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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - The University of Southern California is one of the world's leading private research universities, located in the heart of Los Angeles. Server Status

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@MatthewBParksSr @gretarasmussen Not really, it's the history of Alabama football. They refused to integrate until the Bear scheduled a game with @USC and a Black running back tore the asslining out of the Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Around the 3rd quarter, after looking at the score and they yelled, get us one.

@patriciakyeo @OnDaRightInCA @PresidentFolt @USC Hi there, I'm a reporter for USC Annenberg Media working on a story about the Carol Folt email and the USC community response. Would love to reach out and chat more!

@LucasCoffeeBuff Why are all the @USC ppl so convinced that Bohn is the lynchpin to landing Urban? Crazy how Bohn's 1 good hire (which was basically handed to him) in a football rich area landed him the SC gig. He is a sub par AD. Just hire Urb & let him pick the AD. I'm not convinced on Urb2SC.

@johnnewwe Not everyday you wake up to friends sending you pictures of your face 😅. How honored to be a part of one of the featured alumni in the digital hallways of @USCAnnenberg cc @USC @MediaLSE #FightOn✌️ #partofLSE

@Buddhabman @USC_FB @USC_Athletics @USC Needless to say. So dumb not to take this guy.

@d_sweatshirt24 Bruh I just read that @USC has had 9 kids die this school year, and they have 4-15 kids die per year.. that’s not crazy to anyone?

@MightyO24091331 @JoeHall97941259 @jack @jimmykimmel @SenSchumer @Oprah @MayoClinic @ChrisCuomo @BarackObama @HHSGov @SpeakerPelosi @Rob_D_Niro @KevinKlineActor @JohnLithgow @TheEllenShow @DanRather @tomhanks @donlemon @RepAdamSchiff @washingtonpost @CoveredCA @MayorOfLA @USC @CDCDirector @ExploreSpaceKSC @spanish1natl @CornerstoneEdm @NIMHgov @MentalHealthAm @mentalhealth @Columbia @aboutKP @dailyzen @meditationsapp @mxiety @Paula_White @CoryBooker @MTV @tedlieu @historylvrsclub @BBCPolitics @RoyalFamily @Queen_Europe @JustinTrudeau @CillizzaCNN @jeffmason1 While Bayou Steel has not given any specific reason for the closure, we know that this company, which uses recycled scrap metal that is largely imported, is particularly vulnerable to TARIFFS. >>Just one more example of discontent @JanKEliasson @unions4workers @OnLaborBlog

@Prof_MPastor Good move, @PresidentFolt @USC needs to lead on this issue!!! Congrats from @CSII_USC

@ReoCPActivist As a student @Usc I cannot stress enough how important self-care is we need to all care for each other I have personally been through depression and it was one of the hardest things I had to go through you are not alone

@assessmentisfun @USC @USCRaceEquity @DrShaunHarper @AcademicChatter America you ready for this? You’re gonna need to sit down. This was rated as a report card with the highest state having a GPA of 2.81. #diversity #HigherEducation #inclusion #equity #CulturalRevolution

@ChrisTju @USC I’m in crippling debt only to have your shuttles not be on time just so I can miss my train, thanks

@ThatsQueenBritt @USC has 3 student suicides and 6 unknown deaths this semester alone. How do you have 6 students die and not know the cause? And were the 3 suicides really suicides? I know if I were a parent to any of those kids I’d be livid!? This shit sounds like a coverup. Wtf is in the water

@luizlemuz @SueDeWitt4 @USC It was a perilous decision not to retire near end of #Obama's second term. Hope #Ginsburg lives a longer and happier life, and that her decision does not come back to haunt US.

@OnDaRightInCA @PresidentFolt @USC The future of @usc should not include letters to parents and students about student deaths. Mental health is a huge issue and there's no extended care available. Many give up. Be transparent and do not omit the facts. Elite cultures typically don't include cover-ups.

@jumpto46 @USC_Athletics @USC_FB : a mediocre and not so well conditioned team, penalties, mediocre coaching staff, but great talent. We know where @USC dean and AD need to focus on. We had so much history! This coaching is so bad. Can’t even see the game - a disappointment Alum.

@jayhen219 @JoeHall97941259 @MightyO24091331 @jack @jimmykimmel @SenSchumer @Oprah @MayoClinic @ChrisCuomo @BarackObama @HHSGov @SpeakerPelosi @Rob_D_Niro @KevinKlineActor @JohnLithgow @TheEllenShow @DanRather @tomhanks @donlemon @RepAdamSchiff @washingtonpost @CoveredCA @MayorOfLA @USC @CDCDirector @ExploreSpaceKSC @spanish1natl @CornerstoneEdm @NIMHgov @MentalHealthAm @mentalhealth @Columbia @aboutKP @dailyzen @meditationsapp @mxiety @Paula_White @CoryBooker @MTV @tedlieu @historylvrsclub @BBCPolitics @RoyalFamily @Queen_Europe @JustinTrudeau @CillizzaCNN @jeffmason1 What's wrong with this? I don't get it? This was in 2012-2015. He was not elected yet. Also I think that's before Ergoden decided to become a dictator.

@CarolinaOpinion INSIDE SOURCE (old friend from @USC working in DC): "The Democrats thought their partners in the Media would be able to separate some Republicans from the President through Media pressure. They haven't. Even @MittRomney is in hiding now."

@diegomazoc I want to share these questions about the key elements in having an excellent educational system. The answers, according to my observation, may not be the right ones, but they are what I am taking from the visit. @USC

@yokorosenbaum Right now, @USC meets the minimum student/counselor ratio recommended by the IACS. Clearly that is not enough. Why do students have to wait days, weeks, months for a phone appointment only to be referred out? Why is it so hard to “merit” long-term care? (2/5)

@DrCaroleMD 9 deaths this #school yr @USC-include some suicides! Not good2hide causes of death but may trigger more suicides-Should provide group counseling4friends of students who died&screen4 #depression&copycats-More psychologists&psychiatrists r needed on campus!

@SpruhaCounsel "Not all causes of death have been determined, but officials say three were suicides. In one note to the campus community, @USC President wrote that “the student losses are devastating and heartbreaking for all of us.” #highereducation #mentalhealth

@stevland_ USC had this dude on payroll, TWICE. He was interim head coach in a shitshow season, they went 6–2 under O, and finished 9–4. Players loved him. Fans loved him. But @USC decided not to keep him and hired Sark over him 🤦🏾‍♂️. Program has been a mess.

@USCDornsife USC Dornsife faculty will be working with colleagues from across @USC to train election and campaign officials nationwide to protect elections from digital attacks. The program is led by @USC_CCLP with support from @Google:

@nuclear94 Since the beginning of the semester, there have been eight confirmed student deaths at @USC. Jt: do not let college cost you your life. You do not need to complete college to have a great life. Walk away, don’t hurt yourself.

@GiantSoundLLC That guy I tweeted Ava about, who got a bat to the back of his head; @TomKingTK &she banned me mentioning it, um, he moved out here, has a MFA from USC & does not understand why Social Security disability was taken away... @USC I think his MFA is a academic crime @NewYorker @THR

@TheJOVRNALISM This innovative collaboration is supported by @USC’s Wicked Problem Practicum grant, plus support from @LeicaGeoUS, which is lending us a #BLK360 scanner. @RealityCapture_ also supports us with software to process the scan. We’re excited to show you what we are working on!

@WTKR3 Nine @USC students have died since the start of the semester, the school said Tuesday -- an unusually high rate that moved university officials to send students a letter about the issue over the weekend

@HoldsworthComm That moment you get to hold your #doctoral and post-doc #research in a beautiful PRINT publication (that’s not your dissertation). @CASEAdvance @USC @USCAlumni @USCRossier #thesmellofprint #framingit

@alvaropincor @CNN @USC the teachers over stress students to an unhealthy point. What is the university doing on that? I have not seen any important actions to improve this

@paul_miller1 In the @latimes today there is a tragic story of how many deaths have happened at @usc this year. Some are suicides some are ODs but it has a lot of people down. If you are not in a good place, go to campus health and ask for help. No shame 1-800-273-8255

@lewis1jj Time to get working on the #dissertation! Participating in a @USC @USCRossier #webinar to go over the process & timeline of writing. #FightOn #DocLife #uscEDDcohort13

@SueDeWitt4 @luizlemuz @USC I felt the exact same way. But because of Moscow Mitch she needed to step down at the beginning of Obama’s term.

@jayhen219 @JoeHall97941259 @MightyO24091331 @jack @jimmykimmel @SenSchumer @Oprah @MayoClinic @ChrisCuomo @BarackObama @HHSGov @SpeakerPelosi @Rob_D_Niro @KevinKlineActor @JohnLithgow @TheEllenShow @DanRather @tomhanks @donlemon @RepAdamSchiff @washingtonpost @CoveredCA @MayorOfLA @USC @CDCDirector @ExploreSpaceKSC @spanish1natl @CornerstoneEdm @NIMHgov @MentalHealthAm @mentalhealth @Columbia @aboutKP @dailyzen @meditationsapp @mxiety @Paula_White @CoryBooker @MTV @tedlieu @historylvrsclub @BBCPolitics @RoyalFamily @Queen_Europe @JustinTrudeau @CillizzaCNN @jeffmason1 A lot has changed. The poll numbers were right for the most part. She neglected to go to the battle ground states, the next wont, She's unlikable, trumps approval rating among Repulicans and independents are way down compared to 16. The impeachment hearings reveal lawlessness

@meliwazhere @BriOng14 @KTLA @USC @KimberlyChengTV It’s not a very good report because USC administration refuses to be transparent with their students. 3 were suicides, the rest are under investigation. USC hasn’t released names and as a result I feel that we cannot honors their lives properly because we don’t know who they are

@kelly_zvobgo I appreciate the new post-visit survey from the @USC Student Health Center. I've always had good experiences there, but far too many have not. I appreciate the improved commitment to care and equity.

@FrancesWangTV A very special birthday to this guy!!! So many great memories from food adventures to @USC anything & everything to our time working together in Washington! Have the best day @shawnchitnis ❤️💛✌🏼📺🥳

@Constit66884647 @grouchiam @PresidentFolt @USC Americans use to do those jobs. Also it will increase wages as undocumented workers bring down wages💯.#Facts

@JackHKnott Congratulations to Dr. Charles Zukoski, @USC's new Provost. It was an honor to be part of the Installation today. I look forward to working together as we build USC's future. Welcome to the Trojan Family!

@ywdwarner Try not to let anyone die in the stair well , and stay clear of the homeless that @facebook @salesforce @TwitterSF helped create due to their greed . And watch out for groping, happens @UCLA @USC and @UCSFHospitals children are abandoned by HR Odato and Chancellor Hawgood (

@USCAnnenberg With support from @Google, @USC_CCLP is working with five other @USC schools to train election and campaign officials nationwide to protect elections from digital attacks.

@chimpasaurus77 @zgmallett @FOXLA @USC @PresidentFolt She said “most” being attributed to suicide is not correct since only 3/9 have been confirmed. Either way it’s probably too soon for the school to comment on specific causes if there’s still an ongoing investigation

@zgmallett @FOXLA "...three of the nine cases were death by suicide." Other 6 are TBD. So, did @USC President @PresidentFolt et. al. lie in a letter to the community this weekend, when she asserted that the deaths being attributed to suicide "is not correct"...?

@AliciaDiRado Part of working at @USC - being able to run repeats in the morning on the track where so many greats have trained!

@HomelessinLBC @IOI43305547 @KTLA @USC @KimberlyChengTV Not if their parents paid for them to get in. A la Lori Laughlin

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