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@nataliasmith0 @FJnyc @StopAntisemites @USC Truman responded to allegations, apologized and resigned... not a forced confession when there were several allegations made that he admitted too

@JimmyJump90 @WithAxe @bariweiss @USC Zionism is bad. Jews don't have exclusive rights to Israel. If they dont want to include Arab citizens in their theocracy, then Israel should not exist. Im sure there's some land in Oklahoma they can have.

@bidens_leghare @bariweiss @USC This will go unnoticed and not reported in any media. Injustices against Jews don’t matter to the “woke left” and “social justice icons” in the media. Black America has never been more visible while Jews in the USA continue to get the short end of the stick

@NoraRousso @_jaylee550 @StopAntisemites @USC If she gets sympathy it’s because she was victimized by a shit storm of unfounded and unfair accusations of “racism.” No one bothered to have an honest discussion w/her. Zionism is not “racism.”

@aki_miake Genitals are not weapons. If you weaponized your vagina to give others pain or use your penis to hurt others, you are the problem. Genitals are for sex, not hurting other people. @hastingscenter @HRC @LALGBTCenter @LGBTCenterNYC @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC

@WithAxe @JimmyJump90 @bariweiss @USC No one has to be a religious believer to be an Israeli citizen. Most Israelis are secular. The Arabs in the West Bank are rightfully citizens of Jordan. If they want to be citizens of Israel, or want independence, they should be willing to make peace. They are not.

@JoelGlenn @USC you’re all over the Jews and it’s not a good thing. 90% of Jews are zionists. Which you obviously don’t understand what that is. It may be time to let donors such as Spielberg etc know about this.

@chipsahoyce @ModernMaccabi @NoraRousso @StopAntisemites @USC as i said i'm NOT dismissing the hate rose received as a result of the religion and identity. But she has continually neglected to address to concerns from BIPOC and Palestinian students. When you're VP, you can't do that. It's literally part of your job description.

@elisemargow @SiaKordestani @USC @PresidentFolt Not good enough. What are the repercussions for hateful bullying bigoted students? Unless those students are suspended and investigated there will be no change in the USC antisemitic incidents. Also time to address the antisemitic propaganda disguised as academic discourse

@NoraRousso @bariweiss @USC What happened to Rose Ritch is disgusting and USC’s lame pledge to “do better” is WAY too little WAY too late. Why not discipline the antisemetic bullies who hounded her from office. Jeez.

@aki_miake If you are lying down and your legs are positioned like the number four, pointing your feet would be telling The Agency to eliminate an individual. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@WithAxe @JimmyJump90 @bariweiss @USC A million or so Arabs are included, and it's not a theocracy. If you are talking about all the other Arabs who would like to take Israel back they should win a war one time.

@aki_miake During The Venusian 🟡 Invasion, Venusians made death threats to me and said hate speech towards SoNuyoricans ☕️🍌. That is not a joke to me. Zi defend Earth 000 🌏 swiftly and severely. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights @POTUS-様

@JoeyStreeto @BobSmit72744595 @bariweiss @USC To be against Zionism is not to be against Jewish people, it’s against the ideology. Zionism is an ideology. To be against an ideology does not make you an anti-Semite. By the same token, to be against the black lives matter movement, does not make you anti-black.

@aki_miake To honour #BlackLivesMatter, Zi do not say other things matter. Zi say they are “important”. To honour #MeToo, Zi say “me as well” when Zi want to agree about things unrelated to sexual assault. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake You should not wait for me to keep grinding. Yes, you may want my leadership while Zi sleep. However, you probably know things you can do until Zi wake up. ¿Do you wait for your teacher to study? @NYCSchools @usedgov @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA

@livitrumps @LA_ADL @USC Let’s see action to reinstate and apologize to the VP of the Student Body. Outrageous the University did not step in.

@realBoronk @bariweiss @_donalphonso @USC Isn't that outcome is what is to be expected in the US in the culture wars. Why should they stop with whites if jews also have pale skin and money and are hard working? And obey the law?

@ruhiramesh @StopAntisemites @USC Shame on you for not recognising the harassment faced by the Palestinian students by the extreme right-wing Zionist community at USC. Rose was asked to resign because of her anti-Black, anti-Palestinian, racist rhetoric and the scam that put her and Truman in office.

@aki_miake "Aki for everything" is cute, but unrealistic. Zi cannot do everything. Imagine a principal trying to teach every class in a school. That would not work. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake My life is my life. The drugs that Zi take are due to schizophrenia, lifestyle choices, and my past. Your life is different. Therefore, you should not take drugs to "catch up" to me. @CDCgov @NHSuk @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas

@aki_miake You should never take drugs to "catch up" to someone else. Zi only take drugs to stay on a Good vibe. If my vibe is Good, Zi do not take more. Taking small amounts carefully is safer. @CDCgov @NHSuk @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas

@aki_miake If you can see your ribs when your arms are at your sides, you need to eat more. Starvation chic is not cute. @voguemagazine @VogueRunway @vogue_italia @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@rachelflakes @FJnyc @StopAntisemites @USC @dailytrojan I personally know parties involved; however, I would prefer not to speak details regarding this situation without their consent.

@ModernMaccabi @chipsahoyce @NoraRousso @StopAntisemites @USC Even Abeer doesn’t think her actions were “documented acts of racism.” I’m not sure why you are so adamant about something that is the obviously not true.

@BobSmit72744595 @JoeyStreeto @bariweiss @USC It's not even close to the line. If you believe a single country in the world needs to be destroyed, the Jewish one, you are an antisemite. I can't think of a single thing that would cause more harm to more Jews barring another holocaust.

@freedominfacts @don_peasant @JJRfromNYC1 @HarvelaHarvey @bariweiss @USC It’s not an exaggeration. Many leftists support Assad, and support the Chinese government, just to give 2 examples of regimes carrying out genocides that the Western left admires.

@cowboyjoe24 @HenMazzig @Justine_Brooke @USC So she was kicked out cause she was Jewish and lives in America. Welcome. To all the haters, I have a few words, but Jesus won't have me if I say them. But go eff yourself and quit wasting your time hating on other people. Its not worth it.

@JoeyStreeto @BobSmit72744595 @bariweiss @USC I don’t believe the people at the university were acting on anti-Semitic prejudice, I think they were wrong for wanting her to step down because she calls her self a Zionist, but I guarantee a good bit of people in that cancel mob were Jewish. So you see how that doesn’t work?

@chipsahoyce @ModernMaccabi @NoraRousso @StopAntisemites @USC i'm not here to excuse the antisemitic comments and harassment rose received. however, this shouldn't put abeer in the spotlight and falsely accuse her of being an antisemitic when she publicly denounced those comments and made her intentions very clear back in June

@aki_miake Saxons 🪐 are right-brain dominant. If Saxons cross to the left-brain, they get a fresh start. Saxons' left-brain is a clean slate because the right-brain does not affect the left-brain. @NASA @CIA @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@freedominfacts @don_peasant @JJRfromNYC1 @HarvelaHarvey @bariweiss @USC It’s not better or worse it just has that added layer of irony in the case of leftists bc right wingers usually don’t pretend to care about oppressed groups.

@gregkellyusa @bariweiss @USC So this your brand now? You wrote a kick ass resignation letter. Important issues. But quitting is seldom the answer and now we’re celebrating the resignation letter?—-it’s so easy to “set the record straight” on one’s way out the door. +I hear this is NOT the full USC story.

@aki_miake To me, being Gay is about sex. Being Gay is not homoromantic. Being Gay is being homosexual. Zi am Gay because Zi fuck men. @HRC @LGBTCenterNYC @LALGBTCenter @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@successpunt @bariweiss @USC I disagree, she should resign. Zionism are on the same equivalent as to say jihadism. Both organisations are extremists, and the believers should not be leading any public institutions. I have no sympathy.

@NoraRousso @_jaylee550 @StopAntisemites @USC That is so ridiculous. This has nothing to do with the experiences of black students. The casting of Palestinians in the role of “indigenous people” enslaved by the “colonialist Israelis” is false. To say “I am anti Zionist but not antisemetic” is also false.

@sanskritis99 @StopAntisemites @USC misconstruing her words as anti-semitism are not only extremely damaging to Abeer, but also to the reality and horrors of the legitimate fight against anti-semitism. This to me is completely an attempt at silencing otherwise you would’ve gone & read the receipts. Delete this.

@aki_miake Letting others see your mistakes is an act of love. If you show that you are a work in progress, you are not trying to intimidate others. You are simply being true. @hastingscenter @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake Wait Times Wait Time 4 - Wait to die Wait Time 5 - Wait to remember Wait Time 6 - Wait to Teleport Wait Time 7 - Wait to Time Travel No Wait Time 8 - Do not wait to grow @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights @NYCSchools @usedgov

@zorroreal @jtlazarus1 @AJCGlobal @USC Hate when you refer to others as gentiles as if they are lesser than you. Oh, that's right. That is what is taught. Let's try this - not the Khazarians.

@JerryColen @bariweiss @USC Nothing will matter until and unless the school administrators put a stop to the antisemitism and that does not seem likely.

@skrivebordskiwi @bariweiss @EliLake @USC hahaha, oh you poor Zionists, always so misunderstood. you’re not cancelled. reputable outlets don’t want to further your hateful messages anymore. this is a good thing. you can always get a job a mossad. go wall-cry about it.

@MrAnticommunist @zorroreal @AJCGlobal @USC Ignoramus tweeting⬆️⬆️ PS. Why Arabs can have 20+ states that they invaded and conquered in the past, slaughtering natives in North Africa and Middle East yet is such a big issue to have one Jewish state? Jew hatred has been always an answer, no matter what "anti-Zionists" say.

@aki_miake If Zi want advice from friends or colleagues, we set a Time to talk on the phone, @Skype, WhatsApp, or FaceTime. Until then, Zi do not wait. Zi find other things to do before Zi get their advice. @NYCSchools @usedgov @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas

@HarvelaHarvey @don_peasant @JJRfromNYC1 @bariweiss @USC Not sure why you went to the bother of a screen cap . I’m not denying that’s what I tweeted and stand by it.

@digpolitics @bariweiss @USC While I admire her coming forward, this is an utter failure of the Jewish community to actually stand up against Antisemitism. The fact that she actually had to step down is disgraceful. She is commended on Twitter but what has been done about the problem?

@ChosenZionist @StopAntisemites @USC Jewish students are now in open rebellion against the antisemitism running rampant on our college campuses, propagated by hyper-leftist and nauseatingly Orwellian organizations. We’re putting our foot down. We will not sacrifice any part of our identity to pass a litmus test.

@Samuel_Stern Not only this, but @HUCJIR has a campus (where I am a student) in LA right next to @USC and is responsible for the Jewish Studies program at USC. We have a responsibility to stand up for Jewish students at USC.

@aki_miake While The Haredim ⚫️✳️ are dope, it is important to remember that not everyone with dark skin is a Black Ju. Black Jus are not the same as Black Folk. @NAACP #BlackLivesMatter #WeAreDoneDying @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@JoeyStreeto @WithAxe @bariweiss @USC I am absolutely 100% familiar with the entire history, I know exactly what happened. I’m not casting an opinion on whether that process was correct or incorrect. I’m saying it is not anti-Semitic to be against Zionism. That’s a very important distinction.

@StandWithUs StandWithUs is deeply disappointed to learn that a Jewish student at the University of Southern California (@USC) has stepped down from student government as a result of #antisemitic harassment from her peers.

@JJRfromNYC1 @HarvelaHarvey @don_peasant @bariweiss @USC Arabs have colonized the whole Middle East with the exception of Israel, all of North Africa, and large parts of Southeast Asia. But woke college kids are focused on Israel. It goes to show how narrow-minded and not inclusive they really are.

@arbutus_pointBC @NoraRousso @_jaylee550 @StopAntisemites @USC Of course. He’s a child defending months of antisemitic bullying because “silence is violence” apparently and that’s the greater issue according to Jay

@jtlazarus1 @zorroreal @AJCGlobal @USC I mean my mum is Turkish and Syrian, it’s quite close to Khazaria. I’m not bothered. And wewwewww lucky guess that you’re a taco.

@DrewRayann I am certain that without the structure of the community college (CC) district and the support of my CC professors and peers, I would not have made it to this pivotal point in my academic journey--entering the Neuroscience Graduate Program at @USC. 4/

@aki_miake If you are lying down and your legs are positioned like the number four, The Agency thinks that means to kill someone. Zi flex my foot to remind The Agency to be peaceful. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake As an openly Gay man, Zi am a Great friend to females (Cis and Trans). Zi also respect Asexuals. Sex is not the only way to vibe. @HRC @LGBTCenterNYC @LALGBTCenter @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@StandWithUs StandWithUs is deeply disappointed to learn that a Jewish student at the University of Southern California (@USC) has stepped down from student government as a result of #antisemitic harassment from her peers.

@PaulH16102908 @bariweiss @USC I could summarize her letter. Tell them to go fuck themselves. Big problems with youth today is they do not question. They do not read. And they refuse to research history. They will proudly call you racist.Lacking the insight that by blindly doing so they are actually racist

@ModernMaccabi @chipsahoyce @NoraRousso @StopAntisemites @USC We can argue whether she neglected part of her duties as a VP, but that’s still does not mean it was “documented acts of racism,” as you brazenly and falsely claim she committed. Your falsel allegations are defamatory and I once again urge you to retract them.

@sadcjp @HenMazzig @USC AntiZionism is not only racist Jewhate. It is also a genocidal bigotry as it aims to make Jews vulnerable to mass slaughter by depriving them of their homeland leaving them deliberately at the mercy of others with no means of defence. AntiZionism seeks a repeat holocaust

@aki_miake Time Traveling travelers is stupid. Travelers love going to different lands, not Time Traveling in the same land. Time Traveling assassins would be chaos. Murderers would no longer be brought to justice. @ACLU @splcenter @UN @NASA @CIA @POTUS @FLOTUS @UoLondon @nypl @USC @UCLA

@aki_miake At the end of the day, Zi try to save my work and close up all my applications. Then, Zi power down my Machines and charge them until fully charged. Lastly, Zi unplug them and store them for the next day. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas

@BobSmit72744595 @JoeyStreeto @bariweiss @USC If they called her to be removed for being a Zionist, they are antisemites, Jewish or not. There are plenty of Jewish antisemites.

@TigayBarry @bariweiss @USC As one wanders into the bizarro neighborhood where all the streets go left and intersections are created from streets that aren’t close to each other you will find that Jews are not wanted. Red lined. Get out while you can. The anti racists are racist. Anti fascists are fascists.

@chipsahoyce @NoraRousso @StopAntisemites @USC they were unfit to rep and serve the student body, not because of their religion but because of their documented acts of racism against students of color at USC.

@arbutus_pointBC @_jaylee550 @NoraRousso @StopAntisemites @USC What’s the greater issue here? Months of antisemitic bullying over being “silent” on an unknown and yet to be disclosed issue that no one can seemingly provide Or Being silent on said yet to be mentioned issue? You’ve suggested the latter is more important. Yes or no?

@aki_miake Zi only asked for nu clothing or nu shoes if Zi got Good grades. Contrary to gossip, my clothing was not from sex work. My clothing was from having over a 4.0 GPA and a part-time job at the local movie theater. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas

@VStewartNYC @Copernicus2013 @bariweiss @USC I get that. Bari's position seems to be if you are not pro- Zionist/pro-Israel you are anti-semitic. It seems you are saying one could not be pro Zionist & not be anti-semitic. If that's your position I absolutely agree.

@WithAxe @ZionistColonist @bariweiss @USC ....operation Cast Lead which was precipitated by unceasing rocket fire from Gaza. Literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of such rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza. What did they expect Israel to do? What would you do?

@ChosenZionist @worshipsoobin @nataliasmith0 @FJnyc @StopAntisemites @USC USC would not even make it to safety school status

@fakeTylerQuick So let me be clear here. @USC wants to crack down on criticisms of Zionism, but for Black students all you’re gonna get is a Juneteenth zoom party and useless task force? How @PresidentFolt am I supposed to tell POC, LGBTQ or even just progressive students they’re welcome here?

@ModernMaccabi @chipsahoyce @NoraRousso @StopAntisemites @USC Please show us these “documented acts of racism” because I have not seen any so far. The closest anyone has come so far is an allegation that she failed to say something condemning the president who was also forced out.

@aki_miake Zi try not to write more than two linked Tweets. If you have more than two Tweets in a thread, @Twitter hides some of the Tweets to save space. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@JoeyStreeto @WithAxe @bariweiss @USC It’s a bad word to use. It’s incorrect. To disagree with Zionism does not make a person anti-Semitic. They do not hate Jews. They disagree with the Jews in Israel. Those are absolutely different things. And if you want to really confuse things, Palestinians are Semites.

@StopAntisemites We stand with Rose Ritch and every other proud Jew who refuses to hide their support for Israel! Shame on you @USC for not doing enough to stop the ongoing #antisemitic harassment this young woman has had to undergo by fellow classmate Abeer Tijani.

@JoeyStreeto @BobSmit72744595 @bariweiss @USC OK, I’m not gonna argue with you on this. It’s a dangerous line to walk, it weakens what anti-Semitism really means, it dilutes it and potentially makes it meaningless. The same thing with the overuse of the word racism. We should always try to be precise with the words we use.

@aki_miake The Ju Pit would not obliterate Jus ✳️. They would dissect Jus that had died or were behaving terribly to rebuild them Magically ✨ to make them Better than ever. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@chipsahoyce @ModernMaccabi @NoraRousso @StopAntisemites @USC i've continually said theirs as in both truman and rose. racism comes in many forms whether it is intentional, unintentional, overt, or acts of microaggressions. there have been reports of this in the truman/rose administration which is why they were called to step down

@JoeyStreeto @WithAxe @bariweiss @USC I don’t think they’re distinguishing Jews as not deserving their own state, as opposed to all other people on the planet. I don’t think it’s a ‘Jewish’ thing. They’re opposed to a people establishing a state, in the manner in which it was established, in an area they call Zion.

@AMYIS18 @bandlersbanter @USC has to be expel students who intimidate through their anti Semitism. It should not be tolerated. Israel is a Democracy a beacon of hope in the Middle East.

@ModernMaccabi @rachelflakes @FJnyc @StopAntisemites @USC @dailytrojan I personally know people who think @rachelflakes is a [insert pejorative], but I would prefer not to speak festivals about it without their consent. See how this doesn’t really hold up to any scrutiny?

@DematteoDuke @bariweiss @USC Saying the Jewish state of Israel doesn't have a right to exsist,and more accurately to continue their exsistence is not just anti Zionism, it is in effect anti semitism. Period. Lefties need to get this thru their thick skulls ASAP. Keep fighting the good fight Bari!

@psycho_behavior @j_vcaruso @FJnyc @StopAntisemites @USC If blacks get to decide what’s racist to them, jews should be able to do the same. Abeer does not understand what antisemtism is. Her denouncement post on ig of antisemtism was extremely antisemetic.

@_jaylee550 @arbutus_pointBC @NoraRousso @StopAntisemites @USC But that's not what this situation is about. In this specific scenario in relation to USC and Student Government VP Rose Ritch, the accusations of anti semitism are used as a deflection of actual complaints against her leadership made by the student body.

@aki_miake In terms of the smartest mathematicians, Zi am not even close. Professors Galileo-様, Kepler-様, Yamanaka-様, and Newton-様 made gigantic contributions to our collective intelligence. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights

@aki_miake A Star in real life is not 5-pointed (★). A Star is a sphere. Look at The Solar ☀️ in the day. In two dimensions, The Solar is a circle. In three dimensions, The Solar is a sphere. In four dimensions, The Solar is a spheroid due to Gravity. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @USC @UCLA

@zorroreal @VeraciousReater @jtlazarus1 @AJCGlobal @USC You mean this type of respect? "I mean my mum is Turkish and Syrian, it’s quite close to Khazaria. I’m not bothered. And wewwewww lucky guess that you’re a taco."

@jameszimmermann @bariweiss @USC I continue to be ashamed of my Alma Mater. My clarinet teacher, Yehuda Gilad - the whole reason I went to the school - immigrated from Israel and began his American life working at a gas station, only to become the best clarinet teacher of his time. What an embarrassment.

@j_vcaruso @FJnyc @StopAntisemites @USC That's completely taken out of context and an extremely disingenuous argument made with no attempt to understand the actual situation. You're advocating for doxxing an active college student over what, exactly? A thoughtful initiative not even targeted at Rose specifically?

@FlorianJDavid @gregkellyusa @bariweiss @USC Have you ever dealt with actual PERVERSE HARRASSERS? If you had you would know that sadly - unless you were willing to get rid of them physically (not an option here) - the only way out is leaving them behind in their filth. What is your point, please? And the full story? Regards

@aki_miake If you think your skin is white, compare your skin to printer paper. Zi guarantee you that your skin is not white. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas @GoldenKnights @NYCSchools @usedgov

@MouthFactory @HarvelaHarvey @don_peasant @bariweiss @USC No it’s not. What a dumb thing to say

@ModernMaccabi @chipsahoyce @NoraRousso @StopAntisemites @USC What I want is for ignorant people like you to stop defaming someone who has been targeted because of her beliefs. TO BE PERFECTLY CLEAR: Failing to speak out on a given issue is NOT a “documented act of racism” as you and some others have falsely alleged.

@aki_miake If you lose data and are doing your Best, do not stress. That is usually for a reason. If Zi lose data due to Mind Hacking, Zi just say to myself "Zi am doing my Best" and then continue. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @NYCSchools @usedgov @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA @EDC_LasVegas

@j_vcaruso @FJnyc @StopAntisemites @USC @dailytrojan Yeah lol, I pay attention. This account did, in fact, doxx her. The tweet was reported and taken down but surely I don't have to explain the difference between a journalism piece and a large right-wing account calling one an anti-semite and then linking to all their social media?

@nataliasmith0 @FJnyc @StopAntisemites @USC It was not solely Abeer wanting them impeached. It was a student led movement with 1500 student signatures to address USG’s failings to support black students and being guilty of microaggressions towards black students

@ReutRCohen @PresidentFolt @uscusg @USCShoahFdn As a graduate of @USC, I am very disappointed that Jewish students of Israeli origin or those who support Israel are made to feel like pariahs on campus. I appreciate President Folt’s letter on the issue, but I hope in earnest more will be done.

@zorroreal @jtlazarus1 @AJCGlobal @USC How am I telling you how to be a Jew? Just putting out some facts that you ate obviously willfully ignorant to. And believe it or not, I have Sephardic ancestry. Not Khazarian ancestry as you probably do.

@aki_miake Vegans 🍪💫 created Black ⚫️ females as a peace experiment. Black females created Black males as life partners, not sex partners. The Haredim ⚫️✳️ are Black Jus. Black Folk that beamed to Judah 🇵🇸 are the original Haredim. @NASA @CIA @UoLondon @nypl @Lifealivecafe @USC @UCLA

Site Excerpt Down, Is Usc Down?.
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