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@seanrrwilkins @web The audience focus is only going to get more valuable across verticals as privacy and data restrictions grow and any kind of economic slow down will slow ACQ and press to maximize value in the customer base. Most companies treat their marketable customer base like shit.

@ryanleecox @BariAWilliams @web @iiiitsandrea @6Gems Agree with everything said in this thread by Bärí, and I'm not discounting the point you're trying to make too, Web, but had you have done that . . . thread for you, no issue. But using KJ as an example, she had many "not real" factors that no one can use as a springboard.

@HildaLauraAmar @web I started a business with less than $100. I do not have the reach she has neither the power of influence of her family to generate as much sales. Need time to invest in inventory tags of $280. $25k to invest clearly gives a huge advantage plus her fame to consolidate the brand!

@latso2001 @web @alexisohanian It's a guide on how to best monetize your celebrity status. Not fame alone, but pretty much the very foundation of it all...can't happen without it.

@JPayneDigital @glbaumann @web Because this tweet is goofy. The first launch failed. The second launch was successful. You have someone here saying the wealth, resulting from fame, to bootstrap a business, take risk, fail...and still not need outside financial help wasn’t critical.

@jmmohr @web Only #4. The rest used the benefit of her name. No doubt leveraged her brand with suppliers. Could afford to not advertise because she is an outlet. Millions would’ve been spent by a no-name brand to buy her as an influencer.

@heli791 @snackiessaid @web Two articles about the Vettel / Leclerc Battle of Brazil. In the first article David Couldhard says that Sebastian is desperate and that desperate people do desperate things. He also believes that Seb would not be as good as other drivers on wheel to wheel duels.

@ElkanahReed Agreed we need to build a white paper on this @Web Let me know if you want to and I am down to put in the work. #NewEconomy #ContentMatters

@SF_Nole @SgtAguado @web @darrenrovell Absolutely but still looks bad for the face of the team and likely top draft pick to not have it no matter the reason. Perception 🤷🏼‍♂️

@fkadaveheal @web @BariAWilliams @iiiitsandrea @6Gems no snark, but if you can afford to not pay yourself for two years, aren't you rich?

@MrMisogyny251 @web Lol, they are yelling "but her fame" at you and it's not going to stop. They won't give the girl any credit for using that fame to capitalize real success.

@dodeja @LogTechEric @web Fame is how you get #1 - #5. At the same time being able to execute #2-#5 better the others who are not famous or have a brand that they can leverage.

@MrXuanLi @web The issue I have with people discounting her success due to her fame is that you can do that with anything You were born middle class - doesn't count Your parents went to college - doesn't count You were born in a 1st world country - doesn't count, etc

@EdLatimore @web @6Gems @BariAWilliams I'm not quite there But I clearing six figures is laughably easy. To put it in perspective. A $37 ebook can generate $10k in a week. That's if less than 1% of my audience buys it.

@TaylorHoliday @web @NAILsocial Haha. I wish DTC brands paid me to do for them what Tik Tok paid for... But my clients have to actually make money on the acquisition dollars they spend. They are SMBs with cash flow to grow. It’s not even in the same universe.

@lee_jikijela @web I have been saying this, when it come to Kylie and her success , she may not be relatable to an ordinary person but to those rich kids and kid s born with fame she is , she did something for her name with the resources at her disposal ie KUWTK money and fame and built an empire..

@FCB_Danny @ZAR4_ @jon_l19 @web @CLouvi Fact is Tyler was given support for her fame as much as KJ has been, one is crying about it and the other is thriving. It's not fair to compare the two to be fair. You can't deny that KJ has taken the long and risky route compared to industry standard of "gimme the bag upfront"

@inmyopinionlol @web Well actually HER game has everything to do with it. They're not just famous they're one of the most influential families in the world. If someone like Britney Spears did the same exact thing, it would not reach 1.2 bill even though Britney is famous too.

@ZAR4_ @suaibme @RagePageSide @web @jon_l19 @CLouvi She (her PR team) will get any articles they don't agree with taken down, so she can control the narrative if she wishes to. She was in forbes and so does obviously enjoy people talking about her business. Your right she won't care about us on twitter 😅

@Elizabe41745120 @web Facts. Did not use her own capital only part. Got Colorpop to make kits down to exact 100% same formula. Sold 50 000 units 1st time out & not millions as Kris lied about. Not $close to $ 650-$800 million in sales 1st 18 months. Kylie had a business team that did everything & all

@ralphnew @FishArmy305 @DSvelund @web @darrenrovell He wasn’t left in the game. He begged to go back in and run the two minute offense before the half. Terrible what happened but it’s not the coaches fault.

@TuaIsGOAT @BuckeyePat1984 @DSvelund @ULuvenD @JR70782 @web @darrenrovell If you’re not interested in nuance, then don’t talk about nuanced issues my dude. It’s really not hard and it’ll make you look like less of a fool to those of us who have some idea what we’re talking about

@isag22 @fkadaveheal @web @BariAWilliams @iiiitsandrea @6Gems Not in the least. You get used to the broke struggle and do things on the side to make money. It’s draining. But you take the risk because you believe and pray it will pay off. If it doesn’t back to the drawing board and the nearest McDonald’s

@underto47687603 @web 1-4 all are and subsequently 5-8 are as well. I would venture to say. You’d have to be a major screw up not to be successful selling things when you have that kinda fame.

@wilsontertius @web @2PMinc see you can have millions of followers, but if you're not solving a problem, it isn't going to make a difference. Solve a problem and the numbers will come. She found a need, now she's 600m richer. The only difference is she had a place to market to already.

@michecaira @web This was the reply / tweet I felt summed up the KJ business situ... Whilst I commend her work and working hard, I cannot get past the fact of who she is, her obvious access to funding, customers, advertising, etc...

@Supanatdog @web @CamilaaYamilexx It's not??? She used fame to her advantage and was able to do so, but obviously if she didn't advertise she used fame social media... come on there #KylieJenner and by the way hopefully #city $coty doesn't go bankrupt it's laden in debt, and this isn't supposed to close for a yr

@EffingPilot @eddieb2 @web @alexisohanian Yeah, it is not a low percentage. Key word there, “were”, and that makes a difference. If you say so, as I don’t follow anything they do, except maybe when they deny all the surgical enhancements they claim not to have had done.

@Crypt0Entropy @web And someone was hired to do all that for her. Not her.

@J_Cardona10 @web Yeah except for the fact that you have to have money to make more money. When you can invest a million into your own product and triple it easily by selling to your millions of followers it’s not that hard. Not hating, she still hustled but look at the position she was at.

@Kay_Fusion @BariAWilliams @web @6Gems Meanwhile Ray J doesnt have a billion, nor any business investments which are close to fiduciary amount Kardashian empire created. He’s not catalyst. Give credit (literally) where it’s due.

@ZAR4_ @web @CLouvi No, she never owned them, it only became an option to start getting them back. She was also "allegedly" never given the option to buy them back. In her case her fame is actually working against her as the price of her masters will be much higher now than when she was less famous

@pariusus203 @StarStuffSister @isag22 @fkadaveheal @web @BariAWilliams @iiiitsandrea @6Gems 2/2 Yes, it depends on your skills and how you manage money (go to cheaper local markets, don't buy stuff for yourself etc.) Your skills and how they're priced in the market matter. If you really have nothing and are not resourceful with what you have then you're in trouble yes.

@Gorgoncap @web 1,2,3,5 and 6 are and how much you want to bet 4 is the result of 2? Not taking away from the accomplishment but let’s get real

@ZAR4_ @jon_l19 @web @CLouvi I'm not defending anyone. I'm saying why her situation is not comparable to KJ

@VanparysTanner @web I guarantee you; it is. She, did not do this. He sisters media empire did. Her mother did. Her fathers legacy did. She was *only* able to do this, because she had immense wealth and privileges. It’s really hard to fuck up when you have literally every tool.

@thekkchristine @web Well being a celebrity certainly didn’t hinder. And let’s not forget the ability to use her own capital was because she had her own CAPITAL!

@iameduardolopez @web Keyword here being alone. These 2 bullets imply she had a sizeable audience. And she had a distribution strategy for her content. "Paid close to zero in ads" "Leveraged media trends" Not so sure the same velocity would have happened w/ this strategy had she not had the audience

@RagePageSide @web @ZAR4_ @jon_l19 @CLouvi You seem like a smart, but it’s literally a dumb comparison to compare Taylor and Kylie . Not the same at all and those masters were signed over when Taylor was like 15 or 16 and not a household name.

@DystopicHippy @Simanga_Nzuza @Kay_LuhR @CryptoGodfatha @web a lot of famous ppl have tried to get into makeup and flopped MEGA time. JLo def being one of them. while of course "fame" plays a big role - it's def not the only factor nor the only thing to learn from.

@Ann41561140 @web I, I, I, True sacrifice is is not about self but about giving a helping hand to help others.

@JPayneDigital @The_Effectual @web It’s not. She did nothing wrong. Again, no big deal that her fame and existing wealth allowed her to grow even more wealth. I’m equally confused why people are so hesitant to acknowledge that plain reality.

@LEON_fity @heli791 @web absolutely. Also, im not worried at all. Seb is outperforming charles, especially since singapore. Seb managed to outqualify him in brazil(power track), despite him having a new spec3 engine.

@MasterLui_ @web What most people miss here is that they think everyone with fame knows how to leverage it into something else & that is not true. Too many examples of washed up celebrities. Everyone has some sort of privilege; you're either gonna use it or moan & bitch about someone elses.

@72silky @web @darrenrovell Explain please, not being a jerk I’d just like more info as to why you feel this way

@kyleking1994 @web Paid close to zero in ads, not to do with fame, how people know about the product to buy it then?

@_Timdoyle @web @TaylorHoliday @NAILsocial Who Gives A Crap is a largely US business to be fair. I do get the difference though. My issue with what you are saying is that it never makes sense to raise while profitable which just ignores principles around cost of capital and ability to deploy that capital.

@SageSheetz2016 @web Used her own capital ( made by being famous) Hired 6 ppl (which 6 were they famous too?) Leverged supply lines and such (bet those introductions were easier to get because she was famous) Its not only fame, but anything is easier when everyone knows who you are.

@digitallynativ Great tweet here and dialogue in the comments Most will try to point out Kylie’s advantages, but @web is right that the strategy was exceptionally lean in terms of capital requirements and resulted in a huge outcome Maybe not repeatable for most, but brilliant for few

@DSvelund @TuaIsGOAT @BuckeyePat1984 @ULuvenD @JR70782 @web @darrenrovell Yes. And that fund crosses all sports, not just football. Thus you have to apply. Wonder why we only EVER hear the parents or player buys the insurance? Take a guess.

@DPMCanty @DalvinTsunami @mcgummery @web @ZAR4_ @CLouvi KK comes from wealthy family, is part of established brand. She used money from that brand to build another extension of it-her cosmetics. I'm not knocking her hustle, but implying anyone can do it is a bit misleading. Having Kris Jenner as momager and being Kardashian helped.

@Frisbeeous @web @CLouvi So how rich are you then, discounting your fame, and then, project how rich you wld be if you were from that family? Talk to me about not regarding her fame... 🙄 She's done well with the fame she had, not all people can do this. But don't take the fame out of the equation.

@dyepes84 @BariAWilliams @web @iiiitsandrea @6Gems I think everyone should be assigned a successful company at birth. It is the only fair way to achieve success. Anything else is just luck or privilege. Hard work, preparation and opportunity should not be determinant of success. Ever! It is unfair

@BuckeyePat1984 @DSvelund @ULuvenD @JR70782 @web @darrenrovell No it’s not. Schools are allowed to cover this insurance. A simple 2 minutes of research could have kept you from looking stupid right now

@charmed6513 @web If it were not for her Fame and Family name she would NOT have been able to do 1-6! Maybe #2. Anyone can hire people. Ha

@chrisdraper2007 @web And to be honest 99.9% of the people that buy her products do so because of her name. Not because it’s a great product.

@tim_armstrong @web Great to hear you are working with Verizon and focused on media. Keep following us and good luck at your event.....

@Keep_Calm44 @web @ParkerTheMogul If She wasn’t born into money she would still look Rudy! So the money and connections she was born with play the biggest part in this. If not she would be regular not to mention again Rudy!

@TaylorHoliday @web @_Timdoyle @NAILsocial @4x400 The company I referenced starting in March is not in our holding company. It’s an agency client. I’m fine with the distinction but DTC feels more like a distribution methodology more than a reference to size.

@CatmandoJ @web Fame helped her open in location is it not the same if she would have opened down town caribou Maine instead and had to crawl and scratch through the ruff years and have to work it her self instead of 6 other people.

@JPayneDigital @desdaguiar @ShawnKallet @web And he still has a net worth of $10 million for doing nothing. Most people in the US make $1-1.5 million in their entire lifetime. Come on... Having extra money to take risk and not having to get it from outside investors is the biggest component of any business’ success.

@bossladywrap @web It ALL comes back to the fame. Sure, other things had to work out along the way that may have not worked out in similar scenarios. But to give Kylie credit for that success is absolutely absurd. It’s her name/idea - nearly all the rest was done by employees

@HildaLauraAmar @web but not having money makes it impossible to do things that needs to be done. My brand is online & started last year. it’s not near of the big image I have for it bc I simply don’t have money to invest as much as I want. It’s way easier to invest if you come from a rich family!

@FishArmy305 @perc_herbstreit @DSvelund @web @darrenrovell Yeah I’m not gonna listen to you

@brcolucci @DSvelund @web @darrenrovell Many players get insurance based on draft value and are paid out if an injury results in lower than projected draft spots... Zion, Fournette, Jaylon Smith, to name a few had it... which I think the university can cover the cost of if I'm not mistaken... thus the black eye on Bama

@nitinsharma1 @web Wait, doesn’t this prove the point you’re trying to disprove? Not taking some credit away from her - but isn’t reality TV fame the only reason for this recipe to work? Could any other entrepreneur achieve the same metrics no matter how smart or hard working they were?

@adam_keesling @web The past few days I've been thinking about how narratives, and the way we understand who we are and why we do things, is networked (not nodal) with the people we admire & respect I wonder if there's a good way to identify when we switch networks and introduce products then

@coreyrab @hamsinky @FishArmy305 @DSvelund @web @darrenrovell Plus, a prospect of this caliber not having insurance is ridiculous. Anyone with potential to get drafted in the top 5 rounds has insurance, let alone top 5 overall.

@taylorgood @Supanatdog @web @CamilaaYamilexx Interesting point. I’m sure her attorneys will include a first right of refusal clause to buyback in event of Coty bankruptcy. In that event it’s not a bad thing for her.

@digitallynativ @web @iamechevarria Ugh, was hoping to avoid dissent here. Part of the brilliance is that she liquidated a bunch of the value creation. Commodity product driven by brand is not a recipe for long term valuation. It’s a get-rich-quick scheme and she and team executed it to perfection

@eddieb2 @EffingPilot @web @alexisohanian Not sure why Home Depot would be selling beauty, but I assure you every single retailer that does beauty is interested. I have no idea why their surgeries or looks has anything to do with business acumen.

@JPayneDigital @The_Effectual @web She can have credit. But it came on the heels of pre-existing fame, which afforded her extreme wealth to fail and continue the business without taking on loans or outside investment. To pretend that’s not everything is crazy.

@jacobdebekker @web Posts like yours about these peoples "earned success" is damaging to young minds who will only develop self worth issues and imposter syndrome off this. Sure Kylie should enjoy the fruits of her "labour" but let's not pretend she wasn't born with a silver spoon in her mouth.

@JPayneDigital @The_Effectual @web Basically every thing on the list is a direct cause-effect of her fame, which allowed her to attain the wealth providing this massive amount of self-controlled capital. Again, props to her, but the pre-existing fame and wealth is everything. Not a big deal, but that’s reality.

@jessemorgan @desdaguiar @ShawnKallet @web You start half way between third base and home plate it’s not that hard to get to home base. Just because the brother can’t get his shit together is no indication of how easy it was for Kylie. Amazing that of all people for Kris Jenner to pick to bankroll it was her daughter...

@jamiedubauskas @web Yes she is good at business, but her fame enabled her to not spend anything on advertising and getting the products out there. For most startup companies, spreading the word and maintaining an image is a whole ordeal. Already being famous helps tremendously with these two things.

@BariAWilliams @web @iiiitsandrea @6Gems And that's understandable. What I am saying is not everyone has a rich friend or benefactor or starts from the same place. Those folks still want to win, but they don't have the breaks. We have to be honest about access and luck in this process, too.

@JPayneDigital @The_Effectual @web Having near endless capital with no strings attached opens doors to new product development, hiring among the best talent out there, weathering down periods and mistakes, etc. Combine that with the giant audience she’d acquired before starting anything, the media connections...

@BITaurian @theaverystudio @web Wheres your rebuttal to this comment, OP? Don't let us down now, oh enlightened one.

@wilsontertius @web @2PMinc Even with a place to market, again, if you're not solving a problem, no one will care.

@greg_blass @web 3/ Paid close to zero in is this not the result of fame alone

@Franky_Darland @web 9 / born on the outskirts of Mangalore to untouchables. Put herself through engineering school working 2 jobs and supporting her 7 siblings. Truly shows that anything is poss... oh wait. Sorry wrong thread.

@BemboJef @desdaguiar @ShawnKallet @web The narrative for men around KUWTK is pampered boy or fatherly figure Not selling/appealing to the fanbase If they succeeded to build a "badass" Xter for Rob he would have been more popular They tried by pairing him with high profile girl It failed b/c it's not his personna

@maxrogo @web Of course not. But .. * the money came from fame * the lack of ads needed was largely due to fame It’s still amazing. And I’m totally #TeamKylie on this.

@therealtblake @web and you think that *may be a reading comprehension issue which is odd because you replied to an question around your points #1 and #3 one of which is marketing. Highlighted for your reference since you think being condescending is funny

@InsideATureen @web @6Gems Okay, your trying to pretend that her “in” is Caitlyn Jenner (?!??) and not Kim Kardashian/Kris Jenner means that I can’t take anything you say seriously. That is such a ridiculously bad faith argument.

@waitrewindthat @desdaguiar @ShawnKallet @web Because he doesn’t sell anything to their’s socks is not a keeping up demographic

@StephenPAdams @justinsliao @fkadaveheal @web I have no disdain for them. I’m just not one to downplay how much of a head start it’d give, well, anybody. I’ll never discount her hustle and her passion. She’s making the most of it. She busts her ass.

@chiefmackers @web Yes it is lol...if she wasn’t famous absolutely none of it would have happened. It’s the absolute core foundation of her business. It’s also very impressive, but let’s not start patting the ultra privileged on the back for bringing a gun to a pillow fight

@ashbash479 @DittmerChase @web Nobody tryna discredit her, simply state the FACTS instead of trying to make it seem like she mad it from the mud. She came from a rich and famous family .... she didn’t earn this money by working a lemonade stand from 9-16 years old

@JuiceboxCA @web 2 thru 8 are amazing and true, but that's a prettyyyy big simplification of #1. Let's not pretend like it's repeatable by anyone, or close to this simple. They're brilliant brand builders and she didn't come close to doing it alone.

@DSvelund @SEMitchell70 @BigRstr @prinschad1991 @web @darrenrovell Stop pointing to the actual regulations Steve. Much more fun to have Chad tell us how mean Alabama was for not purchasing insurance when all the other schools do.

@JuiceboxCA @web 1. I did! Stand by my reply. 2. If you're suggesting your last sentence covers that note, it kinda renders the entire list irrelevant. 3. From the replies to the tweet, I'm clearly not the only one asking for that to be caveated.

@Kay_Fusion @loveincocoshea @BariAWilliams @web @6Gems You’re not intelligent enough to understand it’s a sarcastic idiom. Please let’s end this convo. Good night.

@Krattle89 @web I'm sorry but she's just not a good example. Someone like Bill Gates however, who had no built-in fame or family name or pre-existing capital to leverage is a much better example of self-made billionaire.

@GinaScreen @6Gems @iiiitsandrea @web @BariAWilliams Exactly! The show started in 2007... when Kylie was 10 years old... she had no say in the matter, i.e. giving permission for the show. This opportunity to level up was created by her mother 12 years ago. Let's not get the facts twisted.

@KleistLeo @web The best part is that not even her best marketing prop, the famous lips, were luck: she had plastic surgery to get them. All part of the strategy

@CLouvi @web I get it. Don't discount the fame. You make it sound like it's not a huge factor versus everyone else trying to make their way.

@fry_plantain @web You still got time to delete this because all that “Leverage” you talking about wouldn’t be there if she went a kardashian. Not hating on her “hustle” tho.

@JPayneDigital @The_Effectual @web There’s a massive difference in how a business with VC operates vs. one without. There are entire books on the subject, so it’s not really fitting of a Twitter conversation. Not having to take on debt, maintaining equity, and controlling cash flow is everything in a startup.

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