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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - USDA - Server Status

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@EiphelTweets @loonabets @thejuice45 @KristaSparks95 @RepStefanik @USDA @EliseStefanik So you believe he was referring to @EliseStefanik and not me? Nice "comprehension ability" you got there 👍🏽

@nealajoy1 @SenSchumer @USDA Why is it everything our great president does u try to make it bad. Should focus on why everybody is moving out of ny and trying to raise revenue for the 1/4 of a billion dollars u lost due to trump leaving and Amazon not coming. Explain that to ur constituents before they leave

@Ktbree1160 @RepSpanberger @USTradeRep @USDA So 🇺🇸President Donald Trump 🇺🇸MAGA One Day at a Time 🇺🇸 China Deal is working, Is that what you meant to say ms Spamberger ?

@RoniSylvester @WhiteHouse Sadly, America's Ranchers are used to "served notices" from @USDA & @Interior with such as, "If you don't cave to our bullying, fines, stalking, we'll just jail or shoot you & or your people." Threats are @HouseDemocrats @adamschiff way of serving notice "do not support @POTUS!"

@G2XETC Here is Thursday's @G2XETC Daily Take: @USCTO Michael Kratsios names Winter Casey and Dr. Lynne Parker as Deputy CTOs; @NewEditionsInc @vastec_com awardees of @USDA @USDANutrition IT Support BPA; and @CISAManfra to step down from @DHSgov @CISAgov #FedIntel

@ConnectedOhio Keeping the Farm: Broadband Serves as Key to Rural Prosperity. How @USDA Rural Development is working to connect rural America to broadband infrastructure. Read here: #ConnectedNation


@researchdafacts @SenSchumer @USDA I’m glad you are publicly backing the #witch-hunts I when these people go down because this entire circus is to cover up long time #corruption in #America u will go down with them! We r all waiting to see u all go down! Maybe then we can get a REAL #NY #SENATOR #SCHUMER #TRUMP

@MarshaHendersh7 @irish6776 @SenSchumer @Budadoptedus @USDA Because he has to, Corp farms VOTED for him. Remember he'll cut you down if your a NEVER TRUMPER.

@bobbiellen @DariusHenriquez @ThomB01 @RepStefanik @USDA The dirty money is flooding to Rethugs from RUSSIA, and she is hardly a "super star." She only made herself look stupid, not even knowing the damn rules SHE agreed to. She was embarrassing, and a ONE TERM fool.

@BachPatu @ChelaScribe @SenSchumer @USDA Trump IS NOT a Republican In fact, THAT party no longer has ANY relevance whatsoever in politics as #TeaParty & other more Conservative parties have all consolidated into ONE to form a nameless Conservative "Party" THEY are the ones in power 🙄

@Chacha2H @RepStefanik @USDA Your attempt to deceive the American people will not be forgotten.

@chadliosocooley @RepStefanik @USDA It’s nice to see that Congress people are still working for the American people rather than going after our president for a phone call he made with another leader. He is the commander-in-chief. He is fighting corruption moles and leakers within America. Foreign invaders.🇺🇸🙏🏽🛡🙏🏽

@FrankelJoyce @USDA The plan to cut $4.5 billion in next 5 years in snap program (food stamps) not only harms the poor... the food stamp program has been THE largest supplementary program to help farmers. This is another way to force small farmers out of business to help Purdue & associates.

@Nance0881 @DievendorfJane @RepStefanik @USDA Her job is NOT to impeach our President but to work for her Constituents, which she is doing. 63M+ Americans stand with her.

@PetsforPatriots THIS is what you support when you shop, not adopt. Now the @USDA doesn't want you to know what goes on in puppy mills that are notorious for #animalcruelty and abuse. Demand better; see link to take action! #shinethelight

@KSD371 @RepStefanik @USDA Wow from Fiona Hill: “Based on questions & statements I have heard, some of you on this cmte appear to believe that Russia & its security services did not conduct a campaign against our country & that perhaps, somehow, for some reason, Ukraine did. This is a fictional narrative.”

@digiphile “China” is not paying tariffs. Chinese & US companies are. Tariffs are taxes on imports: @usda is giving billions to farmers affected by Trump’s trade war, slowly: @USTradeRep has released no evidence of China "buying big again.”

@Hisname81Major @EiphelTweets @KristaSparks95 @RepStefanik @USDA @EliseStefanik Then take a look at the gentleman's profile and retweets. Full of conspiracies lol. Also doesn't seem to get that not all Quid-pro-quos are equal (this is actually bribery). doesn't actually know how polling works

@ConnectedTX Keeping the Farm: Broadband Serves as Key to Rural Prosperity. How @USDA Rural Development is working to connect rural America to broadband infrastructure. Read here: #ConnectedNation

@EkbMary @lindaleblanc111 @RepChrisStewart @USDA These betrayers of public trust have been working behind the scenes for YEARS, trying to steal land bequeathed to ALL Americans. They must be further neutralized.

@ConnectedFL Keeping the Farm: Broadband Serves as Key to Rural Prosperity. How @USDA Rural Development is working to connect rural America to broadband infrastructure. Read here: #ConnectedNation

@DeplorableSueZQ @SenSchumer @USDA So, I’m going to go out on a limb here chuckles and ask that you sit this one out. Not a good look for you. Unless of course you dig humiliation.😅😂

@bobbiellen @EiphelTweets @loonabets @EricSwallowswe2 @RepStefanik @USDA No, you're def not smart. YOU just think you are. Talk like a toughie, but you seem to be more of a marshmallow. Stop trying to instigate a fight, loser!!

@10FathomLine @SenJoniErnst @USDA You have been working to eliminate social security, reduce or eliminate Medicare and Medicaid while simultaneously cutting taxes for the rich elite. Why do you want to do this secret?

@VSapiro @lucymsullivan @USDA This government wants to assure sugar supply. But not clean air or water.

@Normcheers19671 @SenSchumer @USDA New report shows Democrats disregarding their constituents making them live on the streets and in squalor. But not to worry instead of that money going to us it is getting pissed away trying to get Trump because he hurt their little feelings.

@WalshCenter @krigg01 @CountyBayfield @HRSAgov @usdaRD @USDA We're happy to answer questions about the tool! Please note that for counties with fewer than 10 deaths over the five-year time period, the number of deaths is suppressed, and therefore a mortality rate is not provided.

@JamieVBeyer @Sarkazzum @SenSchumer @USDA Or reduce the government agency hurdles it takes to bring a seed to market - can take 13 years of R & D - not many businesses can withstand that mmmm such a long term investment and regulatory uncertainty. Farmers pay for this cost, included in the seed price!

@Harrowdown2018 @RosaWal90673631 @Funkromancer @Education4Libs Well, his salary is given to specific federal government agencies (such as the @Surgeon_General and the @USDA). It's just not donated to charitable organizations.

@KSD371 @RepStefanik @USDA [email protected], this was a terrible day for the GOP and Trump. The question @HouseGOP is asking is irrelevant to the answer US Ambassador Sondland said. Again let me remind everyone this is NOT a TRAIL. Stop making accusations of the witness, @RepStefanik 🤔

@karenfsalama The @USDA wants to loosen the reins on factory farming and strike down vital regulations on pig slaughter speeds—meaning more animal suffering and risk for consumers. Join @CompassionUSA in demanding that Congress BLOCK this dangerous rule:

@scorpiotiger @usdafsa @nmpf @USDA what Margin Coverage programs are offered to farmers growing food for people (not animals). Fruits / Vegetables / Nuts/ legumes? @DelciannaW

@HemptownUsa Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced a plan that would force the @USDA to issue formal “enforcement discretion” guidance on the sale of #hemp-derived #CBD products. What are your thoughts on this action? Leave a comment below.

@BarnyguglsCamp @RepCindyAxne @USDA Many Iowans are sick and tired of the never ending efforts by democrats to overturn the 2016 election. We didn’t elect Hillary. We did elect you to represent us, not to support cancelling our voice. We can however elect someone willing to protect our voice in the next election!

@GrantsOffice #WisdomWednesday @SAMHSAgov is not the only funder for #OpioidCrisis. Other @HHSgov (e.g. #HRSAgov) and non-HHS (e.g. @USDA, @TheJusticeDept) make grants to address #SubstanceAbuse

@ConnectedTN Keeping the Farm: Broadband Serves as Key to Rural Prosperity. How @USDA Rural Development is working to connect rural America to broadband infrastructure. Read here: #ConnectedNation

@phoenixemerald2 @greennomad61 @Ivy_Middleton @USDA @nowthisnews it’s cruelty and abuse full stop jail these farm people that doing this and close it down😡 come on people go vegan totally and report bad farmers to jail that causing cruelty and abuse

@vcunitedway A newly proposed #SNAP rule would cause 19% of #SNAP household to get lower monthly benefits. Make sure the @USDA knows this is not acceptable. Submit a comment by 12/2 to make sure they know how important #SNAP is! #hhweek

@vibrantSun44 @SenPadilla @BernCoCharlene @BernCounty @USDA @NMSenateDems Used to be horrid! Had to reboot several times a day, something w old lines not handling data. Made online courses a struggle bc dropped signals. Been better but it’s $. Forget cable too bc $$.

@UConnResearch Eating for two while pregnant isn't good for humans, and it's not good for livestock either. @UConn researchers will try to identify the effects of poor maternal nutrition during pregnancy on sheep offspring, thanks to a grant from the @USDA @UConnCAHNR

@MDHolly @heezy @KathleenWeidma2 @wildwestpie @meleinoa @SenSchumer @USDA Agree. These are basically handouts to the largest farms. Not those small, failing farms that are trying to hang on. Those are the ones being left out of the deal to lose their family owned land to big farms. Sad practice in my opinion.

@mudflapsmom @SenSchumer @USDA That’s something liberals never do. Like choosing illegals over citizens. Like promising we could keep our doctor, but we couldn’t. Like promising a bipartisan impeachment proceedings and not allowing Republicans to participate.

@bobbiellen @tweepytest19 @RepStefanik @USDA If you are a goddamn Christian, I am Mother Teresa. Christians are not liars. Nope! just donated to Tedra Cobb.

@LizRao4 @MarcRamsdale @SenSchumer @USDA Democrats need to release all secret transcripts NOT yet released🤔what are they hiding from🇺🇸 #SchiffClownShow #SocialismKills #Blexit #Burisma $3.5M Biden quid pro quo media complicit

@johnsonhor @CBP @USDA @TSA I know fresh fruits not eaten can't cross the border. A friend wants to give me dried mandarin peels used for teas or soup. We have em in the states. My friend says it's better. Another friend said you can't bring citrus products to the states. Is that true?

@ndcorngrower @VerdiPlus @HesperFarmer @USDA Flaring is down. But it is hard to spend $10 for infrastructure to capture natural gas when you will only see $5 in sales of natural gas.

@RonnieJohnny1 @DonnieDumbBrat @USDA @SecretarySonny @FarmersGov @usdafsa Definitely not the reason farms are going bankrupt. Has anyone tried to purchase a farm, irrigation, farm equipment, raised chickens? If not, you wouldn’t understand. If so, you would on top of interest rates.

@destinydelaina @SenSchumer @USDA It is so bad that the suicidal rate among the family farmer who trusted #45 and vote for him has increased they want to work their farms and sale their products not receive bailouts that does not gives them nor their farms a future

@Difficultdk @USDA @Cabinet Take a note. To have access is not the same as it is sold.

@slamminsalmon8 @EiphelTweets @KristaSparks95 @RepStefanik @USDA @EliseStefanik What’s really frustrating is that Republicans literally put on the entire Benghazi saga to ruin Clinton’s reputation. The two parties are not on equal footing morally or ethically. Republicans will play the political game at ANY cost. It is repulsive and should be attacked daily.

@LucasGillmore @KCRG just watched your story about antibiotic resistance. Having a Doctor claim that the meat they are eating has antibiotics is irresponsible journalism! The @USDA does not allow any meat in the food chain to contain any antibiotics of any kind!!!! Please fact check!

@PriyaVerma73 Shame on @USDA for allowing unremitting, outrageous manhandling of our beloved tiger by avaricious men. Tigers deserve to live in the wild, not in someone's ratty backyard. THIS NEEDS TO STOP!

@lindaleblanc111 @EkbMary @RepChrisStewart @USDA #ChrisStewart will soon have A rude awakening.. #WeThePeople have had enough! It’s interesting but not surprising that Stewart would bring up the BLM’s directive to “maintain a thriving ecological balance” between wild horses, other wildlife, vegetation&livestock on federal lands

@brownnoses @SenSchumer @djmonijj @USDA why is this a surprise? the corporations have the american farmer against the wall false promises for a vote here is the message i do not care who you are, i want your land and i used trump to do it what are you going to do about it??

@Barkofatree @SenSchumer @thomaskaine5 @USDA Small farmers are not very smart, they stand silent. If they want change it time for them to use their voice. We are not sure? Do they still support tRUMP? If yes, they are very happy with tRUMP and want to keep his policies. Help those that want it.

@Joe_Alexander @SenSchumer @USDA How about they all get NOTHING! Most of them voted for Trump wanting a trade war. They need to pay for it NOT consumers paying the Trump trade war tax.

@jallen1985 @SenatorWicker @USDA This is great and supporting farmers is great. But you need to condemn Trump. At present, the GOP has enough time to select an outside nominee for president. You should urge Trump to make a no-prosecution deal to step down and select a nominee with integrity to run in 2020.

@sawyerstradgard @Liberal_Advance @SenSchumer @julesnewaddy @USDA Trust me. We did not ALL vote for him. Only big ag will get the $$. Small family farmers are rarely growing enough product for export. It is big ag that suffered losses due to trade war who are at front of handout line. Smaller farms will get pennies to the acre.

@DCBrigg @JamieVBeyer @Sarkazzum @SenSchumer @USDA Disallow law suits for cross-field pollination. If big corps don’t want their seed getting out there then they need to take action to ensure neighboring fields are unlikely to affected by cross pollination; it should not fall on the small farmers.

@USAIDEducation Through the U.S. Government Strategy on International Basic Education, @USAID is working with @StateDept @USTreasury @USDOL @usedgov @USDA @DeptofDefense @MCCgov & @PeaceCorps to address int'l education challenges. #IEW2019

@CozyCatFurnitur @USDA None of the pages related to pet travel on your site work. Can you fix the issue pls as many important travel resources (requirements by country) are not available :(

@RobertNance287 ". . . Is not the whole land before you? Separate yourself from me. If you take the left hand, then I will go to the right, or if you take the right hand, then I will go to the left." Genesis 13:9; 1 Kings 4:20; Psalm 72:16; Proverbs 14:28; Eccles. 5:8-9 @USDA @SecretarySonny

@tillysmama1 @GovParsonMO @SecretarySonny @RoyBlunt @USDA_ERS @USDA_NIFA @USDA @QuintonLucasKC @MoAgriculture @MoEcoDevo Nothing the #FakePresident does is to benefit anybody other than the rich. #RublesRoy is the same, as is @GovParsonMO. Not a single republican has anything on their mind other than their wallets.

@KHNews With #Thanksgiving just around the corner here's the recurring million-dollar question: Meat; to wash or not to wash? That’s a question home cooks ask experts at the @USDA Meat and Poultry hotline a lot around the holidays. via @lydiazuraw #FoodSafety

@BrianPerriraz @denisewu @RepStefanik @USDA You mean the same phones and emails that were turned over to the State Department? Hmm. You think that would be an important fact to not to leave out of your “Damning Claim.”

@PeggyArceneaux @RepStefanik @USDA Wow just like that....back down to 127k. Was 220k+ what's going on #twitter

@ndcorngrower @dailyfarms @fortkampnathan @VerdiPlus @HesperFarmer @USDA What if the government forced you to buy new equipment to grow wheat that pushed your cost to $10/bushel but you could only sell your wheat for $5/bu? You just would not grow wheat for $5/bu errrr capture natural gas for less than the cost of production.

@stahmosh @WaysandMeansGOP @WhiteHouse @USDA Well tell #MoscowMitch to get off his ass! Cut the crap! We’re not all fvcking morons

@bobbiellen @RepublicanKay @RepStefanik @USDA Just stop. She was not even smart enough to know the rules SHE agreed to for this hearing. And if you think your bunch is "winning", never play poker!! Something wrong with you people.

@DievendorfJane @Nance0881 @RepStefanik @USDA She takes an oath to the Constitution. In the Constitution one of her jobs is in fact oversight and the ability to impeach. I am one of her constituents and she can do her job by impeaching. And since I see you are from FL and not a constituent-bug off.

@mikeAtMidpush @SenSchumer @USDA As the Democrat stumble over themselves to make everyone "Wards of the State" Exports to China $14-15B Imports from China are reaching $600B Down the road, less soybeans and ethanol productions is needed. Ethanol caused bread prices to double back when Bush was Pres Good?

@OKusSenateIndep @JimInhofe @USDA I'm unpleased you're continually pleased about anything but preventing flooding and loss of life worldwide due to climate change uncreativity-as you spout republican talking points, denying a way to keep fossil fuel industries as whole as possible, by not joining them with green.

@RobinStanfill2 @SenSchumer @USDA My brother is a land surveyor. They are selling so much farmland, it is not a good thing, So the farmers do not lose their Farms. Only 6% of the crops were put in for planting this year. For the rains were so heavy here. And the farmers do not have no one to buy there grain🙄

@AnthemUnion @AnthemInc @USDA #AnthemCares ? hahahahahahahahahahahaha What percentage of the food insecurity is from people who work for Anthem? 40% of your employees are below or near the poverty line. Not to mention the amount of people you make bankrupt by rejecting their claims.

@Kevinsrule @SenSchumer @USDA Dems have demonstrated a willingness to say and do anything to destroy this president. I would not accept anything they say as honest or objective.

@FDA_ORA On 11/16/37: A Senate resolution directed @USDA to give an accounting of the "Elixir Sulfanilamide" tragedy. The drug contained a poisonous solvent & was not safety tested, killing 107 people. This prompted Congress to pass stronger drug safety laws.

@CornbreadHemp @lockhart_uk @TJWalkerRadio @ReneeKET @jimhigdon We agree with you. And we are working to fix it. Please make sure you share your thoughts with the @USDA by emailing them at [email protected] by December 30.

@RepMcEachin Additionally, by USDA's own estimates, over 3 million seniors, veterans, persons with disabilities and working families with children would be kicked off SNAP. This is unacceptable. I join my CBC colleagues & urge Secretary @SecretarySonny & @USDA to withdraw this cruel proposal.

@Nance0881 @DievendorfJane @RepStefanik @USDA I am a Trump supporter — one of 63M+ who does not appreciate the nasty attempts of the very corrupt Democrats to marginalize or negate our votes. Thank you anyway. ☺️

@DeniseDesmond5 @KristaSparks95 @RepStefanik @USDA @EliseStefanik Your distraction to Biden is not working. Now protect us from Russia/Putin and election meddling.

@NLIHC Thank you @USDA for visiting with our state partners today. We appreciate your commitment to your work. We hope you’ll consider our request to not move forward with a rule that would limit access to housing for mixed-status immigrant families

@AtheistBlkChic @RepAdams @USDA @HouseAgDems So why not full throated speak to their history of discriminating against black Americans? That doesn't make you less of a congresswoman to do so. You don't mince words when you advocate for policies that target latinos(DACA), you full throatedly speak for them.

@SenJoniErnst I’ve been working to help increase access to quality broadband because it’s essential for Iowa’s small biz, families, and rural communities to compete in today’s society. I’m glad to see @USDA helping address the digital divide in Iowa’s rural areas.

@tillysmama1 @GovParsonMO @USDA @MoAgriculture @MoEcoDevo @USDA_ERS Welcome to the #HandmaidsTaleState, people. The ruling party here is anti-science and anti-regulations. Your work is not respected by them.

@dhsscitech DYK some pigs overseas suffer from an Ebola-like disease called African swine fever? The virus that causes it does not infect humans. Click here to find out what S&T and @USDA are doing to help.

@DigitalWorksUSA Keeping the Farm: Broadband Serves as Key to Rural Prosperity. How @USDA Rural Development is working to connect rural America to broadband infrastructure. Read here: #ConnectedNation

@RAofkindness3 @VendettaArc @SenSchumer @USDA Not if trump supporters continue to blindly follow a corrupt and greedy business con man... wake up and vote for a Republican with integrity. Bill Weld 2020!

@AnthonyRGordon @RepStefanik @USDA I’m so excited to see your political career crash and burn. Good luck working at Starbucks

@GregBur17878586 @telegramdotcom @RepMcGovern @sonnypurdue @USDA @CommerceGov @SenWarren @SenMarkey Put a 3% union payroll tax on all overtime. Take that money and the needy. See Comrade McGovern, you have to look inside the box , not out of it. There’s plenty of union money floating g aroy. They have they’re own credit unions. Tax them.

@lindaleblanc111 I will not – nor will I ever – consider @RepChrisStewart the “wild horse guy.”I would, however, consider him so deep in the pocket of the @USDA he wouldn’t even be able to tell the truth if his life depended on it. The truth is NOT @RepChrisStewart Absolutely Your time is up!

@City2FarminIowa What is the U.S. doing to keep #Africanswinefever out of the country? What is the U.S. doing to keep African swine fever out of the country? The @USDA is focused on prevention working with #Canada and #Mexico on a coordinated approach. @Boehringer_AH

@connectednation Keeping the Farm: Broadband Serves as Key to Rural Prosperity. How @USDA Rural Development is working to connect rural America to broadband infrastructure. Read here: #ConnectedNation

@gregwooll @SenSchumer @USDA Not to mention stealing land from ranchers

@ConnectedIowa Keeping the Farm: Broadband Serves as Key to Rural Prosperity. How @USDA Rural Development is working to connect rural America to broadband infrastructure. Read here: #ConnectedNation

@BrentAnderson99 @SenSchumer @USDA I just got a report from Senate Republicans showing how democrats are trying to turn America into socialist Venezuela. Like your report, I’m dubious. But not surprised.

@KarenLTaylor2 @SenSchumer @USDA The reason is because you can't get Pelosi to get the USMCA passed to you. We the People are not going to be fooled by you Democrats anymore.

@Jewell40289493 @SenJoniErnst @USDA Well why did YOU vote AGAINST Net Neutrality bonehead? THAT was ALREADY in place & working well Millions of iPhone users were throttled back thanks to YOU Net Neutrality connected the Farmers in the Field To the Marketplace It was Obama's idea THAT is why you're against it

@blueridge309 @KristaSparks95 @RepStefanik @USDA @EliseStefanik Please thank your leaders for bringing it to our attention. We thought something might be wrong but unfortunately took Obama's word that there was nothing there to see. Just know we have little time, not perfect and will take all the help Schiff and friends will give!! Thanks!!

@MDHolly @wildwestpie @KathleenWeidma2 @meleinoa @SenSchumer @USDA And some of it was to encourage the rotating of fields for planting so that the nutritional value of the field would remain intact and there wouldn’t be an over abundance of crops beyond the need. Makes sense to pay farms to not plant everywhere, every year. This is different.

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