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Is Down for just me or everyone else? - TWITCH - Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers and the things we love. Watch and chat now with millions of other fans from around the world Server Status

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How to Solve Twitch Down or Outage Issues:

We have tried pinging using our servers in diverse locations and the website returned the above results.

If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or website maintenance is in progress.

If the site is UP for us but you however cannot access it, try one of our following solutions:

1. It might be Browser Related:

To solve Browser related issues that might make the site/server down for you, do a full Browser refresh of this site. You can do this by holding down CTRL + F5 keys at the same time on your browser.

This trick works perfectly on Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Opera, Safari and whatever default browser comes with your Windows nowadays lol.

2. Clear Your Cookies and Cache.

The contents of all modern sites and apps today are usually cached. This means a copy is stored in your browser as long as you have visited that page before. This is to make it easier to access when next you visit that page. This might be a problem especially if the page was down last time you checked.

You might need to clear that out of your browser memory for the site to load properly.

3. Fix DNS Problems

Domain Name System (DNS) is what allows a site IP address (192.168.x.x) to be identified with words ( e.g .com, .us) in order to be remembered easily. This is usually provided by your Internet Service Provider.

To fix this, clear your local DNS cache to make sure that you grab the most recent cache that your ISP has.

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Recent Outage Reports

@grflk_ @maxobe1 @ShaxxMotivation @discordapp @Twitch scary thing is it’s not hard to do, hate scumbag bots like this

@NaraviaTV @KaelenaTV @discordapp @Twitch I’m not sure what to do if you invited them. Def kick and report and block. Maybe they’ll respond or put something out saying what course of action.

@JacobForsytheTh @Twitch your shit is always broken it's like you do not have billions of dollars to fix it. smh 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

@arifselimask @louie_lage @Twitch Same problem, im not able to login, stream or do anything

@AdamontheX Just made @Twitch affiliate. As a radio personality, I have not been this excited since I got my start in radio and VO. Thank you all for the fun, much more to come. Time to work on some emotes

@KindomJa @TwitchSupport @PlayStation It's just like @teamcollision5 @aleqhz @lebanditt do report. We streamed from @streamlabs with any problem, and definitely trying to re-configurate @twitch account in our @PlayStation system does not work...

@LycanGTV @panicsw1tched @Twitch Yeah, something is definitely wrong. My dashboard is empty and all categories are throwing a "does not exist" error when I navigate to one.

@chipmonkz @st0ryx @ShaneSkinner86 @ROSHTEINS @Twitch @drdisrespect @JimboCasino You know what I won’t be a dick to your loyalty is admirable. My question is not answered with any logic though is it 👍

@IceTigerGaming With the whole getting worried about @Twitch going down we will be going live & building more on our island! got to BEAUTIFY my island! lets go! ""NEW"" ANIMAL CROSSING @streamloots CARDS! Game: #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons (Channel link)

@NaxDuGaming isn't working to me at all, I can't watch streams or anything, is it just me or do u guys got same thing? @Twitch @TwitchSupport

@DigitalxMisfit So @Twitch have apparently managed to break something again. Can't login and apparently none of the categories exist.

@shyguyspirit Can't even log into @Twitch on PC anymore. I guess I just have to wait for it to get fixed. Good luck fixing whatever issue this is @TwitchSupport.

@LuisanaDonofrio @0LDDIRTYB @Twitch I feel so angry right now, I've just started my twitch to not get bored and I get this 🤣 I'm so #unlucky #ps4streamers #twitchsupport

@biebyewest @PackmanLive @Twitch yes what a GREAT way to start a new month of working towards the affiliate status

@KrystalsCat @Twitch Site seems to be down. what's going on?

@thePbrown @Twitch @amazon if I understand things correctly, I get 1 free subscribe token per month for twitch prime, as an amazon prime member. However, for the last two months this token has not appeared available for me to use and I have had to talk to support

@JoINrbs hey all, @twitch seems to be a bit broken right now. i AM live (or trying to be) and am chilling out answering questions etc. until things get working again and i can boot up a spire run.

@BecerraLuxy @TwitchSupport @Twitch hello twitch I have a problem that other stremers also have, when I try to start direct from a PlayStation 4 it tells me error code (ce-35340-5) and it won't let me start, do you have any solution? or is the service down?

@CoreyThomass_ Trying to go live but @Twitch is not letting me right now still trying tho.

@oichi420 Well was going to stream but for some reason my @PlayStation 4 won't connect to @Twitch I have never had an issue before 😭

@kingyy2012 @Frankie_T_UK @Twitch Not any more, stick to @youtube 😎

@jordielocks @AgasiclesStamas @Twitch I was trying to make some clips and download them but the site isn’t working. I can’t look at my channel or anything 🤔

@Atlantis_Twitch Having some difficulties connecting to @Twitch. Going to be working on it.

@IceTigerGaming We will wont be able to go live with #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons at the moment due to @Twitch being down! ( @TwitchSupport help us) as soon as its up and running we will be live! Yes it's down & i had a mini heart attack about it! see you in a while!

@JagiReborn Well then no stream tonight cause either @PlayStation or @twitch is not doing to well today hope you get well soon drink some tea and chill i'll be back tomorrow

@Fuckminster Hey @Twitch @TwitchSupport What are the chances of getting to talk to a real person over there? I've been trying to log in for 10 days and this Authy shit is NOT working

@madamegella . @TwitchSupport @Twitch I'm trying to stream through my PS4 but it is showing this message and I have no idea why~ And looks like I am not the only one! Please say something about it. Ty

@lebanditt Hi! @Twitch, @TwitchSupport, there's an issue when I try to broadcast on twitch with my ps4 (been streaming for 2weeks w/o a problem) AND I tried everything it says on this help link : What next?

@1000DreamsFund It's not too late to join the party! All funds raised through @MeganLenius' stream today for #Streams4Dreams will be dedicated to funding women in music on @Twitch through the #BroadcastHER Grant.

@d_zealous Please @TwitchSupport @Twitch, can you look into @_Silvervale_ 's case? She received a generic response to her appeal late last week and it did not help her understand what may have gone wrong.

@gamer_dad20 Unfortunately due to technical difficulties with either @twitch or @PlayStationUK I could not stream tonight hopefully it's fixed by tomorrow @PhearlessGaming @HelloCOG @SmallStreamersC @WorldsSpotlight @Rev_Rts @TwitchHost @TwitchReTweets @AktinPromo2020

@Baileyn1998 @Twitch @TwitchSupport Are you guys aware of twitch on ps4 not being able to go live?

@synakle95 So apparently twitch is down to stream on the PlayStation? I can't broadcast, keeps saying error to server. @PlayStation @PlayApex #twitchtv #help #broadcast @Twitch @TwitchSupport

@onyeah_ @TwitchSupport this PlayStation error isn’t a maintenance issue. My PS4 with connect to YouTube & Twitter absolutely fine. This is an error between @Twitch & @AskPlayStation. It’s been 6hrs, we just want to stream.

@nizzle1725 @Twitch @PlayStation @TwitchSupport this is completely unacceptable why can't I stream from my PS4 why does it say cannot connect to the server (CE-35340-5) SOMEBODY NEED TO DO THERE JOB and FIX this issue I've worked too hard to get where I'm at and y'all just ruining everythng


@WEvindale Scheduled to go live for #Evindale mapping and art on @Twitch but seems like it's down at the moment. We'll begin streaming as close to 3PM EST as is possible.

@sellene716 @PlayStation plenty of people are experiencing this problem when trying to broadcast to @Twitch from their #PS4. Not sure whose issue this is but could we please get a response or feedback?

@HMKilla Like my @Twitch Hoodies? Come on down to my #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons livestream! 🔴Live NOW! -

@danski_1979 @RezoNarte @Twitch Oh & if you’ve just started playing it I’m kinda jealous. The game is fing fantastic buddy. I couldn’t put it down, not a lot of games do that to me. Trying to think which game I should attack next. I’ve got one of those Xbox passes. So will check it out, maybe Halo 5?!

@Drivingrxin @Twitch fix this issue. This only happens with new streamers everytime I try to watch. It's ridiculous. Complete black screen everytime.

@discordapp @OfficiallyEvet @Twitch Hiya! Just to clarify, this isn't an official announcement from Discord, and any public announcement we would make will be broadcast across our official accounts, not heard second-hand.

@HDBurkey On another not id like to take this time to announce that i am officially an @Twitch Affiliate, ive taken all afternoon attemtping to setup what i could. Thank You so much to all those that hit that follow button. Thanks to you yall can now hit that sub button?

@LowercasePICKLE @Barkshire_ @RealParmeShawn @Twitch @TwitchSupport @discordapp All users will have access to a nitro games............. Not proper grammar.... Clearly not legit

@Kicks_2K Had to end stream thanks to @twitch for going down

@oichi420 @VictuhSzn @PlayStation @Twitch Well at least i'm not alone. I have been trying to stream for 30mins

@Catheaven324 Uh oh @Twitch seemed to have gone down. I need my daily dose of watching #AnimalCrossing streams

@JakeParkerLIVE Quick note for all @PlayVALORANT players trying to access/download the beta: If you’re attempting to link your @riotgames & @Twitch accounts via mobile, it may not work if you have Twitch 2-factor enabled. Switching to a web browser will resolve this issue. 👍

@HealPleaseHeal Anyone else having an issue when going to I'm getting a ton of black screens and stuff not loading. Not to mention the main screen doesn't load any streamers and just shows "recommended" @Twitch ?

@SeanEric19 This is too perfect not to view. Catch up on @WrestlingPW on @Twitch right now!

@bump Trying to connect my @twitch account with my @riotgames account so I can get into the @ProjectVALORANT beta. No matter what I do, I get the following error. Anyone have any ideas? Not even sure what support I could even reach out to for this...

@Talliy @AKermodeBear @Twitch Not sure. Worried if I try, they'll ban my acct and take all my money.... which they love to do. And since it's now linked to my games, they'll probably get those banned some how too. I fucking hate the future.

@ETMA_TV @Twitch Getting CORS errors when trying to login to the twitch app. Not sure if you are aware? :) Access to fetch at '' from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present

@ADAzoMbie1 Well I wont be streaming tonight! Issue between @PlayStation and @Twitch Will have to stream tomorrow instead now... #stream #StreamersConnected #StreamerNetwork #twitch #twitchtv

@Shadow_Dracula @TeamGodvek @JamieChurch2 @Twitch Yup even for me.. tried to raid someone and it's not showing up

@fishsamich744 @ccwu @BrettArends @Twitch No, dude. It takes a lot more people to produce these events than people realize. Not cool. What is cool is the networks rerunning classic games from within the last 10 years

@zachbussey -WARNING- I just received this on @discordapp. It appears to be a scam, but it is INCREDIBLY convincing. This is NOT how Discord (or Twitch) would announce this. @TwitchSupport @Twitch

@VoltyyHD I can’t stream because twitch is down, never seen this before and hope everything is ok 😂. I can’t lose twitch I have to enforce “social distance” @redbullgaming @Twitch #twitch #stream #Covid_19 #Coronavirustruth #StayHome #affiliate

@IAmAlexPlays @KushBaby28 @Twitch @TwitchSupport It’s been down pretty much all day for people trying to stream from PS4

@Coolchipmunk30 @Twitch @TwitchSupport twitch is just not working right now. I open up my following page and I get errors, I go straight to a stream and the video doesn’t load and I can’t chat, and in the mobile app, channels just no longer exist

@mikegay26 @brenthatley @katelynhatley @Twitch Not paying to hear you Brent and I'm a fan. Good luck.

@KalebTKOA Is @Twitch down? Trying to changing some things in Twitch and nothing is coming up. #TwitchHelp

@Megziee1 Well since Twitch has left me waiting for a Email back about my account and PS4 share is still not working for anyone, me and my boyfriend are watching a film and going to bed. @Twitch @TwitchSupport

@LeeSilk81 @DjLeeButler @Twitch Do You Remember When Days Were Like That - 05 nights were always boss from glass collecting to working behind the bar to having a night out #051 Gutted can't have a bevy tonight but on too many tablets 🤪

@phxsin I like how in about 2-3 weeks @Twitch donations and @OnlyFans subscriptions gonna go down and ppl gonna still be like join my ish and donate to me and be super mad about it cuz they ain't getting no money then it ain't gonna be fun no more it's strictly for the 💰

@FkedupGaming Don’t know what’s going on with @Twitch on the @PlayStation it’s not letting me stream. So I guess I’ll take my talents to @YouTube until the problem is fixed. Catch me on YouTube at Thanks for your support guys. #StayAtHome

@RezoNarte @danski_1979 @Twitch T'was my 3rd day streaming it and we put in about 5 hours each day. I'm not concerned with 100%, just got the gun upgrades I wanted to get and all the physical enhancement things. So 15 hours about. I can't complain about the length of it the way some people were when it came out

@23QP_Jacob @SabrePlayz_1 @Dahyashi @mirohmu @DevinNash @Twitch Yeah, if people go to prison despite having manners then it doesn't seem like something that dictates whether or not someone does questionable things. Someone can have good manners and still get banned on twitch. And someone can have good manners and still go to prison.

@ninjerky1 @Logitech @Microsoft @Twitch @WatchMixer So been talking to a few schools. Would you all be down to sponsorship/donate usb webcams C920 and up, laptops pcs to these teachers and students? So they can keep teaching to the classes at large in this time of hardships.

@shabbird1 @chipmonkz @ROSHTEINS @Twitch @drdisrespect Been awesome the last few days on his channel after the 183k win on Money Train. He did a 128k raw bonus hunt and got 235 bonuses. Was short by just 120 euros to be even after opening them. Cashout tonight of 125k. Not bad return for a 2k deposit. Great distraction from the news.

@nizzle1725 @Twitch fix your connection issue with PS4 why are you discriminating on PS4 user's y'all look really bad right now get it together ASAP how am I supposed to succeed if I can't even participate 🤔

@AdidasGangsterG Well...Looks like I will not be streaming tonight. As THIS is the message I get when trying to start up my stream. @Twitch appears to be down, or something...I've tried restarting the PS4, and restarting the change.

@AyoClizzy When you trying to stream some good ole @PlayApex content but @Twitch is down 😪😪

@Mau2X15 I apologize for not being able to Stream on time today, still working on the solution. Between @Twitch & @AskPS_UK something appears to have gone wrong, and I'm just seeing this error message. Hold tight guys!

@GoGoJaMz @FrankiePalmeri @PlayStation @Twitch @TwitchSupport Fucking wack I was trying to stream RE2 and I read up on the issue and supposedly that wax a fix but I didn’t get a chance to check it out myself. My bad G, worth a shot

@Cosgrovebackup Due to @Twitch being down I'm taking the day off from being in Twitch streams.

@BucsBasement @Twitch is currently having an issue, so the game is currently in a technical delay! Will be contacting @TwitchSupport to get this resolved ASAP! #LetsGoBucs

@BecerraLuxy @Twitch hello twitch I have a problem that other stremers also have, when I try to start direct from a PlayStation 4 it tells me error code (ce-35340-5) and it won't let me start, do you have any solution? or is the service down?

@Handsome_Stalin @TwitchSupport @Twitch @AmazonHelp (5/9) If you can unban and allow @c0ff33wh0re to change his name why not me? Is it worth keeping my $1,000? Do I need a partner like @badnewsbaron to get any support? #Twitch

@BourbonJStreams look's like there's gonna be no stream tonight due to still not being able to broadcast my gameplay to @twitch from @playstation. Hopefully everything will be back up and wokring tomorrow. #twitchproblems #twitch #playstation #fortnite #streaming

@Handsome_Stalin Every creator on @Twitch and elsewhere needs to understand this. Platforms are not your "employer" and you have no protection. Your entire career hinge on random people/systems who can ban or "cancel" you on a whim. Don't rely on them for your success. Hedge your bets. #Twitch

@KiiRe29 @Mello_R6 @Twitch Yes, I am trying to connect Valorant account to twitch and the website is down

@MadAliceGamez1 Anyone know why @Twitch keeps breaking causing people not to be able to stream?

@noshpan @DevinNash @Twitch As a moderator it's not unheard of to receive derogatory whispers from idiots that were timed out/ banned, especially from ban-evading twats, I'm all for this.

@MusingsNm @Slasher Twitch - billion dollar company owned by Amazon, down Mixer - obscure site with 100 total users, not down it's time to hire a better network guy @Twitch

@TheRichRicky @WildViper_ @Twitch @CallofDuty it was atlking about playstations user not able to go live

@gyzoman @Death_machine34 @PlayStation @Twitch Ok so i guess its not just me it looks like its happening to everyone oh dear

@Shadow_Dracula Well I tried raiding someone and @Twitch decides to just fuck up lol... Well guess Mixer isn't the only one with problems at times lol... As sometimes when I start broadcast there they don't show up right away on the laptop unless a restart. Then twitch site, quits working

@ItzSunshin3 Got dolled up, went for a drive thinking when I come back I’ll be nice and refreshed for a stream.. to find out that @PlayStation is working on maintenance for streaming or @Twitch this is soo annoying.. Please fix ASAP I want to enjoy a stream being affiliate!

@Patrick_D_813 @PlayStation @AskPlayStation is it you guys with the issues or @Twitch cause i need to stream. I dont pay to have ps plus just to not be able to stream my games. Smh it’s ridiculous

@BourbonJStreams @RobbstarGaming @PlayStation @PlayStationUK @AskPlayStation @Twitch @robbstargaming okay good to know its not just me and potentially playstation and twitch together thats the issue

@djwillyshowpink The struggle is real after the order not to make anymore accounts it started with @twitch and a few days later twitter and last night @StarSlay3r got me banned on a music stream this is where I struggle with all bah does to me is causes me to make more accounts

@Handsome_Stalin @TwitchSupport @Twitch @AmazonHelp (6/9) Why does #Twitch issue an indefinite ban without any warning on an account with no strikes or provide an option to change your username before the ban occurs with a simple form like a password reset?

@DutchLionTwitch We are LIVE on Twitch! The issue on Twitch seems to be resolved! ( Thank you @Twitch ) We are going to increase the guest rating in our Safari Zoo this evening. Lets see how high we can go up to! Stop by and say Hi! @The_Magicians_

@brycemsnyder @Joe2596 @SWyrsch @anomalyxd @DevinNash @Twitch How can you view the panels below the stream to get to the discord if you're banned from viewing the stream haha See what I mean? They'd have to allow you to still view the content below the stream, just not the video, if they wanted this system to work

@Marielitai Was about to go live, but @Twitch is currently down. Can't edit my stream or access my channel. Soooo, I guess we wait?

@CapnFister PSA!! From what I've read about this, it's a scam. If you receive a @discordapp message from @Twitch, do not click the link and invite it to your server. Apparently it can remove members, delete your server, spam your members etc!

@JackBarakat Watching the live @Twitch #streamaid2020 waiting for my boy @AlexGaskarth. I realized I’m not the only person growing my beard out. Feels good to be part of something. #QuarantineBeard

@Cloakraven @Twitch Trying to sign in on console gives me QR code Entered code Asks to VERIFY ID THIS DOES NOT SEND ANY CODES TO ANYONES EMAILS! Please FIX your system so people can use Twitch or people WILL use mixer. I DO NOT want! Send code your system asks for or fix this issue please.

@LoopyOrc @PlayVALORANT Not having much joy linking my account to @Twitch @TwitchSupport

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