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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - USGS.GOV | SCIENCE FOR A CHANGING WORLD - Server Status

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@jcollao @USGS Maybe you can explain something to me. I was taught not to waste water (running tap) as a child. But how does water get wasted? Doesnt it just go back into the system you detail here? Thnx :)

@LkaHoman @McConnellPress @senatemajldr @USFWS @USGS @kyfishwildlife Mr. McConnell you need to come out and say that you will not be holding a trial and the impeachment is dead in the water or resign from office. This is a joke and their is no law that you must hold a trial (END This Now) do your job or resign.

@Sweetilluminate @USGS Is it Possible for you to measure the water level around the planet on most of the costs, as hoe much it whent up or down from the ocean water? Please try for humanity!

@schroeshirecat Uncommon for #Hawaii - a 4.7 earthquake. Certainly, widely felt on the island, but not much shaking according to @USGS. Maybe related to #MaunaKea? @USGSVolcanoes would know more...

@elevatedMn This is nonsensical and not at all related to your science mission, WHY are you retweeting this @USGS??

@NESTA_US @ORIOLELM @USGS @USGS_AstroGeo @AGU_SciComm @theAGU @DecouverteRC @caltechipac @ANUHDR @binhanv @cathmerc @lasemaineverte While there is discussion that meteorite strikes could have started the Siberian Traps, this is still controversial and not fully accepted yet. Even if started, the size of the extinction fossil/sea core data points to an large increase in CO2 and methane from the Siberian Traps

@DakotaBirder @aneeman @USGS I particularly like the use of quotes for volunteers, as if they’re actively enslaved. Pay them, sure. But it’s not Dr Evil pulling the strings behind a curtain here, purposely trying to take advantage of them.

@Roux_Black @DrWendyRocks @geophysichick @USGS Always the same! If it's not done the way others have done it for centuries(old ways), it's wrong. Yet his way works. He was right! He's being treated just like Galileo was when he brought something new to the table. Galileo was right and so is Dutchsinse.

@lethelebensmude @USGS @aneeman so is it really not possible that you might have the connections and pull to work with other agencies (like vocational rehabilitation) that can provide the funding to make this more beneficial for /everyone/ involved? 2/3

@QuintusDias79 @USGS @USGS Why not ?: Build #renewable powered #desalination to #irrigate dry #territory.

@UofMaryland The struggles of Chesapeake Bay’s yellow perch may be harbingers of issues that rockfish, crabs or oysters may later face, too. Why can’t they seem to reproduce? A #UMD doctoral student is working with @USGS, @MarylandDNR and @USFWS to find out.

@Roux_Black @DrWendyRocks @geophysichick @USGS Yeah well all the things just spealed come from Dutchsinse as well. If you knew anything about him or his forecasting you would learn a lot. He takes scientific research and information and implements it to save lives. And it works. The scientific community shut him down.

@TOMstormwater @CalculatorCaleb @kghopkin @FloodHydrology @ScottDurelle @jesusgomezvelez @VTCals @VUEngineering @AlabamaWater @usgsJWP @sesync @NatureComms @USGS @NHDPlus @SLedford_ We have been trying to work with property owners and HOAs to let beaver alone if they are not a potential threat to property or infrastructure. They are the best engineers to keep #stormwater clean.

@PeterNBell @giti_sg @InfoGeoMegA @USGS However, in a free trade environment, domestic and international raw material prices will equalise through trade. Not so in China. In order to prevent equalisation of price levels domestic-international from happening, China uses its VAT system, introduced in 1994.

@Arizona_RN @aneeman @USGS Absolutely! Many that are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), are underemployed or unemployed, they are struggling. The @USGS should be paying these individuals. This shouldn’t be allowed to happen @USGS, not now... not ever. #ASD #AutismAwareness #Autism

@Rikvvz @oponiak @fat_walda @aneeman @USGS no. It used to be a paid position, and no, it being the norm is not a good thing and should still not be the case.

@fat_walda @oponiak @aneeman @USGS These are good points, but do not preclude the fact that the students should have been paid to do the work. They were exploited because of their autism, as evidenced by the fact that they were serving in what used to be paid positions. I'd warrant *any* student would benefit from

@Hao_and_Y @oponiak @fat_walda @aneeman @USGS You're not wrong about labor exploitation, but I think we can certainly do more to change the system. It's certainly disturbing the way that the description of the program was laudatory as a "win-win" without a more honest acknowledgment of its problems and successes.

@OccultAlien @ranger757 @USGS Mudslides - literal side of mountain/hill Slides down due to an intense amount of rainfall making the soil too weak to hold its own weight Liquefaction - water-saturated soil becomes liquid-like in the event of extreme shaking or stomping ie: an earthquake

@PeterNBell @giti_sg @InfoGeoMegA @USGS The Chinese Association of Rare Earth Industry, however, announced related to the short-lived rare earth boycott hype, that it would follow the orders of the party, as if this was not anyway self-understood.

@DrWendyRocks @Roux_Black @geophysichick @USGS Hi! Thanks for your perspective. That’s quite a big claim and something that all of us strive for-we’ve all dedicated our lives to trying to understanding earthquakes because we care about not just the science but the human cost.

@realMcare @McConnellPress @senatemajldr @USFWS @USGS @kyfishwildlife You'll declare "war" on fish but not on the killing of our children? Our children are dying. For once in your life, become a man and step up.

@akrockhound Customize an @usgs #earthquake search to your liking, then bookmark it for future reference. Scroll down the far-right column for local time. Click epicenters for event maps, data and reports. Awesome tool! #geology

@USGSVolcanoes @schroeshirecat @USGS These sorts of quakes happen from time to time on the Island of Hawaii. They are most likely related to bending of the oceanic plate under the weight of the island load. Not related to Mauna Kea specifically. After further analysis, the magnitude was refined to 4.9.

@PeterNBell @giti_sg @InfoGeoMegA @USGS Of the 9,800 tons of rare earths oxide China exported to USA in 2018, 7,300 tons were cerium and lanthanum, mostly for catalyst use. If the US would not buy them for the one or the other reason, there would be no alternative market for these 7,300 t.

@mukundanpk @CANADAquakes @JWagstaffe @andrewjphelps @USGS_ShakeAlert @PNSN1 @USGSNewsAll @USGSBigQuakes @USGS Quake not by tectonic Quake bcoz of pressure out of liquid molecular turn into gas molecular due to humidity or bacteria or chemical Like wheat flour react to bacteria humidity

@literalturtle Cutting down on costs means cutting down on use of material things like paper or lab equipment, NOT getting volunteers to do the work that they would be otherwise paid for or that you would pay someone else to do. @USGS needs to change their system

@PeterNBell @giti_sg @InfoGeoMegA @USGS The import duty is zero, only VAT is payable upon import to China. In case of rare earth carbonate or concentrate, the China domestic resource tax levied on domestically produced rare earth concentrates does not apply to imported product, which actually gives imports an…

@PeterNBell @giti_sg @InfoGeoMegA @USGS In order to give Chinese export manufacturing industries access to the worlds lowest priced raw materials, domestic overcapacity of raw materials is basically built into the system (believe it or not, also in rare earths China has overcapacity).

@pnelson917 Day 16 of the #30DayMapChallenge : Places…Some places on where to go to find some seismic activity over the last 60 days from @USGS…or where not to go. #IMNOS

@NESTA_US @ORIOLELM @hsdcgeology @USGS @USGS_AstroGeo @AGU_SciComm @theAGU @DecouverteRC @caltechipac @ANUHDR @binhanv @cathmerc @lasemaineverte @TheEconomist @earthskyscience We are all for questions and honest discussion. However spamming of posts with the only reason to cause argumentation will not be tolerated. In case this is a misunderstanding, we are giving you a chance to respond. Only trying to spur argumentation is bar for being blocked.

@PeterNBell @giti_sg @InfoGeoMegA @USGS Some key performance indicators set by the central government are being reached, but still the conditions are not satisfactory, as there are no limits to creativity in China when it comes to evading government controls and skipping the rules.

@OccultAlien @ranger757 @USGS No its not. Lol liquefaction is literally the ground turning less solid due to shaking/jumping. The ground water comes up, items sink in. Think Quicksand.

@DrWendyRocks @Roux_Black @geophysichick @USGS My family lives in earthquake prone regions. My friends. So it’s also personal. We have to find ways to live with earthquakes - we have to be prepared, and have better building and engineering so that we can not just survive the event but thrive in the aftermath.

@DrWendyRocks @Roux_Black @geophysichick @USGS I’m not going to get in to discussion of individual predictors. The articles showing the statistics are already out there and easily found. I just want to point out that the people you’re talking about are real people who truly care about folks impacts by earthquakes.

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