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@Chalkbeat “There are a huge number of children in the city of Detroit who are facing housing instability and #homelessness, and the vast majority of these children have not been identified,” said a senior research associate at @UMich. #education #EdChat #coronavirus

@LJoyZ_MD @drsanjaygupta @UMich Please urge people to sign this. PS— think my hubs lived there too at UMich #6FtApartNotUnder

@emtfr @ParkerStinar @UMich @kimberkoz @detroitnews Once again, Hi Parker the survivor attorney: How's that looking into whether any survivor in the past reported this Dr. to the Medical Bd or any other authority as happened in MI in #Nassar case coming along? Why this bizarre focus on UMich instead? Hope it's not because:💰💳

@wolverinewilson @Johnubacon @drsanjaygupta @UMich I was in Rumsey also - 85 -87! I went down to State Street Barber Shop to get my high top fade. I had my daughter shave my head last week at home.

@CarolMcBelle @Mim5453 @drsanjaygupta @UMich 😭 my nails are about to be a big issue

@CathCat100 @DougTribou @jennyradesky @UMich @MottChildren @MichiganRadio In other words — sounds like valuable content on your show tomorrow. I hope to be able to tune in (albeit while working remotely). Thanks for being thoughtful about what’s relevant to your listeners in radio land right now.

@DrBonesMD @eliehonig @drsanjaygupta @CNNSotu @UMich Yeah, but he's not a dentist and used to working in a mirror!!! #minesnext

@oyousef @MelbaLara @michiganensian @UMich Always the professional, Melba. My hat’s off to you for NOT broadcasting ATC in your jammies.

@EpeeBill @Ryan_Schreiber @UMichAthletics @TheMDen @UMichFootball @umichbball @UMich Man.... you're making it hard not to make a "Walmart Wolverine" joke...

@UMichResearch COVID-19: Research Operations at U-M. The shelter-in-place order, effective March 24, will not further alter the @UMich's research operations. All 3 campuses moved on March 20 to ramp down noncritical lab research activities. For U-M Research updates see:

@colinm4c @NittanyNC @OneEyeBlackJack @jordaan2546 @UNRIVALED_PSU_ @ChiTownLionPSU @UMichFootball @UMich If you witnessed your child getting raped by an old man and you reported it to one person and nothing happened, would it then not be your fault if it continued to happen your watch?

@DrRayMD @OhioState has been practicing #SocialDistanacing for years now, huh @UMich? 🤣😷 (Seriously: Shoutout to my friends from #TTUN who are working tirelessly to save lives and #FlattenTheCuve! ✊🏽💪🏽)

@emtfr @ParkerStinar @UMich @kimberkoz @detroitnews aka: Trial by media. We know this is not what happens, we have 3 cases in the past 8 yrs that prove this kind of media behavior does not solve what turns out to be the issues. Repeat: UNTRAINED institutions if you bleed them dry will not be able to fund prevention training.

@GobnikM @peta @UMich @Steve_Marowski There are also animals suffering in your “shelters” about to be put down and thrown in the trash

@medical_xpress Containment efforts appear to step COVID-19 spread down from exponential norm @umich

@NittanyNC @colinm4c @OneEyeBlackJack @jordaan2546 @UNRIVALED_PSU_ @ChiTownLionPSU @UMichFootball @UMich If you directly witness a crime then you should definitely go tell authorities. Take that up with Mike McQueary on why he decided not to.

@zigziggityzoo So - I can’t believe I have people I went to university with who actually believe that 5G tech is the root cause of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not just regular folk, but @umich graduates who are preaching this. I don’t even have the words.

@TronsonLab @acara333 @doc_becca @UMich We have been told we are shutdown by UMOR at @UMich and have to limit and justify all essential personnel... the messaging here has been less than clear (and also not going to everyone)

@eaglechildink @drsanjaygupta @UMich I just sent this to my son ! With a note “ do not try this at home” 😍

@starrscience We are all working so hard to support each other. @richbacolor and I LOVE showing off our @umsi backgrounds, giving us a little light in our days. #GOBLUE @umich @UMichEducation @umsi

@mjnewman87 @DesmondHoward @UMich Not me. Not coordinated enough. I went to Arcade Barbers in the Nickels Arcade. Later I switched to State Street Barbershop by Pizza Bob's.

@DougWas @drsanjaygupta @jaketapper @UMich I’ve decided to let mine grow so I can have a ponytail. Not a man bun though!

@samk_harris Michigan fed'l court denies qualified immunity to @UMich admins in accused-student lawsuit: "Because the Individual Defendants violated this ruling and Plaintiff’s clearly established constitutional rights, the Court finds that they are not entitled to qualified immunity."

@mhuckfeldt1 @mariashriver @UMich Yes. Bravo to you Maria, and Arnold, for raising children to give back by doing community service. We have many in government who do not walk the talk. Thank you 🙏🏼.

@FOX47News A @UMich sustainability expert discussed grocery shopping behavior during a pandemic.

@cristynjune @drsanjaygupta @UMich As a barber I don’t encourage you to cut your own hair but I thank you for not going to get a haircut.

@BerkeleyLab A possible visible signature related to a theorized type of dark matter particles has been cut down, but technique offers a new path in the hunt for #darkmatter. @UmichPhysics @LBNLphysics @BerkeleyPhysics @UCBerkeley @UMich

@downi75 Meanwhile, at @umich It's too easy to game this system It's too easy to successfully make 'swatting' calls Our systems are not smart, and people know this

@haveapurpose1 @BarbMcQuade So have not read any tweets from your colleagues getting slapped down for abusing john doe’s rights and are now exposed personally. UM is embarrassing. All common folks know there are two sides to ever story. @UMich @CNN @RepJohnJoyce @MSNBC @JoyceWhiteVance

@UMengineering How #SocialDistancing encourages fractal dissipation of viral spreading. New @umich research explains how “the power law equation” applies to understanding the benefits of social distancing.

@NittanyNC @OneEyeBlackJack @colinm4c @jordaan2546 @UNRIVALED_PSU_ @ChiTownLionPSU @UMichFootball @UMich I’m not leaping to anything. The abuse occurs under Bo Schembechler. This is well established. I’m asking if you have this same blame for him and Michigan’s program.

@SaxonThegn @drsanjaygupta @UMich I think Jared Kushner is building a website to handle this issue. Stand by...

@2dialogue Obviously, facts are not important to this @UMich professor.

@wdi_michigan It’s not too early to start thinking about Fall 2020! @Umich undergrads (regardless of major): If learning about new cultures and remote learning is your jam, check out this new course, Business & Culture: A Virtual Practicum, #worldclassconnection

@Hitachi_US [email protected] Mcity Director Dr. Huei Peng sat down with Hitachi experts to discuss how autonomous vehicles drive changes in society. #HitachiInsightsLaboratory #Collaboration #Automotive #SocialInnovation #Mobility

@HarinathIndira @drsanjaygupta @UMich Beware Dr ! My son has already warned me,not to go into shock when I see him next, can't imagine what he could have done to his head.

@ShalinGala In light of reports that as part of a #COVID19 response, the @UMich is planning to "ramp down all noncritical laboratory research activities"—which will likely lead to the killing of many animals—@PETA sent a letter urging a shutdown of animal testing at the school immediately.🐭

@sbh_itwl @LizAnnSonders @UMich I would like to say 'the first shoe to drop ...' , but I believe a few others have dropped already and not too many people are paying attention ... just saying ...

@colinm4c @NittanyNC @OneEyeBlackJack @jordaan2546 @UNRIVALED_PSU_ @ChiTownLionPSU @UMichFootball @UMich If he knew, then yes. If not, I don't blame him, but I definitely blame anyone that knew and everyone should figure out ways to not be blind to sexual abuse in the future.

@PChoppanati Well, I have enrolled into the capstone project course in python for everybody specialisation by @UMich taught by @drchuck . And I saw this question in one of the quizzes. Not sure how to answer it (._.)

@juanrmacias [email protected] Can we get the semester changed to Pass/Fail while not affecting graduation requirements (as @UMich showed is a viable option)? Student mental health amidst this pandemic would thank you and our administration greatly.

@NittanyNC @RWPUSA @UMich What would it occurring at other places as well have to do with this? I was just curious why just say university and not specify University of Michigan, but if you’re trying to say this is more societal than specific it makes sense.

@BrandTech We are incredibly proud of our customers who are working to fight #Covid19, and happy to support them any way we can - this weekend our local rep helped researchers at @UMich by expediting lab supplies from her home office so work could start Monday morning!

@pasta_for_one a small silver lining of going virtual is that i get to attend one of my best buds' thesis defense today at @UMich stats. he's not on the tweeter, but a huge congrats to my bb Dr. Jack Goetz

@JennSchanzWXYZ SHOUT OUT to the HERO nurses working long hours to keep us safe during this crisis. My friend Jacqueline Dufek and colleagues at @UMich are on the front lines of #COVID19 every day. Tweet me pics of healthcare workers you want to celebrate @wxyzdetroit #ThankANurse #CoronaHeroes

@brooklynmarie @akornblatt @adambstrassberg @estarianne @atrupar @insert_funny @UMich I was trying to keep track, but so much has gone down since then that I can’t remember where I write it down, if I even did. But Julie Kirschner was a big part of it, brought in a lot of people who stayed on

@kidsindanger We're working with @UMich students on a project to design dressers that won't tip-over. Please take this brief survey to help out! #tipovers #stoptipovers

@peta There are animals suffering inside university labs right now! PETA is calling on @UMich to stop all activities related to animal testing amid #COVID19 shut down. Thank you @Steve_Marowski for reporting.

@Burning__Rabbit @drsanjaygupta @UMich Get some clippers and put it on the 1 or 2 guard it's a lot safer and easier. Hair can grow back but your ear can't😏 Mom got a little too close back in the day and I said h*** no you're done. That's when we started going to the Barber🤣Thanks for the flashback down memory lane🙏

@amusic_ann @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @TheDemocrats @SenateDems are refusing to help Americans they are not approving the funds to pay our bills @Stanford @Columbia @FordhamNYC @uoregon @UMich @PennBasketball @LibertyU @UofSC @UofMaryland @TrumpStudents @Tulane @MIT @UW @lynchburg @AP

@jhonnfirew @drsanjaygupta @UMich Can you comment -Is it not wise to treat "Coronavirus patients" at a dedicated Hospitals especially those patients who are staying in nursing home and assistance living places where highly vulnerable residents are staying?Please give your comment.

@gardnerdeb @umichmedicine @UMich Not going to get help from Federal government! He seems to be mad at us and GM! We are on our own!

@CRC57325971 @kcjohnson9 @CHSommers @michigandaily @UMich Any male who votes for Biden is complete fool Biden is responsible for ruining untold no's of men's lives due to Title IX letter (Death of Due Process) No due process No rule of law No representation Often not knowing charges Feminist run kangaroo courts

@peta There are animals suffering inside university labs right now! PETA is calling on @UMich to stop all activities related to animal testing amid #COVID19 shut down. Thank you @Steve_Marowski for reporting.

@LSE_Angela @deniswirtz @HopkinsEngineer @JHUArtsSciences @HopkinsMedicine @hopkinskimmel @UMich @Illinois_Alma @Stanford @Harvard @MIT @Cambridge_Uni We are offering 4 Parental Leave Grants – a free edit - to support parents now juggling working-from-home with childcare, during these stressful times of the Coronavirus pandemic. For details on how to apply, please see . Please R/T.

@SwaggerisSenpai @peta @UMich @Steve_Marowski Yes! Everybody! Let's all kill ourselves in the name of the animals and not find a cure for this disease! Look, I'm all for testing on humans, but not for the animals sake. Animals kill other animals to begin with. Vaccines tested on animals can kill humans. And speaking of which

@JJohnson577 @drsanjaygupta @UMich Wow I did not know you went to Michigan and born in Novi

@TrumpsToast @RussellSieg @UMich @WilmerHale @ericgarland @soychicka Yeah I got a little reply-happy there before I saw your whole thread. I'm not ready to let them off the hook yet. But I'll read all the new articles. Shame it's getting lost in the news. Good thread man!

@acara333 @TronsonLab @doc_becca @UMich We were asked to list essential personnel. But some labs are listing entire lab as essential, and they're still coming in everyday. To do experiments that can be frozen down and done later...

@DougTribou @CathCat100 @jennyradesky @UMich @MottChildren @MichiganRadio Hi, Cathy. Thanks for your tweets. In our interview, @jennyradesky emphasizes finding a routine, but not trying to recreate the full-day schedule of school. If you miss it on air, audio, text, and sites Dr. Radesky recommends will be posted Mon. a.m. on the Michigan Radio site.

@Formaldehydi @kcjohnson9 So...Do you think @UMich is going to learn their lesson and change their procedures? If not, how many more court cases will it take?

@Trumpsvote @shomaristone @UMich So sorry. Very nice of you to share. This virus is not only taking our elders but our peers too.

@emtfr @ParkerStinar @UMich @kimberkoz @detroitnews Please learn the #Sandusky case, the #Nassar case and the #Strauss case. What actually happened, not the Freeh Report, Ropes Gray Report, or OSU report version! These internal investigations are paid for to find SCAPEGOATS and not fix the actual problems at CPS/Law Enf/Med Bds.

@MyNameIsMatt12 @drsanjaygupta @jaketapper @UMich The first step to a great haircut is not making your face contort like you’re shaving.

@amelior8 @drsanjaygupta @jaketapper @UMich Dr. Gupta, thanks for your continued calming presence. Your patience is exemplary...not sure I could handle repeating myself as much as you have to. And didn’t realize you were a fellow Wolverine! Proud to be connected that way. Appreciate you.

@emtfr @GrewalLaw They are NOT owed any "internal investigation" at @UMich when we already know from the #Nassar case the errors occurred at CPS/Law Enforcement and the Michigan Medical Board when REPORTS WERE MADE. They ARE owed a looksee into any previous reports to these entities ONLY.

@clrfldcdaughtry @bradmeltzer @UMich “I” was wondering who @CHRIS_Daughtry was hugging as I glanced down at my phone... CONGRATS TO HIM‼️

@UNRIVALED_PSU_ @colinm4c @NittanyNC @jordaan2546 @OneEyeBlackJack @ChiTownLionPSU @UMichFootball @UMich No he did not. I can’t anymore with you.... you have to be trolling because no one is this willfully ignorant and stupid

@NittanyNC @RWPUSA What not name the university? It’s the University of Michigan. Odd that you don’t even want to name what university it occurred at. @UMich

@NittanyNC @colinm4c @jordaan2546 @OneEyeBlackJack @UMich @UMichFootball You’re not even making sense at this point. You obviously have no real responses to the facts except that you blame a “team” a decade later for some people not charged with anything😂

@JohnGallias @BCBSM @UMich @umichmedicine warning to all U-M Premier Care members: online visits are covered, but NOT through: #MedicareForAll

@champnella @drsanjaygupta @jaketapper @UMich Wait -- you went to Michigan? How did I not know this? Keep up the great work. Go Blue!

@bnasty_55 @BigTenNetwork @umichbball @JohnBeilein @UMichAthletics @marchmadness @bigten @B1GMBBall @UMich @FinalFour Why not just have him face time in to the show, and let him provide commentary on the game? Picture in picture style!

@aphaenke @DrewVanDrese @UMichLaw @YostIceArena @UMich @umichhockey @AnnArbor Tough for me because I’m not a student, so I can’t say I’ve been to most of the non-athletic spots, but Michigan Stadium vs Yost seems like a brutal Elite 8 matchup, that’s my natty!!! I’d give the edge to Yost though 🏒

@Seanku Fractal kinetics of COVID-19 pandemic : Containment efforts appear to step #COVID19 spread down from exponential norm. @UMich

@scott_sws @drsanjaygupta @UMich I’ve looked at how to cut your own hair on YouTube. I did not feel encouraged.

@colinm4c @NittanyNC @OneEyeBlackJack @UNRIVALED_PSU_ @jordaan2546 @ChiTownLionPSU @UMichFootball @UMich Is that not good enough for you? You want me to hate the other schools more?

@UNRIVALED_PSU_ @colinm4c @NittanyNC @OneEyeBlackJack @jordaan2546 @ChiTownLionPSU @UMichFootball @UMich No there is not. What did you want paternities to do? Kidnap Sandusky? Tie him up so he couldn’t continue???? You are so blind and brainwashed it’s unreal

@amusic_ann @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi @SenateDems are refusing to help Americans they are not approving funds to pay our bills @radfordu @virginia_tech @HokiesWBB @devryuniv @HowardU @UVA @LibertyU @UofSC @Utah_Football @DukeMBB @UofMaryland @TrumpStudents @Tulane @MIT @UW @uoregon @UMich

@GreatLakesPeck For academics: “While we all share concern over the virus & our global community, the best way to get through this is by doing it together,” (but not in person!). As you can read, @UMich is working hard to make it easier on our faculty, esp pre-tenure.

@TJ_Denson I’m not sure if this decision is being made by @UMich or @usedgov. Regardless, during these unprecedented times, exceptions should be made. Every decision should be about helping students navigate this crisis with as minimal disruption to their education as possible.

@JesseJacksonDFW @JuddWinick @mpslater @bradmeltzer @UMich @zingermans BTW congratulations to not only your son @bradmeltzer but to all those getting letters of acceptance. A good reminder that there are #betterdays are ahead for all of us. Hmm reminds me of a song huh @mpslater

@Steve_Marowski Students in the College of Pharmacy at @UMich are working with @umichmedicine to help create hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 pandemic. @MLive @annarbornews

@sanjaysaint @norabecker47 @umichmedicine @UMich @UM_IHPI @UMIntMed Welcome! Looking forward to working with you. #GoBlue @UM_IHPI

@backnfont @drsanjaygupta @jaketapper @UMich Oh yea like move chin to side like it’s a shave. Oh yea. For a hair cut. Yea. Move chin when trimming head to side when cutting hair. Not gonna say it, it’s hurting people. Quick read , set up q, answer. Go to da bed. This is serious. It’s not gonna end! Kinda insulting to us

@Drpvc @sclerodermaUM @UMich @scleroderma Not able to access. It needs university of michigan Login.

@BrysonJacksen @umichsph @michiganalumni @UMich @AubreeGordonPhD @arnold_monto @Reuters @UMichiganNews Are younger adults getting more sick than previously thought because they are repeatedly exposing themselves to high concentrations of the virus by not taking social distancing seriously? #AskReuters

@vivian411 @mariashriver @UMich Yes good work to all the lunch ladies out there working so hard along with all these wonderful volunteers and school employees, your all awesome!!!

@Marina__Haque @kelseycpriest @usplusmd @pskantesaria @MedStudentChat @MSPA_National @APAMSA @AMSANational @AdvocacyMedical @AmerMedicalAssn ^ Behind the scenes, a lot of us are working to hype up use of #Students_Against_COVID too to help continue linking efforts by students/allies during this crisis so we can better connect & collaborate! Hope use of this # helps in these efforts too! + For @UMICh=> @NadineIIbrahim!

@CosmicCapt @drsanjaygupta @jaketapper @UMich Dr. as LONG as you're not cutting your throat listening to @realDonaldTrump LIES!

@colinm4c @UNRIVALED_PSU_ @jordaan2546 @NittanyNC @OneEyeBlackJack @ChiTownLionPSU @UMichFootball @UMich No he didn't do all he needed to, because he did not stop it.

@iamcindychu @Foleosopher @John_Pijanowski @JuddLegum I majored in economics at @UMich and one of the main takeaways I learned there was TRICKLE DOWN ECONOMICS IS A TRICK TO ENRICH THOSE AT THE TOP! Nothing trickles down.

@BonkSqueaks @peta @UMich @Steve_Marowski You do know that when the labs shut down, they have to cull the animals, as they can’t support those numbers. I guess it makes sense though, you obviously want as many animals to be killed as possible, you can’t be limited to your mass euthanasia clinics, now can you?

@KevinAAngstadt @guzdial @nkuriakos @melaniesage @chronicle ...not to mention that IRBs are scaling back operations (e.g., @UMich has restricted all non-COVID-19 protocols), so even attempting to publish would be a challenge (putting aside skew in the findings)

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