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@FarmerBen01 @generikb @Twitch @AuthyHelp Get a google number. That should help with not needing to change the number with every country you live in.

@randomR3dbeard Im not the only one that really enjoys the videos of people going to #mixer right? Like I don't care where you go but the videos are on point! @WatchMixer @Twitch @YouTube #twitch

@CohhCarnage Hey @Twitch, do we have any control over this? Getting more and more reports that my VODs are chocked full of ads but I didn't change anything and can't seem to find any options for this... Anyone know what's up with this or getting the same issue?

@intermedation @Twitch So I went to cop the #TwitchCon 2019 Commemorative shirt and they don't go above a 2XL in size. Can we make this happen please? All the other shirts go up to a 4XL, so why not this one? I know there are more people that wear a shirt larger than a 2XL other than me!

@DOCD3TOX @EngageGG_ @Twitch @EPID3MIK @gamergoo @JerkyXP @TheRogueEnergy You ever try to eat 3 pounds of food thats not pizza lmao

@Racheldk13 @ishbolano @j00seplay5 @MrTOASTYMK187 @RealMcrawrrawr @Hazygames1 @justmikeplays @EuiboyTwitch @Marv3lousGaming @BurlyMenGaming @Twitch Sorry that I just saw it now, I went to a little vaccination for a time. But sure why not.

@Rickybbe @ShenRioKuma @Twitch Not just lazy, but uncreative too. When han_jobbs one to six are taken, but you really believe in the meme that much 😂

@JPip4Christ Gaming with the wife @kekepipitone and counting down to #StarWarsJediFallenOrder! #PipSquad @Twitch @TwitchRetweetsU @SmallStreamersC

@SoLoudImDeaf @Zyitl @Killun0va @ClixHimself @Twitch @WatchMixer @FacebookGaming You can stream 1080p on FB. So unless mixer has 4k, then no, it's not. @FacebookGaming is in fact, the best. Go check out the article from @businessinsider and @Forbes. These guys want to make the most money, who cares about the interface.

@ItsKayRaid Don't know why @Twitch decided to give so many of my regular viewers an error code tonight that wouldn't load my channel. They could load others, but not mine? Really put a damper on the night.

@BabyGirlDinoo @Saybin_Iacere @CrashKoeck @Twitch I just took like one min to google it. Yo it looks so sick thanks guys for mentioning this, I’ll try to squeeze in some time today to really look at it. I’m not happy with Streamlabs because I can’t customize it too well. (Needs more coffins and bats)

@AlaskanGypsyTV Oh hello there 👋🏻 I’ve watched Frozen 18 times today on @disneyplus so after I put Mini down for bed #momlife I’ll be live on @Twitch for some quality @Warcraft time! Come say hi to me in like 15 minutes or so!

@Op1701T I sure can't wait to see what Gross Gore makes of the FaZe Ewok move to Mixer. Continue becoming Thotland, @Twitch, and people will continue to leave. Man, I can't wait to see you crash and burn.

@MenzieMikey The stream has been lit so far but people are watching and not following and I’m so close to 100 followers so if anyone could follow it’d be much appreciated @RelianceGaming @TwitchXposure @TwitchHost @TwitchSharing @twitch @fortnite #live #gaming

@nikigeoghegan People are leaving @Twitch because they are not able to adapt to the users, it shouldn't be a country club, this is how I have been feeling at least. you guys are the founders so start realizing that as founders you have the responsibility to define the landscape, or you lose

@Gess79TV I feel a weird mixture of glee and pity over the many streamers whose viewbotting schemes got crushed in the past weeks. It felt suspicious how quite a few took off from 10-20 viewers to 200+ like a rocket. Well now they come down nosediving even faster. Good job @Twitch.

@kreatureofhaviq @Rise_BigTex @Twitch 1 of 3 things. They completely muted your stream (doesn't count). They are watching it from somewhere off of Or they are getting nabbed by twitch's new "viewbotting algorithm" to combat the issue. Seen many wrongfully affected by this last one.

@zezomansour @TheWabbajack96 @StreamHatchet @Twitch @YouTubeGaming @WatchMixer @FacebookGaming @riotgames @FreeFireBR @Ninja @Kripparrian @xQc @EASPORTSFIFA @EsportsPUBGM @vegetta777 @shroud @Gothalion ummm they are stupid enough to not put the doc in #1

@PoofingNinja Stream cancelled, literally not working again 😡 @Twitch @PlayStation how come when I try to stream through playstation it says im live on ps4 but offline on twitch?

@kidkerrigan @JayBrotatoe @Twitch Good lord. The amount of effort it takes to not have preroll ads is clearly not worth for the $ ;( Def still worth for the newcomers viewing experience tho 😰😰😰 Feels like we just can't win lately.

@boomdynamite69 @krlexe @grumbae @Ewok i just wish Twitch could figure out how to keep their streamers. I dont have an issue with YouTube Gaming but Mixer is kinda bad and i wish people would just stay on twitch or @Twitch would try harder to keep their streamers from signing contracts

@JayBrotatoe @Twitch It's important to remember that I'm not a top earner or performer. I'm sure ads do great if you've got a high concurrent. As for lower viewcounts it's hard not to feel let down if ads potentially keep viewers away. Yet you can't justify playing them. Which brings us to Turbo.

@NaderTaders Baffoonery music singing night. Come by for some great soul tunes, laughter, and Nader’s best effort to not mess it up 🤣@streamers_small @StreamUnion @TwitchHost @TwitchRetweetGN @TwitchReTweets @TwitchSharing @TwitchTVGaming @twitchtvhost @TRetweets20 @Twitch

@ThirdEyePhantom I also feel, when @Twitch bans their Affiliates or Partners, should put the issue under investigation, since the site can be full of trolls getting a kick seeing these type of people get banned. It's not fair to all the fans or the streamer. Please understand my passion.

@XxFaulkner @numbchuck9 @ButWhyThat @WrongHype @XboxAmbassadors @Microsoft @Twitch @XboxSupport Yes well technically not but because my Xbox was banned it stopped broadcasts from the Xbox to twitch and mixer so take it as you will

@enjoifriend @YouTube 3. this does not mean that there will be any change in the amount of creative effort or passion I put into my work! Thank God for @Twitch and the opportunities I have there. Just means we got some things to work through! Thats all!

@wulpheee @arron_001 @RsMisto @Twitch That's not the problem. The mouse input is heavily delayed, which is currently being worked on. Halo 2 and CE both feel miles better on PC than they do on Xbox. But it's okay to be wrong I guess.

@FurlingtonJeff @Bensmith392 @ClixHimself @Khanada_TV @Twitch People in general, or dickheads like the banned Twitter users moving to the cesspool gab? You're not Twitch's customer. You're their product, and they don't want to sell products that don't meet their standards.

@ErikaTweetsToo So @Twitch has now removed the ability to comment on VODs & highlights. If you missed my stream & wanted to comment on it, TOO BAD. Commenting on videos is for YouTube. Not that my complaints matter. One tiny Twitch streamer won't convince @TwitchSupport to change their mind.

@ThirdEyePhantom There should be online classes to learn to read their data in the end of an month or during the week. @Twitch needs people like me with ideology. Cause we only want to see you climb not lose Partners or Affiliates. I'm just bold in my ways and I'm sorry for the disappointments.

@FullFrontage @DurianIrl @ClashRoyale @Twitch Me too! Not necessarily a problem from twitch but mobile games never get love on front page, streamer spotlights etc. There are things twitch could do to help though!

@MattyD_TV About to plug my phone in, lay down on the couch, and watch @FormaL til I pass out. Don’t wanna disturb my sleeping wife at 2am lol. Night y’all, I’ll let y’all know when I’m going live on @Twitch as soon as I figure that out 😁 #NBD

@JonPluck @Kello_Ren Yes this is driving me mad today, many, many streamers on @Twitch & @YouTube streaming hours of gameplay for #JediFallenOrder yet we’re not allowed to read a single review?! What are they worried about? 😕

@tnose14 @SayNoToRage @EAStarWars @Twitch Unfortunately it’s a DMCA issue so it’s up to the developers. Breaking street dates is definitely rough on the folks planning on streaming at launch though🙁

@PsychoGirl1sTw1 Going to start streaming on PC at some point.. not just PS4 now Watch out for it at #follow #strem #twitch @ThePs4Share @PlayStation @Twitch @pcstreaming #PS4live @PS4Streaming

@BrightWasTaken @HeyitsDwang @Twitch Wait that looks so sick omgomgomg, I'd honestly be down to be your liaison and get two and mail one to ya? Dm me 😁👍

@MajisticMans First day working at ups, lets go. Got vacation, going to stream death stranding, drop by and say hello. #deathstranding @deathstranding @twitch #twitch

@JERICHO @NathanRagland6 @Twitch it's not Twitch that mutes it, it's the music publishers. Death Stranding's team knows this and is trying to fix it :( but I'm live right now with some more Death Stranding so come thru

@lordolamider @Twitch pleassssse. Get @TermK47 on the payroll. He is one of the best and positive players I know. Spreads too much love to not be a partner yet.

@RDiddyAU @ike_d_streams @Twitch hey you streamer! You're not allowed to have time off 🤨

@TylerDaDragon @PKSparkxx @Twitch @TwitchSupport If you go to a game directory with either Franker Face Z or Better Twitch TV (I can't remember which one) you can block thumbnails. Not a permanent solution since it requires addons but it helps if I'm desperate to avoid spoilers.

@gerrmanman Had to get new phones th is month. Go to reset this I @Twitch. @TwitchSupport says I'm not me and they wont help. Then have nerve to say when my channels closed for inactivity I can make a new one.....I'm lost for words. Not much here making me want to come back to the platform.

@MsGianas @ObiWanNICKobi @mr_isaacs @Twitch @misterwashburn @jimohagan @iwearthecrowns @lportnoy @nathan_stevens @BBTNB @irvspanish @FRYMEN1 @Glennr1809 I would love to have an all girl class or even more girls competing in the esports league. I definitetely think me being a female at the head of everything has helped, but not as much as I thought!

@SayNoToRage I thought @EAStarWars was not allowing early access to limit spoilers? Would be cool if @Twitch didn't allow folks to stream it until street date. Not a huge deal, but a lot of us probably could've gotten early access if the dev and publisher were doing it.

@NotTodayTanas @Twitch Im not a streamer but ive been watching Twitch for about 5 years now so I would love to buy one of those jackets!

@dakumauler @konvikttv Yes they should this is another way to get around the old TOS of wearing clothing that was to revealing so now if your blessed with a good body your able to not wear a bra and get same reaction like you did back in the old days of @Twitch or @WatchMixer .

@felisconcolori Sooo... I got this email from [email protected] with the below verbiage. @djWHEAT you might want to pass along to @amazon that ad-free viewing on @Twitch is not a @TwitchPrime perk of Prime anymore. I don't know the right department, but you probably do.

@Handsome_Stalin @TwitchSupport @Twitch @AmazonHelp (8/12) Why does @Twitch issue an indefinite ban without any warning on an account with no strikes or provide an option to change your username before the ban occurs with a simple form like a password reset?

@MegamanRA Yep folks. It's time. Anyone want to join me for #StarWarsJediFallenOrder? I'm streaming it now on @Twitch. Join me! Stalkers are not welcome.

@MikeMinton @JimorGames @JayBrotatoe @Twitch Agree that we need to keep working on it.

@BittiesFN YOOOOOOOOOO LET'S FKN GOOOOOO!!!! 🎉🎉🥳 PATH TO PARTNER FINALLY COMPLETED ON @Twitch. This has always been a goal that I've been working towards, so it is SUPER surreal to see this pop up on my screen. Thank you for all the support everyone!! PARTNER SOON BABY ❤️🥰 THOOMIN!!!

@earlyspark @theRSSfeeds @Twitch not gonna lie, i was pretty nervous 😬 but i talk to these guys all the time irl so at least I was comfortable with that!

@VillaGaming3 It’s actually not that bad to watch #TNFonPrime I’m surprised great job @Twitch 👏👏👏 #NFL #AmazonPrimeVideo

@MagniIronblood @Twitch Yes join @Twitch just to see them replace a gaming channel heavily viewed by children with a porn one and not move it out of the gaming area!

@JacqiOfAllTrade Switching over to #PathOfExile working on a Occultist CI build, deathless so far in SC, we will see on @twitch #ExileCon #GrindingGearGames #Gaming #Twitch

@MerQueenJude @Twitch but when I go to appeal it tells me I'm not currently suspended? @TwitchSupport?

@rudra16t @aaronhnatiw @Twitch twitch is good but sometimes there are some issue. youtube is also a good option and really looking forward to see your stream😍😍

@Handsome_Stalin @TwitchSupport @Twitch @AmazonHelp @eshear Why are there still over 100+ accounts with the word "Stalin" in them? Why aren't they banned too? Do they not have enough money to steal for you? Why is your "moderation" so inconsistent?

@FernandoMaxis @Amouranth @Twitch Cause if this is about your loss of interest I think there's more to that than not getting recommended as much. A lot if things have happened in the past few months to have affected your performance lately.

@AldorigenTrue Here's looking at ZOO! Please, everyone hold your APPAWS for my puns until the end because I have an announcement! @emericagirl24 is going to be playing Planet🌎Zoo @PlanetZooGame tonight over on @Twitch! I'm not 🦁! There's 🐫s, what more do you need!?

@TheMayorPete @daisy not able to stream it? it's on @Twitch

@Gravyhu @Twitch was super quick at taken action and was able to take them down without an issue, thank you <3

@MatKimble @generikb @Twitch @AuthyHelp Are you going to settle down in a place anytime soon

@Aceuda1 @Twitch My goals for next year to get partnered and go to twitch con lol. Congratz to everyone for working hard and getting partnered.

@AyeNoobs @tsunafnn @ClixHimself @Twitch You sound really dumb this is not an English class. Look back at your replies to my tweets and look how you spelled “ur”

@MerQueenJude @Twitch @TwitchSupport also being a big baby here: not being able to support the streamers that i like to watch like even from my phone just sucks ok

@OneC3nt @PlayOverwatch @Twitch Any Chance "Mystery Heroes" will ever have some structure? Playing a team who have 3 healers and 2 tanks vs 5 scrub tier sucks. every team NEEDS at least 1 healing class and 1 tank class not to mention a support. Current state is simply grab ass and pray for selection.

@jimohagan @lportnoy @MsGianas @ObiWanNICKobi @mr_isaacs @Twitch @misterwashburn @iwearthecrowns @nathan_stevens @BBTNB @irvspanish @FRYMEN1 @Glennr1809 @drgamermom @PeggySheehy @BronSt I’ve not. But I’ve got lots of shows to go! Happy to broaden the conversation always.

@Weedamins @RandCorpPoker @Twitch @Ninja @shroud @goliathtv It’s nice to see twitch not have a monopoly. It’s feels like the old days are starting over, where decent CPM and signing bonuses are given. 😁👍

@CoriRuff @Twitch Thank you for not sending my payouts for 2 months and taking 45 days to respond a but I play just dance for literally 2 songs and get banned for "sexual activity" OKAY?

@hutchison15 @jasonmaestas @JERICHO @JayBrotatoe @Twitch Every visitor (not registered user) is uniquely identified. External datasets have already identified the majority of these users based off their own tools to determine browsing history, purchase activity, your credit score, what shit you watch, where you've been, etc.

@YoClawz @BorisHimself @RbRazor @ClixHimself @Twitch Jokes are meant to be funny, no shit it's a joke I'm not retarded 💀

@ErikaTweetsToo @WarioLGP @ElectroKyurem @Twitch @TwitchSupport For me, it's like commenting at YouTube. I like reading them. Sometimes I even respond to them, or post my own. And obviously, not everyone is around when I stream. It's especially important if the game creator needs to respond. Better than a list of timestamps in an email.

@PKSparkxx @Twitch @TwitchSupport One thing I didn't think about in my draft above, you can still have the "LIVE" and View Counts shown above, with the "SPOILERS (click to reveal)" on top. And you give the option to the streamers, which can be utilized for whatever they may not want spoiled by the stream preview

@SassyAngel112 @itzvisionz2 @Twitch The streamer has the ability to add more features you can use your points on! So idk if Twitch will add more in the future or not.

@TurtleBlanket @ClixHimself Do something really close to not on the TOS to piss off @Twitch

@cherrylolo_ @fpsmattyb @Twitch I love how you captured it perfectly "I'm acting all cute and like it's so natural to make my titties bounce for everyone to see, but of course that's just natural and not on purpose at all" 😂😂

@stubo89 @JayBrotatoe @Twitch So Turbo costs $9 US / month to disable ads for your one account. Everyone posting stats is serving these ads to tens/hundreds of viewers 3 times an hour to disable their pre-roll, and it's earning them like $2 a week? Probably not the most balanced equation ever... 🤔

@Afrihost @NobodyyyyyyyJB @Twitch @AtkArena @Envy Hi Josh, unfortunately I am not the best person to assist with a routing issue but I can get our technical team to take a look. Please run a traceroute and take the screenshot of the results then send it to [email protected],

@MsGianas @mr_isaacs @Twitch @misterwashburn @jimohagan @iwearthecrowns @lportnoy @nathan_stevens @BBTNB @irvspanish @FRYMEN1 @Glennr1809 How did you get this to be an all girl class? I want more girls to join my club, but I’m struggling to find them (or convince them to not be afraid to come out!)

@ZedricKern @Twitch You think it's cool to be a pig But it's not

@caitnicole__ wait - i emailed @twitch about an issue i was having & the email back basically said “fuck you” in nicer words 😂 imagine having to be a partner of a website to get decent customer service .... OMEGALUL

@HipHopPhantom Imma try dis stream again later tonight. I swear to God, dis shit better work, n' Anonymous better not be fuckin' hackin' me again. @Vimm_TV @OfficialDLive @Twitch @WatchMixer @PeriscopeCo

@eliaspixel I mean its been a year since I submitted a ticket to @Twitch about changing our games box art from the old ancient one to the new one. Still not done, they keep ignoring me. We are running a business here. Like what the hell? How hard is it to change one picture? #gamedev

@DurianIrl @FullFrontage @ClashRoyale @Twitch I would be interested to see how many of those 3.7 mil still play. I also think its not necessairly a twitch problem. A lot could be done on Supercell’s side as well

@skylwer @chuddnelius @Twitch Im working towards my first payout currently. Glad to see the success ❤️

@Freedcmlol @Vraxooo @Ewok @Twitch Paid ones the Twitch primes ones will not be granted back to you until they run out

@HeyKoolaid8 @Twitch or @YouTube I’m not trying to promote violence or anything but if I was to do like an Irl love stream on #Twitch for women’s self defense is that against #Tos if I’m doing it for a cause for women to watch and keep themselves protected???

@WarhawkGamer @SwampTalking @DHallowing @afarza1 and what they stream on there channel and if there not going to because they dont care then @Twitch needs to enforce there rules and regulations set out in the guidelines simple as that rules and laws I will always go back to them because thats why there, there

@FernandoMaxis @SpringR_412 @Amouranth @Twitch Kait decided to not start reruns for a while to test out a theory.

@alucard835 @JayBrotatoe @Twitch I've had to keep Turbo just so that when I watch mobile or Chromecast I'm not hit with an ad every time I'm channel hoppin' or worse yet have the mobile app fuck up, or my Chromecasting fuck up and have to sit through more ads just to watch again

@KiurinTV @caitnicole__ @Canadian_Psyco @Twitch It's Amazon, if you aren't bringing money to the site, they don't give a shit about you. Not surprised, but sorry to hear that I honestly question if I'm grinding for success on the right platform sometimes

@arron_001 @_Masde_ @wulpheee @RsMisto @Twitch Halo did start on xbox and it's not just about changing the settings I guess it's just nostalgic to play the old halo games on an xbox where halo started but I guess PC gamers won't understand that sense of nostalgia

@MattyD_TV Been working on re-organizing my @Twitch panels today... added a new extension that I think helps save room and seems more convenient for viewers to read my "About Me" section... removed a few panels, moved some stuff around. Check them out here: 🙂 #NBD

@r_jobany @Arrrrash @Twitch Dam right cause we all know reach is going to explode on the box not pc.

@wydmal_ @AyeNoobs @tsunafnn @ClixHimself @Twitch Yeah thats still ok? Obvs not in english but theres a massive difference between “to” and “too”

@TCGamr Going live at 1pm pst with some #7daystodie blood moon yeeting and REEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! Lets see if my little horde base will stand up to my first blood moon.??? @Twitch #MuchLove #BSo7 #Nevermakingitcommunity maybe we can manage to not feed the bears...just a thought

@JonPluck @TheStark700 @BenjiSales Delay, it needs terminating! 😊 @Twitch & @YouTube full of streamers yet we’re not allowed to read a single review, madness!

@jasonmaestas @JERICHO @JayBrotatoe @Twitch Eek. Sold CPMs are definitely above $30, if not $40 these days (especially in Q4). So this >10% return for the audience you put the time in to build and maintain through your content seems really lopsided.

@odd_gay @PanicAtTheDisco @StateFarm @Twitch @highesthopes not to sound het but you’re cute

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