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@MitchFizzl [email protected] update on back-to-school: -All 40k+ students to wear masks while not in their own room. -Testing/health services readily available. -Daily mobile check-ins. What they didn't address is who will enforce mask rules or how health services will handle an influx of cases 🙄

@jw_lockhart @eridyn @UMich @geo3550 I don't think they tried to publicize it, but it is available publicly on the UM website. Link in the thread further down. Enraged is the right answer.

@jw_lockhart @evelyn_a_smith @UMich @geo3550 There's lots of useful material in here: our ethics committee telling the university a month ago to do things that it is still not planning to do. Like bring us in on decision making, sharing risk estimates, surveillance testing, ethical liabilities persisting beyond legal ones

@dbarman Global Warming Potential - e.g., HFCs from refrigrants can have over 1000x impact of CO2; agricultural production contributes most to carbon footprint of US food system; Martin Heller @UMich working with @Tulane looking at #environmental impact of food production #ICNM20

@SpaceAbhi For those asking "what's next?": My idea ideal August would entail working with fellow @umich grads @benjpasek & @heyitsjustin + Ethan Hawke to turn the movie GATTACA into a Broadway musical. I'm convinced it would be the greatest hit since Hamilton. Fight me if you disagree.

@UMichStudents Not every #Wolverine’s journey starts at @UMich. We’re always happy to welcome transfer students ho〽️e to Ann Arbor. This week we’re providing some tips and best practices for incoming transfer students. For more UMich101 visit

@rkniemer And yet, the public health data informing the @UMich administration that it's okay to bring students back is also telling them that staff should continue working remotely at least through December 2020.

@afmgirgis [email protected] said offering free mental health services to survivors of Philbert “Would start the Unviersity down a slippery slope”. A slippery slope towards what? Supporting survivors?! Let’s just come out and start saying it: Schlissel isn’t fit to be @UMich president.

@msuberrybugs @ReclaimMSU @MarkBrewerDems @UMich If possible at Wayne State, why not UM & MSU who are governed by the same Sect. 5 of the '63 Michigan Constitution? From WSU BofGov bylaws: "A representative of the faculty..., and a student representative... are entitled to participate in all deliberations of the...committees."

@UMengineering [email protected] engineering is working to alleviate unanticipated financial needs of its students, deploying tools to track #COVID19, and engaging students toward multidisciplinary solutions.

@UMichCSE "Normally everyone’s waiting by the board & crowding in one place; people are not going to want to do this anymore." A new app update for Long Island's busy commuter line enables socially distant travel—& its lead front-end dev is a @UMich CS undergrad.

@pilotolson If I were @UMich I would simply not commit myself to having a bunch of blood on my hands this Fall.

@wensilver @Johnubacon Sorry, that dog don’t hunt - blaming it on Canham. Pfft. Bo punted to his AD and walked away. Clearly Anderson was a problem & not a single leader at @UMich took it to law enforcement. TAKE DOWN THE STATUE.

@DynamicsSIAM @sfiscience @sonia_kefi @CNRS @UMich @svscarpino @NUnetsi @Sara_Imari @ASU 107 (not 127), because apparently I know how to count.

@knowyourvax Yes! @UMich @umichsph ! There’s no reason not to! Join leaders at @waynestate and @EmoryRollins who have prioritized civic engagement, #VotingRights and safety precautions amid #COVID19 on November 3rd! #VOTE 🗳

@redunndant OK, I was not optimistic about colleges remaining in-person for long anyway, actively willing to bet that most will close and send home students by October 1st. But @UMich just sent out their instructions to students for the fall and...what a joke. (1/n)

@wensilver @nickbaumgardner Bo was one of the most powerful men at @UMich Just one phone call to the police would have made a difference. Instead, he punted to the AD and walked away. TAKE DOWN THE STATUE

@LeahRAbrams @knowyourvax @UMich This is such a critical takeaway. And the fact that OIE decided not to investigate those multiple reports in 2005 became evidence in the future of that accusations had been "unsubstantiated"

@sternnews Believe it or not ... neither of these women claim to have taken part in the @jonhein 96 blowjobs @UMich #empoweringwomen

@bug_mello I don't even know what to think about this. it's horrifying but not at all surprising. now, I guess, the question is: how many other sexual harassers is the university covering for? how many rapists are on your payroll, @UMich?

@JelenaSashimi @ScienceMagazine @UMich @ScienceAdvances Of course, the authors argue that they have established a correlation, not causality, but it would be good to examine the real causes of the phenomenon.

@dbarman Life Cycle Assessment of Foods - Martin Heller of Ctr Sustainable Systems @UMich @PCRM @ICNM20 - cradle to grave perspective of accounting of food; "LCA is a compass, not a GPS"; look at inputs and outputs; agriculture has significant non-CO2 emissions like methane, N2O, HFCs

@aknunen Please learn from this on what not to do @UMichAthletics @UMich

@WOODTV [email protected] tells students to hunker down for 2 weeks before returning to school:

@posas13 @BTNDaveRevsine @CoachUrbanMeyer @bigten @ncaa When will the following happen? - Vote to expel @UMich from B10 - $80M B10 & NCAA fines - Vacate wins to 1980 - 4 yr bowl ban, no revenue, scholarship red. @ 25/yr - Free transfer of players - Tear down statue, rename FB building?

@SusyDemeester 14 days of ‘enhanced social distancing’ required of University of Michigan students before return to campus PLEASE PLEASE @UMich do not keep propagating this farce. You can not safely bring 30,000 students back without destroying this town and it’s people

@jw_lockhart @SoderstromSara @UMich @DrMarkSchlissel His email today to what seemed like faculty and staff (not the one that seemed aimed at students).

@PerezatUMD Great panel today with #OGDI @umdgradschool @penn_state @NorthwesternU @Illinois_Alma @UMich for the @BigTenAcademic Alliance SROP Graduate Education Discovery Program on #GradSchool exploration! I always enjoy working with my BTAA colleagues! Look forward to the next!

@FOX47News The @UMich is telling students to check their temperature twice a day and avoid social gatherings, work and public transportation for 14 days before returning to Ann Arbor. @michiganstateu is encouraging students to stay home and study.

@__bethmulligan not completely sure if true but his profile says he goes to @UMich which isn’t a good look if true

@knowyourvax That's why we're pushing for @UMich @umichsph to cancel class on #ElectionDay so that students can: - #vote - work at the polls - space out voting and reduce #COVID19 risk - break down voter suppression barriers - exercise #votingrights and #equity

@lpachter @David_desJ @UMich First of all, the Hanlon related conversations and emails in question here took place 10 years ago, not 15. Second, there is significant relevance to his (lack of) memory, e.g.

@SimonJeffries9 @ScienceMagazine @laurast51362949 @UMich @ScienceAdvances So what? People are not going to hurried to market vaccines.

@1AakashJain @dbarman @PCRM @UMich Still USA is biggest consumer of Beef & Meat. Indirectly Forcing India to be the biggest manufacturer and exporter. After Brazil. Greed & Blood 💰 are interdependent. Balance of Economics cannot be controlled by ethic & morals of a particular nation. It's a global issue.

@UMichResearch A @UMich team of medicinal chemists have used artificial intelligence to find alternative pharmaceutical building blocks for 12 drugs under investigation to treat COVID-19.

@agnostic_data It is official, I will be working entirely from home in the fall. Thank you @UMich for prioritizing safety. A special thank you to @UMichNursing for the honor-based no-questions-asked approach. (Bonus - I finally have a corner office! 🥳)

@estraub My @Umich friends - do you know anyone (not you, of course) who may have been in, ahem, denial about Fall? That's okay. We have a series of 4 short workshops next week that are designed to get you up and running quickly.

@CostelloCK @GuevarraDarwin @UMich Thanks! I'm super happy to be here and be working with Ethan!

@h0eriental @umich requiring that all international students quarantine for 14 days upon arrival to campus but not requiring that all domestic traveling students do the same is idiotic. i would rather hug someone from abroad than hug someone coming to school from florida or texas

@knowyourvax Obama said it best - let's honor the #VotingRightsAct by making #ElectionDay a holiday at @UMich - break down some of these barriers to BIPOC and students, and promote - not suppress - the right to vote. @DrMarkSchlissel

@gtoshi_ @timoni @talalhalothman @prvncher @UMich To add to Talal's reply, we are also working to make chemotherapy trainings (learning experiences) on VR at @umich which I feel is a break-though step in healthcare ed!

@JonahLupton @ChiSportsGuy @AmazingColleges @UMich @UMichAthletics @UMichFootball @umichbaseball @umichbball @umichhockey @BarstoolUofM @UMGoBlog @247Wolverine @UMichLacrosse I was pumped when Harbaugh came in but he’s proven he can’t win the big games especially not against Ohio State. TBH i hope they don’t give him an extension. I’m ready for some new blood. He can recruit and talk a big game but it doesn’t translate to big wins. I want titles.

@CalderLewisTMD “Living away from campus may be the best choice for you and your family” [email protected] President. Big for our school down the road as well. @UMich has followed all the big MSU announcements, from cancelling classes in March to committing to an “hybrid” semester in June.

@knowyourvax 3. Will students have to sign liability waivers that exonerate @UMich from all responsibility WHEN (not if) students get sick and WHEN (not if) students die? 4. Will rush/Greek life activities be suspended, or is that 'off campus' and thus 'not your problem? 2/3

@MattLWK @JDSportsTweets @EliteCollege_FB @univmiami @UMich Michigan does get referred to as UM its just not as common

@David_desJ @lpachter @UMich I don't even see what incentive Hanlon would have to lie here. If he did remember more then he could just say so, I don't think it would implicate him one way or the other. By not remembering he basically validates the narrative that makes him look not so good.

@C_lineinthecity My friend (history professor) is teaching a freshman seminar @UMich this fall focused on the American Revolution Course title: "The world turned upside down?" you KNOW it's going to be good. IYKYK

@therealmirman @NittanyNC @SpiderCat79 @UMich It’s also notable that you’re trying to drive down the age of the John Doe, which you don’t know and who is the only person saying Bo knew. Almost like you need another school to have child rape on the table. Because Sandusky raped kids and Joe knew.

@tayboltz [email protected] what about students who have jobs and can’t afford to not go to work for two weeks before school starts? This is so unrealistic and unenforceable.

@jeromewilsonmi @UMich @UMichStudents "From a medical point of view, there is no evidence of a medical effect of wearing face masks, so we decided not to impose a national obligation," Jaap van Dissel, Dutch Health Official

@JAMicrobe Yesterday I sent an email to depts I'm affiliated with about the response letter to the @NSFGRFP changes & in 7 hrs we went from 14 to 61 sigs from @UMich. Spread the word to your depts as not everyone is on Twitter. #rethinkGRFP @PhDVoice @OpenAcademics

@tomthuang Thanks to @zaynasyed1, a @GreenhillSchool alum who is working with me at @dallasnews. She is studying public policy, history & Arabic at @UMich & is an editor at @michigandaily. By developing diverse talent in our own backyard, we get stories like this.

@EdDiveHigherEd [email protected] is instructing students not to go to work or social gatherings for 14 days before coming to campus.

@acara333 @meddiss @UMich Omg, and that the skin temp checks are useless but they're doing them anyway to create an illusion of "safety". Meanwhile not testing the grad student volunteers performing all those temp checks

@knowyourvax Reason #3 @UMich should make #ElectionDay a holiday: some students will be remote and might not have no reason abstentee in their home states. This policy prioritizes #equity and #access to voting rights and removes systemic barriers

@UMSEAS [email protected] researchers, including #UMSEAS @DScavia & partners are forecasting that western Lake Erie will experience a moderate harmful algal bloom this summer. This moderate bloom is not to be interpreted as signifiant progress though. More:


@SoderstromSara @jw_lockhart @UMich @DrMarkSchlissel I apparently need to read more carefully... I think this open letter is calling for some of that transparency: I’ve not seen a response though 🤔

@silkiestmaria Our graduate student parents have asked that the childcare subsidy be reformed -- currently, only "licensed providers" are reimbursable. That obviously won't do under pandemic circumstances. So what did @UMich do? they changed it to "licensed in any state, not just Michigan." WTF

@GH_Baseball Thanks to @GLBatCo for working with us on a phenomenal gift for our graduating 2020 seniors. They were destined to shatter many #GHbaseball records and in 3 years made an everlasting impact. They’ll be representing @GHSchoolMI at @UChicago, @IUbloomington, @umich and @Stanford

@eridyn @jw_lockhart @UMich @geo3550 Sent it to friends and family at umich and: 1) This was not shared with all staff. 2) Hearing *enraged* reactions.

@NittanyNC @collegeftballtv @PSULi0n @UMich It’s not word twister. I’d love to see your numbers supporting your court claim, but you said it is different. And then I asked if you feel it’s different. You pointing to the age implied you believe it is, so I simply asked you to put that out there clearly and stand behind it.

@marathe_megh This would not be possible without our mentors, profs @kentarotoyama, Sucheta M. Joshi, Elizabeth F. S. Roberts, @tveinot, and @joyopal. Thanks to @UMich research office, @umichgradschool program in public scholarship, and UMInDS for supporting us! 3/3

@phoebesaid @JoeTrailer17 @freep @fordfund_ @MayorMikeDuggan @DHSDetroit @UMich @Ford Thank you for the careful eye. The video running with the story was filmed prior to the pandemic and should be marked as such. I've alerted the photo editor. Ford, which has strict protocols for masks in all its facilities, is not hosting tours at this time.

@akiekintveld @oalejel @UMich The amount of mental gymnastics required to connect not wanting people to vote to “protecting democracy” is truly astounding.

@knowyourvax This voting rights crusade is very draining. Why is it so hard to get people to actually let #voting be a right and not a privilege? @UMich #vote

@gentanishku good news from Ypsi, meanwhile their neighbor @UMich continues to brush the issue of campus policing under the table

@UMichPharmacy As we discover drugs to treat #COVID19, how do we prevent the supply from running out? Prof. Tim Cernak and a @UMich team of medicinal chemists used #AI to find alternative pharmaceutical building blocks for drugs under investigation to treat COVID-19.

@BethanyLively @KeithSmithNBA LOVE @D_Bo20, not just for his obvious “INTELLECTUAL” ability (@WilliamsCollege & @UMich) but also his peerless fortitude & grit. Proved himself worthy as he went to @marchmadness championship gm w/ @umichbball, then set about succeeding as an @NBA PRO! Deserves TOP accolades‼️🔥

@BruceHistorian @umich uses the word "unethical" in this document, but it is not at all clear to me that they understand what it means.

@SuzetteMasters so proud of my daughter @knowyourvax for working to engage @UMich @umichsph students & faculty civically on #Election2020. What a no-brainer for so many good reasons. @waynestate sees the light. C'mon @UMich! #Vote #CivicEngagement #COVID19 #Michigan

@misstourane @acweyand @UMich and typically, there's someone out there far better than their "best" who knows how to be decent and not rapey

@UM_MICDE Tomorrow, join the @UM_MICDE & @um_midas info session to learn about @UMich certificate programs that will prepare you for success in computationally intensive fields. Current U-M grad students can enroll, even if not on campus this year. Register at

@UMengineering N95s continue to be valued but in limited supply—forcing medical facilities to disinfect and reuse them, or go outside their normal, trusted routes for supplies. @umich engineers and physicians are testing to evaluate their safety. #EngineeringForCOVID

@DMalcuadrado @morphizm @UMich @GoodEnergyColl Man people defending nuclear does not support nuclear bombs. We support civil nuclear power plants to deliver electricity. I thought that was OBVIOUS.

@jeromewilsonmi @KarenBSpunky @freep @UMich I just read this Karen This is only for students living in University of Michigan housing (mainly new frosh) I thought they were trying to “Gestapo” students living in their own homes and appts. We are probably not far off from that “request” though

@2020science @ShobitaP @UMich If you worked with him his behavior toward women was clear if you weren’t dazzled by his charm & carisma - I suspect many people tried hard to think the best of him & not rock the boat tho (or realized that they had no chance in the personality/power structure)

@skwogler @UMich @fordschool Gobsmackingly myopic UM and Maize-bellied Presidente Schlissel turned down a historic opportunity to host a crucial presidential debate this Fall. #TrumpLandslideVictory2020

@jlamel I want to make this clear: I will not watch college sports this year. It is one thing for professional leagues with unions and athletes that get paid significant money. But college sports have no business in moving forward. I am a @UMich alum and very disappointed in the move.

@YouGoChi @ArabaMaame @DaliaMurra @sbarolo @UMich They told me to share my concerns with [email protected] I contacted [email protected] as well and they said since I received EFs for covering other COVID related expenses, I'm not eligible for additional support.

@SGiblits @TheRealM_Thomas @almostcanceled @4Evashook @TaylorRooks @UMich Lol. Um, you don't have to "get in" to a community college. You simply sign up. Anyone can go. That's the point. But I honestly am not surprised a "professor" doesn't understand the Americsn education system. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

@Zachreeves20 @ScienceMagazine @UMich @ScienceAdvances No vaccine for me ,mandatory or not ,just say no to drugs kids

@wensilver @freepsports @ChiTownLionPSU @UMichFootball Burn It Down 🔥 Bo knew, punted to his AD & walked away. JUST ONE PHONE CALL to the police would’ve stopped Anderson. He was the most powerful man at the place! Clearly football 🏈 is king at @UMich & he didn’t want the bad publicity

@physorg_health Using AI to navigate out of a COVID treatment supply issue @umich

@sofiamerajver I was hesitant to say anything! He was intimidating & Schlissel was arrogant in faculty senate mtgs, in 2017, he was asked if anyone in leadership had settled a lawsuit. A law firm does not exonerate him! @UMich community needs 2 decide if he stays. He works for us not law firm

@R_Denhollander A clear indictment of culpability of @UMich failure to protect its community from a predator and ensure a safe environment to not be sexually harassed or assaulted. It will only get worse. The question is what will the Regents do about it? @MGoBernstein.

@crainsdetroit MSU urges online students to stay home; UM cracks down on safety before return #coronavirus #COVID19 @MichiganState @UMich #backtoschool

@travelistajones Tough to see one of my favorite senators call out my alma mater like this but he’s not wrong. @UMich can—and should—do better. Also, stop driving it up the middle.

@hallinen_diane @AbdulElSayed @UMich Not this year! They should just give everyone a free stamp to mail in their ballot.

@OswaldSobrino @clairehao_ @UMich Remote students living off-campus in the county can be required to be regularly tested or have their class registrations frozen. Those not living in the area can supply proof of living outside Washtenaw County. In any event, there is no plan to regularly test anyone.

@wensilver @BSB_Wolverine @DanMurphyESPN @robinlundberg @SInow Bo was one of the most powerful men at @UMich Just one phone call to the police would’ve stopped Anderson. Instead, he punted to his AD and walked away. Clearly leadership at UMICH knew, and chose to do nothing. TAKE DOWN THE STATUE

@mmacging @JeannieLeverich @UMich Seriously... I am not looking forward to their return.

@yackmackk @CRsatUMich @oalejel @UMich Explain how people unable to vote on voting day are "uninformed" exactly. And not having school or work on a voting day gives voters time to become informed. Sounds like you just want more barriers to voting, typical republican bullshit. yall SUCK

@NittanyNC @decliningyears @Johnubacon @UMich PSU’s issues were addressed. I look forward to Schembechler’s statue coming down since Michigan fans feel reporting to the AD is not enough with abuse allegations. Abuse at PSU & MSU does not change Schembechler & Anderson & covered up sexual abuse of your teenage boy athletes.

@GHSchneiderCGC @ERamosSD @monicalmarvin @UMich From Brandeis... After careful consideration, the Brandeis GC Program has decided not to accept GREs for the 2021 admissions cycle. Applicants should not send GRE scores, and those who have already been sent will not be included in application materials for review. #GCChat

@jhal9000 @morphizm @whatisnuclear @UMich @GoodEnergyColl Right, like it's not in my bio. And guessing where you're going to take it next, I have no financial interest in nuclear nor am I employed in any nuclear or adjacent industry.

@PC_PCX @abdon_pf @IQSbarcelona @MPI_IS Thank you Abdon! It has been amazing working with you and learning about the exciting field of #softrobotics at @MPI_IS. I will miss all the nice people of the #PI group (and, of course, the delicious german beers🍺). Looking forward to follow your future research at @UMich.

@UMichResearch [email protected] researchers are developing a scalable technique for destroying perfluorinated alkylated substances (PFAS) in water using cold plasma, or charged gas. This approach aims to actually break down the PFAS and convert them into something less hazardous.

@heykmart I can't stop thinking about how much worse off @Umich & @umichsph is because of all the talented women/non-binary folk, perhaps even men, that decided not to work here to avoid harassment from #Philbert All the careers & potential destroyed by his harassment- we can't know

@melanocortins @jenkins_paul @jmcin9 @drosophilosophy @Helena_LB @fMRI_guy @Huskers @UMich I just want to know who's bankrolling the continued dominance of the SEC (and why?) Is it just that there's not a lot else to do or spend $ on in the SE USA besides college football?

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