for launch.

@duanebrown @web Would be interesting to compare marketshare vs platform revenue for all their stores. Squarespace stores always seem small and not worth much. At least the ones I come across or reach out to hire us.

@RobbieCrab @web I continue to be blown away by your expertise and passion. I look forward to every single issue of @2PMinc and study your work closely. You are a leader and a person I greatly respect.

@domm @mrloo @evomoore @damian_soong @JordanBanaf @web @jen890 @2PMinc @fast @CartHook @bolt dozens of talented engineers, product, design & payment ops working on @fast checkout are bemused at your skepticism around launch. But you are spot on that AOV and increased shipping are indeed very important to merchants and we have invested a lot for this & its👌

@pkothinks @web Desperately need a content-funneling platform to be routed to the richest information to consume. @deepstash is working in this direction, among other individual newsletter creators.

@ballmatthew @web So tired, man. I'm only not asleep cause if I were, I'd have had no time to rest today.

@mrloo @web @JordanBanaf @domm @evomoore @damian_soong @jen890 @2PMinc @fast @CartHook @bolt Disagreeing with the unproven hypothesis of a business isn’t personal. If it was personal I’d bring up the past e-commerce experience of the CEO (or lack thereof) and disregard him because of that, but I’m not doing that. I’m using data. I welcome fast to prove me wrong.

@evomoore @mrloo @JordanBanaf @web @jen890 @2PMinc @CartHook Sure but you can’t develop your own checkout for your individual store. You have to use another vendor’s solution built on top of their sales channel sdk. Also @CartHook is for post purchase up sells - it’s not an alternative checkout.

@evomoore @JordanBanaf @mrloo @web @jen890 @2PMinc @CartHook With that data Shopify is able to optimize for conversion across a massive base of stores. Which is great for Shopify and for MOST sellers. It’s not great for sellers with unique business models that would benefit from specialized checkout features.

@DhawalHelix @web Question is whether an issue is really complex or do the experts and other actors want us to believe it is so?

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