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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - TWITCH - Server Status

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@BxBulletTV @GeminiPlantGirl @PigpenStrikes @TwitchSupport @Twitch They only care about Twitch mega streamers... and even then, not too much. Tbh, I think this is more on @Twitter.. they need to swing the IP ban hammer on this clown.

@tba_b there is a sign somewhere telling me not to stream today... PC has frozen twice, I've had @xsplit authentication issuses with @Twitch... Good Grief... all this just so no one can watch me cast (because lets be honest, no one watches me, and none of the teams I was on promoted me)

@Spiral__lord @P00RHER @devolverdigital @FallGuysGame @Twitch @Mediatonic I don’t think I would enjoy them either way honestly lol not a fan of the mode in general but to each their own 🤷‍♂️

@Great_Enemy @ceidwadol @Twitch @shroud Cuz he’s a down to earth dude

@dlefevre23 . Jesus Christ, @twitch, why do you not give the support to Linux streamers you give to other platforms?

@OnePixelBeyond @AWildCHawk @Scrubings @Twitch @shroud Shroud is an idiot to go back to business with the Twitch Pedo network. Especially after what happened to Doc. Twitch can not be trusted.

@PandaTVoce I'm not at home atm so i DON'T have the list of #DMCA Free Bands,labels,companies that have said it's ok to play them on Stream on @Twitch_ANZ @Twitch If you know of one,with confirmation please link it here so i can try keep track for everyone! #twitchmusic

@TheInfinteGyre @Twitch I'm not sure if you'll see this, but I just wanted to say that you make my life a bit better everyday. And for that I thank you.

@xAjido @RichJMoney @Twitch A common failure of keto, and something I've experienced myself, is it doesn't really teach you better eating habits for when you eventually transition to a more normal diet. I guess it's not really keto's fault, but yeah it's tough. Maybe try it again since you're home 24/7ish.

@pechajasmine265 @KinkyKiraMunroe @YouTube @Twitch Oh I agree it’s not right they just do it anyway because they think anything can potentially be harmful to their guidelines I guess which is freaking stupid but I don’t know I’m sorry that happened

@FriendlyGamerG1 @Twitch @TwitchSupport #twitch #twitchaffiliate #twitchstreamer #twitchstreamers Dear Twitch can you please fix the issue that randomly unfollows you from others and them from you? Multiple people have come by my streams recently to refollow that hadnt manually unfollowed. thanks

@cbcs_showstapa So i just got my first payment from @Twitch ever not going to say how much but this mile stone of making this hobby more professional is amazing thanks to the squba squad for supporting me along the way!!😁

@Lynnieor @toymachinesh @GeriatrickGames @Twitch @shroud Stream sniping. He’s at peak viewers rn he just wants it to die down a little

@9_ranaabdullah @Ehab__ELkady @Twitch @shroud Yeah sure why not but you have to watch with us until 9:00 am and thank you♥️♥️

@weareshura 10 episodes. 10000000000 screams. Do NOT listen to this with headphones. a window unto my TLOU2 gaythrough on @twitch. 😱😫🥴😖

@_Delemere_ @WastedTalentBV @Twitch @shroud I cant believe I had to look this far down the comments for the doc!

@therealpagu I never thought about it but this feature makes it SO much more complicated for our viewers to copy our raid messages. @Twitch if you want this feature, just make it the “reply” button... not the ENTRIE message 🤡✌🏻

@ItsWoofy @yourboyfcisco @Twitch @LeagueOfLegends Good luck! Don't get too stuck like the rest of us sweaty ass league players lmfaooo If you need another good game for a cool down that is hot right now on Twitch, check out @FallGuysGame Fall Guys on Steam Can't wait to see you kill it!

@rl_vampire @solveig_wolf @Twitch and people ask me why don't I get a schedule? lmao, why would I get a schedule if you RARELY show up to watch me after following me that one day and GOING quiet and not talking to me, like I'm here bro to socialize and talk to you.

@Brummell76 @WastedTalentBV @Twitch @shroud let's not parade on the Twitchy Twitty twitter episode party when it's @drdisrespect 's well adored streamer. Tho your 110% Correct, you left out he is sexier, taller and does a better impression of Shroud then Shroud himself. Welcome back @shroud hope to see you in the arena <3

@chickenArms_ @DillingerBanks @Twitch Its going to be show not to be missed.... I will be there with my fan banner!!

@BobDuckNWeave @DecryptedGamer @TonyHawkTheGame @Twitch That is true except in cases where the developer does not acquire the rights for streaming, example here would be Forza Horizon 4 having a "streamer mode" to remove licensed songs.

@kourtswithak @theCarlaMarie @Twitch @WorstAnthony It’s not my bday but I’m going to kick off the weekend with you guys and shotssssss @_mikemeredith

@Jayyycubbb @TophGames @spofiee @Twitch Albeit a lot smaller than y'all, I used to struggle with this and I just had VERY honest convos when it came up and put those boundaries up. If they don't like it, they don't have to be there. I'm not being 'sassy' or 'snippy' I'm setting boundaries. I like how you handled it.

@ItsBittie @TophGames @Twitch I've had it happen an unfortunate amount of times in my own channel. OR they try to make you feel shitty for not doing their request because they tie money into it. It's just not appropriate behavior at all.

@imUnsmart @DecryptedGamer @BobDuckNWeave @TonyHawkTheGame @Twitch I mean most streamers probably have the option to turn off the licensed music on Fortnite. But it also is unlikely one musician wants to do a DMCA request to all those streamers and be "that guy" but it doesn't mean they cannot or will not.

@weareshura 10 episodes. 10000000000 screams. Do NOT listen to this with headphones. a window unto my TLOU2 gaythrough on @twitch. 😱😫🥴😖

@THEREALDJROCKIT @HarrisHeller @YouTubeGaming @Twitch Thank you for the post. I have been wondering the pros & cons between the two. Working on my plan & Ideas for when I get my stream studio up & running! Mad respect on being a great & awesome inspiration for those who need knowledge & direction to start streaming & creating.🙏🤘😁

@PROJECTRONINENT SO...should I bend over and get the lube ready? Or will dealing with console players NOT f*ck me hard? we're about to find out in @DeadByBHVR on @twitch! let's go #intothefog

@HalSparks @ALorenzo1225 @Twitch @YouTube @ytcreators Not so far. But I have yet to hear a good answer from @ytcreators as to why I would invest in building a channel there when it can be torpedoed so easily.

@MindlessPuppetz Like playing BR games? Want to see one being worked on live? Come check out my good friend @LuclinFTW working on his game @PlayInsula live over on @Twitch!

@KirkTousaw I don’t play anymore but I’m totally down for @FortniteGame currently running its @Twitch channel showing a short ad going after @Apple for blocking access to the Apple Store. #FreeFortnite is just genius stuff from @EpicGames.

@SgtKeeneye @SirSlaw_ @Twitch Its almost like they should have some kind of streamer council they could use to see if these features would be good for the community or not.... Oh wait they do and dont use them.

@drewdog43 Day 4 of not being able to watch @KYR_SP33DY play @FallGuysGame on @Twitch. Things are looking better though as some family members have gotten power back so I can at least finish the movie I was watching when the power went out. :|

@ItsBittie @TophGames @Twitch I wish more people realized that is inappropriate to demand someone to do something, to guilt them if they do not want to do something or just assume they can make all these demands because its "free entertainment" or "I paid you, you have to do it" like hunnie, no.

@TophGames @Buffpup_ @Twitch I understand that frustration. I almost broke down in tears once because multiple different people kept coming in saying similar things and it wore me down. But I'm much better at handling it now. Sorry you had to deal with these buttholes too;;

@TophGames @ninj45on @Twitch I'm not one to ban unless it's something truly offensive. Otherwise, I try to use it as a teaching moment for them and anyone else who needs to hear it.

@wholeteamDot As you guys know I’ve been working extremely hard to build my following on @Twitch! If you don’t have twitch it’s easy just download the app or sign up online! MAKE SURE IM THE FIRST CHANNEL YOU FOLLOW ND SUBSCRIBE TO! If you’re on twitch already show me some LOVE!!

@GeriatrickGames @Twitch @shroud At this pace he will be down to 5k viewers in a week...thx to Valorant

@TophGames @ItsBittie @Twitch To that I would say, "Did I give consent to do __ if you gave me money? No. So get out of here with that nonsense." People are WILD on Twitch and I think some streamers let them get away with it. I think more people should put their foot down. It's not worth the 1 view not to.

@LStilson @RealKidPoker @MarioSollinger Wow what an ambassador @GGPokerOfficial acquired themselves. He gets banned from @Twitch, continually rages at viewers on streams, had to take down livestream recordings from his YouTube and continues to implode himself. But then again like he said "I am human".

@RyanGPeiponen @LSkardsen @RaphBilder @devolverdigital @FallGuysGame @Twitch @Mediatonic Here's to hoping... not a gamebreaker anyhow

@keithbboyd About to get down with some #DeadbyDaylight @twitch Ft. Owlsundone


@_OnlyShoot @TwitchSupport @twitch support I’ve been contacting support for a long time and I haven’t gotten the right to change my payment method on top of that I’m not getting paid on Twitch what should I do?

@FuzzBTW @ConorGross @GamingAddict15 @Twitch @Ewok @drdisrespect My point is to stop asking twitch for an answer. The only person you're going to get an explanation from at this point is the doc and we know it's not coming until this is all over and done with legally.

@CrackBack34 Hope everybody is having a great day. If you are not or need a little boost to your day join the @TattudeSquad discord. I promise you we can cheer you up or make your day better. @SmallStreamersR @TwitchStreamTTV @Twitch @discord

@privietcnd @TwitchEsports @Twitch @HyperScapeGame hi twitch, can you please go to check what happended to my favourite streamer please? this is not fair, his account is @mtscndia 💗

@DramakinsTv @TophGames @Twitch Yes omg. Or when they say “can I come to your island? I’m bored” Um no. I’m terraforming and decorating. You want me to stop everything, halt the stream, ignore what everyone else wants to watch, because you’re bored?? Some folks are incredibly rude and do not understand 😣

@Kxle_FN_ @Verhona2 @Twitch Except the person who redeemed the points can choose the skin to be gifted to them 1m again get mod just my recommendations they do not need to be in also around 250k points put you get vip

@xsplit @tba_b @Twitch Hi there, sorry to hear you're having an issue with authentication. Does this still happen? You could check if there is any update for the Twitch Plugin. Go to Tools > My Plugins to check if there is any update.

@jazzkatee The irony was not lost when I had to sit through an @Apple ad. Before watching @FortniteGame’s ‘nineteen-eighty-fortnite’ on @Twitch

@chefdepartytv @TrevorHead10 @Twitch @Christina_Pham I can just say do what you love to do, if it’s cooking, cook. If its art do art, and if you feeling like throwing down some beats, do music.

@GirlSkinBand How about a little sneak peak? Hope to see you here in about 15 minutes! We can not wait to perform for you! 💛 @SPIN #livemusic @Twitch

@ArachnaKiss @TheGamerChick10 @Ellelaith1 @Twitch @TwitchSupport @PlayWithJambo @third_artifact Man I wish I was there hun.. don’t let this keep you down though! That’s giving them a win, we can work on getting mods to be around in chats!

@Ramez05 @taylorrenee @Twitch a lot of them have started streaming again but have been inactive on twitter as to not draw attention to themselves

@JackWinstanley Dear, @TwitchUKI, @Twitch & @TwitchSupport Please allow me to sort my Followed Channels into “watchtime” instead of “viewers”. I spend most of my time scrolling down my followed channels to find my fav. streamers but I don’t want to unfollow the big streamers I like. Thanks.


@TootinoTweets @BHaz401 @Chief2Speediest @stramben @theRcCola95 @TeamRocketPVP @Twitch @Mangelaman @pvpoke PvPoke already has that feature. You can go to custom rankings and filter by tag to only include shadows. It re-ranks based on what’s filtered. I’m not sure if it’s 100% accurate or if there will be adjustments. Looks like as of now shadow Dragonair, Dragonite, Sheldon are top 3

@DAYRLIVE @Synziix @Twitch its not finished yet still have to add sound effects and music and extended by 30s

@CohhCarnage Removing my @Twitch Channel Trailer until we have the option to not have it play when the channel is live. That is really not cool and not something I was ever thinking would be a thing. New folks joining are interested in the game, not a summary video. 😐

@DecryptedGamer @imUnsmart @BobDuckNWeave @TonyHawkTheGame @Twitch I played and streamed Fortnite for 2+ years and have never gotten a DMCA and play the music within the game without that setting to protect you enabled. So again, that's not true either. If that was the case, majority of streams would be getting DMCA'd as nobody turns that on.

@druzy_xo @TophGames @Twitch I really look up to how you handle these inappropriate behavior from viewers, I myself can have a hard time putting down boundaries cause I’m scared of offending someone in my community... I have a hard time stop caring about those few individuals feelings and focus on mine

@druzy_xo @TophGames @Twitch I really hope so! Working on it already, but as a people pleaser it can be hard. Already lost one of my first followers due to an entitled behavior I wasn’t comfortable with in my streams... it was very hard for me, but I’m feeling much better afterwords.

@crangejo @tjw_musicman @FixPipKids @FallGuysGme @SenelBerke @devolverdigital @Twitch @Mediatonic @FallGuysGame Have you seen how many people fell for it already? Not to mention those who fell and didn't comment Human stupidity know no boundaries

@BelthicGaming We should be back.. one of @Twitch servers is basically down. Switch and back to taking Steelport

@Doeveh @OnePixelBeyond @AWildCHawk @Scrubings @Twitch @shroud Why not twitch. There's literally only one downside which is a possible ban like doc but we don't know the cause of that. He's currently got 87k on twitch and his community is so happy and he seems to be happy. What more can you want

@76_dominus @JulianR57366053 @juice_n18 @CrouchMaster1 @Dynxstyyyy @Caxcus1 @FallGuysGame @devolverdigital @Twitch oh i know its made to have fun and i did put my "personal opinion in" (how dare i, i know) but if we have to have team games in then at least make the teams fair and not as i said 9-10-10

@statsyFN @Vexzcy @Twitch @TwitchSupport Nah I’m not getting paid & for some reason my card nor PayPal is connected to my twitch & somehow I’m getting money taken by them????

@Commando1C Thursday Throw Down, road to 5000kills #PlayRogue #SaveOurChildren @TwitchSIE @TwitterGaming @Twitch @RogueCompany

@DazIsBored @shenandygans @LenaAxios @TheRadRichard Your analogy is not really apt for the situation at hand, given they are completely different circumstances that can not be adequately compared in such a way. Also saying "@Twitch is here to help" only in a sense of "Hey, we exist and you've known that all along!" is not help.

@D3athB0B Genny & Tweebz are Derping again @ Please send more bunnies to the #M13Family to calm them down #TacoNation #VarietyStreaming #Positivity @Twitch #TheCornerstoneTTV

@MattRPD The legend of controller has started the transition to PC runs 😂 Not bad for a days work. @Twitch #twitchaffilate #twitchstreamer #horror #ResidentEvil2Remake #speedrun @BIOHAZARDcast @RE_Games #REBHFun @Capcom_UK #twitch #twitchtv

@Cat_MJL @NurseStew @DillingerBanks @DollfaceNaughty @twitch #twitch #Emotes #Meme Could not pass up the moment, don't ask how it got made. I'd like to say #thanks to everyone who #gifted the #subs to make this possible, I'd tag you but don't know the accounts.

@NiteNiteOp @Twitch the #TwitchRivals Warzone event was cool but the format is lame. 30 teams down to 4 is too cutthroat

@AWildCHawk @Scrubings @Twitch @shroud Of all the big names that left to other platforms, Shroud was the one I missed the most. All yesterday, he talked about how he's just "a dude that plays video games." Really chill, down to earth, and pulls some sick shots and great gameplay.

@Sango049 @FrankerFaceZ I am hoping you might be working on something to remove this reply thing @twitch has added to chat, being that it is a new experiment maybe not, but man is it annoying to see the reply arrows on things, this was not needed

@DragonVannin @TheMidnightLA @Twitch I'm not yet up and streaming on Twitch, but will bear this in mind. I came across your music on Spotify several years ago and have been a fan ever since. A heartfelt thanks to your support to the Twitch community.

@xProdR6 @YetiiR6 I hope you make a speedy recovery. If not don't forget to use the @Twitch streaming application to watch the NA Major while you're blowing up the toilet tomorrow!

@justinleemccau2 @TheRealDarkSole @Twitch @shroud Nahhh I disagree shroud sucks not entertaining AT ALLif I want to see someone sit in front of a computer and talk I’ll just watch the other 50 billion streamers that do the same shut and put no production or anything in it whatsoever I mean SHROUD IS sooooo OVERRATED...

@VaughnWhiskey I am still confused on why you can't post a image to @instagram when you go live on @Twitch. You would think this would be doable with @IFTTT but i guess not.

@toymachinesh @Twitch @shroud Hard to imagine shroud not gaming by choice

@DRayTV_ Stream Check List G Fuel ✔️ Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller ✔️ Little bear down for his nap ✔️ Twitch and SLOBS up ✔️ Now I just need you to click this link and smash that follow button! @GFuelEnergy @Xbox @CallofDuty @Twitch @streamlabs

@imUnsmart @DecryptedGamer @BobDuckNWeave @TonyHawkTheGame @Twitch The rights are only valid for the developer of the game it doesn't extend the license to the users. That's why Fortnite has an option to turn off licensed songs that epic did not make themselves.

@GMTMSports Hey everyone we're LIVE on @Twitch breaking down YOUR high-school tape! Get to 👊

@imUnsmart @DecryptedGamer @BobDuckNWeave @TonyHawkTheGame @Twitch That is not at all true, great example is Fortnite the music they license from other musicians does not allow the music to be streamed. In order for you to be able to stream the music you have to be able to provide a legal document showing the musician signing the rights for you.

@KeykuBandz @Twitch lit not going to lie !!

@philipp_thaler @SirSlaw_ @Twitch No, they are FFZ and not vanilla twitch features. But there is an argument to be made that twitch should include the hover to pause too.

@xSADISTIC_JOKER I might just find a way to pay my internet. I’m not waiting 2 weeks. 🎵I want my.....🎵 🎵I want my @Twitch TV🎵 😂😂

@PapaGhostler The lack of support on @Twitch for non partners is astonishing. For MONTHS I’ve tried to get assistance with an issue. You guys should be absolutely ashamed

@TheGamerChick10 Of course I’m going to end my stream when that shit goes down... because that’s never okay. fuck @twitch for allowing this shit to happen on their platform towards their creators. “Blocking” or “banning” people DOESNT FIX THE FUCKING PROBLEM.

@MarineVeteran06 Not sure who needs to hear these words: You Are Too F-ing Good At What You Do To Quit!! @Twitch @TheMarvelFactor @FreedomGamers2 #Undefeatedmindset <--- It's more than just a "hashtag" Ask me what it's about

@Wh0seT0Say @Xaryu @Ninja @Twitch @YouTube I kind of feel like not replying to ninja is not nice :/

@CLSulzberger #coding #streaming #HTML #CSS #javascript #Java #Python Does anyone know any good @Twitch streamers who code on stream, not a large market for watching I am sure but I would love to watch and follow along and listen to someone explaining their process.

@scrince Threads are awesome in forum like environments on the internet to follow discussions. For a live chat with 100's and 1000's of users... Not so much @Twitch

@stimie01 annoying when @twitch people who havent streamed more than a yr and got partner cba to take a little bit of advice from you when your a vet from jtv days but not a partner

@itsleander Tomorrow I'll be touring houses on @Twitch - Not many submissions compared to last time so it will be a quick tour. If you have done the challenge and haven't uploaded it yet, be sure to do so before tomorrow 8PM (Central European Time).

@thatenolaleone @YourStarling @Twitch @TwitchSupport Not that I'm aware of other than the initial wave of bans. One of which was promoted to me today on YouTube playing Fall Guys while I watched videos. 🤢 When it comes to dealing with my abuser, with no proper support system or safety protocols, I hear crickets.

@JimHoly1 @7DaystoDie Just letting you guys know if you need a streamer to play your updates me and my team are always down!!!!! Our show is up daily. @realPolyMathPC @RemedyXIX89 @expiredlotion17 @y66tsi6 @TwitchSIE @Twitch

@BreadWandering First I eat baby food then I try not to die------ !discord #foodchallenge #gamer #gaming #gamers #streamer #streaming #twitchaffiliate #twitchstreamer #deadbydaylight #twitch #girlgamer #gamergirl #gamingcommunity #gaming @twitch

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